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									              Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja English Teacher Bahasa Inggris

March 12, 2013

Mr. Ferdinand
Director of Personnel
Anson County School
Wadesboro, NC 65999

Re: English Teacher Position

Dear Mr. Ferdinand
I am pleased to submit my application for the position of English teacher at Anson County
School Wadesboro, NC. With my major in English and secondary teaching certificate, I am
principally interested in utilizing my English language skills and knowledge in a secondary
setting. I am especially interested in the Anson County School because of its established
dedication to quality education.

Based on my understanding of your English Teacher position and New Horizon School
District, following are some aspects of my background that seem most relevant to meet your
needs. For Instance, I have extensive experience in:

• Preparing and teaching English language classes by means of appropriate methods and
teaching aids to attain the lesson objectives.
• Arranging test materials; assessing trainees’ progress and present regular assessment
• Managing, proctoring, and grading written and oral performance tests.
• Conducting Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) classes and include appropriate Web
based material into the syllabus.

As an enthusiastic English Teacher, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you
regarding the English Teacher position. Thank you for your time and consideration. I will
contact you next week for follow-up. In the mean time, I can be reached at (021) 565-7890.



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