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					                   PROGRAMS                        &    SERVICES

                       TABLE OF CONTENTS
    Comprehensive Schedule _______________________
    2011 Schedule of Events ....................................................... 40-44

    Membership Programs__________________________
    Annual Membership Meetings ..................................................... 45
    Special Awards Program ....................................................... 46-48
    Hall of Fame ................................................................................. 49
    Professional Development ..................................................... 50-51
    Member Service Requirements (MSR) .................................. 52-53
    Employment Services ............................................................ 54-56

    Marketing Programs____________________________
    The S.P.I.T. ................................................................................. 57
    The Fall Golf Buyers Preview Show ............................................ 57
    Drive For The Game .................................................................... 58
    Pepsi PGA Program ..................................................................... 59
    Club Association Member Program ............................................. 59
    Partners Program ......................................................................... 60

    Communications & Public Relations _______________
    Publications ............................................................................ 61-62

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                                                            39
                 PROGRAMS                   &     SERVICES

                  SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
The following is a comprehensive listing of section programs, events,
and tournament. Please refer to the section website,,
during the season for changes and the most up-to-date information.


          Annual Spring Membership Meeting and
     28                                                 Hartford Marriott Downtown
          Education Conference


     18   Northeast PGA Instructors Conference          Lake of Isles

     18   PGA Playing Ability Test #1                   Mill River C.C.

     25   Norwich Kick-Off Pro Am                       Norwich G.C.

     26   AA Blind Draw Pro Pro & Spring Meeting        Indian Hill C.C.


     2    Pro-Am Series #1: Pro & 3 Amateur             Wethersfield C.C.

     3    PGA Playing Ability Test #2                   Stanley G.C.

     5    Julius Boros Challenge Cup Matches            New Haven C.C.

     10   Lake of Isles Charity Pro Am                  Lake of Isles

     12   Western Massachusetts Tee Party               C.C. of Greenfield

     12   Assistants’ Association IP #1                  T.B.D.
          Salesperson-Professional Invitational
     16                                                 Bull's Bridge G.C.
          Tournament (S.P.I.T.)
     17   Sharon C.C. Pro-Am Invitational               Sharon C.C.

     18   U.S. Open qualifier                           Crumpin-Fox Club

     18   PGA Playing Ability Test #3                   Orange Hills G.C.

 23-24    The Spring PGA Stroke Play                     T.B.D.

     31   Walter Lowell PGA Tournament                  Clinton C.C.

     31   Connecticut Women's Open                      Oxford Greens G.C.

40                                                Connecticut Section PGA 2011
                PROGRAMS                 &      SERVICES


   1     Connecticut Women's Open                   Oxford Greens G.C.

   6     Pro-Am Series #2: Pro & 3 Senior Amateur   New London C.C.

   7     Assistants’ Association IP #2              T.B.D.
         Connecticut PGA Junior Golf Association
   11                                               University of Connecticut
         Orientation Day
 13-14   60th Senior CT PGA Championship            Fox Hopyard G.C.

   15    Travelers Championship Pre-Qualifier       Gillette Ridge G.C.

   16    PGA Playing Ability Test #4                Fairview Farm G.C.
         Travelers Championship 4-spot Open
   20                                               Gillette Ridge G.C.
   21    Play Golf America Day                      TPC River Highlands

 23-26   The Travelers Championship                 TPC River Highlands

   27    Pro-Am Series #3: Pro & 3 Amateur          T.B.D.
         The Ellington Ridge, Camera Memorial
   27                                               Ellington Ridge C.C.
         Junior Open - JUNIOR TOUR
         The Don Miklus Memorial Junior
   28                                               Tashua Knolls G.C.
         Tournament - JUNIOR TOUR
         New London Country Club Junior Classic -
   30                                               New London C.C.
         JUNIOR TOUR

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                                    41
                  PROGRAMS                   &   SERVICES


     5     Pro Lady at Oronoque Country Club           Oronoque C.C.

     5     Connecticut Open qualifier                  C.C. of Woodbridge

     5-6   Junior Connecticut PGA Championship         TImberlin G.C.

 11-12     29th Connecticut Senior Open                Shennecossett G.C.

     11    9-Hole PGA Junior Invitational              Copper Hill G.C.

     11    Connecticut Open qualifier                  Laurel View G.C.
           Fairview Farm Junior Golf Classic -
     14                                                Fairview Farm G.C.
           JUNIOR TOUR
 15-17     The ING New England Golf Classic            Wintonbury Hills G.C.

     18    PGA Pro-Junior Invitational                 The Course at Yale

     19    Pro-Officer                                 TPC River Highlands

     19    The Ranch Junior Open - JUNIOR TOUR         The Ranch G.C.
           The Frank Kringle Junior Championship -
     21                                                East Mountain C.C.
           JUNIOR TOUR
     21    The Western Mass. Open                      Crumpin-Fox Club
           Torrington Rotary Junior Classic - JUNIOR
     25                                                Torrington C.C.
     25    Foundation Charity Invitational             Hartford G.C.

 25-27     The 76th Connecticut Open                   Brooklawn C.C.
           Glastonbury Junior Tournament - JUNIOR
     26                                                Glastonbury Hills C.C.
     27    Grampy's Pro-Am Golf Classic                Lake of Isles

     28    Assistants’ Association IP #3               T.B.D.

42                                               Connecticut Section PGA 2011
                 PROGRAMS                 &      SERVICES


   1      The Manchester Open                         Manchester C.C.

   2      Pro-Assistant Championship                  Madison C.C.

   3      Manchester Junior Open - JUNIOR TOUR        Manchester C.C.
          The Lyman Orchards Junior Open -
   4                                                  Lyman Orchards G.C.
          JUNIOR TOUR
   8      Twin Hills Junior Open - JUNIOR TOUR        Twin Hills C.C.
          Daniel A. Boucher Memorial Junior Classic
   10                                                 Norwich G.C.
          - JUNIOR TOUR
   10     The Zwick Pro-Am                            The Farms C.C.

   13     Diversified Metals Inc. Quaboag Pro-Am      Quaboag C.C.
          The Pat Jackman Memorial Junior
   15                                                 C.C. of Waterbury
          Tournament - JUNIOR TOUR
   15     Pro-Am Series #4: Pro & 3 Amateur           Ellington Ridge C.C.
          The Great River BMW of Bridgeport Pro-
   16                                                 Great River G.C.
          John Wardlaw Memorial Junior Golf
   16                                                 Indian Hill C.C.
          Tournament - JUNIOR TOUR
   18     Stanley Junior Open - JUNIOR TOUR           Stanley G.C.
          McDermott Junior Invitation - JUNIOR
   22                                                 Tallwood C.C.
 22-23    Section PGA Professional Championship       Shennecossett G.C.

   23     Junior Team Invitational                    Wampanoag C.C.
          Jack Kelly PGA Junior Tournament of
   28                                                 Fox Hopyard G.C.
   29     Pro-Am Series #5: Pro & 3 Amateur           Orchards G.C.

   31     The Shelton Exchange Pro-Am                 Brownson C.C.

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                                 43
                 PROGRAMS                     &   SERVICES


     6-7   49th Assistant Championship                  Bull's Bridge G.C.

     11    PGA Championship Pro Member                  Black Hall Club

 12-14     80th Connecticut PGA Championship            Black Hall Club

     13    PGA Playing Ability Test #5                  East Mountain C.C.
           Senior Section Professional Championship
     19                                                 T.B.D.
     26    Pro-Am Series #6: Pro & 3 Amateur            Watertown G.C.

     27    PGA Playing Ability Test #6                  Tashua Knolls G.C.

 27-29     The Fall Golf Buyers Preview Show            Southington Residence Inn

     28    Ludlow Pro-Member                            Ludlow C.C.

     28    SNEWGA Pro-Lady                              Blackledge G.C.


     2     The Springfield Pro-Member                   Springfield C.C.

     3     Pro-Am Championship                          C.C. of Farmington

     6     PGA League Championship                      Hop Meadow C.C.

     10    Pro-Am Series Team Championship              T.B.D.

     10    The Mickey Cotela Memorial Pro-Am            Elmcrest C.C.

     11    AA Fall Pro Pro & Annual Meeting             Stanley G.C.

     11    The Tom Dolan Memorial Pro-Am                Black Hall Club

 17-19     Match Play Championship                      Race Brook C.C.

     17    The CAGCS Invitational                       T.B.D.

 24-25     LOI PGA Pro-Scratch Invitational             Lake of Isles

     31    Del Kinney Pro Pro                           Ellington Ridge C.C.


     7     Fall Education Seminar                       T.B.D.

     20    Special Awards Banquet                       MGM Grand at Foxwoods

     21    78th Annual Meeting                          MGM Grand at Foxwoods

44                                                Connecticut Section PGA 2011
               PROGRAMS             &   SERVICES

The section holds two membership meetings for the PGA Professional
membership, PGA Members and Apprentices. The spring meeting
usually encompasses guests from the allied golf associations and
focuses on what will take place during the upcoming season; while the
fall meeting is “PGA Professionals only” and serve as the annual review.
The spring meeting will now also offer and Education Forum in the
afternoon. Both the spring and fall meetings are well attended with
between 130 and 180 in attendance. A “check in and check out policy” is
in effect for PGA Members to obtain MSR credit. PGA Professionals are
required to pay a nominal registration fee to attend meetings. The Annual
Fall Meeting Report Booklet continues to be a useful tool that is provided
to the membership at the Fall Meeting and includes a summary of the
year for the section. Both annual meetings last around five hours,
including 45 minutes for lunch.

Spring PGA Membership Meeting
The Spring PGA Membership Meeting will be held on Monday, March
28, at the Hartford Marriott Downtown in Hartford, Conn. The 2011
Member Services Handbook, along with a summary of the section’s 2011
Business Plan and the year-end financial statements of the 2010 fiscal
year, will be delivered to members. Each PGA Professional in
attendance will receive a PGA logoed golf shirt, compliments of Antigua.
Again this year, representatives from several Gold Level golf industry
partners will have displays in the lobby areas. Continental breakfast and
lunch will be provided. The afternoon session will consist of a series of
professional development presentations. PGA Members attending
receive 6 MSR meeting credits; and 3 MRS education credits for their

The 78th Annual Fall Meeting
The 78th Annual Fall Meeting will be held on Monday, November 21,
2011, at MGM Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Conn. The 17th Annual
Section Special Awards Banquet will be held on the preceding evening.
Election of two directors to serve a three-year term on the Board of
Directors will take place. Also, the officers will report on the season
ending activities. PGA Members attending receive 6 MSR meeting

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                           45
               PROGRAMS              &   SERVICES

National Awards
Each year, the Professional Golfers' Association of America presents
eight National awards to recognize outstanding performance and
superior achievements by members of the PGA. Based on a PGA golf
professional's entire career, emphasis is placed on the last five years of
achievements. Those awards include: Golf Professional of the Year,
Horton Smith Award, Teacher of the Year, Bill Strausbaugh Award,
Junior Golf Leader, and Merchandisers of the Year awards.
Nomination forms for PGA of America National Awards are available
from the national and section offices. Completed nomination forms must
be returned to the section office by April 15, 2011. Only one member in
each category will be selected by the section Special Awards Committee
to be forwarded to the PGA of America for consideration.

Section Awards
In addition to the aforementioned awards, the section selects winners in
the same categories based on section accomplishments over the past
five years. Additionally, the section selects winners for the Assistant
Professional of the Year Award, The President’s Award, and The Walter
Lowell Public Golf Course Distinguished Service Award.
Nomination forms are sent directly to section-affiliated PGA Members
and are also available online at the section website and at the annual
Spring Membership Meeting. Nominations must be received at the
section office by May 20, 2011. All nominees are forwarded an
application that must be completed and returned to the Special Awards
Committee by July 11, 2011. The committee reviews all nominees and
makes their selections in August. Award winners are announced in

Special Awards Banquet
The 17th Annual Special Awards Banquet is scheduled for Sunday,
November 20, 2011, at MGM Grand at Foxwoods.

Annually, the section honors its award winners plus the Player of the
Year, Senior Player of the Year, and JGA Players of the Year, as well as
the winner of the President’s Award, the Patriot Award, and the Jack
Kelly Sportsmanship Awards. The Annual Fall Meeting will takes place
the following day.

46                                        Connecticut Section PGA 2011
                  PROGRAMS           &   SERVICES

Prof. of the Year        Teacher of the Year      The Junior Golf Leader
2010 Peter Pulaski       2010 Ken Doyle           2010 John Steffen
2009 Fred Kolakowski     2009 Tom Rosati          2009 Tim Gavronski
2008 Jack McConachie     2008 Jeff DelRosso       2008 Bobby Powell
2007 John Murphy         2007 Suzy Whaley         2007 Chuck Lasher
2006 Bill Whaley         2006 Mike Gramelis       2006 Tony Rowe
2005 Jim Bedus           2005 Dave Pianki         2005 Ted Perez
2004 Bucky O’Brien       2004 Suzy Whaley         2004 Gary Sassu
2003 Richard Crowe       2003 Peter Pulaski       2003 Craig Kealey
2002 Lindsey Hansen      2002 Chet Dunlop         2002 Dan Malarney
2001 Tom Gleeton         2001 Jim Nittoli         2001 Jameson Lloyd
2000 Harry Mattson       2000 George Connor       2000 Ken Gemmell
1999 Mickey Hawkes       1999 Rob Barbeau         1999 Frank Selva
1998 Tim Gavronski       1998 Don Gliha           1998 Jim Tennant
1997 Ron Beck            1997 John Nowobilski     1997 Paul Miller
1996 Mike Bailey         1996 Ron Beck            1996 Jeff Swanson
1995 Ken Doyle           1995 Tim Gavronski       1995 Richard Crowe
1994 Ralph DeNicolo      1994 Dan Colvin          1994 Dan Malarney
1993 Don Malen           1993 Ken Doyle           1993 Kris Smith
1992 Tony Rowe           1992 David McQuade       1992 Jon Wilson
1991 Charlie Moore       1991 Daril Pacinella     1991 David McQuade
1990 Walter Bogues       1990 Michael Bailey      1990 Mickey Cotela
1989 Gary Reynolds       1989 Floyd Gensler       1989 Dave Paterson
1988 Terry Crawford      1988 Don Gliha           1988 Tony Roberto
1987 Dick Thivia         1987 Wally Cichon
1986 John Nowobilski     1986 Walter Lowell       Merchandiser (Public)
1985 Bill Fox                                     2010 Robbie Leming
1984 John Boucher        Merchandiser (Private)   2009 Jim Alexander
1983 Frank Selva         2010 Howie Friday        2008 Jeff Beyer
1982 Jim Rusher          2009 Jim Stickels        2007 Hope Kelley
1981 Art Decko           2008 Jack Hunter         2006 Mike Zaranek
1980 Frank Sarro         2007 Bill Flood Jr.      2005 Kyle Hedstrom
1979 Walter Cichon       2006 Andrew Campbell     2004 John Lucas
1978 Walter Lowell       2005 Stan McLennan       2003 Peter Chapman
1977 Dick Stranahan      2004 Mike Svab           2002 Sammy Samson
1976 Jimmy Nichols       2003 Glenn Carlson       2001 Ralph Salito
1975 Al Fuchs            2002 David DiRico        2000 Matt Menchetti
1974 William Hunter      2001 Mark Bialobrzeski   1999 Bill Mackedon
1973 John McGoldrick     2000 Tim Gavronski       1998 John Nowobilski
1972 Victor Svenberg     1999 Jim Nittoli         1997 Lou Pandolfi
1971 Allan Mackintosh    1998 David DiRico        1996 Jim Casagrande
1970 Bub Cordore         1997 Bill Shaw           1995 Dick Bierkan
1969 Jim Orsi            1996 Mickey Hawkes       1994 Richard Crowe
1968 Bob Bodington       1995 Gary Reynolds       1993 Ron Beck
1967 Alex Hackney        1994 Gary Sassu          1992 Ronald Beck
1966 Frank Kringle       1993 Steve Munch         1991 Bob Rogers
1965 Bob Kay             1992 Bob Geambazi        1990 Tony Roberto
1964 Lou Galby           1991 Don Malen           1989 Walter Bogues
1963 Harry Nettelbladt   1990 Tony Rowe
1962 Wendell Ross        1989 Charlie Moore
1961 Wendell Ross        1988 Don Malen
1960 Stan Staszowski
1959 Del Kinney
1958 Joe Donato
1957 Joe Donato
1956 Joe Donato
1955 Joe Donato

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                               47
                  PROGRAMS              &    SERVICES

Assistant of the Year       Horton Smith Trophy        Bill Strausbaugh
2010 Brian Keiser           2010 Andrew Campbell       2010 Ron Dellostritto
2009 Jeff Sobieraj          2009 Jason Waters          2009 Tony Rowe
2008 Andrew Gruss           2008 Chris Gay             2008 Jim Nittoli
2007 Ian Marshall           2007 Peter Pulaski         2007 John Nowobilski
2006 Chris Gay              2006 Ron Beck              2006 Rich Crowe
2005 Rich Varrato           2005 Michael O’Grady       2005 Ralph Salito
2004 John Steffen           2004 Don Gliha             2004 Frank Selva
2003 Sean Crowley           2003 Ken Doyle             2003 Suzy Whaley
2002 Kyle Hedstrom          2002 Mike Svab             2002 Ron Beck
2001 Jennifer Webster       2001 Jim Bedus             2001 No winner named
2000 B. Rhodes, Fred Rosa   2000 Jim Bedus             2000 Ron Beck
1999 Glenn Carlson          1999 Jim Bedus             1999 Tim Gavronski
1998 George Connor          1998 Zane Chappy           1998 Gary Reynolds
1997 Pat Aquaro             1997 Rob Barbeau           1997 Gary Reynolds
1996 David Mihalko          1996 Rob Barbeau           1996 Gary Reynolds
1995 Rich Toner             1995 Tim Gavronski         1995 Tom Hantke
1994 Ron Dellostritto       1994 Tony Rowe             1994 No winner named
1993 Paul Miller            1993 Ron Beck              1993 John Murphy
1992 Bob Sheaffer           1992 Robert Sheaffer       1992 Frank Selva
1991 John Kuenzli           1991 Walter Bogues         1991 John Murphy
1990 No information         1990 John Murphy           1990 John Boucher
1989 Jay Jordan             1989 Frank Selva           1989 Terry Crawford
1988-80 No Information      1988 Terry Crawford        1988 John Murphy
1979 Larry Graham           1987 John Nowobilski       1987 Don Gliha
1978 Ed Twohig, Jr.         1986 Ted Pisk              1986 John Murphy
1977 John Nowobilski        1985 James Nichols         1985 John Murphy
1976 Don Curran             1984 James Nichols
1975 David DiRico           1983 James Nichols
1974 Don Malen              1982 John Nowobilski
                                                       President’s Award
1973 Frank Selva            1981 Walter Lowell
1972 Richard Crowe          1980 No information        2010 John Paesani
1971 John Strevens          1979 No information        2009 Peter Pulaski
                            1978 No information        2008 Jim Bedus
                                                       2007 Bill Mackedon
Golf Sales Rep. of          1977 Bob Bodington
                                                       2006 Rob Barbeau
the Year                    1976 No information
                            1975 No information              Tim Gavronski
2010 Bill Higgins
                            1974 Bob Bodington         2005 George Connor
2009 Mike Kelly
                            1973 Walter Lowell               John Nowobilski
2008 Kathy Lynch
                            1972 Ted Pisk                    Gary Reynolds
2007 Josh Rifkin
                                                       2004 John Nowobilski
2006 Jack Miller
                                                       2003 John Nowobilski
2005 Jim Mayo               Walter Lowell PGA Public
                                                       2002 Gary Reynolds
2004 John Aylsworth         Golf Course Distinguish
2003 Michael Perreault      Service Award
2002 Ernie Pizzetti         2010 Stanley G. C.
2001 Jim Mayo               2009 East Mountain C. C.
2000 Bill Hermanson         2008 Shennecossett G.C.
1999 Brian Murphy           2007 Tunxis Plantation
1998 Brian Murphy           2006 Skungmaug River
1997 Larry Bellorado        2005 Timberlin G.C.
1996 Jack Harris            2004 Tallwood C.C.
1995 Jock McLean            2003 Lyman Orchards
1994 Stuart A. Miller       2002 Raceway G.C.
                            2001 Canton Public G.C.

48                                           Connecticut Section PGA 2011
              PROGRAMS               &   SERVICES

                       HALL OF FAME
The Connecticut Section PGA Professional Hall of Fame has been
established in the 75th anniversary year to acknowledge PGA
Professionals for their dedication and contributions to the game of golf
and the Connecticut Section. These professionals are being honored for
their service and historical impact on their fellow members and the
golfers that they have served, and for their support of the mission
statement of growing the game and making golf a better game for all.
The individuals being honored by this enshrinement have had
exceptional careers and are, therefore, being recognized for their

The following were inducted as the inaugural Hall of Fame class of on
November 16, 2008, at the Special Awards Banquet during the 75
Anniversary Celebration at MGM Grand at Foxwoods.

                               Dennis Coscina

                               Ralph DeNicolo

                                  Bob Kay

                               Walter Lowell

                               Gary Reynolds

                                Frank Selva

                            Stan Staszowski

                               Dick Stranahan

Subsequent classes were inducted at the Special Awards Banquets.

              2009                                      2010

         Don Hoenig                                 Doug Dalziel

       Harry Nettelbladt                           Frank Kringle

    Captain C. H. Perkins                       Edward “Eddie” Burke

                                                  John McGoldrick

For complete information on all the inductees, go to, Member
Programs, Special Awards, Hall of Fame.

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                            49
                PROGRAMS             &   SERVICES

Furthering the education and enhancing the skills of its members is a
stated mission of the PGA of America and the section.

Section Self Improvement Seminars
Non-testable self-improvement seminars remain a core element to
supplement PGA Professionals’ knowledge and expertise. The section's
2010 education program will offer an education conference at the Spring
Meeting, two full-day seminars in the spring and a half-day seminar in
fall. These programs will remain affordable to members with reduced
rates for PGA Apprentices and Class A-8 members.
     Spring Education Conference
     The Spring Education Conference is planned for Monday, March 28,
     after the lunch at the Spring PGA Membership Meeting at the
     Hartford Marriott Downtown. The half-day seminar will include
     presentations on PGA Preferred Golf Course Insurance, Golf Survey
     and Research Tools, The PGA Sports Academy initiative, Drive For
     The Game, PGA Employment Services, and The Use of Technology.

     Northeast Golf Instructors Conference
     The biennial Northeast Golf Instructors Conference is scheduled for
     Monday, April 18, at the Lake of Isles. The full-day seminar will
     feature Michael Breed, PGA, host of Golf Channel’s weekly live
     show, “The Golf Fix.” Topics to be discussed include the use of video
     technology for instruction, how social networking can be used to
     market yourself as a golf professional, and he will demonstrate the
     Putting Scope, the new tool he developed. Lunch will be provided to
     all attendees. Thank you to TPC River Highlands for hosting the
     day’s activities and Bridgestone Golf for their sponsorship.

     Fall Education Seminar
     The Fall Education Seminar is planned for Monday, November 7.
     The location, speakers, and details will be announced later in the
     year on the section website.

50                                        Connecticut Section PGA 2011
               PROGRAMS              &   SERVICES

Online Education Opportunities
The PGA of America has made available the following two online
courses at no charge that may be completed one time for MSR credit:
Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarking (1 MSR) and PGA
Player Development (3 MSR). To participate in this online instruction, log
on to and go to Education/Continuing Education/Online

Other Educational Opportunities
The PGA has pre-approved more than 20 different agencies for MSR
credit. In addition, the section Education Committee may "sanction" other
professional development opportunities that meet PGA of America
approval for MSR credits and the committee's overall objectives. Section
members should be aware that MSR credits can be earned by attending
adult education or college courses, business and computer courses, First
Aid, CPR, and AED classes, and attending seminars which enhance the
professional’s job performance. All hours must be pre-approved. A copy
of the course syllabus, agenda, participation certificate, etc., should be
mailed or faxed to the section office. If you have questions about the
procedure or the eligibility of an activity, please call the section office.

Certified PGA Professional Program
The PGA of America’s Certified Professional Program (CPP) is an
online, Professional Enrichment curriculum that supports the goals of
PGA Professionals who are committed to continuously improving their
golf management skills in order to stay ahead of the increasing demands
of the golf industry. The distance learning approach ensures broad
access to the program and reduces time and travel costs associated with
traditional classes. See

PGA of America Scholarships (Members' Children)
The PGA of America Scholarship Program is designed to award forty-
one $2,000 scholarships (one per section) and some special
scholarships at the discretion of the PGA Scholarship Committee.
Applicants must be children or grandchildren of a PGA member (living or
deceased). Graduate students and relatives of F Members are not
eligible. To receive a National Scholarship the student must have a
grade point average of at least 3.0. Applications are available only on
line at and are due no later than March 15. Applicants
must also mail a sealed copy of a current year first semester transcript to
PGA National. Students should not apply on-line until the current
transcript has been received.

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                             51
                 PROGRAMS              &   SERVICES

PGA members are required to accumulate 54 MSR credit hours during a
three-year cycle. New regulations also require that 12 of these credits be
earned for Meeting Attendance and 12 for Education. The current cycle
expires June 15, 2011. There are nine (9) defined activities and the
number of services hours that may be earned for each activity.

The following are the Rules and Regulations for the Member Service
Requirement, (MSR), as defined by the Connecticut Section PGA Board
of Directors:

     •    One credit per hour of service or participation as defined by the

     •    A Section may require that all Section and Chapter activities be
          approved in advance.

     •    Based on previously approved activities, established guidelines
          and section recommendations, the National Office will approve
          the credits to be awarded for a certain activity. The Board of
          Control will determine the number of credits in all disputes.

     •    A participant may receive compensation for an activity; however
          this activity shall be voluntary and shall not be the participant’s
          primary employment.

     •    54 credits are required for a three-year cycle.

Class F Information
According to Article VIII, Section 3 of the PGA Constitution and Bylaws,
members who fail to meet all the MSR requirements by June 15, 2011,
will be transferred to Class F as of July 1, 2011. The Bylaws further state
that such individuals will remain in Class F until they satisfy the
requirements of both the current period and the subsequent period.

Example: If delinquent 3 Education and 6 Meeting MSR credits, the
individual must complete the 3 Education and 6 Meeting MSRs PLUS
the 12 Education, 12 Meeting, and 30 Other MSR credits required for the
next three-year cycle to regain Class A classification in good standing.

52                                          Connecticut Section PGA 2011
                  PROGRAMS                         &   SERVICES

                     SECTION MSR CHART
                    ACTIVITIES                                     CREDITS EARNED
     #1: Attending a National M01, Section         2 credits per hour with maximum as listed below
     M02, Chapter M03, or National Allied          8 credits maximum for a National Meeting
     Association Meeting M19.                      6 credits maximum for a Section meeting
                                                   4 credits maximum for a Chapter meeting
     REQUIRED 12 CREDITS PER                       2 credits max. for National Allied Association
     3 YEAR CYCLE                                  Meeting
     #2a: M13 Participating in PGA sanctioned      1 credit per each hour of participation with no
     educational career specific courses as an     maximum limitations.
     attendee. Online education must be via
     PGA Links.

     #2b: M13 Serving as an instructor,            1 credit per hour of service with no maximum
     coordinator or a speaker at a National,       limitations.
     Section, Chapter, or Allied Association
     education or self-improvement seminar.

     COMBINATION OF (2a/2b)

     #3 M06 Participating in Growth of the         1 credit per hour of participation with a maximum of
     Game programs and/or service to the           8 credits per day
     Chapter, Section, National PGA or
     community such as radio shows, TV
     shows, speeches, golf promotional non-
     playing events, golf clinics and other
     volunteer activities, such as non-playing
     tournament official..

     #4: M07 Serving as a volunteer golf coach     Maximum of 6 credits per MSR cycle year
     or assistant golf coach of a high school or
     college golf team. (See Rule 4 above.)

     #5: M08 Completing an MSR-designated          1 credit per Section survey
     National or Section survey. The Board of      2 credits per National survey
     Control must approve Section surveys.         1 credit per six consecutive mos. Performance
                                                   Maximum of 5 credits per MSR cycle year
     #6: M10 Participation in sanctioned           2 credits per Section event
     Section golf tournaments or tournaments       (Walter Lowell PGA Tournament, Match Play
     conducted by the PGA of America               Championship, Connecticut PGA Championship,
     National Office.                              Section PGA Professional Championship)
                                                   4 credits per National event
                                                   Maximum of 8 credits per MSR cycle year
     #7: M05 Attending a National, Section or      2 credits per show.
     Allied Association Merchandise Show.          Maximum of 4 credits per MSR cycle year

     #8: M09 PGA approved news, media,             1 credit per article
     magazine articles or published book.          Maximum of 6 credits per MSR cycle year

     #9: M04 Serving the Section, Chapter,         1 credit for each hour of participation
     National PGA, or Allied Association.
     (Includes Section committees and board

                                                                   Total MSR credits per cycle = 54
                                                       Required credits for #1 Meeting Attendance =
                                                         Required credits for #2a/2b Education =12

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                                                         53
               PROGRAMS             &   SERVICES

Employment Referral and Career Services
All PGA employment service information, including head professional
and management level positions, can be found at For
assistance with posting a job, posting your resume, or searching for a
position, contact PGA Employment Services Representative Michael
Packard at or 860-851-9008.

     PGA CareerLinks
     CareerLinks is the PGA of America's complimentary employment
     service for hiring PGA members in management level position.
     CareerLinks notifies members about jobs that meet their career
     aspirations and an employer’s search specifications. PGA members
     are encouraged to keep their profiles up to date by completing the
     online PGA Membership Survey on

     PGA Job Finder
     The PGA of America’s online resume and job-positing service can be
     found on under Employment Services. PGA Job
     Finder helps PGA employers find staff and helps PGA professionals
     find jobs. This service is for non-management level positions.

     PGA Employment Service Representatives
     Regional Employment Services Representatives are employed by
     the PGA of America to assist the section's members and its
     Employment Services Committee. The Connecticut Section's
     representative is Michael Packard, who can be reached at 860-851-
     9008. Employment counseling, resume critiques, and Employment
     Services Seminars are some of the services provided through the
     PGA and the Employment Services representative. The direct
     telephone line to the PGA Employment Services Department is 800-

54                                      Connecticut Section PGA 2011
               PROGRAMS              &   SERVICES

    PGA Compensation Report
    The PGA of America manages and every two years produces the
    PGA Golf Professional Compensation Report that also reviews
    compensation for Assistant Professionals. Call the Employment
    Services department or visit to obtain information.

    PGA PerformanceTrak
    The PGA uses PGA PerformanceTrak® as the industry’s research
    tool for golf course operations. PGA Managing professionals are
    encouraged to report their statistics regularly.

Section Employment Services
The section Employment Services Committee and Executive Director
work closely with PGA Employment Services Representative Michael
Packard. PGA Professionals are encouraged to contact committee
representatives or the executive director about any positions within the
section where their qualifications match (through PGA CareerLinks).

    Employment Services Committee
    The section’s Employment Service Committee is chaired by Jason
    Waters, hefad professional at Hop Meadow Country Club. The
    committee’s mission is threefold:

        1. To create a local, PGA Professional experienced TASK
           FORCE to counsel fellow members and help improve their
           current job situations by providing assistance in areas such
           as negotiating skills, value enhancement, and other job
           improving skills.

        2. To be a credible and reliable source in providing a
           centralized service to clubs and courses seeking PGA

        3. To identify and contact clubs that do not have a PGA
           Professional and to inform and convince them of the benefits
           of employing a PGA Member.

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                               55
               PROGRAMS               &   SERVICES

Employment & PGA Classification Changes
Sections are responsible for properly classifying PGA members and
ensuring they are eligible for the classifications they seek. All PGA
members and apprentices are obligated to adhere to PGA reporting
requirements from Article XI of the PGA Bylaws:

Reporting Requirements
Section 1. Employment Reporting

(a)     Members and Apprentices shall be required to report to the
        Association or Sections within ten (10) business days changes in
        employment and/or classifications. In addition:

        (1)   Members and Apprentices accepting a new position shall
              be required to report the terms of their new contract,
              including a job description and anticipated income, to the
              section within ten (10) business days of agreeing to the
              terms of the position so as to provide statistical information
              for education purposes for the membership and to permit
              the Association and its Sections to pursue the mission and
              objectives of the Association.

        (2)   Members and Apprentices who leave a position shall be
              required to report the terms of their most current contract,
              including a job description, approximate income and fringe
              benefits, to the section within ten (10) business days of
              finding that they are leaving the position to the section so as
              to provide statistical information for education purposes for
              the membership, and to permit the Association and its
              Sections to pursue the mission and objectives of the

Change Forms
In addition to the Reporting Requirements listed above, all PGA
Professionals and Registered Apprentices are required to either submit
the appropriate change form (Member Change Form, Apprentice
Employment Verification Form) to the section office, or submit the
change online at within ten days of learning of the
change. Those failing to report changes within ten days may be subject
to a fine.

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact Sue
Bell at the section office or

56                                         Connecticut Section PGA 2011
              PROGRAMS              &   SERVICES

The Salesperson-Professional Invitational Tournament
The Salesperson-Professional Invitational Tournament will be hosted by
Bull’s Bridge Golf Club on Monday, May 16, 2011. This is the third
straight year the event will be conducted by the Connecticut Section
PGA. All managing level professionals are invited to compete and
enjoyed a relaxed day with Connecticut Section golf sales
representatives. Each foursome will have two PGA Professionals and
two sales representatives randomly assigned. Prizes and awards to
follow and afternoon shotgun start.

The Fall Golf Buyers Preview Show
The Fall Golf Buyers Preview Show will be held on Tuesday-Thursday,
September 27-29, at the Southington (Conn.) Marriott Residence Inn,
located near I-691 and I-84. This three-day, golf shop buyer preview
show will invite all golf apparel, equipment, and specialty product
companies to have their own private suites to meet with and display
product for PGA golf shop buyers. Also invited are PGA Business
Partners who service professionals and their golf facilities, such as
Pepsi, American Express, Office Max, and PGA Insurance Options.

For the third consecutive year, the independent golf apparel sales
representatives will join forces with the section to combine their “Fall
Rags Show” with this program to better serve the interests of both buyers
and sellers.

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                          57
               PROGRAMS              &   SERVICES

Drive For The Game
The 2011 PGA Drive For The Game campaign is the primary fund
raising initiative of the section and its PGA Professionals for the
Connecticut Section PGA Golf Foundation, Inc. This program is vital to
sustain the section’s Junior Golf
Association and Junior Golf TOUR which
cannot operate without the Foundation’s
financial support.

Each year since 2002 when the
campaign began, PGA Professionals of Connecticut and Western
Massachusetts have been conducting various activities such as golf
marathons; and closest to the hole, long drive, and beat the pro contests
with the proceeds going to the Foundation. Their collective efforts have
succeeded in raising $822,000 for junior and diversity golf during this
time. In 2010 alone, 35 golf professionals from 25 golf facilities raised
over $77,000.

This year’s campaign will be headed up by Peter Pulaski, the PGA
Professional at the Course at Yale. The goals are to have PGA
Professionals from 50 golf facilities participate. The 2011 Drive For The
Game campaign results will be announced at the Foundation’s 2
Annual Charity Classic at Hartford Golf Club on July 25.

PGA Professionals are encouraged to conduct a fund raising program
and report to the section office as soon as possible.

58                                       Connecticut Section PGA 2011
                  PROGRAMS                    &    SERVICES

                  MARKETING PROGRAMS
PGA - Pepsi Program
Pepsi-Cola, the "Official Soft Drink of the PGA of America," provides
unparalleled support as the golf facility total beverage expert. The PGA
of America's license agreement with Pepsi extends through 2012. Pepsi
offers PGA Professional staffed golf courses and golf ranges many
advantages including quality brands, reliable service, national account
fountain pricing, competitive bottle and can pricing, one-stop shopping,
and special event support. For further information call Pepsi's Key
Account Manager Earl Kelley at, or by calling 508-

As a Presenting Partner of Golf Retirement Plus (GRP), PepsiCo offers
PGA members the opportunity to earn Golf Retirement Plus incentives
based on their facility converting exclusively to Pepsi fountain products
and/or Gatorade ready-to-drink products.

•   The GRP royalty for 2008-12 is $1.11 per fountain gallon, which is a 21% increase
    over the prior five years' rate.
•   The GRP royalty for 2003-12 is $0.30 per case of ready-to-drink Gatorade provided
    the facility is purchasing at least 4 flavors/SKUs.
•   The signing bonuses, ranging from $250 to $1,000 are payable to PGA Professional
    staffed facilities, including golf ranges, that convert to Pepsi Post-Mix products
    exclusively under a new long-term (5 years or more) contract, or renew their long-term

Club Association Member Program
This program, introduced in 2003, is designed to distinguish a facility as
a “supporter of section PGA professionals and their mission to enhance
and grow the game of golf.” This is accomplished through the many
educational and career services programs that are conducted annually.
Furthermore, the Club Association Member program supports the career
enhancement and employment assistance rendered to golf clubs
throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. Contributions from
clubs will enable these programs and programs like Continuing
Education, Employment, Junior Golf Programs, and Growth of the Game
initiatives to continue and grow.

PGA Club Association, facilities are acknowledged in section
publications, on the website, and at Play Golf America Day. The annual
membership fee is $150. Member clubs are provided a discount on
Tournament Sanction Fees.

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                                             59
                PROGRAMS              &   SERVICES

                  PARTNERS PROGRAM
The Partners Program is an opportunity for businesses to provide
financial support to worthwhile programs and activities conducted by the
Connecticut Section PGA thereby increasing their exposure. In return for
this support, the PGA provides sponsorship, branding, and advertising,
along with hospitality and entertainment benefits dependent upon the
level of financial support. Partners are provided benefits such as
complimentary invitations to the Awards Banquet, Fall Golf Buyers
Preview Show, and Salesperson Invitational Tournament.

Annually, there are over 4,000 PGA Professionals, adult amateurs, and
junior golfers participating in section tournaments, programs, and
activities. The section conducts 50 tournaments and 22 junior
tournaments; delivers over 20 hours of self-improvement and
professional development seminars; and oversees the Junior Golf
Association that serves over 500 juniors.

PGA Professional owned and managed golf shops within the section
annually purchase over $20 million in golf apparel and equipment for

Section Partnerships start at $3,600 and there are three levels of
support; Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

All Section Partners are provided with sponsorship exposure and
branding. Still, companies are invited to sponsor section activities and
programs at any level without being a Partner. Sponsorships are
available in Title, Presenting, and Support levels in return for financial or
trade support; or a combination of both.

The section solicits advertisers to support print publications such as the
Members Services Handbook, Junior Golf Association Handbook, and
the Annual Report Booklet. Additionally, weekly electronic Connecticut
Section Updates, the quarterly electronic section newsletter, ConnEction,
and the Connecticut Section website have unique advertising
opportunities. For more visit, under Sponsors.

60                                         Connecticut Section PGA 2011
               PROGRAMS               &   SERVICES

The section produces a number of publications for the benefit of its
membership and the golf community.

Member Services Handbook
As always, the handbook includes the Schedule of Events, Professional
& Facility Directory, Partners and Advertisers and their contacts, local
golf-related contacts, and descriptions of section Programs and Services.
The Constitution and Bylaws and Tournament Rules and Regulations are
available at the section website,

New for 2011, the section will produce a quarterly electronic newsletter
that will be sent via email to all section customers, including PGA
Professionals, sponsors, media, affiliates, and contributors. Included in
each issue will be feature articles highlighting section programs and
professionals and other applicable information.

Connecticut Section PGA Updates
PGA Professionals manage their own email addresses on The section will send weekly Updates on Fridays during
the season to all members. This feature is utilized to inform members of
timely news, remind members of upcoming deadlines, and recruit
members for section programs.

The Annual Report
Annually, the section produces a report of the Officers and Committee
Chairmen that summarizes the year in review. This is distributed to
section PGA Members at the Annual Fall Meeting.

The Junior Golf Association (JGA) Handbook
This handbook for Junior Golf Association Members contains all
information relating to junior golf in the section as well as information
about the Junior Golf TOUR (JGT).

Connecticut Section PGA 2011                                                61
                PROGRAMS                &   SERVICES

The section's website,, serves as the primary
communications vehicle to inform section members and the general
public about the section, current news, and comprehensive tournament
information, including starting times and results.

Section News Digest/PGA Magazine
Each month, PGA Professional Ted Pisk of the Communications
Committee forwards section news to be published in PGA Magazine.

Media Relations, Public Awareness
The section maintains a media listing for golf-related reporting and manages a
number of group lists for e-mailing purposes.

62                                          Connecticut Section PGA 2011

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