How To teach Intensive Reading

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					How To Teach
         You will hear
• W: Hello. My name is Alice Green. What’s

 your name ?

• M: Well, my name is Tom Smith. Nice to

 meet you here!
For students in grade seven

• What’s the girl’s/boy’s/family/last/

  surname/given/ first/ full/name?
For students in grade eight
•   What is the girl doing ?
•   Is she introducing herself?
•   Is she saying hello to the boy?
•   Is she talking with a boy?
•   Does she want to have the boy’s name?
•   Is she asking the boy’s name?
 For students in grade nine
• What’s the most possible relationship
 of the two speakers?
• Are they friends ?
• Are they husband and wife?
• Are they strangers?
     One more example
• W: I’m going to change my job.

• M: Why? You are doing well at your job

   And also I’m quite satisfied with you.

• W: It’s too hard and I don’t get a high pay.
  Questions to this dialogue
• What is the woman going to do ?
• What does the man think about the
  woman’s job?
• How does the man feel about the woman ?
• Why will the woman leave the job?
• What is the man ?
• What’s the relationship between the two
 I used to be afraid of the dark
• A: Mario, Is that you ?
• B: Yeah it is. It’s Bob! Hey, Guys , it’s Bob! I haven’t seen
  you for four years!
• A: Yeah. I’m here with my parents. We’re visiting for a
  couple of days. Wow, Mario, you look different! You used
  to be short, didn’t you ?
• B: Yes, I did. Now I’m tall. And so are you!
• A: That’s true… And you used to wear glasses.
• B: You have a good memory. Now I wear contact lenses!
     Introduce situation

• What will you say if you happen to meet

  your friend, classmate or teacher who you

  haven’t seen for a long time
Understanding or predicting
• Look at the picture, what can you see in it

• What is happening in the picture
       Listening objective
• What are they talking about

• Listen without interruption

• Check the answer to the objective question

• Listen, pause, questions
Give as many questions as you can
 •   Who are talking ?
 •   What’s the relation of them ?
 •   How long haven’t they seen each other ?
 •   What’s Bob doing with his parents?
 •   What does Bob think of Mario?
 •   What did Mario use to look like ?
 •   What does Mario look like now ?
 •   How does Mario feel about Bob now ?
Give as many questions as you can
•   How do you know that ?
•   Who used to wear glasses ?
•   Is Mario still wearing glasses?
•   Mario is no longer wearing glasses isn’t he ?
•   What is Mario wearing now?
•   How does Mario like Bob’s memory?
•   What do you think of Bob’s memory?
•   What do you often talk about when you meet your
    friends for the first time in many years?
•   引导学生关注细节
•   培养学生无意识注意力
•   检查学生短期记忆力
•   促使学生做速记
•   加大课堂容量
•   加大词汇和句型重复
•   加强说的训练
    How to teach listening
• Introduce   the   story;   background;
  situation; culture or some key words

• Understand the cartoon; picture

• Give listening objective
        Teaching steps
•   Play the tape or read the text without
•   Check the answer to the objective
•   Intensive listening and more questions
•   Read loudly after the tape
 How to train the listening skill

• Improve pronunciation
• Identify same or different
• Notice the change of the pronunciation
• Practice of numbers
• Pay attention to group meaning
• Culture is in the language

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