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                                                                                NEWS         January 2008
                                                   The California Yacht Brokers Association Newsletter

  Inside This Issue:
  CYBA Team NameFor Cancer Walk…
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  CPYB Study Guide…
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  President’s Letter…                CYBA REVEALS CANCER WALK TEAM NAME
  Page 2
                                     I’m certain that most of our readers are familiar with the hair pulling and
  CYBA New Members…
                                     gyrations made trying to decide on what is the best name for one’s new
  Page 6
                                     boat. Well, it wasn’t any different in trying to come up with a name for
  From The Editor…
                                     the CYBA’s newly formed team that is to walk in the California Susan
  Page 9
                                     G. Komen 3-Day walks in San Francisco (Sept 5-7) and San Diego (Nov
  CYBA Board of Directors Minutes…
  Page 9
  San Diego Yacht Broker’s Forum
                                     The name that was unanimously passed by the board is, “NAUTI-BOOBS”.
  Christmas Party…
                                     Yes, the name was intentionally selected due to all the double entendres!
  Page 17
  Calendar Of Events…
                                     As the Chair of the Community Outreach Committee, I will be fielding
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                                                                                                   (cont. on pg. 6)

Study Guide Available for CPYB Certification
Now available for brokerage          the following key topics:              association Codes of Ethics,
offices and individual brokers,                                             and, sample contractual forms,
The Guide for the Professional          1. Laws & Regulations,              including Listing Agreements,
Practice of Yacht Brokerage &              including legal reports          Purchase & Sale Agreements,
Sales, the complete reference              and updates                      Acceptance of Yacht forms and
and training guide for yacht            2. Technical Knowledge,             related transaction forms.
brokers who are committed to               including vessel types
ongoing improvement of their               and construction,                The Guide was developed and
occupation.                                systems and terms                written in response to requests
                                        3. Brokerage Transactions           from, and to meet the needs
Developed by YBAA, The Guide            4. Yacht Broker                     of, two segments of the yacht
is based upon the CPYB program             Responsibilities                 brokerage community. For those
Body of Industry Knowledge and          5. Yacht Broker Ethics              individuals preparing to enter
including a variety of helpful                                              the profession as neophytes, The
resources and sample documents.      The Guide also includes a Glossary     Guide provides a comprehensive
The Guide comes as a useful three-   of Terms, links to appropriate         overview of the key skills and
ring-binder publication addressing   industry web sites, copies of                                 (cont. on pg. 6)
         2008 BOARD of DIRECTORS
            Nick Friedman, CPYB
              O: 310-547-4416
     F: 310-547-4258 C: 310-748-5409

         1st Vice President
             Wayne D. Rodgers
             O: 949-675-1355
     F: 949-717-6767 C: 949-683-0626

         2nd Vice President
           Jack E. Buckley, CPYB
              O: 619-398-2980
     F: 619-398-2981 C: 619-778-2998
                                                    I want to wish everyone Happy         to offer informative seminars
                                                    Holidays and a very Happy New         on other subjects of interest to
          Past President                            Year. The year 2008 promises to       the yacht brokerage community.
              Marc Bay, CPYB                        be an interesting and challenging     Thanks to Director Wayne Rogers
              O: 619-523-9281
          E:                     year for us all. We welcome Lenard    for his efforts in coordinating
     F: 619-523-0812 C: 209-298-3747                Lee to the Board from Ballena Bay     and developing these seminars.
                                                    Yacht Brokers in Alameda and          We are also strongly supporting
             Treasurer                              wish to thank retiring director,      the Certified Professional Yacht
              Dick Angel, CPYB
              O: 510-535-6160                       Guy Newmark , for his many years      Broker program which provides a
          E:                    of active service with the CYBA       nationally recognized professional
     F: 510-538-9100 C: 510-331-7000                Board. I would also like to thank     certification. This will be a year
                                                    Bob Gorman who has completed          of commitment to ongoing
            Lenard L. Lee, CPYB                     his first year with us as Executive   educational opportunities for us
             O: 510-865-8600                        Director.                             all.
     F: 510-865-5560 C: 510-928-8500
                                                    Looking forward to 2008 is            Our ethics committee, chaired
              Director                              exciting. By the time you read        by Dean West, has finished the
             James H. Johnson                       this the 2008 version of the CYBA     daunting project of updating
              O: 949-675-8092                       FORMS will be available on the        and rewriting our Code of Ethics.
     F: 949-673-1037 C: 619-784-9002
                                                    CYBA website. Not only have the       We will go to a vote on the new
                                                    forms been revised and improved,      Code of Ethics sometime early
              Director                              additional forms have been added      this year.
            Guy Newmark, CPYB                       and the new web based format is
              O: 310-834-2830
           E:                      phenomenal.                           Our project of rewriting the
     F: 310-835-7206 C: 310-650-4437                                                      Brokers and Salesperson tests
                                                    We are also looking forward to        with Department of Boating
              Director                              our annual dinner on the historic     and Waterways was successfully
             Dean A. West, CPYB
              O: 619-523-1284                       Midway in San Diego on the            completed last year. Everyone
        E:                 twenty sixth of January. This will    seems pleased with the results.
     F: 619-523-1474 C: 619-417-9378                be the most well attended event
                                                    in our history, and if you haven’t    All in all, 2007 was a very productive
            Ron Whitelaw, CPYB                      already made plans to be there,       year for us. We are anticipating
             O: 562-430-3131                        do it now while space is still        a great year for 2008 as well.
       E:                 available.                            Anyone who has an interest
     F: 562-430-4333 C: 562-889-6075
                                                                                          in improving our profession is
         Executive Director                         Our newly formed education            welcomed to participate. It is our
                Bob Gorman                          committee has been hard at            commitment to be in the forefront
              O: 510-614-8890                       work. We produced our first ever      of the profession and we invite
     F: 510-614-1002 C: 510-557-1620
                                                    Northern California legal seminar.    your help. Come join us at the
                                                    The response was so positive that     Midway later this month and get
           Legal Advisor                            we are planning another Yacht         involved!
                 Tom Russell                        Brokers and the Law for Northern
               O: 949-854-6000
           E:                   California in 2008. We also plan      Nick Friedman
     F: 949-854-6001 C: 949-244-6230
PAGE 2       California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007
California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007   PAGE 3
                                                       California Yacht Brokers Association



                        M E M BER

          Dear California Licensed Yacht Brokers and Salesmen:

          The California Yacht Brokers Association Board of directors wishes to thank those of you that are current
          CYBA members for supporting the association and its efforts to serve the brokerage community. Your
          support has helped the CYBA to improve the standardized sales forms used by most members. The CYBA
          has also sponsored two Law Seminars this year as well as provided financial support and assistance to the
          successful effort to return the sales tax laws governing offshore deliveries to those in effect two years ago.
          Our volunteers have been working hard to support and ensure the future of our industry. The CYBA has
          developed an excellent working relationship with the Department of Boating and Waterways in order to
          promote the needs of the brokerage community. The CYBA also supports the DBW’s efforts to maintain
          the State’s boating services autonomy from those of the State’s general recreational programs. Much more
          work is planned for 2008.

          The CYBA board of directors encourages all state licensed brokers and salespeople who are not currently
          members to join the CYBA this coming year and support the efforts to solidify and expand our brokerage
          community and our importance to the boat and yacht owners. Membership fees now include all the CYBA
          forms required in a vessel transaction for no additional cost and these forms will be available without
          complication from our CYBA website.

          As an added incentive to join the CYBA now, anyone wishing to join in December will be paid up to January
          2009. December is an excellent time to join, as you will be invited to attend the CYBA Annual Dinner Dance
          aboard the USS Midway in San Diego on January 26th 2008. Over 100 of your fellow brokers and salespeople,
          great people you have done business with all year, or should do business with next year will be there.

          Please take the time to join the CYBA today. All California Brokers and Salespeople need to be a part of
          this strong association.

                          •     Maintaining the opportunities to offshore deliveries will continue to be an issue that needs to
                                be promoted and defended in 2008.
                          •     Access to excellent, protective transaction forms is included with your membership.
                          •     Free December 2007 membership is now in effect.
                          •     You will enjoy a strong industry network and mutually beneficial co-op alliances.
                          •     Strong brokerage community ethics and professional arbitration of disputes keep you out of
                                court, costs down and clients happy.
                          •     Annual CYBA Law Seminars and New Forms Seminars are planned again for 2008.
                          •     You will have fun and meet great people at the exciting 2008 Annual Dinner Party.

          Join the California Yacht Brokers Association and have a great year in 2008,

          Bob Gorman
          Executive Director, CYBA

    1555 Doolittle Drive, Suite 170, San Leandro, CA 94577 • 510-614-8890 Fax: 510-614-1002

PAGE 4                California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007
            California Yacht Brokers Association • 1555 Doolittle Dr., Suite 170 • San Leandro, CA 94577

                              MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
Your Name ____________________________________________________________________________
Name of Business ___________________________________ Position ___________________________
Business Address ______________________________________________________________________
City _____________________________________________State _____________Zip ______________
Phone ______________________________________ Fax _____________________________________
E-mail _______________________________________________________________________________
Class of Membership Desired:
    Active Master Member (Owner)             Active (Broker)         Associate (Salesperson)                     Affiliate Member
Date first licensed by State of California as:
    Salesperson _________             Broker ________________ Current License No __________________
Briefly state your reason for desiring membership in CYBA ______________________________________
Recent marine employment history, including positions held: _____________________________________
Business references (2) including telephone numbers: _________________________________________
Sponsored by two Active Members:
Signature: _____________________________________________ License No. ____________________
(please Print Name) ____________________________________________________________________
Signature: _____________________________________________ License No. ___________________
(please Print Name) ____________________________________________________________________

If elected to membership in the California Yacht Brokers Association, I agree to abide by and conform to the
Constitution, By-Laws and Policies of the Association, a copy of which I have read.

Date: ___________________ Applicant’s Signature __________________________________________
                                                  Schedule of Fees
Membership Class                             Initiation Fee                 Yearly Dues                                 TOTAL
Active Master Membership (Owner)                   $200        +              $245                      =               $445
Active Membership (Broker)                            50                       150                                       200
Associate Membership (Sales)                          25                         60                                       85
Affiliate Membership (Other)                         100                        180                                       280
       Check for $________________ enclosed. Please make check payable to CYBA and return to:
                   Bob Gorman • 1555 Doolittle Dr., Suite 170 • San Leandro, CA 94577
                                                                                              Rev. 10/07
                             Phone (800) 875-2922 Fax (510) 614-1002

                                                            California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007   PAGE 5
Cancer Walk… (cont. from pg. 1)                                             Study Guide… (cont. from pg. 1)
calls from all persons wishing to join our team. As                         knowledge required to become a professional yacht
most of you are aware, I successfully completed the                         broker. Combined with appropriate in-service and
San Diego walk which covered 60 miles over a 3 day                          on-the-job-training within a qualified brokerage firm,
period. It wasn’t easy, but wasn’t as difficult as one                      new yacht brokers will be better prepared for the
might suspect. There is a bunch of training involved                        demands and rewards of their chosen profession.
and the hardest part for me was the allotting the                           Their clients, likewise, will be better served through
time for preparation and training. I probably gave                          the broker’s commitment to their profession.
up a deal or two to my sales staff, but in the end it
was all worth it.                                                           For experienced yacht broker professionals who are
                                                                            seeking to earn their credentials as a CPYB - Certified
Neither I nor the Foundation are going to question                          Professional Yacht Broker - The Guide serves as an
walkers as to their motivation. If you have a friend or                     excellent tool to prepare candidates for the CPYB
family member that has been effected by or passed                           examination; used alone as a study manual, or as
from breast cancer or some other form of cancer or                          a reference text when participating in formal CPYB
if you just need some motivation to get out there                           Study Sessions.
and exercise, join us. We can do training walks as a
team or individually or I have made friends who have                        In either case, The Guide has been developed to further
teams and we can walk with them. Training is usually                        promote and enhance industry professionalism.
3-5 mile walks, two times a week around your local                          This, in turn, benefits the profession by raising the
areas. It does step up a bit as event day approaches,                       performance standards by which yacht brokers are
but again, it is just not that hard to do! I actually                       measured, while ensuring that the boating public has
found that with all the travel I do, the majority of my                     a greater appreciation for yacht brokers who meet
training walks were solo.                                                   and adhere to those standards.

So how do you join the “Nauti-Boobs” who are                                YBAA also extends its sincere appreciation to its CPYB
“Setting course for a cure”? Please call me at                              program partners – FYBA, NYBA, CYBA and OYBA for
209.298.3747 and I’ll try to answer all your questions                      their commitment to the success of the CPYB project
or if you would like to do some on line investigation                       and for their work in developing and refining the
first, please feel free to check out the 3-Day web site                     CPYB body of knowledge, which is the foundation
at                                                         of The Guide.

C’mon California Yacht Brokers and families, join me                        The publication of The Guide, provides another
and your fellow industry professionals in this worthy                       tool towards setting the industry standard for yacht
cause. Call me today and let’s get out there! You will                      broker professionalism, while providing the tools and
feel great that you did it!                                                 support that brokers need to succeed. To order your
                                                                            copy, simply visit or contact YBAA at

         Proposed Active Master Members
                          Nancy Dixon
                                                                                GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT
                  Dixon Yachts – Newport Beach
                    Active Master Membership
             Sponsored by: Jack Buckley and Marc Bay

          Proposed Associate Members
                                                                               Advertise in the CYBA newsletter.
                        Jerry Wakefield
                  Dixon Yachts – Newport Beach
                      Associate Membership
             Sponsored by: Marc Bay and Jack Buckley
                                                                                      For More Information
                          Tyce Saylor
                                                                                            or Rates
                  Dixon Yachts – Newport Beach
                      Associate Membership
                                                                                      Contact Bob Gorman
              Sponsored by: Marc Bay & Jack Buckley                                     @ 800-875-2922.
           Proposed Affiliate Members
                          Gary Clausen
             Twin Rivers Marine Insurance Agency, Inc.
                       Affiliate Membership                                          Learn More About The Benefits
               Sponsored by: Marc Bay & Dick Angel                                       Of CYBA Membership
                                                                                          Call 1-800-875-2922

PAGE 6      California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007
        your dream
                  through our

        Seacoast Marine Finance offers more than
        the best rates, extraordinary expertise and
        a streamlined loan process. You can rest
        assured that your application is being
        handled by professionals who value your
        privacy and confidentiality. Don’t drift
        into uncharted waters for assistance.
        Navigate to Seacoast Marine Finance,
        the premier haven for yacht buyers,
        dealers and brokers.

        Call for your complimentary quote today.
        Florida toll-free        |   877-916-2326
        California toll-free         |   800-233-6542
        Seattle      |   206-784-7773

               A division of Seacoast National Bank.

California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007   PAGE 7
PAGE 8   California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007
California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007   PAGE 9
PAGE 10   California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007
CYBA BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                             Attention all interested
                                                                Yacht Brokers and Salespersons:
January 9, 2008

VENUE: Long Beach Yacht Club.
CALL TO ORDER: President Marc Bay called the
meeting to order at 1:08 PM.                                 YACHT BROKER (CPYB)
ATTENDING DIRECTORS: Marc Bay, Nick Friedman,                         ~ STUDY SESSION AND TESTING ~
Wayne Rodgers, Guy Newmark, Jack Buckley, Ron
Whitelaw, Jim Johnson, Dean West & Dick Angel.                         Contact Lon Bubeck, Morrie Kirk,
                                                                            or Dean West for next
Executive Director Bob Gorman was also present.                             study session & exam.
GUESTS: Past President Morris Kirk, Past President            The CYBA is conducting a study session, immediately followed
Lon Bubeck , Gina Ebling and Sylvia Holmquist.               by the examination, for all those interested in becoming Certified
                                                             Professional Yacht Brokers. This will be our first available session,
                                                                  in response to the great interest in this worthy program.
MINUTES: The Minutes of the meeting of December
5, 2007 were approved with a motion by Director                    If you have a desire to take your business and personal
Wayne Rodgers and seconded by Director Nick                   accomplishment up to the next level, you owe it to yourself and
Friedman.                                                    your clients to earn the CPYB designation. Join a growing number
                                                               of the best and brightest brokers nationwide in increasing your
                                                              knowledge, professionalism, and ethical standards as they relate
FINANCIAL: Executive Director Bob Gorman presented                                to your chosen profession.
the current financial report ending December 31,
2007. It was moved by Director Ron Whitelaw, and             For complete information, including study materials, applications,
seconded by Director Nick Friedman to accept the             and required qualifications, please visit the National Yacht Broker
report. Motion Passed.                                       Certification website at There you will find all the
                                                                         forms you need in a downloadable format.

CORRESPONDENCE: President Marc Bay presented
                                                               If you have any questions, please contact one
a packet from YBAA President Bill Full, wanting to
                                                                 of the CYBA’s Members on the Certification
initiate a “Paul W. Bennett III, Memorial Award”.
                                                                              Advisory Council:
This award to be a yearly award for outstanding
commitment to the profession of yacht brokerage.
                                                                                 Lon Bubeck, CPYB
                                                                         Flying Cloud Yachts, Long Beach
Director Nick Friedman will Call Bill Full and get
details to be presented at the February 2008 Board
                                                                             Morris Kirk, CPYB
                                                                     Orange Coast Yachts, Newport Beach
NOMINATING COMMITTEE: 2007 Members, Morris
Kirk, Lon Bubeck, and Ron Whitelaw.
                                                                                 Dean West, CPYB
The nominating committee presented the list
                                                                        Merrill-Stevens Yachts, San Diego
of candidates who were elected to the Board of
Directors for the next 2-year terms. They are Lenard
Lee, Jack Buckley, Nick Friedman and Dick Angel.

    a.   ELECTION OF OFFICERS FOR 2008.                        You may also respond to or contact any CYBA
                                                               Board Member. The National Yacht Broker Certification office
                                                                needs time to process your application and to perform your
         President Marc Bay called for the election                                background check.
         of officers.
                                                               Brokers wishing to attend the study session, but who are not
                                                             testing, are welcome. However you must reserve a space! Seating
         Director Nick Friedman was nominated                                           is limited!
         for president and voted affirmative by                 NOTE: This session is for CYBA Members only. If you are not
         acclamation.                                          yet a Member, and would like to join, contact the CYBA office
                                                                              immediately @ 800-875-2922.
                                       (cont. on pg. 12)
                                                           California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007   PAGE 11
CYBA Board Meeting… (cont. from pg. 11)
          President Elect Nick Friedman presided over                        Arbitration was re-filed by Sausalito Yachts v
          the balance of the meeting.                                        Dibnah.

          The following Directors were elected as                            LEGISLATION: 2008 Members: Dick Angel and Bob
          officers for 2008.                                                 Leslie.

          Wayne Rodgers: First Vice President                                Director Dick Angel reported on 2 items currently
          Jack Buckley: Second Vice President                                being discussed for legislation:
          Dick Angel: Treasurer                                              Bill #1458, Vessel Operator Certificates, and the
          Lenard Lee: Secretary                                              Abandoned Vessel program possibly changed to
                                                                             “Vessel Turn-in Program”.
LEGAL: 2008 Members: Tom Russell.
                                                                             Past President Guy Newmark said that he is currently
Legal Advisor Tom Russell made a telephone                                   working on the abandoned/turn-in vessel program
presentation regarding IYCL and Marine Solutions                             in his marina.
ongoing legal problems.
                                                                             SOCIAL/PUBLICITY: 2008 Members: Guy Newmark,
President Elect Nick Friedman will call the president of                     Dean West.
FYBA, Whit Kirkland, for Florida’s position on IYCL.
                                                                             Past President Guy Newmark discussed whether we
ARBITRATION: 2008 Members: Ron Whitelaw, Dean                                would like to use the flight simulators on the Midway
West, Guy Newmark, Bob Leslie, Dick Angel, Jeff Long,                        at the Dinner/Dance. The cost would be $600 to
Jim Johnson, Dennis Moran.                                                   $800 per hour. The consensus was not to have the
                                                                             simulator use.
Director Ron Whitelaw said that the following
arbitration’s:                                                               The music has not been secured. Director Dean West
Wall v Helstowski was completed.                                             will work on this with Guy.
Soloman v Huffman has still no date for hearing.                                                                    (cont. on next pg.)

PAGE 12      California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007
CYBA Board Meeting… (cont. from pg. 12)
Director Wayne Rodgers said that only 24 people         Legal Seminars for 2008. One in No Cal and one in
have signed up for the Golf and we have 60 spots        So Cal. Dates to be announced. Also possibly two
to fill. The cost is $67.00 each plus the cost of the   “Forms” seminars.
golf cart.
                                                        Director Wayne Rodgers said that we need a good
MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: 2008 Members: Jack                professional trainer for the Forms Seminars. He will
Buckley, Marc Bay, Nick Friedman, Bob Gorman, &         work on getting someone.
Guy Newmark.
                                                        Director Lenard Lee discussed other brokers during
Director Jack Buckley presented applications for CYBA   co-ops should use the CYBA forms.
membership as follows:
Nancy Dixon, Jerry Wakefield, Tyce Saylor, Gary         Director Wayne Rodgers will head up a “Sponsors
Clausen and Ernest Pierucci.                            Committee”. Possibly setup a sponsorship program
                                                        with different levels of sponsors.
Director Jim Johnson moved to accept the applicants,
and Director Ron Whitelaw seconded the motion.          BOAT SHOW: 2008 Members: Marc Bay, Bob
Motion Carried.                                         Gorman.

FORMS COMMITTEE: 2008 Members: Nick Friedman,           Executive Director Bob Gorman reported the Northern
Tom Russell, Bob Gorman, Marc Bay, Wayne Rodgers        California CYBA Boat show is still scheduled for July
& Dick Angel.                                           2008, in San Leandro.

Executive Director Bob Gorman said that the new         COMMUNITY OUTREACH COMMITTEE: 2008
forms on are ready to be used. He will do     Members: Marc Bay.
an e-mail blast and will work on getting all of the
logos, user names and passwords out to everyone.        The name of the team that will walk in the Susan G.
                                                        Komen Foundation’s 3 day walk for breast cancer is
ETHICS COMMITTEE: 2008 Members: Dean West, Lon          “Nauti-Boobs”.
Bubeck, Ron Whitelaw, Guy Newmark, Bob Leslie,
Morrie Kirk, Dick Angel, Wayne Rodgers.                 OLD BUSINESS: None.

Director Dean West reported that the Ethics Revisions   NEW BUSINESS: President Elect Nick Friedman
are completed. The committee will be working on         appointed the new committee heads and members.
the by-laws revisions at a later date.                  They are reflected in the above bold type committee
Bubeck, Jack Buckley.                                   Executive Director Bob Gorman asked that our 2008
                                                        Secretary, Lenard Lee be added to the bank account
Past President Lon Bubeck reported that he is working   as an additional signer.
on updates for the web page.
                                                        Director Jim Johnson moved to have Lenard Lee’s
NEWSLETTER: 2008 Members: Jim Johnson.                  signature added, and Director Ron Whitelaw
                                                        seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Director Jim Johnson said that there would be 7
newsletters in 2008. The first one to come out now      Director Ron Whitelaw suggested that prior to the
prior to the Annual Dinner/Dance on the Midway for      February 2008 meeting the new 2008 brass plaque
January/February.                                       stickers be sent out. They will go out with the new
                                                        2008 rosters.
CPYB: 2008 Members: Lon Bubeck, Dean West,
Morris Kirk & Nick Friedman.                            The Next meeting will be Wednesday February 6,
                                                        2008, 1:00 PM at the Long Beach Yacht Club.
There will be 2 new tests given to potential CPYB
members. One in So Cal and one in No Cal.               Meeting Adjourned at 3:40 PM by President Elect
                                                        Nick Friedman.
LEGAL SEMINAR: 2008 Members: Tom Russell, Wayne
Rodgers, Ernest Pierucci.                               Respectfully recorded and submitted by Past Secretary
                                                        Dick Angel.
Director Wayne Rodgers said he is working on two
                                                        California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007   PAGE 13
PAGE 14   California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007
                                                        From The Editor
                                                        My best wishes to our readers for a great New Year,
                                                        I feel that we will all have to work a bit harder and
                                                        smarter but we will persevere through the times that
                                                        lie ahead. Nobody really has any idea what 2008
                                                        will have in store for us but with a positive attitude
                                                        and good follow-up with your clients everyone will
                                                        sure to look back on the year and realize being a
                                                        professional in this noble industry allows each of us
                                                        to set our own destiny.
FirsT AmeriCAN Vessel TiTle
                   A Division of
                                                        I wanted to be sure that we were able to get
first American Transportation Title insurance Company
                                                        another issue out before the Annual Dinner being
                                                        held this month on January 26, 2008 on board the
                                                        USS MIDWAY on San Diego Bay. I hope each of you
Protection for your marine transactions                 will make every effort to attend this very enjoyable
                                                        event. We have many wonderful sponsor’s to thank
    through Vessel Title insurance                      for stepping up and supporting the CYBA with their
                                                        continued generosity that make it possible to hold
              510 Bienville Street                      this event. It would be very nice to make this year’s
         New Orleans, Louisiana 70130                   event the largest ever and with being in such a
        800.247.4035 Fax: 800.648.5021                  convenient location we are sure to have a fantastic                  turn-out. I look forward to seeing all of you who I
                                                        have seen over the years but also many of you who
                                                        will be attending for the first time.
     A C o m PA N Y i N m o T i o N
                                                        Speaking of great parties those of you who did not
                                                        make this year San Diego Broker’s Forum Christmas
                                                        Party – well you missed a wonderful time. As always
                                                        Fiddler’s Green Restaurant under the supervision of
                                                        Mr. Steve Rock and his wonderful staff did another
 EXPERIENCED YACHT                                      superb job in providing delicious appetizers along
   SALESPERSONS                                         with some of the finest adult beverages during the
                                                        early after and well into the evening. Guest had the
      WANTED                                            pleasure of being entertained by Tommy Stark on the
                                                        keyboard with lively holiday tunes. The attendance
  Harbor Island, San Diego office.                      was much larger than previous years and we even
                                                        had some guest who came down from the Newport
      Be part of a four-office                          Beach area. I would like to extend my sincere
         brokerage team.                                appreciation to the following sponsors who made
                                                        this special holiday evening possible.
  Call Broker at 949-248-7400
                                                        Mrs. Joni Geis/Shoemaker                   (Dimen Marine Finance)
                                                        Ms. Mindy Benard                                      (Scott Finnacial)
                                                        Mrs. Kate O’Neil-Pearson            (Knight & Carver Yachtcenter)
   CYBA Membership Application                          Mr. Steve Rock                                        (Fiddler’s Green)
                                                        Mr. Ted Griffith                                 (Pearson Fuel Dock)
Go to: and click on                       Mr. Dan Bell                                       (Seacoast Finance)
     Membership Application                             Mr. Scott Jarvie                                 (Oversea Insurance)
      to download and print
                                                        Mr. Cris Wenthur                               (Wenthur Law Group)
     your CYBA application.
                                                          Thank you all for your generosity and continued
                                                                     support to our industry

                                                        California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007   PAGE 15
           San Diego Yacht Broker’s (Salespersons) Forum
                         Christmas Party

PAGE 16   California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007
San Diego Yacht Broker’s (Salespersons) Forum
              Christmas Party

                       California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007   PAGE 17
           San Diego Yacht Broker’s (Salespersons) Forum
                         Christmas Party

PAGE 18   California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007
California Yacht Brokers Association • November/December 2007   PAGE 19
  NOTICE: Copies of the Legislative Report for 2007 may be
            secured from the website

Jan 26, 2008            CYBA Membership 2008 Annual Dinner
                        USS Midway – San Diego Harbor
Jan 31, 2008            San Diego Broker’s Forum – 11:30 AM
                        Fiddler’s Green Restaurant – Shelter Island San Diego, CA
Feb 06, 2008            CYBA – Board Meeting 1:00 PM
                        Long Beach Yacht Club – Long Beach, CA
Feb 09-17 2008          SCMA 52nd Annual Los Angeles Boat Show
                        L.A. Convention Center – Los Angeles, CA
Feb 14 – 18 2008        Miami International Boat Show
                        Miami Beach, FL
Feb 28, 2008            San Diego Broker’s Forum – 11:30 AM
                        Fiddler’s Green Restaurant – Shelter Island San Diego, CA
Feb 29, 2008            SBC Breakfast Meeting – 8:30 AM
                        Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club – Newport Beach, CA
Mar 05, 2008            CYBA – Board Meeting 1:00 PM
                        Long Beach Yacht Club – Long Beach, CA
Mar 6-9, 2008           Sacramento Boat Show
                        Cal Expo State Fair Grounds, Sacramento, CA

    CALIFORNIA YACHT                                                                First-Class Mail
    BROKERS ASSOCIATION                                                              U.S. Postage
    1555 Doolittle Drive, Suite 170                                                       PAID
    San Leandro, CA 94577                                                              Reno, NV
                                                                                    Permit No. 270

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