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					    NE Regional Hiv / Aids NGOs Meeting
     October 3rd-4th 2008, Riga, Latvia

      Gertrude Bukanga & Tom Kortoe

Aksept – Centre for People Living with HIV/AIDS

      Hiv-situation in Norway
           Aksept Centre
A meeting place for people living with

• Aksept is one of 30 institutions of the Church
  City Mission Oslo (Kirkens Bymisjon)

• Aksept is financially supported on the whole by
  the Oslo Municipality
 Aksept’s main services are divided
       into three categories
 Open House: a meeting place for people who are living
  with hiv/aids, and is open every day during the week,
  except Sundays

 Outpatient Department: provides individual and group
  counselling as well as alternative forms of therapy

 Stationary Care Unit (SCU): offers individual rooms for
  convelescence, rehabilitation, temporary care and
  terminal care
                  Aksept´s Vision
                   Respect, justice and care
 In our activities, while responding to the needs of people living with
  hiv/aids, we also facilitate an environment that is welcoming, relaxed
  and, above all, inclusive

 The staff has professional secrecy to ensure anonimity!

 Aksept’s nurses give professional care to PLWHA
Aksept has specific projects
directed towards its target groups

•   Minority groups
•   MSM
•   Intravenous drug users
•   Women and children
•   Relatives of people living with hiv/aids
      Since 1987 Aksept has been
    inclusive in offering its services
• In 2006 Aksept initiated ”Masker”(Masks): the first
  psychosocial project for African people living with hiv/aids in

• Masker aims to build competent group of hiv positive users
  from Africa by offering them "Peer Promoter Training". As peer
  promoters they guide newly diagnosed hiv positives and follow
  closely the African Community in Norway

• Some of the trainees are now assets to the overall
  psychosocial work at Aksept

• In their voluntary contribution as peer supporters they have
  become models who affirm the dignity of all people affected by
  hiv and aids
 Other projets generated from the
  activities of the Masker project

• ”Kvinner+” (Women+): a project for African
  women and children living with hiv

• "Psychosocial Follow-up Team": a project
  for African asylum seekers living with HIV
 Issues raised by African users
• Residence Permit on Humanitarian
• Treatment options and support
• Language barriers
• Anxiety regarding dislosure of hiv status
• Maintaining the secrecy of one’s own
           How Masker works?
• We put our target group in touch with professional
  employees of Aksept (nurses,social workers, therapists,
  psychologists) and other helpful organisations

• For those who can not speak Norwegian, we provide
  interpreters who live with an hiv diagnosis

• We have Peer Promoters trained by Aksept in offering
  support and providing a range of services including: User
  led support groups for people affected by hiv and aids
  How does Masker meet and support
   the newly diagnosed individuals?
Aksept receives full support from Masker´s
 Peer Promoters: 12 Africans living with hiv
 who have been trained and organized as
 Positive Response Team.
As the project phase of Masker ends in
 2008, the Peer Promoters are in the
 prosess of organizing themselves as
 formal self-help group
  Hiv-situation in Norway 31.12.05
Persons diagnosed with hiv in 2005
   – 219 persons
   – 122 men (56%) and 97 women
This was lower than the figure for 2004 (a reduction in both
  heterosexual and homosexual infection, with a slight
  increase among intravenous drug users)

Prevalence in 2005: 3.263 hiv-positive persons
          2.221 men and 1.042 women
    Epidemiological situation in Norway for
         new hiv infection since 2005
•   2006        276
•   2007        247
•   2008        160 (per 01.09.08)
•   Total       684

Prevalence today:
  3.947 HIV-positive persons in Norway
  HIV infection in Norway by mode of infection:
• Heterosexual:                                   1.875
   – Infected in Norway: 603
   – Infected before arrival in Norway: 1272
• Homosexual (MSM):                               1.186
• IV drug users:                                   541
• Via blood products (pre 1999)                      46
• Mother to Child (before arrival)                   55
• Unknown                                           84
TOTAL (31.12.07)                                  3.787
                                     (2.566 men; 1.221 women)

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