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					                                                  Order Award
Company Name                   Order Number       Date        Project Title                                                 Ordering Agency Name
                                                               Global Combat Support System-Joint Software & System
AAC, Inc.                      HC1047-09-F-0230     07/14/09   Performance Testing                                          Department of Defense - DISA

Alliant SB CTA                 HC1047-09-F-0253     08/05/09   NCES Enterprise File Delivery                                Department of Defense - DISA

Vistronix                      EP096000148          08/14/09   IT Mission Support Services                                  Environmental Protection Agency

Kadix Systems                  HQ0034-09-F-3200     08/14/09   eCCS Program Support Services                                DoD/Washington Headquarter Service

Sim-G Technologies             DJFA9D0260           09/01/09   Information System of NGIC                                   Department of Justice - FBI

                                                               Information Assurance and Security Operations Support        Departmemnt of Defense - Washington
DSD Laboratories               HQ0034-09-F-3214     09/01/09   Services                                                     Headquarter Service

TEM Solutions                  W912LM-09-F-0130     09/21/09   Learning System MGMT Upgrade                                 Army

Janus Research Group           GST0709BG0118        09/23/09   Professional Education Center                                GSA/AAS/Region 7 for Army

                                                               JTF-GNO Cyber Defense, Analysis, Operations and Strategic
Sim-G Technologies             HC1028-09-F-2892     09/29/09   Planning Support                                             Department of Defense - DISA

                                                               Information Technology support for Office of the Inspector
Energy Enterprise Solutions    HC1028-09-F-2786     09/30/09   General                                                      Department of Defense - DISA

                                                                                                                            Departmemnt of Defense - Washington
Advanced Systems Development   HQ0034-09-F-3296     09/30/09   Enterprise IT Support Services                               Headquarter Service

Vistronix                      SAQMMA10F0008        11/02/09   IV&V Services                                                Department of State

Advanced Software Systems      SAQMMA10F0028        11/23/09   Configuration Management                                     Department of State

Vistronix                      GST0110BK0005        12/15/09   Information Technology Help Desk                             GSA/AAS/Region 1 for EPA

Phacil                         DOC44PAPT1000012     02/25/10   Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM)                    Department of Commerce - USPTO

InfoZen                        DOC44PAPT1000008     03/05/10   Production Verification Testing                              Department of Commerce - USPTO

Alliant Across America         DOC44PAPT1009008     03/09/10   Contractor Certification and Accreditation as it relates to IV&V Department of Commerce - USPTO

                                                               Cyber Security Support Services for the DOE/NNSA Office of
Onpoint                        DE-DT0001389         04/21/10   CIO                                                          Department of Energy - NNSA

Creative Alliant               H92243-10-F-1052     04/21/10   Development of SIM/STIM Unit                                 Navy - Naval Special Warfare Group

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                                                                 Information Assurance Response Center Cyber Security
Metrica Team Venture              DE-DT0001391        04/30/10   Support Services for the NNSA OCIO                           Department of Energy - NNSA

                                                                 Enterprise Content Management Consulting Services for the
Vistronix                         DE-DT0001582        06/01/10   NNSA OCIO                                                    Department of Energy - NNSA

Viatech, Inc.                     GST0410BF0043       06/09/10   DOS Technical and Engineering Support                        GSA/AAS/Region 4 for Army

Advanced Software Systems         EECBP105023         06/16/10   Enterprise Applications Support                              Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Data Computer Corp of America     FA4819-10-F-0040    06/25/10   AFCESA Internal Information Technology Support               Air Force - Tyndall

Advanced Alliant Solutions Team   W91QUZ-10-F-0026    07/07/10   Standard Procurement System Level 1 Call Center              Army

Systems Plus, Inc.                SB134110NC0351      07/19/10   Engineering Support for the NIST Information Access Division National Institute of Science and Technology

Burke Consortium                  DE-DT00011659       07/22/10   Analysis of Alternatives for the Provision of IT Services    Department of Energy - NNSA

n-Link LSG Joint Venture          GST1110BJ6034       07/28/10   FHEO IT Business Portal Support                              GSA/AAS/NCR for HUD

Vistronix                         HHSN27320100063U    07/30/10   National Toxicology Program Computer & User Support          National Institute of Health

                                                                 Services to Provide the Development, Test and Operational
Phacil, Inc.                      DOLB109E30683       08/05/10   Environment for ECOMP                                        Department of Labor

Solers, Inc.                      GST0110BK0047       08/05/10   ESPDS                                                        GSA/AAS/Region 1 for NOAA

                                                                 Defense Information System for Security Automation of
InfoZen                           HQ056610F0028       08/12/10   Background Screening RA                                      Department of Defense - BTA

                                                                 IHS OIT Enterprise Investment, Project Mgmt, &               Department of Interior - National Business Center
Data Networks Corporation         D10PD18681          09/10/10   Documentation Support Services                               (NBC)

DKW Communications, Inc.          SAQMMA10F3321       09/13/10   Database Management & Maintenance (DMM)                      Department of State

                                                                 Service Oriented Architecture Foundation (SOAF) Messaging
Solers, Inc.                      HC1047-10-F-4074    09/17/10   Capability Support                                           Department of Defense - DISA

                                                                 Office of Science and Technology (OST) Innovation Center
Quality Technology                DG133W10NC3049      09/20/10   Solution Support (Cloud Computing)                           Department of Commerce - NOAA

                                                                 Support Services for Infrastructure Operations
Phacil, Inc.                      AG-3144-D-11-0001   09/20/10   Div/Infrastructure Deployment                                USDA - Ft Collins

                                                                                                                              Department of Defense - Defense Security
Digital Management, Inc.          HS0021-10-F-0063    09/21/10   Independent Test Support                                     Service

                                                                 Support Services for USDA Infrastructure Architecture
Phacil, Inc.                      AG-3144-D-11-0002   09/21/10   Definition Branch                                            USDA - Ft Collins

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                                                                                                                                   Department of Defense - Defense Security
Solers, Inc.                         HS0021-10-F-0077     09/22/10    IT Consulting Service                                        Service

Interimage, Inc.                     PBGC01-DO-10-0136    09/22/10    IT Security                                                  Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation

                                                                      FA8771-10-R-0028 (Air Force Cargo Movement Operation
Interimage, Inc.                     FA8771-10-F-0008     09/23/10    Systems (CMOS)                                               Air Force - Gunter AFB

                                                                      Support Services for Int'l Technology Services, Operations
SBAlliance                           AG-3144-D-11-0003    09/24/10    Security Branch                                              USDA - Ft Collins

                                                                                                                                   Departmemnt of Defense - Washington
Creative Computing Solutions, Inc.   HQ0034-10-F-2070     09/24/10    Governance Information Assurance Support Services            Headquarter Service

AAC, Inc.                            EECBP105029          09/27/10    Enterprise Operations Support                                Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

                                                                      Indian Health Service Meaningful Use and Electronic Health   Department of Interior - National Business Center
Data Networks Corporation            D10PD18719           09/28/10    Record Certification                                         (NBC)

                                                                      DISA Program Executive Office for Mission Assurance and
Solers, Inc.                         HC1028-10-F-2886     09/29/10    Network Operations                                           Department of Defense - DISA

                                                                      IHS - Meaningful Use Performance Measures Requirements       Department of Interior - National Business Center
Ultra Technologies, Inc.             D10PD18727           09/29/10    and Development                                              (NBC)

ViaTech Systems, Inc.                HSBP1010F00619       09/30/10    Hardware Maintenance Services                                DHS (Customs and Border Protection)

                                                                      Technical Support Services to Maintain and Operate the
Systems Plus, Inc.                   DOLF109431354        10/01/10    PeoplePower System                                           Department of Labor

                                                                                                                                   Department of Interior - National Business Center
The Ventura Group, Inc.              D11PD18814           11/30/10    Change Management and Remote Access Support                  (NBC)

                                                                      Ammunition Automated Information Systems (AAIS)
Access Systems, Inc.                 M67854-11-F-1016     12/02/10    Maintenance                                                  Navy - Marine Corp Systems Command

                                                                                                                                   Department of Homeland Security - U.S. Coast
Alliant SB CTA                       HSCG23-11-J-RAZ001   12/13/10    Analytical Support Services                                  Guard

Janus Research Group                 02FM21100519         12/13/10    Programmatic Services in Support of PM WIN-T Programs        GSA/AAS/Region 2 - Army

                                                                      Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory-Information
AlliantCorps, LLC                    W81K04-11-C-0002     01/03/11    Management System                                            Army

                                                                                                                                   Independent U.S. Government Offices -
Metrica Team Venture                 BBG50-F-11-0052      02/10/11    IBB WAN Network Security Analysis                            Broadcasting Board of Governors

Advanced Software Systems            GST0811BP0037        02/28/11    Operational Support for HeV Application- TAC 354             GSA/AAS/Region 8 for VA

                                                                      Office of Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) Business
TechFlow, Inc.                       GST0011AJ0032        3/17/2011   Systems                                                      GSA/FEDSIM for GSA CIO

Digital Management, Inc.             HC1028-11-F-0262     03/31/11    Integrated Management Information Systems Solutions          Department of Defense - DISA

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                                                                Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Program
Onpoint                         HC1028-11-F-0284    04/15/11    Management.                                              Department of Defense - DISA

                                                                AF Research Lab - Phillips Research Site Corporate
DSD Laboratories                FA9451-11-F-0227    04/29/11    Information Office IT Support Services                    Air Force - Kirtland

The Ventura Group, Inc.         GST0511BM0086       05/03/11    Migration from IPv4 to IPv6                               GSA/AAS/Region 5 for VA

DSD Laboratories                GST0311DS6075       05/04/11    VA OI&T Network Management Support Services               GSA/AAS/Region 3 for VA

AAC, Inc.                       2011TO11047         05/25/11    OCIO Helpdesk                                             Department of Justice

Phacil                          5TS12100241         05/25/11    USDA FSA Performance Testing and Analysis                 GSA for UDSA

Allied Management & Technical                                   Network Services Program Mngt, Financial Mngt and Planning
Solutions                       HC1028-11-F-0373    06/08/11    & Support IT Services                                      Department of Defense - DISA

                                                                VA Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
Advanced Software Systems       GST0311DS7009       06/24/11    Operability Enhancement                                   GSA/AAS/Region 3 for VA

Rx JV                           HTC711-11-F-D038    06/30/11    Corporate Services Support: Infrastructure Management     Air Force - USTRANSCOM

DKW Communications, Inc.        N65236-11-F-4265    7/18/2011   DoS Overseas Buildings Ops IT Services                    Navy

Advanced Software Systems       W9124G-11-F-0063    7/19/2011   Virtual Work Environment                                  Army - Fort Rucker

EMW                             M67001-11-F-0015    7/27/2011   O&M Installation of Network Application Filer             Navy - USMC

                                                                ISOSS - White Sands Missle Range (Network Enteprise
Advanced Systems Development    W9124Q-11-F-0020    07/29/11    Center or DOIM)                                           Army

Alliant Alliance                AG-3142-D-11-0124   08/01/11    Identity Management Initiatives Support Services          USDA - Ft Collins

Phacil                          N00189-11-F-Z219    08/31/11    Maintenance of Security Management System                 Navy

                                                                AETC Military Training Instructor (MTI) Corps Mobile
AlliantCorps, LLC               HC1028-11-F-0623    08/31/11    Application                                               Department of Defense - DISA

Phacil                          AG-3144-D-11-0127   08/31/11    NRCS Software Analysis and Design (CDSI Initiative)       USDA - Ft Collins

                                                                Defense Information System for Security Automation of
InfoZen                         HQ056610F0028       08/31/11    Background Screening RA                                   DOD (Business Transformation Agency)

                                                                                                                          Department of Interior - National Business Center
Futron                          L11PD01435          09/02/11    Enterprise Data Architecture                              (NBC)

InfoZen                         HSCETC-11-R-00013   09/06/11    Engineering Services and Support                          Department of Homeland Security - ICE

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Digital Management                  OAS-CIO-D-11-0022   09/12/11   IT Enterprise Operations Services                             Executive Office of the President (EOP)

Alliant Alliance                    GST0411DB0161       09/13/11   Test and Integration Technical Support                        GSA/AAS/Region 4

                                                                   IT Support for Program Management and Technical Support-
Onpoint                             AG-3144-D-12-0001   09/13/11   Governance Services Divs                                      USDA - Ft Collins

DKW Communications, Inc.            AG-3A94-D-11-0156   09/15/11   PHIS Deployment Support Services                              USDA - Food Safety & Inspection Service

                                                                   On-Site Information Technology Services for the DOE Golden
Energy Enterprise Solutions         DE-DT0002982        09/16/11   Field Office                                               Department of Energy - Golden Field Office

Phacil                              NNG11FG02T          09/20/11   IT Communications and Quality Support                         NASA - Goddard

Creative Computing Solutions Inc.   HC1028-11-F-0711    09/20/11   Planning and Process Re-engineering Support                   DOD (DISA)

                                                                   Information Technology, Analytical, Management & Instructor
Janus Research Group                W912JF-11-F-0257    09/21/11   Services                                                      Army

Applied Information Sciences        VA118-11-F-0529     09/22/11   Windows 7 Deployment                                          Department of Veteran's Affairs

Quality Technology                  HHSP2332011004326   09/22/11   DCIS Cloud Computing                                          Health and Human Services

Phacil                              W9124J-11-F-0029    09/25/11   Army OneSource Web Portal                                     Army

Phacil                              GST0511BM0175       09/26/11   Software Engineering Support                                  GSA/AAS/Region 5 for VA

TEM Solutions                       W912LM-11-F-0110    09/26/11   Minnisota National Guard LMS Support                          Army

Advanced Alliant Solutions Team     SBAHQ-11-F-0161     09/27/11   DCMS Information Assurance (Security) services                Small Business Administration

                                                                                                                                 Department of Defense - Defense Security
Janus Research Group                HS0021-11-F-0143    09/28/11   CLE domain administrator                                      Service

Phacil                              GSQ0911DF0102       09/28/11   OIG Information Technology Services                           GSA/AAS/Region 9 for DOD IG

Solers, Inc.                        N66001-11-F-7N01    09/29/11   Enterpise Services and Navy Data Strategy Engineering         Navy - SPAWAR

                                                                                                                                 Department of Defense - Defense Security
SBD Alliant                         HS0021-11-F-0166    09/29/11   Defense Security Service Virtual Training Classroom           Service

                                                                   ARMY ITA Enterprise Physical, Personnel & COOP Security
Advanced Systems Development        HC1028-11-F-0807    09/29/11   Services                                                      Department of Defense - DISA

Allied Management & Technical
Solutions                           N00104-F-Q764       09/30/11   DIACAP Support                                                Navy

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Applied Information Sciences          HC1028-11-F-0818     09/30/11   Mission IT Support Services                              DISA

DSD Laboratories, Inc                 FA4890-11-F-0019     09/30/11   Tech Refresh Upgrade of Existing SIPR Thin Client        Air Force (Langley)

Webster Data Communication            HTC711-11-F-D051     10/01/11   Corporate Services Support: Service Support              Air Force - USTRANSCOM

PSI International                     VA118A-11-F-0138     10/01/11   CARS CAROLS Services                                     Department of Veteran's Affairs

                                                                      Global Electromagnetic Spectrum Information System
Alliant Enterprise JV LLC             HC1047-12-F-0012     11/16/11   (GEMSIS) Program Management                              DISA

                                                                      IT and Telecommunications Support Services for US EPA
Electronic Consulting Services, Inc   EP-G12C-00008        12/01/11   facilities in Ann Arbor Michigan                         Environmental Protection Agency

n-Link LSG Joint Venture              GST0012AJ0064        12/15/11   Network and Telecommunications in support of DOC OCIO    GSA FEDSIM (DOC)

                                                                      Maintenance support to NIPRNET and SIPRNET users with
Digital Management, Inc.              N00189-12-F-Z042     12/19/11   connections to the USTRANSCOM domain                     Navy

DSD Laboratories, Inc.                FA8751-12-F-A007     01/09/12   Corporate Facilities Sustainment                         Air Force (HQ USAF)

Solers, Inc.                          N66001-12-F-7N01     01/18/12   Enterprise Services and Navy Data Strategy Engineering   Navy (SPAWAR Systems Center)

Engenius Consulting Group, Inc        N0463A-12-F-0001     01/24/12   NEDU IT Support                                          US Navy Experimental Diving Unit/NEDU

Synectic Solutions, Inc.              N68936-12-F-0086     01/31/12   Munitions Items Disposition Action System Support        Navy

                                                                      Transferred from FEDSIM to Dept. of Commerce. Previous
n-Link LSG Joint Venture              SA1301-12-CQ-0005    01/31/12   task order # was GST0012AJ0064.                          Department of Commerce

Electronic Consulting Services, Inc   AG-3K06-D-12-0035    01/31/12   IT Infrastructure Services                               USDA - Agriculture Research Service

DasNet Corp                           BBG50-F-12-0053      02/07/12   Professional Services                                    Broadcasting Board of Governors

Solers, Inc.                          N66001-12-F-7850     02/23/12   Net Centric Command Applications                         Navy

                                                                      National Patient Information Repository (NIPRS) System
Alliant SB CTA                        HHSI236201200013W    02/28/12   operations and maintenance (O&M).                        HHS - Indian Health Service Acq. Mgnt. Branch

Alliant Alliance                      GS-P-11-12-YA-0016   02/29/12   NCR IT Systems Support                                   GSA - NCR

                                                                      OIG Software Development Branch (SDB) Software
Digital Management, Inc.              D12PD00392           03/01/12   Development, Maintenance, and Support.                   Interior (NBC)

                                                                      Network Systems Engineering, Messaging Systems, and
DKW Communications, Inc.              N65236-12-F-1502     03/09/12   DON/AA App Development Support                           Naval Space & Warfare Systems Command

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Synectic Solutions, Inc              N68936-12-F-0119        03/15/12   Munitions Items Disposition Actions System Support           Navy

ViaTech Systems Inc.                 HSBP1012F00094          03/28/12   Technology Hardware Support Services                         DHS - Customs and Border Protection

Advanced Alliant Solutions Team      SAQMMA12F0405           04/01/12   Vanguard 2.2.2                                               State

                                                                        Office of Digital and Design Innovation (ODDI) Web Content
Alliant Information Technologies, Inc. BBG50-F-12-0099       04/06/12   Management Support                                           Broadcasting Board of Governors

SBD Alliant                          GS08T12BP0086           04/26/12   Mary E. Switzer Network Cabling                              GSA R8

Digital Management, Inc.             SAQMMA12F1424           05/11/12   Vanguard 2.1                                                 State

Solers, Inc.                         N66001-12-F-7852        05/15/12   Enterprise Services - NITES Next Program                     Navy

Solers, Inc.                         N66001-12-F-7851     5/24/2012     Enterprise Services & Navy Data Strategy Engineering         Navy

Futron                               D12PD01120           6/1/2012      30mb and 40mb ethernet service                               Interior (NBC)

Data Networks Corporation            N00189-12-F-Z188     6/18/2012     Program Management Support Services in Support of the NPC Navy

Phacil, Inc.                         GST0912BH0037        6/28/2012     DOD OIG IT Support                                           GSA - OIG

ActioNet                             DE-DT0004004         6/29/2012     Subtask Order - Idaho                                        DOE - Idaho Operations Office
                                                                        IT Operations & Maintenance Support (ITOMS) for National
Alliant Enterprise JV LLC            DE-DT0004246         7/26/2012     Energy Technology Lab (NETL)                                 DOE - National Energy Technology Laboratory

Creative Computing Solutions, Inc.   HHSM-500-2012-00097G 8/2/2012      CMS Security Oversight                                       HHS - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
                                                                        Enterprise Services & Navy Data Strategy Engineering for
Solers, Inc.                         N660001-12-F-7857    8/2/2012      NIEM-M                                                       Navy

Futron                               GST1112BJ0035        8/3/2012      TFBOS IT Support                                             GSA (DoD Office of Secretary of Defense)

Metrica Team Venture                 N00104-12-F-QB47     8/7/2012      Quality of Life Technical Writer IT Support Services         Navy (Naval Supply Systems Command)
                                                                        Maintenance of Security Management System, Facilities
Phacil, Inc.                         N00189-12-F-Z266     8/13/2012     Management Div.                                              Navy
                                                                        Title Enterprise Operations Center (OEC) West, Enterprise
Phacil, Inc.                         HSCETC-12-F-00014    8/13/2012     Operations Support Services (EOSS)                           DHS

Digital Management, Inc.             GST0912BH0047        8/17/2012     Systems Lifecycle Management                                 GSA (DoD)

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                                                             Joint Spectrum Data Repository and Stepstone Program
Alliant Enterprise JV LLC   HC1047-12-F-4081     8/22/2012   Management                                                  DoD (DISA)
                                                             Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Information Technology
AAC, Inc.                   TPD-CFP-12-K-00070   8/30/2012   IT Service Desk and Cusstomer Support                       Treasury (Bureau of Public Debt)

AAC, Inc.                   GST0412DB0124        8/31/2012   CIE System Integrator Technical Support                     Air Force (HQ USAF)

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