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the jeweler s resource - Map Your Show


									                                                                                                                                                                                           D the D


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        the jeweler’s resource 2012
                                 JR212                                                                                                                                                        PROMO


                               demo at
                                                                                      NEW                                                                                                                                demo at
•	    Windows	7	Professional	
      Operating	System
                                                                                      prod                                                                                                                               JCK
•	    40x	Maximum	Magnification
•	    Optional	Vacuum	Pump	Picks-
                                                                                              LA424SV                       LA624BK
      Up	and	Secures	Loose	Stones                                                                                                                     LA824BL
•	    Overlay	Technology	
      Prevents	“Stone-Swapping”	

                         MIC-SPECHD                                                                                                                                   available!

     speckFINDER HD®
     computer video microscope                                                      O.C. White LED magnifying lamps                                                data count jr. diamond counter
     The speckFINDER HD® is a visual imaging system used by                         American made Green-Lite™ LED magnifiers are available in 3                    The DATA COUNT JR quickly and accurately counts stones as
     professionals who need to see precise details of the diamonds                  lens sizes and feature a 43” overall reach, 2x precision optical               small as 0.5 mm, removing the risk of human error and saving
     and colored gemstones they work with every day. Its USB 2.0 CCD                grade glass lens, dimmable LED functionally with contrast                      you the man-hours required to manually count stones. Suited
     camera allows capturing of still images in JPEG, BMP and TIFF file             lighting controls and patented “elite” mechanical arms.                        to manufacturers of all sizes. The device employs proprietary
     format or video in AVI format. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.                 Available in blue (BL), silver (SV) or black (BK). Equipped with               patented technology. NEW DATA TRACK software adds online
                                                                                    a standard table clamp base - optional weighted table bases                    tracking of parcel count & weight, similar to stock control
     Item                 Description            Price
                                                         FINANCING                  sold separately. 10 year mechanical warranty.                                  software.
     MIC-SPECHD           speckFINDER HD®      $7,995                                                                                                                                   Item                                   Price
                                                         available!                 Item                Description                         Price
     MIC-SPECVAC           Vacuum Pump         $1,435                                                                                                 BUY 3
                                                                                    LA424xx             6” Diameter Lens                    $399    or more
                                                                                                                                                    o.c.white lamps
                                                                                                                                                                                            DCM123JR   Call 800.452.7769 for Pricing!
                                                                                    LA624xx             7½” Diameter Lens                   $489          & SAVE
                                                                                                                                                                                            DCM123SW   Data Track Software     $1,990
                                                                                    LA824xx             7” x 5¼” Lens                       $499          10%!
                                                                                    LA824UVxx           7” x 5¼” Lens w/ UV                 $599

                                                               demo at
                                                                                                                                                            demo at
                                                                B6255                                                                                       JCK
 NEW                                                                                                                                                         B6255
     u      ct!
prod                                                                                                                                                                                                                             uct!



 puk4                                                                                                                      best built dual engraver
 Weld on findings, easily add metal, weld adjacent                •	     Microscope	redesigned	with	                       This multi-functioning engraver fits the needs of both jewelers and hobbyists. Engrave curved
 to stones, weld silver (alloys), fill porosity, attach work             improved	mountings,	base	and	                     and flat surfaces inside rings, on pendants, dog tags, lighters, pens, keys and more. Cut
 pieces prior to soldering, weld seams, and much                         ergonomics	for	ultimate	ease-of-use               out names without the use of saw blades or drills. Features include 5 automatic sensors to
 more. The control unit, welding microscope and the               •	     LED	lighting	added	to	microscope                  measure material for even cutting, laser pointer to indicate working area and compatibility
                                                                  •	     Interactive	touch	screen	allows	                  with most 2D/3D CAD/CAM software. Engraves on virtually any metal from platinum and
 swift precision hand piece combine with an intuitive
                                                                         you	to	select	your	metal,	welding	                tungsten to silver and brass. Unit is 15¼”W x 13¼”H x 12¼”D.
 approach to operating and handling, all controlled
                                                                         situation	and	create	saved	presets
 with a modern touch display.                                                                                              Item             Description                            Price
                                                                  •	     Features	an	“expert	mode”	for	
 Item                                        Price
                                                                         advanced	welders                                  EN75             Dual Computerized Engraver            $8,995 $7,995
 PUK4               puk04 Welder            $5,295
 PUK600             Argon Regulator          $159 FREE with PUK4 purchase!

     101 Commercial St., Ste 200
     Plainview, NY 11803
     Change Service Requested

                                                                                                                                                                   Prices are valid while supplies last and expire 7/31/12
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         D the D

                                 trade show essentials                                                                                                                                                                   JCK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 LAS VEGAS

 Prices are valid while supplies last and expire 7/31/12

ottlite natural daylight
                                                                                                                                   folding ottlites


These new OttLite Natural Daylight lamps are                                                                                       These portable compact lamps provide cool,

available in 5 stylish colors and supply cool, natural                                                                             natural daylight illumination. LA502 version’s 2x
daylight illumination perfect for diamond evaluation.                                                                              magnifier is ideal for close detail work. Lamps
                                                                                                                                   measure 19½” x 11½” x 5” and feature a
Lamp measures 14" x 14" x 67⁄5”. Temperature
                                                                                                                                   temperature between 5,000-5,900 Kelvin.
between 5,000-5,900 Kelvin. Available in black (BK),
silver (SV), green (GN), pink (PK) and blue (BL).                                                                                  Item                                              Price
Item                Description                   Price                                                                            LA501         TrueColor HD508 - Black            $75.00 $49.95
LA505XX                Specify Color                       $79.95 $44.95                                                           LA502         TrueColor w/ magnifier           $105.00 $99.95


             L208UV                                                                                                         LKR21L


LED UV loupe                                                               krüss LED loupe                                                                                 the triplet hawk loupe
This 10x achromatic loupe has circline LEDs for wide,                      This new 10x 21mm triplet loupe from Krüss features rechargeable                                The triplet Hawk 21mm loupe by Swiss-Axe features a
even illumination and a separate single UV bulb for                        LED lights. Made in Germany with superior, high-quality optics, Krüss                           10x triplet lens’ quality design with superior depth-of-
fluorescent examination.                                                   loupes have been a Kassoy customer-favorite for decades!                                        field. The custom made European lens is aplanatic,
Item                               Price                                                                                                                                   achromatic and has unique anti-reflection features. The
                                                                            Item                                   Price
                                                                                                                                                                           Hawk loupe is protected by a world wide registration.
L208UV             10x           $29.95 $21.95                              LKR21L                              $99.95
                                                                                                                                                                           Item                                     Price
                                                                                                                                                                           LHAWK                                    $530 $460

                                                                                       tis the season...                                                                          LS10
                                                                                       Whether you’re an exhibitor, attendee or buyer - trade shows can be
                                                                                       equal parts stressful and exciting. We’ve put together a list of essentials

kaya triplet loupe                                                                                                                                                         schneider loupe
                                                                                       to make it easier on you. The corresponding Kassoy products are on these
                                                                                       two pages and scattered throughout this issue of the Jeweler’s Resource.
                                                                                       Stop by our JCK booth B6255 in the ETS Pavilion - we’ll be there to help
With a 21.5mm diameter lens, the Kaya loupe has a                                                                                                                          Get edge-to-edge, distortion-free, clear, crisp images
                                                                                       with all your last minute needs.
wider field of view and is brighter than most loupes.                                                                                                                      with the AUTHENTIC Schneider loupe. Don’t be fooled by
                                                                                                                                                                           others proclaiming to be the “original.” This is the 10x loupe
Item                                   Price                                           Trade Show Checklist:
                                                                                                                                                                           manufactured with exacting care and quality by Harald
L17                                $129 $104.95
                                                                                             Loupes                                   Tweezers                             Schneider. This 21mm diameter achromatic, aplanatic triplet is
                                                                                                                                                                           made from the highest quality optical glass.
                                                                                             Portable Lights                          Diamond Papers                       Item                                     Price
                                                                                             UV Flashlights                          Sorting pads                          LS10                                   $329.95 $280

                                                                                             Portable Displays                       Testing equipment
                                                                                            Mirrors                                  Display trays
                                                                                            Portable Scale                           Stone storage

kassoy xtra-vue™ 10x hex loupe                                                              Cleaning Supplies

The Xtra-Vue™ offers an extra large 20.9mm wide
                                                                                                                                                                           nikon loupe
                                                                                            Ziplock bags                                                                   Nikon, world-renowned for quality cameras and optics,
lens for a broader viewing field. 10x, fully corrected
                                                                                                                                                                           produces this outstanding jeweler’s loupe. Nikon’s triplet 10x,
aplanatic and achromatic lens. This loupe gives                                             Merchandise Tags
edge-to-edge brightness and sharpness with                                                                                                                                 13mm diameter fully corrected loupe provides edge-to-edge
no distracting glare. Leather carrying case included.                                                                                                                      viewing without any distortion.
                                                                                                                                                                           Item                                      Price
Item                               Price
                                                                                                                                                                           LNIKON                                 $104.95 $99.95
L909CH                           $64.95 $49.95

                                                                                   SC1210-100N                                                                                              SC103YJC

tanita pocket mini scale                                                   tanita pocket carat scale                                                                       ohaus carat and gold series
Innovative and low profile, this mini scale is compact and                 These Tanita multifunction scales weigh 100 carats by 0.01 carat and                            These portable OHAUS scales are great for weighing gold
light, measuring 3”W x 6½”D x ¾”H. This 200 gram model                     also weigh in grams, troy ounces and grains. The SC1230 measures                                or stones on the road. The YJ Series measures in carats
weighs in grams, ounces, troy ounces and pennyweights.                     3.3”W x 6.2”D x 1.1”H and comes complete with calibration weight,                               and grams, and features adjustable feet, level and a
Comes in a leatherette case and operates on one CR2032                     gem cup, protective case and four AAA batteries. Its protective                                 transportation case. Scales weigh in g, ct, grain and oz.
battery (included). One-year manufacturer’s warranty.                      cover includes a large, clear draft shield. The SC1210-100N measures                            Both have backlit displays and come with a one-year
                                                                           4.3”W x 6”D x 1.1”H and operates with a supplied 120V AC adapter                                manufacturer’s warranty.
Item              Description                    Price                     and batteries. One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
SC1479Z           200 grams x 0.1 gram           $190 $90                  Item                          Description                                    Price              Item                            Description                           Price
                                                                           SC1230                        Battery only                                  $350 $290           SC103YJC                        100 carats x 0.005 carats             $218 $135.95
                                                                           SC1210-100N                   Battery and adapter                           $380 $319.99        SC152YJC                        150 carats x 0.01 carats              $195 $125


kassoy pocket scale
                                                                            SC100GB Open
                                                                                                                                            SC100GB Closed

This pocket scale has a blue LED back-lit screen and
                                                                       “gold bar” pocket scale                                                                             kassoy pocket scale
                                                                           This fun scale comes with a protective leatherette pouch, a                                     This versatile go-anywhere scale comes with a plastic cover to
weighs up to 500g. Measures in g, ct, dwt, oz and tl.
                                                                           backlit LED display and is ultra-compact (3” x 1½”). The weighing                               keep the weighing pan clean. Cover can also be used as a
Features auto calibration, auto shut off and leather case.
                                                                           pan measures 1¾” x 1¼.” Weighs in g, ct, tl, oz and tare function.                              tray. Scale features auto zero/auto off after 60 seconds, tare
Compact 4½”W x 3¾”D x ¾”H and operates on two AAA
                                                                           Powered by a single CR2032 battery (included).                                                  function, blue backlit LED display and is powered by 2 AAA
batteries (included). 1-year warranty.
                                                                                                                                                                           batteries (included). Weighs in g, oz, gn and ct.
Item             Description                       Price                   Item                     Description                             Price                          Item             Description                                 Price
SCAP4            300 gram x 0.01 gram               $30 $19.95             SC100GB                  100 grams x 0.1 gram                  $14.95 $12.95                    SCLT-3           200 g x 0.01 gram                         $24.95 $21.95
 800-4-KASSOY (800-452-7769) • LOCAL: 516-942-0560                               PRICES EXPIRE 7/31/12
                                                                                                                                                                                           D the D

                               trade show essentials JCK                                                                                                                                          LAS VEGAS

 Prices are valid while supplies last and expire 7/31/12
demo at



                                                                                                                                                                            demo at

                                                                                                                                            demo at                               GM224

                                                                            gemoro ULTRAtester II
 multi tester III
  The Presidium Multi Tester III allows one-step testing to
                                                                            This ultimate tester from GemOro identifies and separates diamonds
  distinguish between diamond and moissanite, CZ and
                                                                            from CZ and moissanite, plus it has white sapphire indication. Uses
  other simulants. Showcasing an ergonomic design with
                                                                            simultaneous thermal and electrical conductivity tests. Features an

                                                                                                                                                                    refractive index meter II
  a rubberized anti-slip grip for easy and accurate testing.                ergonomic shape, LED bar graph, LED stone illuminator, beep tone
  • Retractable tip ensures constant pressure                               indicator and patented angled glowing probe tip cone indication:
                                                                            Diamond = GREEN, Moissanite = BLUE and Metal Warning = RED.                             Unlike a traditional refractometer, PRIM II uses reflectivity to
      between the measuring probe and gemstone                                                                                                                      measure stones with RI’s ranging from 1.000 to ~3.000, so it
                                                                            Includes rechargeable batteries, spring-loaded tip, rubber-grip,
  • Probe tip (0.6mm) for stones as small as 0.02ct                         rubberized travel/storage case, carrying case, 100-240V AC adaptor/                     covers almost all gemstones in the market (including diamond
                                                                            charger and loose stone holder. Lifetime limited replacement warranty.                  and moissanite) without the inconvenience and messy usage
  • No waiting time between tests
                                                                                                                                                                    of RI liquid. The new PRIM II software enables the user to further
                                                                            Optional ULTRADock charging station is available. Dock is 7”x 31⁄8”.
  • 180˚ multi-viewing LED Display                                                                                                                                  eliminate the list of possible colored gemstones by entering
                                                                            Item                                 Price                                              known values such as color, hardness and S.G. value. Additional
  • Comfortable for both left and right-handed users
                                                                            DC075                                $299 $224.95                                       information regarding gemstone properties and common
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty                                                                                                                                locations can also be easily found. Runs on 9V battery, USB
                                                                            DC075-DOCK                        $24.95 $24.95
  • Batteries (included) or adapter (sold separately)                                                                                                               cord, or international voltage AC adaptor (all included). 5.5”L x
                                                                                                                                                                    3.15”W x 1.3”H. One-year manufacturer’s warranty.

 Item              Description                                      Price                                                                                           Item                                     Price
 DC330DUO          Presidium Multi Tester                           $269 $249                                                                                       GM224                                    $279
 DC330DUO-A        Universal Adapter                            $18.00 $15.95


USA                                                                                  DIS490


 blitz® combination cloths                                                  counter top mirrors                                                                     jewelry “u” pins
  These new brushed-suede cloths have an untreated            Counter top mirror with black acrylic frame and base.                                                 Long sharp versatile points for affixing jewelry on displays
  gemstone-suitable microfiber on the outside and silver/gold Item               Description                   Price                                                Item                  Description                             Price
  anti-tarnish treatment on the interior.
                                                              DIS490             7” W x 111⁄2” H, Flat Base   $9.50 $7.95                                           UP401                 1000 white                              $9.95 $8.00
 Item              Description              Price
                                                              DIS499             7” W x 14” H, Swivel Base   $10.95 $8.95                                           UP401C                100 white                               $2.25 $1.50
 RCL2088DZ         6" x 8" Unfolded       $31.00 $25.95
                                                                                                                                                                    UP402                 1000 yellow                             $9.95 $8.00
 RCL2088-I        6" x 8" Unfolded          $2.80 $2.50
                                                                                                                                                                    UP402C                100 yellow                              $2.25 $1.50


              GDT33BK                                 GDT33WT                                                                                                                                                        GD4218

 gem display trays                                                          deluxe gem display boxes                                                                grooved gem display boxes
 Leatherette gem display trays are perfect for showcasing                   These gem display boxes display and transport perfectly in a sleek black                These high quality leatherette boxes feature a removable
 diamonds and gemstones at trade shows or in retail store                   leather carrying case. Great for trade shows! Inserts are reversible                    top, held in place by velcro. The padded top works to keep
 displays. Available in black (BK) or white (WT).                           white/black. Boxes are available in white (WT) or black (BK).                           diamonds and gemstones in place during transport and also
                                                                                                                                                                    functions as a riser for the box to rest on when opened for
                                                                            Item                Description                         Price                           display. Grooves are ¼” wide and 3⁄8” deep.
 Item                 Description             Price
                                                                            GD1214xx            Leather Case w/ 25 1" Boxes     $24.50 $22.00                       Item                     Description                  Price
 GDT33BK              23⁄4” x 23⁄4”           $1.50 $1.35
                                                                            GD11xx              Gem Box (12 pack) 1" x 1"           $9.65 $8.65                     GD415                    Single Groove 3 ⁄8”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          $7.95 $7.50
 GDT33WT              23⁄4” x 23⁄4”           $1.50 $1.35
                                                                            GD1515xx            Gem Box (12 pack) 1½" x 1½" $13.25 $12.00                           GD429                    9 Grooves 1” Each            $7.95 $7.50
 GDT335BK             31⁄2” x 31⁄2”           $1.95 $1.75
                                                                            GD22xx              Gem Box (12 pack) 2" x 2"       $15.65 $14.75                       GD4218                   18 Grooves 1⁄2” Each         $7.95 $7.50
 GDT335WT             31⁄2” x 31⁄2”           $1.95 $1.75
                                                                            GD43xx              Gem Box (12 pack) 4" x 3"       $36.00 $34.00                       GD5425                   25 Grooves 3⁄4” Each        $11.95 $10.95
 GDT44BK              4 ⁄3” x 4 ⁄3”
                        1        1
                                              $2.50 $2.25
                                                                                                                                                                    GD745                    5 Grooves 67⁄8” Each        $16.95 $15.95
 GDT44WT              41⁄3” x 41⁄3”           $2.50 $2.25
                                                                                     It spins!



 versatile snap-fold tray                                                   solar powered rotating display
These leatherette trays fold flat for easy storage and                      Stylish acrylic stand is solar powered and rotates at 2RPMs. Available in                            MADE IN THE
transportation. The snap buttons at each corner allow
tray to be used as either a display pad or 1” deep tray.
                                                                            black and silver. 4” x 4” x 1½” Ideal for window displays.
                                                                            Item         Description                                           Prices
 Item            Description                     Price                      DIS1010SV Silver Display Platform                               $14.95 $13.95
 TR1F            14¼” x 9” x 1”                   $30 $27.00                DIS1010BK Black Display Platform                                $14.95 $13.95           kassoy handwritten tags
                                                                                                                                                                    Kassoy’s super strong Kass-Hide tags are extremely difficult to
                                                                                                                                                                    tear or switch. The center section is free of adhesive to keep
                                                                                                                                                                    your jewelry free of sticky residue. These tags are steam and
                                                 LD08BK                                                                                                             ultrasonic safe. Our most popular style, TA101, is available in
                                                                                                                                                                    white, yellow, gold, silver and marine blue. Other styles are
                                                                              TA907GD                                                 TA907WT                       available in white and yellow only. Each pack includes free
                                                                                                                                                                    permanent marking pen.

 leatherette presentation tray                                              plastic string tags                                                                     Item                                     Price
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      TA101               TA102
 Elegant presentation tray has a 9” wide slotted section                    Medium sized plastic tags, available in white or gold. Sold in                          TA101                     $5.25/pk of 1,000
 for of space for rings and 6” x 9¼” flat tray interior                     boxes of 1,000. Each box comes with black felt tip pen.                                 TA102                         $4.25/ pk of 500
 section. Black leatherette.                                                Item                   Description                                   Price              TA103                     $8.75/pk of 1,000
 Item            Description                      Price                     TA907GD                Gold tags/gold string                       $24.95 $18.95        TA104                         $6.25/ pk of 500    TA103               TA104
 LD08BK          10” x 8” x 1”                        $35 $31.50            TA907WT                White tags/white string                     $24.95 $18.95
                                                                                   PRICES EXPIRE 7/31/12                 LOCAL: 516-942-0560             800-4-KASSOY (800-452-7769)
                                                                                                                                                                                                            D the D

                         gemological instruments JCK                                                                                                                                                               LAS VEGAS
Prices are valid while supplies last and expire 7/31/12
tweezers                                                                                                                                                                                                     JR212


                                                                                 TW19                                                                                     TW18

regine titanium tweezers                                                       regine diamond coated tip tweezers                                                   regine canal tip tweezers
These Swiss-made tweezers from Regine are titanium and                         These Swiss-made tweezers from Regine are stainless steel and                        These Swiss-made tweezers from Regine are stainless steel
measure 6 ⁄8” long. Serrated tips.
                                                                               feature starlight diamond coated tips. 6 ⁄8” long. 3
                                                                                                                                                                    and feature a canal tip. 63⁄8” long.
Item                Description                                   Price        Item                 Description                                   Price             Item              Description                                      Price
TW18T          Specify XFine-Fine-Med-Lg-XL-XXL                $50.50 $44.95 TW19                       Specify XFine-Fine-Med-Lg-XL          $28.95 $24.95         TW18M         Specify Fine-Med-Lg-XLg-XXL                       $26.50 $24.50

                                                                                      TW657                                                                          TW555XF


locking tweezers                                                               multi-pronged gem holders                                                           extra fine point
European-made tweezers with a slide-lock to make                               These popular retractable-prong tweezers are perfect for                            European-made, extra fine point stainless steel tweezers,
stone handling easier. Stainless steel. 6½” long.                              handling and showing gems with ease.                                                perfect for handling very small stones. Length 6¼”.
Item                  Description                                 Price
                                                                               Item                     Description                               Price            Item                   Description                                 Price
TW152                 Specify Fine-Medium                      $12.95 $10.95
                                                                               TW657                    4 prongs, 2”                          $4.00 $2.45          TW555XF                Extra Fine                               $21.95

                                                                               TW546A                   4 prongs, 43⁄4”                       $4.50 $2.65



                                                          MADE IN THE

gem-n-eye III refractometer                                                    gem refractometer
Measures the Refractive Index of faceted gems to confirm their                 This refractometer features a 0.01nD accuracy, internal LED light source
identity. The Gem-n-Eye uses no toxic fluid and gives a digital                with switch, a measurement range of 1.30-1.81nD and a polarizing filter.
readout of an RI to 3 places (accurate to .010), along with                    Purchase RI liquid (below) separately. Battery operated
names of matching gems drawn from its 200 internal gem                         Item                                     Price
database (no other computer required). It can also measure                                                                                                                                                             exclus
                                                                               GM181                                    $119 $109.95
gems above 1.81 RI so you can distinguish Diamond from CZ
and Moissanite, as well as read high Zircon and Garnets. One
year manufacturer’s warranty.
                                          Call for Kassoy’s low price!
                                                                               1.81 refractive index liquid                                                        imagem viewer
Item                            Price
                                                                               Item                                   Price                 GMK405
                                                                                                                                                                   The ImaGem Viewer is a state of the art instrument designed
GM320                          $425                                                                                                                                for retailers and gemologists. It is the perfect countertop
                                                                               GMK405                           $79.95 $69.95
                                                                                                                                                                   tool to support sales of diamonds, jewelry and colored
                                                                                                                                                                   gemstones. This easy-to-use portable device works as a stand-
                                                                                                                                                                   alone demonstration tool. It has adjustable lighting to clearly
                                                                                                                                                                   differentiate diamond qualities.

                                                                                                                                                                          D PORTABLE SELLING TOOL D
                                                                                                                                                                           •	 View and compare loose diamonds and jewelry
                                                                                                                                                                           •	 View the signature pattern of specially-cut diamonds
                                                                                                                                                                           •	 View and identify composite rubies
                                                               DCDM1                                                                                                       •	 View and compare colored gemstones and jewelry
                                                                                                                                                                           •	 Educate customers on quality comparisons

diamond master 54 cz set                                                       diamond master 10 stone cz set                                                      The ImaGem Viewer features durable LED lights perfect for
                                                                                                                                                                   selling diamonds and gemstones. Compare light performance
Amazing selling tool! Set of 54 CZ masters includes the                        10 stone set of “1.0 carat” CZ stones ranging from D-M. Stones are                  or distinguish special cut diamonds by showing the signature
most common shapes in sizes up to 1 carat. Great to put                        cut to ideal proportions. Attractive, leatherette case (5½" x 3” x                  pattern. Works on rechargeable batteries (included), allowing
together layouts or show different sizes. No more taking                       1”) includes a non UV-fluorescent, neutral white acrylic grading                    for maximum portability. 9”H x 5”D. AC Adapter also included.
every ring out of your showcase. Increase your sales, and                      tray for easy grading. The master stones have a 10-year warranty                    Item              Description                           Price
security too. Easy to see, attractively packaged with insert                   against color change.
card that explains the 4 C’s. 10¾” x 8½” x 1½”.                                                                                                                    GM500             ImaGem Viewer                         $425
                                                                               Item                                           Price                                GM500UV           Viewer/UV Light Package               $550
Item                                       Price
                                                                               DCDMC                                          $395 $380
DCDM1                                     $450 $435

                                                                   demo at
                                                                                                                                                                  demo at
                                                                                              demo at


diascan - diamond cut evaluator colibri - for diamond color grading                                                                                                d-screen
 The DiaScan S+ is now so compact and mobile that you                          Grades the color of a polished diamond regardless of shape and                      HRD’s D-Screen can detect CVD synthetics, quickly rules out
 can easily plug it into a USB port on any computer and                        size with high accuracy. Measures in GIA, AGS, HRD, EGL, IGL                        whether a diamond is HPHT treated or lab-grown and tells
 scan a polished diamond and grade it whether you’re on                        systems and measures the fluorescence of a polished diamond.                        you if a diamond should undergo closer examination by
 the road or in the office. The DiaScan S+ images a stone,                                                                                                         grading labs. It tests D through J color diamonds measuring
 provides an accurate measurement of cut quality and                           Features a touch-screen with user-friendly graphical interface and                  from 0.2 to 10 carats. The D-Screen is powered by an AC
 creates an informative, printable image of the diamond’s                      a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Footprint: 10¼”x 5” x 6½”                         adapter or 9 Volt battery (both included) and comes with an
 cut, all in seconds. This is a critical tool for appraisers.                                                                                                      attractive carrying case for portability. Covered by a two-
 Can also be used to produce label-like reports for your                        FINANCING                                                                          year manufacturer’s warranty.                   FINANCING
 own customers. Footprint: 11¾” x 4¾” x 4¼”. Includes                           available!                                                                                                                                 available!
 standard DiaVision software.                                                                                                                                      Item                                 Price
                                                                               Item                                           Price       Special JCK Pricing
                                             Special JCK Pricing                                                                        available until 6/30/12    GM531                           $3,405 $3,095
Item                                    Price
                                           available until 6/30/12 COLIBRI                                                    $7,900
DIA-S9+    4.0-11.0mm Stones        $6,200      800.452.7769

800-4-KASSOY (800-452-7769) • LOCAL: 516-942-0560                                   PRICES EXPIRE 7/31/12
                           gemological instruments JCK
                                                                                                                                                                                                   D the D

                                                                                                                                                                                                          LAS VEGAS
   Prices are valid while supplies last and expire 7/31/12
                                                                                                                 demo at
                                                                                                                                                            microscope      CODE JR212
                                                kassoy/leica 10x to 64x                                                                                                                               B6255

                                                                                                                                                            and leica

                                                stereozoom microscope                                                                                       camera package
                                                Magnification range of 10x to 64x. Microscope                                                               Features widefield 10x/22mm eyepieces and 8x-50x
                                                comes equipped with 16x eyepieces, tapered                                                                  magnification with click stops at 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x and 50x.
                                                eyeguards, dust cover and flush-mounted                                                                     3.1 megapixel camera captures live images at 2048 x 1536
GMK775400                                       stoneholder. Built on Kassoy’s exclusive deluxe                                                             resolution and can be shown full-screen on a computer
                                                gemological base.                                                                         GMTV400           or saved in TIFF, JPEG and BMP formats. Built on Kassoy’s
                                                                                                                                                            exclusive deluxe gemological base.
                                                Optics covered by a five-year warranty from Leica.
                                                Base covered by a five-year Kassoy warranty on                                                              Microscope and base are covered by a five-year Kassoy
                                                mechanical parts and labor.                                                                                 warranty on mechanical parts and labor. Electronic parts are
                                                                                                                                                            covered by a three-year warranty. Leica EC3 microscope
                                                Item            Description                      Price                                                      camera is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
                                                GMK775400 Microscope - 110 Volt                $3,395 $3,195                                                Item              Description                            Price
 demo at
                                                                                                 $250 $238.95
                                                                Optional Doubler
                                                                Secondary LED Light Source     $99.95 $79.95
                                                                                                                                                                              Microscope - 110 Volt
                                                                                                                                                                              Optional Doubler
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   $3,695 $3,195
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    $167 $149.95
                                                                                                                                                            MIC850E           Optional 20x oculars                  $234 $199.95

                                                kassoy 10x and 30x                                                                                          sparklelite mini lite
                                                stereo microscope                                                                            prod
                                                                                                                                                     uct!   Small, lightweight, stable, yet affordable, this super bright
                                                This Kassoy gemological microscope offers great value                                                       dual LED light will satisfy any need. Flexible goosenecks
                                                at an affordable price. View unset stones easily with                                                       allow you to place each light exactly where you need it.
                                                the versatile stone holder. This microscope features 10x                                                    Two dimmer switches to control each light independently.
            ive                                 and 30x magnification and built-in light and darkfield                                                      Two 3 Watt LEDs, Natural Daylight spectrum. Base is 4” x 3”
  exclus                                                                                                                                                    x 1”. Goosenecks are 24” long. Available in either single or
                                                illumination. It is powered by a 110v adapter and also
                                                works up to four hours on included, rechargeable AA                                                         double gooseneck configurations with optional 3.0 mm fiber
                                                batteries. Covered by a two-year warranty.                                                                  optic adaptors.
demo at                                                                                                                                                     Item             Description                                         Price
                                                Item                 Description               Price
                                                                                                                                                            LA352G           1 Gooseneck                                         $265
                                                MIC3052              110V version            $359.95 $299.95
                                                                                                                                                            LA352G2          2 Goosenecks                                        $350
                                                MIC3052-220V         220V version            $359.95 $299.95
                                                                                                                                                            LA352GFO         2 Goosenecks, 2 Fiber Optic Adaptors                $625
                                                MIC3052E             Optional 15x eyepiece    $93.60
  Battery Powered and Portable!

                                                leica flex arm                                                                                                leica swing arm                                    FINANCING
                                                bench microscope                                                                                              bench microscope                                   available!
                                                This microscope, which clamps directly onto your                                                              The Leica swing arm bench microscope provides
                                                bench, is designed for convenient, hands free viewing.                        MICA60S-C                       handsfree viewing wherever you need it most.
                                                Features include a 5x-30x magnification range, 120mm                                                          Features include a 5x-30x magnification range, 120mm
                                                working distance, 46mm object field and a 13.6mm                                                              working distance, 46mm object field and a 13.6mm
                      MICA60F-C                 depth of field. The dimmable LED ring light has a built-                                                      depth of field. The dimmable LED ring light has a built-
                                                in, removable diffuser. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.                                                       in, removable diffuser. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
         FINANCING                              Item            Description                      Price                                                        Item            Description                            Price
         available!                             MICA60F-C      Flex Arm Bench Microscope       $1,744                                                         MICA60S-C      Swing Bench Microscope                $1,744

                                                dino-lite handheld                                                                                            image-capture
                                                digital microscopes                                                                                           microscope eye pieces

                                                 The GM413T has enhanced lighting for improved                                                                These eyepieces can give any microscope image-capturing
                                                 illumination. The GM413ZT model is designed to                                                               capabilities! Both feature 2.0 USB output, are 84mm x 23mm
                                                 reduce the effects of glare, help eliminate “hot spots”                                                      and capture images at 1.3MB 1280 x 1024 resolution. The
                                                 from highly reflective surfaces and provide uniform                                 B
                                                                                                                                                              GM4023XC includes a mount-adapter that allows the
                                                 illumination to bring out more surface detail. Microscope                                                    eyepiece to fit with non-standard size microscopes. 1-year
                                                 has 1.3 megapixels and 1280 x 1024 resolution. The Dino-                                                     manufacturer’s warranty.
                                                 Lite Polarizing system can be switched on/off or adjusted
                                  GM413T         by rotating the cap. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.                                                                 Item                                                       Price

                                                Item            Description                      Price                                                        A w..GM4023X             (Product Dimensions: 7⁄8” x 33⁄8”)        $299
                                     demo at                                                                                                                  B       GM4023XC         (Product Dimensions: 7⁄8” x 33⁄8”)        $329
                                                GM35BSTAND                                       $99

                                                                                                                                                               diamond inscription scope
                                                the krüss standard
                                                                                                               demo at                                         The innovative Diamond Inscription Microscope allows for
                                                                                                               JCK                                             easy reading and clearly displays the information that can be

                                                travel lab                                                      B6255                                          found on a diamond’s girdle, including Certificate Numbers,
                                                                                                                                                               Brand Logos, Security Marks and more. Protect yourself and
                                                The popular Krüss standard travel lab is packed in a                                                           your customer!
                                                durable, shock resistant aluminum case and includes
                                                a 10x + 30x stereo microscope, polarization unit, power                                                        The Diamond Inscription Scope has a 3.5” LCD Display that
                                                supply, hand spectroscope with stand, dual spectrum UV-                                                        rotates and pivots for easy use at the counter. Scope has 4
                                                lamp and a stone holder for set and unset stones.                                                              LEDs for illumination of the diamond and holders for both rings
                                                                                                                                                               and loose stones. Unit offers magnification of up to 150x (75x
                                                Item            Description                            Price                                                   + 2x Digital Zoom), and is easy to focus and zoom. Includes
                                                GMKRL41         Krüss Standard Lab               $3,595 $2,995                                                 an AC Power Cord and 4 AA batteries. 5”W x 7”H x 6½D”.
                                                MICK41E         Optional 20x eyepieces            $129 $125
                                                                                                                                                               Item      Description                                  Price
                                                                                                                                                               GMK16 Diamond Inscription Scope                        $775

  gem identification packages
  We have redesigned our collections of items commonly used by gemologists of all levels. Save by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ask about our
  buying your items together in one convenient kit!
               student                                               professional                                                                                                                               program
              • Microscope (MIC3052)                                • Leica/Kassoy 64x Microscope (GMK775400)
                                                                                                                                                                                                We take great pride in supporting
              • Refractometer                                       • Refractometer
              • R.I. Liquid                                         • R.I. Liquid             FINANCING                                                                                         young and emerging designers and
              • Polariscope                                         • Polariscope             available!                                                                                        jewelers by offering student discounts
              • Spectroscope                                        • Spectroscope
                                                                                                                                                                                                to attendees of various accredited
              • Calcite Dichroscope                                 • Calcite Dichroscope
              • Stainless Steel Tweezers                            • Chelsea Color Filter                                                                                                      Academic Institutions. We want
              • UV & White LED Combo Light                          • Stainless Steel Tweezer                                                                                                   to ensure that the future premiere
                                                                    • UV & White LED Combo Light
                                                                                                                                                                                                designers start out on the right foot -
  Item         Description                                  Price   • CZ Master Set
                                                                                                                                                                                                with the right tools and supplies. Call
  GEM3         Student Gem Identification Package        $1,575     $1,475
                                                                                                                                                                                                800.452.7769 for more information!
  GEM4         Professional Gem Identification Package   $4,695 $4,595

                                                                              PRICES EXPIRE 7/31/12           LOCAL: 516-942-0560               800-4-KASSOY (800-452-7769)
                      gemological instruments JCK
                                                                                                                                                                                                        D the D
                                                                                                                                                                                                                LAS VEGAS
Prices are valid while supplies last and expire 7/31/12




                        GAPG1                                                                                                                                                     GMK7205

compact digital gauge                                                              electronic gauge                                                                       diffraction grating spectroscope
 Great compact digital gem gauge. Its range is from 0 to 20mm                      This Presidium gauge features a digital readout making it easy to                      Used for gemstone identification as well as distinguishing
 by 0.01mm. Zero can be set at any position, and the instrument                    estimate the weight/proportions of both loose and mounted stones.                      those that have been irradiated.
 includes a mechanical position lock and is covered by a one-                      Reads in mm with an accuracy of 0.01mm. Includes a gemstone                            Item                          Price
 year warranty. Operates on a 357/303 battery (included).                          weight estimation booklet, high setting attachment, push-button                        GMK7205                            $89.95 $79.95
 Item                             Price                                            zeroing and automatic shutoff. The gauge is powered by a button
                                          $54.95                                   battery and is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
 GAPG1                            $75

                                                                                                                                                                          the spectroscope and
                                                                                   Item                             Price
                                                                                   GA701                            $289    $249
                                                                                                                                                                          By Basil Anderson and James Payne.
                                                                                                                                                                          Classic reference guide.
                                                                                                                                                                          Item                                   Price
                                                                                                                                        GM605                             BK147                                 $49.95 $47.95            BK147

kassoy’s polariscope                                                               chelsea color filter
Our polariscope allows you to distinguish gemstones by quickly                     Originally designed to distinguish emeralds from imitations and
and accurately identifying single or double refracting stones. Use                 doublets, this filter helps narrow down the possibilities when
                                                                                                                                                                                                            demo at
it to distinguish between natural and synthetic amethyst and to                    identifying certain green, red and blue stones. When seen through                                                    JCK
separate jade and chalcedony from glass. It also helps detect                      the filter, many natural and synthetic emeralds look red or pink,
internal strain in many gemstones. The built-in light can also serve               while other green stones look green. This instrument helps detect
as a light source for a refractometer. It comes complete with a                    dyes in certain gems, such as dyed green and blue chalcedony.
stoneholder. 5½' x 3¼" x 7½".                                                      2¼” x 1¼” x 3⁄8”

 Item               Description                               Price                Item                             Price
 GMK415             Polariscope                              $195 $169.95          GM605                        $49.45 $34.95
 GMK415I            Interference Spheres, 2 pk.                   $6 $5.00




                                                                                                                                                                          dazor® bench lamps

 gemoro horizon™ lamp                                                              best-selling portable lights
                                                                                                                                                                          The floating arm allows you to precisely position the lamp for
                                                                                                                                                                          critical illumination of your work. The LA134 series have three
                                                                                   This lamp’s 21 bright 385nm         The warm tones produced by                         daylight tubes, while the LA2134 have two.
 This lamp’s sleek design makes it ideal for use on a jewelry
 counter, showcase or desk. Features 6000K Full Spectrum Natural                   UV LEDs help you detect the         this 3800°K Xenon bulb make
                                                                                                                                                                          Item                Description                             Price
 Daylight illumination Adjustable both vertically and horizontally.                faintest fluorescence in large      rubies, emeralds and opals glow
                                                                                   parcels. Comes with a case          and gold look richer. Comes with                   LA134XX             43" 3-tube bench lamp                  $215 $205
 Lamp measures 283⁄8” x 5½” x 10½”.
                                                                                                                       batteries and carrying case.                       LA2134XX            43" 2-tube bench lamp                  x$195 $185
                                                                                   and three AAA batteries.
 Item                                  Price                                       Item              Price             Item                     Price                     LA2134GY-220V       2-tube bench lamp, 220 volt (GY only) $195 $185
 LA2259                            $90.00 $59.95                                                    $36.50 $22.95
                                                                                   LA210                               LA204                    $20 $15.95               Specify color:       Grey=GY, Black=BK, or White=WT

 broadway LED light bar                                                                                                                                                                      LA-BROADWAY
 The Broadway is the basic building block of our linear LED line. Each strip is 19” long with 30 LEDs, cuttable
 every 3 LEDs. There are also solder points so there is no waste when you cut. Up to 20 bars can be used
 on a single power supply, which is available in a dimmable version. The bars are available in 3 color
 temperatures, including 5000K, which is ideal for diamonds. Also available in cooler temperatures as a
 special order. They can be installed a number of ways, including with mounting clips (sold separately).
 Item                                          Price                                                                                                                       LA-BROADWAY
 LA-BROADWAY          $27.50 per segment
                                                                                                                                                                    (with optional mounting clips)
                                                                                                                                                                           not illuminated
 Each segment measures 19 inches.

 parcel papers                                                                                                                        imprintable sorting pad
                                                                                                                                      This sorting pad comes with crocodile leatherette
 Item               Description                           Price
                                                                                                                                      blotter and has gem cut diagrams and a stone size
 RR1                Kassoy - (1 blue/1 white)          $40/125                                                                        unit conversion chart printed for reference. Each pack
 DP022E             Kassoy - (2 white)            $10.95/100                                                                          contains 50 sheets. Blotter holds 10 sheets at a time.
                                                                                                                                      Minimum 100 pads to imprint.
 10SJ1              I. David - (2 blue)           $10.95/100
                                                                                                                                      Item              Description                  Price                               SP161
 SP1WB              I. David - (1 white/1 blue)     $6.95/25
                                                                                                                                      SP160             11” x 14”                 $15.95 $12.95
                                                                                                                                      SP161             11” x 17”                 $16.50 $15.95


                                                                                                                                        demo at
                                                                  demo at                                                               JCK


 mk digital’s photo ebox plus                                                       the gem ebox                                                                        stage ninja® camera/light mounts
 The MK Photo e-box Plus features fluorescent, halogen and                          With fluorescent, halogen and LED lighting, the Gem eBox™ is                        The camera mount makes an excellent addition to any
 LED lighting and is perfect for shooting professional high-                        the perfect lighting system for shooting professional high-quality                  product-photography setup. Available with either a 60lb
 quality photographs of any jewelry. Comes equipped with                            photographs of small jewelry - and it’s portable! This affordable                   rated magnet base or clamp base. The light mount holds
 Catalog Producer Software, magnetic and L camera brackets,                         system includes free Catalog Producer Software, 4 jewelry                           a mini mag light during gemological inspections. Lifetime
 composition plates and an assortment of stands for rings, earrings,                accessories, “L” camera bracket and a one-year warranty. Total                      manufacturer’s warranty.
 bracelets and more. Total dimensions: 19" x 13" x 13". Inside                      dimensions are 15”W x 10.5”H x 7.5”D. Inside dimensions: 7½”L x                     Item                                               Price
 dimensions: 13½”L x 10”W x 8¼”H.                                                   7”W x 7”H.                                                                          DMCBC         Camera Mount - Clamp Base                  $49.99 $39.99
 Item              Description                     Price                           Item                                     Price                                       DMMBC         Camera Mount - Magnet Base                 $49.99 $39.99
 DM1012EPL            Photo eBox Plus                      $995 $949               DM785                                    $545 $495                                   DMCBL          Light Mount - Clamp Base                  $25.99 $19.99

  800-4-KASSOY (800-452-7769) • LOCAL: 516-942-0560                           PRICES EXPIRE 7/31/12
   WE’RE GIVING AWAY 3 FREE METTLER TOLEDO scales                                                                                                                                                                             7
       enter to win at Kassoy’s JCK booth B6255!                                                                                                                               *No purchase necessary.
                                                                                                                                                                                One entry per customer.

                                                                                                                                                      Prices are valid while supplies last and expire 7/31/12
                                                                                             legal for
               uct!                                                               NEW         TRADE!                                  demo at
                                                                                                                                      B6255                                 legal for
  legal for                                            demo at
   TRADE!                                              JCK

                                                   SC703JS                                                                                                                                                   SC602JL Series
                                                                                                                               SC6002JS                            SC6001JL Series

js carat series                                                               mettler toledo js gram series                                         mettler toledo jl gram series
METTLER TOLEDO’S Jewelry Standard (JS) line of carat scales include           The JS gram scales feature an internal calibration weight,            On METTLER TOLEDO’S JL series, results are easily read on
an internal calibration weight, allowing a single key-press calibration.      allowing for single-key calibration, and a back-lit display for       a bright backlit display. An optional auxiliary display can
The JS Carat Scales are equipped with a back-lit display for easy             easy read-out of weights. The JS Gram Scales also feature             be attached to the scale by a 19.5” cable or integrated
reading of the measurements, and include a single RS232 interface             a single RS232 interface, for connection to an auxiliary              into the design of the scale. SC602 scales are available
for use with an auxiliary display (auxiliary display not included), or        display, printer or computer (auxiliary display not included).        with two, one or no interfaces. SC6001 scales are
to connect to a PC or printer. The JS line of scales operates on              The weighing modes include ct, g, mg, kg, lb, oz, toz, grain          available with one or no interface. Available in a range of
either an included AC Adapter or 8 AA batteries (not included).               and pennyweight; and these scales offer Statistics, Totaling,         capacities, the JL series scales have a compact 7.6”W x
                                                                              Recall, Piece Counting, Percent Weighing, Free Factor and             8.9”D x 2.6”H footprint (without the auxiliary display). All JL
Footprint is 113⁄8” W x 75⁄8” D, height is 10½” (with the draft shield).                                                                            gram scales operate on battery and AC and weigh in g,
The weighing pan is 3 ½” diameter. These scales include Statistics,           Diagnostics!. The compact footprint is only 113⁄8” long x 7¼”D
                                                                                                                                                    ct, oz, lb, ozt, dwt. Carat pans included.
Totaling, Recall, Piece Counting, Percent Weighing, Free Factor and           with a 7½”W x 62⁄3”L weighing pan; the scales are also only           Item                   Capacity                          Price
Diagnostics. Weighing modes are ct, g, mg, kg, lb, oz, toz, grain and         3¼” tall, so are perfect for just about any space. Operates
pennyweight.                                                                  on included adapter.                                                  SC602JL      610 grams x 0.01 gram, 2 interfaces        $845     $540
                                                                                                                                                    SC602JL1     610 grams x 0.01 gram, 1 interface         $535     $425
Item                  Description                              Price          Item               Description                       Price            SC602JL0     610 grams x 0.01 gram, no interface        $505     $330
SC703JS               710 carats x .001ct                    $1,766 $1,279    SC303JS            320g x 0.001g                   $1,588    $1,149   SC6001JL1    6100 grams x 0.1 gram, 1 interface         $535     $425
                                                                              SC503JS            520g x 0.001g                   $1,741    $1,259   SC1501JL     1510 grams x 0.1 gram                      $845     $590
                      140 grams x 0.1mg                                                                                                             SC1502JL1    1510 grams x 0.01 gram                     $853     $625
SC1603JS              1610 carats x .001ct   x             xx$1,954 $1,414    SC802JS           x 820g x 0.01      x             $1,345    $969     SC5001JL     5100 grams x 0.1 gram                      $979     $675
                      240 grams x 0.1mg                                       SC2002JS           2200g x 0.01g                   $1,406    $1,014   SCJL-AUX     Auxiliary display                         w.$59     $57.95
SC1203JS              1210 carats x .001ct                 xxx$1,837 $1,329   SC3002JS           3200g x 0.01g                   $1,446    $1,044
                      320 grams x 0.1mg                                       SC4002JS         x 4200g x 0.01g         x         $1,573    $1,139
                                                                              SC6002JS           6200g x 0.01g                   $1,695    $1,224
                                                                              SC8001JS           8100g x 0.1g                    $1,543    $1,114

       legal for                                                                                                                                     legal for
        TRADE!                                                                                                                                        TRADE!

                                                                                                                                legal for                                                          SC105JP

mettler toledo jp carat series                                                mettler toledo jp gram series                                         mettler toledo high resolution
METTLER TOLEDO’S Jewelry Plus (JP) line of carat scales are FACT              The JP gram scales include FACT (Fully Automatic Calibration          jp gram scale
(Fully Automatic Calibration Technology) and automatically                    Technology) which automatically recalibrates whenever
recalibrate whenever changes affecting weighing accuracy occur.               changes affecting weighing accuracy occur. Each scale                 METTLER TOLEDO’S Jewelry Plus (JP) high-resolution gram scale
Each JP Carat Scale has an internal calibration weight, so that initial       also has an internal calibration weight for one-button                has precision accuracy as high as 0.01mg (0.00001g). This
calibration can be done with a simple one-button process. The JP              initial calibration. The JP scales come with built-in Density         scale can be converted from 42g capacity to 120g capacity,
scales also feature a built-in density determination software for use         Determination Software and two RS232 interfaces so an                 and still offers 0.1mg (0.0001g) accuracy at the higher
with the Mettler-Toledo Density Kit. The JP model scales have two             auxiliary display, printer or PC (auxiliary display not included)     weighing mode. Complete with all the features available on
RS232 interfaces, so you can simultaneously connect an auxiliary              can be simultaneously connected. These scales offer                   the other JP models, this scale is an absolute must for refiners,
display, printer or PC (aux display not included). These scales also          statistics, totaling, recall, piece counting, percent weighing,       gold buyers or fire assayers. Comes equipped with 2 RS232
offer statistics, totaling, recall, piece counting, percent weighing,         free factor and diagnostics. Weighs in ct, g, mg, kg, lb, oz,         interfaces as well as a USB port. Can also be used as a carat
free factor and diagnostics. The weighing modes available on the                                                                                    scale. The scale measures 143⁄32” long.” W x 9 ¾” D x 13” H
                                                                              toz, grain, pennyweight and more. 113⁄8” x 7¼” x 31⁄3”.
JP Carat Scales are: ct, g, mg, kg, lb, oz, toz, grain, pennyweight
                                                                               Item              Description             Price                      (with draft shield), and has a 31⁄6”weighing pan. Operates on
and more. Operates on AC adapter. These scales measure 113⁄8”                  SC303JP           320g x 0.001g          $1,852 $1,250               AC Adapter only and weighs in the following modes: ct, g, mg,
                                                                               SC503JP           520g x 0.001g          $2,030 $1,350
long.” W x 75⁄8” long.” D x 10 ½” H (with draft shield) and have a 3½”                                                                              kg, lb, oz, toz, grain, pennyweight and more.
                                                                               SC802JP           820g x 0.01g  x        $1,563 $1,075                Item                 Description             Price
weighing pan.
Item                 Description              Price                            SC2002JP          2200g x 0.01g          $1,644 $1,100                SC105JP      42g/110g x 0.01mg/0.1mg       $4,601 $2,900
SC703JP              700 carats x .001ct     $2,035 $1,098                     SC3002JP          3200g x 0.01g          $1,690 $1,150                             210ct/600ct x 0.1mct/1mct
                    140 grams x 0.1mg                                          SC4002JP        x 4200g x 0.01g   x      $1,837 $1,250
SC1603JP           x1600 carats x .001ct   x $2,253 $1,500                     SC6002JP          6200g x 0.01g          $1,969 $1,375
                     240 grams x 0.1mg                                         SC8001JP          8100g x 0.1g           $1,797 $1,200
SC1203JP            1200 carats x .001ct     $2,111 $1,450
                    320 grams x 0.1mg     x

                                                                                                  legal for
 legal for                                                                                         TRADE!
  TRADE!                                                                                                                                            ohaus ruby scales
                                                                                                                                                    These rugged, dependable, versatile scales weigh in grams,
                                                                                                                                                    ounces, troy ounces, and pennyweights. They operate on battery
                                                                                                                                                    or an included AC adapter and features such as a large high-
   SC1200EK                                                                                                                                         contrast display, low-battery indicator and energy-saving auto
                                                                                                SCAV53L                             SCAV264CL
                                                                                                                                                    shutoff make them a great value. One-year manufacturer’s
a&d everest series                                                            ohaus adventurer pro balances                                         warranty. AC adapter included.
                                                                                                                                                    Item                   Capactiy                    Price
Kassoy is proud to present the Everest Series from A&D. New                   The OHAUS Adventurer Pros are made for the jeweler who                SC300GR                300 grams x 0.1 gram        $109 $81.75
electronics, wider selection of capabilities & resolutions and remote-        needs a blend of accuracy and affordability. The SCAV53L,             SC2500GR               2500 grams x 1.0 gram       $109 $81.75
zeroing have been included in a low-profile rugged housing.                   SCAV412L and SCAV812L scales have enhanced parts
Features Include backlit LCD display, stainless steel weighing pan            counting capabilities and SCAV264CL features InCal internal
and digital calibration. Weighs in g, oz, lb, toz, dwt, ct, gn and tl. 5      calibration. All gram scales measure 7.5” W x 10” D x 2.8” H
year warranty. Operates on included adapter.                                  and have a 5.8”x 6.3” platform. The SCAV264CL measures
Item                  Description                                 Price       7.5” W x 8.7” D x 11.8” H and includes a draft shield. All
SC600EK               600 grams x 0.1g                           $490 $309    feature a backlit LCD display, three button operation,
                                                                              leveling feet, RS232C interface and are legal for trade in
SC1200EK              1200 grams x 0.1g                          $500 $319
                                                                              g, mg, kg, toz, lb, oz, gn and dwt. Scale operates on 4 AA
                                                                              batteries or the supplied AC adapter. There is an access hole

a&d gold scale                                                                on the rear of each scale that allows Weights & Measures to

                                                                                                                                                    ohaus gold series scale
                                                                              seal the balance for legal-for-trade applications. Backed by
This gold scale weighs in g, ct, lb,                                          a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.
oz, ozt and dwt. Its compact size                                             Item               Description                   Price                This scale features adjustable feet and level, a backlit LCD
(4.75” diameter weighing pan) won’t                                           SCAV264CL          600 carats x 0.005 carat    $1,565 $1,175          display, stainless steel platform, battery and AC operation and a
overcrowd your workspace. AC                                                                     120 grams x 0.001 gram                             RS232 or USB output option. Weighs in g, ct, oz, dwt, tical, tola, lb,
adapter included.                                                             SCAV53L            255 carats x 0.1 carat        $723 $525.95         grain, kg, and ozt. Modes include weighing, parts counting and
                                                                                                 51 grams x 0.02 gram                               automatic sample recalibration.
Item          Description           Price
                                                                              SCAV412L           410 grams x 0.1 gram          $738 $550            Item                   Capactiy                       Price
SC500HT       500g x 0.01g          $125
                                                                              SCAV812L           810 grams x 0.1 gram          $820 $597            SC501TAJ               500 g x 0.1 gram               $162 $134.95
                                                                          PRICES EXPIRE 7/31/12            LOCAL: 516-942-0560         800-4-KASSOY (800-452-7769)
  8                                                                                       gold testing                                                                                                D the D

                                                                                                                                                                                                      JCK     LAS VEGAS
   Prices are valid while supplies last and expire 7/31/12



                                                                                    demo at
                                                                                    B6255                                                     GT2100XL

                                                                                                                                           FINANCING                                              uct!
                                                                                                                                           available!                                       prod

                                                                                           handheld precious metal analyzer                                             acid neutralizing solution
   tri-electronics gold testers                                                            With the Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 Precious Metal Analyzer, you            This neutralizer will prepare a test stone for accurate testing
                                                                                           can obtain the exact precious metal content in seconds. With                 and also help spare your fingers and clothes from burns
   Tri--Electronics testers use a safe, gel-charge pen for quick,
                                                                                           one simple pull of the trigger get instant and accurate purity               and stains while using gold testing acid. Simply drop the
   reliable results. A microprocessor makes testing simple and gives
                                                                                           analysis of gold and other precious metals. Analysis is non-                 formula onto the test stone and clean with a tissue to
   readings directly in karats and percent. The GTXL units also read
                                                                                           destructive, fast, accurate and easy. Featuring a large color                prevent cross contamination with previous tests. If test
   “PLATINUM” and “NOT GOLD.” Optional AC adapter available.
                                                                                           touch screen, this user-friendly device comes equipped with                  acid comes in contact with skin or other objects, rub the
   Item                   Description                        Price                                                                                                      neutralizaing solution on the spill to stop further damage.
                                                                                           advanced software that allows you to customize the instrument
   GTXL18                 Reads 6K–18K                       $499 $359.95                  to your requirements. The included software also allows you to               Sold in 5oz bottles.
   GTXL24P                Reads 6K–24K                       $549 $429.95                  connect to your computer. Each unit is custom made to order, in             Item                                            Price
                                                                                           the USA. Runs on a rechargeable battery (included). Unit weighs
                                                                                                                                                                       GTN5NS                                          $5.95 $4.95
   Test yellow, white, green and red gold in a matter                                      3 lbs, includes a mobile test stand and has a 12-month limited
   of seconds. Battery operated only.                                                      warranty on parts, labor and accessories. Features standard
   Item                   Description                        Price                         element set: Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Pd, Rh, Ru, Ag, Au, Pt, Pb, Se and Ir.

   GT3000                 Reads 6K–18K                  $299.95 $199                        Item                                                          Price
   GT4000                 Reads 6K–24K                       $350 $279                      GT2100XL                            Call 800.452.7769 for pricing!

                                                                                                                                                                             demo at



   the original acid test
   “The acid test” is the traditional method of testing gold: if                                         GT2K                                                                                                                    SCGK3000S
   the gold is the same karat as or higher than the test acid, it
   will not react. If it does react, it is of a lesser karat than the
   test acid. GT301P	includes: Testing stone, instructions, six test
   needles (8, 10, 12, 14, 18K and 99 Silver) and 10K, 14K and
   18K acids. GT302P	includes: Testing stone, instructions, six
                                                                                            AuRACLE electronic gold tester                                            SCGK3000S 0.01g - 3,000g
                                                                                            Quickly and accurately buy and appraise gold without the use              This unit replaces, and expands upon, previous customer favorite
   test needles (8, 10, 12, 14, 18K and 99 Silver) and 10K, 14K,
                                                                                            of messy gels! This new patented electronic gold tester provides          SCGK2000. Remodel improvements include the ability to
   18K, 22K, Platinum and Silver acids and rare earth magnet.
                                                                                            immediate results with no messy gels, staining chemicals or               measure not only gold, but also platinum, silver and white gold.
                                                                                            dangerous acids. Simply touch pen probe to gold and LED                   Measurement is easier with the modification of the lid, which is now
   Item            Description                                           Price
                                                                                            indicates karat value. Tests platinum and all colors of gold from         half-open. The water tank and sensor are larger and the purity
   GT301P          Gold acid test kit                                   $59.95
                                                                                            6K to 24K. Tester must be calibrated with 14K plumb yellow gold           % is displayed at the same time with purity K (PT). The measuring
   GT302P          Deluxe gold acid test kit                         xx$79.95
                                                                                            with each restart. Powered by adapter or 9-volt battery (not              time is able to be selected (5 modes) and the calculative error
   GT710P          10 karat acid                                       x.$2.50              included). 4¼” x 5¾”x 1”. Probes last approximately 4,000 tests.          tolerance value can be shown. 10” x 9” x 9”.
   GT714P          14 karat acid                                       x.$2.50
   GT718P          18 karat acid                                       .x$2.50              Item                                   Price                              Item         Description                                          Price
   GT722P          22 karat acid                                       x.$2.50              GT2K                                   $529 $429                          SCGK3000S 0.01g - 3,000g                                        $3,570 $2,995
   GT792P          Silver acid                                       wxx$2.50               GT2K-1       Replacement Probe        $24.95                                        weighs (minimum 10g) and measures
   GT799P          Platinum test acid                                 xx$2.50                                                                                                   purity and density of yellow gold, silver,
                                                                                            GT2K-A      110v Adapter             $19.95                                         platinum and white gold.
   GT136           Gold testing needles                                $37.95
                                                                                            GT14K       14K Gold Calibration Block $21                                          Includes AC adapter and PC interface
   GT-REM          Rare Earth Magnet, ¾” diameter, 6/pack              $19.95                                                                                                                                                    FINANCING
   GT-REM2-1       Rare Earth Magnet, ½˝ x 2”                            $6.75                                                                                                                                                   available!

                                                                                  watch tools
                                                                                  pin removing kit
                                                                                   Simply place a watch bracelet
                                                                                   in the grooved block and tap
                                                                                   the punch lightly with the small
                                                                                   hammer to remove friction pins.

                                                                                                                                                                     spring bar tool
                                                                                   The kit includes a wooden bracelet

color-coded screwdrivers
                                                                                   block, two punches with 0.8mm                                WA100P
                                                                                   and 1.0mm diameter tempered                                                       One end of this tool is used to remove and insert all types of
Set of nine color-coded screwdrivers on rotating stand that                        steel pins, two extra pin tips and a                                              spring bars from leather watch bands; the other end is a pusher
provides easy access for the busy repair person. Comes with                        hammer.                                                                           to remove pins from metal watch bracelets.
19 spare blades and two spare fixing screws. Sizes: 0.60, 0.80,                    Item              Description                                  Price
1.00, 1.20, 1.40, 1.60, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00mm. Made in France.                                                                                                          Item           Description                            Price
Screwdrivers available separately, call for individual pricing.                    WA100P              Kit                                      $20.95 $14.95        SB3153         Spring bar tool                       $5.95 $3.95
                                                                                   WA1008P             0.8mm pin removing punch                  $4.75 $3.50         SB3153A        Replacement flat tip                  $0.95 $0.70
Item                    Description                              Price
                                                                                   WA1008TIP           0.8mm pin tip                 $5.95/pack of six $4.00         SB3153B        Replacement pointed tip               $0.95 $0.70
SD980                   Precision screwdriver set              $57.95 $55
                                                                                   WA10010P            1.0mm pin removing punch                  $4.95 $3.50
SD980B                  Replacement blade set                  $18.15 $15.95
                                                                                   WA10010TIP        1.0mm pin tip                    $5.95/pack of six $4.00

                                                                                   watch case opener
                                                                                   This new version of the original
                                                KN625                              Jaxa style case wrench now
                                                                                   accomodates larger size watches                                                                                                      CO1963
                                                                                   up to 2.16” (55mm) diameter.

utility knife                                                                      Includes four sets of pins (round, flat,
                                                                                   square, curved) to open all types of                                              friction ball opener
Our standard utility knife serves as a utilitarian watch tool-                     waterproof watch cases. Comes
great for opening snap back watches, scraping and prying.                          conveniently packaged in an                                                       This handy tool easily opens case backs with ease. Prevent
Steel blade is set in sturdy hardwood handle. 5½” long.                            attractive sturdy storage box.                                                    scratches by eliminating the need for potentially damaging tools.
                                                                                                                                                                     Item          Description                 Price
Item                                                 Price                         Item                            Price
                                                              $3.00                                                                                                  CO1963        Friction Ball Opener $3.50 $2.95
KN625                                               $4.95                          CO602                        $27.75 $23.95

 800-4-KASSOY (800-452-7769) • LOCAL: 516-942-0560                                PRICES EXPIRE 7/31/12
                                                                                               bench tools                                                                                                            D the D

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      JCK    LAS VEGAS

      Prices are valid while supplies last and expire 7/31/12

      impact printer/engraver
      This printer/engraver from Roland is Kassoy’s most powerful ever, capable of engraving on gold, silver, copper,                                                                                                  JR212


      platinum, brass, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, titanium and more. Engrave on charms, ID bracelets, cake knives,

      cigar tubes, pens and more! The possibilities to be creative with this machine are endless.

      With a USB port, this engraver sets up as easily as a desktop printer. Once you are up and running, you’ll be ready to
      engrave in just three quick steps: import text or images, lay out and edit your graphics and then print! Maximum print
      area is 3.15” x 3.15”. Print from JPG, BMP, AI, EPS or Corel Draw files. Compatible with WIndows XP/Vista/7. Unit comes                                                                                     demo at
      equipped with an AC adapter, test print material, USB cable, CD ROM software, center vise, rubberized silicon grip                                                                                         JCK
      pad and user’s manual. One-year manufacturer’s warranty. Engraver dimensions: 113⁄8” x 151⁄8” x 12¼".

      Item                 Description                                              Price
                                                                                                      D IMAGE ENGRAVING D
      EN90MPX             Roland Desktop Impact Printer                         $4,995                    •	   JPG, BMP, AI, EPS or COREL DRAW FILES
      EN90MPX-VF          Roland EN90MPX Vise Fixture Kit                   $299.99                       •	   Windows compatible
      EN90MPX-PH          Roland EN90MPX Replacement Print Head             $349.99                       •	   Simply import, resize and print!
                                                                                                          •	   Build lasting customer relationships
      EN90MPX-PAD Roland EN90MPX Replacement Pad                                $29.99                    •	   Make your items unique

       best-built™                                              engraving machines                                                                                                                                                           demo at
                                                                 computerized                                                                                                                             computerized                       JCK
                                                                 inside ring engraver                                                                                                                     combo engraver
                                                                 Features include the ability to create                                                                                                   The Best-Built™ Computerized Combo
                                                                 multiple lines of engraving inside a ring,                                                                                               Engraver provides the ability to engrave
                                                                 virtually unlimited fonts, single and double                                                                                             both flat or curved surfaces inside or outside
                                                                 line hatching style engraving, outside                                                                                                   (flat/slightly domed) rings. Complete with
                                                                 engraving with centering and alignment                                                                                                   all necessary vises, clamps and jigs to hold
                                                                 lasers and the ability to easily import custom                                                                                           your work in place, this system includes easy
                                                                 logos and designs                                                                                                                        to install and operate software. Features a
                                                                                                                                                                                                          laser to line up and center work.
                                                                Item                                                   Price
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Item                                 Price
                                                                EN58004                                           $2,395
                                                                                                                                                                                                          EN58001                            $4,995 $4,900

     automatic handheld furnace                                                                                                             best built™ polisher
     Safely and efficiently melt up to 3kg of gold! This digital                                                                            Polisher Unit has ¾ HP 3450 RPM heavy duty,                                                  demo at
     furnace melts non-ferrous alloys and scrap for casting
     or ingot pouring, and is designed for handheld pouring
                                                                                                                                            fully sealed polishing motor, with ½” straight
                                                                                                                                            shafts, as well as a ½ HP suction motor (450
     directly from the crucible. The grooved top enables easy                                                                               CFM). Features rust-proof spindles and cool
     removal using the included tongs.                                                                                                      fluorescent lighting. 110v/20amps - 210 lbs.

                                                                                                                                             Item                                        Price
      Features Include:                                                                                                                      POL12                                  $2,095 $1,895

     • Capable of melting up to 3 kg of gold
     • Designed for handheld pouring
     • Built-in electronics provide a digital temperature readout                                                                            filter hood
     • Efficiently melts non-ferrous alloys for casting
                                                                                                                                             Great with the bench lathe but can also be moved anywhere
     • 110V (also available in 220V - call for details!)                                                                                     on a benchtop for use with a flex shaft or micromotor. Comes
                                                                                                                                             equipped with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
     Item             Description                                                            Price                                           Item        Description                             Price                                          FSFH
     CA511-3          Furnace 3 Kilo 110V, 16 lbs                                     $705.00                                                FSFH        Filter Hood                             $279 $269.95
     CA338            Replacement Crucible for 3 Kilo Furnace                           $31.00                                               FSFH-F5     Replacecment Filters (Pack of 5)        $4.95 $4.45

portable                                                                                                                                    foredom angle grinder
for on-the-go!
                                                                                                                                             Kit includes Angle Grinder Head with 120 grit Flap Wheel
                                                                                                                                             installed, tools & drive pin for attaching grinder to
                                                                                      MADE IN THE
                                                                                                                                             handpiece, long hub, short hub (installed) and mounting

                                                                                      USA                      BN053
                                                                                                                                             hardware, disc mandrel and 5 assorted 2” sanding discs,
                                                                                                                                             a sanding screen and velcro discs for attaching discs.
    BN220                                                   BN281L

    portable work bench                                                  hardwood bench                                                     Item          Description                                    Price
                                                                                                                                            FS9110        2” Angle Grinder Kit                           $119 $102
     Portable workbench features 9 storage drawers                       This laminated top hardwood bench
     (1 lockable). Top of bench can be placed on                         measures 35½"W x 21½"D x 36"H. Shipping                            FS9130        2” Angle Grinder Kit & Handpiece $169 $145
     optional hardwood leg stand. 20" x 16" x 10", 17 lbs.                                                                                                                                                                                   demo at
    Item                        Price
                                                                         weight of 130lbs, shipped by motor freight.
                                                                                                                                            foredom bench lathe
                                                                         Item                        Price
    BN220        Bench             $80 $74.95                            BN053                       $500
    BN281L       Stand        $28.25 $74.95                                                                                                 and accessory kit
           ring sizers                                                                                                                       The Bench Lathe’s 1⁄6 HP motor, operating at 500
                                                                                                                                             to 7000 RPM, provides the speed and power for
                                                                                C                                                            optimum polishing performance with smaller
                                                                                                                                             buffs and wheels. The accessory kit contains
                  A                                                                                                                          spindles and an assortment of buffs and polishing
                                                                                                                       D                     compounds to get you started. The bench lathe is
                                                                                                                                             covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
                                                                                                                                             Item                           Price
                                                                                                                                             FSBL15                         $230 $210

                                                F                               G
                                                                                                                                            sight booster deluxe magnifier
                                                                                                                                            These convenient magnifiers allow you to enlarge
                                                                                                                                            your work, hands free! The Sight Booster Deluxe head-
                                                                                                                                            worn magnifiers can be worn over prescription or
             Wideband                                                                                                                       safety glasses. Replacement lens plates are available
        Item           Description        Price                          Item               Description         Price                       for each magnification.
    A RS676Q             1 ⁄4 -12 ⁄4
                          1        3
                                         $14.95 $11.95               E   RS676P             1-15               $15.95 $9.95                 Item              Power          Distance      Price
    B RS676H             1-15            $12.95 $8.95                F   RS36               1-14               $4.50 $2.45                  MSBD-3            13⁄4                  14"          $14.95 $12.95                      MSBD
    C RS35               2½-14            $5.95 $3.45                G RS94                 1-13               $1.75 $1.05                  MSBD-5            2                     10"          $14.95 $12.95
    D RS326              2-111⁄2         $11.95 $10.50               H RS5901               0-17               $0.50 $0.25                  MSBD-7            21⁄2                  8"           $14.95 $12.95

                                                                                            PRICES EXPIRE 7/31/12                  LOCAL: 516-942-0560              800-4-KASSOY (800-452-7769)
                                                 cleaning supplies                                                                                                                                D the D

                                                                                                                                                                                                  JCK     LAS VEGAS
Prices are valid while supplies last and expire 7/31/12



 demo at

                                                                                                                                                          demo at
                                                           more sizes                                                                      CL4810

best-built™ ultrasonic series                                                         kassoy ultrasonic                                                        steamaster classic steamer
The CL330 features a half gallon capacity heated tank, 30
                                                                                      Keep your inventory looking its best with this powerful new              Comes with electronic foot control, stainless steel release
minute timer with on/off switch and a power consumption total
                                                                                      ultrasonic cleaner from Kassoy has a large 2.1 quart tank                valve and sight glass. Its two-gallon boiler furnishes 70-
of 60/170w. Measures 7” x 6.25” x 8.5” The CL600 features a 1.5
                                                                                      measuring 7.2” x 6” x 3”. Features include ceramic heaters,              75 psi pressure. No plumbing is required—it fills through a
gallon capacity tank, heated with variable temperature control
                                                                                      temperature preset to 140 F˚, LED display with 1 to 30 minute            conveniently placed funnel. Unit measures 16¼”W x 6½”D x
and integrated on/off switch, 30 minute timer with switch, 185F˚
                                                                                      full range timer and a 35kHz industrial grade ultrasonic                 16¾”H. Comes with a one-year parts warranty and a 90 day
max and total power consumption of 150/370w. Measures
                                                                                                                                                               labor warranty. Requires distilled water.
13” x 7” x 12.” Best-built ultrasonics covered by a 1-year parts                      transducer. 103⁄8” x 91⁄8” x 71⁄8”. 1-year warranty included.
warranty and 2-year transducer warranty.                                              Item                                  Price                              Item          Description                       Price

Item                                     Price                                        CL4810                              $109.95 $99.95                       CLHPJ2S       2 Gallon Classic Steamer        $1,250 $1,150

CL180       ½ Gallon Tank                $279
CL600       1½ Gallon Tank               $699
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            demo at
                                                              ON PAGE
             uct!                                                    12
        prod                                                                                                                                                                                                              CL500A

                                                                                      gemoro ultrasteam                                                        reliable cl500a steam cleaner

                                                                                      The UltraSteam’s one pint capacity ultrasonic cleaner                    This cleaner from Reliable produces 50 psi of steam pressure
                                                                                      comes with a stainless steel basket and lid and has a built-in           and reaches temperatures of up to 221˚F at the tip. It’s
gemoro ultraspa                                                                       drain for convenient water removal. Users can select a
                                                                                      cleaning cycle of 3, 6, or 9 minutes. Using regular tap water,
                                                                                                                                                               ideally suited for cleaning away left over wax, plaster
                                                                                                                                                               waste and other debris, and for cleaning the final product.
GemOro’s Ultraspa is the only combination jewelry steam/ultrasonic                    the steamer generates pressure of up to 65 psi and can be                Features include adjustable steam nozzle, adjustable foot
cleaner designed for personal use. Designed specifically for use                      used in either continuos or burst steam modes. It comes                  pedal, 4 safety systems, pressure gauge, copper heating
in the home this cleaner makes a perfect resale item. 1-pint tank                     with plastic-coated tweezers, a stainless steel mini basket              element, water level stick, 10-15 minute heat up time and up
capacity. 50psi of pressurized steam with tap water. 42khz ultrasonic                 with a handle for holding small items and a funnel with a                to 4 hours of continuous steam. 0.66 gallon tank capacity.
scrubbing action. ETL listed. Comes equipped with steam residue                       measuring cup. This unit is made of ABS plastic and is ETL               Dimensions: 11" x 8¾" x 14". UL listed, 1-year warranty.
mat, protective coated tweezers, measuring fill cup and mesh basket                   listed. It is covered by a one year manufacturer’s limited
for small items. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.                                      replacement warranty. Dimensions: 9” x 6” x 11”                          Item          Description                       Price

                                                                                      Item             Description                         Price               CL500A       Reliable Steam Cleaner             $499
Item               Description                     Price
CL333              GemOro Ultraspa               $199.95                              CL366           GemOro Ultrasteam                    $369 $299.95


                                                                                                    CLQ90TH                               CLPC3

kassoy industrial strength ultrasonic                                                 L&R ultrasonic cleaners
This new ultrasonic cleaner from Kassoy features an extra-large tank                  The Quantrex 90 is a powerful and compact ultrasonic                    This cleaner from Reliable produces 65 PSI of steam pressure
                                                                                      unit with a 2 quart tank, timer and heater. 2.5 year                    and reaches temperatures of up to 221˚ F at the tip. It’s
with 1 ⁄3 gallon maximum water capacity. The CL4860 has TWO
                                                                                      manufacturer’s warranty on entire unit. The PC3’s quiet                 ideally suited for use in jewelry stores and work-rooms. It
ceramic heaters with 5 temperature settings and TWO industrial-
                                                                                      operation and 19 ounce capacity tank is idea for counter                features an adjustable nozzle and foot pedal, 4 safety
grade transducers. Also featuring a 2-color LED display and an
                                                                                      use and is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s                         systems, stainless steel tank, water level stick, pressure gauge,
ultrasonic frequency of 35KHz. 7¼" x 113⁄8” x 93⁄8”. 1-year warranty                  warranty. Baskets	sold	separately.                                      heating element and blow down valve. 1.25 gallon tank
included.                                                                                                                                                     capacity and up to 6 hours of continuous use (after 15-20
Item                                                           Price                  Item                                Price
                                                                                                                                                              minute warmup). Dimensions: 13" x 8½" x 11¾". UL listed,
CL4860                                                        $445 $420               CLQ90TH                             $500 $260                           1-year warranty.
                                                                                      CLPC3                             $139.95 $135
                                                                                                                                                               Item         Description                        Price
                                                                                                                                                               CL600A       Reliable Steam Cleaner            $799

                                                                          demo at

                 Elma E Series

                                                                                                     Elma S Series

elma ultrasonics                                                                                                                                               blitz imprinted cloths
Each German-made unit has a waterproof operating panel and plastic carrying handles that won’t get hot. The lids serve as drainage                             These two-ply cloths have a treated interior (for silver and
trays for the optional baskets and the exterior drain allows for easy emptying. Both series feature an automatic sweep function, autostart                     gold) and an untreated exterior (for all stones). Logo imprinting
heater, ceramic heating element and two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The “S” series also boasts an LED display, turning knob for time                         available on orders of one gross or more—one time $25 setup
setting and a degas function.                                                                                                                                  fee applies. Call for cloth and imprint color options.
Item                      Description             Price                       Item                   Description                  Price                        Item            Description                                Price
CL20E                     E Series 2 quart        $425 $375                   CL20S                  S Series 2 quart             $725 $655                    RCL568I         6" x 8" Unfolded                  $275/gross $265
CL30E                     E Series 3 quart        $495 $445                   CL30S                  S Series 3 quart             $745    $680                 RCL581I         8" x 10" Unfolded                 $312/gross $300
CL60E                     E Series 1½ gallon      $925 $825                   CL60S                  S Series 1½ gallon      $1,350       $1,075               RCL568DZ        6" x 8" Unfolded               $26.95/dozen $25.95
                                                                                                                                                               RCL581DZ        8" x 10" Unfolded              $30.95/dozen $27.95

800-4-KASSOY (800-452-7769) • LOCAL: 516-942-0560                           PRICES EXPIRE 7/31/12
                                      packaging & display
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         D the D

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 LAS VEGAS

     self-locking gem boxes
     Show your finest stones in our deluxe gem boxes. These


     sturdy boxes lock securely when you close them. They are

     available in matte black and brushed silver finishes with
     reversible black and white inserts and come in two sizes.
     Display your gem boxes in our custom trays with cutouts for
     the smaller gem boxes. Trays come with a plastic cover to
     hold the boxes in place while traveling.
     Item            Description                                                               Price
     GD3869BK             Matte black finish, 2.2” x 2.2” x 0.7”                            $12.50       $10.95
     GD3869BS             Brushed silver finish, 2.2” x 2.2” x 0.7”                         $12.50       $10.95
     GD3870BK             Matte black finish, 3.1” x 2.2” x 0.6”                            $14.75       $12.95
                          Brushed silver finish, 3.1” x 2.2” x 0.6”
                          Matte black finish, 8” x 2” x 0.5”
                                                                                                                                                              steinhausen watch winders
                                                                                                                                                              WA587 -This luxurious 20-watch winder from Steinhausen will appeal to the serious
     GD3872BS      Brushed silver finish, 8” x 2” x 0.5”                     $23.25                      $20.95
                                                                                                                                                              watch collector. Featuring a cherrywood finish, high quality leatherette lining, 4
     GDT06         Stackable Tray - 91⁄8”L x 6¼”W x 11⁄8”H, 1⁄8” Lip         $30.50                      $21.95
                                                                                                                                                              winding modes, bi-directional motors and a lifetime motor warranty.
     GDT12         Stackable Tray - 12”L x 91⁄8”W x 1⁄8”H, 1⁄8” Lip          $34.50                      $26.95                                               WA588 - In cherrywood with a high-gloss finish, this winder features 4 modes and a
     GDT04         Stackable Bracelet Tray - 12”L x 91⁄4”W x 1⁄4”H, 1⁄8” Lip $34.75                      $26.95                                               bi-directional motor. 6” x 6” x 6”. 90-day warranty.
     GDT09         Self-Locking Gem Display Tray - Holds 9 GD3870            $32.50 $24.95                                                                    Item           Description                                            Price
     GDT06 and GDT12 trays are fitted for GD3869BK and GD3869BS gem boxes.                                                                                    WA587          20-Watch Winder 28” x 13” x 31”                      $4,000
     GDT04 trays are fitted for GD3872BK and GD3872BS gem boxes.
                                                                                                                                                              WA588          Cherrywood Single Watch Winder                         $100        $95



                                                                                                          A                                          D

    whirl accent boxes                                                                      magnetic fold-over boxes                                                                        hat boxes for rings
    These stylish new boxes are the perfect contemporary                                    The beige cover magnetically snaps into place on the chocolate                                  These decorative ring boxes are packed in a random
    compliment to any style of jewelry. Boxes are accented with                             brown body of the box. Imprinting available, inquire for more details!                          assortment of bright colors of shapes. Each package
    elegant organza-style ribbons, pre-attached for easy bow-tying!                               Item        Description                            Pack            Price                  contains 48 boxes. 1¾” x 1¾” x 1½”H.

          Item          Description                              Pack     Price            A      BX351       Ring, 2¼” x 2¼” x 13⁄8”                    24    $22.80 $20.00                Item           Description                                                    Price
    A     BX408BK       Ring Box 1¾” x 2” x 1 ⁄8” 1
                                                                  20    $20.00 $18.00      B      BX352       Earring/Pendant, 3½” x 3½” x 15⁄8”         18    $27.00 $25.00                BXHTBC         48 assorted bright color boxes                             $15.95
    B     BX409BK       Earring/Pendant Box 21⁄3” x 21⁄3” x 1” 24       $27.60 $25.00      C      BX353       Necklace, 6¼” x 7” x 13⁄8”                  6    $13.80 $11.00
    C     BX410BK       Bracelet Box 82⁄3” x 1¾” x 11⁄8”           6    $11.10 $9.00       D      BX354       Bracelet, 85⁄8” x 23⁄8” x 13⁄8”            12    $17.40 $15.00

                                                        inventory management
    demo at                                             zenius card printer                                                            D ezStart1              labelling system
                                                        Zenius is the one-stop solution to print high-quality single-sided
                                                                                                                                         For the smaller store that doesn’t
                                                        cards in monochrome or color for a variety of applications
                                                                                                                                         require large-quantity tag printing.
                                                        such as diamond certification cards. employee badges,
                                                                                                                                         Package includes the new Citizen
                                                        access control badges, gift cards
                                                                                                                                         CLP621, standalone Labelview
                                                                                                                                         printing software, your choice of
                                                        Printer comes equipped with easy-to-use software
                                                                                                                                         compact roll of tags, top quality
                                                        compatible with Windows XP or later. Mac compatibility
                                                                                                                                         resin ribbon and a free USB Cable.
                                                        available upon request.
                                                                                                                                         Item                                       Price
                                                        Item                              Price                                                                                                                                     EZStart-1
                                                                                                                                         EZSTART-1   Retail Value $1,600          $1,195
                                                        ZENIUS                           $1,590                                                                                        $1,095
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  demo at
                                                  ive   kassoy labeling software                                                       D ezStart3              labelling & inventory
                                                                                                                                         Featuring Kassoy’s exclusive Inventory &                                                                                 EZStart-3
                                                        •  Tracks inventory, customers and sales                                         Label System program and the Power-15
                                                        •  Flexible print layout - print any field at any spot on the tag                printer, you can easily control your inventory.
                                                        •  Different print layouts for each merchandise category                         Package includes Kassoy’s exclusive
                                                        •  Multiple bar code symbologies: Code 39, 1 2-of-5, Code                        software, printer, one free ribbon and your
                                                           128, UPC and more                                                             choice of compact roll of tags. Available
                                                        • Inventory and sales reports                                                    with or without US-85 Scanner.
                                                        • Sales receipts                                                                 Item                                                      Price
                                                        • Ability to add or remove items from inventory as                               EZSTART-3       Software and printer package              $895
                                                           transactions occur                                                            EZSTART-3S Package with scanner                       x$965
                                           uct!         • Compatible with all of our thermal transfer printers
                                      prod                 SOFTWARE CANNOT BE RETURNED ONCE OPENED!

                                                                                                                                         wireless laser scanner
                                                        Item                                                        Price
                                                        ILS-2               2nd Edition Software                     $875 $7.95
                                                        ILS-UP              Upgrade to 2nd Edition                   $250 $1.95          The Voyager BT cordless laser scanner will help
                                                                                                                                         you streamline your point-of-sale, order-taking

                                                        radio frequency identification
                                                                                                                                         and inventory operations for years to come.
demo at                                                                                                                                  Scanner provides a visual and audible “scan
                                                         This is a complete RFID solution any jeweler can use. RFID                      accepted” signal so you can be confident the
                                                                                                                                         information was received by your computer.
                                                         tags are associated to each piece of jewelery, giving you
                                                         the ability to accurately physically count hundreds of tags                     Its Bluetooth v 1.1 technology works seamlessly,
                                                         per minute without disturbing them from their displays,                         up to 30 feet away, even through walls. Two-
                                                         drastically reducing the errors seen in daily visual case                       year warranty. 3” x 1½” x 7¾”.
                                                         counting. When integrated one person can easily scan the                        Item                                       Price
                                                         tagged pieces and reconcile the day’s inventory in minutes
                                                                                                                                         MK9535                                     $625
                                                        Item                                                           Price                                                           $549.95
                                                        RFIDGEMWCOM                       Call Today For a Custom Quote!

   15% off all Kassoy bar code jewelry labels                                                                                                                                                                                    PROMO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CODE          JR212
                                                                                    PRICES EXPIRE 7/31/12                           LOCAL: 516-942-0560                     800-4-KASSOY (800-452-7769)
                                                                            re$ale products
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               D the D

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               JCK LAS VEGAS

 handcrafted boxes                                                                                                                     BXJ106ND


 jewelry boxes

These beautifully handcrafted wood jewelry boxes are the work of                                                                                                                    additional styles &
skilled craftsmen. The superior quality make these boxes a great                                                                                                                    customized interiors
choice for corporate gifts or a token of gratitude for your best clients.                                                                                                           available! 800.452.7769
Each features a mirror inside the lid, secures with a key and contains
a pad infused with anti-tarnish formula to keep its contents looking
perfect for years. The BXJ106NX is laminated with fiddlewood and is
made to hold a large number of rings and other assorted jewelry. The
BXJ311OD has a mixed-wood finish and can hold rings, earrings, a
bracelet or watch and a number of necklaces.
Item                                                       Price                                                          BXJ311OD

BXJ311OD                                                   $175
BXJ106NX                                                   $145

watch boxes                                                                                                                                                                          humidor box
These deluxe watch boxes are not only beautiful, but secure as
                                                                                                                                                                                     This deluxe humidor box is perfect for the
well. Each box has a lock to keep the watches safe during storage.
                                                                                                                                                                                     discriminating connoisseur. The interior is lined with
BXW421NE (13¼” x 43⁄8” x 3¼”) holds up to six watches in its soft velvet
                                                                                                                                                                                     cedar. Dampen the included pumice stone to keep
interior. The BXW086BO (12¾” x 11¼” x 2¾”) holds up to 12 watches and                                                                                              BXW421NE          the inside of the humidor at ideal humidity levels. The
has a pouch on the inside lid to hold watch authenticity documents.                                                                                                                  removable insert allows for different types and sizes of
Item                    Description                        Price                                                                                                                     cigars to be arranged and separated.

BXW421NE                6 Watch Box                    $110
                                                                                                                        BXW086BG                                                     Item               Description                            Price

BXW086BG                12 Watch Box                   $220                                                                                                                          BXH123BG           Humidor Box 11¼” x 7 ⁄8” x 2¾” $145

tarnish tamer TM
These easy-to-use anti-tarnish
products from Intercept™ make
perfect resale items for your

customers! Set up the retail

display near your cash register
for maximum sales. Display kit
measures 17" x 8" x 13" and comes                                                                       lobe wonder
with 6 CLT1515, 12 CLT270, 6
                                                                                                        The lobe wonder instantly makes torn, stretched earlobes harder to notice. These undetectable, clear adhesive
CLT451 and 6 CLT1212.
                                                                                                        patches apply to the back of earlobes to take the weight off the hole itself. Also helps prevent tears caused by heavy
Item              Description                                      Price                                earrings. Sold in a convenient, ready-to-display cardboard tray of 6 packs. Recommended resale price: $7.99/box
CLTKIT            Anti-Tarnish Gift Set                     $240.50                                     Item                             Price
                                                                                                        ELW                   (6 Pack) $23.70 $22.00


                                                                                                                                                                                             CL10              CL324


 kassoy resale ultrasonic                                                  speed brite                                                   the elma clean box                                             jewel jet steam cleaner
Stable, sleek design and reliable performance.                             Speed Brite ionic cleaning system safely cleans               Measuring 8.3” W x 4.4” D x 5.1” H, it fits nicely             This easy-to-use jewelry steam cleaner features
This compact yet powerful ultrasonic is easy-to-                           gold, silver, opals, pearls, emeralds and all soft            on a vanity. Supplied with a cleaning basket,                  a sleek new design, long-life stainless steel boiler,
use and perfect for resale. Your customers will                            stones in just 45 seconds. Includes new powder                lid, two cleaning beakers and tweezers.                        pressurized safety cap, auto shut-off, increased
love its 42KHz transducer. 8¼” x 5¾” x 5½”. 1 year                         packet concentrate refills and reusable bottles.              Automatically selects voltages between 100 and                 steam burst pressure, heat sensors, L.E.D. under-
manufacturer’s warranty. Quantity discounts                                Comes with one-year manufacturer’s warranty.                  240 Volts. Two-year manufacturer’s warranty.                   lighting and an L.E.D. indicator light. 2 year
available - call 800.452.7769 for details.                                                                                                                                                              manufacturer’s warranty. 9½" x 7¼" x 9½".
                                                                           Item                                             Price        Item                              Price                        Item                                    Price
Item                                      Price
                                                                           CL309       w.36 oz capacity tank                $165 $145 CL10                            $236.80 $189.95                   CL324                                $235.99 $109.95
CL3800                                $39.95
                                                                           CL32PB          36 oz powder packet refill        $16 $15



                                                                           town talk
                                                                                                                        exclus                                                         CL2021

town talk resale cleaners                                                  gold & silver care kits                                        town talk polishing cloths
Attractively packaged for resale. Gold Jewel                               Each care kit includes 2 Jewel Sparkle tissues                 These cloths, available for either gold or silver
Sparkle for use with gold, platinum and diamond                            and an anti-tarnish gold or silver polishing                   polishing, are infused with cleaning agents that give
jewelry or Silver Jewel Sparkle for silver. 7.6oz size                     cloths. The tin includes 8 Jewel Sparkle or                    exceptional and long lasting shine. Large cloths are
includes brush and basket. Mini Jewel Sparkles                             Silver Sparkle tissues and an anti-tarnish gold                sold in packs of 12, small sold in packs of 50.
include 1.7oz of liquid and tongs. Packs of 12.                            polishing cloth. Sold in packs of 12 or 30.
Item      Description                                x. Price              Item        Description                           Price        Item               Description                        Price
CL2001 Gold/Platinum/Diamond (12)                   $40.95                 CL2018      Gold & Jewelry Care Kit (30)        $43.25         CL2008   Large Gold Polishing Cloth (12)          $41.45                                                         RBAKITH
CL2002 Jewel Sparkle - Silver (12)                  $40.95                 CL2017      Silver Cleaning Kit (30)             $43.25        CL2021   Small Gold Polishing Cloth (50)          $59.60
CL2063 Mini - Gold/Platinum/Diam. (12)              $36.85                 CL2072      Silver Kit in Tin (12)            wx$88.80         CL2006   Large Silver Polishing Cloth (12)        $41.45
CL2064 Mini Jewel Sparkle - Silver (12)           wx$36.85                 CL2121      Gold & Jewelry Kit in Tin (12)     w$88.80         CL2020   Small Silver Polishing Cloth (50)        $59.60

renata watch battery starter kit                                                                                                                                             renata hearing aid battery kit
                                                                                                                                                                             Each kit includes 60 of each battery (RBAZA10, RBAZA13,
• 225 assorted batteries - 46 types
                                                                                                                                                                             RBAZA312, RBAZA675), peg-hook counter display (8 hooks)
• 60-drawer display          • Case vice table clamp
                                                                                                                                                                             and a display sell sheet. Refills available.
• 2 Watch-Case openers • Inventory control form
• 2 Screwdrivers             • Scratch brush contact cleaner                                                                                                                 Item                                      Price
• Battery size selector      • Spring bar tool and spring bars                                                                                                               RBAKITH                             $127.95 $119.95
• Cross reference guides • Rubber gasket assortment
                                                                                                                                                                             RBAZA10                      (6 Pack) $2.70
• Plastic Tweezers           • Battery basics instructional CD
• Watch battery tester       • Poster and advertising materials                                                                                                              RBAZA13                      (6 Pack) $2.70
 Item                          Price                                                                                                                                         RBAZA312                     (6 Pack) $2.70
RBAKITD                         $224.95 $205                                                                                                                                 RBAZA675                     (6 Pack) $3.25

                                                                                               800-4-KASSOY (800-452-7769) • LOCAL: 516-942-0560                                  PRICES EXPIRE 7/31/12

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