Dukane Convey for Higher Education by WKMcintosh



          Dukane Convey for Higher Education

       Take advantage of existing Student Owned Devices
Convey:Insight brings interactive benefits to
your lecture halls and seminar rooms:

       •   The students use their own devices. No extra hardware to buy or remember to bring*.

       •   Boost attendance in large lecture classes when everyone can participate in the lecture and not
           just watch.

       •   With attendance and participation both going up, learning increases naturally.

       •   Instructors can easily use Convey:Insight with PowerPoint or other digital curriculum resources
           they have.

       •   The Crop & Go® Tool makes it easy to capture content and create media-rich questions.

       •   Easy web management of rosters, reports and response data via Convery Enterprise

           Check out Convey:Enterprise for more.

       •   Host Student or Leader Paced sessions: Student-Paced sessions allow each student to
           respond at their own pace as they enter answers from a written in-class test, exam or quiz.
           Leader-Paced sessions are formative in nature and are used during lecture when everyone is
           working on one question at the same time.

• Of course, in the case where using phones or tablets is not possible, the Dukane Convey Response
pads can be used instead, or in conjunction with existing devices. It is not either/or but yes/and.

Convey:Insight is the software application that is installed on the
instructor's computer in the classroom. Convey:Insight is powered by
the cloud-based Convey:Enterprise Services.
To learn more about Duane’s Convey solutions go to:


You can also sign up there for free, no-obligation web-based demonstration.

Convey does Dukane offer one part of a whole range of products

For more information about Dukane Convey and other Dukane products contact:

Bill McIntosh
Authorized Dukane Consultant
Phone: 843-442-8888
Email: WKMcIntosh@Comcast.net
You can also find information on all of Dukane products here




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