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									Easy and Cost Effective Way to Detoxify Your Body

Removing toxins from your body is important to be as
healthy as you can be. The process is easy when you take
part in ear candling and the use of detox foot patches. You
aren’t going to believe how much better you feel! In fact, the
use of both of these products will soon become a part of your
routine! Don’t allow toxins to remain in your body as they
can affect you adversely, and prevent you from enjoying life
to the fullest.
Have you tried using ear candles? If not, then this is the right time to do so. This is a natural way
that you can loosen up debris from your ears. If your ears often bother you due to wax, they feel
wet inside, or maybe you can’t hear well due to the buildup, it is time to take some action. The
process of using ear candles in your ears is called ear candling this can be done regularly to help
your ears feel much better than before.

The process involves lighting the end of the cone shaped ear candle and lying on your side. Then
the pointed end of the candle is placed into the ear canal. It will take several minutes for the
candle to burn down. Never do ear candling on your own due to the risk of getting burned.
Secure hair out of the way and has someone light the candle and also hold it in place once you
are lying down.

Don’t let the ear candle burn down so much that it gets too hot around the ear. As soon as you
can start to feel the heat very close to your ear, you should have the person helping you remove
it. Repeat the process for the next ear. For the best results, use one candle for each ear. Ear
candling isn’t hard and it is effective to do it on a regular basis. You can purchase ear candles
online or from local health food stores.
Removing toxins from your body through detox foot patches is also an option to consider. They
can be purchased online or they can be bought locally as well. They work by drawing out toxins
that may have been collecting in your body.

For the best results, the detox foot patches should be applied before you go to sleep at night.
Make sure you wash and then dry your feet before attaching them. You will leave them on all
night. In the morning, you will notice that they are a particular color. The color will indicate the
level of toxins that were in your body, and that have been successfully removed. The packaging
for the foot patches will have all of the colors and what they mean for you to reference.

Generally, the darker the color is, the more toxins you have in your body. It is recommended to
continue using the detox foot patches every night until you notice that the coloring is much
lighter in color. Then you can cut back to using them once a week or once every two weeks,
depending on the results that you see.

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