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									                                     Juicer Pulp
If you’ve been Juicing for some time you’ve probably thrown away several pounds of Juicer
pulp. I know I have.

Why not stretch your Juicing dollars a little further?

Juicer Pulp is very useful and can add tremendous flavor to your recipes.

Consider the following Juice Pulp Ideas next time you clean out your Juicer:

      You can throw it in a smoothie. It will add extra nutrition and won’t overwhelm the
       flavors since it’s already been Juiced
      Leftover zucchini pulp can be used to make zucchini bread
      Apple Pulp can be added to apple pie
      Carrot Pulp can be added to carrot cake batter instead of shredded carrots
      Pulp can be added as a topping to salads
      You can make carrot soup by blending the pulp with salt, coriander, coconut oil, water
       and a sprinkle of cayenne
      Veggie pulp from spinach, carrots or celery can be added to burgers, meatloaf or
       meatballs. This will moisten the dish and add fiber
      Fruit pulp (such as berries) can be used to make frozen fruit pops
      Any veggie pulp can be added into a sauce, soup or dip
      Veggie pulp can be added to your dog’s food for a nice treat
      A dehydrator will allow you to make your own snack crackers simply by adding olive oil,
       lemon, flaxseed and spice
      Add vegetable pulp to casseroles

Juicing quick tip-If you find that your Juice pulp is very moist, this means that your Juicer isn’t
Juicing your fruits and vegetables as efficiently as it could be. Basically, your Juicer is not
extracting as much Juice as it can from the fruits and vegetables.

Try Juicing the pulp to extract any more Juice or consider buying a quality Masticating Juicer.

Masticating Juicers are designed to extract Juice from fruits and vegetables differently than a
Centrifugal Juicer.

Masticating Juicers are more efficient at extracting Juice Diet from green leafy vegetables due to
the process they're designed to perform, therefore leaving drier pulp.

Many Juicers agree that pulp from a Masticating Juicer is less moist or drier than a Centrifugal
Juicer. Even though Masticating Juicers cost more on average than Centrifugal Juicers, you will
save money on your produce since you are getting more Juice from your fruits and vegetables.

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