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					         C S E A CHAPTER 5 8 6	

                                                                             AUGUST 2012


                                                                                                 Sara Sheybani

                                                                                       CSEA PRESIDENCY:
                                                                                        GAVEL PASSES
 Conference delegates, from left, Paul Bonkowski (SC), Sara Sheybani (SC), Scott
 Ferguson Greene (SC), Gee Dickson (IVC), and Polly Sundeen (IVC). The five                  The CSEA presidency
 delegates spent four days at CSEA's annual conference July 30-Aug. 2, held at the     officially passed from Jan
 Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.                                                             Mastrangelo to Sara Sheybani at
                                                                                       the August chapter meeting.

Conference teaches, inspires
                                                                                            Members voted unanimously
                                                                                       to accept Mastrangelo's
                                                                                       resignation. Sheybani, as first vice
                                                                                       president, succeeds Mastrangelo,
    The chapter's five conference           speeches by Gov. Jerry Brown and            as outlined in the chapter
delegates came away from the four-         the very charismatic author,                constitution.
day experience with renewed                Consuela Castillo Kickbush.                      Sheybani has been acting
commitment to CSEA issues.                      I arrived in Las Vegas on              president since June 15, when
    Three of those delegates, Paul         Sunday, July 30 to attend the               Mastrangelo injured her hand in an
Bonkowski, Saddleback Facilities           Community College Forum.                    accident at work.
and Maintenance, Scott Ferguson            Association Vice President Michael               Mastrangelo told members in
Greene, Saddleback                         Bilbrey was the emcee, while                an email that the injury, combined
Communication Arts, and Sara               Director of Field Operations Keith          with personal issues, led to her
Sheybani, Saddleback Math,                 Pace and Executive Director David           decision to resign.
Science and Engineering, described         Low spoke on issues facing                       Sheybani, a senior lab
their experiences at conference.           community colleges today.                   technician in Math, Science and
                                                One of the highlights of the           Engineering at Saddleback, has
SCOTT FERGUSON GREENE:                     forum was the discussion of                 been an officer on the CSEA
                                           Proposition 30 and Proposition 32,          Executive Board for two years.
    The 86th CSEA conference               to be decided by California's                    She is a former employee of
was very informative and                   registered voters in this                   the year, and organized the
energizing. The delegates in               November's election.                        college's first science lecture series.
attendance were treated to                                                             Sheybani is a graduate of
inspiring speeches, including                                    Continued on page 6   Saddleback College and UCLA.


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             C S E A CHAPTER 5 8 6	

                                                                     AUGUST 2012

    Shearing their locks for children with cancer
"Before" - Erin Long with Jason Winston George

                                                               First cut, by stylist Mark Rhino Smith

"After" -
Erin and
with their
new 'dos

      Erin Long and Audra DiPadova shaved their                        DiPadova's 5-year-old son, Max, was diagnosed with
  heads in Hollywood July 29 as part of an annual                  brain cancer a year ago.
  fundraising event to raise money for and awareness of                DiPadova and her supporters have created Max's
  childhood cancer.                                                Love Project to support children fighting cancer as they
       Team SuperMax, the top fundraising team, brought            progress through treatment. Learn more about this
  in $16,577 for the St. Baldrick's Foundation event, called       organization at the website or
  "46 Mommas Shave for the Brave."                                 through Facebook under Max's Love Project.


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         C S E A CHAPTER 5 8 6	

                                                                         AUGUST 2012

Members continue to focus on                                                          Job Stewards
reclassification issues                                                              Polly Sundeen (IVC)
      The attempt to reclassify a         duty reviews. This is the first step in    Chief Job Steward
senior administrative assistant           that direction," she said in written      451.5216
position (range 127) in Saddleback        remarks submitted to CSEA.
Facilities and Maintenance to senior           "Right now, the only relief          Beep Colclough (IVC)
operations planning specialist (range     that each of us have when we              451.5677
130) remains stalled for now.             regularly perform job duties that are
Chapter members have                                                                Gee Dickson (IVC)
                                          outside our current job description
voted twice against                       is either through an individual desk
ratification, once last                    audit, which may take several years       Jerry Doolittle (SC)
October and again on July 11.             for approval or denial, or via a          582.4834
      Opposition came from two            market-driven salary study that is
areas. First, some in Facilities and      supposed to be conducted every            Elle Dubois (SC)
Maintenance felt that the duties of       three years.                              582.4990
the new position overlaps those of             "A salary study does NOT
                                                                                    Scott Ferguson Greene (SC))
existing department lead positions;       address job classification changes."       582.4321
and second, several senior                     CSEA membership rarely
administrative assistants believed        votes on reclassifications, but early      Delores Irwin (Dist.)
that the classification as a whole         last year, the Association decided to     582.4672
should be re-examined, rather than        more vigorously enforce Policy 610
reclassifying positions one at a time.    of the state CSEA Policy Handbook.        Gabrielle Landingham (SC)
      One senior administrative                                                     582.4807
                                               The 610 policy stated that a
assistant called the reclassification      chapter's membership must                 Shanna Moorhouse (IVC)
attempt "a slap in the face of all        ratify reclassifications                   451.5697
administrative assistants."               or new positions that
      Labor Relations Rep.                have a generalized effect         on the   Kathe Nunez (Dist.)
Guillermo Santucci was told at a          membership as a whole.                    582.4893
special meeting on Aug. 8 that the             It was in the midst of this newly
new job is a "fancied up" version of a                                              Hedy Renfro (IVC)
                                          vigorous enforcement of Policy 610
senior administrative assistant. "If                                                451.5478
                                          that the reclassification of the senior             451.5475
this position is a 130, then the senior   administrative assistant position in
admins should be, also."                  Saddleback Facilities and
      Although the July 11 vote           Maintenance came to the forefront.
              showed more support         The chapter held a special meeting
                for the Facilities and    on Oct. 27 to discuss the                       ASK A JOB ST
                Maintenance               reclassification and then vote on it.                 FOR HELP
                                                                                                                 red to
                                                                                                     s are prepa
                reclassification since     The reclassification was soundly             Job steward              about our
the October ratification vote, it was                                                              r questions
                                                                                     answer you
                                          defeated by a vote of 84 opposed
still well short of the simple majority                                                             d issues re
                                                                                      contract an
                                          and 12 in favor.
needed for passage, with 28 votes in                                                                    orking con
                                               An informational meeting was
                                                                                    wages,  hours or w
favor and 47 votes opposed.               conducted Nov. 8 to hear
                                                                                                                  on rights
                                                                                                      advise you
                                                                                        ey can also
      One administrative assistant        suggestions from members on how            Th                        Education
supported the reclassification as "a       to rewrite the job description, and                       California
                                                                                       granted by                   tion.
first step to real changes to an                                                                         her legisla
                                                                                           Code and ot
                                          then CSEA re-negotiated with the
antiquated and overly cumbersome          district.
                                                                                                                      her your
                                                                                                         know whet
                                                                                            can let you
classification process."                        A revised version was brought to
                                                                                     They                         visor is a
      "We currently have NO                                                                           your super
                                                                                         issue with
                                          members on Aug. 8, but members
                                                                                                                 just a gripe.
contract mechanism in place that          again voted against ratification.                         rievance or
                                                                                       potential g
allows for regular and automatic
bargaining unit classification job                             Continued on page 7


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        C S E A CHAPTER 5 8 6	

                                                                              AUGUST 2012

         Congratulations to our scholarship winners, from left, Linda Renne,Yama Nawabi, Corey Wood and Ashley Mooney.

     Scholarships reward service, dedication
     Winners of the CSEA scholarships for 2012 were                   "I am also involved with Active Minds, to promote
presented with their awards at the July chapter                  mental health awareness and sponsor workshops to
meeting. Ashley Mooney, Yama Nawabi, Linda Renne                 combat student stress, depression and other emotional
and Corey Wood each received a $500 check.                       problems." Nawabi also helped raise funds for UCLA
     Ashley Mooney is a program assistant in Health              UniCamp, which subsidizes the cost of a week of camp
Science and Human Services at Saddleback College. "I             for eligible LAUSD children.
belong to a special group of women who are Marine                     Linda Renne, a senior administrative assistant at
Corps wives. While my husband was active duty, I                 IVC, is a board member of the San Juan Capistrano
participated in fundraisers for wounded warriors and             Equestrian Coalition, and certified level 4 large-animal
support groups while spouses were deployed," Mooney              responder. She is on the Community Emergency
said.                                                            Response Team for San Juan Capistrano, a designated
     "I put together numerous care packages and letters          mutual aid responder, and a ProLiteracy America
to send to Afghanistan, and babysat for other wives. My          advocate. Among her honors is an Outstanding
husband is no longer active duty, but I still help other         Classified Employee of the Year Award from California
wives and Marines."                                              Community Colleges.
     The son of IVC Senior Counseling Office Assistant                  Corey Wood, daughter of IVC Child
Mina Nawabi, Yama Nawabi is a senior at UCLA, and                Development Specialist Kris Wood, hopes to have a
volunteers for several community projects.                       future in preserving biodiversity and helping
                                                                 endangered species. She is a UC Berkeley student.
     "The first organization I joined was Campus
Events Commission on campus, and we put on events                     "A dream job would be to work with local people in
for students. We work with film studios to screen films            managing their surrounding wildlife. I believe it is the
early, and invite speakers to talk about their careers and       people living near wildlife that have the biggest impact
answer students' questions," Nawabi said.                        on conserving their habitats," Wood said.


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                             C S E A CHAPTER 5 8 6	

                                                                                                                                                        AUGUST 2012

                                             Chapter 586 wins awards for publications
            CSEA CHAPTER 586!                                                                             FEBRUARY 2012               Chapter 586 won six awards in the        ✴Newsletter design, Peaks & Valleys
      PEAKS & VALLEYS                                                                                                            2012 CSEA Communications Awards               ✴Best use of photography in a
    Year begins for new board
    President Jan Mastrangelo ca!s for more activism by members
                                                                                                Negotiations on the
                                                                                           2011-2014 classified contract
                                                                                           continue. The CSEA
                                                                                           Negotiations Team has come to
                                                                                                                                 competition. The awards were presented      newsletter, Peaks & Valleys
                                                                                                                                 at the close of CSEA's annual conference
                                                                                           agreement with the district on a
                                                                                           few items, but a majority of the

                                                                                                                                                                               ✴Best use of photography in a flyer,
                                                                                           issues remain unresolved.
                                                                                                The parties have agreed on
                                                                                           language for employee
                                                                                           evaluations, personal necessity

                                                                                                                                 on Aug. 2.
                                                                                           leave, changes in insurance,
                                                                                           banked holidays, distribution of

                                                                                                                                                                             CSEA conference
                                                                                           the contract and bereavement
                                                                                                Currently under discussion
                                                                                           are catastrophic leave, shared
                                                                                           governance, on-call time, lateral

                                                                                                                                      An Award of Excellence was given
                                                                                           transfers, and employee hours.
                                                                                                Negotiations Updates are

                                                                                                                                                                               ✴Best news article: "Avoid the danger
                                                                                           sent after each session via email;
                                                                                           past issues can be viewed at the
                                                                                           586 News blog (see p. 2 for web
        From le!, President Jan Mastrangelo, 1st VP Sara Sheybani, Past President Gee
        Dickson, Secretary Heather Whitecotton.                                            address).

                                                                                                                                 for a "Know Your Rights" flyer designed
                                                                                                President Jan Mastrangelo
         It's time for all classified               to collect dues used for political      will be asking staff to

                                                                                                                                                                             zone of insubordination," by Delores
    employees to be informed and                   purposes.                               demonstrate support for
    active, President Jan Mastrangelo                                                      classified employees and the
                                                       "This is no time to be
    told members at the first CSEA                                                          negotiations process by showing
                                                   lackadaisical," Jan said.
    chapter meeting of 2012.                                                               up at a Board of Trustees'

                                                                                                                                 by Delores Irwin, communications
                                                        She urged members to become        meeting in the coming months.
         "You know what happened in                informed on upcoming legislation             The Negotiations Team is
    Wisconsin and Indiana. We will be

                                                   relating to employment, pensions        led by Labor Relations Rep.
    facing the same thing in                       and unions.                             Guillermo Santucci, and includes
    November," Jan said.
                                                       An easy way to stay informed        Jan Mastrangelo, Jerry Doolittle,
         Jan was referring to two                  on issues affecting classified            Polly Sundeen, Scott Ferguson

                                                                                                                                 officer for the chapter.
    proposals submitted to the                     employees is to register for the main   Greene, Cathy Greenough and
    California Secretary of State that             CSEA website,                 Shanna Moorhouse.
    will go on the November ballot if

                                                                                                                                                                               ✴Best e-news article: "October
    enough signatures are gathered.                     Jan asked for volunteers to staff     Next session: February 8
                                                   a political action committee for the
        One would increase retirement              chapter. Committee members
    age and eliminate defined-benefit                would research and keep the
    pension plans for new hires. The               chapter membership informed on
    other would limit the power wielded
    by unions in Sacramento by
    forbidding use of payroll deductions

                                                   legislative and political issues.
                                                   Please contact Jan or any executive
                                                   board member if you are interested.

                                                                                                                        PAGE 1
                                                                                                                                      The five other awards received in the   meeting was a hot one!" by Delores
                                                                                                                                 statewide competition were:                 Irwin

                                                                                                                                                                                                Many thanks
                                                                                                                                                                                                        to our
                                                                                                                                                                                              From left, Erin Long, Hedy Renfro,
                                                                                                                                                                                                and Heather Whitecotton. Not
                                                                                                                                                                                                 pictured is Sonya Bangston.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          & VALL
      2005                                            Connie Zucker                                                                                                                                             EYS
                                                                                                                                                                                          This new
      2006                                            Connie Zucker*/Carol Spencer                                                                                                                   sletter is
                                                                                                                                                                                       monthly                    published
                                                                                                                                                                                                  by CSEA                    bi-
      2007                                            Shanna Moorhouse                                                                                                                South O                   Cha pte
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           r 586
                                                                                                                                                                                                 range Co
      2008                                            Shanna Moorhouse                                                                                                                College D              unty Com
                                                                                                                                                                                                  istrict, 28             munity
      2009                                            Shanna Moorhouse                                                                                                               Parkway,                 000 Marg
                                                                                                                                                                                                Mission V                 uerite
                                                                                                                                                                                     your sto               iejo. We
      2010                                            Shanna Moorhouse                                                                                                                         ry ideas                welcome
                                                                                                                                                                                                          and we a
      2011                                            Daune Main*/Gee Dickson                                                                                                              in need o                  re always
                                                                                                                                                                                                       f pictures
      2012                                            Jan Mastrangelo*/Sara Sheybani                                                                                                    informati                  . For
                                                                                                                                                                                                   on, conta
                                                                                                                                                                                    Relations                  ct Public
                                                                                                                                                                                               Officer D
                                                                                                                                                                                                            elores Ir
      *Resigned before end of term.                                                                                                                                                         at 949.5                     win


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         C S E A CHAPTER 5 8 6	

                                                                           AUGUST 2012

 Delegates recount experiences at conference
Continued from page 1                      much and came away energized -                The second day focused on learning
     Prop. 30 is the "Schools and          which included the reinforcement              about the roots of CSEA, its
Local Public Safety Act," which            of the power of American                      successes, and its future.
would raise up to $9 billion dollars       democracy!                                         For example, I learned that
to help funds schools and colleges                                                       CSEA had joined forces with the
by temporarily increasing the state                                                      AFL-CIO; that CSEA has an 86%
sales tax by a quarter-percent and                                                       success rate when endorsing a
the income tax rate on high-income                                                       political candidate, and that they
filers. The sales tax increase would                                                      have endorsed several Republican
last four years and the income tax                                                       candidates. I have always been
increases would last seven years.                                                        under the impression they only
     Prop. 32 is the Special                                                             endorsed candidates from the
Exemptions Act. It was written to                                                        Democratic Party, so this was a
look like a fair and even-handed                                                         surprise to me.
solution to take special interest                                                             The last three days covered the
money out of politics. But it's not                                                      resolutions that needed to be voted
what it seems.                             PAUL BONKOWSKI:                               on, as well as current propositions
     Pace explained that the                                                             coming up in the elections - Prop.
initiative is another attempt by                Wow - Vegas, baby!                       30 and 32.
billionaire businessmen and                     As I walked through the doors                 I particularly enjoyed the
corporate special interests to             of the Paris Hotel, I instantly felt          process of voting for the
rewrite the rules in their favor,          the urge to play poker; however, I            resolutions, because this is the
giving them special exemptions to          was there as a delegate and on a              point that I realized that the union
spend unlimited amounts of secret          mission. At the registration table, I         truly is run by its members and it
money to influence elections.               was handed my name badge and a                struck me how important it is for
     Even worse, it's designed to          tote bag with all the necessary               us, as classified employees, to be
single out and limit the voices in         materials for the week, and                   informed about CSEA matters.
our unions; if passed, it would            directed to the ice cream social.                  I definitely recommend that
restrict the funds for political                I was not expecting to see               each CSEA member get involved
causes by requiring annual written         the sea of people that were                   and go to a conference. You will
authorization from union members           gathered - over 500 people. I was             truly observe that this association
before they can donate to our              instantly feeling lost.                       is run by its members. There are
union's political causes.                       I thought the ice cream social           few places where you get the rare
     To be a delegate of the 86th          had a lot of people, but that was             opportunity to meet such a diverse
CSEA conference was a privilege            nothing compared to the 1,500 plus            group of people who care about
and honor for me. I enjoyed it very        people attending the conference.
                                                                                                         Continued on page 9

                    PRESIDENT                  SECOND VP                      SECRETARY                TREASURER

                     Sara Sheybani                  Sokha Song             Heather Whitecotton           Lisa Austin
                   Saddleback College                 District                    ATEP                Saddleback College
                       582.4812                      348.6013                   284.2724                  582.4323

                        CHIEF JOB STEWARD                    PAST PRESIDENT                         CPRO

                               Polly Sundeen                         Gee Dickson                 Delores Irwin
                            Irvine Valley College                Irvine Valley College              District
                                  451.5216                             451.5293                    582.4672


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         C S E A CHAPTER 5 8 6	

                                                                          AUGUST 2012

Continued from page 3                     reclassification procedures contained
     In a surprising turn of              within a ratified collective bargaining
events, the "generalized effect"           agreement."
language in the 610 Policy section             Chapter 586's current contract
was removed via resolution at the         mentions new classifications in
2012 CSEA conference. As a result,        Articles 8.15, 8.16 and 8.17.
individual reclassifications are no             The chapter awaits clarification
longer required to undergo a vote by      on whether those articles constitute
memberships.                              "reclassification procedures."
     However, it is unclear how                Resolution No. 3 was brought to
the new rule will affect our chapter.      CSEA's annual conference to correct
     Resolution No. 3, brought by         a perceived unfairness caused by
Chapter 579 of Rancho Santiago            members voting on reclassifications.
Community College District,                    The resolution said that "a
provides that "reclassification            requirement for ratification...has the
requests and the creation of new          potential of creating a negative effect
positions will be dealt with by the       on the individual who is attempting
Executive Board and/or the                to be reclassified by pitting one
Negotiating Team and shall not be         employee against another."                     Labor Relations Rep. Guillermo
subject to the ratification process."           The resolution also said that            Santucci spoke at the ratification
     But the resolution also says         giving chapter members a chance to              meetings for the Facilities and
ratification won't be required on          deny a reclassification is not in the          Maintenance senior administrative
"individual reclassifications or                                                             assistant reclassification in
                                          best interest of the chapter and its           October and August, as well as
creation of new positions when            members.                                        the two information-gathering
accomplished utilizing                                                                               meetings.

Reclassification: how it's done by Rancho Santiago
    At Rancho Santiago Community               "Some are difficult if the          supported the employees in filing a
College District, all reclassifications    management team doesn't agree with       grievance because they had evidence
go through their five-member               the employee's statements," Reiter       of working out of class by having a
Employer/Employee Relations               said. CSEA may request a more            copy of a Vice President's letter to
Committee (EERC), comprising              thorough investigation by HR or may      HR," Reiter said.
leadership from CSEA and district,        conduct its own investigation.             "Sometimes we find that an
according to Marti Reiter, CSEA               If CSEA finds that the              employee only assisted in performing
chapter president.                        employee's claims are valid, then they the higher-level duties and in that
    When a reclassification request is     negotiate the proper placement on      discovery, HR will not agree to a
submitted, Reiter said, HR reviews it     the salary schedule.                   permanent upgrade and they request
first, and contacts the employee's             "We have had an instance in        that the manager stop assigning the
supervisor if additional information is   which the district refused to move the higher-level work."
needed. The request then is brought       employees to the higher level, and we
to EERC for review by CSEA.

                        Enrollment deadline for the PARS supplemental retirement program is Oct. 5. You will have a
                    chance to have your completed packet reviewed by a PARS representative on Oct. 2. Please bring a
                    copy of proof of age, and if you are selecting Option 2, your beneficiary's proof of age. The Oct. 2
                    meetings are scheduled for 9 - 11 a.m. at Saddleback College and 12 - 2 p.m. at Irvine Valley College.


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         C S E A CHAPTER 5 8 6	

                                                                        AUGUST 2012

CSEA Benefits - legal referral                                                    2012 Chapter Meetings
                                      Physician Pre-Designation Form is          August 23, 2012
                                      at the bottom of the page under
                                                                                 Irvine Valley College
                                          If you are injured on the job,         September 27, 2012
                                      contact your supervisor and fill out        Saddleback College
                                      an incident report immediately.
                                      Keep a record of all time missed due       October 25, 2012
                                      to the injury and a log of all medical     Irvine Valley College
                                      appointments, including mileage.
                                                                                 November 15, 2012
FREE PHONE                                If you are having problems with        Saddleback College
CONSULTATION AND                      your claim, you may need a worker's
                                      compensation attorney. Please call         December 13, 2012
                                      the Legal Referral Program at CSEA         Irvine Valley College
CSEA ATTORNEY                         to obtain the name of an attorney in
                                      your area.
    If you have a legal question or
problem not related to your
                                      HYATT LEGAL - YOUR                             CSEA BENEFITS
employment, call CSEA's Legal
Referral Program. As one of the       SOCCCD BENEFIT                                  It takes the buying power of our
                                                                                 215,000 members to obtain discounts,
benefits of your membership in              The district offers a pre-paid
                                                                                 savings and service. You get your dues
CSEA, you are entitled to a free      legal service through Hyatt Legal          money back in the form of savings on
phone consultation with an attorney   Plans. Within the network, covered         things you need!
in CSEA's legal department about      legal services are provided with no
non-employment matters.               additional attorney fees.                  DISCOUNTS
                                                                                      Amusements and attractions
                                          Covered services include
CRIMINAL LEGAL                        consumer protection, debt,
                                                                                 from Disneyland to Catalina Express
                                                                                 to Legoland; hotels, Broadway shows,
ASSISTANCE FUND                       document preparation, family law,          Oregon Shakespeare Festival; Dell
    Financial assistance - up to      personal injury, will and estate issues,   Computers, AT&T Wireless, health
$2,500 - may be provided to a         traffic and criminal issues, and real        clubs, discount golf - 500 courses, up
member in good standing alleged to    estate.                                    to 50% off!
have committed a criminal act during     For more information about the          FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE
their normal job duties              plan, go to the district website and             Education grants and
                                     look under Human Resources/                 scholarships for your child, spouse and
WORKER'S COMPENSATION Benefits/Legal Plan.                                        yourself. Chase Bank mortgages,
- IMPORTANT!                                                                     credits with exclusive benefits, credit
     Pre-designate your physician                                                unions, counseling and more.
prior to any injury occurring.                                                   RETIREMENT ASSISTANCE
Classified employees may designate         CSEA Legal Referral:                        Know your CalPERS rights. Call
their personal physician for                                                     CSEA at 800-632-2128, Nadine
treatment of work-related injury or        (800) 632-2128 ext.                   Franklin, ext. 1205 or Debb Jachens,
illness. The employee must provide                1274                           ext. 1309.
the proper form to the employer                                                  AND SO MUCH MORE!
prior to the injury. Please be sure              Hyatt Legal                          Supplemental insurance plans,
your doctor agrees to the pre-
                                                 (SOCCCD)                        legal referral, auto insurance, and
designation.                                                                     additional discounts through Union
     Pre-designation forms are                 (800) 821-6400                    Plus and Union Safe (AFL-CIO)
available on CSEA's website at                                                    Go to Click on the Issues                                                  or call us at 866-487-2732.
tab, select Your Rights and then
select Worker's Compensation. The


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         C S E A CHAPTER 5 8 6	

                                                                                 AUGUST 2012

             Saturday, September 1

            Orange County
              Labor Day
         Santa Ana Zoo - free admission
                 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
             Music, Food and Games
     Bring a picnic blanket and folding chair.
        Food served from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

                                                               We owe a debt of gratitude to Jan Mastrangelo of Saddleback College
                                                               for her 8 months of service as CSEA president. Mastrangelo spent
                                                               many hours researching contract issues and was instrumental in
                                                               obtaining an additional choice of low-cost medical coverage for
                                                               retirees, and in adding the retirement incentive plan to our contract.
                   714-385-1534                                We wish her a speedy recovery and all the best in the future.
                        for more information

Continued from page 6                      signatures for the governor’s tax           state debated and voted on seven
their work , their school and our          initiative.                                 resolutions.
future as a whole!                              According to the Governmental               Delegates voted against several
                                           Relations Report (dated: July 20,           resolutions covering issues such as
     SARA SHEYBANI                         2012), the CSEA Board of Directors is       release time for chapter officers
                                           in support of the following bills: AB       (Resolution 4) and California
     CSEA’s governmental relations         278, AB 1819, AB 900, and AB 970.           unemployment insurance (Resolution
staff researches and makes                       CSEA is interested in Prop. 30,        7), while one resolution was pulled
recommendations on legislation that        The Schools and Local Public Safety         from the list (Resolution 5 – Change
is ultimately voted on by the CSEA         Protection Act. This proposition            to State Conference).
Board of Directors. CSEA members           would raise up to $9 billion to help             Delegates did approve resolutions
also initiate legislation by writing       fund schools and colleges by                with slight amendments, including
resolutions to be voted upon at the        temporarily increasing the state sales      Resolution 1 (Meetings of the Board
union’s annual conference.                 tax by a quarter-percent and the            of Directors), Resolution 2 (Retiree
     Approved legislative resolutions      income tax rate on high-income filers.       Dues Delinquency), Resolution 3
are then forwarded to the                       CSEA would like members to             (Reclassifications and New
Governmental Relations Department,         learn more about Prop 32, The Special       Classifications Should Not Be Subject
which works with lawmakers                 Exemptions Act, which they believe          to Ratification), Resolution 5
interested in championing the cause        silences union members while tilting        (Honoring our veterans during
expressed in the resolution. The           the balance of power even further           Veterans Day), and Resolution 6
lawmaker becomes the author of the         toward big business and the wealthy.        (Revise CSEA Policy 201 to Require
legislation and introduces it as a bill in      To read more about CSEA’s              Two Readings for Policy Revisions
the Legislature.                           stance on legislation visit:                Made by the CSEA Board of
     This year the CSEA Legislative and click on ‘Issues’.        Directors).
Committee recommended four new                  At the 86th Annual Conference,              To read more about the 2012
bills, and transitioned into collecting    delegates from chapters across the          Resolutions visit:


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