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No Juicing Blog would be complete without referencing what I personally feel is a great
documentary on Juicing and Juice Fasting. If you're not familiar with the documentary "Fat,
Sick, and Nearly Dead" I would highly recommend watching it for several reasons.

I'm not exactly sure how I stumbled on it but I'm glad I did. The documentary is about an
Australian businessman named Joe Cross who was suffering from obesity and a debilitating skin
disorder. He was also dependent on several medications as a result of his obesity and skin

Joe had been in great shape early on in his life but like many of us, he had let himself go. He
basically said enough was enough and decided to go on a 60 day Juice Fast. He traveled to the
U.S. a place he's quite fond of and traveled throughout the country interviewing Americans all
the while continuing on his Juice Fast. He would ask those questions about their diets and ask
them what their thoughts were on Juicing or Juice Fasting. Some of them seemed open minded
and some shunned the idea dismissing it as too difficult. One lady was asked how she became
overweight and she said she didn't know.

Most of us don't need to go on a 60 day Juice Fast to receive the same benefits Joe did. We can
learn a lot from what he accomplished in those 60 days and let's not forget he was "Fat Sick and
Nearly Dead" so he valued his life so much that the 60 day Juice Fast was a small price to pay
for his life back.

The purpose of this blog post isn't to tell you to go on a 60 Juice Fast or to sell you a copy of "Fat
Sick and Nearly Dead" but to show you how Juicing can have a profound impact on your health.
The benefits of Juicing can be but are not limited to:

      Stronger Immune System
      Weight Loss
      Increased Energy
      Healthier Skin

The Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Diet Plan

Basically, Joe Juiced "Fruits and Vegetables" and drank them throughout the day for 60 days.

If your main goal is Juicing for Weight Loss then I would Juice mainly Green Vegetables and
Low Glycemic Fruits:

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Green Leafy Vegetables, Celery, Kale, Spinach, Carrots, Lemon Juice, Apples, Berries, Garlic,

The Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Juicer

I believe Joe used a Breville Juicer on the documentary. Breville makes several of the Best
Juicers on the market. Amazon reviewers rate Breville Juicers very high on quality and

Juicing can be implemented in several ways. Here's a short list of how you can incorporate
Juicing into your daily diets:

Short 1-3 day Juice Fast

Drink Juice throughout the day, Snack on Nuts and Seeds, maybe a small Yogurt then Eat a
Nutritious Dinner ("The Warrior Diet" by Ori Hofmekler)

Drink Juice 15-30 ounces of Juice throughout the day along with well balanced nutritious meals

If you felt this post can make a difference in someone's life please share it with them. If you have
any questions or comments on the video I'd love to hear them below.

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