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       Dukane Convey is a powerful tool for
       Business, Government, and Training

           The Convey Response Pad
Dukane’s Convey Solution provides an easy, powerful way to increase
engagement during presentations and training sessions.

Convey allows one to:
• Use existing devices (iOS, Android, laptops, etc.) as response pads. You don't
have to buy additional hardware. You can also use Dukane Convey Response
pads if you don't have “smart devices”

• Trainers can use with PowerPoint without changing existing PowerPoint slide
decks. Simply create an answer key and go. Or ask impromptu questions without
an answer key.

• Import rosters from your HR department-makes for easy session setup.
Rosters can be exported from a spreadsheet and imported for use with Convey.

• Create corporate accountability- easily check to see that all employees have
taken required training.

• Aggregate data (collect the response data across all your organization's
locations, branches, offices) so you have easy, convenient and instant access to
training data.

• Training data can be stored on the cloud or on a local PC

• Centrally monitor training progress and the usage and implementation of the
your investment in the use of the Coney System.
  Convey Response Pads are available in a padded case for easy transport

To learn more about Duane’s Convey solutions go to:

You can also sign up there for free, no-obligation web-based demonstration.

Convey does Dukane offer one part of a whole range of products
For more information about Dukane Convey and other Dukane products contact:

Bill McIntosh
Authorized Dukane Consultant
Phone: 843-442-8888

You can also find information on all of Dukane products here
I have also set up a Public folder on where most folks
can easily access this kind of information:

If getting access to all of the Dukane files , at one time, is of interest, you
can use that public dropbox folder to access all, or some of the flles


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