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									Commission Secrets Exposed
                                                                      If they are searching for something on Google, they are not
  There are a lot of general affiliate marketing information          going to be interested in some non-related information and
  on the internet going over about the basic.                         those that surf around aimlessly are not interested in buying
  This article describes the actual strategy how pro-                 anything. Period.
  marketers do it. Blitzkrieg the rest of the competitions.           Find a profitable niche in a large hot market.
                                                                      Don't sell meat to vegetarian. Also, don't promote
                                                                      stuffs that people don't normally buy online.
Shhh…Wanna Know How To
Do Affiliate Marketing The                                            Step 2. Promote Products
Right Way? Learn Secret Tips                                          Find a product to promote that your target niche/market
                                                                      wants. Common Sense. Not by placing Google adsense or
To Get People To Your Offer                                           other advertisements on your website.
The Easy Way                                                          If you want to make more money, diversify the products
                                                                      you promote that are related and complement the different
                                                                      products to provide the whole solution.
                                                                      You’ll be able to find an abundant choice of products for a
                                                                      specific niche if it is profitable. No business would be sane to
                                                                      sell a whole lot of products that nobody buys.
Pssst… Want to learn the truth about how to do
Affiliate Marketing?                                                  Cross promote these products for maximum profits.
When I first got started in Affiliate Marketing, I wasted a lot of    Be sure to sign up as an affiliate for various products from
time… following all the different advices that tell you to            different merchants/vendors which you assess to be of value
work in your business like a job, instead of running your             and good quality and not crapware.
business and have a life.                                             One issue with affiliate marketing is the fact that you aren’t
So, this may not be the first and only article you read about         able to control the product, so if the company that produces
affiliate marketing BUT what I want to reveal here is a               the product decides to change its rules or go out of business,
bit different. You can find scores of self-proclaimed                 you can’t do anything about it.
authorities on the internet, talking about affiliate marketing        Thus, by representing several affiliate products, you will not
and whatever wisdom they dispense is probably not false,              be devastated by losing a single source of income.
just that they probably tell you to do it the hard way.
                                                                      I don't like to work extra hard to earn a tiny
Look, I am not any expert by a long shot, however, I had              commission. So I do not encourage you to promote
spent the last four years seeking the best possible way               a product that pays less than 50% commission.
on how to do affiliate marketing. You are going to most               That's just me, but that's only the smart thing
likely discover precisely what you happen to be looking for           to do. It takes the same amount of work to earn
within this article.                                                  $1,000 commission as it is to earn a $10 commission.
                                                                      The “work” is exactly the same.
This is the straight forward concept.I always tell people the
fastest way to get to any destination is a straight way, so I don’t
like to do any useless and time wasting activity.                     Step 3. Create Useful Content
                                                                      Who would want to visit your store if it’s crappy with only junk
How To Do Affiliate Marketing                                         in it?

Step 1. Find a Niche/Market                                           The same reason nobody is going to stay around on your
                                                                      website and check out your offer if there is nothing of value
What niche/market do you want to target? You must know
                                                                      on it. Therefore, research about what kind of information your
what crowd you want to service. Think of your website as
                                                                      target audience will be interested in.
a small shop and you as a small business owner. If you are
operating a shoe store, imagine selling shoes and laptops side        Do keyword research to discover what search terms people are
by side and you’ve wasted space. Nobody is going to buy a             typing into Google to search for this information. This will be
laptop while visiting a shoe store. Your affiliate marketing          used for SEO purpose later on.
business is not a megastore.                                          Your affiliate site should be easy to navigate. A clean and well
People who are looking to buy stuffs on the internet are very         organized home page style will provide confidence to your
focus in what they want. Just give them what they want.               visitors and help them to easily find the info they are searching

for. When visitors come to your website, they must instantly         Now, I don’t recommend you to go throw money to place
know what your site is about.                                        advertisements on the internet without going through some
Develop a reference page for visitors on your blog or                kind of training and understanding how this works.
website. Affiliate links to products which are relevant can be
                                                                     You've probably discovered this page through one
incorporated in the content.                                         of the methods above. There are smart and easy ways
There is no need to make any effort to sell your                     to go about driving traffic. If you want in-depth
                                                                     information, you need to get some real solid internet
audience. Simply educate them what they want to know                 marketing training. More about that later.
and introduce a product that will help them to improve
whatever they’realready doing or want to achieve. Assist
them by rationalizingthe benefits they are getting so that they
can make an informedchoice.                                          Step 5. Build Your Business
If your followers see value in your information they will likely     If you’re not building a list, you’re not building a business.
be a lot more responsive to check out the links on your web
                                                                     If you haven’t already done so, you need to have a
                                                                     squeezepage. A squeeze page can be a single page website
 If you cannot write, pay someone to do it.                          that collectscustomer contact info in exchange for valuable
 Don't get stuck.                                                    information.
                                                                     Get an autoresponder service like Aweber. This will allow
                                                                     you to pre-load emails to follow up with your subscribers
Step 4. Help People Find You                                         automatically and also do broadcast if you have any latest news
You have a fine store but what’s the use if nobody knows about       to announce, eg. discount sale.
                                                                      When potential customers are gone, you'll have no
* Method 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)                          way of contacting them again. Don't let that happen.
                                                                      Collect their emails!
Employing SEO is a means of getting the search engines to
index and rank your site well.
As more than 50% of internet searches come from Google,              I made a mistake when I first got into internet marketing that
youwill want to focus more on getting your site on the first         wasted a lot of time, which I hope you will not repeat it – I DID
pageof Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page), than any            NOT learn it from the best of the best marketers.
othersearch engines.
                                                                     Wouldn’t you want to get your hands on the best internet
The greater the Google rankings, the greater the chance to           marketing training available on the internet taught by Master
show up in front of the target audience.                             internet marketers?

* Method 2: Article Blasting                                         I recommend you join Empower Network which offers HUGE
Distribute as many unique articles as possible to content sites      PROFIT POTENTIAL – the program consists of top notch
with links directing back to your affiliate site. People are going   internet marketing strategies taught by an elite group of
to read your articles and then check out your site.                  internet marketing whiz and at the same time you can promote
                                                                     it as an affiliate and earn 100% commission.
You need a whole lot of articles for this to work well.
Huh? You said: “I already spent a large amount of time writing
content for my website, and now I still have to write even more
articles to distribute around the net?”

Don’t worry, there is an underground technique for doing this.

* Method 3: Paid Ads
Paying to get traffic when done right, can command huge surge
of visitors to your site overnight any time you want it. You do
not need to depend on any of the search engines for them to
rank your webpage.
This is the best source of traffic, it will never run out – get
it when you want it, and will not be affected even if the
search engines de-index your webpage due to changes in their


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