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					“Daybreakers”                                                                                                                                            LCSC Honor Roll

Issue 16
                      Page 6
                   Volume 117
                                 The Pathfinder                       A Student Owned and Operated                            Newspaper
                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 8
                                                                                                                                                                   January 13, 2010

Power outages no longer a problem
                   By Jedidiah Maynes                              equipment known as submersible transformers. These             and Avista was able to replace the transformers with new
                        of The Pathfinder                          old transformers had been in the ground for so long that       above-ground boxes.
                                                                   Physical Plant Director Matt Graves wasn’t even sure how          At 7 a.m. on January 5, Avista cut the power to Clark
   Last semester, several power outages shocked the LCSC           long they had been there. Avista Utilities, the owners         Hall and Spalding Hall, replaced the transformers, and had
campus. Students from Clark Hall were without power                of the transformers, were able to replace the outdated         the power back on by 10:30 AM. Graves is confident that
for an entire day and were allowed to use rooms that the           equipment during winter break.                                 this problem won’t happen again to Clark or Spalding.
school rented out in the Red Lion Hotel for a place to                “It should take care of a longstanding problem,” said          However, Graves did point out that there are still
study.                                                             Graves who had previously stated that the campus was           submersible transformers used for Talkington Hall and
   The problem, which caused at least three transformers           on “borrowed time” with the old transformers. Despite          the Daycare Center/International Studies building.
to blow on and around campus, was caused by old                    being unsure of how long the replacement transformers          “Avista is well aware [of the transformers],” said Graves.
                                                                   would last, they were able to last the rest of the semester    “At some point in time they will be replaced.”

LCSC MLK Day of Service
                                    Press Release                                                           - on the King Holiday, and throughout the year.
                                                                                                                  The Lewis-Clark Service Corps is coordinating the LCSC Martin Luther
   Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Life's most urgent and                                                   King, Jr. Day of Service and would like to invite any and all members of
persistent question is: what are you doing for others?"                                                              the Lewiston-Clarkston community to register as a volunteer.
   On January 18, Americans across the country will answer                                                                  The MLK Day of Service will take place on Monday, January
that question by joining with their neighbors to serve their                                                                18, 2010. Volunteers will meet on the LCSC campus at 10:00
communities as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. King                                                                         a.m. They will be broken up into teams and given a challenge
Day of Service. Lewis-Clark State College invites you to                                                                          (a service project) to complete for a non-profit or human
join us as we participate in a Day of Service here in the                                                                         service organization in the community and sent out into
Lewis-Clark Valley.                                                                                                              the community to do good work. It will be a day of service,
   During his life, Dr. King challenged us to build a more                                                                    honoring Dr. King’s life and mission. We will come back to
perfect union and taught us that everyone has a role to play in                                                            campus at 4 p.m. to share stories, warm up and celebrate our
making America what it ought to be. Forty years later, we still have                                                   accomplishments!
work to do to realize Dr. King's dream of equality and opportunity for                                                 To register as a volunteer or to find out more, email Project
all. The needs are great, many Americans are hurting, and government                                              Coordinator, Breanne Durham, at or call 208-792-
can't do it alone. We need citizens to help renew our nation though service                                    2194.

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 Pathfinder Policies...........................3

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                                                           Wednesday               Thursday                 Friday
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                                                                            Opinion                                                                                                           January 13,2010

                  From the editors
    Super Duper

   I can’t believe it’s Spring semester. It could be that I’m in a
                                                                                                     So I’m lying in bed on Saturday                                           Of course a serial killer probably
constant state of denial, or that the weather this year has been                                  night; I’ve just put my book down                                        wouldn’t sneak noiselessly into m y
so wonky that my internal clock is off, but either way, Spring                                    and I’m half-awake thinking about                                        apartment only to let out an erotic
semester 2010 is here.                                                                            the kinds of things one thinks about;                                    “uhhhn yeah.”
   Loren stepped down last semester as Editor and I am so                                         Jim’s so funny, how did they ever find him                                   My entire face perks up as the
glad that Jed Maynes has agreed to step up as Assistant Editor.                                   for that part? I wonder if I was dating Jim,                             sounds escalate and I understand what
We have some great ideas for the paper and are really looking                                     could I convince him to grow a beard? He                                 it is; my downstairs neighbors. The
forward to the semester.                                                                          had one in Away We Go, but... “Uhhhhn                                    neighbors who listen to their techno/
   As always, if you have anything to say to us, send us an                                       yeah!”                                                                   rap/hip-hop so they can hear it above
email, we love to hear from you. The Pathfinder meetings are                                         The voice came from my apartment,                                     their vacuum/blow dryer/children.
on Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. in SUB 201. If you’re interested in                                   I was sure of it.                                                        The neighbors who, I swear, watch
                                                                                                     Ever since I was a kid, I have been                                   Armageddon and Independence
writing, photography or cartooning and want free pizza, join us;
                                                                                                  incessantly afraid of someone breaking           Kasi Klimes of          Day simultaneously every night with
we’d love to have you.                                                                            into my place. I used to listen to the                                   surround sound. I am listening to my
   Have a great semester everyone; keep reading your                                                                                               The Pathfinder
                                                                                                  creaks of our old house and stare at                                     neighbors, whom I have never even
Pathfinder.                                                                                       my ceiling, my eyes as wide as I could                                   met, but know more about their lives
                                                      Amy                                         make them, imagining masked murderers in striped than they do, have sex.
                                                                                                  jumpsuits coming into my home and killing all of            At first I lay there in disbelief, laughing. Of course
                                                                                                  us. Even now when the pipes moan a little during they have loud sex, they do everything loud! I hear
                                                                                                  a shower my eyes snap open and I freeze, listening every aspect of their life; it’s only fitting I should be
    Please Hold Your Applause Until After the Editorial                                           for the husky voice of a stone-cold killer outside my
                                                                                                  bathroom door.                                                                      See Noise, page 4
    Hello, my name is Jedidiah Maynes, and I will be the new Assistant
Editor of the Pathfinder. Some of you may already be familiar with me
and some of you may be wondering “who’s this chump?” No worries, I
                                                                                                                                   DOODLING IN CLASS
often ask myself the same question.
    Amy thought it would be good for me to introduce myself, so I’m
going to do the best I can. I’ve been working for the Pathfinder for a year
now as a journalist and more recently as the Senior Sports Columnist
(I gave myself that title). Speaking of sports, did anybody see that Green
Bay and Arizona playoff game on Sunday? How often does a game end
with the quarterback kicking the ball into the hands of a defender who
then runs to the endzone for the winning touchdown?
    But I digress. Some of you may also know that my brother is the
manager of the college radio station, KLCZ. Is this some sort of
government conspiracy? Probably not. Is this some sort of German
mafia family conspiracy? Most likely. What does this have to do with
anything? Nothing.
    Have a nice semester.

                     The Pathfinder Staff
Amy Richardson........................................................................Editor
Jedidiah Maynes.........................................................Assistant Editor
Kaitlin Cushman..............................................................Staff Writer
Katy McAlary....................................................................Staff Writer
Kasi Klimes.......................................................................Staff Writer
Sam Maynes.......................................................................Cartoonist
Jamie Chan.............................................................Business Manager
Brian Beesley...........................................................................Adviser                                                                                                      By S.D. Maynes
January 13, 2010                                                                           The Pathfinder                                                                                                                        3
                                                              “Seasick” by Dave Fisher
    A cross
    1. Fundamental values
    6. New Zealander
    10. Allot
                                                                                                                                                          9                               9                      8

    14. Brit. general who captured
 Detroit (War of 1812 )
    15. Modern Persia                                                                                                                                     3                               7               9 5            4
    16. See 57 down
    17. Maritime migraine?                                                                                                                                        7               5       8 4                            6
    19. Wanton
    20. Nothing to write home about                                                                                                                                        2              3                       4 1
    21. Part of AD
    22. Valleys                                                                                                                                           4 8                                                     6 3
    23. Paternity determiner
    24. Had arugula                                                                                                                                       6 3                             5               2
    25. Papier __
    29. Grand arranger gets canned?                                                                                                                       5
                                                                                                                                                          3                       3       6       8               1
    35. His __ (style choice)
    37. Woman of order                                                                                                                                    8        1 3                    4                              2
    38. Girasol
    39. Waterfront feature                                                                                                                                7       4                       2
    40. "Amerika" author
    42. Green in Grenoble
    43. Inst. where Clinton taught law
    44. Sin
                                                                                                                                                                          6    Easy
    45. Bruce __; Gyro Captain in        for example                                 32. Overturn                                                                                        8       9               5
 Mad Max 2                                  3. Takes most                            33. Pusher's antagonist
    47. Part of Poseidon's table            4. Quatro y quatro                       34. Rearrange                                                               5       1                                       2
 setting?                                   5. Eclectic Jamaican music               36. Type of shoot
    50. A dervish has it                    6. Hold for gold?                        41. Pit opener                                                       9
                                                                                                                                                          3                                                             8
    51. What__ (doodad)                     7. You can chip with it                  46. Butter ration
    52. Farm resident perhaps               8. Koresh holed up here                  48. Metal tooth                                                                             5 9                            6
    54. Folksinger Billy                    9. Red means losses                      49. They clutch arrows on a dollar
    57. Christiana today                    10. Ponder Pisces?                       53. Negative conjunction                                                     3                6                            4
    59. Odyssey                             11. Pointless weapon                     54. Dull
    63. Turner married 7 times              12. It can be up and down                55. Dart                                                             1 9                            2       7
    64. Flipper does it deliberately?       13. Closes                               56. Entry fee
    66. Play opener                         18. Level for a martial artist           57. With 16 across, the start of                                     7                                                             3
    67. Image on a computer desktop         22. Pontiac's 'Car of the Year' in     many tales
    68. In a state of wonder             1965                                        58. Catch sight of                                                           1                                     5       9
    69. Mind                                23. __ Spiegel (German daily)            59. Some restaurant orders
    70. Permits                             24. Kournikova and Karenina              60. Arabian note                                                             6               1 3                   7
    71. Coral, e.g.                         25. Do a closing time chore              61. WWW 007?

   1. Falls back
                                            26. Popular Web font
                                            27. Lobster claw
                                            28. It helps deaf fishermen?
                                                                                     62. __ up (maintain)
                                                                                     64. Roughneck's quest
                                                                                     65. Baby food
   2. Cream or The Pointer Sisters,         30. Supra's opposite
                                            31. Pelagic diving bird

Solution for last week:                                                          The Pathfinder policies
                                                                                      The Pathfinder is the official student publication of Lewis-Clark       pus who is just plain curious about what goes on at The Path-
                                                                                 State College, and operates under authority granted by the LCSC              finder may attend. The Pathfinder’s staff may be contacted at
                                                                                 Communications Board. Responsibilities for establishing news        with the staff member’s name in
                                                                                 and advertising policies and deciding issues related to content rest         the subject line.
                                                                                 solely on the student staff. The views expressed in commentaries                 Deadlines for The Pathfinder are as follows:
                                                                                 and letters are those of the individual authors, and not necessarily             Ads -— 5 p.m. Thursday, unless by prior arrangement
                                                                                 the views of The Pathfinder staff.                                               Letters to the editor — 5 p.m. Friday
                                                                                     The Pathfinder’s offices are located on the LCSC campus in                   Press releases and public service announcments — 5 p.m. Fri-
                                                                                 room 201 of the Student Union Building. All members of the                   day
                                                                                 campus community are is invited to visit and share comments                      Articles, columns, opinion, profiles, stories—5 p.m. Friday
                                                                                 and ideas. If you would like to make an appointment to meet                      Sports stories and reviews — 6 p.m. Sunday
                                                                                 with the editor or any staff member, please call 792-2569 or e-mail              Submissions via email attachment are preferred.
                                                                                                                          Letters to the editor, press releases and public service announce-
                                                                                     Staff meetings are held every Tuesday at 6 p.m.                          ments are run on a first come, first served basis as space permits.
                                                                                 Students interested in writing or layout, or anyone on cam-                  Items relevant to the campus community are given preference.
4                                                                       The Pathfinder                                                                     January 13, 2010

                                                                                                  a part of this as well. My amusement quickly fades as the anger sets in.
                                                                From Noise, page 2                   First of all, it’s one in the morning and I would like to get to sleep before
                                                                                                  my nightcap wears off.
                                                                   Secondly, you live in an apartment building, downstairs neighbors. When a person lives in an apartment
                                                                building, they have to understand that banging a fist against the wall and screaming “yes,” among other
                                                                unpublishable exclamations, just isn’t an appropriate pastime.
                                                                   Thirdly, you have children! Kudos on waiting until one in the morning to do the deed, I respect that,
                                                                but do you overdose them on cough syrup before you tuck them in? If not, they’re awake. They’re awake
                                                                and horrified and wishing masked bad guys in striped jumpsuits would come in and take them out of their
                                                                   The real problem is, I have no idea how to deal with this. I hate confrontation, and I had already
                                                                considered leaving a friendly little note on their door asking them to quiet the hell down and stop using my
                                                                extra parking space, but is this something a person can just jot down on a cute piece of stationary?
                                                                   “Dear downstairs neighbors, please stop... you know... sexing so loud.”
                                                                   I remembered my mother telling me about her neighbors when she lived in a duplex and how, on almost
                                                                a weekly basis, she’d wake up listening to 600 pounds of love, so I called her to ask her what she did. “Well,”
                                                                she said “I just pounded on the wall... and they shut right up.” Thanks mom, but I’d have to stomp around
                                                                my bedroom and they probably wouldn’t even hear me. Also, I’m not a psycho.
                                                                   While I was editing this, I tried reading out loud, very loud down the air vent in my room. Maybe they
                                                                got the picture, but I’m not going down to ask. For now, the only resolution I can come up with is to invest
                                                                in some ear plugs and try to turn my imagination off and that, I’m afraid, might be the end of the story.
           Top 10 Songs
               The White Stripes
                                        Feel Good Inc.
                                        Blue Orchid
                                        I Turn My Camera On
                                                                                              Advertise with
                                                                                                The Pathfinder
     4         AlkalineTrio             Time To Waste
     5         Foo Fighters             Best Of You
     6         Motion City Soundtrack   Everything Is Alright
     7         Hot Hot Heat             Goodnight Goodnight
     8         The Dead 60s             Riot Radio
     9         Beck                     Girl                               

            ASLCSC Spotlight
    10         Ben Folds                Landed

                                    What is ASLCSC?
         ASCLCS is a collection of appointed and                                                                        Stay
         elected students that work together as a                                                                    informed
         student government to insure that you, the                                                              with our group on
         student, have full access to a quality education                                                           Facebook.
         experience, we do this by being your voice to                                                               Key word
         the schools directors. We are here to help the                                                            “ASLCSC.”
         students make the school better suit themselves
         and make LCSC the best place to go to school
         and a more enjoyable experience.
January 13,2010                                                                     The Pathfinder                                                                  5

 Did you know...                                                                                        Humor
                                                                                  Bob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was
                                                                                  really pissed.
 ...The world’s termites outweigh
                                                                                  She told him “Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the
 the world’s humans 10 to 1.                                                      driveway that goes from zero to 200 in six seconds AND IT BETTER BE
                                                                                  The next morning he got up early and left for work. When his wife woke
   Useful Information                                                             up, she looked out the window and sure enough there was a box
                                                                                  gift-wrapped, in the middle of the driveway.

    Outreach Centers                      Distance Learning                       Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway and then brought
                                        Monday, Wednesday, Friday                 the box back into the house.
                                             7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
          Grangeville                       Tuesday, Thursday
                                             7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
                                                                                  She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale.
     Louise Stolz, Coordinator           Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
           208-983-2164                Sam Glenn Complex Rm. 212                  Bob has been missing since Friday.
                         Library       Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
                                        Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday         Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
        10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.           Sunday 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.

       Tuesday and Thursday                      Math Lab
        10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.                  Monday-Thursday
                                               9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
             Lapwai                  5-7 p.m. Monday and Wednesday
                                     Meriwether Lewis Hall, Room 115
      Kay Kidder, coordinator     2-3 tutors are on staff to assist students .
          (208) 843-7316
                                             Student Health
                                              Monday - Friday           8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
                                     Sam Glenn Complex, Room 205
        Monday - Thursday
                                               (208) 792-2251
       8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
                                               Monday - Friday
          8 a.m. to 4 p.m.                     8 a.m. to 5 p.m
                                               1112 7th Street
                                               (208) 792-2777
                                             Writing Center
    Danielle Hardy, Coordinator
          (208) 476-5731                  Spalding Hall Room 115
                                          Monday 9 a.m.-1 p.m.            Tuesday 8:30- a.m.1 p.m.
                                             and 3 to 5 p.m.
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
                                       Wednesday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
       9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.                 and 3:00-5:00
                                   Thursday 9a.m-10:00, 10:30-1:00, and
      Wednesday and Friday
       9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.            Friday 8a.m. to 12 p.m.

                                               (208) 792-2433
   Student Health Services
  Sam Glenn Complex, Room 205
                                    Meriweather Lewis Hall, Room 110
          (208) 792-2251                     (208) 792-2226
Arts & Entertainment
6                                                                                                                                                                January 13, 2010

From extinction to redemption; a new look at vampires
      By Katy McAlary                                                                                                                               once were.
         of The Pathfinder                                                                                                                             Though “Daybreakers” is
                                                                                                                                                    similar to “Dracula” regarding
   Where there is one great                                                                                                                         a vampire’s strengths and
idea, there are always people                                                                                                                       weaknesses, the film was more
who believe they can contribute                                                                                                                     correlative to the depiction of
to that same idea, tweak it and                                                                                                                     vampires in “Twilight” in regard
ultimately switch up some details                                                                                                                   to the differently colored eyes
in order to put their own spin on                                                                                                                   and ultimately having a choice to
it. Hence, the numerous movies                                                                                                                      be good or evil.
with like concepts pop out of the                                                                                                                      In “Twilight,” Edward Cullen,
theatre in thematic droves.                                                                                                                         even though he was turned into
   For instance, there was a                                                                                                                        a vampire and therefore is an
definite theme when “Troy,”                                                                                                                         innately evil being, chooses to be
“Alexander” and “King Arthur”                                                                                                                       good rather than evil. Likewise,
all came out within the same                                                                                                                        Edward Dalton, played by Ethan
year. All three of these films are                                                                                                                  Hawke, is a man who didn’t
set in similar time frames (mostly                                                                                                                  choose to become a vampire.
depicting the medieval or ancient                                                                                                                   He was turned against his will
times), with similar epic storylines                                                                                                                and refuses to drink any human
and a plethora of battle scenes.                                                                                                                    blood.
Nothing was more popular than                                                                                                           Lionsgate
                                                                                                                                                       Dr. Daltion is a hematologist
the heroic story intertwining                                                                                                                       trying to find a solution to the
                                       Ethan Hawke as Edward Daltion seeks vampire cure.
bravery and honor with romance                                                                                                                      blood shortage; he is attempting
and fantasy.                           strengths and weaknesses the        driving sharp objects through       their main purpose now is to         to create a blood substitute, not
   At present, the vampire             monster can have with little to     their chests); they also can gain   satiate the vampires’ hunger.        only to give vampires the blood
epidemic is sweeping the               no consistencies, the evil factor   strength and youth once they’ve        Even though the tables have       they need to survive, but also
cinematic and literary spheres.        remains the same; vampires are      fed off of humans.                  turned and the vampires are the      to steer vampires away from
With the convergence of                intended to be creatures of the        Though in most vampire           ones in control, humans are the      murdering humans in order to
“Twilight” as a national bestseller    dark.                               stories, these creatures of the     key to their survival; therefore,    replenish the human race. Hence,
and a blockbuster hit, movies             Though       “Twilight”    has   night are a rare breed that must    the vampires risk extinction if      the line is drawn between good
such as “The Vampire’s Assistant”      endowed        vampires      with   go into hiding in order to escape   they keep depleting the remaining    vampires and bad vampires when
and “New Moon,” TV shows like          limitless powers and basically      from or cope with every day         humans’ blood supply.                some choose their own blood lust
“True Blood” and several new           no weaknesses, the new film         society; that is not the case in       Even though the vampire           over humanity and others fight to
teenage vampire book series have       “Daybreakers” has stayed closer     “Daybreakers.”                      theme is overdone, I have to         save the last remaining humans.
obviously piqued the interest of       to the strengths and weaknesses        The world has evolved into a     give props for this idea. It’s          I think the creativity of this
the human psyche.                      similar to that of Bram Stoker’s    vampire-dominated one where         definitely an interesting concept    film progressively blossoms more
   Though the “tweaking” of the        “Dracula.” Just as in Stoker’s      only five percent of the human      that the monsters symbolizing        and more in each scene. So many
vampire has recently become            novel, vampires cannot see their    population remains. The human       inhumanity and evil have risen       solutions are put forth as to how
inanely ludicrous considering          reflection, can be killed fairly    race is rapidly becoming an         above the human race and
                                       simply (via decapitation and        endangered species considering      cripple the very beings they
the writer can decide what                                                                                                                          See Vampires, page 7

                     Write and submit a letter to the editor at
January 13, 2010                                                                   The Pathfinder                                                                                     7

     Food for thought
    Roosters Landing is
                                Rooster                     was pretty bland, and the sauce to pasta ratio
 located in Clarkston right
                                        ’s Land                               was way off. There was way too

 by the river, in fact, it’s                                                           much sauce and not
 known for its waterfront                                                              nearly enough pasta.       We deliver to
 view and dining area. Roosters’                                                      There were hardly any       your dorm room!
 has a bunch of different food choices that ranges                                    mushrooms and the
 from steak to seafood to pasta and                                                  chicken that I added
 even soup and salad. There are                                           to it was full of ligaments and it      Order one of our
 also a very wide variety of adult                                        was bland as well. So in short, I       delicious pizzas
 beverages as well.
    When I walked into the
                                                                          would not order this dish again.
                                                                          But the soup that came before
 restaurant, there was so much going                                      it was amazing. It was a beef
 on with the décor that I didn’t                                          and barley and veggie soup that
 quite know what to do with myself.                                       was made from scratch and was
 There were so many different things                                      amazing. I am thinking of just
 to look at and things that all fit into                                  ordering the soup next time and
 the genre of river/water but they                                        just leaving my dining experience           12” one topping pizza with two 24 oz.
 didn’t really go together. Maybe I                                       at that.                                    drinks and breadsticks
 am being a little over critical, but it                                      The service made up for

 just didn’t really make sense. It did                                    the lack of flavor in the food.
 give me something to look at, but                                        Our server had personality and
 I don’t think that was really what                Alex Ready             knew the menu well, and could
 they were going for.                            of The Pathfinder        probably recite it if someone
    Something to mention aside                                            forgot their glasses or something.
 from the décor was the amazing                                           I was pretty amazed. To sum it all
 view! There was so much to see and the river and up, if you want to look at a beautiful view, have a
 surrounding area was beautiful to watch. Now I           glass of wine or beer or something else, and have
 am sure you could decide to go to a restaurant to some excellent service then this is the place to
 see a view, but you might want to focus more on
 the food.
    The menu at Roosters has about a million
                                                          go. Heck, you could even get the pasta, and keep
                                                          the parsley and take it home for later. Thanks for
                                                          reading, and feel free to email suggestions to The
 and a half options to choose from, and I for one         Pathfinder!                                                Textbooks Bought and Sold. New, Used &
 had a really hard time deciding. But there is one                                                                             Online Buy backs.
 thing that I will almost always go for, and that is,
 of course, pasta. The menu described tortellini
                                                          Out of Five...                                                Buy, Sell, Rent at
 pasta with a sweet pepper sauce and mushrooms;                                                                                     English(260)399-6111
 I decided to add some chicken to it as well.
 Tortellini is a cheese stuffed pasta that sort of               Price:                                                             Español (212)380-1763
 looks like a three corner hat. I have had this kind                                                                          Urdu/Hindi/Punjab (713)429-4981
 of pasta loads of times, but never with this sauce                                                                             See site for other support lines
 combination so I thought I would give it a whirl.
    The pasta took a while to come out, and that
 could easily be because there was a mix up in                    Taste:                                       From Vampires, page 6                      vampires can survive in the
                                                                                                                                                          daylight without burning to
 the kitchen, but it did take a while for our food
                                                                                                               death – and no, they don’t sparkle; that’s just a fallacy – and how they
 to come out. Now I would love to be able to say
                                                                                                               can actually transform back into a human.
 that the food was well worth the wait, but sad
                                                                                                                   Being somewhat of a vampire connoisseur, I have to say that I’ve
 to say, it wasn’t nearly as good as I expected.
                                                                                                               never seen any stories where a vampire can actually go back to being a
 The plate was full of parsley, enough to season
                                                                                                               human; I’m very impressed that someone actually thought about that
 a whole pot of soup with it. It was messy to eat
                                                                                                               as an option.
 around, and it dusted the table with it. The pasta
                                                                                                                   I just want to throw out an idea here: Perhaps this ability to
                                                                                                               regress back from a damned figure to a “pure” form mirrors Christ’s
                                                                                                               forgiveness in the new testament. Just as the fact stands that no person
                                                                                                               is entirely evil and they can always be forgiven, so too can vampires who
                                                                                                               are marked with permanent damnation have the option of having their
                                                                                                               evil wiped away and given a second chance. It’s just a thought.
 “Flirting: When a man chases a woman until she catches him.”                                                      Aside from all of the blood, I enjoyed “Daybreakers.” Ultimately, I
                                                                                                               thought it was a very original movie and I would recommend it to any
                                           ~Anonymous                                                          of you who claim to be vampire junkies; but if you’re just a Twilighter,
                                                                                                               you probably won’t like it. You must be an avid lover of the vampire
                                                                                                               genre in order to appreciate this one!
8                                                                                    The Pathfinder                                                                    January 13, 2010

LCSC has 904 students make fall honor roll
          Press Release                  Greene, Tom Hamrin, Vallenthia      Holly Bonnalie, Tara Bren, Mark
                                         Johnson, Stacey Kelley, Leanna      Brink, Devon Brown, Taylor                ALASKA                               DEAN’ LIST
    LCSC has 904 students make           Lauer, Katherine Marck, Eric        Brown, Tiffany Brown, Matthew
fall honor roll                          Pemberton, Stephanie Steward,       Carlson, Ross Carlton, Ariel              PALMER Brandi Day                    IDAHO
    Lewis-Clark State College had        Patricia Withycombe                 Carmichael, Jennifer Centenari,           WASILLA Alexa Craviotto
904 students        make either the         COTTONWOOD              Lauren   Natosha Chason, Kyle Cooper,                                                    AMERICAN FALLS Ashley
President’s List or Dean’s List for      Chmelik, Kelsey Marker, Kerry       Christy Creutzberg, Tanya Crow,           ARIZONA                            Cassell.
the 2009 Fall semester, according to     McKinstry, Anna Osborne, Maria      Jennifer Cutlip, Lisa Davis, Danielle                                           BLISS Bradley Gough.
the college’s Registrar’s Office.        Osborne, Alexa Prigge, Emily        Diaz, Lance Dice, Dana Douthit,           MESA Natasha Rudolph                  BOISE Alexander Adams,
    The 904 students making the          Rehder                              Rebecca Edmonson, Mary Egeland,                                              Carissa Bergquist, Victoria Brewer,
list marks the highest total honored        CRAIGMONT              Hannah    Tara Eikum, Jestine Estes, Sarina         CALIFORNIA                         Michelle Cowman, Caitlin Geibel,
during the past decade and also          Severson                            Fairbanks, Annie Faulkner, Jody                                              Brittney Lipple, Lauren McCurdy,
believed to be the highest in school        CULDESAC Myra Campbell,          Fegert, Jennifer Feucht, Kim Fong,        SAN FRANCISCO Jia Guo              Kelly-Rae Meyer, Scott Mooney,
history.                                 Michelle Mendenhall, Michael        Grant Fowler, Robert Franklin,                                               Amber Stafford, Ryan Stewart.
    A total of 430 students made the     Wasson                              Brent Frei, Stephen Funder burg,          COLORADO                              BONNERS FERRY Heather
President’s List and 474 made the           DALTON GARDENS Garrett           Bethany Gallo, Mukta Gautam                                                  Olmsted, Janelle Robbins, Katrina
Dean’s List during the semester.         Flower, Anulese Kennedy, Jared      (dhakal), Lonny Gehring, Susette          CARBONDALE    Amanda               Wastl.
During the 2008 Fall semester,           Wuest                               Gleason, Brandon Graham,                Seubert                                 BOVILL Stephanie Shook.
LCSC had 832 students earn                  DEARY Dewain Espy, Heidi         Diana Groseclose-Larabee, Amber           COLORADO SPRINGS Jessie               CALDWELL Crystal Burrows,
honors.                                  Hardin                              Gulliksen, Sean Hagan, Terrie           Gulsvig                              Keri Smith.
    To qualify for the President’s          DECLO Carla Hill                 Hall, Casey Hampton, Christopher                                                CATALDO Barbara Minton.
List, students must have at least a         EAGLE Anthony Smith              Harding,      Delaney       Hartwig,      MINNESOTA                             COTTONWOOD                 Emily
3.75 grade point average for the            EMMETT Dane Burge                Nicholas Hasenoehrl, Arlene                                                  Lerandeau, Chase Nuxoll, Lynette
semester and take at least 12 graded        FRUITLAND Zachary Fabricius      Hawk, Andrew Herres, Anna Hill,           GREEN ISLE Joel Evenson            Rehder, Kimberly Schaeffer.
credits in level 100 or above classes.      GARDEN VALLEY Stephaney          Bradley Hobson, Kyle Hobson,                                                    CRAIGMONT               Spencer
The Dean’s List uses the same            Williamson                          Mark Hobson, Nicholas Hobson,             MONTANA                            Thomason.
requirements but students must              GRANGEVILLE          Shannon     Browne, Darren Byers, Collin                                                    CULDESAC Kayla Dau, Cody
have a 3.25-3.749 GPA.                   Moudy, Amanda Slagle, Joseph        Castellaw, Christina Crowder,             BOZEMAN Emily Conder               Dawes, Theresa Leonard.
    Note: Idaho, Washington, and         Tosten                              Matthew Eaton, Tawny Galles,                                                    DALTON GARDENS Keith
Oregon are listed first among the           HAILEY David Mark                Keesje Holmes, Bryce Kammers,             UTAH                               Fuqua, Mathew Hague, Reuben
states. The remaining states are            HAYDEN Gina Baez, Catherine      Breann Klinginsmith, Jessica                                                 Rodriguez.
listed in alphabetical order, followed   Bailey, Teah Beckman, Bryce Lund,   Lounsberry, Nathan Lumper, Kane           KEARNS Joshua Shrewsbury              DESMET Brittany Wagner.
by countries outside of the United       Danielle McCullough, Cameron        Magden, Naomi Maier, Deanna                                                     EAGLE Nicolas Ford, Joni
States.                                  Neely, Edward O’Hara, Mark          McAuliffe, Shannon McCullough,            WYOMING                            Gillihan, Mercydes Ham, Connor
    Also, hometowns listed are           Peterson, Laura Sanborn             Aimee McElroy, Sophia Miraglio,                                              McCracken.
provided by the students under              HAYDEN LAKE Marlene              Richard Muszynski, James Olson,           GREEN RIVER – Jenika Bird           EDEN Maria Banuelos.
the permanent address on their           Sproul                              Arya Rahimi, Lindsay Reade, Jody                                                FERDINAND              Casandra
registration forms.                         IDAHO FALLS Magally Lora         Reynolds, Jaclyn Sinclair, Steven         FOREIGN COUNTRIES                  Schaeffer.
                                            INDIAN VALLEY Benjamin           Taylor, Heather Tippin, Ethan                                                   FRUITLAND                  Jarrad
    PRESIDENT’S LIST                     Drury                               Wilson, Austin Wolf, Brayton             CANADA Alana              Norris,   Felgenhauer.
                                            JULIAETTA Keri Groseclose        Zipse                                   William Thorp.                          GENESEE Clay Long.
    IDAHO                                   KAMIAH        Eric    Johnson,      KENNEWICK Lindsay Scott                                                      GOODING Joshua Morris.
                                         Cheryl Morris, Lucas Olson, Lisa       LAKE       STEVENS         Keicia      CHINA Baoyao Huang, Rong              GRANGEVILLE Valary Gano,
   BLANCHARD Loren Landrus               Summers, Nathan Uhlorn, Ashley      Schmidt                                 Yang                                 Cheyenne Hudson, Alyssa Johnson,
   BOISE Paige Frohock, Sarah            Winterringer, Nathanial Wood           LOON LAKE Joel Kohlstedt                                                  Jake Meyer, Sean Meyer, Wade
Morgan, Jennifer Smith, Andrew              KOOSKIA Seth Loofbourrow,           PALOUSE Beau Fisher                    FRANCE Mickael Testa               Peterson, Jason Seloske, Melissa
Vaughan, Lisa Willey                     Vincent Martinez, Lee Ryan, Karen      PULLMAN Russell Bashaw,                                                   Stuivenga, Lauren Wemhoff, Gavin
   BONNERS FERRY Cecilia                 Zuchero                             Eric Whitesell                            JAPAN Naomi Otsuki, Mariko         Workman.
Gomez,CarrieHamilton,Samantha               KUNA Megan Cook                     SPOKANE Erica Norris, Lisa           Suzuki                                  GREENCREEK                Steven
Kelly, Cassandra Overman, Jeanne            LAPWAI Annie Kane, Rhonda        Paladino, Alyssa Wold                                                        Baerlocher, Tyler Rogers.
Racer                                    Taylor, Vivian Wilson                  USK Resa Konkright                     MALAYSIA Zhiahwa Chong.               GREENLEAF              LaSondra
   BOVILL Krystal Winter                    LENORE Lacy Beegle, Tina            VANCOUVER Kelsey Klettke,                                                 Putzier.
   BURLEY Kolleen Hayden                 Grant                               Jeffery Lowndes                           NIGERIA Isaac Akinola                 HAYDEN Ronald Broesch,
   CALDWELL Peri Bolts, Laura               LEWISTON              Roseann                                                                                 Christopher      Garrett,    David
Marcial                                  Amundson, Ryan Aronson, Tayler        OREGON                                  NEPAL Aditya Baskota               Hatfield, Melissa Johnson, Annalee
   COEUR D ALENE Christa                 Asplund, Daniel Bacon, Donovan                                                                                   Stone.
Jennings, Janet Pace, Danielle           Banks, Cathy Barfield, Cody          MEDFORD Tayler Harrington                SOUTH KOREA Minju Kang,               HEYBURN Jillee King.
Alexander, Kaja Anderson-Howard,         Barker, Danielle Barrett, Leann      PORTLAND       Christopher             SE Hoon Oh                              IDAHO        FALLS      Andrew
Michelle     Biediger,     Matthew       Bennett, Joshua Berdine, Caleb      McConnell                                                                    Matthews.
Campbell, Todd Carroll, Anita            Bergman, Sherry Bergman, Dawn        THE DALLES Chelsea Gay                   TAIWAN Wei-Gang Kuo,                  JULIAETTA               Morgan
Chariton, Elizabeth Fields, Thomas       Blacknall, Mathew Bonebrake,         UMATILLA Daisy Lopez                   Guanghao Lei, Pei Liu, Po-Yi Sung.   Hasenoehrl.
January 13, 2010                                                                      The Pathfinder                                                                                         9

   KAMIAH Alexander Breeze,            Julie Maciboba, Kara Malley, Iovko         POST FALLS Jessica Bartlett,        Julie Rogers, Kyle Servatius,
Crystal Corey, Ronald Fagen,           Margaritov, Paul Martin, Adrian         Samantha Cooke, Leslie Dawson,         Jennifer Simmons, Avril Snyder,          PRESCOTT VALLEY Tobias
Douglas Schlader, Charles Weddle.      Mattoon, Jedidiah Maynes, Melissa       Joshua Duame, David Gravelle,          Jessica Stone-White, Brett Toney,      Campbell.
   KELLOGG Susan James.                Mays-Strain, Brittany Mayton,           April Gregorius, Christopher           Jason Turner, Travis Voss, Jennifer
   KENDRICK Ashley Henderson,          Heather       McCoy,      Anderson      Grossglauser, Jessica Hertlein,        Watkins, Randi Winchel.                  CALIFORNIA
Marley Logan, Travis Swam, Carrie      Mitchell, Patrick Murray, Joy Neal,     Teresa Johnson, Erica Nord, Jakob         Coeur d’Alene Alexandra
Utke.                                  Melissa Norton, Kyle Orton, Aimee       Pommerening, Karen Zurfluh.            Anthony, Andy Bowman, Kelli              CANYON LAKE Jake Eccles.
   KIMBERLY Erin Lehmann,              Otto, Moses Pacheco, Andrew                POTLATCH                  Shaine    Buley, Jeremy Cope, Sarah                CYPRESS Lauryn Herrick.
Kendra Lehmann.                        Packwood, Alyssa Palmer, Chelsea        Gunderson.                             Dixon, Kimberly Ellman, Jesse            FRESNO Zechariah Evangelho.
   KOOSKIA Nathun Finkhouse.           Parkins, Brooke Ramos, Elizabeth           PRIEST      RIVER        Shawna     Garcia, Samantha Hammond,                HUNTINGTON PARK Jaime
   LAPWAI Carrie Kramer, Ryan          Reiners, Sarah Riedle, Jeremy Rike,     Wunderlich.                            Kevin Hansen, Michael Haycraft,        Ballesteros.
Oatman, Wetalu Rodriguez, Tara         Javier Rinehart, Ronald Robins,            PRINCETON Karie Austin,             Sebastian Hoffmann, Summer               POWAY Emily Frisch, J
Taylor, Harold Thurlow.                Ashley Robinson, Dustin Roby,           Wendell Hash, Jolene Leef.             Little, Stefanie Martin-Hoffmann,      Landon.
   LENORE Anthony Ingram.              Brandon Rodgers, Garret Rodgers,           RATHDRUM Sarah Billings,            Lisa Nagrone, Jenniffer Olson-Sisk,      TRACY Braxton Miller.
   LEWISTON Nayan Adhikary,            John Rohde, Rachel Sater, Brian         Katrinka Crowe.                        Crystal Plotner, Lisa Sandborgh,
Joseph Alexander, Ileczandria          Schneider, Wesley Schwartz, Tycee          REUBENS Garrett Lunders.            Tara Serrette, Kaitlin Timlin, Chris     HAWAII
Amador, Chase Anderson, Kallie         Scibek, Jamie Scott, Kortni Selby,         RIGGINS Martin Karling,             Willoughby, Tara Wilmoth.
Axelson, Randi Babino, Jessica         Shawna Sheehan, Mitchell Shelton,       Trisha Simonson.                          COLBERT Sarah Waugh.                  AIEA Sjasti Yoshimoto.
Baskett, Angela Bedard, Dyana          Corrine Shettsline, Keith Siebler,         SAGLE Michelle Brothers,               COLFAX Abby Bruya, Denise
Blood, Jordan Breithaupt, Austin       Saundra Sinclair, Laurel Smith,         Meagan Crosby.                         Whiteman.                                NEVADA
Brown, Jonathan Buckley, Aaron         Carrie Snyder, Andrea Sotin,               SANDPOINT Chyleen Dreyer,              COLTON                  Nicholas
Butler, Jason Capps, Devon Carlson,    Dennis Spence, Wynter Spencer,          Adam Kusler, Celina Ruddle,            Heitstuman.                              RENO Amy Nordgaard.
Kayla Carr, Crystal Carter, Taylor     Tyler Squires, Robin Stone, Ashley      Dawn Spell, Michelle Stockstill,          FERNDALE Ashley Honeycutt.            SPRING CREEK Richelle
Cash, Mariajose Cerdena, Jeffrey       Svedin, Joshua Swearingen, Jessie       Callie Wood.                              KENNEWICK Elizabeth Clark.          Miller.
Chaffee, Brittany Chambers, Dana       Tanner, Caitlin Taylor, Shiho              SHOSHONE               Danaielle       LIBERTY LAKE Brandy Groff.
Christiansen, Jeffrey Christianson,    Tezuka, Margaret Thuerer, Mary          Bozzuto, Zachary Shull.                   NINE MILE FALLS Kelli                 NEW JERSEY
Erika Cody, Amy Cooper,                Treadway, Joseph Triplett, Ni-Fang         SPIRIT      LAKE       Elberteen    Tikker.
Leigh-Ann Cooper, Christopher          Tsai, Trae Turner, Rebecca Unruh,       Anderson.                                 OAKESDALE Hailey Hinkins,             BOONTON Tzu Fang Shin.
Covert, Anna Covey, Jean               Christie Vincent, Jamie Vogel,             ST MARIES Reva Dockery,             Jessica Holling-DeGon.
Cozad, Krisandrah Crall, Taggart       Alaine Walker, Jared Wanegar,           Spencer Sines, Staci Yehle.               OKANOGAN Cortney Shrout.              NORTH CAROLINA
Crenshaw, Samantha Cronin,             Nicole Ward, Kristina Welborn,             STAR Ashley Morton.                    POMEROY Nicholas Bartlow,
Jeremiah Croskrey, Matthew             Travis Wendt, Brittney Wheeler,            TROY Robert Hunter.                 Kelsey Herres.                          FAYETTEVILLE               Janna
Crowley, Douglas Cruthirds,            Stephanie Wieder-Blevins, Bo               TWIN FALLS Robertson Fox,              PULLMAN Alison Casey, Katie         Monroe.
Cheryl Currin, Jesse Curtis, Melissa   Williams,       Wendy      Williams,    Ryan Gillette.                         Hinrichs, Forest Hurlbert, Kirsten
Dale, Travis DeVault, Brittney         Kendall Wilson, Marsha Wilson,             VIOLA Kelsey Adair.                 Voshell, Joshua Wemlinger.               FOREIGN COUNTRIES
Diaz, Samantha Dixon, Allie            Amanda Womack, Justin Wood,                WALLACE Kathleen Sproles.              SPOKANE Melanie Fletcher,
Dreadfulwater, Jeffrey Dukleth,        Robert Wood, Xingliang Ye.                 WEIPPE Denise Key, Walker           Joshua Thomas.                          BRAZIL Anile         Clemente,
Curtis Dupart, Rebecca Dyer, Peter        LOWELL Tyrell Poggemeyer.            Newcome.                                  TACOMA Jerard Cook.                 Marina Oliveira
Economen, Robert Eldredge, Coby           MCCALL Kori Kesler.                     WEISER Robert Hopkins.                 TEKOA Sara Mason.
Estlund, Tiffany Farmer, Katrina          MERIDIAN                Raychelle       WENDELL Trisha Stouder.                UNIONTOWN Tawny Doyle.                 BURUNDI      Oliver      Stone
Felton, Jordan Feucht, Lindsay         Blackmer, Kinli Toomey.                    WHITE        BIRD      Elizabeth       UNIVERSITY               PLACE      Sindayigaya.
Flerchinger, Sam Forsmann, Allen          MIDDLETON Joshua Gabica,             Lindsey.                               Samantha Teigen.
Fraser, Kaulen Fuhs, Jordan Fuller,    Ashley Severns, Katlin Smith.              WILDER Ryan Garrett, Mitchell          WEST RICHLAND Nicole                  CANADA Bryan Abrey.
Colby Garner, Luke Gordon,                MOSCOW Jeremiah Carlson,             Kelly.                                 Depeel.
Clayton Greene, Richard Grimm,         Brittney Croft, Brittany Danford,                                                                                       CHILE Cesar Uauy.
Blake Grothaus, Donald Guzman,         Teri Dyer, Benjamin Haese, Travis         WASHINGTON                             OREGON
Colin Hagan, Veronica Hamilton,        Johnson, Abel Kelley, Elizabeth                                                                                         CHINA Yangyang Li Chi, Xin
Krista Hancock, Stephen Hancock,       Marshall, Kathryn McCall, Ariana          ASOTIN Nikki Thompson.                  BEND Barbara Sneckner.              Lu, Zhenzhong Su.
Jeremiah Hanson, Dustin Hardisty,      Murphy, Heidi Reitmeier.                                                          CLACKAMAS Grant Eldridge.
Michelle Harney, Jessica Harris,          MOUNTAIN HOME Melissa                   BAINBRIDGE              ISLAND         ENTERPRISE Heather Bruce.             COLUMBIA Juanita Villa.
Crystal      Hawkins,      Amanda      Blanchard.                              Michael Hudgens.                          EUGENE Madison Randall.
Henifin, Melissa Hess, Katherine          MOYIE SPRINGS David                     CHENEY Megan Smedley.                  IMBLER Tanner McIntosh.              INDONESIA               Katharina
Hollingshead, Nathan Howerton,         Scharf.                                    CLARKSTON Jose Alicea,                 LAKE OSWEGO Dave Marks.             Marsela.
James Hug, Lacie Hughes, Tamera           NEZPERCE Amy Kuther,                 Andrea Baker, Joan Baumberger,            NORTH BEND Erika Frye,
Jennings, Christina Jeppesen, Ben      Tammy Murt, Mark Stenzel.               Lindsay Blankinship, Nicholas          Britnee Tank.                           JAPAN Masami Kawauch,
Johnson, Heather Johnson, Jacob           NOTUS Eric Wilbur.                   Blayden, Kayla Burke, Cameron             SCAPPOOSE Rebecca Rafferty.         Masami Nakamura, Yuri Narita.
Johnson, Kara Johnson, Benjamin           OROFINO Amber Crutcher,              Burton, Cory Charlo, Dustin Cook,         THE DALLES Lincoln Gay.
Jones, Ramona Juhasz, Jennifer         Desirae Downing, Cristine Erbst,        Tara Davis, Andrew Donovan,               TIGARD Kristine Hoang.                NEPAL Kelsang Bista.
Katzenberger, Ryan Kegler, Renee       Bobbi Flowers, Dawn Frost,              Alexandrea Elson, Jason Erickson,
Kelley, Victoria Killian, Tyler        Chrystal Graham, Wendy Green,           Robert Ferrigno, Laurel Flerchinger,     ALASKA                                 PHILIPPINES Genie Almoro.
Knigge, James Knight, Benjamin         Larissa Inglet, Christopher Jennings,   Brian Fox, Holly Friede, Joseph
Koehler, Malisa Larsen, Katie          Jerry O’Brien, Steven O’Brien,          Gamlem, Edward Gosselin, Josie           WARD COVE Kirsten Filyaw.              SOUTH KOREA Yoonhwa Yi.
Laufenberg, Heather Lincoln,           Louis Roane, Lucas Rouse, Sonny         Hancock, Alicia Henry, Gary Hern,        WASILLA Daneil Coulthard.
Joshua Lloyd, Chelsea Long,            Telecky, Debbie VanBrunt.               Hannah Hibdon, Mandy Mallory,                                                   TAWAIN Chia-Yang Chung.
Brandon Lunney, Brina Luthy,              PIERCE Kayla Hodges.                 Maggie Norman, Paden Pittman,            ARIZONA
                                                                                                                                                               TURKEY Arslan Mermut.
                                                                  Sports                                                                                               January 13, 2010

Good Defense Helps Warriors Win Conference Opener
                            Press Release                                                                           posters. A slow start on Thursday put Lewis-Clark State down 15-11
                                                                                                                    about halfway through the first half, but a 17-2 Warrior run secured
   The Lewis-Clark State College women’s basketball team scored 20                                                  the home team a 38-25 lead at the half.
points off of turnovers in the second half to push past the University of                                              Marissa Skogen came up big for the Argos as she finished with a
Great Falls 78-50 in its first Frontier Conference game of the season on                                            double-double of 15 points and 12 rebounds to go with her four steals
Thursday. LCSC’s defense forced the Argos to commit 26 turnovers.                                                   and three assists. Skogen was the only Argo to reach double digits in
   Jasmine Stohr and Kirsi Voshell led the Warriors with 13 points                                                  scoring.
apiece. Voshell carried the load in the first half with 11 points and six                                              LCSC shot 47.2 percent overall and 54.5 percent (6-of-11) from
rebounds, and Stohr and Lauren Daling led with eight points apiece                                                  behind the arc, compared to 34 percent and 15.4 percent for the
in the second half. Daling came off the bench to collect 10 points on                                               Argos.
2-of-3 shooting from 3-point territory.                                                                                Thanks to eight rebounds from Fierro and seven from both Kenna
   The win lifts LCSC to 15-2 overall and 1-0 in conference play, while                                             Reiter and Nichole Miller, LCSC outrebounded UGF 41-31 and
the Argos fall to 3-10 and 0-1. The Warriors will be back in action at                                              finished with 34 points in the paint and 31 second chance points. The
the Activity Center on Saturday when they take on Montana State                                                     Argos had only four second chance points, and 16 in the paints.
University-Northern at 6 p.m.                                                                                          Besides helping out under the basket, Reiter also kept LCSC’s
   Fans can gain free admittance to Saturday’s men’s and women’s                                                    offense moving with team highs of seven assists and three steals. LCSC
Warrior basketball games by donating two cans of food at the main                                     LCSC Photo    finished with 11 steals.
entrance. Saturday is also Warrior Poster Night during which fans are       Kirsi Voshell finished with 13 points      An off night at the charity stripe kept LCSC from making the final
invited to meet the Warrior players after the games and receive signed      and seven rebounds against Great
                                                                                                                    score a lot more lopsided. The Warriors came into the game shooting
                                                                                                                    74.9 percent from the foul line, but shot only 57.9 percent (22-of-38).

LCSC men fall to MSU-Northern                                                                                        LCSC Women’s Basketball Team
                                                                                                                     Takes Down Skylights 67-51
                                               Press Release
   Senior guard Andrew Sellers led a 3-point first-half barrage and then scored seven points during a critical                                   Press Release
time in the second half to help Montana State University-Northern defeat Lewis-Clark State College 68-51
in Frontier Conference play at the LCSC Activity Center on Saturday night.                                               Holding its opponent to less than 55 points for the fourth
   Sellers, a lanky 6-foot-4 shooting guard, buried his first four 3-pointers and helped the Lights hit 9-of-13       straight game, the Lewis-Clark State College women’s basketball
3-point shots in the first half for a big 44-26 advantage.                                                            team’s offense caught fire in the second half and left Montana
   In the second half, L-C rallied to cut the margin to 55-45 with a little more than eight minutes left, but         State University-Northern in the dust. The Warriors overcame the
Sellers scored the next seven points for the Lights to help his team push the lead to 62-47 with 5:38 left.           Skylights 67-51 on Saturday night to extend their winning streak to
   Sellers finished with a game-high 25 points on 10-of-16 shooting from the field, including 4-of-7 at the           nine.
3-point line. He also added five rebounds, three blocked shots, two steals and an assist.                                With the win the Warriors, who were picked to win the Frontier
   Sellers’ performance helped MSU-Northern earn a split on the opening weekend of conference play. The               Conference in the league’s annual preseason coaches’ poll, are now
Lights are now 13-5 overall and 1-1 in conference play, while L-C falls to 10-6 and 1-1.                              16-2 overall and 2-0 in conference play. MSU-Northern falls to 9-9
   The contest was tight early as L-C junior guard Jared Giammona hit a 3-point to give the Warriors a 10-8           and 0-2.
lead at the 13:38 mark. That would be the Warriors’ final lead as the Lights answered with a 19-4 run. 12                Saturday’s contest featured multiple scoring streaks, but the
points during the run came on 3-pointers, including three from Sellers.                                               Warriors second half run ended up being too much for the Skylights
   Justin Dennis, Devin Jackson, and Eric Tisby all hit 3-pointers during the final four minutes of the first         to surmount. Thanks to stiff defense and the jump shot of Jasmine
half as Northern used a 13-5 run to make an 18 point halftime margin.                                                 Stohr the Warriors rolled to a 12-2 lead within the first five minutes,
   In the second half, the Warriors were able to adjust defensively and held MSU-Northern to 0-for-5 from             however, MSU-Northern responded with a 12-2 streak of their own
the 3-point line. LCSC outscored the Lights 25-24, but never could get things going on offense.                       to knot the game at 14-14 with 11:23 left in the half.
   L-C played the game short-handed as starting guard Daniel Williams didn’t play because of a hamstring                 The remainder of the first half went back and forth. The Skylights
injury and starting point guard Terrell Wallace played limited minutes because of an ankle injury. That left          held a one point advantage on two occasions, and the Warriors were
the Warriors with only seven healthy bodies.                                                                          able to climb to a 6-point lead, but the half closed with the Warriors
   Markus Monroe led the Warriors in scoring with 15 points. He also had four assists, three rebounds, a              up 28-26.
block and a steal. Derek Gianukakis, a 6-4 junior forward, led all players with a season-high 11 rebounds,               After being tied 30-30 at around three minutes into the second
while Giammona added 12 points and three assists.                                                                     half, LCSC’s offense settled in to go on a 21-4 run and bring the
   MSU-Northern, which shot 63 percent from the field in the first half, finished the game 26-of-44 for               score to 53-34 with 7:37 left in regulation.
59 percent and 9-of-18 from the 3-point line. L-C was 18-of58 from the field, 31 percent, and 3-of-12 at                 The          Warriors
the 3-point line, 25 percent. The Warriors did have a 33-26 rebounding edge thanks to a 17-4 advantage in             offense in the second
offensive rebounds.                                                                                                   half compared to its See Take down , page 12
   L-C will play Montana-Western in Dillon on Friday and then Montana Tech in Butte on Saturday.                      performance in the
January 13,2010                                                                    The Pathfinder                                                                                  11

                                   Sports Shorts
       I have to admit that I never really liked women’s                                    •The LCSC men fall to                  menacing looking threat, but after he blows by
   basketball until this year. Up until the 2009-2010                                       10-6 on the season after a             defenders and starts smiling and laughing as he
   season, all I knew about women’s hoops was that                                          home loss to the 13-5 MSU-             usually does, it’s hard to ignore his presence.
   Lisa Leslie was the best, and the University of                                          Northern men. From what                Players like Monroe need to be utilized,
   Connecticut was unbeatable. Now I know more than                                         I have seen of this Warrior            especially when they play with as much vigor as
   that: I know that Lisa Leslie was the best, UConn is                                     team, they do not lack size,           Monroe does.
   still the best, and LCSC is pretty damn entertaining.                                    talent, or depth. What they       •    While they are only #37 in the nation in
       There’s been a lot of hoops action for both the                                      lack is a serious sense of             offense, the Warrior women currently have the
   men and women during this winter break. Jasmine                                          responsibility. At a home              #3 defense in the nation. Let me use the old
   Stohr and Markus Monroe are proving to be the                                            game, I caught a glimpse of a          sports mantra to summarize why the Warriors
   most enticing players to watch, both for their skill                                     Great Falls player hitting an          are so good: defense wins championships.
   and their love of the game. Stohr and Monroe appear                                      easy lay-in, clearly the result        Of course, this does not apply to all sports,
   to have a lot of fun on the court and that’s important                                   of a missed assignment.                although bowling would be very interesting with
   in the game of basketball. I bet they have even more            Jed Maynes               Instead of shaking it off and          defensive players.
   fun than Rosie O’Donnel at an all-you-can-eat buffet.          of The Pathfinder         continuing the game, a slew       •    Former Warrior John Foster has been named
   Now let’s break down some sports…                                                        of Warriors were caught                the head coach of the Lehman College baseball
       • The LCSC women had a series of home                                                under the basket literally             program. Lehman is a NCAA division III
            games during the break, including a four                                        pointing fingers and giving            college located in West Bronx, New York.
            game run where they held opponents to 55                   dirty looks, hardly the behavior of a responsible           Congratulations to Foster and the Warrior
            points or less. The Warrior women are now                  team. I hate to rag on these guys because I know            baseball program; just another reason to prove
            16-2 on the season and are currently leading the           that they want to win badly, and even more so               why they are consistently the best.
            Frontier Conference with a two game lead over              than I do, but if they want to have a chance at        •    In other New York news, hundreds of New
            Westminster College. Look for the Warriors to              winning the Frontier Conference, the finger-                Yorkers stripped down to their skibbies for the
            move up from their current #11 spot into the               pointing must stop.                                         ninth annual No Pants Subway Ride. There
            top ten with the newest rankings, due Monday          • Markus Monroe currently leads the Frontier                     appears to be no other reason for this aside from
            (yes, I know that it will be Wednesday by the              Conference in scoring. If there is one thing that           peer pressure and the sheer freedom of riding
            time you read this, but I’m probably too lazy to           I can always look forward to at men’s games,                pant-less on a subway… another thumbs up for
            fix it by now).                                            it is the talent of Monroe. He is not the most              American society.

From Take down, page 11                      first
                                             featured much
                                                                 LCSC Cross Country Team Signs First
                                                                 Recruit in Olson
better ball control, better passing, and a better shooting
percentage. LCSC was tagged with only one turnover in
the second half, collected 12 assists on 16 field goals, and
shot 51.1 percent in the second half after shooting 40.7                                                             Press Release
percent in the first.
   Overall, LCSC outshot MSUN 46.6 percent to 32.6                  The Lewis-Clark State College women’s cross country team has signed its first recruit for the 2010 season in
percent, and was on the better side of the 36-16 points          AnnieKate Olson of Nome High School in Alaska.
scored in the paint ratio. The Skylights proved their               Olson was the top runner for the Nome High squad and won the Region I North title.
rebounding worth by scoring 18 second chance points                 Olson is being coached by former Warrior Jeff Collins, who has high praises for Olson.
and outrebounding LCSC 37-31.                                       “[Collins] understands our program and what it takes to be successful here, so his words of confidence in her mean
   In what was a very balanced team effort, Kenna Reiter,        a lot when it comes to our expectations and her future success in the program,” L-C coach Mike Collins said. “With
for the first time this season, finished as LCSC’s high          the team losing only three seniors we are being very particular about the new runners we welcome into our family,
scorer as she shot 7-of-11 to claim 16 points. Reiter also led   and we believe AnnieKate will fit in very well.”
her team with seven rebounds and five assists. Finishing            Coach Collins says the Alaska cross country season is shorter because of the weather so he’s excited to see how
right behind Reiter was Stohr who collected 14 points,           she does when she has the opportunity to run year-round in Lewiston to help her develop and compete at the next
six rebounds, and four assists. Stohr was 6-of-10 from the       level.
field and also had a game high three steals.                        Olson plans to major in either Humanities or Social Work at LCSC.
   Kirsi Voshell had four of LCSC’s six blocks in the               The L-C women’s team has won three consecutive Frontier Conference titles and placed 15th at the NAIA national
game. The Warriors, who average 5.5 swats a night, came          meet last year.
into the contest ranked seventh in the NAIA in blocks
per game.
   Zivile Gaizutyte headed MSU-Northern’s efforts with                                                      Upcoming Games:
11 points and 10 rebounds. Katie Kuntz added 10 points
and four rebounds.                                                   January 15:     Women’s Basketball at Montana-Western (Dillon, MT) 4:30 PM
   The Warriors next games will come on the road. LCSC                               Men’s Basketball at Montana-Western (Dillon, MT) 6:30 PM
plays the University of Montana Western on Friday, and               January 16:     Women’s Basketball at Montana Tech (Butte, MT) 4:30 PM
then travels to face Montana Tech on Saturday.                                       Men’s Basketball at Montana Tech (Butte, MT) 6:30 PM
                                                                                        Word on the street
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                                                                                                         By Kaitlin Cushman
                                                                                                             of The Pathfinder

                                                                                            What do you think
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                                                                                       implementing the mandatory
Participating schools accredited by the Northwest
Commission on Colleges and Universities
                                                                                        body scans at the airport?
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Computer Science         History                      Psychology                                     Zhiahwa Chong
Economics                Journalism & Mass Media      Real Estate
Education                Library Science              Social Science              “I think it’s bad.100%, even 200%.
English                  Mathematics                  Sociology                 I hear the X-ray’s are hazardous for
Environmental Science                                                           your health.”
                                                                                                             Idah Whisenant
                                                                                                             “I think it’s appropriate. The security at
                                                                                                           the airports do that kind of thing so often.
                                                                                                           The people getting scanned shouldn’t
                                                                                                           have to worry.”

                                                                                                       Loni Daily
                                                                                   “To be honest it’s a good idea. But it
                                                                                should be by sex (male, female). Guys
                                                                                shouldn’t be behind there looking at
                                                                                girls. If you are going to fly you have
                                                                                to be able to expect it.”                Rick G.
                                                                                                             “My thought is that it is an invasion of
                                                                                                          privacy. It goes against the Patriot Act. It
                                                                                                          is intrusive. I think we will be seeing more
                                                                                                          of this kind of thing though, even though
                                                                                                          it is not right or necessary. I think the
                                                                                                          government needs to do what makes us
                                                                                                          safe, but I would rather have my liberties.
                                                                                                          Who is in control, us or the terrorists?”

                                                                                                             Jim Olson
                                                                                   “Personally, nothing will be 100% effective. If you can carry
                                                                                anything on a plane it can be used as a weapon. Even a pen can be a
                                                                                weapon. I don’t think the 87 year-old woman with knitting needles
 Register online:                                      is a threat. But I do support it if it is separate, like men and women’s
 Toll-free: (877) 464-3246                                                      bathrooms. ”

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