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									    To make coach by team leader for team building and to
             difficult work of team management
Friends we have know company is two (2) types

1-private Company         2- Public Company.

  In Private Company name after to take word of P.V.T. L.T.D. and same as
Public Company name after to take word of L.T.D.. In case public company
is start it’s your business, so it’s take SEBI’s permission and after do issues
share. And this type’s company name is registered on share market and
also do their companies share transaction day-to-day.

For example – reliance, TATA, Infosys, SBI, etc. these all company are
registered in SEBI because it’s public company.

  Management means how to get work done by other persons. And
management word is used each and every places. And also do its
implements any places. In Public and Private both company its do work of
management. In both company management work do is three (3) levels.
Likewise, TOP level, MIDDLE level, and LOWER level.

In this three level company is also appointed its level wise persons.

In, TOP level appointed persons is likewise C.E.O. (chief executive officer),
M.D. (managing director), and general manager

MIDDLE level appointed persons is likewise all types of manager for ex. -
production manager, marketing manager, finance manager, etc.

And at last LOWWER level appointed persons is likewise workers, jobber,
Forman, supper-wiser.

In all three level is do work only one (1) objectives is “how to company is
making profit”. And also any company is doing work only these
objectives/purpose. In company profit making purpose is most important.
And this three level is doing work “top-to-lower” level. It’s called straight line
method. For. Example- train. Train is always run straight line.
In all company three words are necessary and different. TEAM, COACH,

TEAM means GROUP this is the create two or more persons/members.

COACH means top member of team and also it’s called TRAINER

 And at last word is MANAGEMENT its means handling. How to handling of

   What is work do coach for team building?

   Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you
  want done because he wants to do It.—Dwight D. Eisenhower

 Coach means team leader. Leader is doing work on their place its cold
leadership. And leadership is like different types

Autocratic Leadership
This style of leadership is both directive and controlling. The leader
Will make all decisions without consulting employees and will also dictate
Employee roles. The autocratic style of leadership limits employee
Freedom of expression and participation in the decision-making process.
Autocratic leadership may best be used when companies are managing
less experienced employees. U.S. companies operating in less developed
countries often use autocratic leadership.
Democratic Leadership
This style of management is centered on employee participation and
Involves decision making by consensus and consultation. The leader
Will involve employees in the decision-making process and they will be
Encouraged to give input and delegate assignments. Democratic
leadership often leads to empowerment of employees because it gives
them a sense of responsibility for the decisions made by management.
Laissez-Faire Leadership
Delegating work works, provided the one delegating works, too.
—Robert Half
Laissez-faire leadership may best be used when employees are educated,
knowledgeable, and self-motivated. Employees must have the
Drive and ambition to achieve goals on their own for this style to be
Most effective.
   If coach is stand a good team so its requirement takes all of the past data
and do analysis and after given training of team’s by trainee. Team’s is
necessary enthusiasm and its coach is given help when team’s is need.
And after coach is reduces difficulty and increase team’s enthusiasm and
also do development. And given training after all coach is given employees
their own work and also do understand of employees how he is doing his
work? How many times in complete his own work? All those kind of
information is given to employees. And after given all work and employees
is not do his work so his given proper bait and also his given you have
finished proper work so we have given you proper return. And coach is
taken decision on the spot for the success of employees work. And many
time coach is given to his workers “promotion or transfer” for the do good
work. So, employees are doing all the time proper work. And after given
promotion of workers so also his given proper environment, rest room, and
given taking for launch room. And also this all are given all the employees.
And many time workers are taking with his for the watch of his top level
work are how do work. And coach is only doing concentration of “how do
increase company’s profit”.
   I have given some example for team building likewise, movie of
boarder, loc Cargill, hanuman. And also team building is do work on
construction site, company etc… industry that often uses teamwork is
the construction Industry. A successful construction project cannot
take place without the formation of teams. A design team will be
formed at the Beginning of the project and is made up of architects,
engineers, and Project consultants. The design team alone, however,
will not be able to complete the project. They will also need to form a
team with the Owner of the project and the contractor.

  In team building looked these types fundamental for success team
building The team member, Team relationships, Team problem solving,
Team leadership, Organizational environment
How do strong team building?

  If you have done strong team building so you have doing follow these
seven (7) Steps, 1-"Enhance the team's knowledge of itself 2-Measure the
team against collective goals 3-Create team commitments 4- Establish a
clear decision-making process 5- Identify mutual expectations and
interdependencies 6- Use coaching to drive team performance 7- Manage
team conflict.

 Difficulty work of team management?

Yes, because establishment of new teams is create new research.
Biologics, physics, economics, engineering, etc are meaning in English is
proper subject of study. In teams members are talking internally and stand
particular question are likewise, 1) member of team is doing less work 2)
Given reword of teams or persons3) right of members far

 1) Member of team is doing less work= in team work not measurement of
persons contribution. Many people are given big contribution in team so
many people are given less contribution in team so people is not identified
in team who are given big contribution and who are given less contribution.

For ex- in a village, a king said his people, “you all are filled to the brim milk
in cistern” and after king watch at morning cistern are filled only the water.
All people are thinking that I have put water and other are put milk so king
is not meet any information we have put milk and we are not put water. So
these types case are watch in team building. Who are do work and who are
not do work and after all, all workers are given same rewards.

  2) Given reword of teams or persons= reward are given too team but in
team who are given work sincerely this types persons is loss his work. And
other all are is also taken reward so this type’s difference of opinion is
watch in team work. Particular types persons are thinking in team work
observation are doing at 360 degree method. And latest pattern are like this
in team who member are given sincerely work is also given reward and
also team’s is given rewards. So both given rewards.
3) Right of members far= right of coach is, who persons is not do work are
sincerely so his do far away in teams. And also his work is do provide too
teams members. And persons are nearest of management so a team is
broken. So coach and top management both are taking decision and after
remove persons. And team leader is needed to control his team and take
out worked are same workers. So team building is looks excellent .

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