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Rubric for Modern Hell


									                         Excellent                 Good                         Poor
Critical Thinking        Went above and beyond    Did a very good job           Used the material
                         on information; brought  utilized materials            provided in an
                         in personal ideas and    provided to their full        acceptable manner.
                         information to enhance   potential; solicited
                         project; and utilized    adequate resources to
                         variety of resources to  enhance project; took
                         make project effective.  the initiative to find
Integration of           Completely accurate; all Mostly accurate; a few        Somewhat accurate;
Concepts                 facts were precise and   inconsistencies or errors     more than a few
                         explicit.                in information.               inconsistencies or errors
                                                                                in information.

Originality          Conforms to the               Stays within the             Fails to fulfill the basic
                     parameters of the             parameters of the            purpose of the
                     assignment and does           assignment but doesn’t       assignment.
                     something novel,              do anything particularly
                     original, creative.           novel, original, creative.
Process/Organization Extremely well                Presented in a               Somewhat organized;
                     organized; logical            thoughtful manner;           ideas were not
                     format that was easy to       there were signs of          presented coherently
                     follow; flowed smoothly       organization and most        but were not always
                     from one idea to              were easy to follow, but     smooth, which at times
                     another and cleverly          at times ideas were          distracted from project.
                     conveyed; the                 unclear.
                     organization enhanced
                     the effectiveness of the

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