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					Yoga for Hair Loss and Improve Hair Growth.
Studies reveal that 50% of all men and about 40% of women undergo massive hair loss sometime in their life. Most of
the hair loss cases are related to genetics where an ancestor who had hair loss experience in their lifetime.

If you were wondering till now that can you follow yoga for hair loss, reduce hair fall and improve hair growth, let me
tell you Yoga does wonders to curb hair loss (read baldness) and improve hair growth.

Good hair makes you look wonderful, isn’t it so everyone aspires to have healthy and good hair. But in the modern
world, people are finding it difficult to maintain their hair as stress, bad eating habits, pollution etc are taking a toll on
their hair.

Common Reasons for hair loss:
      Stress
      Hormonal disorders
      Thyroid disease
      Auto-immune disorders
      Poor health
      Poor nutrition
      Diseases
      Medical treatments
     Hair treatments
According to me the most common reason for hair loss today is the stress and bad eating habits. I know its easy to
say that one should stop taking stress but you gotta find out ways to reduce stress and secondly on should increase
the intake of nutritious food which contains vitamins and protein. One of the best ways to reduce stress for me has
been regular yoga and pranayama.

And, when your stress levels are low, your overall health will be good and so would be your hair. The many types of
pranayama that are helpful for your hair are Anulomvilom, Bhastrika, Bahya, Kapalbhati and Udgeeth pranayama.

Here are a few Yoga poses to counter hair loss and increase hair growth:
1. Downward facing dog pose

2. Standing forward bend pose
3. Shoulder stand pose

4. Headstand pose
5. Camel pose

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