We have so many fruits which are good for skin

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					pineapple for your skin
We have so many fruits which are good for skin. Like papaya, pineapple is great for anti-aging skin care. Pineapple,
native to Central and South America, contains enzymes and the antioxidant vitamins A and C, according to
Epicurious. In addition to providing a healthy treat, pineapple has a long history in folk medicine and natural beauty
treatments. It’s a source of alpha-hydroxy acid, an ingredient in wrinkle creams that helps with exfoliation, the process
of sloughing off old skin.

Following are some tips to use pineapple for your skin:
  1.   Extract pineapple juice and apply with a cotton ball on your face. Do not let it stay more than 5 minutes. It is
       rich in Alpha-Hydroxy Acids which slows down the aging process.
  2.   You can mash a very ripe pineapple and apply it on your face. Same precautions go for it too. You can add
       honey to pineapple or you can even add any other ingredients you feel like.
  3.   Cut a slice of pineapple and use it as a loofah to scrub your body while taking a shower.
  4.   Rub slices of pineapple on rough areas of the skin or on dark spots and blemishes to reduce them. But,
       always take care to wash off after 5 minutes. If you keep pineapple more than 5 minutes, the acids in the fruit
       would burn your skin.
  5.   Applying pineapple is one of the best home remedies for wrinkles, moles and warts.
  6.   Drink pineapple juice as frequently as possible or eat pineapple every day. It is as good for health as much for
       skin. It helps with heart and kidney problems, has protein digesting enzyme, has proved beneficial for women
       suffering from irregular and painful periods and is an effective remedy for sore throats and colds.

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