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                                                                             St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
                   St. Aidan’s Mission:                                                  Gresham Oregon
    Spread the promise of Jesus Christ in and beyond our                                      Newsletter:
    community through worship, education, and outreach.                                       June 1, 2011

                                  Pentecost is June 12: Wear Red!
The term ‘Pentecost’ means ‘the fiftieth day.’ It is used in both the Old Testament and the New Testa-
ment. In the Old Testament it refers to a feast of seven weeks known as the Feast of Weeks. It was ap-
parently an agricultural event that focused on the harvesting of first fruits.

In the New Testament, Pentecost refers to the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost (Acts
2:1), fifty days after Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension. Christians came to understand the
meaning of Pentecost in terms of the gift of the Spirit. The Pentecost event was the fulfillment of a
promise which Jesus gave concerning the return of the Holy Spirit.

In the Christian tradition, Pentecost emphasizes that the church is understood as the body of Christ
which is drawn together and given life by the Holy Spirit. Some understand Pentecost to be the origin
and sending out of the church into the world. The Day of Pentecost is one of the seven principal feasts
of the church year in the Episcopal Church. On the first Pentecost Sunday, 3,000 people who heard the
preaching of Peter were baptized (Acts 2:41). So, we will have an opportunity to renew our own baptis-
mal vows during this festive service, as we initiate new members into the Body of Christ in the Sacra-
ment of Holy Baptism.

Pentecost is a time of red—a color of fire and zeal and passion and heat. The Spirit is incendiary within
us. So, please wear red or flame-orange clothes or accessories,

 In the Diocese of Oregon, the Diocesan Council has a designated Pentecost Offering per Canon 5.4 of
Canonical Offerings. Pentecost is the birthday of the Church. In this spirit, the offering, or a portion of
the offering will be designated for “bricks and mortar” projects of two ministries, each representing the
expressions of the Spirit of the Day of Pentecost. Many thanks for your thoughtful and prayerful offer-
ings to extend the work of the church in this Diocese.

                Spring United Thank Offering Ingathering On June 5
Every year at Ascensiontide, we are asked to bring in our Blue Boxes and
other offerings for the Spring Ingathering of The United Thank Offering. As-
cension Day, which is forty days after Easter, is on the next to the last possi-
ble day it can be this year. So, on Sunday, June 5, you are invited to ‘count
your blessings’ — those coins you have put in the little Blue Boxes in thanks-
giving for large and small gifts from God that brighten your life and the lives
of those around you. The Sunday Bulletin will also include an offering enve-
lope for your coins or a check for the amount of your blessings. Send or bring
it to the church so that it can be joined with the thank offerings of other Epis-
copalians. The United Thank Offering addresses compelling human need through grants to projects
that alleviate poverty, both domestically and internationally, within the Anglican provinces, dioceses
and companion dioceses.
                                            The Book Corner
St. Aidan’s Bookstore reopened May 29th following the 10 am service. Projected hours for the bookstore are 9 to 9:45 am
and after the 10 am service until 12:15 pm. Plans are being discussed to have the Bookstore open one other day, so
watch The Torch. If you haven’t yet taken the time to peruse the new books, please consider this an invitation to do so.
Here’s just a sampling to whet your appetite:

- “Traveling with Pomegranates” by Sue Monk Kidd                   If you want to learn more about the Episcopal Church,
(“Secret Life of Bees”) and her daughter Ann Kidd                  you have two books from which to choose:
Taylor. As they travel through Greece and France, this             - “Jesus Was an Episcopalian” by Chris Yaw. An
modern-day Demeter and Persephone chronicle the                    introduction to the Episcopal Church that covers
richly symbolic and personal meaning of an array of                everything from church history to the Book of Common
inspiring figures and site;, they also each give voice to          Prayer to what to expect when you walk into an
that most protean of connections: the bond of mother               Episcopal Church. Additionally, there are some thought
and daughter.                                                      provoking chapters that would be good for any spiritual
                                                                   person to read, regardless of religious preference. It's a
John Kirvan has edited four books that can be used to              quick read, easy to follow, and it is LOADED with extra
begin a prayer discipline. For 30 days you can read a              resources such as photographs and websites.
short piece each morning, have a thought for the day,              - “The Episcopal Handbook” published by Morehouse.
and/or read a bit each evening. At the end of the month            This book provides historical and theological information
you can begin again.                                               about the Episcopal Church alongside fun-filled facts
- “Let Nothing Disturb You – Teresa of Avila”                      and practical tips on being a churchgoing follower of
- “Peace of Heart / Francis of Assisi”                             Jesus Christ. Complete with illustrations, The Episcopal
- “Where Only Love Can Go – the Cloud of                           Handbook presents a combination of vast truths,
Unknowing”                                                         complex details, and bits of humor about the Episcopal
- “You Shall Not Want – The Psalms”                                understanding of the Christian life. This unique and
                                                                   handy resource is perfect for youth, adults, students,
There are three wonderful books edited by Michael                  families, and all those interested in learning about much
Reagan for the teen (or adult) on your gift list.                  of what encompasses life in the church.
 - “The Hand of God – Thoughts and Images
Reflecting the Spirit of the Universe” combines                    If you have ever wanted to settle down in an idyllic small
inspiration for the mind and spirit by juxtaposing majestic        town and live a life focused on faith and family, Jan
photographs of the cosmos next to illuminating words of            Karon's books are for you. Her Mitford series follows a
scientists, poets, and theologians.                                rural town, its inhabitants and its rector with humor,
- “Inside the Mind of God – Images and Words of                    sentiment and a foundation of Christian values that help
Inner Space” offers exhilarating photographs and                   characters overcome setbacks.
inspiring words that take the reader on a microscopic              - “At Home in Mitford” / Mitford Book 1
tour of a miraculous phenomenon--within the human                  - “A Light in Window” / Mitford Book 2
body and elsewhere.
                                                                   - “The Faith Club” was written by Idliby, Oliver, and
- “Reflections on Nature of God”  Exhilarating,                    Warner. These three women – a Muslim, a Christian,
provocative, and inspiring, the photographs and                    and a Jew – search for understanding in a ground-
reflections in "Reflections on the Nature of God" clarify          breaking book about Americans searching for faith and
why scientists are considering the spiritual in their              mutual respect.
exploration of the universe.
                                                                   Joan Chittister has written “The Gift of Years –
The perfect gift for the tech-weary child (or adult) in your       Growing Older Gracefully” – not only accepting but
life. Bold illustrations, simple text, and a barrelful of wit in   also celebrating getting old, this inspirational and
“It’s a Book” will remind readers of the joys to be found          illuminating book looks at the many facets of the aging
when you go offline and lose yourself in the pages of a            process, from purposes and challenges to struggles and
favorite story. If you adore the way paper feels against           surprises. Perhaps the most important dimension
your fingertips and the smell of musty ink, if you shudder         revealed lies in the awareness that there is a purpose to
each time a friend predicts the rise of the eBook and the          aging and intention built into every stage of life. Readers
demise of the traditional one, then think of “It's A Book”         are encouraged to surmount their fears of getting older
as therapy.                                                        and find beauty in aging well.

                                                                                           LindaCarol McKinlay 
                    Come Celebrate Trinity Sunday on June 19
         In New Testament communities and in the first centuries of the Christian era, Christians strug-
gled for the right language to speak about God. Around the year 200 AD, if I recall correctly, we have
our first record of someone using the word “Trinity” to refer to God. For all of the differences among
those who call themselves Christians, confessing God as Trinity defines the Christian community at its
broadest and most inclusive.
          We Christians use Trinitarian language about God with confidence. We do believe God has tru-
ly revealed himself to us as one God in Three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We al-
so believe that Son Jesus is God and man, truly divine and truly human. Christian prayer is addressed
confidently “to the Father, through the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit.” These patterns of language
have shaped Christian believing and living from the time of the New Testament into our own time. In
our Prayer Book worship, we Episcopalians use this Trinitarian language to set forth the “truths of the
Gospel” (see the Prayer Book, page 11). Gospel truth is the fundamental source of our unity with God,
with Christ, and with each other through the power of the Spirit.
          Trinitarian language has been a challenge almost from the beginning of the Church. It will al-
ways be difficult to grasp until the end of time because it is a belief, not a physical object and because
it is a beginning and not an end in itself. Jesus himself does not mention it in the gospels. The only di-
rect Trinitarian reference ascribed to him at all comes at the end of Matthew, when Jesus tells his disci-
ples to baptize in the “name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” In the Acts of the
Apostles baptism is always in the “name of Lord Jesus” alone. There is an emerging doctrine of the
Trinity in John’s gospel, but if it were entirely clear, the Church’s controversies into the present day
would have taken a different course.
          Some Christians are very concerned about the masculine imagery of Christian formularies that
tends to hide the presence of women and of the feminine from Christian history and theology. It is an
entirely legitimate concern. That’s a subject which could take up many newsletter articles like this. But
in this article I want to say something about what I think our common Trinitarian language means and
does not mean.
          Trinitarian language is an agreed beginning and it is a sufficient beginning and revelation of
God to humankind. Trinitarian language is God’s revelation of himself to us. Our language does not
limit or control God. Many conventions of English language and literature – which make me want to
use “himself” and not “God’s self” – are just that, conventions of our language that aren’t shared by
New Testament Greek. God has been experienced and known through feminine imagery in the Old
and New Testaments and in the Apocrypha. Christian mystics and teachers have felt God’s presence
as Mother.
          I have never been led to describe an experience of God apart from traditional Trinitarian lan-
guage. It is interesting to me that I have a very similar affection for my sister and for my brother. Its sib-
ling affection and it is identical as far as I can tell. On the other hand, my love and affection for my fa-
ther and my mother feel to me very different, though I’m not sure it would be easy for me to put it into
words. I’m sure all of this does influence how I respond at some level to God in prayer.
          I remain intent in using traditional language about God while I find myself becoming increasing-
ly careful to use inclusive language about fellow human beings and inclusive in my actions. As a Chris-
tian I want to share in Christ’s mission to welcome others and to witness in word and deed to God’s life
and love for all. We still have a ways to go before women and men in the Church relate to each other
as sister and brother without power agendas from both sides.
          I absolutely recognize that in personal prayer the Holy Spirit may lead a person through many
different images and paths into God’s presence. I expect the public prayer of the Church to be from the
Prayer Book for reasons of doctrine, mission and ecumenism. (Again, more subjects for more newslet-
          There is always a good reason to go to Mass on Sunday. There are some especially good rea-
sons to go to a Mass with music on Trinity Sunday. Some of the greatest hymns written are the ones
we sing on this day. They shape and nurture our faith in the powerful way song can. They are at the
same time an offering of praise to the one who made us, saved us, and is with us always, the Holy
Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.—Stephen Gerth, Rector, St. Mary the Virgin, Times
Square, New York City.
                                                        NADAKA COMMUNITY FESTIVAL
                                                                JUNE 18, 2011
                                                                        9 AM TO NOON
                                                               CLEAN UP OF INVASIVE PLANTS

                 TEAtime: A Cup of Friendship                           NOON TO 3 PM
                                                            MUSIC; FREE FOOD; INFORMATIONAL
  June’s TEAtime will be held on Wednesday,
                                                              BOOTHS; GAMES FOR THE KIDS;
 June 8, 2011, from 6:30-8:30 p.m., in the                   DISC GOLF DEMONSTRATION; AND
 kitchen of Murdock Hall. This is a time to                         MUCH, MUCH MORE.
 just get together and chat, drink tea (or cof-
 fee) and enjoy each other’s company. I’ll               PLEASE COME AND HELP CELEBRATE
 bring some treats and the tea; feel free to                OUR NADAKA NATURE PARK
 bring a treat to share. WE ESPECIALLY
                                                       Many different organizations are joining together
                                                       to stage this event --- Wilkes East Neighborhood
 ST. AIDAN’S TO JOIN US. Any questions,                Association, Eastrose Unitarian Church, St Aidan's
 please call Angie Groce at 503-665-8242.              Episcopal Church; as well as community volunteer
                                                       groups and local businesses. Rebecca Wirkkala
 “Love and scandal are the sweeteners of tea”          and Gloria Trunk are the liaisons from St Aidan's
                                                       and we will need volunteers to help move heavy
                                                       stuff, monitor the parking lot, man the BBQ grill,
                                                       and CLEAN UP post-event. PLEASE help us to
 Dear Friends,                                         make this a resounding success in the neighborhood.

 I volunteer at a 4H summer camp and we are
 looking for donations of craft supplies. In the
 list below are some things that we are looking         Summer is a comin' in - and that means the
 for:                                                   choir is off for a few weeks. So what to do?
                                                        What are your favorite hymns in Hymnal 1982?
   YARN, EMBROIDERY FLOSS, OLD CAN-                     List up to five hymns in your preferred order -
    DLES or WAX, HALF GALLON PAPER                      #1 absolutely the very most favorite, #2 se-
    MILK OR JUICE CARTONS, CROCHET                      cond favorite, etc. Please write down the
    COTTON, BEADS AND WIGGLE EYES.                      name and include the number.
                                                        Clip and put this in either the offering bag, in
 Please bring anything you would like to do-            my cubby in Murdock Hall, or give it directly to
 nate to church and I can give you a receipt for        me. I need these by June 1. Thanks, Mark
 your taxes.                                            Jones
                                    Thank you,          __________________________________________________
                                 Sharon Barney

         Do you shop on-line?                           __________________________________________________
Check out the church's homepage at
                                                        4 to see how you         __________________________________________________
can help raise funds for the church by shopping
on line with our business partners. Questions?          __________________________________________________
Call Mark Jones at 503.866.5572

            Servants Serving the Servants of God — June
                       If you are unable to serve on a particular occasion:
                       1. Please make arrangements for a substitute, and
               2. Please Notify Rob Stoltz, Parish Administrator, in the church office:
                      by email, or phone (503) 252–6128.

June 5 — 8:00 am Server, Byron McKinlay, Usher, Tim Keady

10:00 am Service — Server, Byron McKinlay; LEM 1, Chuck Kyer; LEM 2, Marilyn Pierik; Lector
1, Goodnight’s, Lector 2, Goodnight’s; Usher 1, Goodnight’s; Usher 2, Goodnight’s; Ambassador,
B.J. Pietzold; Coffee Hour Hosts, Charlotte Dennett and Greenaway’s ; Pacific Gardens, Joyce
Robinson and Pat Rose ; Altar Guild, B.J. Pietzold, Colleen Hatala and Sharon Weese; Counters,
Leslie Hirsch and Barbara Lambert; Building Closers, Sharon Barney and Patrick Hoye.

June 12 — 8:00 am Service — Server, Paul Koksha; Usher, Bill Pratt.

10:00 am Service — Server, Tammie Sartwell ; LEM 1, Byron McKinlay; LEM 2, Chuck Kyer; Lec-
tor 1, Shirley Bush ; Lector 2, Dan Hatala; Usher 1, Leslie Hirsch; Usher 2, Barry Anderson; Am-
bassador, Cathy Hoye; Coffee Hour Hosts, Pratt’s, Sharon Weese and Joyce Burley; Altar Guild,
Shirley Pratt, Charlotte Dennett and Marlene Lucas; Counters, Shirley Bush and Tammie Sartwell ;
Building Closers, Byron McKinlay and Patrick Hoye.

June 19 — 8:00 am Service — Server, Byron McKinlay; Usher, Lloyd Johnston; Lector, Lloyd

10:00 am Service — Server, Byron McKinlay; LEM 1, Byron McKinlay; ; LEM 2, Linda Hammond;
Lector 1, Dan Hatala; Lector 2, Leslie Hirsch; Usher 1, Mark Pinkerton; Usher 2, Joyce Burley;
Ambassador, June Day; Coffee Hour Hosts, Sharon Barney, Bob & Marilyn Pierik and Kevin
Gibler; Altar Guild, Linda Hammond, Jan Iseli and Mary Anderson; Counters, Barry and Claire An-
derson; Building Closers, Byron McKinlay and Patrick Hoye.

June 26 — 8:00 am Server, Paul Koksha, George DeWitz; Lector, George DeWitz.

10:00 am Service — Server, Byron McKinlay; LEM 1, Byron McKinlay; LEM 2, Linda Hammond;
Lector 1, Leslie Hirsch; Lector 2, LindaCarol McKinlay; Usher 1, Doug Pfeiffer; Usher 2, Leslie
Hirsch; Ambassador, B.J. Pietzold; Coffee Hour Hosts, Vidito’s and Jean Gruenewald; Altar
Guild, Diane Dempsey, Julie Kyer, and Betsy Berninghausen; Counters, Charlotte Dennett and
Linda Hammond; Building Closers, Shirley Bush and Patrick Hoye.

July 3 — 8:00 am Server, Byron McKinlay; Usher, Tim Keady.
10:00 am Service — Server, Donavan Sartwell ; LEM 1, Chuck Kyer; LEM 2, Byron McKinlay;
Lector 1, McCoy Family; Lector 2, McCoy Family; Usher 1, McCoy Family; Usher 2, McCoy Fami-
ly; Ambassador, Cathy Hoye; Coffee Hour Hosts, INDEPENDENCE DAY POTLUCK, whatever
everyone brings; Pacific Gardens, Sharon Barney and Pierik’s ; Altar Guild, Shirley Pratt, Char-
lotte Dennett, Marlene Lucas; Counters, Greenaway’s Building Closers, Volunteers Please.

 THE CHURCH MOUSE — June 2011                                           priest, feel free to consult your directory and call him at
                   June is here, the weather is a bit more              home. He is still on duty for us on Tuesdays and Wednes-
                   sunny! It is nice to see flowers blooming            days in the office. Three East County priests are doing a
                   and birds flitting about doing what they             little pastoral round robin, and will be exchanging pulpits at
                   ought’a be doing. Gloria and friends have            the end of May and the first of June. We look forward to
                   been working like beavers in the church              seeing the priests from St. Luke’s, Gresham, and Sts.
                   yard, thatching and re-seeding some of the           Peter and Paul, SE Portland sharing themselves with us
                   lawn, planting lots of color spots, putting in       while Scott visits their parishes. It should be interesting.
                   the garden and making things look happy.                       You may have read in The Outlook, that St. Ai-
                   In addition to Gloria, I’ve seen B.J.                dan’s was one of the recipients in the bequest of the Jack
Pietzold, Byron McKinlay, Mary Hamilton, Joyce Burley                   Malcom estate. May 22, an honor guard of Sea Scouts
(and Fr. Scott) giving time and energy to beautifying our               presented a check of approximately $200,000 to our parish.
church yard. Thanks to one and all!                                     St. Luke’s also received a like amount, as Jack was a St.
         Now we are in the post-Easter season, the church               Luke’s charter member AND St. Aidan’s’ dividing his time
schedule slows down a bit. We spend more time in build-                 between the two churches. The churches his family attend-
ing our faith and renewing our souls. Look forward to                   ed also received part of his largesse, as did the Mt. Hood
spending more time with friends and family from other plac-             Medical Center and the Gresham Historical Society. He
es; more time enjoying the beauties of the world around us.             was truly generous in his bequests.
Thank God for creating and maintaining such a lovely                    Our parish sick list continues to need our prayers. In Rob’s
world. There are more empty spaces on our church calen-                 absence, Marilyn Pierik is maintaining the printed prayer
dar, but that shouldn’t preclude our thinking about God in              list as part of her Wednesday duties, assisted by Joyce
our daily lives.                                                        Robinson, who keeps her ear open to the needs of people
         The rummage sale is over and will be on hiatus for             needing prayer. I know that Sandy Cummins is healing
the next year, while we think of how to make it flow better             from her shoulder surgery, but it is a slow process, and she
within our parish and community. Big thanks to the long-                is really missing the support of her husband, Don (who died
suffering crew of Sharon Weese, Colleen Hatala, Bonnie                  earlier this spring). Barbara Lambert is recovering from
Buckmann, June Day, Valerie Greenaway and Charlotte                     hip surgery, and able to drive a bit, although she tires very
Dennett who have served us steadily these past few years.               easily. Shirley Bush is better, after a long bout with a se-
The break will be welcome for them, although we will miss               vere bronchial infection. Carolyn Vidito is needing more
their steady work on that event. With the break in planning             prayers, as her cancer is recurring. Mary Salter has been
the rummage sale, plans for Wintergarden are picking up.                having a lot of problems with her health, and is needing
There will be a planning meeting in early June, and the                 prayers. Congratulations to Kayla Scher on the birth of her
weekly (almost) work sessions should begin again on                     baby boy. He’s already been to church a couple times; he
Wednesday evenings throughout the summer. More about                    sure is little! They are living with her parents, Patrick and
that next month. The Sunday School will be mainly on                    Samantha Hoye, and the whole family is enjoying the ex-
break for the summer, and we are have to say goodbye to                 perience of a new baby. Congratulations are also in order
our faithful child care attendants, who have been with us for           with the news Joyce Robinson received that her daughter
the past couple years. (The special fund for hiring them has            Toby Bayard has won the award for land conservation in
run out, so we will be looking more to our church family to             the Bend area. She was in France when the award was
assist with our kids). It will be interesting to see what hap-          given out by Governor John Kitzhaber. Congratulations.
pens next on that score. A BIG THANK YOU to Mike and                            That’s about it for now. More next time. C.M
Shirley Vidito, who have been supervising and teaching
our kids for the past several years. Speaking of Shirley,
she is also relinquishing her responsibility for the
BOOKSTORE. LindaCarol, McKinlay has been selling out
the old merchandise, and has found a whole set of other
reading material for our growth and edification. Good luck
to her as she carries out this new responsibility. I under-
stand our first MOVIE NIGHT with and for our families with                               PLEDGE UPDATE
kids was quite successful. They are going to make that a
semi-regular thing. Keep your ears open for a time of get-               We are at mid-point in our budget year and entering
ting together for fun and fellowship on a Friday evening.                the summer months with vacations and summer ac-
         Manpower in the office has been thin. Rob Stoltz                tivities. First quarter pledge statements have been
had an opportunity to go to Italy for a month as a compan-               received and we encourage everyone to ensure
ion to an older acquaintance. The weeks before he left he                they are current on their pledges. We are under se-
worked very hard at getting all the bulletins printed and oth-           vere budgetary constraints this year and St. Aidan
er materials ready for his absence. By now, he should be                 relies on the amount pledged to keep its bills paid.
on his way back; not having a presence in the office has left            When the money does not come in, then we can not
things a little bare. Fr. Scott has been doing some extra                pay our expenses.
hospital chaplain duties while they making personnel
                                                                                                            LindaCarol McKinlay
changes at the hospital. If you have needs that require a

Intercessions                                                                                                     Lectionary Readings

June 5, 2011                        The Seventh Sunday of Easter: The Sunday After Ascension Day

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, pray for work of the Church in the Anglican Communion                                      Acts 1:6–14
Environmental Network (ACEN). In the Ecumenical Cycle of Prayer, pray for the work of the                        Psalm 68:1–10, 33–36
church in Angola and Mozambique. In our Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, pray for the congrega-                       1 Peter 4:12–14, 5:6–11
tions of Prince of Peace, Salem; St. Paul, Salem; St. Timothy, Salem; Calvary, Seaside. In our                            John 17:1–11
Parish Cycle of Prayer, pray for our Library Guild.

June 12, 2011                       The Day of Pentecost: Whitsunday

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, pray for all those involved in Mission. In the Ecumenical Cy-                             Acts 2:1–21
cle of Prayer, pray for the work of the church in Brazil. In our Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, pray                   Psalm 104:25–35, 37
for the congregations of St. Martin, Shady Cove; St. Edward, Silverton; St John the Divine,                    1 Corinthians 12:3b–13
Springfield; Christ Church, St. Helens. In our Parish Cycle of Prayer, pray for St. Martha’s                             John 7:37–39

June 19, 2011                       The First Sunday after Pentecost: Trinity Sunday

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, pray for the Church in Okinawa. In the Ecumenical Cycle of                          Genesis 1:1-2:4a
Prayer, pray for the work of the church in Argentina, Paraguay & Uruguay. In our Diocesan                                     Psalm 8
Cycle of Prayer, pray for the congregations of Christ the King on the Santiam, Stayton; Holy                   2 Corinthians 13:11-13
Spirit, Sutherlin; St. Francis, Sweet Home and St. James, Tigard. In our Parish Cycle of Prayer,                   Matthew 28:16-20
pray for Outreach ministries especially SnoCap and its employees, volunteers, and recipients.

June 26, 2011                       The Second Sunday after Pentecost: Proper 8, Year A

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, pray for work of the Church in Province of the Niger, Nigeria.                         Jeremiah 28:5-9
In the Ecumenical Cycle of Prayer, pray for the work of the church in Bolivia, Chile & Peru.                        Psalm 89:1-4, 15-18
In our Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, pray for the congregations of St. Alban, Tillamook; St. John,                         Romans 6:12-23
Toledo; Meridian Park Hospital, Tualatin and St. Luke by the Sea, Waldport. In our Parish                            Matthew 10:40-42
Cycle of Prayer, pray for our Outreach ministries especially the Pacific Gardens residents &
employees and the our Service leaders.

July 3, 2011                        The Third Sunday after Pentecost: Proper 9, Year A

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, pray for work of the Church in the Province of Ibadan, Nige-             Genesis 24:34-38, 42-79, 58-
ria. In the Ecumenical Cycle of Prayer, pray for the work of the church in Colombia, Ecuador,                  57 or Zechariah 9:9-12
& Venezuela. In our Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, pray for the congregations of St. Francis of                             Psalm 45:11-18
Assisi, Wilsonville, St. Mary, Woodburn; and our Companion Diocese of Madhya Kerala. In                    or Song of Solomon 2:8-13
our Parish Cycle of Prayer, pray for Communication Committee especially the telephone tree                         or Psalm 145:8-15
volunteer callers.                                                                                                  Romans 7:15-25a
                                                                                                             Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30
  Eucharistic Lectionary - Year A                                                                     Daily Office Lectionary — Year 1
The Lectionary readings are those of the Revised Common Lectionary, as adapted for The Use of The Episcopal Church. We are in Year A (the
year of Matthew). St. Aidan’s uses Track Two (the Gospel-related/correlated) First Reading and Psalm).

                                                                             Would you like to be baptized?
                                                                        If you have committed to following Jesus as the one who
           METRO EAST CONVOCATION                                       forgives and rescues you — or if you would like to — and
                 JUNE 5, 2011                                           you’ve never been baptized, we would love to baptize you
                  ST. AIDAN'S                                           On the Day of Pentecost, June 12. We’ll also gladly have
                    3 - 5 pm                                            infants baptized, too. If you’re interested or have ques-
                                                                        tions, please contact Fr. Scott.

        Rent Murdock Hall                                     Remembering Jack Malcom
                                                                 Rushing into Malcom's Florist, to pick up
       for your next event!                              something for an anniversary, I was tardy. As he
                                                         prepared a house plant, he suggested the
        Are you planning a large gathering of            Reeses' wedding anniversary was also nearing;
 friends and family for one of those special oc-         would I like to give him a check and he would
 casions like a golden anniversary, 75th birth-          see those mementos reached them on
 day celebration, organization meeting or func-          schedule? I wrote out a check with a relieved
 tion?                                                   mind. As the year progressed, it was plain he
         We offer special discount hall-rental           was exceeding the check. I probably owed him
 rates for Saint Aidan parishioners, non-profit          some more money, but calling him, he denied
 organizations, and neighborhood associa-                my supposition - and continued to deliver
 tions.                                                  something for nearly every holiday. This became
                                                         a pattern through the years. He remarked at one
         More than 200 guests can be seated
                                                         8 o'clock service that Helen was always pleased
 for meals at tables, or in an auditorium style
                                                         with his selections, and it pleased him. Did he do
                                                         the same for other customers? Only Jack could
     Commercial kitchen is available for cater-
                                                                 It is safe to say that Jack had been an
     Bright and airy space.
     Plenty of parking.
                                                         member of St. Luke's, if not a charter member, -
     AV equipment and portable stage are
                                                         along with Adelbert and Heien Rees. When St.
                                                         Aidan's began rising into reality he was in on the
     Beautiful grounds.
                                                         planning and execution. The Estate Gifts to four
     Convenient location off I-84.
                                                         churches honors the family members who
       For more information, contact Mark                attended each parish. Gifts to other organiza-
 Jones, through the church office at                     tions reflect what he treasured - history com-
 503.252.6128 or cell phone 503.866.5572                 munity concern for children and adults, and don't
              Saint Aidan's Episcopal Church             forget the music, and repair to instruments.
                                                                 Shortly after his last trip to Europe, which
                                                         had taken a toll on his health, he mentioned how
Happy Birthday — Because time itself is like a           proud he was to find his genealogy had reveal-
spiral, something special happens on your birthday       ed a noted ancestor was likely King Malcom of
each year: The same energy that God invested in          Scotland, whose queen was St. Margaret. My
you at birth is present once again.                      son had drawn a detailed iconograph honoring
                                                         St. Margaret, that pleased Jack. It may be a
    3 Paul Koksha
                                                         while before another Jack comes into our lives.
    6 Jessica Jones
    8 Gloria Trunk
    9 Doug Pfeiffer

   13 June Day                                                       Use Forward Day By Day!
   16 Gloria Morris                                                 Forward Day by Day is a booklet of daily inspi-
                                                                    rational meditations reflecting on a specific Bi-
   18 John Treviso                                                  ble passage chosen from the daily lectionary
   19 Diane Parker                                                  readings, as listed in the Revised Common
                                                                    Lectionary, or the Daily Office Lectionary from
   23 Marilyn DeWitz                                     the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer. The
   24 Toni Gibler                                        meditations are rich in substance and offer a wide range of
                                                         witness and experience. Copies of the issue for May, June
   30 John Richey-Wallace                                & July are available in the Tract Rack of the Narthex. The
      Sandra Richey-Wallace                              new issue features meditations by three Episcopal priests,
                                                         one of whom is a new contributor to Forward. Pick up a


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