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									                                                       WINTER 2011-12

              Taxi                     ThE	VEriFoNE		
              Times                    NEwSlETTEr

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01	 2012,	a	year	to	remember
01	 Citius,	Altius,	Fortius
02	checks	in	with	
      VeriFone	Media	and	VNET

02    More	paper	rolls

02    Score	with	VeriFone

03    Ask	those	who	know:	
      Case	studies	from	

      our	drivers

      Tips,	tips,	tips!

                                                       5 0 tiollow
                                                    1 aour f ne!
                                                   £ l o

                                             r n alefer yVeriF
                                          e a styou rrs to
                                            i nwhendrive

     Let’s make 2012 a year to remember
     Firstly, may I take this opportunity to        currently being renovated and we’re hoping     forms of transport and pay by credit, debit
     wish everyone a happy new year from            to be operational by the beginning of March.   or Oyster card. We are helping to encourage
     VeriFone Taxi Solutions and thank you for      We’ll let you know when we’re moving in by     more of them to use more taxis, driving
     your support last year. With the Queens        text message as soon the date is confirmed.    more jobs your way over the long term.
     Diamond Jubilee and Olympics to look
                                                    The ‘new’ Dunbridge Street and Gloucester      Partnering with Radio Taxis
     forward to, 2012 is certainly shaping up to
                                                    House sites will both provide card system      So now you know what’s been keeping us
     be one of the most exciting years in living
                                                    installation, maintenance and fitting          so busy, but there’s more. If you read the
     memory for London and Londoners.
                                                    services, and advertising operations.          taxi trade press you may already know
     We’re working hard behind the scenes           Gloucester House will be our flagship site,    that VeriFone has signed a deal with Radio
     at VeriFone to make sure our fleets and        but by having two sites for you to choose      Taxis. We are now their payment provider
     drivers are ideally placed to capitalise on    from, we hope to make life that little bit     of choice. This really is an excellent
     the influx of extra visitors who will start    easier and more convenient for you.            endorsement of our solution, and helps to
     arriving in just a few week’s time. I can                                                     ensure that VeriFone will be around in the
                                                    Improved content
     give you a sneak preview of some of our                                                       long term through a vast and growing fleet
                                                    We’re also on the verge of making a public
     key developments in this newsletter.                                                          in London. The Radio Taxi fleet will be
                                                    announcement about another bit of great
                                                                                                   installed during the next 6 months.
     New and upgraded facilities                    news. After more than a year of hard work
     You probably already know our Dunbridge        and negotiation, we’re close to confirming     Earn money with referrals
     Street Operations Centre. That’s about to      that a major UK broadcaster will be our        One last thing. Remember that the VeriFone
     receive a well-earned refurbishment and        exclusive provider of news, weather and        referral scheme is still running. We’re
     new lease of life. We’ll be reworking it to    sport on the digital screens in your taxi.     increasing the referral fee from £100 to
     make sure drivers are ‘in and out’ with the    Fingers crossed, we’ll have this new           £150 for every additional driver you refer
     minimum of downtime, getting you back          partnership up and running by the end of       to have a VeriFone card payment system
     on the road even more quickly.                 April. At the time of going to press, I’m      installed until the end of February. This is
                                                    unfortunately not allowed to reveal who our    just one of the many ways we can reward
      We’re also investing in a new HQ in
                                                    partner will be, but I’m sure you can guess.   and thank you for supporting VeriFone and
     Kennington. This will give drivers the
                                                                                                   helping to spread the good news.
     choice of two well-appointed sites to          Licensed taxi drivers have been under
     use for added convenience. ‘Gloucester         increasing pressure in recent times.           Thanks again for your continued support.
     House’ in Kennington Lane may be familiar      VeriFone is committed to supporting the        Let’s make 2012 a year to remember!
     to many drivers as it was home to Taxi         trade by adding value and convenience for
                                                                                                   Mark Roberts
     Media up until a couple of years ago.          you and your passengers. Giving them a
                                                                                                   VeriFone	Taxi	and	Media	Solutions
     The 15,000 square feet site has custom-        card payment option and a premium TV
     built taxi fitting bays and offices for our    channel is important as many could be          * Source:
     Operations,Logistics & Technical Teams. It’s   tempted to use other ‘more convenient’

     “Citius, Altius, Fortius”
     Faster, higher, stronger.	That’s	the	olympic	motto,	                There	are	2	mascots	for	london	2012	–	wenlock	
     although	it	could	also	describe	VeriFone’s	progress	                for	the	Games,	named	after	the	Shropshire	town	of	
     in	london	over	the	past	year	too.	The	olympics	                     Much	wenlock	which	inspired	the	modern	olympics,	
     arrive	in	london	for	the	third	time	on	27	July	this	                and	Mandeville	for	the	Paralympics,	named	after	
     year.	205	nations	will	compete	in	300	events	and	                   Stoke	Mandeville	hospital.	Both	mascots	feature	a	
     147	nations	will	take	part	in	the	Paralympics.	The	                 special	taxi	light	on	their	heads	in	homage	to	the	
     Games	feature	26	sports,	broken	down	into	39	                       great	london	taxi.
     disciplines.	These	take	place	at	nine	venues	in	the	
     olympic	Park	and	at	a	further	13	venues	in	london	                  So,	you	and	your	taxi	AlrEAdY	have	a	starring	role	in	
     with	ten	more	across	the	UK.	                                       the	london	olympics	this	summer,	but	with	VeriFone	
                                                                         Media,	there	are	loads	more	
     There	are	eleven	worldwide	                                         opportunities	for	you	to	go	for	
     olympic	Partners	including	                                         gold.	we	need	even	more	
     GE,	Panasonic	and	ViSA,	                                            taxis	for	our	fantastic	
     then	there	are	seven	                                               olympic	livery	fleet.
     2012	official	olympic	
     Partners	including	BT	and	                                          If you’d like to
     EdF,	seven	2012	official	                                           join the team,
     olympic	Supporters	including	                                       just call
     Cadbury,	and	28	2012	official	                                      0207 091 1911
     olympic	Providers	&	Suppliers	including	heathrow	
     Airport	and	westfield.	You’ll	have	seen	most	of	
     them	advertising	on	VeriFone	Media	taxis	already.
                                                                                                                                                              02 checks in with                                           go’	urban	customer.”	says	Mark	roberts,	VP	&	GM,	
                                                                        VeriFone	Taxi	&	Media	Solutions.	“in	addition,	VNET	
VeriFone Media and VNET                                                 helps	reach	affluent	business	professionals	and	
                                                                        consumers	when	they	are	at	their	most	is	merging	traditional	outdoor	                          receptive	and	least	distracted	–	inside	
media	and	digital	out	of	home	(dooh)	with	                              the	cab	as	they	travel	across	the	
VeriFone	Media	and	VeriFone	digital	Network	                            city.”	
(VNET)	to	create	an	integrated	campaign	across	
london.	will	utilise	both	the	digital	                   Kathy	Maxwell,	head	of	Brand	and	
screen	inside	and	high	impact	superside	liveries	                       Pr	UK	and	ireland	said,	“This	year	
outside	london’s	licensed	taxis	to	promote	it’s	Top	                    sees	return	to	its	
Secret®	hotels	offering	and	pop-up	store	-	Top	                         brand	heritage	and	core	values	of	
Secret®	Collection	-	in	Central	london.	                                ‘lastminute-ness’.	in	keeping	with	
                                                                        this	ethos,	we	are	increasingly	looking	
“VeriFone	Media	combined	with	VNET	offers	                              at	new	ways	of	communicating	to	our	an	ideal	opportunity	to	create	a	                        target	audiences	in	real	time	while	they	are	out	and	
dynamic	campaign	that	resonates	with	the	‘on-the-                       about	–	this	campaign	ticks	those	boxes	brilliantly.”

      If a passenger makes an error and the transaction cancels,                 be sure to check both copies of the receipt.
 1    don’t panic! Recall last fare and ask the passenger to follow     4        If transaction cancelled is displayed on
      the instruction on the passenger terminal.                                 either receipt, the payment has been
                                                                                 unsuccessful and you will not be paid.

      For passengers paying by chip and PIN, ask them

      to leave their card in the terminal until bOTH receipts                    Forgot to login and have taken a
      have printed.                                                              transaction? Call customer services.

 3                                                                      6
      Did you know you can check all the transaction you                         Did you know that a passenger can turn off the TV
      have taken from the comfort of your mobile phone?                          screen in the back of the taxi by pressing the red
      Call customer service for details.                                         standby button on the remote control.

MORE paper rolls?
We will be sending out FREE receipt rolls to the top-                  The	paper	rolls	can	easily	be	purchased	online	and		
performing drivers each month. In the meantime                         delivered	to	your	door	in	just	a	few	days.		
order more paper rolls from                        or	call	Primatel	for	phone	orders:		
                                                                       0845 430 1379	or	0208 679 4428.	
Product: VeriFone Vx 510 paper rolls
                                                                       if	you	use	Primatel’s	landline	number,	it	will		
Product code: THM572512                                                be	either	free	or	inexpensive	from	your	mobile.

remember	we	are	giving	away	premiership	football	tickets	
                                                                                                                      don’t	forget	you	can	still	earn	
with	hospitality	until	the	end	of	the	season	for	the	driver	that	                                                     money	with	the	referral	scheme.	
does	the	most	individual	transactions	each	month.                                                                     Simply	recommend	VeriFone	to	a	
                                                                                                                      fellow	driver	and	we’ll	reward	you	
                                                                                                                      with	an	extra	£150	for	each	referral.

           DECEMbER 2011                               NOVEMbER 2011                                            OCTObER 2011
           Chris Vulley                                William Harvey                                           Ricardo Silvar
           WON 2 FOOTbALL                              WON 2 FOOTbALL                                           WON 2 FOOTbALL
           TICKETS TO SEE                              TICKETS TO SEE                                           TICKETS TO SEE
           Fulham v                                    Qpr v                                                    tottenham v
           arsenal                                     Man City                                                 arsenal
                                                                   Driver: Andrew Wilcox
                                                                   Total fare = £473 Visa
                                                                   Journey: London, Portland Place to buckingham near Milton Keynes
                                                                   Andrew	was	waiting	at	a	taxi	rank	outside	a	hotel	in	Portland	Place	
                                                                   when	he	was	approached	by	a	passenger	asking	if	he	took	cards.	
                                                                   The	passenger,	who	was	from	Mozambique,	builds	roads	in	his	own	
                                                                   country.	he	asked	the	driver	to	take	him	to	an	to	an	industrial	estate	
                                                                          where	the	passenger	purchased	a	concrete	mixing	truck!	
        Everyone’s	talking	about	VeriFone!	                                   The	passenger	will	have	the	truck	shipped	back	to		
        drivers,	fleet	owners	and	passengers	                                   his	country.
        are	loving	the	card	payment	system.	                                      “i	am	really	happy	with	the	system	and	this	is	the	
                                                                                  highest	fare	i	have	ever	taken.”
        See	our	full	series	of	driver	testimonials		
        on or		      

     Driver: Russell Lowrie                                            Driver: Niranjan Selvakumran
     Total fare = £263.12 Visa                                         Total fare = £494.78 MasterCard
     Journey: London, Kings Cross to Huntingdon on boxing Day          Journey: London, Heathrow to Exeter, Devon
     russell	was	approached	by	the	passenger	at	Kings	                 on Christmas Eve
     Cross.	The	passenger	was	at	his	wits	end	due	to	the	              The driver was approached by a passenger who just missed the
     problems	he	had	been	facing	because	of	the	Tube	                  last coach to Exeter at London Heathrow.
     strikes.	The	passenger	was	from	America	and	needed		              The passenger mentioned they could only pay by card and they
     to	get	to	a	military	base	in	huntingdon.                          negotiated a flat fare. The passenger took this expensive journey
     The	passenger	stated	he	only	had	a	Visa	card	which	was	           so they could be home for Christmas.
     obviously	not	a	problem	for	the	driver.	The	journey	took	         The driver only had the card system because he was hiring a taxi
     an	hour	and	half.                                                 from Colts Cabs. His own taxi was in the garage because of gear
     “i	am	really	happy	getting	such	a	large	fare	just	after	          box issues.
                          Christmas	and	really	happy	with	             “I love getting this large fare and it has helped pay for the repairs
                          the	VeriFone	system.	it	was	only	            to my own taxi. I plan to get a VeriFone payment system installed
                          because	of	my	card	payment	system	           ASAP! It’s necessary to have a card system when working in
                          that	i	was	able	to	get	this	passenger	       Heathrow due to the tourists and business passengers. I have
                          and	am	also	pleased	to	do	our	bit	for	       used other card payments systems in the past and VeriFone’s is
                          our	American	Cousins.”                       the fastest.”

           Tips, tips, tips!
           here	at	VeriFone	we	do	listen	to	all	of	our	drivers’	suggestions	and	feedback.	
           we	have	reviewed	the	“Tip	Amount”	that	a	card	paying	customer	is	presented	
           with	during	a	transaction.	we	are	pleased	to	announce	that	this	has	now	increased	
           to	10%,	15%	and	20%	values.	This	update	will	be	applied	automatically	to	your		
           payment	system.	we	do	listen	and	implement,	taking	great	pride	in	providing	more	
           money	for	YoU,	the	greater	london	taxi	driver.

     CONTACT US                                                          @TaxiMediaUK
     Free phone:

     0333 666 1000                                                       @VeriFone_NEMEA
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