10 Quick Reasons to Start Juicing by sairanaeem


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									                                 10 Quick Reasons to Start Juicing

              Juicing is an efficient way to take in your recommended daily servings of Fruits
               and Vegetables

              Juicing allows your digestive system to “take a break” so to speak. It’s tough for
               your body to constantly be digesting food

              Store bought Juices may contain large amounts of sugar and have lost most of
               their benefits in the pasteurization process (the heat kills off the benefits)

              The high Anti-Oxidants found in many Juices are beneficial to your body. Anti-
               Oxidants offer great Anti-Aging properties and are Heart Healthy

              Juicing can provide your immune system with the necessary nutrients it needs to
               fight off infections and keep you healthy

              Some Juices offer therapeutic properties helping your body recover from illness
               or disease quicker

              Juicing allows your body to absorb nutrients and minerals

              Juicing can cleanse the body of dangerous toxins that are harmful to our bodies

              Juicing can increase our energy levels throughout the day without all the extra

              Juicing is an easy process and you can’t beat the fresh taste

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