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                 RING ROAD NEW DELHI 110015
         http://www.esih-basai.org    Phone: 25936932

             Equipment Purchased in year 2006
Sl.No-     Name of the Equipment               Cost(inclusive of tax)
1-        Hydrolic Fracture Table                        Rs- 225000.
2-        Nebulizer                                        Rs- 20000.
3-        Motorized Bed                                  Rs- 125000.
4-        Nasal Endoscope                                Rs- 123760.
5-        High Pressure Autoclave                        Rs- 198000.
6-        Photo Therapy Unit                               Rs- 90000.
7-        Cardiac Monitor with defibrillator             Rs- 134000.
8-        Elisa Reader with Washer                       Rs- 525000.
9-        Autoclave Vertical (Small)                       Rs- 20500.
10-       Donor Couch                                     Rs 156000.
11-       Anesthesia Work Station                        Rs-3200000.
12-       Electro Nerve Stimulator                         Rs- 35000.
13-       Fiber Optic Bronchoscope                       Rs- 478000.
14-      Automated Coaglometer                           Rs- 338000.
15-      Non Invasive Ventilator                         Rs- 460000.
16-      X-Ray Process Tank (Manual)                      Rs-368000.
17-      Patient Warming System                          Rs- 359840.
       Specification of Autoclaves Vertical (Small)
1) Electrically operated ( 220 V- 240 V)

2) Vertical type

3) Should be double walled
   A) Inner wall made up of s.s.
   B) Outer wall made up of m.s / s.s.

4 ) Size depth 550mm x 350 mm ( approx )

5 ) Lid should be made up of stainless steel & provided with tightening
device .

6)Should have pressure gauge, water level indicator , steam release valve &
safety valve & drain for emptying the Autoclave .

7)Joint less Gasket .

8)Working pressure 10psi to 20psi .

9)To be supplied with cord, plug & stainless steel basket .

10)Should have pedal lifting arrangement to lift the lid or handle to lift the
lid .

  1) Compact device with clear digital display, large screen for easy
  2) Auto indicator with several tones for audio detection of the
      intensity delivered via needle.
  3) Choice of setting of intensity- both with rotating button and
      also digital keys in the side.
  4) Predefined settings of pulse duration of 50micro second, 150
      micro second and 300 micro second.
  5) Pulse frequency option of 1Hz, 2Hz and 4Hz.
  6) Precision to the value of 0.2mA for current below 0.5 mA, and
      above0.5mA, INCREMENT OF 0.1mA also the option of
  7) Battery operated with 9V battery.
  8) Set should contain cables to be connected to the needle and for
  9) Imported brand.
  10) Length 20 cm.
  11) Dimensions      L-200MM
                              Width max: 93mm min: 57mm

                            Height   max: 40mm     min: 23mm


  1) Ergonomic hub that is easy to manipulate.
  2) 300 and 170 bevel needles.
  3) 50cm removable extension line, composed of three
  4) 60cm female electrical connection cable-single use.
  5) Should be available in G-23,21,20.

 Should have latest art of technology to provide Non Inversive
  1) Ventilator should have the following performance date:-
  a) mode of ventilator – CPAP, bilevel PCV
  b) PEEP - 3-20 mbar
  c) Frequency - 8-50bpm
  d) Ratio - 1:3 to 2:1
  e) PinSp/ pbi – level -5-50 nmbar
  f) Trigger - Senstive, Normal
  g) Ti Apnoea - 5-60 sec
  2) Ventilator should have rescue mode Ventilation in case of
       pressure sensor failure.
  3) Ventilator should have Volume guarantee Ventilation.
  4) Ventilator should have built in LCDgraphically display for
       the monitoring of following parameter :-
          a) Real time waveform display of PrVst and Flow Vst.
          b) Volume, frequency & PIP.
  5) Ventilator should have built in alarm system for the follwing
          a) Supply pressure low
          b) Airway Pressure low/high
          c) Leakage, Apnoea & frequency
          d) Low battery.
  6) Ventilator should be operatable on mains and battery with
       back up of 2 hrs.
  7) Ventilator should have facility for oxygen enrichment.
  8) Ventilator should be light weight.
  9) Ventilator should have low noise level.
  10) Ventilator should supply with following accessories:
          a) - Breathing Hose
          b) – Nasal Mask – Adult & child

1)  Should be able to function as Defibrillater cum cardiac monitor.
2)  Energy selection should be possible from 5 to 360 J.
3)  Synchronization with R. Wave should be possible.
4)  ECG monitor should have multiple gain selection.
5)  Should have a built in battery of adequate voltage and amperage. Preferrably ,
    it should be easy to replace .
6) Provision for Multiple ECG leads monitoring eg. I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, &
    Chest leads should be available.
7)   All leads should be defibrillation and electrosurgery protected.
8) The monitor display should be of good resolution.
9) The defibrillator – Monitor should be light – weight, portable and user
10) Should be ragged and work satisfactorily during voltage fluctuation ( or else a
    compatible a voltage stabilizer should be provided.)
11) A wheeled trolley should be provided as an accessory.
12) Standard accessories to be stated in the literature

1) Nasal Endoscope: - Wide angle, auto clavable, rigid 30 degree/25
degree forward obligue telescope, 4 mm in diameter using Hopkins rod
lens system and incorporated Quantity
Source: - Imported /Indigenous

(2) Cold light fountain Source: -
  a) Cold light foundation with a minimum 150 watts Halogen lamp with
twin outlets to fit standard fiber optic cable, built in spare lamp,
adjustable light intensity.
(b) Standard Fiber optic Cable with an adapter to fit in outlet of cold light
source, 3.5mm and minimum length 180 cm.
(c) Light weight, adjustable head band with cold light reflector having
suitable universal adaptor for attaching having suitable universal adaptor
for attaching fiber optic Cable.
Source: - Imported / Indigenous

Following specifications were fixed for donor couch.

(1.) Comfortable providing excellent spiral support to the donor.
(2.) Ability to adjust body position automatically through electric motor.
(3.) Shifting of position easy, smooth and noiseless.
(4.) Electric Control for shifting of position easily accessible and
available on both ends of couch.

(5.) Facility to raise both ends manually.
(6.) Arm bar assembly easy to adjust with swinging out as well as
moving up and down facility.
(7.) Arm rest wide, Sturdy, must hold donor’s arm in comfortable
horizontal position throughout blood donation.
(8). Height at the centre of the seat approximately 2 feet including
(9.) Lifting Capacity minimum 150 Kg.
(10.) Input power 120v – 240v.
                (High Pressure Autoclave)

1) High pressure autoclave 1.2 kg / cm2 i.e. 121 degree C.
2.) Inner chamber stainless steel 316 grade.
3. Outer Chamber stainless steel 304 grade.
4.) Jacket of best quality steel.
5.) Chamber diameter 400mm.
6.) Chamber depth 600mm.
7.) Steam trap.
8.) Steam generator feed water pump.
9.) Self locking safety door.
10.) Tight sealing door gasket (Gasket of heat resistant material silicon /EPDM).
11.) Drain temp. gauge.
12.) Vaccum breakers.
13.) Safety valve for jacket.
14.) Pressure switches, pressure gauge.
15. Low water protection system (Automatic).
16.) Digital temp. indicator.
17.) Micro processor based automatic system.
18.) Should carry ISI / BIS mark (IS 3829).
19.) Provision for vaccum drying.
20.) Power requirement 440 volts (Three phase).
21.) Should be mounted on a stand which is resistant to corrosion.
22.) Should have a report of hydraulic testing.
23. Working principle-Downward displacement of air.
24. Approx. Cost Rs.3.00 Lacs. (each)
Qty.-2 No.

1) Flexible Fibroptic Scope with suction channel.
2) Optical system should have at least 110 degree to 120 degree field view.
3) Distal end should have outer diameter of 5.1mm.
4) Insertion tube have outer diameter of 5.2mm.
5) Total length – at least 820mm-1220mm.
6) Working length -600mm.
7) Upward bending 180 degree.
8) Downward bending130 degree.
9) Insertion tube should be marked with bands.
10) Suction channel should have inner diameter not less than 2.6mm.
11) Should have telescopic eye piece compatible to any make of CCD camera.
12) It should have light source of 150 Watt halogen light with inbuilt air pump for automatic
 leakage tester.
13) Light source should be of same company and compatible with scope.
14) Leakage tester – Automatic leakage testing device.
15) Should be simplified ,jointless channel.
16) Mouth guard to keep the mouth open during oral intubation.

1) Manual Film processing tank should have following parts with specification that follows and
 to work smoothly and process about 30- 35 films of all sizes per hours and easy repair for a long
 time. It should be able to fit in the space provided without alteration.

 Master tank should be made of 16 guage sheet S.S., grade 316, having MAT finish rustproof with
 integrated heating & cooling arrangements & safe light , illuminator hook and stirrer etc. Tank
 should rest on stainless steel support and have a ground clearance of 6 ½” , by rust proof legs
 made of 10G steel. Tank top should be made of single sheet stainless ,band to provide front
  margins raised by 1 ½ “ and back margins as vertical / slanted or combined 4” and without
  any joint with easy access to valves and outlets for repair . Any connections from the bottom
 should be minimized to drains from master tank and washing tank for cleaning.

 a) Master tank should be designed to fit in a developer & fixer tank of 45 liters and rinser tank of
    20 liters capacity with separate lid for develop a fixer tank with separate handles attached to
    developer & fixer tanks for lifting & cleaning from master tank. Master tank should be
    insulated with puff or equivalent suitable material. Rinser and washing tank should have a
    running flow of 3 & 10 liters per minutes from roof top tank.
 b) Heating element should not come in direct contact with water such as soil immersion sealed
    unit element and should be controlled by thermostat temp range from 25-40 degree C with a
    sensitivity of +/- 1 degree display. Thermostat probe should be placed in a water proof rust
    proof compartment.

 c) Cooling should be done by a separate water cooler unit made of stainless steel with tank
    capacity of 100 liters or more. It should feed the master tank from the top with regulator valve
    & provided with filter for dust/ soil particlesfrom clogging the cooler pipes. It should be
    provided with automatic voltage stabilizer.

 d) All inlets should be controlled by inlet gate valve preferably from sides with good quality
    flexible connectors & should feed tank from bottom from other side of inlet by L bend of
    stainless pipe.

 e) Safe light be illuminator should be of standard quality and should be separately installed.

 f) Film hook for retriving fallen films & hangers and stirrer made of good quality S.S.Strip.

1) Hydraulic Fracture Table should have hydraulic mechanism for changing the height.
2) It should have Radio translucent top suitable for use with C arm with provision ( like side rail &
   adjustable clamp for acceptable accessories .
3) The specification of table top.
       a) Height – 745mm- 1155mm.
       b) Side rail dimension -25 x10mm.
       c) Trendlen burg - 27
       d) Reverse burg -27
       e) Lateral tilting to both sides -18.
       f) Head section & Foot section should raised to 30 & in it reverse position to 90 from the
          trunk position.
       g) Base & column fully covered with non- corrosive ( S.S –sheet).
       h) Base should be eccentrically placed.
       i) The table should have provision of Ortho paedic Traction attachment..
       j) It should have X- ray cassette channel & frame set for X- ray cassette.
       k) It should have accessories for lower limb & upper limb Traction.
       l) Traction attachment should not interfere with movement of C arm.

1) Measuring System – Photometric / Denstomatric
2) Automatic Trigger - Sample loading.
3) Automation Termination –Clot Formation.
4) Should perform following tests- PT, APTT, Fibrinogen, TT.
5) Incubator – Built in at 37 degree C .
6) Measuring Cells – Two in No. ( with mixer in built ).
7) Separate position for Reagents and Tests.
8) LCD display & calibration curves.
9) Calculator to show results in seconds , %, INR, g/L Mg/U.
10) Should use unicrovolumes of sample.
11) Keypad control Panel, RS232 part and printer should be there with instrument.
12) Good after sale service ( To bring performance report from uses.)
    Indigenous / Imported

1) – Should be suitable for intra – operative applications.
2) – Should consist of active warming arm – cum –shoulder section , pair of leg
   segments and 1 double segments to cover the entire body.
3) – Size Double segment        ( 60-62 ) cm x (80-85) cm.
   - Arm & Shoulder section (35-40 ) cm x (175-180) cm.
   - Leg Segment                ( 80-85) cm.

4) –Each double segment & arm cum shoulder segment should have two
    temperature sensors each for precise temperature control.
5) – Double segment & arm cum shoulder segment should be divided in two
    sections capable of being switched ON or OFF independently depending upon
    the nature of surgery and condition of patient .
6) – Should have a control unit to regulate warmth to every area precisely by use
    of carbon fibers.
7) –Control unit should be capable of warming at least three segments at a time.
8) – Should offer precise digital temperature control with selectable temperature
    range of 30 to 42 degree C in steps of 0.5 degree C.
9) – Control panel should display intended and actual temperature .
10) – Should have safety features such as Automatic check. Precise temperature
    control between warming system and patient. Autostop on detecting any
11) – Should have non latex anti- bacterially coated blood and fluid Resistant
12) – Covers should be washable and replaceable.
13) – The control unit should be light weight not more than 2.5 kg small in size (200
    x 120 x230 mm approx) and easily attachable to IV rod / OT table with fixing
14) – Should have low energy consumption and noiseless operation.
        Specification of Nebulizer

1- Particle Size range - 0.5 to 5u ( Micron)
2- Piston based.
3- Chamber size- 8-10ml.
4- Operation of Nebuligator pressure- 8-10 PSI.
5- Compressor- Litre flow ( Air flow) around 8-10 litre/min.
6- Suitable for Hospital & Emergency settings.
7- Rate of Nebulization- 0.25 to 0.48ml / min.
8- Minimum Noise Label for hospital setting.
       Specification of Motorized Bed

1- Approximate Size 2158Lx970Wx450-800H(mm).
2- Retractable back rest & knee rest.
3- Four section perforated Top.
4- Remote should be control back rest, knee rest, back rest & knee
rest simultaneously & height.
5- Should have control panel on foot rest.
6- Removable head & foot ends.
7- Should have electrical shock protection.
8- Should have retractable batteries.
9- swing down type side rails.
     Specification of Double Surface Photo Therapy Unit

--It should have double surface provide once facility 6-8 MW/OM2/NM
at 45cm distance.
-- Ones head surface should have four blue and two white 2f+ Tld
fluorescent tubes with individual switching facility.
-- Under surface should have four blue and two white 2f+TLD
fluorescent tubes with individual switching facilities.
-- For both the surface white filter should be provided.
--Unit should be fabricated is stainless steel.
--Height adjustment facility should be provided.
--Infant care trolly should be made of transparent acrylic bed and should
be attached with under surface unit.
--A baby mattern along with bubble mattern should be provided.
--Drop loan sides should slide dour straight to occupy is space.
-- Head tilting facility should be there.
--Whole unit should be mounted on castor whole with easy mobility and
looking device.
-- Time totalizer unit be there.
-- Should be capacity of being used as a single surface phototherapy unit.
--Voltage stabilizer must be provided cuter unit.
--AMC rates after warranty period must be provided for five years with
parts and without parts.

Anaesthesia Workstation integrating Aneasthetic gases
flow delivery,
vaporization and monitoring having the following:-

     A. ANAESTHESIA MACHINE with following features:-
-Anaesthesia Work Surface: Constructed from Welded
 preferably s.s.

-Stainless steel top, shelves and drawers to be provided

-Front wheels having brake/footrest.

-Gas Blocks (regulators) set at 60 psi (having metal


-Provision for accessory mounting system.

-Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide Yokes and to have non-
 gas supply inlet- for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and Air with
 coded H.P. antistatic tubes with pipeline adapters.

-Separate colour coded large gauges to indicate cylinder
 pipeline pressures.

-Having inbuilt Hypoxic Guard-patient safety chain link

 mechanism incorporating nominal basal flow of 200 ml for

 low flow anaesthetic techniques, independently of Oxygen

 flow control and also to ensure minimum 25% oxygen at
 all oxygen and Nitrous Oxide mixtures.

-Having additional small regulators for Oxygen (19 psi)
 Nitrous Oxide(40 psi)to provide stable input to the

-Automatic cut-off of Nitrous Oxide in the absence of

-Having reservoir based audible Oxygen failure alarm of
at least
 7 secs.

-Dual Cascaded Flowmeter for Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide

 accurately calibrated with an accuracy of +/- 2.5% and

          i.Oxygen   - Low flow     200 ml/min.
                     - High flow    1 Ltr./min.    10
          ii.Nitrous Oxide-Low flow      40 ml/min.
                     -High flow     1 ltr./min.     10
          iii.Air           -Single      1 ltr./min.      15

-Having Oxygen and Air, pneumatic power outlets operating
60 psi to
 operate Ventilators.

-Emergency Oxygen flow of at least 35 lit/min. with non-

lockable push button to be provided.

-Having 2 latest vaporizers for Halothane and Isoflurane-

 both should be temperature, pressure and flow
 with key filling arrangement and should be quick
 and to allow operation of one vaporizer at a time
 These vaporiser should have NON SPILL system to limit
 of liquid agent if the vaporizer is momentarily tilted
or inverted
 and maintaining output within clinically acceptable

B.The Circle Absorber(Closed Circuit)

- Large capacity double chamber reversible sodalime
-Transparent canister so that colour change of sodalime
     seen easily.

-Condensation trap at the base of central tube prevents

    accumulation of moisture in sodalime.

-Unidirectional inspiratory and expiratory valves in
control head
     in addition to an adjustable air way pressure
limiting valve

-A lever allows canister to be excluded from gas circuit
     not required or during refilling.

-Mechanism for discouraging channeling of gases.

-Sodalime in lower chamber should exhaust first.

-Quick changeover switch from Bag to Ventilator.

Additional Port for measuring


-Should have high resolution CRT display which can show
up to
  4 waveforms.   The size of screen should be at least 9"
to 10".
-The monitor should not require any lengthy start-up

  procedures or calibration. It should be ready to monitor as

  soon as On/Off switch is pressed.

-Optional facility of thermal recorder/plain paper

-Should be able to monitor the following parameters.

-Should have alarms.

    (i)   ECG
-3 or 5 lead ECG cable.

-Waveform frequency response should be from 0.5 to 25 Hz.

-Heart range should be from 30 to 250 beats/min with
  of at least +/- 1%.

    (ii).      Temperature
-Monitor shall incorporate one temperature channel
from 5 to 45 deg.C with an accuracy of at least +/- 0.2

      (iii).   NIBP
-Accepted heart rate should be from 30 to 255 beats/min.

-Numeric display should show systolic, diastolic and mean

    pressure values.

-Automatic hose recognition between adult/child/infant

-Measurement interval selection should allow the choice of
Manual, continuous for   1,2,3,5,10,15,30,60 min intervals.

-Measurement range should be changeable

     -    Adult     : 25-260 mm Hg

     -    Child     : 25-195 mm Hg

     -    Infants   : 15-145 mm Hg.

          (iv) Pulse Oximetry
-Should be measured through red and infrared light
-Measurement range should be at least 40 to 100 %

-Measurement accuracy should be at least +/- 2% from 80
to 100%.
-Waveform display should be plethysmograph adjustable
          (v) CO2

-Should be measured through sidestream / mainstream
  absorption technique.

-Measurement range should be atleast 0 to 10%

-Breath by breath waveform display.

-Respiratory rate range should be at least 4 to 60
          (vi) Respiration
-Should be measured through transthoracic impedence
 the chest.

-Length of trace should be about 16 sec.

-Respiratory rate range should be from 2 to 180 breaths/
 with accuracy of at least +/- 3 resp/min.

-Measurement averaging period of Respiratory rate should
 30 sec or more.

  (vii)   Invasive Blood Pressure
-Measurement range should be at least 40 to 260 mm/Hg.

-Bandwidth of waveform display should be at least 0 to 20
-Trace speed of waveform display should be selectable on

12.5 or 25 mm/s.

-Numeric display should show systolic, diastolic and mean
pressure values.

-Measurement Update interval should be 5 sec or less.
-Measurement averaging period should be 10 sec or more.

    D.   Anaesthesia Ventilator


Electronic Anaesthesia Ventilator suitable for both adult

and paediatric applications, with rising bellows system,

i.e. the bellow should rise with patient exhalation and

fall with inspiration.   The following or better
are desired.

-Microprocessor Controlled electronics.

-Control for Tidal Volume, Respiratory Rate and Inspiratory

 Flow, direct or indirect I:E ratio.

-Facility to add inspiratory pause.

-Backlighted LCD/CRT display of monitor parameters, viz

 Airway Pressure, Tidal and Minute Volume, Respiratory
 rate & Fi Oxygen continuously.
-Airway Pressure Monitoring Range 20 to +20 cm H20 +/- 3
 of water.

-Autoclavable Latex-free bellows.

-Audio visual alarms for low and high Oxygen, Low minute

volume, high pressure, sustained pressure, sub
pressure and reverse flow.

-Parameter Ranges:-
Tidal Volume : 50 to 1500 ml, Resp Rate : 2 to 100 BPM

Inspiratory Flow: 10 to 100 L/Min. Inspiratory Pressure

Limit : 20-100 cm H2O.

-Internal rechargeable battery for 20 to 30 minutes
operation in case of mains failure.

-Mounting:-    Ventilator should be mountable.

-inhalation agent monitor as optional accessory

         Warranty 3 years with spares

    1.    Fully automatic
    2.    Plate Reader
    3.    Multi channel
    4.    (a) Wave length 340-700 nm
          (b) Reading to be taken at dual wave length
     5.   Filters 8 (Covering above range with
interference filter)
     6.   OD 0-4 (approximately) range
     7.   Facility for parallel and serial port
     8.   External Printer.
     9.   Inbuilt shaking mode
     10. Inbuilt temperature control System
     11. Capable of following functions
          (a)        Measurement of O.D. in raw date
          (b) Qualitative assessment in form of
          (c) Quantitative assessment in form of curve
          (d) Agglutination measurement
          (e) Kinetic Measurement
     12. Memory to Store Programmable date (50 approx)


     1.   Fully automatic plate washer
     2.   Programmable
     3.   Alarm for monitoring the overflow and wash
     4.   Capable of washing all shapes of wells-flat,
round, V,U bottom
     5.   Adjustable/Programmable washing and dispensing
     6.   Adjustable fluid rate
     7.   RS 232 Port


         Suitable UPS

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