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									Fat loss Factor Review
      Hansie Koch
Johannesburg, SA January, 2013 - Hansie Koch with Mogul Marketing announces a review of the
latest product release for reducing weight with Fat Loss Factor program by Dr. Charles D.C.
Licensed Chiropractor, Wellness Professional, and Author of The Fat Loss Factor.

"I made this video review because I think YouTube is an excellent medium to get your message
across, and Fat Loss Factor does a great job of teaching the latest in weight management and
nutritional habits," says Hansie Koch, a freelance writer based out of Johannesburg.

"I myself have used weight management and training programs as a very effective health vehicle and
I really think that Fat Loss Factor is the wave of the future." Dr Charles's course, Fat Loss Factor
teaches the best ways to optimize you're eating habits; simple exercises, and teaches you how to
balance your life for optimal health benefits.

Dr Charles, one of the most respected health practitioners on the internet, created Fat Loss factor
for other fellow health seekers. This product provides daily programs that are comprehensive and
shows their students the blue print of how to live healthy, lose weight, create a positive mind set
and change their habits permanently.

The main teaching of this course is that health should be your core focus and everything else will
start falling into place. The program covers topics ranging from eating plans, daily exercises and
secrets that only highly paid professionals share with their clients.

If you would like to see a comprehensive explanation of Fat loss Factor, please visit

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