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									                        Planning Your Estate After You Have Remarried

People with multiple marriages under their belts have become more and more common in the last
two or three decades; in fact, divorce has become so commonplace that the term “starter
marriage” is used by some people to refer to one’s first marriage.

This transitory approach to marriage has caused some unique challenges when it comes to
making an estate plan. After all, if you and your current spouse each have children from a prior
marriage, but you have also had children together, then how do you divvy up your estate? Do
you give each child an equal portion or do you limit your stepchildren to a smaller share than you
do your natural children?

Whenever these questions are raised, people almost always visualize young children in their
minds and think “well, of course each child will get an equal share.” In fact, you may have
thought this very same thing.

What would your answer be, however, if your spouse’s children were in college when they
became your stepchildren? The most equitable solution – and the one that’s least likely to cause
hurt feelings and in-fighting – would be to apportion your estate in equal shares, but the key is
for you and your spouse to decide such things together.

After you have talked over your concerns with each other, put together a rough outline of what
you would like your estate plan to look like, then go and talk to an estate planning attorney.

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