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					                                                                                                   Winter 2001
                                                                                                        The CURE Report is
                                                                                                       published quarterly to
                                                                                                       provide support for the
                                                                                                      families of children with
                                                                                                    cancer, as well as to educate
                                                                                                      the general public about
                                                                                                      these childhood diseases
                                                                                                       and CURE's programs.

         Serving Georgia's children with cancer and their families for more than 25 years.
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Spotlight on Caroline O'Neal
by Caroline's mom, Robin O'Neal               weeks. Their school requested

  T  wenty years ago as a young
teenager, I squared danced to raise
                                              information and contacted the child
                                              life specialist so they could best take
                                              care of them. Knowing they were well
money for CURE. At the time, I didn’t         cared for took that pressure off of us.
understand the importance of what we             Because Caroline’s symptoms
were doing. I do now.                         presented themselves like nothing the
    My daughter, Caroline, was showing        doctors had ever seen, it took three
us the signs of her cancer, but to her        weeks for a specific diagnosis. Those
family, they were easily explained.           weeks felt like a twilight zone.
Things like vomiting, temper tantrums            Caroline endured many CT scans,
and back pain that could have been            MRIs, LPs, blood tests as well as two
from jumping on the trampoline -- all         spinal biopsies. When Caroline was Caroline (left) with her best friend, Katie
normal for a three-year-old. Tylenol          diagnosed with PNET (Primitive
took care of the back pain until January      Neural Ectodermal Tumor), she was on increased agitation was no fun. After
4, 2001. That evening, she was put in         continuous morphine and could not         radiation, Caroline had most of the
our local hospital by her pediatrician for    talk, eat or move. Her brain function     summer off from treatment.
pain control and tests. Nothing was           was less than normal, and we didn't           In September, Caroline walked into
found so we took her to Egleston for          know if she would respond to              her K-4 class with a huge smile on her
further tests. On January 6th, Caroline       treatment. But she did! Everyone was      face. In the past nine months, Caroline
was diagnosed with hydrocephalis, or          surprised and excited with Caroline’s     had experienced needle tests, surgeries,
fluid on the brain. That night we were        incredible improvements. I wasn’t. My     chemo, radiation, back pain, temporary
told she had cancer covering her brain        daughter was supposed to talk, color      paralysis and dozens of strange faces.
and spinal cord. We went through the          and watch Barney. Looking back, I         But walking into that K-4 classroom,
normal shock. I put all my concentration      realized how big a miracle we were        Caroline was just a beautiful blue-eyed
into the Diet Coke I was drinking at the      given.                                    little girl who was excited about
time.                                             Caroline’s first few months home      making new friends and being a
    The next morning as Caroline was in       were full of exhausting trips back and    “school kid” like her brother and sister.
surgery having a shunt placed in her          forth to hospitals for chemo and blood    Never mind that she had no hair and
head, her diagnosis was announced to          transfusions. But, during it all, she     that her mom stayed at her side helping
the churches in our hometown. By mid-         slowly learned to walk. Caroline’s first  her off the floor and on the playground.
afternoon, friends and family started         trip back to Sunday school, back to the   She had made it.
arriving. After one of Caroline’s nurses      friends she had missed so much, was           Caroline has two rounds of chemo
returned from the waiting room he said,       Palm Sunday (when the youngest            left. She has had two MRIs with
“All of those people out there are here       church members carry palm branches        positive results. Thanks to the prayers
for her? One little girl...” That statement   to the front of the church). Caroline led of hundreds of friends and family
sums up our support group who gave            the procession as her big brother         members and the kindness and
us spiritual and financial support.           helped her walk. There was not a dry      knowledge of doctors and nurses and
Hundreds of people gathered for a             eye in the church.                        most of all the determination of
special prayer service. They fed us.              Caroline went through radiation in    Caroline herself, her future is looking
They kept our two other children for          May. She thought it was fun. The          bright.

                                              Winter Issue 2001
CURE Childhood Cancer is a nonprofit
organization dedicated to conquering childhood                                                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS
cancer through research, education, patient and                                          Jeannine Addams                 Lupe Eichelberger
family support. More than half of our financial                                          Carlos Alvarado, M.D.              Lauren Gearon
resources are devoted to supporting basic and          CURE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR           Gary Andriate                           David Lee
clinical pediatric oncology research, but children                                       Jane Bick                             Craig Lovin
                                                                Jill Fishman             Ken Biggerstaff                   Carol McCloud
fighting cancer need more than medical care.
CURE also provides a broad range of support          CURE PROGRAM COORDINATOR            Joe & Jeana Coleman                Tom Nicholson
programs, resources and services designed to               Dale M. Israel, RN, MN        Casey Cornell                    Dawn Patterson
meet the needs of the entire family coping with                                          Donna Cutcliff                         Judy Payne
childhood cancer, from diagnosis and beyond.               CURE OFFICERS                 Charlie Davis, M.D.                    June Tatum
                                                              PRESIDENT                  Martha Devine-Sledge                Susan Walker
The CURE Report is a quarterly publication of                                            Sherri Duron                    Kristin Wohlleben
                                                            Jeannine Addams
CURE Childhood Cancer. We welcome and
encourage contributions, comments and
suggestions from patients, parents and staff                  Lauren Gearon             ADVISORY BOARD OF DIRECTORS
members. If you would like to receive the CURE               TREASURER                              Ed Clark • Eric Lindberg
Report or have a change of address, please call               Gary Andriate                        Steve Payne • Bill Plemons
Jill Fishman at the CURE office, 770/986-0035.                                                 Abdel Ragab, M.D. • Juan Ramirez
                                                                                               Bernard Taylor • Roger Vega, M.D.
                                                            Kristin Wohlleben                        Jack Ward • Jean Ward

       CURE Pics and Pans
                                                                      On July 24th,
                                                                  Jill Fishman and
                                                                    Dale Israel held
                                                                their weekly "staff
                                                                    meeting" at the
                                                                      Atlanta Blood
                                                                        Center while
                                                                donating platelets.
                                                                  If you would like
                                                                 more information
                                                                     on donating or
                                                                       would like to
                                                                         schedule an
                                                                          please call
                                                                Jenny Simmons at

  A spirited CURE
  group, pictured                                                                                This year's Family Picnic
  right, attended the                                                                            held at T.W. Briscoe Park
  5th Annual                                                                                     in Snellville was a day of
  Chinese Auction                                                                                great fun for all. Pictured
  held on September                                                                                above is Scout Morgan,
  20 at the Fox                                                                                   attempting "the climb",
  Theatre ... A                                                                                   just one of the activities
  special CURE                                                                                    that was a big hit at this
  thanks to HSMAI                                                                                    year's event. Read a
  and all who made                                                                                  complete 2001 family
  this fundraiser                                                                                picnic wrap up on page 7.
                   'TIS THE SEASON TO                                What can we do to avoid the holiday blues? Here are
                                                                  some ideas from mental health professionals that may
                   BE JOLLY ... OR IS IT?                         help you get through this holiday season:
                    by Dale Mendelson Israel, RN, MN
                                                                   • KISS -- Keep it simple, stupid. This rule was started in
  Christmas is a time of joy, good cheer and optimistic            the military and makes good sense. Don’t try to make this the
hopes. It’s the season to be jolly—to eat, drink and be
                                                                   most elaborate holiday you’ve ever had, otherwise, it might
merry. Or is it? The truth is, whether your family
                                                                   become the most frustrating memory in your family album!
celebrates Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa, the holiday
                                                                   • Plan well in advance and pace yourself. Set priorities
season can be a very difficult time of year. Caring for a
                                                                   and budgets before the holidays. Involve your family and
sick child, or celebrating the holidays after the loss of a
                                                                   friends in making a detailed, prioritized list of things needing
loved one, only multiplies the amount of stress many
                                                                   to be done and then solicit their help in carrying it out. Make
people feel.
                                                                   sure the activities on your list are things you truly enjoy
    “Each year I vow to start my Christmas shopping
                                                                   doing and that you’re not doing them because it’s “tradition.”
early,” says Carol McCloud, mother of 20 year-old Erin
                                                                   • Avoid unrealistic expectations. It’s probably not very
and Alison, who died from a brain tumor 11 years ago at
                                                                   realistic to give everyone on your list the perfect gift.
the age of five. “Somehow, the holidays always creep up
                                                                   Consider giving gift certificates, flowers, or ordering gifts
on me. I find myself panicking to get everything
                                                                   from catalogs instead. Ask yourself if your expectations are
done…buy all the gifts, get the house ready for company,
                                                                   realistic. It’s probably not realistic to expect that you’ll clean
you know, all the usual.”
                                                                   the carpets, draperies, and closets, refinish the kitchen chairs,
    McCloud says that despite the joy of the season, she
                                                                   and wash every inch of woodwork prior to relatives arriving.
always feels a little “blue” at this time of year; experts say
                                                                   Do only the normal housecleaning tasks and save the rest for
she’s not alone. Because so many people do feel sad at
                                                                   later. And, if you’ve never gotten along with cousin Suzy,
Christmastime, the term “holiday blues” was coined to
                                                                   why would you expect to get along with her now, just because
describe these feelings. Symptoms vary but often include
                                                                   it’s the holidays?
complaints of headaches, insomnia (the inability to sleep),
                                                                   • Stay within a budget. Gift giving may become another
hypersomnia (sleeping too much), agitation, anxiety and
                                                                   source of stress, one you can easily avoid with some advance
changes in appetite. Others complain of excessive or
                                                                   planning. Calculate how much you have to spend and stay
inappropriate feelings of guilt, diminished ability to think
                                                                   within those guidelines. If possible, shop throughout the year
clearly, and a decreased interest in activities that usually
                                                                   to get the best deals.
bring pleasure such as food, sex, work, friends, hobbies,
                                                                   • Don’t commit to more than you can handle. If you
and entertainment. Professionals become concerned when
                                                                   don’t have enough time to do a project, decide not to do it.
these symptoms last for more than two weeks in which
                                                                   Balance your obligations with things you want to do.
case, the individual may be suffering from depression and
                                                                   • Start new traditions. Rather than insisting on keeping
not a simple case of the “blues.” Left untreated,
                                                                   things as they’ve always been, develop new ways. For
depression can become a more serious disorder.
                                                                   example, if your sister-in-law insists that she’s too busy to
    There are a number of reasons why people feel sad at
                                                                   bake pies, order them from a bakery rather than relenting and
this time of year. If a parent recently lost a child to cancer,
                                                                   baking them yourself.
or even if the child died many years ago, spending the
                                                                   • Be flexible. Your husband forgot to pick up your
holidays without a loved one often creates intense feelings
                                                                   daughter at the day care center, your mother burnt the cookies
of loneliness and sadness. If someone is already
                                                                   and your dog threw up on your new carpet. AND, it’s
depressed, seeing others having a good time only worsens
                                                                   Christmas Eve. What do you do? Laugh, regroup, and make
the situation. Quite often, the stress of the holidays affects
                                                                   the best of it. You can plan but you can’t control. Expect the
family dynamics, especially if family members are unable
                                                                   unexpected and maintain control by keeping your sense of
to be together due to work, financial, time or travel
                                                                   humor, keeping a positive perspective and rolling with the
restrictions. Finally, unrealistic expectations or the desire
to create the picture-perfect, Norman Rockwell holiday
celebration, is a primary reason so many people feel sad.          ... WAYS TO REMEMBER OUR LOVED ONES, PG. 4
WAYS TO REMEMBER OUR                                             Back by
                                  continued from page 3          Popular Demand !
                                                             Dr. Richard Jackson, Director of the National
If you’ve suffered a loss in your family, realize
that feelings of sadness and loss are normal.               Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for
Allow yourself to express this grief by shedding a          Disease Control, has always been a popular speaker
few tears and/or talking about your emotions                at CURE’s semi-annual Parent Weekend.
with others, such as a friend, family member or a
professional counselor. Ways to remember a lost
loved one include:                                           Because he is so well received, CURE invites you
                                                            to attend a free symposium on Tuesday evening,
• Don’t pretend that feeling of loss aren’t there if you
                                                            April 16, 2002 where Dr. Jackson will present
have them. Say a special prayer, reminisce, and
continue counseling.                                        “Is the Environment to Blame for Cancer?”

• Make a special ornament to remember your loved
                                                             Immediately following Dr. Jackson’s presentation,
                                                            a panel of experts will discuss environmental issues
• Buy a gift your loved one might have enjoyed and          of interest to parents of children with cancer and the
give it to charity.                                         staff that cares for them.

• Create a photo collage of your loved one.
                                                             Details are forthcoming but please mark April 16,
• Write a poem about your loved one.                        2002 on your calendar today. . . you won’t want to
                                                            miss this stimulating and informative evening.
• Decorate a holiday box where each family member
puts a piece of paper in with his or her favorite holiday
memory to be read while decorating or on Christmas
Eve. Include in this box new traditions you want to
                                                                                          a reminder ...
                                                             Don't forget CURE calendars make great gifts!
• Visit the cemetery and place a seasonal plant on the
                                                               Call 770/986-0035 to order or visit us at the
                                                             Dunwoody Wal-Mart on December 1st and 2nd.
• Most of all enjoy those who are around you. The                         Calendars are $5 each.
holidays are a time of sharing and giving.

                   The Theta Sigma/CURE Valentine Dinner Dance
                          The 14th Annual Valentine Dinner Dance will be held February 9
                      at the Atlanta Marriott at Gwinnett Place. Tickets are $125 per couple.
                           Cash bar and silent auction begin at 6:30 p.m., dinner at 7:30 p.m.
                                    For more information about this special evening,
                                    please contact Denise Wallace at 770/979-9444.

               And remember, jewelry makes great Valentine's Day gifts, and thanks to the generosity
                   of Barron's Fine Jewelry, there will be some dazzling pieces up for auction.
                               Mark Your Calendar!
                  On March 10th , the Flute Choir of Atlanta will perform at a spring concert to
                          benefit CURE Childhood Cancer. The group will present
                               a montage of music by directed by Kathy Farmer.

       Established in 1990, the Flute Choir if Atlanta has 23 members including orchestra players, flute
      professionals and adult amateurs. Four sizes of flutes (piccolo, “C”, alto and bass) are used by the
             ensemble to demonstrate a wide range of tonal color and expressive styles of music.

       In the past, the flute choir has performed at three National Flute Association conventions, the
     Governor’s Mansion, Callenwold Fine Arts Center, Atlanta History Center, many local colleges and
            universities and with the Cobb Symphony Orchestra. The group has been featured
                               on WAGA's Good Day Atlanta on several occasions.

                  CURE is very fortunate to have such a talented group perform on its behalf.
                                     We hope you will join us and enjoy.

            Performance time, location and ticket price will be detailed in the next CURE Report.
                                  Or, for more information, please contact
                        Lyn Priegel at 770-751-1501 or

 Empty Arms Winter Weekend                                             Moms Rave About
 January 26-27, 2002                                                      Big River
                                                                    "Two thumbs up!" "Superb acting!" "Very
                                               by Susan Walker
                                                                    entertaining!" These are just a few of the rave
It is hard to believe that another year has almost ended. For       reviews made about the musical, Big River,
parents like myself who lost a child to cancer, each new year
represents a way to look toward healing and hope, leaving           by moms attending CURE's latest Moms'
behind the helpless feelings that only bring us more pain. We
still have certain days or moments that are especially difficult,   Outing at the Aurora Theatre in Duluth.
and the holidays are no exception.                                  Everyone enjoyed the play and had a great

  This is why CURE Childhood Cancer, along with caring              time visiting afterwards. Our thanks go to
professionals, will offer a special weekend for bereaved parents.   the Aurora Theatre, the Fresh Market on Old
Our annual Empty Arms Winter Weekend, January 26-27 at the
                                                                    Alabama Road and the Kroger in Saddle
Crowne Plaza Hotel – Powers Ferry in Atlanta, allows parents
the chance to deal with loss and sadness among people who           Brook Shopping Center for their kind
both understand and care.                                           donations of theatre tickets and delicious
  There is no cost for the weekend, and attendees are               desserts.
encouraged to bring along a spouse, friend, or significant other.
Professionals can help you cope with problems and difficult
feelings as well as make suggestions on how to make the new         Circle Sunday, February 24, 2002 on your
year a little less painful.                                         calendar for our next Moms' Outing. We're
 Do something for yourself by attending this great weekend of       planning a "scrap booking" workshop and
sharing, caring, and fun, too. Space will be limited, so please     you're not going to want to miss out on all
call 770-986-0035 to make a reservation. We hope to see you in
January!                                                            the fun and creativity.
                        The Paint My Head Green Project

                                    This project is to raise money for The American Cancer Society,
                                   Children’s Oncology Camps of America, CURE, The Brain Tumor
                                   Foundation For Children, Camp Sunshine and Camp CARE as well
                                   as supporting Mickle The Pickle's future fundraising projects.

                                   Paint My Head Green is an inspirational book produced and created by
                                   Mickle The Pickle (Michael Goldstein), based on his poem, “Paint My
                                   Head Green." Artwork is actually painted on the bald heads of
                                   children from R.O.C.K. Camp. This book will also include poetry,
                                   stories, pictures and other surprises. Paint My Head Green is a
                                   touching book that helps bring all families
                                   together, inspiring children to have fun
                                   during these challenging times.

                                  After eight years relating to children with
                                  cancer, Michael has discovered they are the
  wisest people in the world! Yes, they have cancer, but they still want to play,
  sing, dance and have fun. They are kids first facing their own
  mortality…they see life is precious and there is always room for love and
  kindness. These children are teachers, leading us on the path to healing.

  If you are interested in helping with donations, phone calls, publicity, or any
  way that you can imagine, please call Michael at 770-621-7978 or email him
  at or post a message on his website!

Attention Parents!                               CURE Needs Your Help!

In an effort to help parents of children recently diagnosed with cancer, CURE would like to gather survival hints
or tips you found helpful during your child’s illness and/or treatment. These hints will be published in our
quarterly newsletter and someday made into a booklet to be handed out to parents. Send in as many tips as you’d
like…the sky is the limit! Tell us what you found most helpful, for example, what to take to the hospital, how to
deal with sibling rivalry/ discipline issues, or how to get your child to take medicine, etc.

                                   Please include the following information:
                            Age and sex of child • Diagnosis • Hospital where treated
                                 How long has it been since your child was diagnosed?

                    Thanks for your help. The time you spend sending in survival hints may
                                  ultimately be a lifesaver for another parent!

  Mail your suggestions to the CURE office: 1835 Savoy Dr., Suite 317, Atlanta, GA. 30341-1000, email them to:
               , or fax them to (770) 986-0038.
      Fall Parents' Weekend                                         Dreams Come True
         A Huge Success                                         Disney World was really a Dream Come True!
                                                              Thank you for all your help and for the kindness of
                                                                  all the people who donate to such a great
 On September 15th, CURE held its semi-annual                organization. I can’t express how much we enjoyed
Parents’ Weekend at the Crowne Plaza at Powers               ourselves so I thought I'd share a picture of my girls,
                                                                    shown below. Kirsten’s face says it all!
Ferry. More than 40 parents participated in this
one-day seminar, which included talks on the                                             ~Brian & Jeanne Fahnestock
role of the environment in causing cancer, the
“journey” of having a child with cancer, the
challenges facing long term pediatric cancer
survivors, and much more. CURE wishes to
thank Dr. Richard Jackson, Ms. Becky Lavender,
Dr. Betty Castellani and Ms. Kathy Forte for
taking time to share their knowledge with us.

 The next Parents' Weekend is planned for
Saturday, March 9, 2002. The sessions are geared
toward parents of a child recently diagnosed
with cancer or a child currently being treated for
                                                                   Hannah, Hattie and Kirsten Fahnestock at Sea World.
cancer. Line up your babysitter now!

                     The CURE Family Picnic:
          A Day Full of Folks Fried Chicken, Friends & Fun!
         CURE Childhood Cancer greatly appreciates the generosity of this year’s donors and volunteers.
                  If you have the opportunity, please patronize the following businesses and
                            thank them for their support of CURE’s Family Picnic:

                                         Folks Southern Kitchen
                                          Spectacular Events!
             Sandy’s Jump for Joy, Gwinnett Co. (mention you’re a CURE family and receive $10 off)
                                                The Party Store
                                                 Ben & Jerry’s
                                                 Frisbee Dogs
                                                  B & G, Inc.
                                             Publix Supermarkets
                                              Kinko’s Midtown
                                                  Toys ‘R Us
                                                Bradley’s Fund
                                   Designing Grandmothers Club of Snellville

      We had such a good time, we’re going to do it AGAIN! Mark your calendar for Saturday, July 20, 2002.
                        CURE's SUPPORT REPORT
                          Whatever the occasion, a great way to make the moment is with a tribute. When you send a donation to CURE, the
                         honoree is honored twice, once by mail and again in the next issue of the CURE Report. Remember tribute gifts for
graduations, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, memorials, special thank yous, or for any occasion. These gifts will help support the dream
of a world free from childhood cancer.
   CURE gratefully acknowledges all of our contributors. All gifts are listed for the previous quarter. Our sincerest thanks to the
following companies or individuals for their support. CURE's work could not exist without them!

$50,000 and over                               Econ-O-Check Corporation                        Joseph & Irene Shearer
Car Program LLC                                Lauren & Michael Gearon                         Denise & David Taylor
                                               John & Joyce Kender                             Janet Taylor
$25,000 and over                               PAPP Clinic                                     The Aurora Theatre
J. Michael Gearon Jr. Foundation               Tarkenton & Addams, Inc.                        The Party Store
                                               The Andersen Co.                                Chet Thomas & Gere Warrick
$5,000 and over                                Volunteer Business Systems                      Nicholas & Demitra Yannios
Roger F. Kahn
Park Ave. Thrift                               General Donations                               Gifts in Honor
                                               John Adams                                      In Honor of Lauren Aldridge
$1,000 and over                                Bonnie Baer                                     Troy & Lisa Aldridge
Hospitality Sales & Marketing Assoc. Int’l     Joyce & Thomas Bland
  – Georgia Chapter                            Joseph Boland                                   In Honor of Dr. Carlos Alvarado
State of Georgia Merit System                  Scott & Joy Cassinelli                          Arvilla & E. Frankenberg
  Administration                               LeeAnn & Brian Cornett                          Bob & Michele Huber
Jack & Jean Ward Advised Fund/                 Steven Cummins
  The Winston-Salem Foundation                 Bessie Dagen-Marks                              In Honor of Dr. & Mrs. Carlos Alvarado
The Imlay Foundation, Inc.                     Discount Nutrition                              John & Ellen Yates
                                               Kathleen Eidson
In Honor of MaryAnn Connolly                   Amelia Feuss                                    In Honor of Sean Andry
  O’Connor                                     Anita Fielder                                   Kirk & Ruth Andry
T.J. Connolly                                  Fresh Market on Old Alabama Rd.
                                               Galactic Quest                                  In Honor of Karen & Steve Briglevich’s
$500 and over                                  Lauren & Michael Gearon                           new son
Atlanta Motor Speedway                         Rian & Elizabeth Gorey                          Nicole & Steve Herbert
Combined Federal Campaign                      Darlene Harper
Tom & Anna Guffey                              Michael Holder                                  In Honor of the Wedding of Maria
Jerome & Laura Renaud                          Drew & Kerri Hudgins                              Brainard & Steven Caradine
The Atlanta Falcons                            Carlen Hultgren                                 Nicole & Steve Herbert
The Lovett Lower School                        Harry & Esther Hussey
                                     , inc.                                 In Honor of Nicole Cronic
In Memory of Keona Abrams                      Jack Javis & Family                             Ana and Randy Cronic
Keona’s Kids & Family Foundation               Kroger at Saddlebrook Shopping Center
                                               Bob & Lynn Koch                                 In Honor of Jennifer Chase Dove
In Honor of Palmer Moise                       Harriette Landers                               Kathy Edge
Lindsay Horton                                 Dr. & Mrs. Darcy Leerssen
                                               John & Lisa Leonard                             In Honor of Erin Dunton
Open Arms Donors                               Jean Marie & Michael Leote                      Lynda Dunton
Domino's Pizza                                 Johnnie Sue & Raymond McAndrew
Folks Southern Kitchen                         Alka & Jayadev Manyapu                          In Honor of Margaret J. Ewing
KFC Atlanta Region Catering                    Tom & Mary Minner                               Nicole & Steve Herbert
Papa John’s Pizza                              Angie & Mark Moncrief
Publix Supermarkets                            Jack Nicklaus                                   In Honor of Victoria Galloway
Savage Pizza                                   Joseph O’Connell                                Calvin Galloway & Bernetta Howard
Super Wal-Mart                                 Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Parr
                                               Edgar Perez                                     In Honor of Trystan Goette
Calendars                                      Susan & Jim Ponsoldt                            Nicole & Steve Herbert
Arts & Crafts Emporium                         Judith & Nathan Rains
Crowe Marine                                   Bob Ride Realty, Inc.                           In Honor of Thomas Green
                                               Sterimed                                        Jim & Nancy Green
In Honor of Jacqueline Auwarter          In Memory of Mrs. Beulah Holmes
Sandra Pollock
                                         Mrs. John N. Alsobrook
                                                                                      The Car Donation
                                         Bob & Betty Bailey                           Program -- a Great
In Honor of Hayden Housley               Mrs. A.C. Farrington
Sherry & Russell Moore                   Millie Wilson Finney, Great Heart Farm       Year-End Donation !
                                         Clara Ford
In Honor of Adam Podber being Off        Mr. & Mrs. Al Ruggles
  Therapy                                Victor & Lindsay Svetlay
Brenda & Mark Winter                     Mr. & Mrs. Milton Williams                Due to the overwhelming success
                                         Iris Anne Wilson                          of our car program, we are unable
In Honor of Todd & Megan Potter’s son,
                                                                                  to list individual donors. However,
  Samuel                                 In Memory of Sallie Mae Jackson
Nicole & Steve Herbert                   Hannah Grimes                                  CURE would like to thank
                                                                                     everyone who has participated
In Honor of Melissa Ragu’s baby          In Memory of Pop Melvin Johnson &                   in this program.
Nicole & Steve Herbert                     Timothy Melvin Johnson                     Please remember that all car
                                         Janice D. Johnson                            donations are tax deductible.
In Honor of the 50th Wedding
 Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Donald        In Memory of Boisfeullet Jones                       For vehicle
  Reisman                                Fred & Shelby Neely                               pick-up requests,
Beverly Caplan                                                                    call CURE at 770/986-0035 or go to
Brenda & Mark Winter                     In Memory of Norman Kelly
                                         Volume Transportation, Inc.      and select
                                                                                        CURE Childhood Cancer.
In Honor of Brian & Kym Smiley
Nicole & Steve Herbert                   In Memory of Lauren Kochman
                                         Steve, Becky & Annabelle Woodcock
In Honor of Claire Thomas
Charles & Kitty Thomas
                                         In Memory of Barbara S. Morrow
                                         Ellen & Scott Halperin
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Harriet Underwood                                                                 and don’t miss out on the latest
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Mom & Ricky                              In Memory of Christian A. Niven            Because our newsletter,
                                         Carol & Christopher Niven                The CURE Report, is published
Gifts in Memory
In Memory of Bill Bearss                                                          on a quarterly basis, there are
                                         In Memory of Sara Pendergrass
Linda & Jim Jarrard                      Jack & Julia Pendergrass                 times when CURE has important
                                                                                  information to share with you
In Memory of Emily Biggerstaff           In Memory of Kellie Prickett             that can’t wait until the next
Charlie & Wilma Biggerstaff              Cindie & Howard Heavner                  issue.
Mrs. William Mathis
                                         In Memory of Lisa Ann Robison
In Memory of Martha Adams Brown          Jeanette Welch                             By sending us your e-mail
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              Ahead in 2002
                CURE Calendar of Upcoming Events
                January 26-27           Empty Arms Bereavement Workshop
                                        Crowne Plaza -- Powers Ferry Atlanta
                February XX             Heart of Georgia Square Dance Federation
                February 9              Theta Sigma Valentine Dinner/Dance
                                        For more information, call Jeana Coleman at 770/736-7775
                February 24             Moms' Outing
                March 9                 Spring Parent Weekend
                March 10                The Flute Choir of Atlanta benefit concert
                March 23                Care Affair
                                        For ticket information, contact Maggie Feeney at 770/492-8611or
                April 16                Symposium on Cancer & the Environment
                May 19                  Moms'/Grandmoms' Outing
                July 20                 CURE Family Picnic
                September 27            W.J. Plemons Golf Classic
                October 20              Off Therapy Celebration at Six Flags
                November 2              Fall Parent Weekend

                For more information, call CURE at 770/986-0035.

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                                                                                       Non-Profit Organization
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                                                                                          Atlanta, Georgia

Serving Georgia's children with cancer and
   their families for more than 25 years.
  1835 Savoy Drive, Suite 317
  Atlanta, GA 30341-1000

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                                    Winter Issue 2001

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