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Albino Model: Thando Hopa Surfacing as the New Face of Fashion


The world is ever changing and evolving. Thanks to the Albino Model, Thando Hopa and others.

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									Albino Model: Thando Hopa Surfacing as the New Face of
Fashion model- thando- hopa- surfacing- as- the- new- face- of- fashion/
                                                                                                                     January 19, 2013

Thando Hopa: New Face of Fashion
The world is ever changing and evolving. Thanks to the
Albino Model, Thando Hopa and others. Perhaps this
will reveal the humanity in this world. Some say that the
world does not change for the better. Horrible things
happen in this world every day, but what we must not
forget is that beauty co-exists with that of evil. Since
the beginning, the differences amongst men and
women were noticed. If there is one thing humanity can
do, it is tell the difference between others. For example:
gender, height, weight, and complexion. Unfortunately,
these differences do not make the relationships
between humanity better. Instead, these differences
exasperates and strains these relationships to the point
where understanding does not exist.

Thando Hopa is an Albino Model who hopes to show
the world that color does not matter. That one can be
of African descent and have white skin. Or rather, in
other words, if all people around the world, whether
they are French, Spanish, Italian, Australian, African,
German, or Swedish can be albinos, then color really
doesn’t mean a thing. When the world realizes this,
what a beautiful place the world will be. It has been a
battle trying to get people to see beyond the lines of

Color barriers have done nothing but bred evil, ignorance, and self-
hatred. People are killed because their complexions are different;
humans mowed down because of stereo types, and too often young
females and males hate the beautiful hue of their own skin because
they believe it is too dark.

Let the ocean and sky be blue; the grass and trees green, and dirt be
brown while human beings live in harmony and love with one another
color blinding them. Thando Hopa the Albino model is truly breaking
the color barrier in the world by suggesting that there is no color barrier
in the first place. It is merely a made up, imaginary thing some, all, or
most of us pretend to exist.

I, for one, cannot wait to see what the “Albino Model,” “Thando Hopa”
and others will achieve in the world of modeling and beyond.
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