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September 2010 - Discovery Bay Yacht Club - Welcome

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					Volume 40 Issue 09                             September 2010

                                                                      Breakfast Service
                                                                      9:00 am -1:00 pm
                                                                        Club open until

            It’s all about the members... Thank you to the              Game Night
                                                                     5:00pm - 10:00pm
            ones who make it happen. Look forward to
            more fun and good times to come....                          Tuesday
                                                                       Taco Tuesday
                                                                      Build your own
                                                                         Taco Bar
                                                                     5:00pm - 10:00pm

                                                                        Bar open at
                                                                     5:00pm - 10:00pm

                                                                        4th Thursday
                                                                        of the month
                                                                        Bar Open at
                                                                     5:00pm - 10:00pm

                                                                     Bar Open at 4:00pm
                                                                        5:30 - 9:00pm
                                                                       Music 8:30pm -

                                                                      3:00pm -10:00pm
                                                                      Al’s Quiet Dining
                                                                       6pm to 8:30 pm
                                                                       (Available when
                                                                     there is no Event or
                                                                        Club Rental)

                                                                        Anchor Line -
                  Discovery Bay Yacht Club
                  5871 Marina Blvd               Dining Reservations
                  Discovery Bay, CA 94505                                                     Office Hours:
                  (925) 634-1210                   634-1210 X14               Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
                  (925) 634-1798 Fax                                                      8:30am - 12:30pm
                       Discovery Bay Yacht Club Officers & Appointees for Year 2010
  Governing Board                                            Voice mail         Phone
  Commodore                       Tracy Lape                 634-1210 x 20      209-597-9456
  Vice Commodore                  Karen Mann                 634-1210 x 10      510-612-5122
  Rear Commodore                  Mike Guzzardo              634-1210 x21       864-5757
  Fleet Captain                   Judy Clappier              634-1210 x 22      516-7346
  Port Captain                    Bev Seaman                 634-1210 x 23      634-5911
  Director – House & Grounds      Bob Wheaton                643-1210           516-9933
  Director – Membership           Fran Murphy                634-1210 x 24      634-1450
  Director – Planning & Finance Milt Baehr                   516-7111
  Treasurer                       Chris Provencher           634-5658
  Jr. Staff Commodore             David Rhoads               634-3767
  Splashers Leader                Pat Anderson               634-1210 x 25      216-4411
  Selected Appointees
  Recording Secretary             Marlo Purkey               634-1210 x11
  Assistant Treasurer             Joyce Friesen              516-1577
  Assistant Treasurer             Nanci Price
  Bar Supervisor                  Christi O’Farrell          634-1210 x 15      240-9255
  Officer of the Watch            Jennelle Scheib            785-5766
  Officer of the Watch            Melissa Wolfenberger       325-5510
  Historian/Librarian             Trudi DeLeon               783-1095
  Parliamentarian                 Open
  PICYA Delegates                 Lynn Pierce                516-0663
  Safety Officer                  Allen Bellinghausen        634-9358
  Sunshine Coordinator            Justine Sampson            997-3232
  Bylaws & Standing Rules
  Chairperson                     David Rhoads               634-3767
  Member                          Karen Mann                 516-1265
  Member                          Tracy Lape                 277-5860
  Member                          Mike Guzzardo              864-5757
  Information & News Liaison
  Newsletter Editor               Diana Dobbie               513-7241
  Newsletter Advertisement        Justine Sampson            513-3406
  Decor Committee
  Chairpersons                    Margaret & Ron Puccinelli 634-6529
  Member                          Mike Stanaland             634-7177
  Member                          Chet Loveland              516-7286
  Member                          Betty Silva                634-5787
  Personnel Committee
  Chair                           Roben Talia                516.6285
  Ships Store
  Quartermaster                   Karen Lichtenberg          634-4530
  Membership Badges               Fran Murphy                634-1450
  Small Boats
  Chairperson                     Tess & Greg Knoblich       808-385-0821
  Chairperson                     Milt Baehr                 516-7111
  Member                          Chuck Niessen              634-4139
  Member                          Ron Puccinelli             634-6529
  Member                          Mat Matthews               634-4633
  Member                          Bob Schwenke               240-7390
  Member                          Bill Helfrick              408-267-1897
  Chairperson                     Chele Warren
  Member                          Anita McCloud
  Webmaster                       Milt Baehr                 516-7111

Page 2                                                                     Anchor Line -September 2010
                                                                                                                                     By: Tracy Lape
                                                                                                                                    634-1210 Ext 20
                                                                                                                                 209-245-2205 (day)
                                                                                                                                 209-597-9456 (cell)

 Hi Everyone:                                                                     normally a great selection of reading material there. This is located on the
 Welcome to Indian Summer! I love fall…a great time to enjoy the water,           shelves just before the door to the Bilge Room. Please try and keep this
 the weather and of course the return of NFL football (okay- and College          neat.
 too).                                                                            We have a new office administrator- Marlo Purkey. She has been
 It’s also the return of a lot of events and fun at the Yacht Club- I look        working with Jeanine since August 2 training to fill Jeanine’s “big” shoes.
 forward to seeing you all at various events. I will say up front that I cannot   I am sorry to see Jeanine leave but am happy for her to have the
 attend the 9-11 party due to a “significant” high school reunion…I am not        opportunity to fulfill their retirement dreams in Texas. Thanks Jeanine for
 saying how many years…                                                           such great service to the club over the years.
 September will be my month of reminders:
                                                                                  Welcome to Milt Baehr, our new Director of Finance. Milt brings a wealth
 Remember- you MUST wear a badge at the club. It’s not a hard thing to
                                                                                  of business experience to the position. And also welcome to Mark
 do. Just bring your magnetic one or print one out at the station at the top
 of the stairs. If someone in the club does not have their badge on- please       Patterson who will coordinate and oversee our IT operations at the club.
 remind them. We are all owners of the club and are all responsible to            We did not want to overwhelm Milt, so the board has assigned a new role
 help people remember. Or help them with the badge system- not                    within the club to maintain IT installation, passwords, website needs and
 everyone is comfortable yet with the system.                                     “Electronic” help.
 You must supervise children at the club if they are under 16 years of age.       Have you noticed how great our Anchor Line looks? Diana Dobbie has
 Children are most welcome but there have been some situations lately             done a terrific job creating new looks each month for the club’s newsletter-
 with them hindering other member’s enjoyment of the club. The Yacht              Thanks so much Diana for your ongoing contribution to the club.
 Club isn’t a place for them to run around and yell. And don’t forget- no one
                                                                                  Lastly- thanks so much to Tess and Greg Knoblich for a fun small boat
 under 21 can sit at the bar, pay at the bar or “hang out” in the tile are in     cruising season. They did a fabulous job rounding us up on Wednesdays
 front of the bar. These are ABC rules we need to follow.                         to go somewhere fun. With 60-100 people for each cruise- this was a
 Absolutely all games at the club must be played for pride- not for cash or       smashing success this year. Great job, guys!
 prizes. We have Great Pride at DBYC- let’s keep it that way. Special             As always- I look forward to seeing you at the club. Have some fun every
 paperwork and registration is required for the Slow Poker Run and that           day!
 has been completed.
                                                                                  Tracy Lape
 You may not know that there is a Book Exchange at the club. There is a
                                                                                  2010 Commodore

                                                    It’s been said that the only thing that is
                                                     constant is change. When it’s time to
                                                   change your address, call on a seasoned
                                                  professional. I can handle all of your real
                                                                  estate needs.
                                                                Call LOIS Today
                                                           For Any Real Estate Needs
                                                                 (925) 634-5519
                                                              Cell (925) 437-9402
                                                         Lois Garner - Broker Associate

              Lois has over 30 years serving Discovery Bay and East County Properties
Anchor Line -September 2010                                                                                                                           Page 3
                                September 11, 2010
                                 6-11pm ONLY $20
A Celebration of the American Way of Life, the people
    we love, and those who serve and protect us.
                                     SHOW YOUR AMERICAN PRIDE,
•Home-style BBQ & APPLE PIE
                                     WEAR YOUR RED WHITE AND BLUE!
•Fun for everyone
                                     LIVE AUCTION WITH ALL PROCEEDS
$10) INCLUDES FOOD , MUSIC, FUN!     Including a moment of tribute!

Number of people in party:________
Check for # of people x $20 for a total of $______________ enclosed.

Make your check out to DBYC
Mail to Annette Beyer 5340 River Pt Discovery Bay CA 94505
Questions? Call 925-634-1478

Page 4                                            Anchor Line -September 2010
                                                                                           Vice Commodore’s
                                                                                                                    By: Karen Mann
                                                                                                                    634-1210 Ext 10
                                                                                                                   Cell: 510-612-5122

 Ahoy DBYC Members!!!!                                                      those of use who may have imbibed too much. As club members
                                                                            – we (your board) ask you to back their decisions. It’s for our
 WOW – how can it it be fall already? This means only 3 months till
                                                                            members safety, the bartender’s safety, and our Club’s liquor
 the end of the year – and you know what that means….YEP – our
                                                                            license safety.
 annual New Years Gala at the club. This year our theme is the The
 Coves of Discovery Isle (yes that’s good ol Discovery Bay with lots of   6. Reminder that Dining Reservations are still recommended for
 GLITTER!!!)…this will be a combination between Gilligans Isle and           groups of more than 6. Not making reservations in advance might
 Survivor….I have a feeling we will see a lot of “Ginger’s”…and very         make your wait a bit longer.
 few Gilligan…as the people in our Discovery Coves are definitely of
                                                                          Now that we are approaching the Fall weather patterns (ok…prime
 a more elegant class…..we will start the evening with appetizers and
                                                                          fishing season)…we will slowly bring back Saturday “quiet” dining.
 a casino area in the Treasure Cove. Complimentary photos in the
                                                                          We will keep you posted via the club calendar and weekly emails.
 former Board Room – now known as Reflection Cove (which is being
 Sponsored by Envoy Mortgage aka Peggy Ann Valley and Jay                 Meanwhile…do join us for our Friday night fun fun fun….and the
                                                                          upcoming Social events.
 McLaughlin. Oh…and we have so many more surprises – our
 Co-Chairs – Mark & Cheryl Anderson (Table Decorations Chairs             You can begin your fall and Holiday (did I say that??) shopping at the
 and general Co-Chairs), Chet and Linda Loveland (general                 Ship Store….we accept credit card, check and cash…oh…and the
                                                                          proverbial “shopping gene”. If you want to meet more members and
 mischief and mayhem designers), Theresa & Ralph Gardner (the
                                                                          get 2 very special perks (a discount on your ship store purchases
 Treasure Cove Chairs) and Mary & Chuck Niessen (the Treasury             and reserved seating near the store) – then sign up to be one of the
 Chairs) have been busy planning a spectacular “gala” event!! We are
                                                                          Store Volunteers…we could use YOUR help.
 calling all entrepreneurs who want an end of the year tax deduction
 for advertising/promotions to contact Karen Mann for assistance          Finally - many kudos to our team of Board Members who have been
 and advertising for your firm ( – sooner         working hard with the kitchen, dance floor, cleaning, etc. Another
 the better for maximum firm exposure in all our advertising. We are      extra special “salute” to Al Kuling (Byron Inn fame) and his crew who
 looking for 2 Band Sponsors, 1 Décor Sponsor, and a Wine Sponsor.        have done AMAZING meals and have really upgraded our kitchen
 A minimal investment includes amenities such as promoting your           with their finesse in cooking AND sanitation….many thanks to each
 firm, event tickets…and MORE!                                            of the Food Service team. Then what would we do without our expert
                                                                          Bar Team…this group is has adapted to the POS system and have
 NOW – back to our club. A couple of housekeeping things;                 prevailed…I am so very proud of their accomplishments in assisting
 1. Please help us in our diligence to comply to ABC requirements –       our club to eake out a little more profitability than what we saw last
    help us confirm that everyone in the club is wearing a badge.         year at this time. They have been prudent on ordering and have
                                                                          been monitoring our spoilage so that we have much less ......a BIG
 2. Your friends & family under the age of 18 …. MUST not sit at the
    bar nor hang out on the tile area in front of the bar.                thank you and “atta-girl” to our all lady Bar Team.
                                                                          OK…NOW I think it’s time to go out on the water….big boat – little
 3. Due to the cost of increasing prices on fruit juices (ie cranberry
                                                                          boat – paddle boat…hmmm this IS a yacht club…I guess what kind
    juice, orange juice, etc) –we need need to raise the price of those
                                                                          of boat just doesn’t matter – just get out there. I hope YOU are as
    items which are ordered solo or as a part of your cocktail. We
                                                                          Happy to be a member of Discovery Bay Yacht Club as I am!!! If you
    need to nip this in the bud – this minimal increase will commence
                                                                          want to be a part of the team that makes this club survive – let one
    September 1st – we really did not want to do this – but in many
                                                                          of us officers know… With all of us rowing a little…we can keep this
    cases the juice cost basis is more than the liquor (go figure!).
                                                                          BIG BOAT moving forward.
 4. Any member or guest who appears to be less than 30 years of
                                                                          C U on the Water or at the Club….. Karen Mann
    age… will be carded (ABC is really watching that one!!!)
                                                                          Vice Commodore
 5. Our Bartenders DO have the authority to stop serving drinks to

Anchor Line -September 2010                                                                                                              Page 5
                           “Mobile Canvas Service”

 “Jared Ortiz”            Family Owned & Operated

                     BOAT IN SHIP SHAPE
                 WE ALSO DO PATIO AWNINGS.

                                                                                   Flat Rate $4000 per month

                               • REPLACE ISEN GLASS
                                    • NEW CARPET ,
                                   • NEW SCREENS,
                                • FRESH UPHOLSTERY


                                                                                      Why You May Need An Appraisal
                                                                         • Selling • Buying • Refinancing • Construction Loans
                                                                               • Realtor Assistance • Dissolution • Estate
                                                                        Residential • Land • Commercial • Churches
                                                                         Providing fair & trustworthy valuations
                                                                                            since 1983
                                                                                  Why Choose Mann & Associates?
                                                                        • Experience and Education in the Appraisal Business since 1983
                                                                        • Active and involved member in professional organizations
                                                                        • 3 State Certified General Appraisers
                                                                        • Expert Witness in 5 Counties
                                                                        • Specialize in Unique Properties
                                                                        • Waterfront Experts
                                                                        • Appraisal Institute & American Society of Appraisers
                                                                        • Bay Area and Discovery Bay/Brentwood (Delta) Coverage
                                                                        • 4 Offices, Fremont, San Jose, Brentwood & Discovery Bay
                                                                        • Member of DBYC - Rear Commodore 2008
                                                                                 Member of Discovery Bay and Brentwood Chamber

                                                                                        MANN & ASSOCIATES

                                                                       Karen Mann, SRA, ASA, President
                                                                       Main Office: 14850 Hwy 4 #A326
                                                                       Discovery Bay, CA 94505

Page 6                                                                                                  Anchor Line -September 2010
                                                                                      Rear Commodore’s
                                                                                                                 By: Mike Guzzardo
                                                                                                                   634-1210 Ext 21
                                                                                                                 Cell: 925.864.5757

 Thanks to Fran and Bill Murphy and their crew for a great club       some humble pie (we were favored to finish top 10 if not top 5).
 appreciation day and to John and Anna Hendrickson for pulling        We hit the starting line with 26 of the fleet’s best sailors from
 off a fantastic Blues Night. Also in the mix helping out were John   Denmark, Norway and San Francisco. The first day we placed
 Allen, Sonny Thompson, Bob Pfarr, Mike McGuire, Ryan                 3rd (practice race) and felt strong going into the competition...but
 Allen and Doug Workman. These guys do a great job cooking it         it was downhill from there as we got shot out of the back of the
 up multiple times every year and really deserve our thanks for       fleet like a cannon. Moral of the story…practice makes perfect. I
 being a great asset to the club!                                     used to race 45 races a year but business and other demands
                                                                      have been keeping me close to home this year so I was lucky to
 It’s fun working with you all this year and I’m looking forward to   hit the water for a dozen starts. Our goal right now…ramp up the
 even more fun coming up. Annette Beyer is hosting a great party      practice time and compete in Copenhagen in 2012. I’ll let you
 coming up on 9/11 with music and bbq for only $20. Can’t beat        know how
 that deal!                                                           the progress
 Here’s a quick glance at upcoming entertainment:                     goes…
       9/3/10          Ebony and Ivory                                The good
                                                                      news is that
       9/10/10         Spin Doctor
                                                                      we’ll see
       9/11/10         911 Party – Rockin’ band, American BBQ,        more of you
                       Apple Pie, and a live auction with all         in
                       proceeds going to help our men and             September!
                       women who serve to protect us. (see the
                       flyer in this month’s Anchor Line and on the
                       web at                           Mike
       9/17/10         Ebony and Ivory
       9/18/10         Splashers Slow Poker Run
       9/24/10         Gin House Band
 Jules and I were quite busy in August, including being away at
 my 8 day World Championship sailing regatta. Our team ate

                                                              Fa o a
                                                              F ll in love agaiin…
                                                              Fall in love again…
                                                               FIND THE HOME    YOUR DREAMS
                                                               FIND THE HOME OF YOUR DREAMS !
                                                                      It’s a great time to buy!
                                                                      It’s great time buy!

                                                               Mike’s the Local Expert in
                                                               Mike’s the Local Expert in
                                                               • Waterfront & Golf Course Homes
                                                                 Waterfront Golf Course Homes
                                                               • Short Sales & Foreclosures
                                                                 Short Sales Foreclosures
  Email : Mike@94505 com
  Introducing Jules Mogensen – Marketing and Leasing Assistant
  Introducing Jules Mogensen Marketing and Leasing Assistant
  Best local website listings                 Com
  Best local website & listings @ 9 4 5 0 5 . Com
  2453 Discovery Bay Blvd. Suite 100 Discovery Bay Ca. 9
        Discovery Bay Blvd. Suite       Discovery Bay Ca. 94505           license #01066846
                                                                          license #01066846

Anchor Line -September 2010                                                                                                        Page 7

    $65 per person                               Limited to 150 people
    4 Stops

    Food, drinks, friends

    Poker—Cash prizes

    Raffle—50/50 cash

    Music and Dancing


         Number of people__________________ $65. per person ____________________Total

         Send to: Pat Anderson
                 2341 Wayfarer Drive
                 Discovery Bay, Ca. 94505

Page 8                                                                      Anchor Line -September 2010
                                                                                                 Fleet Captain
                                                                                                                By Judy Clappier
                                                                                                                634-1210 Ext 10

 The Tortoise and Hare cruise to Benicia went out July 23rd to       cruise goes out September 19th to 24th, with the 2nd Bay
 25th. Led by Milt and Jan Baehr for the fast boats, and Gary        cruise following September 26th to October 1st. A huge thank
 and Chele Warren for the slower boats, this cruise was a great      you to the Jamisons for leading all these cruises, with the
 success. The weather was good, the water was calm, and the          Hansets for the 1st Bay, the Whitlows for the 2nd Bay, and the
 fast Hares had a great run to San Francisco, generously             Dicksons for the 3rd Bay cruise. They have also arranged for
 inviting the slow boat crews aboard to join them. A                 weekend berthing between the cruises so everyone has an
 wholehearted thank you to all for opening your boats up, and        uninterrupted cruising experience if they stay on for more than
 allowing the “slower” of us to experience your offshore racers.     one Bay Cruise.
 And of course a huge thank you to the cruise leaders for            Cruise Leaders: We now have leaders for all the remaining
 organizing it all.                                                  2010 cruises:
 The Wednesday night small boat cruises continue to be
                                                                     Fall Festival: Lovelands
 incredibly popular. A huge thank you to Greg and Tess
 Knoblich for organizing these cruises. Most cruise leaders do       Mystery Cruise: Rogers & Readlers
 one or maybe two cruises, the Knoblichs do one every two            Lighted Boat Parade: Pat Anderson
 weeks during the summer. More of our club members enjoy
                                                                     I am working on finalizing the 2011 Cruise Calendar. One
 these cruises than any others, so please thank the Knoblichs        change we are making is to return to the American River
 when you next see them on a Wednesday night at a popular            Cruise. This will replace the Tortoise & Hare next year, then
 restaurant on the water.                                            each will become a bi-annual event. I already have cruise
 The Sizzlin Weekend to Caliente Isle Yacht Club was August          leaders for this fun week long cruise. Thank you to the
 13th to 15th. 10 boats cruised over for their “Hot Rods on the      Mathews’, Romboughs, and Puccinellis for volunteering.
 Levee” extravaganza, followed by dinner prepared and served
                                                                     It is with much regret that I have decided not to continue on as
 by Caliente Isle YC volunteers. Thank you so much to them for
                                                                     Fleet Captain next year. I have the opportunity to travel
 their hospitality. And thank you to Charlie Wheeler for being       extensively in 2011, and it wouldn’t be fair to my Board
 the docking maestro and helping all the boats in safely.            colleagues or all the cruisers for me to be absent so much. If
 Suddenly it is September, and summer is winding down. The           you are interested in volunteering to be Fleet Captain in 2011,
 fall season starts our week long cruises to Napa and San            please let me know. It is a great job, fun people, and the
 Francisco. The Wine Cruise from September 11th to 17th has          opportunity to start through the ranks to Commodore if that is
 10 boats signed up, with room for two more. The Bay cruises         your goal.
 are always popular and are full as of this writing. The 1st Bay

 An able-bodied seaman meets a pirate in a bar, and they take turns recounting their adventures at sea. Noting the pirate's
 peg-leg, hook, and eye patch The seaman asks "So, how did you end up with the peg-leg?" The pirate replies "We was caught
 in a monster storm off the cape and a giant wave swept me overboard. Just as they were pullin' me out a school of sharks
 appeared and one of 'em bit me leg off". "Blimey!" said the seaman. "What about the hook"? "Ahhhh...", mused the pirate,
 "We were boardin' a trader ship, pistols blastin' and swords swingin' this way and that. In the fracas me hand got chopped
 off." "Blimey!" remarked the seaman. "And how came ye by the eye patch"? "A seagull droppin' fell into me eye", answered the
 pirate. "You lost your eye to a seagull dropping?" the sailor asked incredulously. "Well..." said the pirate; " it was me first day
 with the hook."

Anchor Line -September 2010                                                                                                    Page 9
Page 10   Anchor Line -September 2010
     Three Nightly Specials                                    AprilFriday Night Dining
                                                                     Menu Friday Night Dining                                                                                         Fresh Catch of the Day
                                                 Join Us for Delicious Dining at the Discovery Bay Yacht Club
  Deep Fried Calamari - Served with a Spicy Aioli Sauce...........................................................................................................................$9.95
  Steamed Clams - Served in White Wine Garlic Tomato Basil Sauce..................................................................................................$12.95
  Steamed Mussels - Served in White Wine Garlic Tomato Basil Sauce ..............................................................................................$12.95
  Bruschetta - Six pieces topped with Blue Cheese Crumbles with Tomato Basil Garlic Relish........................................................$7.95
  Deep Fried Asparagus......................................................................................................................................................................................$7.95
                                                                                          DINNER SELECTIONS
                                                          House Salad - $1.50                                        $Beef Barley Soup - $3.00
  Filet Mignon.....................................................................................................................................................................................................$21.95
  8 oz Served with Baked Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables Topped with Bearnaise Sauce
  Calamari Steak Picatta .................................................................................................................................................................................$14.95
  with a White Wine Lemon Butter Caper Sauce - Served wiht Fresh Vegetable and Rice Pilaf
  Chicken Florentine ..........................................................................................................................................................................................$14.95
  Pan Sauteed, Topped with Bacon,Mushroom, Spinach Sauce, - Served with Fresh Vegetables and Rice Pilaf
  Joe’s Shrimp Scampi .......................................................................................................................................................................................$15.95
  Pan Sauteed in a Tomato Garlic Basil White Wine Caper Sauce - Served with Fresh Vegetables and Rice Pilaf
  Pork Chops .......................................................................................................................................................................................................$14.95
  Two Center Cut Pork Chops, Grilled & Served with Fresh Vegetables, Mashed Potatoes, and Topped with an Apple Glaze Sauce
                                                                  Creme Brulee - $5.00                                   Cheese Cake - $1.50

                                                                                                                               Friday Night Music
                                                                                                                               9/3/10                                      Ebony and Ivory
                                                                                                                               9/10/10                                     Spin Doctor
                                                                                                                               9/17/10                                     Ebony and Ivory
                                                                                                                               9/24/10                                     Gin House Band

Anchor Line -September 2010                                                                                                                                                                                        Page 11
                                 2010 - Small Boat
                                   Cruise Leaders
                               Greg & Tess Knoblich

                                          Last Cruise of the Season
 Small Boat (not related
 to size or length) Must                    Wednesday, September 1st
 be able to cruise at a                           Union Point
 minimum of 25 mph and
 pass under all Delta
 Bridges without                   Small Boat Dinner Cruise - Highlights
 requesting an opening.
 Dinner Cruise - Gather
 at the Hyacinth Barrier
                                                              Island Joes
 for a 5:00 pm departure
 to a predetermined Delta
 Restaurant for dinner,
 and return to Discovery
 Bay before dark
 Monitor Ch. #72 on
 VHF Radio If you do
 not have a VHF radio
 on your boat use a
 hand held or borrow
 1. All Dinner Cruises are
    held on Wednesday
 2. Sign-up for the dinner
    cruise by emailing us
    with your names at
    m or leave us a
    voicemail at
 3. These are NOT BOAT
    RACES - They are
    casual cruises.
 4. If you do not have a
    boat and wish to join a
    cruise, call the Cruise
    Leaders as people are
    happy to take
    additional members
    on these short trips.
 5. More details on each
    cruise in subsequent
    Anchor Lines

Page 12                                                       Anchor Line -September 2010
                            NEW LAW OFFICE
                                                                            2010 Nominating Committee"
                    Brian McDonald                                               Allen Bellinghausen, Chair
                Law & Mediation Offices                                               Everett Watrous
 Brian is expanding his law practice to Discovery Bay from San
                                                                                       Candi Wheeler
 Francisco where he has practiced for 40 years. His law practice                       Gary Warren
 includes estate planning, wills and trusts, probate and
 mediation of disputes including family law matters. Brian has
                                                                                     Howard Mathews
 been a Certificate Family Law Specialist for 30 years.
                                                                                   2011 Recommended Officer Slate
 Brian and his wife Ligia, have moved to Discovery Bay and
 have recently joined the DBYC. They have two children,            Commodore              Karen Mann              nominating committee
 Matthew and Nicole, both attending college.                       Vice Commodore         Mike Guzzardo           nominating committee
 The Discovery Bay law office opens on September 1, 2010.          Rear Commodore         Barbara Strauss Simon   nominating committee
 Brian is extending a one-hour initial consultation at no          Fleet Captain          Dane McCoy              nominating committee
 charge to yacht club members.                                     Port Captain           Bev Seaman              still within term
                                                                   Director, Finance      to be appointed
 To schedule an appointment, please call his assistant, Sandy      Director, Membership   Fran Murphy             still within term
 Price, at:                                                        Director,
                                                                   House and Grounds      Bob Wheaton             still within term
          ( 9 2 5) 24 0 -42 1 1                                    Treasurer
                                                                   Splashers President
                                                                                          Chris Provencher
                                                                                          Pat Anderson
                                                                                                                  still within term
                                                                                                                  still within term
      2465 Discovery Bay Boulevard, Suite 300                      Jr. Staff Commodore    Tracy Lape
              Discovery Bay, CA 94505

                                                                                                       Port Captain
                                                                                                                By: Bev Seaman
                                                                                                                  634-1210 X 23

 Hope your all having a great summer! Well my port crew,           A big thanks to my wonderful port crew along with Charlie
 dock crew and I have had a very busy one. We’ve had 3             Wheeler, Ted Rice, Ted Cados, Ron Puccinelli and Don
 cruise-ins this last month, all back to back. We first were       Zannitini for bringing in the boats and taking time out of
 visited by the Marina West Yacht Club. It was a last              their busy days to help. Next month we have Village West
 minute thing for them but I was glad we could                     Yacht Club coming in to visit us. Thanks again to all and
 accommodate them. They also got to join us for the Rock           have a lot of fun for the rest of your summer !!
 Slide jam and really enjoyed themselves! Then we had the
 Stockton and Oxbow clubs combined with 8 boats to join
                                                                   Sincerely Bev Seaman
 us for the following week-end. Bridge Marina Yacht Club
 came the next week-end with 8 boats also. Everyone, even          Port Captain
 the golfers have all have really enjoyed the Margarita
 Parties and the homemade salsa and chips. The weather
 has been great for all of them too, just like I ordered!!

Anchor Line -September 2010                                                                                                       Page 13
                                                                                                         By: Fran Murphy
                                                                                                           634-1210 X 24

 Wow, what an incredible year so far!! 2010 is literally flying   LET’S MEET OUR NEW MEMBERS!
 by and I think it’s because we ‘re all having so much fun.       Ron and Marie Wilson
 We had our “Appreciate Your Club Day” on August 28 and
                                                                  Sponsors: Don & Karen Patterson and Bill Murphy
 there were about 100 members that attended this
 throughout the day! What a fun day that was ... it’s nice to     Ron is retired from AT&T and Marie is also retired. They
 see and visit with our members. I would like to say a big        live in Discovery Bay and own a 17’ Arima. Both Ron and
 “THANKS” to all the helpers for the day…..Mitch Talia,           Marie are looking forward to cruising and just general help.
 Pam Ray, Rob Martinson, Camille Hieb and Bill                    Betty Grace
 Murphy….                                                         Sponsors: Tony Silva, Bob Pfarr and Sonny and Cherie
 It’s that time of year again…….Updating! If you want to          Thompson
 make any changes to your PICYA information, please let
                                                                  Betty has lived in Discovery Bay for many years and was
 me know. We are conducting a roster update for the club
 directory, PICYA Yearbook and accounting office.                 also a previous member of DBYC. Betty was a past
 If you need a new name badge be sure to let me know.             Commodore of Delta Yacht Club in 1989. Betty just wants
                                                                  to enjoy her golden years with DBYC members…
 Please be patient as I try to have at least three or more
 before I place an order. The cost factor for shipping one or     Bon Voyage!
 five badges is the same. I usually place our monthly order       Steve and Joanne Jett
 in around the 15th .
                                                                  Chuck and Shirley Foley
                                                                  See you at the club or on the water!

                                                                     Do you want to show off your boat?
                                                                      Send us a picture and a short write up by the
     Awesome Appreciation Day!                                                     15th of the month.
    A special thanks to Fran Murphy and her
     crew- husband Bill, Rob Martinson, Rob                             Email:
    Connor, Mitch Talia and Larry Hickerson
      for all their work on Appreciation Day
    August 28, 2010. Fran not only served the
      club through the chairs, she is a stellar
    Membership Director and has taken it upon
     herself to chair the Appreciation Day for
     several years. She and Bill go above and
    beyond to serve DBYC and deserve special
       thanks when you see them at the club.

               Great job Fran and Bill!!!!
                                                                     Spring Special, Call about our Wine Tasting Tours.

Page 14                                                                                     Anchor Line -September 2010
                                                                                               By:Chris Provencher, EA

 Hello fellow DBYC Members. Well, Fall is bearing down          Revenue booked for the first seven month’s (thru July) is
 upon us once again. I have to say, Summer has always           slightly below last year by 3%. However, Gross Profit is
 been my favorite season of the year, however, as I have        improved from last year’s same period by about 3%. Profit
 “aged”, I have been changing my feelings about this. I no      is improved by better Cost of Goods sold from Bar Sales
 longer water-ski as much as I used to – it’s Fall boating      and slightly higher Dues. Operational expenses are
 that I can’t wait for. I confess – Fall has moved into 1st     slightly higher than last year mostly due to increased
 place with me. As you read this, and if all goes as planned,   building Maintenance & Repairs, Utilities and new Water
 I expect to be in Sausalito about September 1st and then       charges from our Town. Booked Ordinary Profit is about
 over to Half Moon Bay with our boat for Labor Day              the same as last year’s first seven months.
 Weekend. We’ll be hanging out there (Pillar Point Harbor       Both Membership Sales revenue and Ships Store revenue
 & Half Moon Bay Yacht Club) for a couple of weeks and          continues to run strong – both provide some nice net profit
 then bounce back over to join up with the DBYC 1st and         revenue for the membership and that really is a result from
 2nd Bay week Cruises into South Beach Harbor, Pier 40 –        all the members who volunteer with both efforts. Please
 or in the backyard of AT&T Ballpark. Our Cruise Leaders        thank these volunteers.
 have picked up baseball tickets to take in a day-ball game
                                                                While cash balances are down from last year at this time,
 with the Giants running for the Pennant. SWEET !!
                                                                they have picked up from last month (June).
 REMINDER - Beginning July 1, 2010, our Membership
                                                                Detailed financial statements are placed on our club
 Dues increased to $576 / year or $144.00 per quarter.
                                                                bulletin board each month for members to review in
 Dues for 2010, by quarter, are $114.00 for the 1st & 2nd
                                                                greater details.
 quarter and $144.00 for the 3rd & 4th quarter. Quarterly
 Dues are due with payment during that billing month.           See you on the water !
 Dues past the quarterly billing period - over the one month
 grace period - are considered late and subject to late         Sincerely, your Treasurer
 charges. Members who’s Dues remain unpaid for beyond           Chris Provencher
 45 days are subject to losing their membership.

                             It’s “Nacho night” to cook......
                                 Join us at the DBYC For

                                                          “TACO TUESDAY”
                                                            Per Person
         "Kids under 10 years of age eat a one-trip for $5"

Anchor Line -September 2010                                                                                         Page 15
                                                                                 Discovery Bay Yacht Club
                                                                                             “Sunshine Corner”
                                                                                                  Justine Sampson

 Our prayers and thoughts go out to the Mobley family for the loss of Joe Mobley. Joe lost his courageous battle to cancer.

 “There are stars who's light only reaches the earth long after they have fallen apart. There are people who's
 remembrance gives light in this world, long after they have passed away. This light shines in our darkest nights
 on the road we must follow.”
                                                                                              The Talmud quotes

                                                      Ba t Club   r
                                                   r y ch
                                                 ve Ya          be andsyou forr
                                                          ptem ckh Thank yotua
                                                                Se          r
                                                                                    De                                   ex !

          ABOVE & BEYOND                        Monday Money Counters                             Appreciation Day:
  John and Anna Hendrickson                            Betty Silva                                   Mitch Talia
           Bob Pfarr                                 Joanne Smith                                    Rob Connor
       Sonny Thompson                                Donna Collins                                  Rob Martinson
          Bill Murphy                                 Nanci Price                                  Larry Hickerson
         Debbie Read                                   Ted Stark
       Connie Delazzar                                Elaine Stark                                  Ships Store
        Nancy Watrous                              Carolyn Eastham                               Karen Lichtenberg
         MaryAnn Rice                              Sharon Merizon                                   Joy Rogers
          Jan Baehr                                 Sharon Peters                                   Fran Murphy
        Charlie Wheeler                             Joyce Friessen                                 Nancy Watrous
          John Allen                                Chuck Niessen                                 Connie Delazzar,
         Mike McGuire                                                                              Mary Niessen.

Page 16                                                                                           Anchor Line -September 2010
                                                                                                          By: Pat Anderson

 Summer is fading fast. The fall activities are just around        We want to honor each and everyone of you. Also if you
 the corner. The line up for the rest of the year is:              have a short story about your experience please share it
 • September 18th Slow Poker Run                                   with us. Send to:

 With the weather near perfect, this is the idle event to lazily   See the sign up Flier on the Web or in this issue.
 paddle to the venue houses with friends, catch up with            November 6th and 7th---Holiday Boutique
 those you do not see as often as you wish, and meander            Sign up form for vendors on Web or in this issue.
 to another stop. Be sure to visit all 4 houses. Each has
 something unique.                                                 Vendors are filling up fast.
 The Hills will be hosting the registration. New members,          This is open to the public.
 Susi and Mike Bracco have jumped right in planning an             Please let me know if you have any questions or
 entertaining day. Wayne D'Anna is hosting a casino and            suggestions. There will not be a Splasher's meeting in
 the Milne's will have a swim party.
                                                                   August. Committee meetings will be done as scheduled by
 Back at the club for dancing and games.                           the Chairs.
 See the sign up Flier on the Web or in this issue.                Please let me know if you want to volunteer for any of the
 October 16th Fall Fashion Lunch Show                              events. Thanks everyone for all your help and support.
 The theme is Breast Cancer awareness. Please let us               I can be contacted at:
 know if you are a survivor or are bring someone who is.

 DBYC’s 11-Year Office Manager trades in
 California for Texas – Jeannine McGovern has just ended
 eleven years of valuable service for Discovery Bay Yacht
 Club. On August 23rd, a successful surprise “Good-Bye”
 luncheon was held for Jeannine with about 50 Long-Time
 Club Members wishing her well on the next chapter for her
 and her husband, Jack. Their planned physical move to
 Texas is November 1st. Jeannine’s last official work day
 was August 30th. Jeannine has been our Office Manager
 handling the club billings, payables, payroll, and being the
 glue between ever changing Boards from year-to-year.
 Jeannine will be sorely missed – she is loved by so many
 that she simply has her own fan club.
 Jeannine – THANK YOU for all your support and dedicated
 effort. We will miss you. I will miss you – especially when it
 comes to reconciling our monthly bank statements !
 Chris Provencher, Treasurer

Anchor Line -September 2010                                                                                             Page 17
                                                                                        By: Staff Commodore, Lynn Pierce

 RBOC has...                                                     Department of Boating and Waterways (Cal Boating)
 1. Prevented the elimination of the independent Cal             Director. Our sincere gratitude, appreciation, and thanks go
 Boating, preserving the state governmental entity that          to Ray for the nine years of Cal boating leadership and
 provides boater education, facilities and safety.               assistance given to the recreational boating community.
 2. Prevented exorbitant fee proposals that would have           Boater Fees and Taxes
 boaters paying hundreds of dollars more each year.              RBOC maintains its vigilance to ensure that the Governor’s
 What is RBOC?                                                   previous efforts to eliminate CAL Boating are not enacted. A
                                                                 Strong showing of boating community support has stopped
 RBOC - Recreational Boaters of California - is celebrating
                                                                 these efforts, so far. The annual budget saga is underway in
 its 42nd anniversary as a statewide governmental advocacy
                                                                 Sacramento and the Governor has proposed diverting an
 organization which since 1968 has continued its
                                                                 additional $7.5 million annually from CAL Boating for
 commitment to promoting the enjoyment, protection and
                                                                 recreation and dish wildlife enhancements at state Water
 responsible use of out waterways.
                                                                 project facilties. To date, the proposal has been rejected by
 It is led by 19 volunteer boating officers and directors from   legislative budget subcommittees in both houses.
 all over the State. These directors, along with the office of
 Desmond & Desmond, professional lobbyists in the Capitol,       Marina and Club Permit Proposal
 work to promote recreational boaters’ interests, protect        RBOC continues opposing the State Water Board permit
 boaters from restrictive or adverse laws, and enhance           program proposal to address water quality issues in
 boating opportunities.                                          marinas and clubs with 10 or mote slips. Even though the
                                                                 State has appeared to have “backed off” from a formal
 RBOC reviews all proposed regulations and proposed
                                                                 permit program to a more voluntary program, RBOC
 legislation that affect boaters and tries to keep the
                                                                 continues the pressure to assure boaters interest and
 government from taking boaters’ tax dollars for non boating
                                                                 needs are incorporated into any voluntary program. During
                                                                 or Legislative Day in April, we advised our legislators of our
 Support RBOC                                                    concerns with a formal permit program, and that we
 RBOC operates solely on donations from boaters like YOU!        intended to approach the Legislature if we weren’t satisfied
 WE cannot continue to do what we do for all of California’s     with where the Water Board was headed. From those
 recreational boaters WITHOUT YOUR DONATIONS!!                   discussions, a Southern California legislator has sent a
 Please help us to continue to work on your behalf by            strongly worded letter to the Water Board supporting
 making a donation of $20 a year per boating family. Send        RBOC’s position on this proposed program that a fact and
 your check to Recreational Boaters of California, 925 L         science-based approach be used. An approach which first
 Street, Suite 220, Sacramento, CA. Please note that             identifies and then addresses pollution in marinas that is
 donations are not tax deductible due to RBOC’s extensive        determined to be attributable to recreational boaters and
 lobbying efforts.                                               marina operations.
 Go to our website: for more on these issues and        Boating’s Economic Impact
 the latest information and other boating issues.                Everyone knows the U.S. is in a rough economic
 SUMMER 2010                                                     environment. However, recreational boaters continue to
 Current Key Issues                                              have a major impact on the California and U.S. economy.
                                                                 Cal Boating reports that there are 4 million recreational
 Thanks to Ray Tsuneyoshi. Ray will no longer be serving as
                                                                 boaters, 1.7 non-motorized boats, 907,000 motorized

Page 18                                                                                      Anchor Line -September 2010
boats, and 30,000 US Coast Guard documented boats in
this state. According to the National Marine Manufacturers
Association’s 2008 report, recreational boating added $1.2
billion to the gross state product (GSP) with $1.6 billion
spent on boats, accessories and repairs; and $1.4 billion on
                                                                  September 23rd
boating trips (meals groceries and lodging)> Boating had a
direct impact on 24,200 jobs with labor income of $750
million, as well as 1,600 boating businesses employing           Karaoke Night
11,100 people.
It is important that our local, state, and federal                TIME TO SING AND PLAY!
representatives be aware of this impact and support
programs and legislation which protect and advance
boating interests. Therefore, your continued assistance is
appreciated when RBOC asks for your support.
Invasive Species
Recreational boater’s access to the State’s waterways is
also limited and in some instances restricted by
un-coordinated Invasive Species Inspection protocols,            7-10PM -
developed by local enforcement agencies. RBOC is                 MAIN ROOM
encouraging standardization by these agencies. Boaters           The singing starts
are also encouraged to clean, drain and dry their boats,         upstairs
personal watercraft, and any other equipment including           at 7pm with
boat trailers, that come in contact with he water both before    Doug Daley
arrival and after leaving the waterways. We must do our
part to prevent the spread of quagga and zebra mussels           “Your Special K DJ”
and many other aquatic invasive species.

                                            Open Friday Nights and Most Tuesday Nights

                                              You’re Invited, Come in and Visit the
                                             Discovery Bay Yacht Club’s Ships Store
                                                    NEW ITEMS ARRIVING WEEKLY

                                                   Come stop by and look for new gift items:
     Come in                                         Hand Towels for boats or guest baths.
     and BUY!                                         Also check out the new mens items

  Hot Summer
                                   Do you want to volunteer? Call Quartermaster Karen Lichtenberg at 634-4530
  Wear or Cool
                                     Benefits include: a reserved table near the store for dinner and a 10% discount
  Fall Clothing
  You Choose!!!                             during the month you work . Also a great way to meet members.

Anchor Line -September 2010                                                                                     Page 19
          Finding a cure, one step at a time...

Page 20                                           Anchor Line -September 2010
               Goaring 20’s
             Halloween Party
          October 23rd, 2010 6:00 pm

                                                                 Celebrate at
                                                                the Speakeasy

                                                               Welcoming all
                                                               Molls, Flappers
                                                               and Gangsters


        Name: ____________________________________________________________________
        Number of Tickets ______ X $35.00 = $_______ Choices _____ Beef _____ Chicken
        Please specify the names in your group for seating arrangements:
        Return to     Make checks payable to “DBYC”
                      Justine Sampson
                      435 Discovery Bay Blvd
                      Discovery Bay, CA 94505

Anchor Line -September 2010                                                             Page 21
                                                               Milt was correct -- we left at 10:00 AM in a bit of chop but
                              Following a year in which the    the further we got into San Pablo Bay the smoother it got –
                              Tortoise & Hare Cruise lacked    so much so that it was like a lake at Point San Pablo and
                             Cruise Leaders, our thanks go     almost the same in Raccoon Straights. We arrived at
                                                               Sam’s at approximately 10:30 and had our pick of docking
                         to Milt & Jan Baehr, along with
                       Gary & Chele Warren for all their       space ( good planning by Milt & Jan ). All enjoyed the
                work in leading this cruise in 2010. As many   warm sun and good food at Sam’s. Following lunch we
 of you know, this takes a good deal of work and is much       cruised to Sausalito and then were treated to a run out
 appreciated by those on the cruise, especially this cruise    under the Golden Gate.
 which affords the opportunity of being treated to             We returned to Benicia and the Tortoises hosted a cocktail
 exhilarating rides in Fast Boats to San Francisco Bay.        & snack social on “B” dock for all to partake and to show
 The Cruise consisted of 8 Tortoises and 5 Hares. Most of      our appreciation to the “Hares” for the exciting ride to
 the boats arrived on Friday morning and joined several        Tiburon and out under the “Golden Gate”.
 boats that arrived on the previous Tuesday & Thursday.        All cruisers then walked to the “Sailor Jacks” restaurant
                                                               and had a great dinner which included huge slices of
 The Tortoises were represented by Gary & Chele Warren,        cheesecake – YUM !
 Ron & Margaret Puccinelli, Charlie & Candi Wheeler,
                                                               Sunday morning was departure time however we were
 Dave & Penny Dove, John & Teri Davis, Peter & Luann
                                                               delayed by a 48’ sailboat that went aground right in the
 Hills, Lowell & Maggie Thomas, Mat & Diane Mathews.           entrance to the Marina which prevented passage for those
 Hares consisted of Milt & Jan Baehr, Steve & Susie            departing or arriving. We assisted by our dingy and
 Nozet, Paul & Judy Hansen, Dave & Judy Travers, Ed            brought a line to a big piling so that they could winch their
                                                               bow towards the exit and also played “tugboat” by pushing
 Landry & Toni Vandenbos, Shelby Garner rode down
                                                               their bow, and were successful in freeing the grounding.
 with Ed Landry in Shelby & Lois’s boat. Tom Lee rode          Approximately 150 yards out of the harbor they elected to
 down with Paul Hansen and were met by wives Lorna &           attempt a shortcut before reaching deeper water and went
 Judy.                                                         aground once again – this time they were on their own.
 Following the docking assignments, all cruisers simply        Additionally we noticed their engine exhaust steaming so
 relaxed in the afternoon and then had a welcoming cocktail    obviously they damaged their impeller by sucking sand
 hour at the Benicia Yacht Club where Commodore Brook          while grounded.
 Seymour welcomed us to their Club. Unfortunately we had       Most of our boats were able to leave by 11:00 AM and had
 no current Board members on this cruise, but we had 4         a pretty rough ride all the way to False River which was
 Staff Commodores and 2 former Board members. Tim &            unusual with an incoming tide. Wave height was estimated
 Deb Mobley, Paul & Trudi DeLeon, and Louis & Patty            to be at least 3-4 feet and more.
 Knight drove to Benicia and joined in for a wonderful         But everyone arrived back in Discovery Bay content with a
 buffet dinner. Following dinner, Milt announced the crews     GREAT Cruise put together by Milt & Jan and Gary &
 that would ride with fast boat drivers & their navigators.    Chele.
 There was some question with the weather forecast for         Thanks to all who participated and we look
 Saturday morning, as too much wind would not allow the        forward to seeing you on your next
 boats to travel to Sam’s Restaurant in Tiburon. However       cruise.
 on Saturday morning, Milt announced that the weather
 cooperated and conditions were good for the “RUN TO

Page 22                                                                                   Anchor Line -September 2010
Anchor Line -September 2010   Page 23
Page 24   Anchor Line -September 2010
                                    Fall Festivities Cruise
                                             Sportsman Yacht Club
                                                 October 8th-10th
                                                                   50’s theme,
                                                             costumes optional
                                                        Car show all afternoon

                                         Friday night
                              $15.00 per person, chicken dinner
                   Saturday breakfast available - Barbara's Deli
                         Saturday lunch - Hot dogs, $5.00
                      Saturday dinner - Ribs, $15.00 per person
                         "Dancing in the Street", with a dj
                     Sunday breakfast available - Barbara's Deli

              Can handle 15-16 boats (20 amps), RV's with dry-camping only.
                         Drive-overs are welcome if reserved ahead.

                            Join us for a cruise meeting,
                  Tuesday, October 5th at 7:00pm in the Bilge Room.
                    Money for the cruise will be due at that time.
                                  Reserve your spot today!
                                 Contact your cruise leaders
                                   Chet & Linda Loveland

Anchor Line -September 2010                                                   Page 25
                             DBYC - September 2010
   Sunday                   Monday                  Tuesday               Wednesday                 Thursday                   Friday                  Saturday
                                                                                              1                      2                          3                     4
Club Open 9am-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm      Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm      Club Open 5pm-11pm          Club Open                 Club Open
 Breakfast 9am-1pm           Game Night              Taco Tuesday           Potluck 6:00 pm                                 4pm - 12:30am             3pm - 10:00pm
                                                                               Small Boat                                  Dinner 5:30 - 9 pm
                                                                             Dinner Cruise                                   Ebony & Ivory

                     5                       6                        7                       8                       9                    10                         11
Club Open 9am-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm      Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm      Club Open 5pm-11pm          Club Open                 Club Open
 Breakfast 9am-1pm           Game Night              Taco Tuesday           Potluck 6:00 pm         General Meeting         4pm - 12:30am             3pm - 10:00pm
     Club Rental                                                             Board Meeting            Dinner by Al         Dinner 5:30 - 9 pm           911 Party
    2:00-5:00 pm                                                                                                              Spin Doctor

                    12                      13                       14                      15                      16                    17                       18
Club Open 9am-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm      Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm      Club Open 5pm-11pm           Club Open                Club Open
 Breakfast 9am-1pm           Game Night              Taco Tuesday           Potluck 6:00 pm                                  4pm - 12:30am            3pm - 10:00pm
                                                                                                                           Dinner 5:30 - 9 pm       Splashers Slow Boat
                                                                                                                             Ebony & Ivory               Poker Run
    Cruise Out              Cruise Out               Cruise Out              Cruise Out              Cruise Out                Cruise Out
  Napa Yacht Club         Napa Yacht Club          Napa Yacht Club         Napa Yacht Club         Napa Yacht Club          Napa Yacht Club

                    19                      20                       21                      22                  23                       24                       25
Club Open 9am-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm      Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm      Club Open 5pm-11pm           Club Open                Club Open
 Breakfast 9am-1pm           Game Night              Taco Tuesday           Potluck 6:00 pm          Karaoke Night          4pm - 12:30am             3pm - 10:00pm
                                                                                                                           Dinner 5:30 - 9 pm
                                                                                                                            Gin House Band
     Cruise Out              Cruise Out               Cruise Out              Cruise Out              Cruise Out               Cruise Out
   1st Bay Cruise          1st Bay Cruise           1st Bay Cruise          1st Bay Cruise          1st Bay Cruise           1st Bay Cruise

                    26                      27                       28                      29                  30
Club Open 9am-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm      Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm      Club Open 5pm-11pm
 Breakfast 9am-1pm           Game Night              Taco Tuesday           Potluck 6:00 pm

    Cruise Out               Cruise Out              Cruise Out               Cruise Out              Cruise Out
  2nd Bay Cruise           2nd Bay Cruise          2nd Bay Cruise           2nd Bay Cruise          2nd Bay Cruise

                                                   10/02 - Soup Cookoff
                                                   10/05 - Fall Festivities Meeting                          10/23 - Halloween Dinner Dance
                                                   10/08 - 10/10 Fall Festival Cruise                        10/28 - Karaoke Night
                                                   10/10-10/15 - 3rd Bay Cruise                              10/29-10/31 - Cruise In Little Potato
                                                   10/12 - Board Meeting                                                   Yacht Club
                                                   10/13 - Splashers Meeting
REMINDERS                                          10/14 - General Meeting
                                                   10/16 - Splashers Fall Fashion

Page 26                                                                                                                   Anchor Line -September 2010
                                             11/11 - Columbus Day (actual day no event)
                                             11/13 - Club Rental
                                             11/12-11/14 - Cruise Out Mystery Cruise
                                             11/20 - Change of Watch
                                             11/25 - Thanksgiving
 Year at a Glance 2010                       December
                                             12/04 - Parade of Lights Christmas Street Parade
 November                                    12/07 - Board Meeting
 11/06- 11/07 - Splashers Holiday Boutique   12/11 - Lighted Boat Parade
 11/07 - Time Change Fall Back               12/19 - Children’s Christmas Party
 11/09 - General Meeting                     12/25 - Christmas
 11/10 - Splashers Meeting                   12/31 - New Years Dinner Dance
 11/11 - Board Meeting

Anchor Line -September 2010                                                                 Page 27
                  New Years Eve Party
                                                                ve so
                                                          e Co          y
                                                                     Ba Isle”
      I                                                Th          y
                                                            o ver lligans
      n         2011                                   D isc ets Gi
                                                   “ Sur

                     AGENDA                                  Featuring Discovery Bay Yacht Club Favorites
   7:00pm to 8:30pm Cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres
              7:00pm - 10:45pm Casino
         8:30pm - 9:30pm Dinner menu tbd
  Includes a sumptuous chocolate fountain dessert!
   Bring in the new year with champagne & more!
              9:15pm -1:00am Dancing
         11:15 - 11:30....door prize drawing
                  DRESS ATTIRE
          Formal, Survivor or Gilligans Island
              Free Complimentary Photo
                 $9800 Until 11/15/10
           Regular Price $11000 per person
           Seating is limited to 150 people

   To Sign up Contact: Scott & Karen Mann 513.6525 or email: or
   you can contact Cheryl & Mark Anderson

   Make checks payable to the
                                         Name: _______________________________________
   Discovery Bay Yacht Club
   Mail to: Chuck & Mary Niessen         ____ # of Members x $98.00 = $________ Amt Enclosed
   281 Discovery Bay Blvd                ____ # of non- member guests (if we have room) to be
   Discovery Bay, CA 94505               determined by 12/1/2010

Page 28                                                                         Anchor Line -September 2010
        Launching Ramp                                Boats & Equipment for Sale
             FOR SALE                           FOR SALE
 1989 28ft. Sleekcraft Enforcer.     CIPA Model M2000 7”x14” boat
 454 Mercruiser, New Bravo-1         rear view mirror. Windshield or
 outdrive 2 years ago, New Stereo    bimini frame mount. Excellent
 and Ship to Shore Radio, Has        condition. Complete with
 silent choice pipes. Secured        brackets. Asking $25.00
 Cabin, sleeps four, two couches,    Contact Ron at 925-240-5915,
 port-a-poty. hydraulic engine       Disco Bay
 cover, Bimini top and many more
 extras. Extremely clean and well                FOR SALE
 kept, must see to appreciate.Boat   1996 20’ Maxum 2000 open bow
 always stored on a hoist with a     Less than 65 hours, like new 205
 full cover and under a dock         HP V-6 Mercury Outdrive, Bait
 cover.$25,500.00 for boat and                                            Note: These ads are
                                     well, Trolling Motor, Depth &
 6000 pound hoist. $22,00.00 for     Fish Finder, 2 Bass chairs, Extra    published as a free service
 boat alone. Call Ted at 925-0503    propeller, Bimini Top, Skis, Tube,
 or e-mail at                                                             to DBYC membership. To
                                     Life jackets, Anchor, Cover,               Lights, Fenders and a two man        place an ad in next month’s
   FOR SALE - “Price Lowered”        Tow raft. Never been in salt water
                                     Includes galvanized trailer          Launching Ramp, email the
 1982 - 31’ Wellcraft SB             (registered) with like new tires.    ad or drop it off at my house
 (SedanBridge) $19,500               $6500
 •Twin, gas engines (rebuilt/new)                                         by the 15th of each month.
                                     Call Lynn at 925-516-0663
 • Furuno FF & GPS
 • Updated Galley (new Refrig)                   FOR SALE                 Ads run for (3) months. If
 • Enclosed Upper Station                                                 your item sells faster, email
                                     Hobie Mirage Tandem Kayak
   (Eisenglass for winter and        2001 Yellow 2 passenger pedal        or drop me a note in my box
   Screen panels for summer)         drive
 • I/O Removable Carpet                                                   so it can be removed. Items
                                     Kayak with paddles $1,650
 • Custom window Screens             Call Bill 925-634-0612               must be directly related to
 • New upholstery
 • Air Conditioning & Heat system                                         boating. Please make sure
 • 3 kw Generator
 • Windlass w/chain rode                                                  all ads are clearly written or
 • VHF (2 stations)                                                       preferably typed. No new
 • Flat Screen TV
 • XM capable AM/FM Stereo                                                ads or cancellations will be
 • Head w/shower                                                          taken over the phone.
 • V Berth converted to large bed
   area w/reading lights & closet           WANTED                        email all ads to:
 Located in Discovery Bay                                                         Diana Dobbie
 Call Scott (925-984-5036) or               YOUR AD                        diana@upliftingmemories.
 Karen (510-612-5122)
             FOR SALE
                                             HERE                                      com
 Magma Model A10-207 Stainless
 Steel “Marine Kettle 2” BBQ.             Due 15th of
 Complete ready to use. Includes
 boat rail mounting bracket. Used
 only a couple of times and in
                                          each Month
 excellent condition. Complete
 when new over $240.00. Asking
 $175.00 Contact Ron at
 925-240-5915, Disco Bay

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                    3/4 Page Back Cover $140/mo          $1,565/annual
                    Full Page             $160/mo        $1,750/annual

                                                                                                  PRSRT STD
                          Discovery Bay                                                           U.S. Postage
                           Yacht Club                                                              PAID
                                                                                                  Permit No. 34
5871 Marina Road                                                                                   Byron, CA
Discovery Bay, CA 94505
(925) 634-1210

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