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									                        Why Do You Need MBA Essay Editing?
Forget about the application essay of your favourite B-school asking you the question. Forget about
selection committee of the B-school asking in the interview or the Interview panel of your favourite
company asking you the same question. For no mugged up or well devised answer will suffice. Rather
you ask the question to yourself. As you grew up your career took many turns. Some of you did
accounting and are a CA. Some of you are bankers or Engineers or Businessmen. Then why do you need
to do MBA. Some naysayers might give you an example of some hotshot businessman who did not do
MBA but is a successful businessman.

Then why MBA? It is an enterprising and enriching study. It is study through case and situation studies.
The hotshot businessmen whose example you were given, it is their study. How they grew up, what
mistake they did, so that you won’t commit the same mistake. It is the study of how various industries
flourish, so that you will learn from their strength. It is an essence of all studies, no matter which field
you are from you will have an acute change in your outlook, your horizon, your demeanour. You can be
an entrepreneur, you can jump to a higher position in your existing job, you can expand your circle and
your network, and you develop strategic vision. It adds strength to your resume. To make things simple,
it gives you more choice, more interesting work and more money.

There are no saved games in real life! One single mistake and your entire endeavour is useless. It takes a
lot of hard work and burning of midnight oil to get a good score in GMAT. And if you could have gotten
yourself a ticket to your dream B-school just after that, then the story would have ended there, and you
would not have taken the pain to read the article.

Sadly the story starts with you getting a good score in GMAT. What after that? You apply to different
colleges with your GMAT score along with the required essays of the particular college. But again, you
are not the only one who has secured a good GMAT score. There are thousands like you. You might be
different. You might have many professional and personal achievements. You might be a good leader, a
good manager, optimistic and many more things. But only you know yourself and you might not get your
chance to tell them your side of the story like the thousands of good candidates who apply with great
hope and good candidature, but who never get the chance to meet the admission committee.

Then what choice do you have to shine from the masses, so that the admission committee picks you up.
You have two options. Write the essays on your own, ask your friends and relatives if it is good and send
it to your dream B school and cross your fingers that you just might get through.

And for all those others who do not leave their career decisions on luck or chances, they have a better
option. They can let our expert team, who have graduated from top ranked B schools of the globe and
who have mastered this art, that they have numbers of selected students to our credit(you can go to our
testimonials column) to help them. We will provide you step by step guidance on writing your side of
the story, the nooks and corners of your personality, in your own style, but in a methodical and eloquent
way. You generate your idea and let us know, we will brainstorm you to get more insights to enrich the
idea. You elaborate your idea, our professionals review it and tell you where what more will be added
and what is lacking. You write again and we edit it. This process will go on N number of times until your
essays look perfect to you and to us.

And all this for a very reasonable and affordable price that you will not get elsewhere. We don’t edit
essays for money, but it is our life bloods our passion. We are happier when happy clients inform us they
got a call from their dream B school. You have every right not to believe us. We have a solution for that.
We give you an option to go for our trial pack for a small of money, just to see for yourself we actually
are good. You can also take our recommendation letter editing service. Gateway2MBA reviewing and
editing services are highly value adding and competitive. Please visit our Why
Gateway2MBA?, Frequently Asked Questions and Client Testimonial pages to know more about our
MBA essay editing and reviewing services.

For any other assistance or queries like MBA Essay Editing, MBA Sop Tips, Essay For MBA Admission and
MBA Interview Question, you are most welcome to drop us an email at care@gateway2mba.com .

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