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July 22, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Papillion Times           B5

          SPRINGFIELD LEGALS                                                                       SARPY COUNTY LEGALS                           SARPY COUNTY LEGALS                             SARPY COUNTY LEGALS                            SARPY COUNTY LEGALS                              SARPY COUNTY LEGALS
ing Inspector, $862.93, Prof Svcs Building                                                       tions (non profit organizations):             3000 #10 Envelopes, 135.40; Carl                      County,            Copies                                 April, May,
Inspector-Gen , Sarpy County Fiscal Ad-                                                           Rich James, Treasurer                        Hibbeler, Prior Svc 7/1/10-6/30/, 103.86;       Mnj Technologies Direct, Canon Cartridg-       5,250.00; Wise-Mack Inc, Acct#5700
ministration, $328.23, Animal Control-Gen,                                                        A. Overland Hills Church Troop 888, 2006     Carmen E Lazo, Jury Fees, 37.00; Caroli-        es, 310.00; Modern Methods, Inc,               Pressure Swi, 96.83; Zachary F Conway,          16. Public Hearing and Resolution 2010-
Sarpy County GIS, $2,831.00, GIS-Gen,                                                            Well 2WH                                      na Software, Wasteworks Laser Ticke,            Id#M1020 - Gm434-Cndc8, 356.72; Mod-           Jury Fees, 45.00; Zee Medical Service Co,       232: Authorize the preservation and main-
Sarpy County Landfill, $24.46, Waste Tax-                                                          B. Southside Assembly of God, 1997          870.20; Carquest Of 84th Street,                ern Methods, Inc, 016-049-000 - Hp L,          First Aid Supplies, 253.45; A/P Check Run       tenance of New Pennsylvania Cemetery
Gen, Sarpy County Treasurer, $6,234.29,                                                          Ford Van                                      Acct#716660 Calipers F, 75.59; Celebrity        496.42; Monarch Oil Co, Gal Css-1, 32.50;      Total, 1,229,634.60; Plus Payroll (Wages,       as a pioneer cemetery. John Reisz, Dep.
Law Enforcement-Gen, Seidler & Seidler,                                                            C. St. Columbkille Church, 1999 Ply-        Staffing-Omaha, #430, 440.00; Central           Moore Wallace, Gun Apps, 51.69; Nacr,          Fica,      Pension)      For    7/16/2010,      Co. Attorney
$925.00, Prof Svcs-Legal-Gen, Shamrock                                                           mouth Wagon                                   Cashier, Rent/Utilities - 2nd Q, 3,842.78;      Phone For Security, 233.05; Nadia Drap-        1,528,586.06
Concrete,      $850.30,      Concrete-Street,                                                                                                  Chemsearch, Yield Aerosol, 161.88; Chris        er, Wit Fee St Vs., 20.00; Nancy G Goy,                                                         MOTION: After a public hearing, Jansen
Starks Service, $39.69, R&M Vehicle-                                                              MOTION: Jansen moved, seconded by            Anderson, Witness Fees, 20.00; Cindy            Prior Svc 7/1/10-6/30/, 46.16; Nancy J         2. Resolution 2010-225: Authorize Chair-        resolved, seconded by Hike, to approve
Water, Tighton Fastener & Supply,                                                                Richards, to approve the Exemption Appli-     Slowick, Witness Fees, 20.00; City Of Bel-      Boro, Jury Fees, 39.00; National Paper         man to sign addendum lowering the con-          the resolution which declares the New
$114.83, Tools-Street, Time Insurance,                                                           cations as recommended by the County          levue, Reimburse For Personne, 558.09;          Co.,Inc., Burnish & Polish Pads, 145.76;       tract price to $96,625 with Neuman Equip-       Pennsylvania Cemetery (located north of
$5,465.95, Health Insurance , Tractor                                                            Treasurer. Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, Richards,    City Of Omaha, G-078 C77(98-6) Harris,          Ncchc, Registration-Cote, 810.00; Ne Air       ment Company for E-85 Storage, Dispens-         Highway 370 between 192nd and 204th
Supply, $199.99, Tools-Street, United                                                            Thomas & Jansen. Nays: None.                  109,162.44; City Of Papillion - City Cl, City   Filter Inc., Air Filters For Annex, 199.26;    ing and Management System for the new           Streets) a pioneer cemetery and further
States Postal Service, $56.00, Rental-Lib                                                                                                      Of Papillion, 2,635.02; Clarene J               Ne County Attorneys Assoc., County Dues        Law Enforcement Center. Beth Cunard,            that the County Board authorizes the ex-
Rest, US Bank, $308.74, R&M Equip-Gen,                                                           7. Adjournment                                Vandeman, Prior Svc 7/1/10-6/30/, 50.01;        And 20 Tra, 5,461.00; Ne Dept Of Correc-       Purchaser                                       penditure of funds for the care and mainte-
USA BlueBook, $187.31, Supplies-Sewer;                                                                                                         Clerk Of District Court, Dc Crim Thru 7-6-      tional Svc, Miscellaneous Sockets, 25.00;      3. Permission to solicit bids for aggregate     nance of said cemetery. Ayes: Hike, Al-
Tools-Sewer, Walkers Uniform Rental,                                                               MOTION: At 3:11 P.M. Richards moved,        10, 2,233.00; Clerk Of The District Court,      Ne Humane Society, Animal Control Serv-        hauling for the Highway Department. Beth        brecht, Richards, Thomas & Jansen.
$224.40,        Uniform      Rental/Laundry,                                                     seconded by Thomas, to adjourn until July     Cert Copies St, 7.25; Commercial Clean-         ice, 32,878.02; Ne Machinery Company,          Cunard, Purchaser                               Nays: None.
Westover Rock & Sand, $623.31, Sand &                                                            20, 2010 at 3:00 P.M. to be preceded by       ing Supply, Vacuum Cleaner And Spr,             30w Tdto, 1,179.82; Neta, Membership           4. Permission to solicit bids for drainage
Gravel-Street, Payroll, $30,456.67                                                               the Board of Equalization Property Valua-     5,404.94; Consolidated Electrical Dis,          Dues 2010-2, 75.00; Neuman Equipment,          improvements for the Closed Cedar Island        17. Resolution 2010-233: Flood Plain De-
Total $68,398.46                                                                                 tion Protest Hearings beginning at 9:00       Fuse Td Midget, 59.00; Conway Oil               Generator Tank Inspect, 159.00; Newco          Road Landfill. Beth Cunard, Purchaser           velopment Permit application of Cindi Van
      Department Reports were provided.                                                          A.M. Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, Richards, Tho-     Company,Inc., 1747.2 Gals Of Diesel,            Trucks Parts Inc, Strobe With Brush Guar,      5. Resolution 2010-226: Approve exten-          Housen for construction of an addition, Lot
      Lt. Russ Zeeb with the Sarpy County                                                        mas & Jansen. Nays: None.                     9,020.29; County Court - Traffic Divi, Cert     372.16; Nick Dominski, Witness Fees,           sion of independent contractor service          40, Hawaiian Village, Platte River. Rebec-
Sheriff’s Department provided the monthly                                                                                                      Copies St, 1.75; County Treasurer, 2007         20.00; Nirma, Insuarance Premiums,             agreement with Heartland Family Service         ca Horner, Planning Director
service report.                                                                                             \s\ Joni M. Albrecht, Chairman     Pickup Title Cert, 10.00; D & D Communi-        795,107.00; Nyagak Biliu, Witness Fees,        for Law Enforcement Liaison. Beth
      Explained that the city plans to place                                                           Sarpy County Board of Equalization      cations, Acct#01-Sar0010 Clean, 97.06;          20.00; Occupational Health Centers, Pre-       Cunard, Purchaser                                MOTION: Resolved by Jansen, seconded
all donated items in the Springfield Creek                                                                                                     Daily Nonpareil, Display June, 150.00;          Employment Drug Sc, 67.50; Oce                 6. Permission to solicit bids for Office Fur-   by Hike, to approve the resolution for the
Trails and Recreation Area after construc-                                                       Attest:                                       Dale Robinson, Witness Fees, 20.00;             Imagistics Inc, Ja712 - W4511-7050295,         niture by Group for the new Sarpy County        permit. Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, Richards,
tion of Springfield Trail Phase 3.                                                               \s\ Debra J. Houghtaling                      Daniel M Leazenby, Jury Fees, 43.00;            192.40; Office Depot, Acct#2110, 108.14;       Law Enforcement Center. Lois Spethman,          Thomas & Jansen. Nays: None.
      Tabled agenda item 7, regarding the                                                        Sarpy County Clerk                            Darian J Rutherford, Jury Fees, 78.00;          O’keefe Elevator Company In, July Eleva-       Purchaser
artist rendering of downtown Main Street,                                                        1260039--7/21                                 Darryl A Rowe Sr, Jury Fees, 78.00; David       tor Maintena, 570.00; Olsson Associates,       7. Resolution 2010-227: Appoint Randy           18. Resolution 2010-234: Flood Plain De-
until the July 20, 2010, City Council meet-                                                                                                    J Glenn, Jury Fees, 37.00; Db Guns &            Professional Services, 6,913.68; Omaha         Bennett to the Sarpy County Personnel           velopment Permit application of Edward
ing.                                                                                                    MINUTES OF MEETING                     Smithing, Remainder Of Bill For, 774.46;        Marine Center Inc, Oil Filter And Stop Fo,     Policy Board as the Board of Commission-        Maloney,for replacement of an existing
      Approved Resolution 2010-14 author-                                                              SARPY COUNTY BOARD                      Debi Fabian, For Certified Copies P, 3.75;      34.98; Omaha Truck Center, Inc,                ers representative with a term to expire        deck, Lot 160, Hawaiian Village, Platte
izing the Mayor to enter into an agreement                                                               OF COMMISSIONERS                      Deborah K Aragon, Jury Fees, 40.00; Dell        Acct#F041 Union For, 25.68; O’reilly Auto      July 12, 2015. Linda Welles, Personnel          River. Rebecca Horner, Planning Director
with JEO Consulting Group for services to                                                                Tuesday, July 13, 2010                Marketing L.P., 23 Inch Flat Panel,             Parts, Acct#7581 Battery Fo, 754.49; Pa-       Coordinator
complete a community action plan.                                                                      Sarpy County Courthouse,                6,545.87; Deluxe Business Forms & Sup,          mela R Cummins, Jury Fees, 80.00;              8. Resolution 2010-228: Approve and au-          MOTION: Resolved by Jansen, seconded
      Approved Resolution 2010-15 author-                                                              Sarpy County Board Room                 Cont Feed Checks, 444.55; Deni Inc, St V,       Pamelia V Smith, Jury Fees, 40.00;             thorize Chairman to sign Amendment One          by Hike, to approve the resolution for the
izing the city to participate in the Multi-                                                        280.00; Dept Agriculture – Pesticid, Regis-     Pankonin’s Inc, Acct#51227 Blades For,         to the contract with Nebraska Department        permit. Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, Richards,
Hazard Mitigation Planning process coor-                                                                                                       tration Fee 7/1/1, 49.10; Diamond Market-       209.24; Papillion Sanitation, 3050-205227      of Health and Human Services for CARE           Thomas & Jansen. Nays: None.
dinated by the Papio-Missouri River Natu-                                                        Notice of the Board of Commissioners          ing Solutions, Invoice # 4351-Chang,            07/01/2010, 1,537.19; Papio-Mo River           services to extend the contract until Sep-
ral Resource District.                                                                           meeting was given in advance thereto by       18,788.96; Diamond Vogel Paint Mfg Co,          Natural Reso, Interlocal Cooperation,          tember 30, 2010. Brian Hanson, Fiscal Ad-       19. Resolution 2010-235: Waive building
      Waived the three readings and ap-                                                          publication in the Suburban Newspapers,       5 Gals White Bag Glass, 3,297.11; Don’s         65,000.00; Patricia A Leibert, Jury Fees,      ministrator                                     permit fee for portable classrooms at Pali-
proved Ordinance No. 773 AN ORDI-                                                                Inc. dba Bellevue Leader, Papillion Times,    Uniforms, Stinger Flashlights,Ba, 385.75;       42.00; Patricia Hazuka, Prior Svc 7/1/10-      9. Approve Semi-Annual CDBG Program             sades Elementary School, Gretna Public
NANCE OF THE CITY OF SPRINGFIELD,                                                                Gretna Breeze and Springfield Monitor on      Douglas County Sheriff, Sher Fee Jv09-          9/30/, 39.00; Patrick J Thomas, Prior Svc      Income Report for Grant #92-ED-018 for          Schools District 37. Rebecca Horner,
NEBRASKA, AMENDING SPRINGFIELD                                                                   July 7, 2010. A copy of the Proof of Publi-   303 Hanz, 41.65; Douglas County Sheriff,        7/1/10-6/30/, 11.54; Pay-Less Office Sup-      the period ending June 30, 2010. Brian          Planning Director
MUNICIPAL CODE SECTION 10-118;                                                                   cation is on file in the County Clerk’s of-   Bpd Drug Testing, 3,021.50; Dval Enter-         ply Inc, #3709, 1,132.94; Phones Plus, 2       Hanson, Fiscal Administrator
PROHIBITING         THE OFF-PREMISES                                                             fice. Notice of the meeting was simultane-    prises, Inc., Food Service (6/11-6/2,           Radio Batteries, 77.98; Pinnacle Bank,         10. Approve the following disbursement           MOTION: Resolved by Jansen, seconded
SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES BE-                                                                  ously given to all members of the Sarpy       4,978.58; Elizabeth Oliver, Per Diem            Court      Appearance       Fees,     82.44;   requisitions, Limited Tax Building Bonds,       by Thomas, to approve the resolution
YOND 1:00 A.M.; AUTHORIZING THE                                                                  County Board of Commissioners. Availa-        (6/20-6/23/10, 161.00; Emily Bowling, Pri-      Powerplan, Acct #7001 Hose For, 63.25;         Series 2008, Construction Fund, Court-          which waives the permit fees of approxi-
ON-PREMISES SALE AND DISPENSING                                                                  bility of the agenda was communicated in      or Svc 7/1/10-9/30/, 30.00; Emily J Van         Powerplan, 05 / 25 / 2010 - 06 - 10 - 2010,    house Remodeling Project. Brian Hanson,         mately $251.25. Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, Ri-
OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES UNTIL                                                                     the published notice and in the notice to     Roekel, Jury Fees, 86.00; Experian, Back-       720.00; Progressive Business Techno, 4-        Fiscal Administrator                            chards, Thomas & Jansen. Nays: None.
2:00 A.M.; PROVIDING FOR AN EFFEC-                                                               members of the Board of Commissioners         grounds, 79.16; Ferguson Enterprises,           Tk552 Toners, 475.00; Project Harmony,          #147 Carlson West Povondra $6,929.04
TIVE DATE; AND REPEALING ORDI-                                                                   of the meeting.                               Inc, Coupling, San Tee, Ben, 106.00;            Inc, Project Harmony Confer, 50.00; Pub-        #148 All Purpose Utilities $57,362.45          20. (Tabled from 6/29/2010) Resolution
NANCES IN CONFLICT.                                                                                                                            Fleet Pride-Southwest, Acct#5655 Air,           lic Safety Center, Telescoping Mirror,         11. Approve the following disbursement          2010-194: Adopt the 2008 NEC (National
      Approved the Operations Plan for Dis-                                                      The location of the posted “Nebraska          Oil,Fu, 939.51; Forensic Behavioral             91.42; Qwest, 402-253-, 318.04; Rachel         requisitions, Limited Tax Building Bonds,       Electric Code). Rebecca Horner, Planning
aster Response and Recovery as amend-                                                            Open Meetings Act” was given and the          Health, Psychological Evaluati, 1,000.00;       Richards,      Uniform     Reimbursements,     Series 2009, Construction Fund (Law En-         Director
ed.                                                                                              meeting of the Sarpy County Board of          Ge Capital, 901338- Im4511 L, 956.44;           20.00; Radiator Depot & Acp, Acct#5001         forcement Center)
      Requested John Bartels pursue the                                                          Commissioners convened in open and            Golfing Nebraska, Ad, 325.00; Gregory           Radiato, 159.00; Rainbow Glass & Supply         #30 Carlson West Povondra $5,088.28                MOTION: Resolved by Richards,
placement of directional signs to city ball                                                      public session by Board of Commissioners      Pivovar, Attorney Fees, 3,642.25; Gretna        Inc., Acct#Sarfle Install Wi, 450.00; Ran-      #31 All Purpose Utilities $391,863.60          seconded by Jansen, to approve the reso-
fields with the street department.                                                               Chairman Joni Albrecht at 3:12 P.M. im-       Gas & Lube, Uneladed Fuel 20.794 G,             dall Lee, 06 / 28 / 2010 - 07 / 04 / 2010,     12. Resolution 2010-229: Approve sub-           lution which adopts the 2008 NEC code.
      There was no executive session.                                                            mediately following the Board of Equaliza-    113.16; Heather M Artz, Jury Fees, 38.00;       2,605.75; Redfield & Company, Inc., Print-     mission of the application for the "You         Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, Richards, Thomas &
There was no executive session action.                                                           tion meeting.                                 Helget Gas Products, Inc, Oxygen, 6.00;         ing Claim And Not, 505.00; Regal Plastics,     Drink and Drive, You Lose" grant for the        Jansen. Nays: None.
      Approved motion to adjourn. Meeting                                                                                                      Hi-Line      Electric     Company         In,   Polish, 31.20; Richard James, Mileage          Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office. Russ Zeeb,
was adjourned at 8:28 p.m.                                                                       Commissioners Present: Rusty Hike, Joni       Acct#0002450 Looms,Plu, 666.24; Home            Reimbursement(, 34.00; Robert L Ander-         Sheriff’s Office                                21. (Tabled from 6/29/2010) Resolution
Kathleen R. Gottsch                                                                              Albrecht, Tom Richards, Pat Thomas,           Depot Crs, Chair Rl, 73.86; Howard D            sen, Prior Svc 7/1/10-6/30/, 34.62; Robert     13. Resolution 2010-230: Authorize Ad-          2010-195: Flood Plain Development Per-
City Clerk                                                                                       Rich Jansen                                   Krula, Jury Fees, 44.00; Husker Chem            Pelshaw, Witness Fees, 20.00; Roger A          dendum to the Memorandum of Under-              mit application for Platte River Deer Fence
      A complete text is on file and availa-                                                     Commissioners Absent: None                    Sales, Inc., Applied Chloride For D,            Duros, Jury Fees, 41.00; Ron Vest, Jury        standing Concerning the Metro Area Moto-        along Interstate 80, Nebraska Department
ble for public inspection during regular                                                         Others Present: County Clerk Deb              7,353.99; Inland Truck Parts Company,           Fees, 38.00; Ronald A Farnsley, Jury           rist Assist Program. Mark Wayne, County         of Roads, Platte River. Rebecca Horner,
business hours in the office of the City                                                         Houghtaling                                   Acct#1587 Micro Lip Ki, 216.71; Interstate      Fees, 80.00; Samuel N Centretto, Jury          Administrator                                   Planning Director
Clerk, and is also available on the Internet                                                     Board Administrator Mark Wayne                All Battery Cent, 12 Vault 9ah Battery,         Fees, 46.00; Sapp Bros Petroleum Inc,          *14. Resolution 2010-231: Authorize
at                                                                   Deputy County Attorney Mike Smith             503.84; Interstate Security Service, Trans-     1550 Gals Of Diesel Fu, 9,179.84; Sarah        Chairman to sign agreement with Louis               MOTION: Resolved by Richards,
1258365; 7/21                                                                                                                                  port Howard, 450.80; J.A. Thomsen, M.D.,        Zoellner, Do Co Courthouse Filin, 32.00;       Cisar for management, manager services          seconded by Jansen, to approve the reso-
                                                                                                 Commissioners and Administrator’s com-        Autopsy Tilton Stennis, 900.00; J.P.            Sarpy County Chamber Of Com, Econom-           and consultation services for various road      lution for the permit. Ayes: Hike, Albrecht,
                                                                                                                                               Cooke Company, 2 Blue "Leave"                   ic Summit, 65.00; Sarpy County Court,          improvement and repair projects. Tom            Richards, Thomas & Jansen. Nays: None.
           SARPY COUNTY LEGALS                                                                   ments were recorded.
                                                                                                                                               Xstampe, 92.26; J.Q. Office Equipment           Caudill Boe, 324.63; Sarpy County Court,       Lynam, Surveyor - MOVED to Regular
                                                                                                 Chairman Albrecht requested that agenda       Inc, 1274-01 - Savin/9025-9, 244.55; Jac-       Claim #308, 4,644.75; Sarpy County Fleet       Agenda                                          22. Approve the following disbursement
   BOARD OF EQUALIZATION and                                                                     item #14 be removed from the Consent          queline Morehead, Lunch For 2 Terc,             Service, June 2010 Fleet Servic, 6.01;                                                         requisitions, Sarpy County/Omaha Royals
BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS                                                                    agenda and be addressed on the Regular        30.36; James M Van-Haute, Jury Fees,            Sarpy County Highway Depart, June 2010           MOTION: Richards moved, seconded by           Stadium Construction Fund. Brian Han-
  OF SARPY COUNTY, NEBRASKA                                                                      agenda.                                       49.00; Janis A Dagerman, Prior Svc              Fleet Intern, 362.73; Schon Sharpe, Wit-       Thomas, to approve the Consent Agenda           son, Fiscal Administrator
      1210 Golden Gate Drive,                                                                                                                  7/1/10-6/30/, 23.08; Jason M Thiellen, Ju-      ness Fees, 20.00; Service Master Com’l         items as presented with the removal of
         Papillion, Nebraska                                                                     Consent Agenda                                ry Fees, 42.00; Jeannine A Kracher, Prior       Bld’g, Monthly Cleaning Charg, 460.00;         item #14. Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, Richards,        Public Payment Project Acct., Series
                                                                                                 NOTE: These are items of business that        Svc 7/1/10-6/30/, 11.54; Jeffrey Davis,         Shamrock Concrete Co, Flowable Fill,           Thomas & Jansen. Nays: None.                    2009A #25 OPPD $18,730.15
     Notice is hereby given that meetings                                                        are routine which are expected to be          Sarpy Civ Billing 6/10, 188.39; Jeffrey L.      717.34; Shane K Dash, Jury Fees, 45.00;                                                         Public Payment Project Acct., Series
of the Board of Equalization and Board of                                                        adopted without dissent. Items are auto-      Davis, Mental Health Fees-062, 394.59;          Share Corp, Deflate, Wasp & Hornet,            Regular Agenda                                  2009B #25 OPPD $41,431.96
County Commissioners of Sarpy County,                                                            matically approved when the consent           Jeffrey L. Davis, Cp Fees - 062010,             1,431.36; Sharon C Kelly, Jury Fees,                                                            Private Payment Project Acct., Series
Nebraska, will be held consecutively be-                                                         agenda is approved unless an item is RE-      1,239.55; Jeremy Zink, Witness Fees,            44.00; Sharon L Anstine, Jury Fees,            *14. Resolution 2010-231: Authorize             2009C #20 OPPD $36,826.39
ginning at 3:00 P.M. on Tuesday, July 27,                                                        MOVED by a Commissioner or any mem-           20.00; John P Knuth, Jury Fees, 44.00;          51.00; Sharp Image Inc, Unit #998,             Chairman to sign agreement with Louis            Public Payment Project Acct., Series
2010, at the Sarpy County Courthouse,                                                            ber of the public. Items removed will be      John Ridge, Witness Fees, 20.00; John           150.00; Sharra R Smith, Jury Fees, 41.00;      Cisar for management, manager services          2009A #26 Olsson Associates $5,768.93
County Boardroom. Both meetings will be                                                          placed under the Regular Agenda for ac-       Stacey, Prior Svc 7/1/10-9/30/, 30.00;          Shelly R Powell, Jury Fees, 96.00; Sher-       and consultation services for various road       Public Payment Project Acct., Series
open to the public.                                                                              tion by the County Board.                     John W Reisz, Mileage To Terc And Ti,           win Williams Paint, Paint, 26.30; Sherwin      improvement and repair projects. Tom            2009B #26 Olsson Associates $12,761.15
                                                                                                                                               180.00; Johnson County Sheriff, She Fee         Williams Paint, Paint, 37.09; Simplified Of-   Lynam, Surveyor                                  Private Payment Project Acct., Series
      An agenda for each meeting, kept                                                           1.  Approve      claims   report.     Deb     Ci10-931 F Bri, 20.12; Jonathan P               fice Solutions, Sc4001-03 - Km-8030 Us,                                                        2009C #21 Olsson Associates $11,342.62
continually current, is available for inspec-                                                    Houghtaling, County Clerk                     Schmidt, Jury Fees, 45.00; Joseph L Ho-         136.22; Speciality        Tect Publishers,         MOTION: Resolved by Richards,                Public Payment Project Acct., Series
tion at the Sarpy County Clerk’s Board Ad-                                                                                                     ward, Atty Fees Cr09-1815 St, 1,775.00;         Acct#2804 Federal T, 544.00; Standard          seconded by Jansen, to approve the reso-        2009A #27 The Weitz Company
ministration office.                                                                             Warrant Number: 07132010; Warrant             Joseph T Abrams, Jury Fees, 38.00; Judy         Heating & Air Co, Work C0mpleted As            lution for the contract with Louis Cisar.       $313,945.65
                                                                                                 Date: 07/13/2010. A. Elaine Johnson, Pri-     Vachal, Witness Fees, 20.00; Justice            Per, 3,208.00; Stericycle Inc, Medwaste,       Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, Richards, Thomas &         Public Payment Project Acct., Series
      The Board shall have the right to mod-                                                     or Svc 7/1/10-6/30/, 92.32; Aa Wheel And      Works Llc, June 1 - June 30 2010, 465.50;       190.50; Steven M Povich, Jury Fees,            Jansen. Nays: None.                             2009B #27 The Weitz Company
ify the agenda to include items of an emer-                                                      Truck Supply I, Acct#7200 Clevis For B,       Kathleen Vance, Jury Fees, 43.00; Ka-           78.00; Suburban Newspapers Inc, Belle-                                                         $694,462.53
gency nature only at such public meeting.                                                        26.04; Aaron A Curtis, Jury Fees, 88.00;      thryn P Clouse, Jury Fees, 36.00; Katie         vue Leader Subscr, 177.00; Suzette M           15. Approve minutes (June 29, 2010). Deb         Private Payment Project Acct., Series
                                                                                                 Aaron J Zeller, Jury Fees, 41.00; Abigail M   Laclair, Witness Fees, 20.00; Kelly             Toelle, Jury Fees, 38.00; Tammy J.             Houghtaling, County Clerk                       2009C #22 The Weitz Company
                          Joni M. Albrecht, Chairman                                             Meissner, Jury Fees, 82.00; Accident Re-      Engelke, Witness Fees, 20.00; Kersten           Hetherington, St V, 125.00; Targy Auto                                                         $948,208.82
                Sarpy County Board of Commissioners                                              construction Jou, 1 Year Subscription,        Trucking, Inc., Haul Of Road Aggregart,         Parts, Acct#43899 Credit Part, 340.00;          MOTION: Hike moved, seconded by Tho-
                                                                                                 49.00; Adp, Inc, Co#4ct Pp 7/3/10 696 P,      890.57; Ketv Weather Now, June Spots,           Terminix International, Monthly Pest Con-      mas, to approve the minutes as present-         * MOTION: Richards moved, seconded by
1260042--7/21                                                                                    840.80; Advanced Engineering System,          675.00; Key Masters, Repair 911 Lock,           trol C, 114.00; Terminix International,        ed. Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, & Thomas. Nays:       Hike, to address agenda item #22 after
                                                                                                 Jail/Ems     Project   Compl,     1,320.00;   93.00; Kriha Fluid Power, Acct#Sarco Ho-        Monthly Pest Control, 160.00; Terra            None. Abstain: Richards & Jansen.               agenda item #24. Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, Ri-
                                MINUTES OF MEETING                                               Afternooners, Training - Stocker, 10.48;      ses For U, 41.86; Kzkx-Fm Three Eagles          Scan,Inc., Terrascan Db License/T,
                               SARPY COUNTY BOARD                                                Alamar Uniforms, Ballistic Vest - Hanse,      Commun,       Kzkx     Business      Builder,   11,225.00; Thermo King Christensen,                                           NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS
                                  OF EQUALIZATION                                                683.95;      Alldata,    Acct#402-33/Sarp,    1,125.00; Lancaster County Sheriff, Sher        Acct#1007 Headlights, 871.54; Thomas &         TO: Sarpy County, Nebraska
                                Tuesday, July 13, 2010                                           1,500.00; Amsan L.L.C., Automatic             Fee St Vs., 18.53; Landfill Service Corp,       Thomas Court Repor, Boe St V, 19.50;
                               Sarpy County Courthouse,                                          Sweeper, 16,159.94; Andrea Hillworth,         Type P-100 Posi-Pak, 2,339.86; Larsen           Thomas P Riley Jr, Per Diem (6/20-                                         SARPY COUNTY NEBRASKA
                                  County Board Room                                              Witness Fees, 20.00; Andrew Rasmussen,        Supply Company, Kitchen Roll Towels, S,         6/23/10, 161.00; Tincher Chevrolet /                                  CLOSED CEDAR ISLAND ROAD LANDFILL
                                                             Witness Fees, 20.00; Angela Draper, Wit       822.83; Laura M Werner, Jury Fees,              Oldsmobil, Acct#3511 Filter And G,                                         DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS
                                                                                                 Fee St Vs., 20.00; Anthony John Beyer,        90.00; Lawrence Addleman, Prior Svc             413.85; Tincher Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep,
The location of the posted “Nebraska                                                             Jury Fees, 42.00; Aon Risk Services Inc       7/1/10-6/30/, 92.32; Lexis Nexis, Acct. #       Acct#5301 Shoe Kit For, 46.88; Tincher               Sarpy County is seeking proposals for SARPY COUNTY NEBRASKA, CLOSED CE-
Open Meetings Act” was given and the                                                             Of Ne, Renl/Crime Excess/Rich, 800.00;        024273, 36.47; Lexisnexis Risk Data Man-        Ford, Acct#1202 Bearing Assy, 799.63; Ti-      DAR ISLAND ROAD LANDFILL, DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS. The successful Con-
meeting of the Sarpy County Board of                                                             Arnold John Romanus Jr, Jury Fees,            age, Searches-062010, 235.10; Lien              tan Alloy Products, Nova 1/8" - 5#, 317.09;    tractor will enter into a Contract to complete this work within 20 working days of the speci-
Equalization was convened in open and                                                            37.00; Ashley N Wisdom, Jury Fees,            Termite& Pest Control, Monthly Pest Con-        Toni L Jones, Jury Fees, 72.00; Trane,         fied in the Notice to Proceed.
public session by Board of Equalization                                                          96.00; Asi Sign Systems, Hon John,            trol, 142.00; Linda M Doyle, Jury Fees,         Vibratino Pad And Frei, 43.60; Travel Mar-
Chairman Joni Albrecht at 3:00 P.M.                                                              95.00; Asphalt & Concrete Material, Hot       43.00; Linweld Inc, Acct#7390 Wire              keting Group Inc, June Inquires, 117.81;            Sealed proposals will be received Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. through 4:45
                                                                                                 Mix, 426.99; Associated Fire Protection,      Wheel, 548.00; Lloyd J Dowding, Black-          Travis Lerdahl, Witness Fees, 20.00; Ty’s      p.m. except holidays, until August 5, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. Proposals shall be in a sealed
Notice of the meeting was given in ad-                                                           Service Call Replaced, 448.14; Awards         berry Fees For Ma, 37.73; Loraine A             Outdoor Power Service, Control Harness         envelope, clearly marked “Sealed Bid - SARPY COUNTY NEBRASKA, CLOSED CEDAR
vance thereto by publication in the Subur-                                                       Unlimited Inc, Albrecht Joni Name Pla,        Satterfield, Prior Svc 7/1/10-9/30/, 36.00;     Mount, 31.33; U.S. Asphalt Company, City       ISLAND ROAD LANDFILL, DRAINAGE MPROVEMENTS” and shall have the name of
ban Newspapers, Inc. dba Bellevue Lead-                                                          17.68; Baron Mechanical Service, Service      Lorraine A. Daup, Prior Svc 7/1/10-6/30/,       Patch Material, 719.94; United Parcel          the Contractor, and the time and date of the bid opening. Do not fax bids, only sealed
er, Papillion Times, Gretna Breeze and                                                           Call Cell Bloc, 278.44; Bette Wischmann,      57.70; Marcella Zaloudek, Prior Svc             Service Compa, Freight To Send Se633,          bids will be accepted.
Springfield Monitor on July 7, 2010. A                                                           Prior Svc 7/1/10-6/30/, 11.54; Better Busi-   7/1/10-6/30/, 69.24; Marie Covi, Witness        10.44; United Way Of Midlands, Commun-
copy of the Proof of Publication is on file in                                                   ness Equipment C, 5247-05 - Gestetner         Fees, 20.00; Mariel Samuels, Witness            ity Resource Gui, 120.00; Verizon Wire-             Requests for information and clarificationquestions must be receivedby July
the County Clerk’s office. Notice of the                                                         33, 241.80; Betty Denker, Prior Svc           Fees, 20.00; Mark H Dahmer, Jury Fees,          less, Acct #3805, 19.86; Verizon Wireless,     30, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. in order for Sarpy County to have time to issue an adden -
meeting was simultaneously given to all                                                          7/1/10-6/30/, 103.86; Bob Barker Compa-       36.00; Mark J Hughes, Jury Fees, 82.00;         Acct #3805, 19.87; Verizon Wireless, Acct      dum.
members of the Sarpy County Board of                                                             ny Inc., Jumpsuits/Shirts, 1,663.58; Bobby    Marshall & Swift, Shipping, 8.00; Martin        #280, 24.99; Verizon Wireless, Acct
Equalization. Availability of the agenda                                                         H Williams Jr, Jury Fees, 42.00; Bp Amo-      Marietta Aggregates, 1 1/2 Cl Rs,               #2805, 25.00; Verizon Wireless, Acct                Plans and specifications for said improvements are now on file with Beth Cunard,
was communicated in the published notice                                                         co, Fuel-062010, 18.04; Bp Amoco, Fuel-       2,859.04; Mary A Skaggs, Prior Svc              #8805, 25.26; Verizon Wireless, Acct           Sarpy County Purchaser, 1210 Gold Gate Drive, Papillion, NE 68046, and at the office of
and in the notice to members of the Board                                                        062010, 40.15; Bp Amoco, Acct#59700           7/1/10-6/30/, 92.32; Mary D Lutz, Prior         #8805, 25.27; Verizon Wireless, Acct           Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner, Inc. Copies of the plans and specifications may be ob-
of Equalization of this meeting.                                                                 Fuel, 71.12; Bp Amoco, Acct#5941 Info S,      Svc 7/1/10-6/30/, 11.54; Mary Rutherford,       #380, 28.37; Verizon Wireless, Acct #985,      tained at the office of Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner, Inc., 10836 Old Mill Road, Omaha,
                                                                                                 167.76; Bp Amoco, Fuel-0620, 261.66; Bp       Witness Fees, 20.00; Mason Eggleston,           29.05; Verizon Wireless, Acct #9851,           NE 68154 for a fee of $45.00, which will not be returned. All bidders must submit their
Commissioners Present: Rusty Hike, Joni                                                          Amoco, Acct#59700 Pool C, 264.15; Bp          Witness Fees, 20.00; Matthew Davis, Wit-        29.06; Verizon Wireless, Acct #3805,           bid on the Proposal Form included with the contract documents.
Albrecht, Tom Richards, Pat Thomas,                                                              Amoco, Acct#59210 Extern, 320.52; Bp          ness Fees, 20.00; Max I. Walker Uniform         46.61; Verizon Wireless, Acct #3805,
Rich Jansen                                                                                      Amoco, Monthly Fuel Charges, 349.31; Bp       Renta, Acct#2748-000 Weekly, 337.81;            48.92; Verizon Wireless, Acct #2805,               The extent of the work involves construction of the following items and approximate
Commissioners Absent: None                                                                       Amoco, Unleaded Fuel Hwy Dept, 543.15;        Mcdonald And Associates, 1gb Memory             49.21; Verizon Wireless, Acct #9851,           quantities:
Others Present: County Clerk Deb                                                                 Bp Amoco, Fuel-062010, 580.78; Bp Amo-        Gateway Lap, 48.25; Medical Enterprises         56.15; Verizon Wireless, Acct #9851,
Houghtaling                                                                                      co, Fuel-062010, 892.99; Bp Amoco, Fuel-      Inc, Alcohol Test Input Fee, 129.60;            58.14; Verizon Wireless, 980535, 88.26;        Item Description                                                          Approx.
Board Administrator Mark Wayne                                                                   062010, 1,044.78; Bp Amoco, Fuel-             Menards, Inc, Acct#3109 Pressure,               Verizon Wireless, Phones 402-290 An,                                                                                     Quantities
Deputy County Attorney Mike Smith                                                                062010, 1,241.87; Bp Amoco, Fuel-             268.97; Michael D Thornburg, Jury Fees,         112.66; Verizon Wireless, 58053, 144.82;       1. Remove and Replace Top Soil (Established Quantity)
Assessor Dan Pittman                                                                             062010, 1,576.39; Bp Amoco, Fuel-             55.00; Michael J Gabriel, Jury Fees,            Verizon Wireless, 780535 07/20/, 227.32;       (720 C.Y. moved twice)                                                    1440         C.Y.
Treasurer Rich James                                                                             062010, 13,976.11; Brandon Michael            37.00; Michael O Berry, Jury Fees, 38.00;       Victoria Garcia, Witness Fees, 20.00; Wa-      2. Common Earth Excavation
                                                                                                 Barnes, Jury Fees, 44.00; Brian P Zuger,      Michelle A Barrett, Jury Fees, 43.00; Mi-       ter Engineering Inc, Monthly Service           (Measured as Cut from on-site Borrow Area)                                4760         C.Y.
1. Approve minutes (June 29, 2010). Deb                                                          Jury Fees, 40.00; Bridgestone Firestone       crofilm Imaging Systems, Canon Mp 90            Agreem, 562.50; Wick’s Sterling Trucks,        3. Place 4" Compost as Soil Amendment (From on-site Stockpile)            1476         C.Y.
Houghtaling, County Clerk                                                                        Na Ti, Acct#17500 2 Tires, 337.66; Bruce      Monthly Re, 100.00; Mid America First           Inc, Acct#3622 Bearing,Hub, 2,595.14;          4. Seeding and Mulch, Permanent Mix, in place                             7.0          AC.
                                                                                                 R Stohlman, Jury Fees, 44.00; Bruce W         Call, Inc, Body Removal, 1,100.00; Miller       Williams Restoration Compan, Recaulk           5. Seeding and Matting, Permanent Mix, in place                           3,290        S.Y.
MOTION: Hike moved, seconded by Tho-                                                             Piller, Mileage, 114.00; Business Printing,   Press, 500 Business Cards-Tim, 973.00;          And Precast En, 3,090.00; Williams-Deras       6. Install, Maintain, and Remove Silt Fence                               870          L.F.
mas, to approve the minutes as submitted.                                                        3000 #10 Envelopes, 135.40; Carl L            Mills County, Certified Copies St V, 20.00;     & Associates, April, May, June Consu,
Ayes: Hike, Albrecht & Thomas. Nays:                                                                                                                                                                                                               A pre-bidmeetinghas been scheduled forJuly 29, 2010. Bidders are to meet at
None. Abstain: Richards and Jansen.                                                                                                                                                                                                           10:00 a.m. at the City of Bellevue Wastewater Department building near 9190 Cedar Is-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              land Road (near Cedar Island Road and Geri Drive). It is not mandatory for a bidder to

                                                                                                              Want local information?
2. Protest Hearing: Rejection of Home-                                                                                                                                                                                                        attending the pre-bid meeting in order to submit a proposal for this project.
stead Exemption. Stephen O’Hern                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bids must be sent to:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Deb Houghtaling
  MOTION: After a protest hearing was                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sarpy County Board Business Office

held at which Mr. O’Hern addressed the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          1210 Golden Gate Drive
board, Hike moved, seconded by Thomas,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Papillion, NE 68046
to confirm the rejection of the homestead

exemption based upon the State Statute.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bids not addressed and delivered to the above person will not be considered. Bids
Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, Richards, Thomas &                                                                                                                                                                                                      received after the above stated time and date will not be considered. Each bid shall be
Jansen. Nays: None.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           accompanied in a SEPARATE SEALED ENVELOPE by a certified check or bid bond in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              an amount of not less than 5% of total bid and such certified check or bid bond shall be

3. Tax Corrections: #13874 - #13897. Dan                                                                                                                                                                                                      payable to the Treasurer of Sarpy County, Nebraska as security that the bidder to whom
Pittman, Assessor                                                                                                                                                                                                                             the contract may be awarded will enter into a contract to build the improvements in ac-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              cordance with this Notice to Contractors and will give a contract and maintenance bond in
  MOTION: Hike moved, seconded by                                                                                                                                                                                                             the amount of 100% of the contract price.
Jansen, to approve the tax corrections as
recommended by the County Assessor                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bid opening will be a public opening to be held in the Sarpy County Administrative

(13880-13883 were cancelled). Ayes:                                                                                                                                                                                                           Conference Room at 1210 Golden Gate Drive, Papillion, NE. The bid opening will be at
Hike, Albrecht, Richards, Thomas &                                                                                                                                                                                                            2:00 p.m., August 5, 2010.
Jansen. Nays: None.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    No bidder may withdraw his proposal for a period of sixty (60) days after the date set
4. Assessor’s Revised Property Value                                                                                                                                                                                                          for the opening of bids.
Recommendations (64). Dan Pittman, As-
sessor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sarpy County will not be liable for costs incurred by Vendors for proposal prepara-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              tion, printing, demonstration, or any other costs associated with or incurred in reliance on
  MOTION: Hike moved, seconded by                                                                                                                                                                                                             proposal creation. All such costs shall be the responsibility of the bidder.
Jansen, to approve the Assessor’s Re-
vised Property Value Recommendations.
Ayes: Hike, Albrecht, Richards, Thomas &
                                                                                                                                                  It’s easier than                                                                            The bids shall include all charges and applicable taxes, F.O.B. Papillion, Nebraska. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              bidder need not include sales tax in the bid. Sarpy County will, upon request, furnish the

                                                                                                                                                                  ever to
Jansen. Nays: None.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           successful bidder with a completed State of Nebraska Tax Exempt Form 13 upon accept-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ance of the successful bidders proposal.
5. Assessor’s Notice of Valuation Change
(11). Dan Pittman, Assessor                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Sarpy County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any or all

  MOTION: Hike moved, seconded by
Jansen, to approve the Assessor’s Notices
                                                                                                                                                               stay informed!                                                                 bids and to waive minor informalities.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              SARPY COUNTY, NEBRASKA
of Valuation Change. Ayes: Hike, Albrecht,                                                                                                                                                                                                    Joni Albrecht

Richards, Thomas & Jansen. Nays: None.                                                                                                                                                                                                        CHAIRMAN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Debra J. Houghtaling
6. Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption Applica-                                                                                                                                                                                                       CLERK
tions (non-profit organizations):                                                                                                                                                                                                             1258085; 7/21, 7/28

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