Mexican History Timeline by huangyuarong



1502    Montezuma becomes           Moctezuma II ( aka Montezuma ) (1466-1520) assumes Aztec
        emperor                     throne
1519    Hernan Cortez arrives in    Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes (1485-1547) founds
        Mexico                      Veracruz. Cortes enters Tenochtitlan and captures Moctezuma.
1520    Montezuma killed            Moctezuma II ( aka Montezuma ) is killed

1528    Catholic Conversions        Juan de Zumarraga (1468-1548) arrives as bishop of Mexico City
                                    and begins native conversion to Catholicism
1718    Texas Settled               Franciscan missionaries settle in Texas which is of New Spain.
                                    Mission San Antonio de Valero was established which later
                                    became famous as the Alamo
1810    Mexican Independence        September 16 Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (1753-1811)
                                    preaches his Grito de Dolores, sparking rebellion and the War of
1811    Hidalgo killed              Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla is captured and executed

1822    Emperor of Mexico           General Augustin de Iturbide assumes control as Emperor of
1829    End of slavery              President Vicente Guerrero abolishes slavery

1829    Spanish defeated (again)    A Spanish attempt at re-conquest is halted by General Antonio
                                    Lopez de Santa Anna (1794-1876)
                                    Texas declares its independence

1836    Battle for the Alamo        A band of 189 Texas volunteers defied a Mexican army of
                                    thousands for 13 days of siege at the Alamo

1836    Capture of Santa Ana        Battle of San Jacinto - General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna is
                                    captured by Sam Houston
1846    US-Mexican War              Pg. 147-

1848    The treaty of Guadalupe     Pg. 147-
        Hidalgo reduces Mexico's

1858    Benito Juarez becomes       Pg. 148-

1862    French occupy Mexico City   the French occupy Mexico City and Napoleon III of France
                                    appoints Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria as Emperor of
1862    Cinco de Mayo               May 5- Battle of Puebla: The battle ended in a victory for the
                                    Mexican Army over the occupying French forces. The victory is
                                    celebrated annually in Mexico during the festivities of Cinco de
                                    Mayo, the 5th of May.
1864   Maximilian is executed       Maximilian is executed

1910   Mexican Revolution           Pg. 221-

1913   Madero is assassinated
                                    Madero is assassinated. Victoriano Huerta seizes power.

1914   Huerta resigns.              Huerta resigns. He is viewed with suspicion by the United States
                                    for his alleged pro-German sympathies. Huerta is succeeded by
                                    Venustiano Carranza
1916   US forces cross the border   Pg. 223-
       after “Pancho Villa”

1917   New Constitution             Pg. 222-

1920   Carranza is murdered
                                    Carranza is murdered. Civil war follows.

1929   Formation of PRI Party       The National Revolutionary Party is formed. In 1946 it is re-
                                    named the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI.
1934   President Lazaro Cardenas    Pg. 236-237-

1942   WWII                         Mexico declares war on Japan and Germany.

DATE        EVENT                          DESCRIPTION
1968        Tlatelolco Massacre            Pg. 296-

1985        Earthquake in Mexico City      Earthquake in Mexico City kills thousands and makes many more
1993        NAFTA                          Pg. 313-315-

1994        Zapatistas and Indian rights   Pg. 317-

1994        Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de       Presidential elections won by PRI candidate Ernesto Zedillo Ponce
            Leon becomes president         de Leon, after the previous candidate, Luis Donaldo Colosio, was
1995        EZLN agreement                 The government and the EZLN reach an agreement on greater
                                           autonomy for the indigenous Mayans of Chiapas.
1997        PRI losses                     The PRI suffers heavy losses in elections and loses its overall
                                           majority in the lower house of parliament for the first time since

1997        Indian massacre                45 Indians killed by paramilitary gunmen in a Chiapas village. The
                                           incident causes an international outcry, President Zedillo starts an

2000        Vicente Fox becomes            Vicente Fox of the opposition Alliance for Change wins
            president                      presidential elections, the first opposition candidate ever to do so.
                                           Parliamentary elections see the Alliance for Change emerge as the
                                           strongest party, beating the PRI by just over 1%.

2001        Subcomandante Marcos           Zapatista guerrillas, led by Subcomandante Marcos, stage their
                                           'Zapatour', a march from Chiapas to Mexico City to highlight their
2001        Indigenous rights              Parliament passes a bill increasing the rights of indigenous people.
                                           A few days later, Subcomandante Marcos rejects the bill, saying it
                                           leaves the Indian population worse off than before. Marcos says
                                           the uprising in Chiapas will continue.

2002        Former President Luis          Former President Luis Echeverria is questioned about massacres
            Echeverria is questioned       of student protesters in 1968, when he was interior minister, and
                                           in 1971 when he was president.
2004        Genocide of 1971               Investigator deems 1971 shooting of student protesters by
                                           government forces to have been genocide; judge refuses to order
                                           arrest of former President Luis Echeverria on charges that he
                                           ordered attack.
2006   Disappeared women of          A federal post of special prosecutor is created to tackle violent
       Juarez                        crime against women. Mexico had been criticized by the UN and
                                     rights groups over the unsolved murders of more than 300
                                     women over 12 years in the border city of Ciudad Juarez.
2006   Felipe Calderon becomes       Conservative candidate Felipe Calderon is declared the winner of
       president                     presidential elections with a razor-thin majority over his leftist
                                     rival, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who challenges the result
                                     with mass street protests. The Federal Electoral Tribunal confirms
                                     Mr. Calderon's win in September.

2006   US-Mexico border fence        US President George W Bush signs legislation to build 1,125km
                                     (700 miles) of fencing along the US-Mexico border. Mexico
                                     condemns plans for the barrier, which is intended to curb illegal

2006   Federal police in Michoacan   A new federal police force is created to tackle drugs cartels;
                                     thousands of troops are deployed in the western state of
                                     Michoacan as part of a major anti-drug trafficking drive.

2007   Carlos Slim                   A financial website says that Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim
                                     has overtaken Microsoft founder Bill Gates to become the world's
                                     richest person.

2008   Protest against violence      Hundreds of thousands join marches throughout Mexico to protest
                                     against continuing wave of drugs-related violence.
2009   Army troops in Ciudad         Army troops enter Ciudad Juarez, on the border with the US, as
       Juarez                        open warfare erupts between rival drug gangs.
2009   Swine flu                     Authorities close schools and public buildings after dozens are
                                     confirmed to have been killed by the virulent new swine flu virus.

2010   U.S. responsibility for       President Calderon calls on United States to share responsibility in
       violence                      battle against drug trafficking, after murder of three people
                                     connected to US consulate in border city of Ciudad Juarez.

2011   Protest against violence      Thousands participate in protests across Mexico against drug-
                                     related violence. The marches are called by Mexican poet Javier
                                     Sicilia, whose son was murdered in March 2011; protests continue
                                     throughout the summer.

2012   Drug war violence             Drug war violence in Mexico took a life an average of every half
                                     hour last year in Mexico, the government estimates. Total deaths
                                     stand at over 47,515, according to the government tally.

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