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									    Religion & Ethics Australia
    No. 153, 7-13 Feb 2008  A weekly public affairs review from the Tinsley Institute  Edited by Rod Benson

News & anallysiis
News & ana ys s                                      The overarching aim of a national apology is to
                                                     set the nation on a path of healing, writes
                                                                                                         MANY people think that the Victorian
                                                                                                         Government's commitment to the
                                                     Russell Marks. O-Op 11 Feb 08                       "decriminalisation" of abortion guarantees a
Aboriginal & Indigenous affairs
                                                                                                         good outcome for women, no matter what
                                                     KEVIN Rudd has refused to release legal advice
Some of the injustices suffered under the                                                                model ultimately makes it into law. They are
                                                     backing his insistence that tomorrow's
practices of past generations were 'sanctioned                                                           wrong, writes Leslie Cannold. Age 13 Feb 08
                                                     parliamentary apology to the Stolen
by law and were believed to be in the best
                                                     Generations will not expose the Government          Abuse – child
interests of the children concerned'. Regardless
                                                     to an avalanche of compensation claims.
of what our politicians said, those injustices                                                           DOCS workers have detailed a catalogue of
                                                     Aust 12 Feb 08
could not attract compensation in the courts.                                                            failures that have left at-risk children in unsafe
There were other injustices not sanctioned by        The majority of Australians believe the apology     families and put staff in danger, as officers
law and not necessarily believed to be in the        is the right thing to do. Before I yield to this    struggle with crippling vacancies in a
best interests of the children. Some who             overwhelming view, I will discuss the various       department top-heavy with managers and with
suffered these injustices are still alive, and may   angles from which the apology might be              a dysfunctional records system. SMH 11 Feb 08
be entitled to compensation, regardless of what      assessed, writes Noel Pearson. Aust 12 Feb 08
                                                                                                         Animal rights
our politicians might say or not say. Their
                                                     HOW many people in the community or in
compensation claims would be neither helped                                                              MANY Australians gag at the sight of a horribly
                                                     parliament opposed to saying sorry have
nor hindered by a Commonwealth                                                                           gored, still living whale being hauled up into the
                                                     bothered to read Bringing Them Home, the
parliamentary apology in 2008, writes Frank                                                              mechanical maw of a Japanese whaling ship.
                                                     1997 report of the national inquiry into the
Brennan. Eureka Street 6 Feb 08                                                                          But many Japanese are horrified that roast
                                                     separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
                                                                                                         lamb is a favourite Aussie meal. Age 8 Feb 08
NO APOLOGY to the Victorian Aboriginal               Islander children from their families? Philip
community or to the members of the stolen            Adams writes. Aust 12 Feb 08                        Corporal punishment
generations could ever be adequate without
                                                     When Midnight Oil took to the stage in our          THE Premier, Morris Iemma, has defended the
compensation for what has been lost, writes
                                                     "sorry suits" at the closing ceremony of the        Community Services Minister, Kevin Greene,
Edward Alfred Lovett. Age 8 Feb 08
                                                     2000 Olympics, we felt that saying sorry was so     for admitting that he smacked his children,
The most encouraging part of the debate is           important it transcended the sporting moment,       when his department prohibits its carers from
that it has the prospect of re-kindling a bi-        writes Peter Garrett. SMH 12 Feb 08                 physically punishing children. SMH 9 Feb 08
partisan approach to Aboriginal issues, writes
                                                     The risk of reinforcing the victim mindset was      Death & dying
Howard Glenn. O-Op 8 Feb 08
                                                     one of the principal reasons why the former
BRINGING Them Home, the landmark report              Howard government refused to make a formal          Wills: they tell the world how the dead want
that found indigenous children were                  apology, writes Tony Abbott. SMH 12 Feb 08          their assets carved up, but do they always get
systematically taken from their parents to                                                               carried out in an efficient way? ABC Law
                                                     Parliament’s apology to the ‘stolen children’ on    Report 12 Feb 08
"breed out" Aboriginality, was built on the
                                                     Wednesday 13 February will mark a profound
"misrepresentations and misinterpretations" of                                                           Education – school
                                                     day in the life of the nation, Anglican
professional historians, according to Keith
                                                     Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr Philip Freier, said     PRIVATE schools have been over-funded by
Windschuttle. Aust 9 Feb 08
                                                     today. Melbourne Anglican 12 Feb 08                 more than $2 billion over four years and some
A welfare officer whose work was taking                                                                  will be overpaid by as much as $23 million each
                                                     The wording of the apology Prime Minister
children from families has changed his mind in                                                           in the next funding cycle, the federal
                                                     Kevin Rudd will make today to the stolen
the past decade about a government apology                                                               Department of Education reveals in a secret
                                                     generations has been revealed. SMH 13 Feb 08
and now says it is due, writes Andrew West.                                                              review. SMH 9 Feb 08
SMH 9 Feb 08                                         IN A historic gesture of reconciliation,
                                                     Australia's Parliament, will today say sorry to     At best Principals can choose between five
DON'T let anyone tell you that this apology is                                                           applicants sent to them by the department to
                                                     the stolen generations of indigenous children
something being done solely for the sake of                                                              fill a vacancy. Under an agreement with the
                                                     for a "blemished chapter in our nation's
Aboriginal Australians; a gift from us to them.                                                          union, only 3 per cent of teaching vacancies
                                                     history" — and vow never to let it happen
It's for both groups - whitefellas and                                                                   can be advertised, writes Adele Horin. SMH 9
                                                     again. Age 13 Feb 08
blackfellas. We all have something to gain,                                                              Feb 08
writes Richard Glover. SMH 9 Feb 08                  The apology to indigenous Australians is not
                                                     about dwelling on the past, it's about building a   TEENAGERS' reading and maths skills have
PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd says next week's                                                               declined over the past four decades, despite
                                                     future, writes Mick Dodson. Age 13 Feb 08
parliamentary apology to the Stolen                                                                      education spending per student more than
Generations will remove a "blight on the             Abortion                                            doubling. Aust 11 Feb 08
nation's soul" and has the overwhelming
support of Australians. Aust 10 Feb 08               As abortion-rights supporters and opponents         Energy
                                                     last month marked the 35th anniversary of the
KEVIN Rudd will pledge to tackle the                 Supreme Court decision that legalized the           Will the world's oil supply run out in the
"obscenity" of high mortality rates among            procedure nationwide, new statistics showed         foreseeable future? Peak oil theory states we
Aboriginal children as he offers an apology to       that fewer women are choosing abortion.             are on the verge of a supply crisis but is this the
the Stolen Generations. Aust 11 Feb 08               Christian Century 26 Feb 08                         case? ABC Counterpoint 11 Feb 08 (audio only)
Environment                                          Sheikh Michael Mumisa, an Islamic scholar based    Torture
                                                     at Cambridge University, explains why the
We are bombarded with advertising, labels and                                                           THE Pentagon's announcement that military
                                                     majority of British Muslims don't want a bar of
marketing promising consumers a positive                                                                prosecutors will seek the death penalty for six
                                                     sharia law. ABC Religion Report 13 Feb 08
outcome for the environment. How much of it                                                             Guantanamo detainees accused in the
is deceptive and misleading? ABC Background          Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is         September 11 terror attacks is likely to put the
Briefing 10 Feb 08                                   facing calls to resign for suggesting that the     Bush Administration's interrogation practices
                                                     introduction in Britain of some aspects of         on trial as well, military and legal specialists
                                                     Islamic law was unavoidable. Aust 10 Feb 08        say. Age 13 Feb 08
POTENTIALLY dangerous levels of naturally
                                                     Islam & Christianity                               Transport
occurring cyanide detected in a popular type of
snack food have prompted a statewide alert by        You don’t have to be a Christian to know that      TAXI fares could be slashed by a third if the
health authorities. SMH 7 Feb 08                     while Islam spread by the sword, Christianity      State Government moved to break the
                                                     mainly spread by precept, example, and             stranglehold on the industry by wealthy taxi
                                                     peaceful persuasion. Roger Sandall writes.         owners, according to the former chairman of
PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd will consider              Quadrant Dec 07                                    the Australian Competition and Consumer
banning ATMs from gaming venues in a bid to                                                             Commission, Professor Allan Fels. SMH 9 Feb
crack down on problem gambling on poker                                                                 08
machines. Age 11 Feb 08                              In the US, the two groups that most ardently
                                                     support Israel are Jews and evangelical and
Interreligious relations
                                                     fundamentalist Christians. Why should certain      Migrants from non-English speaking countries
The top Vatican cardinal in charge of relations      Christians, most of them politically quite         are less likely to be volunteers than Australian-
with Jews on Thursday denied a new prayer for        conservative, be so devoted to Israel? asks        born people or migrants from English-speaking
their conversion was offensive and said              James Q. Wilson. City Journal Winter 08            nations, a new study shows. SMH 11 Feb 08
Catholics had the right to pray as they wished.
                                                     Papua                                              Water
Christian Today 8 Feb 08
                                                     Journalist and former Media Report presenter       TORRENTIAL rain across eastern Australia as
Islam – Australia
                                                     Andrew Dodd takes us to Indonesian-                well as in the west has delivered large parts of
The Afghan jihad was presented by Western            controlled Papua. There's no shortage of media     the country from the drought. Aust 11 Feb 08
media agencies in the 1980s as a just war. I still   outlets on offer, but do ordinary Papuans have
                                                                                                        Workplace relations
recall an episode of 60 Minutes with the late        a voice? ABC Media Report 7 Feb 08
Richard Carleton profiling the courageous                                                               THE decision by deputy Liberal leader and
                                                     Political theory
freedom fighters facing a superpower. A                                                                 shadow workplace relations minister Julie
coalition of right-wing think tanks and Western      Christopher Pearson talks with Michael Cooney,     Bishop to resist the Government's plans to
and Arab governments promoted the jihad,             a former senior adviser to Mark Latham and Kim     trash Australian Workplace Agreements is a
writes Irfan Yusuf. SMH 7 Feb 08                     Beazley, who's now the policy director of a new    welcome sign that there may yet be some fight
                                                     think tank, Per Capita. Aust 9 Feb 08              left in the conservative camp. Aust 12 Feb 08
THE Federal Government has ruled out the
introduction of Islamic courts in Australia          Politics – Australia                               THE pros and cons of Australian Workplace
following debate triggered by the global head                                                           Agreements are set to get another workout
                                                     The opening of the 42nd parliament, the full
of the Anglican Church. SMH 9 Feb 08                                                                    after the Senate launches an inquiry into the
                                                     exposure of the Rudd team and the first time
                                                                                                        Rudd Government's legislation to scrap them.
Islam – Egypt                                        Labor has occupied the government benches in
                                                                                                        Age 13 Feb 08
                                                     almost 12 years, heralds a new era in
In a landmark case, an Egyptian court has ruled      Australian politics, writes Dennis Shanahan.
that the state must recognise the right of           Aust 9 Feb 08
Christians who convert to Islam to revert back
to Christianity. SMH 11 Feb 08                       WHEN 1000 of the best and brightest from           Of rellated iinterest
                                                                                                        Of re ated nterest
                                                     around Australia take over Parliament House
Islam – UK                                           for Kevin Rudd's 2020 summit in April, they will   The West needs another Gandhi, not only to
                                                     not be spending much time referring to the         save us from the terrorists, but also from
THE Archbishop of Canterbury has been                Labor Party platform for guidance, writes Mike     ourselves, says Brad Pedersen. O-Op 13 Feb 08
criticised from all quarters for backing the         Steketee. Aust 9 Feb 08
introduction of sharia law in Britain.
Age 9 Feb 08                                         What can the Pauline Hanson experience teach
                                                     us? How did she become a household name?
The Archbishop of Canterbury apologised to           asks Brian Holden. O-Op 12 Feb 08                  From the vaullt
                                                                                                        From the vau t
the Church of England yesterday for any
“misleading choice of words” when he                 Television                                         Transcript of a sermon, "Claims of the
delivered his controversial speech on Islam, but                                                        Aborigines," preached by NSW Baptist minister
                                                     Speaking after announcing he was leaving Nine
insisted that he stood by his right to tackle                                                           Rev John Saunders, 14 October 1838.
                                                     after 30 years, Ray Martin told The Weekend
such issues. Times (UK) 12 Feb 08
                                                     Australian that commercial TV had too much
The Archbishop of Canterbury's suggestion            death, blood, violence, sex and bad language,
that some form of sharia law is inevitable in        and was alienating "ordinary Australian
Britain has provoked public outrage. Now             families." Aust 9 Feb 08                           Religion & Ethics Australia is published by the
Rowan Williams says he has been                                                                         Tinsley Institute, Morling College, 120 Herring Rd,
                                                     Timor                                              Macquarie Park NSW 2113 AUSTRALIA. Views
misunderstood - he never intended to
                                                                                                        expressed are not necessarily those of the Institute
suggest there should be parallel legal               ANOTHER wave of Australian troops will arrive
                                                                                                        or affiliated agencies. Abbreviations: Aust=The
jurisdictions. We speak to the author of             in East Timor today after the tiny country was     Australian; CT=Christianity Today; O-Op= Online
Londonistan, Melanie Phillips, about why             plunged into a new crisis by an apparent           Opinion; SMH=The Sydney Morning Herald.
Britain's elites seem so strangely reluctant to      assassination attempt on Prime Minister            Clicking on any      icon above will take you to Rod’s
defend the idea of a common culture.                 Xanana Gusmao and President Jose Ramos             blog comments on the relevant issue, where you can
ABC Religion Report 13 Feb 08                        Horta. Aust 12 Feb 08                              also read other responses and have your say.

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