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Law School Rankings
By Joshua Nave

In recent weeks we’ve talked a lot in this column about what influences law school rankings. A recent survey conducted by Kaplan
Test Prep shed some light on what influence the rankings have on students. Kaplan surveyed 1,383 students who took the LSAT in
October and asked a variety of questions about their pre law experience and expectations.

When asked about the factors they were evaluating in                 viewed by admissions officers, would enhance their prospect
choosing a law school, the most popular response was                 of getting that all important letter of acceptance. Over half
rankings. 30% of respondents thought rankings were more              are ‘’very confident’’ that they will find a job in the legal field
important than factors like cost (12%) or even job placement         after graduating but only 16% think that a majority of their
statistics (8%). Of course if you’ve read this column recently       classmates will find legal work.
you already know that post graduation employment statistics
play an important part in the rankings themselves. 86%               Interestingly, for 36% of respondents, the decision to attend
of those surveyed said that rankings were either ‘’very              law school happened within the last year. In a period where
important’’ or ‘’somewhat important’’ in choosing a law school.      the legal job market is taking a beating (head counts at the
                                                                     AM 100 are down for the second year in a row) law school still
Not surprisingly, students planning to go to law school are          has enormous appeal, even to students for whom the law has
self confident. Over 60% believe that their Facebook profile, if     not been a long term goal.


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