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									                                “WE SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES”

                          ounty Humane Socie
                 Steele C                   ty
                               PAW PRINTS
Issue 66                                                         Editor: Tonia Miller                                   Winter/Spring 2008

In This Issue                              A Second Chance
Our Mission Statement . . .2
Past Fundraising Events . .2
Pet Pointers . . . . . . . . . . . .3
Membership Form . . . . . . .3
Year End Reports . . . . . . .4
Ice Melt vs.
Chicken Grit . . . . . . . . . . .4
SCHS Bulletin Board . . . .5
Thanks / Memorials . . . . .6
Our Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . .7        These two goats were abandoned at a rural Steele County farm which was foreclosed on. The
                                           Humane Society seldom takes in livestock; however, this was an emergency, as they had been
                                           abandoned for several months. There was a neighborhood boy who was watering them, and they
                                           did have a pasture to graze, but it was pretty sparse. We borrowed a trailer from Myron and
                                           Karen Homuth, and MaryJo Schwartz, her son Cohl, and I wrangled them up, which was quite a
                                           The boys are now happy, healthy and living with Mark and I. The appropriate individual names
                                           have not been decided yet, so they are still Big Boy and Little Boy - but this will have to change
                                           soon as Little Boy is now about the size of Big Boy. They are definitely BIG boys; standing on
                                           all fours, they are face to face with me (I’m 5’ 6”), and when they stand on their hind legs, they
                                           are 6’ 3” or a bit taller. They always nibble on my cheeks, enjoy back scratches, and are great
                                           conversationalists. Because of their size, their exercise includes fence jumping along with a short
                                           run to the house for special treats. Mealtime consists of purchased goat food, old bread and veg-
                                           etables, and hay.
                                           Thanks to the Countryside Senior Living staff and residents who quite regularly donate leftover
                                           bread, vegetables and special treats consisting of old cookies and bars, Amy and Curt Johnson
                                           (an emergency Humane Society foster home - Amy is also an employee of Countryside) for
                                           donating hay to help get “The
   507-451-4512                            Boys” through winter, Myron
                                           and Karen Homuth for
     PO Box 220                            donating the trailer to haul
 Owatonna, MN 55060                        “The Boys,” and MaryJo and                                        Delilah in the arms
                                           Craig Schwartz (another                                           of Carol Harvey ~
adoptapetschs@yahoo.com                    Humane Society foster
                                           home) and their sons Cohl,                                        Carol adopted
steelecountyhumanesociety.org              Cody, and Caden for helping
                                           to wrangle up “The Boys”
                                                                                                             Delilah at our
8:00-10:00 a.m. and 2:00-4:00 p.m.
                                           and food donations.                                               February
        Monday - Friday                                                                                       Adoption Day.
  If your call is not answered, please
leave a message - all calls are returned
                                           By Ali Hilton                                                      Congratulations!
  within 24 hours at the very latest.      Pictures by Mark Sanders
U                                                                                                                        U
                             The second annual Applebee’s Pancake
                             Breakfast to benefit the SCHS was held

                             on Saturday, March 1.st Total tickets sold
                             were 448. We also received $437 in gen-
                             erous donations. $2,302.80 in all was
 Mission                     raised to help pay for pet food, vet bills,
                             and to save for a shelter. A job well done!
Statement                    Thanks to Applebee’s, all those who sold
                             tickets, our many volunteers, and those
                             who came to eat. You helped make this           Volunt eers receive inst ruct ion bef ore guest s
The Steele County            fundraiser a big success! A special
Humane Society is a                                                          arrive for the breakfast.
                             thanks goes out to Doris Arnold for
not-for-profit organiza-     coordinating this event. What a fun way
tion which is dedicated      to raise money for the animals!

     Providing quality
foster care for homeless
cats and dogs in the
Steele County area

    Encouraging the
adoption of homeless
cats and dogs                                                                            St. Mary’s School 5 th Grade Girl
                                                                                         Scout Troop #563 enjoy a well-
     Encouraging spay-                                                                   deserved meal after all their hard
ing and neutering to
                             Volunteer cooks fire up the griddle                         work!
reduce pet overpopula-
                             back in the kitchen.

                                     Pizza Ranch
      Assisting in the
enforcement of the laws

for prevention of cruelty
to animals and to aid dis-
trict and county societies
and agencies in the                $204 was raised at Pizza Ranch outing
enforcement of such                to benefit the
laws                               SCHS in
                                   2007. Thanks
     Assisting in the
                                   to Connie
organization of district           Elmore,
and county societies and           Elizabeth
give them representation           Bratsch and
in any state federation            Mary Steidler
for the humane and ethi-           (and all our
cal treatment of animals           volunteers)
                                   for their hard
     Providing education           work “behind
to the general public on           the scenes!”
humane and ethical                                                                      Morgan Malo celebrated her
treatment of animals                                                                    11th birthday on January 25 of

     Bringing together
and supporting others
                              I    n December, the Steele County Humane Soci-
                                   ety received a check for $3,262.02 from Alltel
                             (formerly Midwest Wireless). The company collect-
                                                                                        this year. She asked her friends
                                                                                        to support the Humane Society
                                                                                        instead of giving her gifts. She
interested in developing     ed outdated and discarded cell phones from cus-            collected $110 (plus a cute and
the humane treatment         tomers for over a year and gave the proceeds to the        cuddly dog toy) at her party and
and care of animals          Humane Society. We are very grateful to Alltel for         designated the money to go
                             their generosity and consideration. The funds will         towards the cost of vet checks
                             help cover our general expenses, including veteri-         for the animals. What a special
                             nary care and supplies for our animals. Thank you          girl. Thank you Morgan!
                             to Alltel, and to all who donated their used cell
U                                                                                                                                                U
                                                   it difficult to move about in the snow or ice.

 Winter/Spring                                     Keep them tethered tightly to your side if the
                                                   route to the yard is icy. A bad slip can cause a
                                                   ruptured disc, broken leg or other major
Pet Pointers                                       h If you live near a pond or lake, thin ice
                                                   is as much a risk to pets as to people.

                                                   h Nutrition is a particularly important
                                                   concern. Outdoor pets require more calories
                                                                                                      Membership Form
                                                                                                      Your help is needed and your finan -
                                                                                                      cial contributions would be greatly
h By “inside,” that doesn’t mean letting                                                              appreciated. Become a member of
dogs and cats in and out of a warm house           in the winter to generate energy to ward off       the Steele County Humane Society
from night to day. Creating an abrupt tem-         the cold. As a result, add 10 to 15 percent        and help us continue our work.
perature contrast can increase the risk of some    more to their daily diet to allow them to meet
infectious diseases. Consider housing them in      those needs.                                                       (Please Print)
the shelter of a well-built doghouse or bring-                                                        Name
ing them into a tool shed or garage.               h Indoor pets are less active in the winter,
                                                   so make sure you are taking them for walks,        _________________________
h When you bring a pet in, wipe its paws           or some other physical activity, such as fetch,
and underside, making certain there are no         to get them exercise.
ice balls clinging between the toes or on the                                                         _________________________
sole of the foot. They can cause frostbite to an   h Have your pet spayed or neutered,
animal that is left outside for a significant      which prevents unwanted litters and has many       _________________________
time in sub-zero temperatures.                     health benefits!
                                                                                                      City   ______________________
h Keep shelters dry and position shelter           h Take your pet in for a check up! Test
opening away from wind. If you opt not to          dogs for heartworm and groom pets regularly        State   ______ Zip ____________
bring the dog inside, make certain its shelter     to check for fleas and ticks.
is clean, dry, off the ground, and well insulat-                                                      Phone    ____________________
ed with straw or wood shavings. Animals drag       h Heartworm can be prevented by a
a lot of moisture onto their bedding from          spring visit to your vet for a simple blood test
every trip outside in the snow. Plan on chang-     and monthly pills to prevent infection.            Enclosed is my donation of
ing the bedding as frequently as necessary.
Equally critical, position the opening, which      h Prepare for flea season! If you’re going         $ _____________________________
should have a door flap, away from the direc-      to use a flea collar on your pet, be sure to put
tion in which snow and wind usually comes.         it on before flea season starts.
                                                                                                               Toward my:
h Pets that move about on sidewalks,               h Help put an end to puppy mills by not                     ____     New Membership
driveways or streets run the risk of picking       patronizing pet stores that sell puppies and
up rock salt, ice and other chemicals in           kittens.                                                    ____     Renewal Membership
their foot pads. Each time they are brought
in, make certain to wipe all four feet thor-       h To wash away strong odors and cut
oughly. There is a tendency for them to lick       soap film, add vinegar or lemon juice to the       ____     Individual              $ 20.00
the salt off their feet, which can cause an        rinse water when bathing your pet. A little
inflammation of the digestive tract.               baking soda in the rinse water will leave your     ____     Family                  $ 25.00
                                                   pet’s coat odor free, plus softer and shinier.
h Keep the water supply from freezing.                                                                ____     Seniors /               $ 10.00
Dogs and cats become more easily dehydrated        h If your pet does manage to track in                       Under 18
in frigid weather. Keep an eye on your pet’s       mud, the secret is to wait until it dries. Brush
outside water. If it is not heated, it will need   the dry mud loose, then wipe or vacuum it up.      ____     Business            $100.00
to be changed at least three times daily when      Spray some all-purpose cleaner solution on
temperatures dip far below freezing. Ice is not    the residue that remains, let it sit for a few     ____     I would be interested in
a substitute for clean water! Pet stores sell      seconds, then blot or wipe it up.
heated bowls, which can prevent water freez-                                                                   donating some time as a
ing.                                               h If your pet has an accident, blot up as                   volunteer.
                                                   much moisture as possible. Rub the spot with
h For short-coated breeds like Grey-               a solution of ammonia and water. Place a dry       Membership includes a free subscrip-
hounds, Boston Terriers, and Chihuahuas, you       towel over the stain and put a heavy object,       tion to the SCHS quarterly newsletter,
might want to put them in a protective             like a book, on top of it or step down on it       Paw Prints.
sweater before taking them outside. They will      with your shoe to soak up excess moisture.
become chilled quickly after leaving a 72-         Repeat with a dry towel if necessary.
degree house and walking onto a single-digit-                                                         Please make check payable to SCHS.
temperature turf. Also realize sweaters are not    h If your pet has a run-in with a skunk, in        All contributions are tax deductible.
a substitute for shelter. They can get wet and     a well-ventilated area, wash your pet in toma-
actually remove more heat from an animal           to juice, then wash with shampoo and water.        Send to: Steele County Humane Society
than they conserve.                                                                                            PO Box 220
                                                                                                               Owatonna MN 55060
h Be particularly careful when escorting
elderly, arthritic pets outside. They will
become stiff and tender quickly and may find                                                                   507-451-4512

                               PET FOOD RECALLS                                                                Thank You!
U                                                                                                                               U

Steele County Humane Society                                            Steele County Humane Society
         Treasurer’s                                                        Office Administrator’s
               YEAR END REPORT                                                      YEAR END REPORT
    November 1, 2006 - October 31, 2007                                     November 2006 - November 2007

                                           2006         2007                                          2006         2007
Expenses:                                                              Dogs:
Payroll                             $11,491.69     $14,760.00          Adopted                        156          157
Vet Bills                            32,363.84      39,151.50
                                                                       Euthanized                     5            11
Taxes                                 1,086.01       3,379.32
Phone                                 1,365.75       1,647.46          (due to illness/viciousness)
Printing/Advertising                    928.60       1,343.98          Other                          12           9
Postage                                 801.94       1,049.27
Supplies                              2,706.34       5,926.61          Cats:
(food, gifts, copies, office                                           Adopted                        96           128
supplies, envelopes, fundraising, etc.)
                                                                       Euthanized                     8            4
PO Box Rental                              40.00        40.00
                                                                       (due to illness/viciousness)
Insurance                                 353.00     1,153.38
Van Purchase                                   0     6,000.00          Other                          12           6
Lawyer Fees                                    0     1,610.00
Kennel License                             15.00        15.00          Total Foster Homes:            34           31
                                                                       Dog                            7            4
Total                              $51,152.17      $76,076.52          Cat                            13           9
                                                                       Both Cat & Dog                 6            5
Income:                                                                Temporary/emergency only       8            7
Adoptions                          $27,835.00      $30,777.00          On Break                       0            6
Donations                            5,111.00        6,651.81
Steele County Donation              10,000.00       10,000.00
Fundraising                          9,720.53        8,504.32
Frances Curran Grant                 1,000.00        1,000.00
Memberships                          1,465.00        1,250.00
                                                                      Ice Melt vs. Chicken Grit
Recycling                            1,800.51        1,607.62
                                                                      Recently while watching a television program, I came
Total                              $59,064.04      $61,752.75         across a lady talking about Chicken Grit and pets. Being
                                                                      an avid animal lover, I listened to what she had to say.
                                                                      Did you know that ice melt is bad for your animal? Ice
                                                                      Melt contains salt, and it burns the pads of the feet and
                                                                      causes irritation. If you see your animal, namely dogs,
                                                                      itching and biting at their feet excessively, ice melt could
NEW 2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                           be the cause.
                                                                      Not to worry, there is an alternative. Chicken Grit!It is
        Kellylynn Robitaille - President                              made up of small particles of granite which is fed to
        Elizabeth Bratsch - Vice President                            chickens to help develop and maintain certain organs. It
        Kathy Clements - Treasurer                                    does the same job as ice melt but is not harmful to pets. It
                                                                      is all natural, still melts ice and snow, and it doesn’t “pit”
        Tonia Miller - Secretary                                      your concrete. No left over residue in the spring from
                                                                      Chicken Grit and it is eco-friendly.
        Doris Arnold                      Jeff Juaire                 There is also something called Safe Pet Ice Melt. Though
                                                                      it isn’t as easily available as Chicken Grit, you can pur-
        Arlene Caron                      Julie Juaire                chase a 20 lb. bag at your local feed store or at Fleet Farm
        Julie Dally                       Liane Peterson              for less than $10.00.
        Connie Elmore                     Mark Sanders
        Carol Hierlmaier                  MaryJo Schwartz             Taking care of our pets and helping the environment at the
        Ali Hilton                        Lynda Virgin                same time.. Perfect.
        Pat Jorgensen                                                 By Alex Matthews
U                                                                                                                            U

                      SCHS Bulletin Board

         Adoption Days                                                Owatonna Metal
                               at                                     Recycling
                   MARK’S REPAIR
                   600 Hoffman Drive                                  1210 Industrial Rd. in Owatonna, MN
           1:00 p.m. ~ 3:00 p.m.
                                                                      Another simple way to donate money to the
               March 15 ● April 19                                    SCHS! Just take your aluminum or pet food cans
                May 17 ● June 21                                      and tell them you’d like to donate the recycling
                                                                      refund to the Steele County Humane Society. It’s
                 Hope To See You There!                               that easy!
                                                                      (Please be sure to remove all paper labels from food
                                                                      cans and dump out liquid from aluminum cans.)

     Cash for Critters
    Cash for Critters is a fundraising program that will                               Milk
    pay the Humane Society cash for empty ink jet car-
    tridges, toner cartridges and cell phones collected
    (up to $4 for ink jets ($2 for most), $1 - $12 for lasers
    and $2.50 for each cell phone!).                                   Place collected caps and
    You can mail or drop off these items to:                          bag tops in an envelope
        SCHS                                                          and mail to:
        c/o Jan King
        1810 Linn Dr.                                                  SCHS
        Owatonna, MN 55060
                                                                        c/o Jan King
    (Ink cartridges must be put in a plastic bag. Thanks!)
                                                                          1810 Linn Drive
                                                                             Owatonna, MN

         PHOTO & FRAME!                                                Foster Homes Needed!
          5551 County Rd 45 S, Owatonna, MN 55060
                                                                      The SCHS does not have a shelter facility
    In the month of March, Lindgren                                   to house its homeless animals and
    Photo & Frame will be offering:                                   depends solely on volunteer foster homes
    ● Professional Pet Portraits
                                                                      to care for foster pets until they are adopt-
    ● No Sitting Fee
                                                                      ed. If you or anyone you know might be
    ● Value Packages Priced from $5
                                                                      interested in fostering or helping us in any
    ● Satisfaction Guaranteed                                         other way, please call the Humane Society
    ● 25% of all proceeds goes to the SCHS                            today!

                 Call 507-455-0920
          for your pet’s appointment today!                                      507-451-4512

U                                                                                                                                        U
To whom it may concern:                                                      Suzie is doing great! We had her sleep in a kennel for
                                                                             the first couple of weeks, but now she can sleep wherev-
We love our newly adopted kitty                                              er. Suzie knows sit, lay, down, heel and rollover pretty
and thought we’d share                                                       well. Right now I am working on stay. She’s getting bet-
some photos of him in                                                        ter each day. In agility I’m working on jumps, and she’s
his new home.                                                                awesome at it! She’s usually outside all day chasing birds
We call him Snooper                                                          and barking at kids. Whenever I go out there and call
(you called him Leo).                                                        her name, she comes right to me. She also loves to play
                                                                             soccer. If you throw the ball or kick it, she’ll go and
He loves to nap on the                                                       attack it. Suzie just came in - my mom let her in. Ahh,
couch with dad, play with                                                    attach of the Suzie! She loves to cuddle. She wants full
his many toys and pounce on                                                               attention on her. She licks people in the face
anything that moves.                                                                                      a lot, and she likes to play in
                                                                                                                       water. We have a
He’s done very well and knows his way around everything                                                                pool that goes up
in the house. He’s part of our family, and we love to cud-                                                            to my knees, and
dle and play with him.
                                                                                                                      she’s always going
Hats off to all the foster parents of these animals. You                                                             in it. So we got her
do a great service and a wonderful job socializing these                                                             her own pool.
little guys.
                                                                                                                   Your friend,
Bonnie Johnston & Jerome Jacobsen                                                                                  Kadie Mattson

                                                    Memorials                                           Thanks
                                                In memory of Shirley Mens from Donna           Thanks to those who have recently made
                                                Froman                                         a monetary donation to the SCHS:
                                                                                                  Mrs. Merley Phiefer
                                                In memory of Alice Melby from                     The Morgan’s
                                                    Marjorie Knutson                              Mary Krippner
                                                    R.D. & Joann Shankland                        Tony Unverzagt
                                                    Klane & Shelly Dusek                          Brenda Huberg & pets
                                                    Nancy Lidstrom                                Lisa Huberg & pets
                                                    Dwight & Angie Jensen                         Tony & Diane Unverzagt

                                                In memory of Judy Winter from Donna            Thanks to the Josten’s Foundation for a
                                                Froman                                         “matching funds” gift from Josten’s
                                                                                               employees Krista Terrones, Tom Goettl
                                                From Eleanor Worke in memory of                and Connie Habermann
                                                   Dorothy Wutschke
                                                   Jill Kukacka                                Thanks to Gary Hawkins for a box of
                                                   Deloris Fisher                              chocolates for board members and foster
                                                   Tom Higgins                                 homes at a recent meeting
                                                   Lois Spatenka
                                                   Grace Stoltman                              Thanks to Shop with Santa in Blooming
                                                   Myron Pirkl                                 Prairie for making Christmas presents
                                                   Joe Racek                                   including treats & decorative containers
                                                   LeRoy Proulx                                for dogs & cats
                                                   Mary Glynn
                                                   Arne Jensen                                 Thanks to Federated Insurance Co. for
                                                   David Van Guilder                           donating a laptop computer
                                                   Eldon Neumann
                                                   Kathleen Spinler                            Thanks to the following businesses who
                                                                                               donate pet food to the SCHS on a regular
 Just sending you a picture of Lucy. We         In memory of Sylvia Spindler from John         basis:
 wanted you to know that we enjoy her           & Shari Arndt                                      Blooming Prairie Veterinary Clinic
 very much. She loves to go bye bye,                                                               Cash Wise Foods
 and we found out she knows how to              In memory of Kay Wilmot from Henry                 Farmer’s Feed & Pet Supply
                                                Wilmot                                             Owatonna Veterinary Hospital
 play dead, etc.                                                                                   Owatonna Veterinary Services
                                                In memory of Harvey West from Karen                Target
 Thank you again,                               Splett                                             Wal-Mart
 John Kubista & Family
U                                                                                                   U

          Dr. James R. Gute

                                                              STEPHEN KRUMM, D.V.M.
                                                              2121 South Cedar, Owatonna MN 55060

               T.L.C. Pets
                         728 N. Cedar
                      Owatonna, MN 55060

Muffy & Mittens
Stay at
The Cat’s Cottage Inn
For a relaxing, cat pampered
vacation, while their people are
away from home on vacation or
business travel.

                  Long and Short Term
                  Luxury Boarding Just for Cats!
                  The Cat’s Cottage Inn
                  www.catscottageinn.com 507-463-2287

PO BOX 220


Please send us any change
of address as soon as you
are aware of it. THANKS!

                                                                                      Steele County Humane Society
                                                                                            U PAW PRINTS U
                                                                              is published three times each year by the Steele
                                                                              County Humane Society and is sent to each SCHS
                                                                              member. For more information about a subscrip-
                                                                              tion to this newsletter, please call the SCHS:

                                                                              SCHS Board of Directors/Officers:
                                                                              Kellylynn Robitaille - President
                                                                              Elizabeth Bratsch - Vice President
                                                                              Kathy Clements - Treasurer
                                                                              Tonia Miller - Secretary
                                                                              Doris Arnold - Director
During the month of February, the Steele County Humane Society, along         Arlene Caron - Director
with Steele County vets, participated in Spay Day USA. Steele County          Julie Dally - Director
residents in need of financial help to spay or neuter their dog or cat made   Connie Elmore - Director
an appointment with a Steele County veterinarian, and the SCHS paid           Carol Hierlmaier - Director
$25.00 of the cost for every cat spay or neuter and $40.00 of the cost for    Ali Hilton - Director
every dog spay or neuter. 20 dogs and 17 cats were sterilized through         Pat Jorgensen - Director
this year’s program.                                                          Jeff Juaire - Director
                                                                              Julie Juaire - Director
If you can afford to spay or neuter your pet, consider this a reminder to     Liane Peterson - Director
make an appointment now. If you want to support this program for 2009,        Mark Sanders - Director
please make a donation to the Steele County Humane Society (SCHS)             MaryJo Schwartz - Director
for SPAY DAY USA. Thank you for your support!                                 Lynda Virgin - Director

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