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					                                        Screen Printing
If you are thinking of getting custom design T-shirts as well as other items for promotional or
personal use then you will do well to consider getting them done through screen printing. This
is one of the most effective ways of transferring images and artwork to your items because you
are guaranteed that it will last. Although high quality is usually associated with high costs, this is
not true for screen printing as there are a number of companies that offer this service at highly
reasonable costs. One such company is Rival Screen Printing in New York City.

The company has been in this business for a considerable amount of time through which it has
continued to offer customer satisfaction regardless of the number of items you want to print. If
you are interested in T-shirt screen printing, the company will help you to choose as well as
make your order at the local stores. In addition, while you may be allowed to bring it your own
design that you want transferred to the T-shirt you can also work with the company’s web
design team that is highly talented. This team usually experiments with various products, colors
and styles to ensure that the design fits on the T-shirts perfectly.

The company has a rich idea bank that allows them to cater even for those clients who offer
little or no notice at all but want the job done. In addition, the company also understands that
you may have a busy schedule and not be able to visit their offices to place an order hence they
allow you to make your order online. Alternatively, you can also request for a quotation online
that will allow you to compare prices before placing your order. In addition, you can also
receive assistance when making your order as the customer service team is always ready to
respond to your concerns regarding the ordering process at
Should your artwork be found to be lacking in creativity, the creative team will offer some
advice on how to improve it while ensuring that it still catches your interest.

Another       advantage        that      comes     with     making       your      order     at is that they offer free shipping for big orders. Thus, you
will only need to let Rival Screen Printing when you need the finished product so that they can
make arrangements on delivering them to you. Even then, you need to understand that this
only applies to UPS ground shipping as well as non-rush orders only.

You can also engage Rival Screen Printing for onsite and live screen printing for your event
especially if you want to attract customers. However, this must be scheduled in advance and
the prices vary. The company has also taken into account then needs of business people who
desire to build their brand by printing T-shirts or other apparel for their employees. In
summary, screen printing is a convenient way of branding merchandise for various purposes
and there is no better place to get your screen printing done in New York City than Rival Screen
Printing. All you need to do is simply log on to

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