Agent Steel by willpastons


									                                         Agent Steel
Agent Steel is one of the popular American speed metal bands in America. This band has been
in existence for over 27 years and even though it has had its own share of ups and downs, the
band has continued to flourish among today’s metal lovers. This is because they produced
catchy songs that appealed to many people. With three full albums to their name, Agent Steel is
still a name to reckon with in the metal music world. Although the band has seen an exit of it
old members among them the initial vocalist and drummer, the new members have managed
to maintain the quality of music so much that you cannot tell the difference. There have also
been a number of changes in the guitarist since the band was established.

Agent Steel’s first album was titled Skeptics Apocalypse. This album was released by Combat
records in mid-1985. It is this same year that the then guitarist Hurt Colfelt was replaced by
Bernie Versailles. This was after a fallout with Cyriis that is one of the founders of Agent Steel.
They then recorded an EP title ad Locust Rising this same year that was released by Combat
Records in USA while Music for Nations released it in Europe. Mad Locust Rising was followed
by the recording of a full length follow up, Unstoppable force in March 1986 and a subsequent
recording break to concentrate on a tour of Europe. The band returned in June to complete
their recording of Unstoppable Force. Even then, the Agent Steel new Album, The Unstoppable
Force was not released until 1987. This was mainly due to some problems that emerged
regarding the product.

After the release of the Unstoppable Force, the band suffered a blow when members went left
to different parts of America. This led to the deterioration of the band from the already
deteriorating metal scene. Even then, two of the band members regrouped and hired guitarists
to whom they worked with for their European tour that was such a huge success. In fact, most
of the shows that were organized as part of this tour were sold out in Amsterdam. This tour
concluded with the recording of the farewell Agent Still performance in June 1987 even though
the video was released the following year. The release of this video was followed by disbanding
of Agent Steel because of the rip-offs as well as jealousy politics that dominated the metal
scene at the time.

It did not take long before the Agent Steel was revived. This was after the different member of
the band had gone into solo venture for almost ten years. Upon its rebirth, Agent Steel
recorded another album even as the agent steel true insignia continued to be speed metal that
had some modern touches. They also released another full length album, Order of The
Illuminati whose recording began in 2001 but was released in 2003. In the same year, a mini CD
containing four songs from live performances and was titled Earth Under Lucifer was released.
The band went on to release their maiden DVD containing the Dynamo Open Air in 2005 before
releasing their Alienigma album in 2007.

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