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					CALENDAR winter 2013
                                                                Cover : LEO, February 15·16 at Artisphere | Read more p.17

   JANUARy                                         FEBRUARy

   5         Standard Session begins               1       Cognac Tasting
   7         Winter I Fast Track Session begins    2       Chandeleur
   10        Welcome to Malmaison                  8       Tristan Pfaff Recital
   11        Nomadic Massive                       9       Mardi Gras Masquerade
   11        Rum Tasting                           13      Winter I Fast Track ends
   12        Galette des Rois                      14      Ciné Francophone: Les Infidèles
   14        Ciné Francophone: Le Chat du Rabbin   15-16   LEO
   18        Club de lecture                       21      Author Pierre Taminiaux
   28        Jouons!                               22      Club de lecture
                                                   25      Jouons!
                                                   25      Winter II Fast Track begins


   8         Ciné Francophone: Un Homme qui Crie
   14-16     Mix Prolifik                          APRIL
   15        Wine Tasting
   18        Jouons!
   22        Author Adbourahman Waberi             2       Winter II Fast Track ends
   29        Club de lecture
   30        Standard Session ends

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                                                                      winter 2013 LETTER FROM THE DIRECTORS

Chers amis,

Toute l’équipe de l’Alliance Française se joint à moi pour vous souhaiter de joyeuses fêtes et une excellente année 2013 !
On behalf of all of us at the Alliance, we wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

January is the time for New Year's resolutions; if you’ve always wanted to learn a foreign language or become engaged as a
member or volunteer of a culturally global organization, the Alliance is here for you!

                                     This season, choose from general French classes, themed workshops, or one-day
                                      immersion programs. Make the most of your daylight hours with daytime classes, now
                                       offered at discounted Blue Hour rates. Share your love of French with your little
                                       ones during extended weekday offerings or help them discover their artistic and
                                       culinary talents in P’tits Peintres or P’tits Chefs workshop.

                                      As you may know, March 20 is the international day of la Francophonie. This festival
                                     celebrates the more than 800,000 Francophones worldwide and the rich variety of
                                    Francophone cultures globally and in Washington. The Alliance Française is proud to
                                   participate in the Francophonie DC festival with its fellow francophone representatives
                                  and embassies around the city. This year, the Alliance multimedia library will continue
                                 the tradition of offering literary salons with visiting authors for adults and children.

                                The Winter 2013 cultural season also holds the annual Chandeleur celebration for families
                               at the Hillwood Estate and the well-loved Galette des Rois. You’ll also enjoy an all new
                              series of movies, tastings, social events, performance pieces such as the gravity-defying LEO,
                              and music from talented artists sharing sounds as diverse as classic Chopin and ultra-modern
                              electro. As always, these programs are aimed to give you a window into today’s world of

                                  We hope to see you soon !

                                                                                                  Thomas chaurin Executive Director
                                                                                                  Sophie mededovic Academic Director
                                                                                                  Sylvain cornevaux Cultural Director
                                                                                                  nadia Pazolis-gabriel Librarian
                                                                                               winter 2013 LEARN FRENCH
 “I think the Alliance Française is the best place to learn
 French outside France. The teachers and the materials are
 excellent, the prices are accessible, and you can have a                     Take advantage of new, reduced tuition rates
 great connection to the French culture.”                                       during  Blue Hour      daytime classes.
                                                                                Visit for more information.


 �Beginner a1 : 101 › 102                   � Intermediate B1 : 203 › 302                  � advanced c1/c2 : 501 > 500+

 Learn to introduce yourself and others,    Develop an ability to discuss                  Delve into a wide range of demanding
 ask simple questions, use familiar         topics generally related to work,              texts with a broad ability to understand
 phrases and interact at a basic level.     school and leisure with some depth.            and recognize linguistic subtleties.
                                            Express ideas, interests, aspirations and      Create spontaneous written text and
 �advanced Beginner a2 : 103 › 202
                                            opinions.                                      oral speech with language appropriate
 Begin to conduct basic conversations                                                      for various situations.
                                            �advanced B2 : 303 › 400+
 using expressions related to everyday
 life. Learn to describe your background    Learn to discuss main ideas of more
 and simple tasks.                          complex, abstract texts, interact with
                                            a degree of fluency and produce
                                            detailed writing on a variety of topics.
                   ur level?
              of yo
   Not su

                 or visit                  — Take a free placement test!

                      STandard SeSSIon : JANUARY 5 › MARCH 30 ( 1 ½ HOURS, TWICE PER WEEK )
         FaST TracK SeSSIonS : WINTER I JAN 7 › FEB 13 · WINTER II FEB 25 › APR 2 ( 3 HOURS, TWICE PER WEEK )
LEARN FRENCH winter 2013
                                                       Round out your language-learning experience with a variety of topic-based courses aimed
                           Speak with the              to enhance your French vocabulary for diverse situations, speaking ability, and cultural

                                  Discuss                                         Ça BoUge en France

                            what option                                           Learn about French culture by looking at history, traditions, wine,

                                                                                  gastronomy and popular culture. Regions offered: Paris/Ile de
                                 is best for                                      France and Provence. Level offered: B1+.
                                                                                  Engage in conversation focused on French and Francophone events.
   WORKSHOPS AND THEMED COURSES                                                   Levels offered: B2, C1.

   BavardonS!                                                                     dIFFIcUlTÉS exPlIQUÉeS dU FranÇaIS
                                                                                  Understand the trickiest points of French in this grammar class
   Reinforce your conversational skills and ability to use vocabulary and
                                                                                  conceived for English-speaking students, focused on the most
   grammatical structures in their spoken forms. Levels offered: B1, B2, C1.
                                                                                  prevalent mistakes made by Anglophones. Level offered: B2+.

   BrUSh UP
   This course takes a deeper look at tools such as grammatical
                                                                                  Develop an ability to read and discuss critically by examining
   structures to strengthen students’ fundamental ability to use the
                                                                                  various works of classic and contemporary French literature.
   language. Levels offered: A2, B1, B2.
                                                                                  Upcoming titles: germinie lacerteux by Edmond and Jules de
                                                                                  Goncourt and mémoires de la comtesse de Boigne Tome II by
                                                                                  La Comtesse de Boigne, Poésie Francophone by various authors.
   It’s all about the accent! Focus on the sounds of French language
   through articulation and phonography. All levels welcome.
                                                                                  aTelIerS de grammaIre
                                                                                  Expand your technical knowledge by focusing on skills such as
   arT hISTory
                                                                                  verb conjugations, use of pronouns, the negative form and more.
   Enrich your French through art. Includes a visit to the Phillips Collection.
   Levels offered: A2, B1+.
                                                                                  FranÇaIS deS aFFaIreS
                                                                                  Focus on developing vocabulary and language used in business
                                                                                  settings, for example: answering phones, drafting correspondence,
   Challenge your comprehension abilities and learn to voice your
                                                                                  and scheduling appointments.
   opinions about French culture, politics, and more, by watching
   and discussing current news from TV5. Different programs will be
   examined each week. Levels offered: B1, B2+.

                                          WorKShoP FormaT and PrIceS vary. vISIT For deTaIlS
                                                                                               winter 2013 LEARN FRENCH


International organizations, government agencies, and             TeF TeST d’ÉvalUaTIon dU FranÇaIS
corporations may take advantage of private or small group
courses either on or off-site in order to benefit from a more     The TEF can be used for emigration to a francophone country
tailored language learning experience.                            and for international employment. TEF adapted for Quebec also
Call 202.234.7911 x861 to discuss your personal learning
program.                                                          TcF TeST de connaISSance dU FranÇaIS

                                                                  Aimed at students applying to undergraduate and graduate programs
                                                                  in France. TCF adapted for Quebec and TCF for French nationality also

                                                                  delF & dalF

                                                                  DELF & DALF : six independent diplomas to certify French
                                                                  language competency. Levels correspond to the Common European
                                                                  Framework of Reference for Languages.
                                                                  Also available for children : ages 8-12 (DELF Prim) and 12-16
                                                                  (DELF Junior).

                              To decIde WhIch TeST IS rIghT For yoU, PleaSe vISIT
                                               Student Pass required for classes.

                                     FormaT and PrIceS vary. vISIT For deTaIlS
LEARN FRENCH winter 2013

  FRENCH CLASSES                                                       claSSeS For chIldren ageS 7 - 17 yearS

                                                                       TIP-ToP (ageS 8-10)
   Beginner and intermediate classes for children strike the perfect
                                                                       A text-based class for children with zero to one year of prior
   balance of work and play, with programs offering set academic
                                                                       French instruction. Beginner and intermediate levels offered.
   objectives while providing entertaining activities to engage
   young learners.
                                                                       eT ToI? (ageS 10-12)
                                                                       For students with zero to one year of previous experience learning
               WInTer SeSSIon: JanUary 5 > march 30
                                                                       French with a focus on conversation, as well as skill-building in
                                                                       reading and writing. Teachers incorporate pop culture and other
  claSSeS For chIldren 14 monThS To 7 yearS.                           themes targeted for a young adult age group.

                                                                       agenda (ageS 12-16)
  BÉBÉ (14-24 monThS and 24-36 monThS)
                                                                       A beginner course for 7th to 10th graders to achieve a basic un-
  A gentle introduction to the French-speaking world where
                                                                       derstanding of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Students
  children engage in playful activities through song, dance, nursery
                                                                       are encouraged to actively participate through a variety of
  rhymes and more. Parents or caregivers encourage children to
                                                                       activities and media supports.
  begin forming and responding to new sounds.

  PITchoUnS (ageS 3-5)
  Help your youngster start learning French with games, songs,
  and activities.

  gamInS eT gamIneS (ageS 5-7)
  Music, arts, crafts, games, and storytime create the basic
  frame for building French communication skills.

  lUdo eT SeS amIS (ageS 6-8)
  Students begin to work with their first French textbook. Exercises
  are complemented by games and interactive activities.

                                          vISIT For claSS FormaT, daTeS, and PrIcIng
                                                                                                  winter 2013 LEARN FRENCH

CLASSES FOR FRANCOPHONES                                               WORKSHOPS

leS gavrocheS (ageS 5-6)                                               coUrS eT conTeS (ageS 2 – 5)
For children who speak French, but do not yet read or write it.        A morning long program of activities involving class instruction,
Instructors use interactive projects to teach students to recognize    snack, guided play time, and an interactive story hour.
the French sounds of letters when they read.
                                                                       PlayTIme aT The allIance (ageS 2-6)
FranÇaIS PoUr enFanTS FrancoPhoneS (ageS 7-13)                         This informal play group brings students together for stories,
For children who speak French but do not read or write fluently.       songs, dancing, and games, creating an ideal environment for
Through a project-based curriculum, students will focus on expanding   children to interact in French.
their vocabulary and learning about French cultures.
                                                                       P’TITS cheFS (ageS 5-10)
                                                                       Students are introduced to the French passion for cooking and cuisine
                                                                       by actively participating in preparing, cooking and tasting recipes
                                                                       tailored for little chefs.

                                                                       P’TITS PeInTreS (ageS 5-10)
                                                                       This workshop provides an early introduction to and appreciation for
                                                                       creativity. Students will enjoy creating a variety of projects while
                                                                       focusing on related vocabulary.

                                                                       FIELD TRIPS

                                                                       The Alliance is an ideal place to plan your educational excursions and
                                                                       welcomes school groups of all ages for cultural and educational field
                                                                       trips. Take your students to France without leaving Washington, DC
                                                                       and discover French culture through interactive activities led by our
                                                                       AF teachers... en français, bien sûr!
                                                                       contact :

                                                                                      winter 2013 LIBRARy · MÉDIATHÈQUE

OUR LIBRARy                                                              THE COLLECTIONS

The library at the Alliance in Dupont is a multi-media, multi-           The médiathèque is a resource for students learning French
lingual crossroads for all who visit it. Its literary and multimedia     and for those who have a natural command of the language.
collections complement a classroom education, enhance cultural           A lending library with new acquisitions every month, it is
experiences, and are an excellent resource for all who enter.            an invaluable center for Francophones and Francophiles alike.
Knowledgeable librarians are on hand to offer guidance or reading        The collections count over 8,000 items for adults and children,
suggestions for all levels. Patrons also have access to the coin café,   including books in French and English, movies, graphic novels,
Kids' Corner, computer bay, and special events. A limited collection     comic books, learning aids, and more.
is also available at the Alliance in Penn Quarter.


              JAN        FEB        MAR                                  galeTTe deS roIS                                            JAN
              28         25         18                                   Traditionally eaten to celebrate the Epiphany, the          12
                                                                         Galette des rois (Kings’ Cake) has become a French
JoUonS! 6:30 pm                                                          family custom. The Alliance invites children to join
Socialize and learn while enjoying game night en français.               us for storytime and partake in sharing this special
For native speakers and students of an intermediate level and            tradition with us.

              JAN        FEB        MAR                                  la chandeleUr                                               FEB
              18         22         29                                   Sometimes known as “Crêpe Day,” La Chandeleur, is            2
                                                                         celebrated in France with food and games. The
clUB de lecTUre 6:30 pm                                                  Alliance Française and the Hillwood Estate, Museum
January 18 rouge Brésil, de Jean-Christope Rufin                         & Gardens invite families to celebrate this holiday in
February 22 les derniers jours de nos pères, de Joël Dicker              festive French fashion with crêpes, storytelling, and
March 29 le chapeau de mitterand, d'Antoine Laurain                      activities celebrating the exciting culture of the
                                                                         Brittany region.

                                           For FUll InFormaTIon and PrIcIng, vISIT

                       TUES        SAT
                                                                   “I have spent many happy moments [in the library] with a
                      10:50 am   10:45 am
                                                                   hot coffee, warm sun on my shoulders and Nouvel Observateur
         heUre dU conTe                                            magazine in hand, waiting for my son to happily bound up
         Animated story time in French for native speakers and     the stairs after his French class.
         new learners alike.                                       “We snuggle down in one of the cozy bean bags to read
                                                                   books together and negotiate whether TinTin or (yet again)
                                                                   Caillou will be the evening's DVD to take home. Librarians,
                      JAN        FEB        MAR                    Nadia and Sylvie, spoil him with attention before we bid a
                      18          8         29                     final à bientôt to the library. Yet another perfect Tuesday
         cInÉ-mÔme                                                 “[My son] Winston adds he likes the story time, animal
         6pm                                                       crackers and picking out his books all by himself.”
         French movie hour for budding cinéphiles.

                                                                           -Amy West visits the Alliance library every Tuesday
                                                                                             for Heure du conte with her son.

                                                                   winter 2013 LECTURES + BOOK SIGNING

                                                                                                                    LIBRARy · MÉDIATHÈQUE

                                STePhanIe BlaKe

                                Stephanie Blake was born in the U.S. and now lives in Paris. She is the creator
                                of the well-loved lapin Simon and the loulou et cie. series

                                caTherIne PIneUr

                                Catherine Pineur is the author and illustrator of a collection of Belgian stories
                                that are known for their lively sense of life and color.

               daTeS and TImeS To Be conFIrmed. PleaSe vISIT oUr WeBSITe For UPdaTed InFormaTIon

                              For FUll InFormaTIon and PrIcIng, vISIT
   LECTURES + Book Signing winter 2013

                              PIerre TamInIaUx
                              7pm | in French

                              In a time of highly charged political opinion, this professor of French and
                              Francophone literature at Georgetown University, focuses on the relationship
                              between poetry and politics through a contemporary, critical perspective.
                              Taminiaux’s latest book, modernist literature and arts avant-garde will be
                              published in 2013.

                              aBdoUrahman WaBerI : « La langue française et le monde »
                              7pm | in French & English

                              A product of thought and culture from Djibouti and France, this writer, poet,
                              and academic worked as a literary Consultant for Editions le Serpent à plumes
                              in Paris, and as a literary critic for le monde diplomatique. Waberi has won
                              several prestigious literary awards for his best-selling books and is now a
                              professor at the George Washington University.

                              Joel dIcKer
                              Date to be announced

                              The Swiss author of French and Russian origins will discussdiscuss two of his
                              novels: “la vérité sur l’affaire harry Quebert”, a sweeping novel in the style
                              of an American thriller, for which he won the Grand prix du roman de l’Académie
                              française, and "les jours de nos pères", which is the Club de Lecture selection
                              for the month of February (see p.11).

                                                For FUll InFormaTIon and PrIcIng, vISIT
Tristan Pfaff. February 8 at the Hungarian Embassy
  MUSIC winter 2013

                        nomadIc maSSIve
                  11    8pm | Artisphere Ballroom, 1101 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA
                        $22�$17 aFdc members

                        These musical nomads represent an adventurous form of urban sound
                        that finds its inspiration in traditions from across the globe, with nine
                        members singing in five languages and combining live music, cross-genre
                        sampling and vocal styles aplenty. This multicultural super-group has
                        become synonymous with energetic live shows, having shared the stage
                        with the likes of Wyclef Jean, K’naan and Guru’s Jazzmatazz. Montreal’s
                        Nomadic Massive has firmly established itself as a leader among
                        performers and musicians in a genre that has taken on incredible depth
                        since the early days of two turntables and a microphone.

                        TrISTan PFaFF FranZ lISZT recITal
                  8     7pm | Embassy of Hungary, 2950 Spring of Freedom Street, NW
                        $25· $20 aFdc members

                        At the age of 23, French pianist, Tristan Pfaff was the 2007 laureate
                        of the Long Thibaud Crespin award for outstanding young French
                        musicians. Since then, Pfaff has been the guest of the most prestigious
                        European stages and is invited on a regular basis to perform on TV
                        and other programs. His recently released second album is dedicated
                        to the music of the famous Hungarian pianist, Franz Liszt.

                        Organized in collaboration with the Délégation Générale de l’Alliance
                        Française, USA.

                                                 For more InFormaTIon, vISIT
                                                                                                                winter 2013 MUSIC

                                                                                                                              CULTURAL EVENTS
                                         leo, an anti-gravity Show                                                   FEB
                                         8pm | Artisphere's Spectrum Theatre, 1101 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA        15-16
                                         $30·$25 aFdc members

                                         LEO is a mind-bending, funny, surreal and surprisingly touching work
                                         that challenges the senses and tests perceptions of reality through the
                                         clever interplay of live performance and video projection. The newest
                                         creation of the innovative Berlin-based production company, Circle of
                                         Eleven, LEO leaves audiences wondering which way is up and which way
                                         is down.

"An eye-teasing, grin-inducing, deeply   Directed by Montréal actor and director Daniel Briére with Creative
impressive work of sustained             Producer Gregg Parks, LEO is based on an original idea by Tobias Wegner
absurdist magic!" -Time Out New York     and has won several major awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

                                         mIx ProlIFIK
                                         7pm | Malmaison, 3401 Water St, NW                                          14-16
                                         $20�$15 aFdc members

                                         French label Prolifik Records will lead an original scratch conference on
                                         the history of DJing and electronic, followed by a DJ mixing workshop.
                                         Everything comes together with a DJ set in one of DC’s best-kept secret
                                         march 14 : Scratch conference at the Lycée Rochambeau. Time TBA.
                                         march 15 : DJing workshop at Malmaison | 8pm | $20·$15 AFDC members.
                                         march 16 : DJ set at Napoléon Bistro | 11pm | $10·$5 AFDC members.
                                         Free for YP Members.

  SOCIAL EVENTS winter 2013

                  JAN   Welcome To malmaISon
                  10    8pm | Malmaison, 3401 Water St, NW
                        $10�Free for aFdc members

                        Enjoy the official opening of Georgetown’s latest pop up art space, where
                        the Alliance will showcase a large number of its most innovative cultural
                        Get a sneak preview of the AFDC’s winter season of cultural programs while
                        soaking in the ambiance of French DJ music, food and beverages.

                  FEB   mardI graS maSQUerade
                   9    7pm | Washington Club, 15 Dupont Circle, NW
                        $60·$50 aFdc members

                        Don your most elegant masks and playful disguises for this fabulous
                        French tradition. The ultimate burst of energy and celebration to liven
                        the winter months, the AFDC/Art Soirée Mardi Gras Masquerade will take
                        place at the luxurious Washington Club, which served as a temporary
                        White House in the early 1900s. Entertainment includes a live New
                        Orleans-style jazz band, DJ, mouthwatering selections of French pastries
                        and mignardises, a full open bar featuring specialty cocktails and
                        sparkling wines, and more.

                                                For more InFormaTIon, vISIT
                                                                                        winter 2013 cine francophone

                                                                                                                     cULTURAL EVENTS
                          le chaT dU raBBIn                                                                    JAN
                          7pm | Alliance at Dupont.                                                             14
                          $6�$4 aFdc members
                          Animation by Joann Sfar and Antoine Delesvaux, 2009, France.
                          Voices by François Morel, Hafsia Herzi, François Damiens and Jean-Pierre Kalfon.
                          French with English subtitles

                          The setting is 1920s Algiers. Rabbi Sfar lives with his daughter Zlabya, a noisy
                          parrot and a mischievous cat. When the cat devours the parrot and starts
                          talking (but only to tell lies), the rabbi is determined to keep him in check.

« Ironique et aimant : c’est le doublé gagnant de ce “Chat du rabbin” dont les lectures et la portée seraient trop
longues à chanter ici. Allez-y, et philosophez avec votre matou au retour. » — Metro

                           leS InFIdÈleS                                                                       FEB
                           7pm | Alliance at Dupont.                                                            14
                           $6�$4 aFdc members
                           Comedy by Emmanuelle Bercot, Fred Cavayé, Alexandre Courtes, Jean Dujardin,
                           Michel Hazanavicius, Eric Lartigau and Gilles Lellouche, 2012, France
                           French with English subtitles

                           Bring your date or a friend for an alternative look at love, with seven vignettes
                           by seven directors on the humorous subtleties and nuances of male infidelity
                           in its infinite variations. AF members will be greeted by a glass of champagne
                           to set the mood.

                              « L’ensemble, porté par l’indestructible tandem Lellouche-Dujardin, est
                              drôle, pas prétentieux, et, surprise, souvent grinçant sur l’infidélité
                              masculine. Une distraction...pas si innocente qu’il n’y paraît. »
                                                                                - Le Journal du Dimanche

                                           For more InFormaTIon, vISIT
 cine francophone winter 2013

                  MAR   Un homme QUI crIe
                   8    7pm | Alliance at Dupont
                        $6�$4 aFdc members
                        Drama by Mahamat Saleh Haroun, 2010, France, Belgium.
                        With Youssouf Djaoro, Diouc Koma, Emile Abossolo M'Bo
                        French with English subtitles

                                                                         In present-day Chad, Adam, a 55-year old former swimming
                                                                         champion, is a pool attendant at a luxurious N'Djamena
                                                                         hotel. When it comes under new ownership, he is forced
                                                                         to give up his job to his son, Abdel, leaving Adam terribly
                                                                         resentful and feeling socially humiliated. Meanwhile, the
                                                                         country is on the edge of a civil war and rebel forces are
                                                                         attacking the government. When the authorities demand
                                                                         that the population contribute to the "war effort" by
                                                                         giving money and volunteers Adam is constantly harassesed
                                                                         to make a contribution. But Adam only has his son…

                                                                         Un homme qui crie received the Jury Prize of the Cannes
                                                                         Film Festival in 2010.

                                                                    winter 2013 TASTINGS

                                                                                      CULTURAL EVENTS
rUm TaSTIng
7pm | Alliance at Dupont                                                        11
$30·$20 aFdc members

Cognac Ferrand is not only known for producing fine spirits, but also for its
excellent production of rum. Alexandre Gabriel, who was recently awarded
Best Master Blender at the London Golden Rum Barrel Festival, will provide
several of the finest plantation rums for tasting, which highlight the
differences among the distinctive terroirs of Barbados, Trinidad, and
Jamaica. Guillaume Lamy, head of Cognac Ferrand Educational Programs will
lead this exclusive tasting of double cask aged rums from around the

WIne TaSTIng WITh FIrST vIne                                                    FEB
7pm | Alliance at Dupont                                                        15
$20·$15 aFdc members
If you shop at farmers’ markets, you get to know something about the            15
people who grow and produce your food. Why should it be different for
the wines you drink? Join Tom Natan and Cy Behroozi of First Vine to
taste a few of the French wines they import from French family farms
and grower-owned co-ops.

        For more InFormaTIon, vISIT
become a member winter 2013Fall 2012

    Become a memBer!
    The Alliance Française offers tiered memberships that are designed to provide the best of the Alliance Française programs and
    services: French classes, access to the multimedia, multilingual library, and reduced admission to cultural events. Join the
    Alliance Française and expand your knowledge, meet other French speakers and Francophones, and become part of a community
    that shares your love for French language and francophone cultures.

    neW! yoUng PaTronS
    In the foundational years of your professional career, nothing is as important as establishing your personal, professional identity.
    Young Patron members of the Alliance benefit from a network of individuals from a wide variety of industries, backgrounds, and
    skills. This tailored benefit package includes invitations to exclusive soirées and cultural events, opportunities for networking and
    professional development, social workshops, and special offers with our own network of partners.

    PremIUm memBerShIP
    Show your dedication to multiculturalism and French language through higher membership options that allow you to enjoy
    exclusive benefits and earn a distinguished place within the Alliance Française. Premium members enjoy extended benefits with
    local partners, free tickets to Alliance Française events, recognition on Alliance Française printed and online material and access
    to VIP events.

                          To Become a memBer PleaSe call The allIance FranÇaISe or vISIT
                                                                                                                                               winter 2013 MERCI!
many thanks to our premium members for their tremendous support!

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       Supporters Dianne Bruce, Jan Cousteau, and David Thoms
       contributors Andrew Colquitt, Anne-Marie Daris, Bruno de Schaetzan, Richard Dean, Rosalie Fanale, Albertina Frankel, Lorraine Gallard, Rachel
       Hartig, Kent Laborde

The Alliance Française de Washington, DC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. The Alliance is dedicated to providing the highest quality of French language training through
a multi-faceted approach that promotes lifelong learning and cultural dialogue for an increasingly multicultural society. If you would like to support the Alliance by becoming
a Premium Member, please visit us online to select your membership type or contact or 202-234-27911 x833.

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                                                                                                          The AFDC is a proud member of EUNIC DC Cluster and Francophonie DC.

                                                               If you would like to support the Alliance Française de Washington, DC as a corporate sponsor or a cultural partner

                                                                                                       please contact or call 202-234-7911 x 833.
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                                                                                                                                                                                   8TH ST NW

                                                                                                                                                                                               7TH ST NW

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             6TH ST NW

                            23RD STREET NW


                                                                                                                                                                                                            E ST NW
                                                                                                                               19TH ST NW

                                                      S ST NW

                                                      DECATUR PL NW                                                                                                                                         D ST NW

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      E NW

                                                      R ST NW                                                                                                                                                    A AV

              SHERIDAN                                                                                                                             PEN                                                     IND
                 CIRCLE                                                                                                                               NSY


                                                                                                                                                                        A AV
                                                                                                                                                                            E NW

                                                      Q ST NW
                    conTacT US                           e P (202) 234-7911 F (202) 234-0125
                                                                                ET            TS A
                                                                                       E SW       V
                    vISIT US                                          AFDC at Dupont 2142 Wyoming Ave NW Washington, DC 20008

                    oFFIce hoUrS
                                                                      AFDC in Penn Quarter in the District Architecture Center
                                                                      421 7th St NW Washington, DC 20004
                                                         Open Monday through Saturday. Closed on Sunday.
                                                         Visit our website for office hours by location.
                    FInd US onlIne

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