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					                                 CURRICULUM VITAE

Dr. Syed Haseebuddin
Flat No. 204, H. No: 12-2-419/B-10 & 11
Alapatinagar (Near Sahara Dairy)
Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad 500 028
Andhra Pradesh
Mobile: +91 9177404378 / +91 9491049276

Profile :

   1. Leading a team of Researchers and working on Products and Process technology in the field
       of Polymers, Coatings, Fiber Cement, Calcium Silicate in order to gain a competitive edge in
       the market
   2. Responsible for the Planning and delivery of pilot/plant level projects
   3. Responsible for the complete project management
   4. Responsible for business decision concerning the unit like outsourcing, technology
       acquisition, licensing and contracts, collaborations
   5. Responsible for achieving and implementing the research scheme within the budgets
   6. Liaison with sponsoring business and delivery of results.
   7. Responsible for IPR processes.
   8. Represent the organization in national & international scientific forums.
   9. Responsible for implementing and updating the knowledge management system.
   10. Have a vision for continuous improvement.
   11. Member for Long Range Plan / Project Selection /Application review at the Customers end/
       Investment decisions.
   12. Responsible for the people management processes, like Performance Planning, Review,
       Compensation, Career Planning and succession.
   13. Administrative and Financial Responsibilities
Technical expertise:
    1. Syntheses, scale up of functional polymers (Latexes - Alkyds, Polyesters, Acrylics, Polyurethanes,
            Epoxies, Silicones, Polyurea/aspartic ester, Hyper branched resins, Ceramers /Sol-gel Hybrids, Nano-
            composites, Biodegradable/renewable polymers) for various applications
    2. Polymer characterization through sophisticated analytical (Optical, Surface, Thermal, Physical,
            Chemical, Mechanical, Morphological) techniques.
    3. Formulation development, Scale up (pilot and plant) application
    4. Molecular Modeling, and simulation studies of polymers and structure-property correlations
    5. Knowledge on various cement substrates used in building applications

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                              CURRICULUM VITAE

Work History

    i.      Hyderabad Industries Ltd , India –           June 2010 to till date
            General Manager – R &D
    ii.     ASIAN PAINTS LIMITED, India –                Dec 2004 to May 2010

            Manager – Technology Development (Functional Polymers)

    iii.    MAKKAH CAR PAINT FACTORY, KSA -              Sept 2004 to Dec 2004
            Technical Manager
    iv.     ICI INDIA LTD & BAICL -                      Sept 1997 to Sept 2004
            Application Research & Development Manager – Resins & Paints

Professional Accomplishments:

HYDERABAD INDUSTRIES LTD, India – June 2010 to till date

General Manager – Research & Development


Leading Research & Development Department in designing new (green) products for building
industry, generating innovative ideas, implementing proof of concepts from laboratory to plant
levels, implementing cost reductions, supporting strategic collaborative bustle, sustaining
intellectual property, trouble shooting, improvising formulations.

Preparing Business Proposals for new products, new production lines, capacity enhancements

Keeping abreast of latest applications / developments of polymers, coatings, chemicals in fiber
cement industry

Setting technology directions and protocols by investigating new technologies.

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                              CURRICULUM VITAE

Developing technology status maps, Performing gap analysis; Demonstrating proof of concepts
Localization/tailor making of products to suit customer needs

      - Developed and commercialized new products such as a)Designer Fiber Cement Boards
        for exterior and interior cladding, ceiling applications, b) Ultra Light Weight Insulated
        panels for cold storages, c) Cool Fiber Cement roofs for desert areas, d) Thermal
        insulation boards based on Calcium Silicate chemistry, e) Organic and Inorganic Color
        Coated cement sheets/boards, f) High performance Pressed boards for facades, g) High
        thick fiber cement boards for flooring applications, h) Dry walls for fast constructions i)
        Mortars / Jointing compounds (based on acrylic latex and redispersible polymer
        powder) for cement blocks and partitioning panels etc
      - Developed and commercialized a new thermal insulation product “NT Hysil” based on
        calcium silicate. This product is used for temperature upto 650 degC in piping insulation
        in refineries and power plants

      - Instrumental in implementing a six sigma project effectively in cement sheeting line to
        reduce net loss incurred due to inferior Load bearing Capacity and strength of the fibre
        cement sheets

      - Delivered cost reduction of 1.75 lacs/annum in 2010-11 by value engineering,
        optimization of furnishes

ASIAN PAINTS LIMITED, India – Dec 2004 to May 2010

Manager – Technology Development (Functional Polymers)


      - Developed organic-inorganic hybrid Ceramers for high performance industrial, refinish
        coatings by Sol-gel methodology. Applied and demonstrated proof of ceramer coatings
        concept in automotive coatings, auto garages in Mumbai
      - Developed Microcapsules by in-situ polymerization technique having applications in
        Self-healing, Anti-microbial, Fragrance release and Anti-corrosive coatings

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                             CURRICULUM VITAE

     - Worked on i) Stimuli responsive Smart polymers for super hydrophobic/ water proofing
       applications , ii) VOC free waterborne polymers, iv) Multi-functional polymer possessing
       dispersing, thickening and binding abilities
     - Developed formulations of i) Anti-corrosive coatings ii) Green/sustainable coatings iii)
       Self-cleaning coatings iv) Water-borne coatings v) Polyaspartic ester/polyurea sealants
       vi) Si/PU/Acrylic hybrids vii) soft feel coatings viii) 1K and 2K Polyurethane coatings ix)
       Low VOC/high solids coatings x) Single & two coat enamels xi) adhesives for stationary,
       stapling applications, xii) admixtures, grouts, sealing/repair products.
     - Developed formulations for Automotive, Architectural, Industrial, High-performance and
       Rad-Cure Coatings applications
     - Delivered cost effective economy products (Utsav range) including Primers, topcoats
       and also Super Jet Black enamel with superior shelf stability.
     - Conceived and implemented project on Molecular Modeling / simulation and QSPR
       studies of several polymer matrices
     - Presented project findings at various platforms including international scientific forums

MAKKAH CAR PAINT FACTORY, KSA                              Sept 2004 to Dec 2004

Technical Manager

     - Developed four formulations equivalent to Akzo Nobel Sickens for various coatings.

ICI INDIA LTD & BAICL                                              Sept 1997 to Sept 2004

Application Research & Development, Technical Services Manager – Resins & Paints


     - Indigenization and implementation of Herberts Automotive Coatings technology for car
       and motor vehicle segment viz., FIAT, Daewoo, Telco, Hero Honda, TVS, Punjab Tractors
       Ltd etc. Herbert’s collaboration was fully put to use with 100% shade share in FIAT.
     - Established Research and Innovation Centre for OEM-Applications - at Mohali as well as
       Rishra, Hooghly.

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                              CURRICULUM VITAE

     - Instrumental in rationalization of resins and cost reduction of products. GM improved
         from 26% to 30% in 2 years time.
     - Played key role in business decisions concerning outsourcing, vendor development,
         packaging material development and toll conversion activities
     - Developed new resins (polyester polyols, thermo plastic and thermosetting acrylics,
         hybrids, aminos) with higher solids and better performance
     - Developed coating formulations (air drying and force drying) for 2, 4 wheelers, LCVs
     - Reworked huge redundant stock in special products developed for the purpose
     - Conducting trials of various products on OEM shop floors across the country
     - Rendered Technical Services being ‘Key-Accounts Manager’ for FIAT, Daewoo, Punjab
         Tractors Ltd, International Tractors, Hero Honda, Bajaj Auto, Mark Auto Ltd.

Professional Training Undergone:

     -     Creating Passionate & Collaborative Senior Leadership Team, Centre for
           Organizational Development, Hyderabad – Oct 2010
     -     General Management Development Program at Indian Institute of Management
           (IIM) Ahmedabad, Gujarath, India
     -     Scientific & Technical Information Networking
     -     Patenting in India and Abroad
     -     Out of the Box Thinking
     -     Occupational Safety and Health Administration
     -     Design, development and application of OEM Coatings at Herberts Automotive
           Systems GmbH, Wuppertal, Germany and Italy
     -     Design for Six Sigma (Overview)
     -     Project Management MRP II
     -     ISO 9001:2000 Internal Auditor Course
     -     Personality Growth Lab

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                             CURRICULUM VITAE

Educational Qualification:

       Doctorate:              Ph.D. (Polymer Chemistry) - Indian Institute of Chemical
                               Technology (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
                               Laboratory) Hyderabad, A.P., India – 1997.

                               Title: “Synthesis, Characterization of Polyurethane Diols and
                               their Application in Automotive Coatings”

       Post Graduation:        M.Sc. (Polymer Chemistry) – Kakatiya

                               University, Warangal, A.P. India - 1993.

       Graduation:             B.Sc. (Maths, Chemistry, Ind. Chemistry) – Chanda Kanthaiah

                               Memorial College – Kakatiya University, Warangal, A.P. India -

Computer Proficiency:

Operating Systems       : DOS, Windows XP/2003/2007
Other Packages          : MS – Office, Origin, Chemwin, Chemdraw, PYMOL
ERP                     : AS 400, Chempax 98, SAP, Optiva

Instrumentation/Analytical Skills:

Hands on experience in Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC; Mettler Toledo 821e and TA
instrument), Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA; Mettler Toledo TGA/SDTA 851e and TA
instrument), Fourier Transformed Infrared Spectrophotometer (FTIR; Nicolate Nexus
spectrometer), Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC; Shimadzu, Kyoto, Japan Model RID-6A

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                                CURRICULUM VITAE

Chro-Topac), Scanning electron microscope (SEM: Hitachi S520; Japan), Transmission Electron
Microscope (TACNAI-12 TEM), Atomic Force Microscope (Dimension 3100, Digital Instruments
Inc., California), QUV Weathering Tester (Plastics Technology Laboratories, Inc.; Pittsfield, MA)
etc. Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer (DMTA IV; Rheometric Scientific Inc; Piscataway, NJ,
USA and TA instrument), Universal Tensile Testing Machine Instron AGS-10k NG (Shimadzu,

Honors / Awards:

      1. John A. Gordon Award Honorable Mention for best research work presented at
          Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology, Indianapolis, USA, 2009
      2. Scientific manuscript reviewer for “Progress in Organic Coatings”, Elsevier
          publications, Germany and Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, USA.
      3. Bagged First Prize for the research work presentation at National Level Competition
          “Rangotsav” held at UICT, Mumbai – Oct 2005
      4. Received Indian Paints Association Award – 1997
      5. Recipient of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research – SRF Fellowship from 1995 to
          1997 and IICT JRF Fellowship from 1993 to 1994
      6. Recipient of Young Scientist Award - 1994 for Best Paper Presentation
      7. Name included in "Marquis Who's Who in the World-Prestigious Dictionary", USA
          from 1997 till 2002
      8. Name included in "Dictionary of International Biography", Cambridge, England from
      9. Name included in “Asia/Pacific Who’s Who Biographical Dictionary", New Delhi, India
      10. Member of New York Academy of Sciences
      11. Member of Oil and Color Chemist Association, England
      12. Member of Oil Technologies Association of India, South Zone

Recent Publications in International & National Journals:

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