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Country                Passport Required            Visa Required         Return Ticket Required
British                       Yes                       Yes/1                       Yes
Australian                    Yes                       Yes/1                       Yes
Canadian                      Yes                       Yes/1                       Yes
USA                           Yes                       Yes/1                       Yes
Other EU                      Yes                       Yes/1                       Yes
Japanese                      Yes                       Yes/1                       Yes

Restricted entry: (a) Nationals of Israel will be refused entry unless they have applied to the Immigration Office in Indonesia, prior to travelling, to obtain a spe-
cial permit.

Passport valid for at least six months from date of entry required by all.

Required by all except nationals of Brunei, Chile, Hong Kong (SAR), Macau (SAR), Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, pro-
vided that they enter through one of the authorised airports, seaports or Etikong overland port, for tourist stays of up to 30 days.

Note: 1. Nationals of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea (Rep), New Zealand, Norway, Poland,
South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan (China), United Arab Emirates, UK and USA can apply for a Tourist visa, valid for 30 days (non-extendable), on arrival, provided
that they enter through one of the authorised airports or seaports.

Warning: Visitors who exceed their visa-free stay will be given severe fines and possibly deported or imprisoned.

Types of visa and cost: Single-entry: £35. Multiple-entry: £125 (business only). Transit: £15. Fees are non-refundable.

Validity: Single-entry: Three months from date of issue for a maximum stay of 60 days. Multiple-entry: One year, with each stay lasting no longer than 60 days.
The first entry must be within three months of date of issue. Transit: Three months from the date of issue for a maximum stay of 14 days.

Visa section at Embassy; see Contact Addresses section. All visitors are advised to process their visas at the visa section at the Embassy before entry to

Application requirements: (a) Passport valid for at least six months from date of entry. (b) One (double-sided) application form (the original not a photocopy,
signed by the applicant). (c) One recent colour passport-size photo. (d) Proof of sufficient funds (£1000 for touristic stays), for instance bank statement less than
one month old or travellers cheques. (e) Fee, payable in cash or by postal order only. (f) For postal applications, a pre-paid special delivery envelope . Tourist:
(a)-(f) and, (g) Travel itinerary. (h) Hotel reservation. (j) Letter, less than one month old from applicant’s employer certifying the applicant's obligation to return (if
self-employed, from solicitor, accountant or bank manager, if a student, from school, college or university). Business: (a)-(f) and, (g) Letter from the applicant’s
company in home country and the sponsor/ counterpart in Indonesia stating the reason and duration of the visit and guarantee of financial responsibility and
responsibility for arrangement of accommodation. Social Visit: (a)-(f) and, (g) Letter of invitation from the applicant’s family, friends or relatives in Indonesia stat-
ing the reason and duration of the visit and details of accommodation, and a photocopy of their passport/ID.

Working days required: Five to six. Applications for multiple-entry business visas and applications from nationals of certain countries will need to be referred to
the authorities in Indonesia and may take two months or more. There is an additional £5 fee in this case.

People wishing to stay and work in Indonesia must apply directly to the Immigration Office in Indonesia for a temporary stay visa.

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