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Feb 11


									Legislative Action Committee
February 3. 2011

ATTENDANCE:                                                              ABSENT:
Blum, Doris – GUSD Fdn.
Boyer, Gary – Southland Properties                               Hendricks, Dr. Mike - COUSD
Cruz, Bob – The Gas Co.                                          Herman, Ken – City
Delgado, Corrine – Southland Properties                          Imboden, Fawn - ACCU
Hamlow, Dr. Cliff – Azusa Pacific University                     Johnson, Steve – Assemblyman Donnelly
Kuhn, Bob – Alandale Insurance                                   Rea, Richard – Congressman David Dreier
Lee, Donna – So. Calif. Edison                                   Ruh, Bill - CVAR
Mejia, Brian – Supervisor Antonovich                             Smith, Christine - COUSD
Mellinger, Faith – Habitat for Humanity
Morrill, Gene – Certified Auto
Sparling, Fred – Village BID
Taj, Arif – Sportclips
DeGrazia, Dominic = GUSD
Black, Donna – Double Eagle Mortgage
Shaw, Tim – Senator Huff
Lynberg, Audrey - Coalition
Grinsdale, Marilyn – Citrus College

Amendment to the January 6, 2011 minutes: Brian Mejia would like the minutes to read as follows:
Regarding the Santa Anita Dam sediment placement site in Arcadia, the moratorium on the site is about to expire. Supervisor
Antonovich initiated a 30 day moratorium in December to allow the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works to
meet with the community and address their concerns about the sediment removal project, including addressing the oak trees
located within the site. The County had to increase the capacity of the sediment placement site to able to hold 500,000 cubic
yards of sediment and that process involved clearing approximately 11.5 acres of trees.

The meeting was called to order. Minutes from the January 6, 2011 Legislative meeting were approved.

Dr. Cliff Hamlow, Chairman’s Report: Everyone was welcomed. The City Council Candidate Forum scheduled for
February 10th at the High School Event Center was discussed. All seven candidates will be attending. Bill Ruh will
moderate. The Committee agreed that the candidates will be allowed to place information on two tables in the back of the
room. Cliff commented that if questions for the candidates were emailed to him, he would see that Bill Ruh got them before
the forum. Cliff reported that he is working with Steve Johnson to set up a speaking date for Assemblyman Donnelly to
address the committee. Bob Kuhn has promised to work on getting a date to discuss water issues with the committee.

Bob Cruz commented that in his experience, it is better if the screeners are not associated with the Chamber of Commerce.
Bob then asked if the forum on water issues would be open to the community or just a discussion for the Legislative

Cliff Hamlow replied that the forum could be a luncheon, open to the community and held at either Bidwell Forum or the
board room at the school district. The Committee suggested doing a forum sometime in April and tying it into Earth Day.

Bob Kuhn said that if the Legislators are involved the turnout is greater. He also suggested that the committee consider doing
more than one forum during the year as the water issues keep evolving.

The committee discussed dates for the forum and suggested Thursday, April 21st. A discussion took place on whether to have
the meeting as a luncheon which would attract more of the business community or to make it an evening event , which would
attract more of the community.

Bob Kuhn commented that he sees 3 components to the water issue. Retail, which would involve someone from the City.
Wholesale , which would be the 3 Valleys Municipal Water District and Clean-up which involves the San Gabriel Valley.
The Public needs to be made aware that these issues are not going to go away and that decisions need to be made. Before the
recent rains, Hoover Dam was within 6 feet of shutting down electricity and or water to Los Angeles.
Page 2 Legislative Minutes

Marilyn Grinsdale commented that Citrus College has a water technology program which hosts a huge water awareness day
once a year in the spring. Perhaps the Chamber could tie into that event.

Richard Rea, Congressman Drier: No report

Brian Mejia, Supervisor Antonovich: The Supervisor commented on Governor Brown’s State of the State address and the
huge deficit the state is facing and questioned his realignment proposal returning unfunded state mandates to the local level,
reported Brian. The Supervisor is recommending a California performance review that could save the State over 32 million
dollars over the next five years. A few suggestions for this savings include consolidating the Medical Assistance
Commission into the Dept. of Human and Health Services, streamlining the Dept. of Human and Health Services, creating a
workforce plan for performance measures, implementing a bi-annual vehicle registration and consolidating or eliminating
departments that perform similar functions. The Supervisor is recommending a two year budget, reforming the state pension
plan and is on the record for suggesting a part-time legislature and term limits. Recently on Fox news, the Supervisor
discussed California’s welfare and Cal-works benefits paid to children born to illegal immigrants. During the month of
November 53 million dollars was given to those children. The County is spending about $1.6 billion dollars annually to help
these children. The MTA recently retired their last diesel bus so now all 2,200 buses are running on natural gas. The 14th
annual remember “Our Veterans” event will take place at Arcadia County Park on May 28th.

Bob Kuhn reported that Foothill Transit is on the leading edge for starting to use electric buses. Four buses will be put into
use in the Pomona area.

Bob Cruz commented about the waste in government and said it is about time for the State to take a long, hard look at how
much money they waste on duplicate agencies and needless spending.

Cliff Hamlow commented that it will be interesting to see what happens with re-districting and term-limits.

Donna Lee asked what position the Chamber’s took on AB32 regarding global warming.

Cliff Hamlow replied that he thought the Chamber did not support the bill.

Tim Shaw, Senator Bob Huff: Tim reported that Senator Huff met with Superindents from the local school districts and
will be meeting with City Managers to discuss budget concerns. Another Education Summit is being planned with Citrus
College and will take place on March 31st at 6:00 pm. A winning entry has been picked for Senator Huff’s contest, “There
ought to be a law” The winners proposed legislation suggests that school district financials be posted online making them
public and transparent to everyone. Senator Huff has been selected as Vice-Chair of the Senate Budget Committee.

Steve Johnson, Assemblyman Donnelly: No report

Glendora Unified School District, Doris Blum/Dr. Robert Voors: Dominic Degrazio commented that even flat monies
per student are being hit. In the worst case scenario, if the upcoming ballot propositions don’t get on the ballot or don’t get
passed, the district will lose $349 per student or $2 ½ million more in cuts to GUSD. March deadlines for layoffs are
looming. Mental health programs throughout the State’s school districts are not being funded. On a positive note, four
school administrators were recently recognized with AXA awards. Doris Blum added that budget cuts over the last 3 years
have totaled over $18 million dollars. However, the district continues to provide an outstanding education to it’s students.

Bob Kuhn reported that open enrollment has not been beneficial to Glendora students because of behavioral problems caused
by some of these transferred students.

Doris Blum replied that without District of Choice transfers, the school district would be in much worse financial shape than
they are now.

The committee discussed government spending, tax increases, parcel taxes and big government.

Charter Oak Unified School District, Dr. Hendricks: Bob Cruz reported that the Superindent was unable to attend the
meeting because he is attending a budget workshop. The district has been told to plan on receiving $349 less per student this
year. So budgets need to be planned accordingly.
Page 3 Legislative Minutes

Marilyn Grinsdale, Citrus College: Marilyn reported on the January trip to Sacramento and the meeting with 6 or 8
legislators. There is a small glimmer of hope. Dr. Perri was interviewed about the positive effect the Goldline will have on
the college. Regarding the budget, in the best case scenario the college will face cuts of about $4 million dollars. In the
worst case scenario, the loss will be around $8 million, which will affect how the college operates.

Dr. Cliff Hamlow, APU: Cliff reported that 3 properties within the City have closed or will soon close escrows. The 3 sites
are the Monrovia Nursery property, the station property and the property at Route 66 and Glendora Avenue. The Goldline
scoping meetings were well attended. The Glendora Goldline station will be at Citrus College. Glendora residents will get
free admission to the basketball game this Saturday at Azusa Pacific University.

So. Calif. Edison, Donna Lee: Donna reported that So. Calif. Edison is working with the City to place solar panels on the
teen center. Everyone was encouraged to go online and take the SCE energy efficiency survey. ( Edison is in a
rate case preceding at the utility commission regarding operational expenses.

Arif Taj commented that he took the survey for his two businesses and Edison came out and changed all of the lights at the
businesses at no charge to him.

Bob Cruz, So, Calif. Gas: Bob commented that he was pleased the Gas Company was able to sponsor the State of the City
address. The event gets better and better each year.

Bob Kuhn, Metropolitan Water District: No report.

Gene Morrill, Certified Auto: Gene commented that Edison has also changed all the lighting at his shop for free. The tax
on labor and services is still looming. A new program called is offering financial assistance to people that have
failed their smog check. Glendora Coordinating Council is looking for people to serve on the Board. The Glendora Rotary
Club Hoopla event is March 22nd.

Gary Boyer, Southland Properties: No report

San Gabriel Coalition , Audrey Lynberg : The Coalition would be most pleased if Glendora would join them. Fourteen
chambers belong and meet once a month to discuss legislative issues, commented Audrey.

Cliff Hamlow replied that the issue of belonging to the Coalition is a Board of Directors decision. There have been some
objections in the past, so it would be best if you met with them to discuss those objections. In the meantime we welcome you
to the committee.

Fred Sparling, Village Bid: The Wine Walk is coming up in the Village on Friday, February 11th.       It should be a great

Old Business: No Report
New Business: No Report.

Minutes typed by V. Thompsett

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