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									                                                                                                                                         RAINBOW NEWS

Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc.                                                       Winter 2008

 In this issue…

                                                Happy Holidays
    Holiday safety tips
    Fund raiser

                                                 from Rainbow
    Class schedules
    Member articles
    Donations
    News

                           RAINBOW TIPS FOR A SAFE HOLIDAY
                               FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG
            The winter season’s holidays           outside and if needed, salves are                    if drunk by your dog. Use nylon
            are a very exciting time for           available to provide protection                      or wire to secure the base not
            you and your pets. They can            for their pads. A warm soak in                       allowing the dog to drink the
            also be a dangerous time for           water can also be soothing.                          water.
            your pets. Many dogs end up
                                                   PLANTS                                               DECORATIONS
            in the emergency vet’s office
                                                   Mistletoe, although not                              The most common decorations
            due to harmful seasonal
                                                   life-threatening, if ingested, can                   dangerous to animals around
            items. Here is a list of tips to
                                                   cause severe gastric distress.                       the holidays are tinsel, foil, and
            help keep your dog safe dur-
                                                   Christmas trees pose problems                        wire hooks to hang ornaments.
            ing the holidays:
                                                    because the fallen needles, if                      Do not to use these items with
            SALT, ICE, AND SNOW                    ingested, can cause choking or                       a dog present in your home.
            Ice and snow cause your dog’s          puncturing a dog intestines. In
            paw pads to become very dry            addition, if you use base water in
            causing cracking. Then with            the stand, it can contain tree sap
            salt added to that, it causes a        and chemicals used to prolong
            great deal of pain. Make sure          the life of the tree, which also                             WHAT ARE OUR HOSPITAL
            you clean your dogs paws               causes severe gastric distress,
            when coming in from the                                                                            PROGRAMS SAYING ABOUT
         MAYWOOD PARK RACETRACK FUND RAISER                                                                “I have seen a change in patients affect
                                                                                                           during Interactions with pet therapy. The
Rainbow held its annual fund raiser at the Maywood Park Racetrack on                                       rehabilitation process can be daunting and
October 24th and it was another great event! Members and non-members                                       emotionally exhausting, but when the
came ready to place bets on the horses, participate in the raffle, and the                                 dogs arrive, all of these burdens seem to
exciting live auction for a ride in the PACE car. We also had a race dedicated                             disappear—revealing only a renewed
to Rainbow. The winners of the                                                                             energy and smiles.
PACE car race said, “That was
totally worth it!” and “That was                                                                           I’ve had a patient with a stroke that was
so cool. You are so close you                                                                              able to initiate movement in his involved
can see the horses sweating! I                                                                             side with assistance to help feed and pet
loved it.” Many thanks to the                                                                              the dogs…”
evening’s organizers, Barbara
                                                                                                           Keir Ringquist, PT, MS, GCS
Sanders and Lillian Johnson.
                                                                                                           University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago.
Great job!

                                    Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc. is an Illinois 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
                                                                                                                                    RAINBOW NEWS

                                      UPCOMING 2009 CLASSES AND SCHEDULES

INTRODUCTION TO ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY CLASSES                                                               FLYBALL CLASSES
Learn how to train your dog to become an Animal Assisted Therapy                   Flyball is a four dog relay race between competing teams.
Partner. Your dog should be at least 6 months old and familiar with                One dog from each team, racing side by side, must go over
basic obedience commands (sit, down, stay, etc.)                                   four jumps to the start/finish line where the next dog
                                                                                   eagerly waits.
The course includes instruction on hand signals, getting your dog to
                                                                                   This exciting sport is open to any breed of dog 9 months or
work for others, and an introduction to the games used in our
                                                                                   older. Most dogs can learn Flyball because it combines
therapy work to help improve/enhance verbal and motor skills. Class
                                                                                   activities they love to do: chase, jump, catch, and retrieve.
sizes are limited to enable close individual attention.
                                                                                                             Classes are held at:
                                                                                                                Rainbow AAT
             UPCOMING 2009 CLASS SCHEDULES                                                                     6042 W. Oakton
                                                                                                            Morton Grove, IL 60053
WINTER SESSION classes will be held at our Morton Grove
                                                                                                       2nd & 4th Wednesdays 7:30 p.m.
location 6042 W. Oakton                                                                                      7 classes per session
Thursday afternoons - 1:00-2:30 p.m.
January 8th , January 22nd, February 5th and February 19th                               $45.00 per session (single class/guest training $10.00)
                                                                                           Rainbow members $30.00/session (2nd dog $5.00)
SPRING SESSIONS – Starting dates subject to change                                    WINTER SESSION STARTS Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
       Tuesday mornings– Evergreen Park – April 7                                     Contact Nancy Lind at 773-283-1129 or rainbow3719@gmail.com
       Wednesday evenings – Morton Grove – April 1
       Thursday afternoons- Morton Grove – March 26
       Saturday mornings – Cicero – March 28
                                                                                             CONQUERING HIS FEARS by Nancy Lind
       Saturday mid-morning – Mundelein – March 28
                                                                                    Kenny’s dog apprehension class has been in session since
Register early! $60 FEE for 6 hours of instruction.                                 October 2007. A young teen worked on building courage,
Pre-Registration is required                                                        skills, and trust to reach this point on the 25th of October
Questions on our Intro to AAT classes?                                              Kenny took a big step in mastering his apprehension of
Contact Dorida King at dhking4@yahoo.com or                                         dogs. With Beaner, an 18 pound Doxie mix, Kenny set
(773) 736-9021 for more information OR go to our website at                         down 4 cups while Beaner came up and knocked them
www.rainbowaat.org and download a registration form.                                over one by one to retrieve the treat. Three more times
                                                                                    Kenny hid the treat and three more times he held his
                                                                                    ground while Beaner searched for his treat.
                        DROP-IN CLASSES
                                                                                    This was a HUGE step forward from my boy who couldn't
The class includes an introduction to apparatus and medical                         let the dog within 6 feet of him when he first began our
equipment (wheel chairs, walkers, etc.) used by the special kids we                 Dog Apprehension program a year ago. But Kenny didn’t
visit. Also taught are-development of therapy dog skills, socialization,            stop there…
specialized obedience skills, grooming tips and dog activities (tricks,             He gave Beaner a treat from his hand. The boy presented
etc.) used to motivate the special kids to reach their goals. Special               his hand for the treat , I covered his finger tips, while he
efforts are made to discuss and share skills and ideas, which will                  lowered his hand very steadily to give it to Beaner. The
enhance each team’s work at their therapeutic sessions.                             room was quiet with amazement. Now 3 more times
                                                                                    Kenny presented his hand and successfully gave Beaner a
Two sessions to choose from! Both sessions are held at our                          treat. Several sessions back it was really hard for Kenny to
facility in Morton Grove.                                                           even stroke Beaner’s back while I held Beaner’s head.
                                                                                    Now he’s giving treats with assistance!
   1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm OR                                     Before the session ended, I asked Kenny if I could put
   2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm                                          Beaner on his lap. He reluctantly agreed. So Beaner was
No charge for members, applicants and their dogs.                                   gently placed on this very tense boy’s lap and remained
$10 Charge for guests. Proof of inoculation required.                               there long enough for his friend Bob to take a photo.
                                                                                    After 20 sessions, Kenny has taken major steps forward
                                                                                    and maybe even next session he’ll give Beaner a treat all
                                                                                    by himself.
                                                                                    Nancy Lind is founder and CEO of Rainbow AAT

                                       Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc. is an Illinois 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
                                                                                                                                              RAINBOW NEWS
Dog Safety
Rainbow AAT has developed a dog safety program to
promote education aimed at the prevention of dog bites and to in-
crease child safety in interactions with dogs.

 Dog Apprehension Classes                                                                                            THE VALUE OF RAINBOW
Offered by Rainbow, these classes are geared to those                                                                          by Barbara Sanders
children who have an excessive fear of dogs.                                                     Exactly what is the value of Rainbow membership?
 Crisis Response Team                                                                            We all know the intrinsic value of helping children and
Rainbow’s Crisis Response Team is composed of registered therapy                                 adults with the wonderful work accomplished by many
dogs and their volunteer handlers who have received extensive                                    hours of therapy sessions with our dogs. That value is,
training in order to respond to an emergency or disaster event. The                              as they say in the commercials, priceless! But there is
Team’s goal is to aid rescue workers and volunteers as well as to
                                                                                                 an untold value of our Rainbow membership, and that
help calm and support victims during a crisis situation.
                                                                                                 is the dog training that is available to members for the
Read to the Dogs                                                                                 unbelievable cost of your membership fee!
This program, in conjunction with many libraries throughout
Chicago and its suburbs, provides children the opportunity to read                               I have been ‘into’ dogs my whole life, starting with my
aloud to a willing, attentive and non-judgmental therapy dog.                                    first pet show win at the age of 12. I can personally
                                                                                                 attest to the fact that training of dogs is an expensive
                                                                                                 proposition. Most basic classes run $25 to $30 per
                                                                                                 class! A private training session is on average $90 per
              THANK YOU TO THE DAGLEY FAMILY                                                     hour!
   The Dagley family has a Christmas tradition. Each year,                                       Do you realize that we have “drop-in” sessions that are
   instead of exchanging gifts, they chose a charity,                                            free? A drop in session for non-members at Rainbow’s
   combine their contributions, and make a family Christmas                                      own training center is just $10 per session! You, being
   donation. This year Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy                                           a member of Rainbow, have this privilege at no charge.
   was the recipient of their 2008 Christmas gift.                                               Rainbow drop-in classes address tricks and ideas to
        WE GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR GENEROUSITY                                                   use in therapy sessions. These sessions also address
               WHAT A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA!                                                 the need for simple obedience refreshers, the tricks of
                                                                                                 leash work, and most important, the bonding between
                                                                                                 dog and handler. We also have Saturday “Tune-Up”
                                                                                                 sessions to address particular problems you are seeing
                                   DONATIONS                                                     with your dogs.
In memory of…                        Cecilia Feddersen
“Bailey” Halper (The Levines)        Maryon Gray and Dorothy McGroarty
                                                                                                 Rainbow has a leader in Nancy Lind who has spent
Mr. Kelly (Nancy Lind)               Robin Hart                                                  years as a trainer and handler in AKC, UKC obedience
“Buster” Gabriel (N. Lind)           Jerry and Elaine Lenz                                       and agility. Along with Nancy, are many members who
“Hannah” Oster (Linda Oster)         Lee Logeman                                                 have vast experience and knowledge with various
“CiCi Bella” Plaza (Diane Plaza)     Karen Popowski
                                                                                                 aspects of dog training thru their work with breed
                                     Darsha Primich
In honor of…                         Shirley Rissman                                             clubs, training centers, etc.
Arick Ramsden (N. Lind)              Marty and Cindy Schwartz
                                     Bud and Jackie Simborg
                                                                                                 I urge all of you to take advantage of the opportunities
Arick Ramsden (R. Simborg)
Robin Simborg (Ronda Korzon,         Edith Weituscat                                             that Rainbow has to offer in this area. Your reward
Judy Hurwitz, Nancy Roberts,                                                                     will be a happy dog!
Dorian Polsen, Janice Litvin)        Sponsorship of…
                                     Crisis Response Unit (Robin and Phil                        Barbara Sanders has been a Rainbow member since 1995.
Happy Holidays….                     Goldberg)
Alicia Bell (Dawn Barker)            Dog Apprehension Class (D. Rudin,
                                     B. Muszynski)
General Donations...                 Dog Safety Program (D. Levy)
Ava Berry                                                                                       With our deepest apologies we missed acknowledging
John Bisol                                                                                      one of our NIU Crisis Response Team members, Karen
Jack and Ann Butts
                                     THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY                              Turkowski, in our Fall newsletter. An unsung hero of
Chris Dalton
Ronnie Ehrlich                                                                                  2008. Thank you for your service and dedication.

                                          Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc. is an Illinois 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
                                                                                                                                       RAINBOW NEWS

  Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc.                                                                                          Non-Profit Organization
  WINTER 2008             HAPPY HOLIDAYS                                                                                              U.S. Postage
  6042 West Oakton Street                                                                                                             Chicago, IL
  Morton Grove, Illinois 60053                                                                                                      Permit No. 2312
  Address Correction Requested
                                                                                                                                      Post master:
  Phone: 773-283-1129                                                                                                               Dated Material!
  Fax:    847-581-0233
  Email: rainbowaat@gmail.com
                                                                                                                                Please deliver promptly!
  Web: www.rainbowaat.org
  Chief Executive Officer: Nancy Lind

                        OUR MISSION STATEMENT
  Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy is an organization that works
  with trained, registered therapy dogs to help people, especially
  children and those with special needs, to improve their health,
  activities of daily living and quality of life.

  We are volunteers working with and handling our own dogs.

     We develop training and registration programs to
       prepare dogs and handlers.                                                       If you are interested in volunteering for Rainbow contact
     We work in facilities such as schools, hospitals, residential                            our Membership Director, Robin Simborg at:
      centers, and park districts throughout the Chicago                                      rainbowaat@gmail.com or call 773-383-1153.
      metropolitan area.
                                                                                        Membership information can also be found on our website:
     We develop programs to meet the needs and goals of each
      facility.                                                                                            www.rainbowaat.org

                                        SUPPORTING RAINBOW ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY
       YES - I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A DONATION TO RAINBOW AAT (Please circle option below)
      *CHRISTMAS DONATION*                   In memory              In honor of             Birthday/Special Greeting                  General Donation

SPONSOR A PROGRAM:                            Crisis Response Unit                          Dog Safety                       Dog Apprehension Classes

YOUR NAME __________________________________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS __________________________________________________CITY/ST/ZIP _________________________________

TELEPHONE ____________________________________EMAIL: _________________________________________________

NAME OF CARD RECIPIENT:_______________________________________________________________________________

RECIPIENT’S ADDRESS:________________________________________________CITY/ST/ZIP_________________________

AMOUNT OF DONATION $ ___________                          CHECK ENCLOSED (payable to Rainbow AAT)                         VISA          MASTERCARD

CARD NUMBER: ____________________________________________________________EXP. _______________________

SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________________________DATE_______________________

Mail this form and payment to: Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, 6042 W. Oakton St., Morton Grove, IL 60053
                       An acknowledgement will be sent both to the donor and the recipient of the donation
              YOU CAN ALSO DONATE ON OUR WEBSITE AT www.rainbowaat.org
                                          Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc. is an Illinois 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

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