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                        Winter-Spring 2013

   CheckKoS &
   PR 40-56! O:
     pp OFFICES T
            ED OUR d Floor,
    WE MOsVhip Hall - 3nrter Dr
     Town 00 Civic Ce

  The Wibit
Floating Obstacle Course
   Lands in Waterford!
 Race, climb and scramble through
    the giant, safe, inflatable
    obstacle course known as
             The Wibit!

    Waterford Pool & Fitness Center
           Kettering Campus
          Saturday Noon-6pm
           Sunday, Noon-5pm
            DAILY PASSES:
      Resident Adults         6
      Non-Resident Adults 9
      All Youth Ages 5-17     3.50

        CALL TODAY!
 248.673.9969 • 248.674.6360
                                                                                         Welcome to the
                                                                                         Waterford Leisure
                                                                                         and Education

                                                                                                                                                              Community Education
                                                                                         Brochure for
                                                                                         Winter-Spring 2013!

Table of Contents
COMMUNITY EDUCATION ......                       7-27   Junior Sports............................     46   50+ Softball.............................     50
Sports .....................................        7   Learn to Skate..........................      46   Golf Lessons.............................     50
Creative Arts.............................        7-8   Learn to Play Hockey ................         46   Break Camp
Enrichment...............................        8-10   Super Saturday Soccer..............           46   Spring Break ............................     51
Garden/Landscape ...................               10   Detroit Lions Football Clinic .......         46   Summer Camps........................          51
Business & Finance ..................           11-12
                                                        K-2 Baseball/Softball ...............         46   Youth Special Interest
Career Training .........................          13
                                                        Football Skills Camp..................        46   Magic Class .............................     51
Registration Information ............              15   Munchkin Tennis.......................        47   Candy Making ..........................       51
Registration Form .....................            16   Learn to Play Tennis..................        47   Little Chefs...............................   51
Pool & Fitness ..........................       17-27   Youth League Sports                                Ukulele Club .............................    51
Map .........................................   28-29   Girls Spring Softball ..................      47   ORV Safety ...............................    52
                                                        Spring Soccer...........................      47   Horseback Riding......................        52
PARKS & RECREATION.......... 40-56                      Skippers Fastpitch Softball ........          47   Enrichment
Parent Child                                            North Oakland Travel Fastpitch .              47   Birding for Beginners ................        52
Diaper Dancing.........................        43       Summer Ball ...........................       48   Boater Safety............................     52
Tumbling Toddlers.....................         43       NFL Youth Flag Football ............          48   Hypnosis –
Little Tykes Sports.....................       43       Adult Fitness                                        stop smoking & weight loss.....             52
Earth Day Family Walk .............            43       Focus on Strength ....................        48   Sign Language .........................       52
Princess Party .........................       43       Moan-N-Groan ........................         48   Quilting .................................... 52
Mini Mozarts.............................      43       Step Aerobic.............................     48   Stardusters Big Band Dances ...               52
Paint Play.................................    43       Power Pilates............................     48   Special Events
Pre-K Adventures......................         43       50+ Fitness .............................     49   St. Patrick’s Mother Son Dance                53
Crafty Kids................................    44       Tai Chi Chair.............................    49   Marshmallow Drop....................          53
Tea & Trilliums ..........................     44       Tai Chi for Health ......................     49   Bicycle Safety ...........................    53
Youth Dance & Fitness                                   Fitness Forum...........................      49   Sheep Shearing ........................       53
Ballet ....................................... 44       Yoga with Ease .........................      49   Pitch Hit & Run Competition ......            53
Jazz ......................................... 44       Power Yoga ..............................     49   Registration Information ...... 40-41
Tap .......................................... 44       Kundalini Yoga ..........................     49   50+ Recreation Programs....                   54
Cheerleading ............................      44       Yoga delaFerriere......................       49   Rental Facilities....................         55
Tumbling & Gymnastics.............             44       Latin & Belly Dance ..................        49   WATERFORD COMMUNITY
Advanced Tumbling/Gymnastics                   44       Adult Dance                                        BULLETIN BOARD ......................      2-5
Martial Arts...............................    45       Clogging...................................   50
Junior Jin Jitsu.........................      45                                                          WATERFORD LIBRARY................ 33-36
                                                        Clogging Club...........................      50
Kids Hop ..................................    45       Line Dancing ............................     50   WATERFORD SENIOR CENTER .... 37-39
Mother Daughter Hip Hop .........              45       Club Dances.............................      50
Youth Sports
                                                                                                                    Waterford Leisure &
                                                        Wedding Black Tie ....................        50          Education Opportunities
Instructional Archery ................         45       Belly Dancing ...........................     50              December 2012
Volleyball Skills Camp ...............         45       Adult Sports                                                 Volume 6, Issue 1
Little Kickers ...........................     45       Men’s Basketball League 50
                                                                                                           Published in April, August, & December
K-2 Basketball Clinic.................         46                                                          Published by Waterford School District
                                                        Adult Softball............................    50          1150 Scott Lake Road,
Junior Golf Lessons ..................         46                                                               Waterford, MI 48328-1525
                     Community Education
                               Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board

                                                                                                       PARHATHA                       W Y
                                                                                                  October 15 K HOUR A
                                                                                            Park will         – April 15                 S
                                                                                                       be closed         , 10:00am
                                                                                                                  on Wednes          – 4:00pm
                                                                                               (no entry                        day and T
                                                                                                          for park                         hursday
                                                                                               April 16 -           patro
                                                                                                          October 14 ns on these days)
                                                                                                                      , 10:00AM
                                                                                                          Open 7 da                – 8:00PM
                                                                                         The Park                   ys a week
                                                                                                   will be cl
                                                                                                             osed on th
                                                                                                  New Year                e followin
                                                                                       Good Frid            s Day, Pre               g holiday
                                                                                                 ay (When               sident’s D               s:
                                                                                         Easter (W         Easter is               ay,
                                                                                                   hen Easter        earlier th
                                                                                                               is earlier         an April 15
                                                                                           Veteran’s                        than Apr           th)
                                                                                                      Day, Than                       il 15th)

                                       Marshmal$5wcaDroges 1-11
                                              •     r•A
                                March 23 • 11am Park • See p.53
                                 Hess-Hathaway                                                               YOUTH FOOTBALL
                                                                                                             & CHEERLEADING

                                                                                       Tackle football and competitive
                                                                                        cheerleading for ages 8 – 14.
                                                                                           for more information.
                                      Nature                              ,
                                                       tdoors at the DPNC
                                  Enjoy the great ou                           st!
                                                             with our Naturali
                            view our dis  plays, and speak
                                                                   grams for youth!
                                             y of educational pro
                           We offer a variet                 unds :
                                       Park Gro
                                                          14 9am-8pm
                                       October 16-April
                                                           15 6am-9pm
                                        April 15-October
                                                                   urs :
                                      Buil      ding Ho
                                               Octob er 16-April 14
                                           Thursdays: 1:00 -
                                                                0 PM
                                           Fridays: 1:00 – 6:0
                                      Saturdays:    10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
                                             April 15-October
                                         Thursdays: 3:00 -
                                                              0 PM
                                         Fridays: 3:00 – 8:0
                                     Saturdays:    10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

                                                         DRAYTON PLAINS
                                                     2013               NATURE CENTER
                                                           Six Rivers Volunteer
                               Volunteers – both gro
                                                     ups                               Workdays Calenda
                              at the Six Rivers Regio and individuals – must register for each                    r
                                                      nal Land Conservancy                       workday with Heathe
                              is available by phone                         prior to the dates spe                     r Huf
                                                    at (248) 601-2816                              cified for each workd fstutler
                             workdays are weath                           ext                                           ay. Heather
                                                    er dependent and sub .460 or by email at hhuffstutler@ riv    six All
                             Saturday April 13                          ject to change or can
                             Tuesday May                10am - 12pm                            cellation.
                                          14                 10am - 12pm          Gar     lic Mustard Pull
                            Saturday June 8                                           Garlic Mustard Pul
                            Saturday August 10              10am - 12pm                                  l
                                                            10am - 12pm               Garlic Mustard Pul
                            Tuesday September                                                           l
                                               10           10am - 12pm               Woody Invasive Rem
                            Saturday, October
                                              12            10am - 12pm               Woody Invasive Rem l
                                                                                      Woody Invasive Rem l

                                  Community Bulletin Board

                                                                                                                      Bulletin Board
        Sportsme unty
       Club 22 n’s
         Fun ShRtfle
 Certified r own rifle & amm
           range                o.
    $10 adults officers on duty.
                / Children
       1/20, 2/19          Free
    Call Ed 24 , 3/10, 4/2
          OCSClub.o      9 or

                                                                           RS FAST
                                                                  SKIPPE an 7 - May 22
                                       in the country!
                                                           GIRLgistration J e 47
                    test growing sport
 Lacrosse is the fasnic & Registration Date
                                                             Re     See pag

            Free Cli                d Rec. Building)
                     erford Parks an
      (Located in Wat         10:00-11:30 am
       January 12, 20
                                                                           GET INVOLVED!
                      Grades:                        8th            Are you interested in becoming
                                     h • Boys 7th &
                    • Boys 5th & 6t
    Boys 3rd & 4th
                                                                      more involved with the Parks
                             • Girls 7t h & 8th
             Girls 5th & 6th             :                            and Recreation Department?
                     Registration Fees        h team $ 0
                             & Boys 3rd- 4t
                                                                   We are looking for a few people
    Boys 5th-8th $ 0; Girls
                             orm ad  ditional cost                   that would like to serve on the
             *Equipment/Unif                      ntact
                                         e co
                         questions, pleas
                                                                      Parks and Recreation Board,
         If you have any
                                                                       Nature Center Board or the
               wat                                                        Hess-Hathaway Park
                                                                      Committee. Please submit a
                                                                   letter of interest and a resume to
                                                                    the Township Supervisor, Gary
                                                                     Wall, 5200 Civic Center Drive,
                                                                        Waterford, MI 48329 or
              SOCCER CLUB
                                 – U18.
         Select youth soccer U8
      Visit ww
            for more information on
                               teams and
      teams and tryouts. New
           expansion of existing
                 occurring now!

                                                                                               es 9 – 19 fo
                                                                                   ball for ag
                                                                       Youth base ars in Waterford.
                                                                          over 35 ye
                                                                         Visit www information.
                                                                               r more                       le.
                                                                             fo                  es availab .
                                                                                     Fall Leagu             Jan
                                                                      Summer and Summer starts in
                                                                                on for

WATERFORD LEISURE & EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES                                                                       3
                     Community Education
                               Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board

                           Waterford Historical Society
                               4490 Hatchery Road in Fish Hatchery Park
                  or 248-683-2697
                      Dedicated to collecting, protecting and preserving the history
                        of Waterford Township for the interest and education of
                                    present and future generations.

                       Visit our Historic Waterford Village where you will step into
                         the past touring the following buildings: 1919 Hatchery
                          House with research library, Log Cabin with gift shop,
                      Jacober’s General Store, Carriage House, Hardware Store, Print
                       Shop, Drayton Plains Depot, Caboose, Nelson’s Filling Station,
                         bakery, millinery, barber shop, doctor and dentist offices.
                               OPEN: Wednesdays 10:30 am – 2:00 pm.
                                                                                                                                           way Park
                             Annual General Membership meeting the third                                                          ess-Hatha
                                     Thursday in May at 7:00 pm                                                       earing at H0am F REE
                                                                                                              Sheep Sh ril 20 • 1              pg 53
                                                                                                                                    -11am. See
                           Log Cabin Days June 29-30 • 10:00 am-5:00 pm                                              Ap
                                                                                                               Pancake Breakfast 9

                                                                      2013 Dad
                                                                       In conjunction        dy-Daugh
                                                                                      with and staff          ter Dance
                                                                              Saturday               provided
                                                                                                        by D           s
                                                                                                 Februaraddy-Daughter, Inc.
                                                                                                             y 9th
                                                                    Enjoy a special son Middle Sch
                                                                                    evening with a            ool
                                                                         st songs. Choos           grea
                                                                                                   t DJ spinning
                                                                                         e                          al
                                                                           Session 1 – 4 from either of two sessions; l the
                                                                         Sessi             :00-6:00
                                                                  $20/couple on 2 – 7:00– 9:00PM
                                                                               $10/add’l pers             M
                                                                        For information      on $25/coupl
                                                                                        248-673-3 e at door

                                                  MP CLUB
                                        RD -STAMiley begin-
                              WATERFresident Mike all ages –
                                   P                         r
                                                  g club fo ions on various
                                        collectin           ss
                               A stamp dvanced. Discu ing, APS, circuit
                                 ner to a collecting: trad eakers and                                             Stamp    Show
                                         of              guest sp            two                              Sunday,
                                              uctions, b also sponsors p                                              March 1
                                     books, a        e Clu               stam                                   9:30am       7, 201
                                           tions. Th             feature
                                  presenta ows a year that Postal Station                                               - 4:30PM 3
                                    stamp sh          vers  a U.S.        Miley                                       FREE
                                             show co              ct Mike
                                   exhibits, p dealers. Conta r                                                   **LOCAT
                                     and stam 248 623-2178 o                                              BE ANNO N TO
                                                            s@hotm                                              CALL 248 UNCED
                                                  eystamp                                                               -623-217
                                        email Mil ore information                                                               8
                                               for m                    ch month
                                                               es of ea
                                             ts 2nd  & 4th Tu
                                   Club Mee         6:00-8:3
                                                                 g locatio
                                                        r meetin
                                              **Call fo

                     Community Education
                  Community Bulletin Board

                                                                          Bulletin Board
Waterford Parks & Recrea
  Office Will Be Relocating
                       2013 the Waterford
  Effective January 2,
                          will be move to the
Parks & Recreation office
                        rd Township Hall.
    3rd Floor of Waterfo

              The new address is:
           5200 CIVIC CENTER
             WATERFORD, MI 48
             The phone number
                             ) 674-5441
         remain the same (248
                                   operating on the
           The office is currently
                    Winter Hour schedule:
                                      . – 5:00 p.m.
            Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m
                                                    ation millage
                            t of the Parks & Recre
 Due to the recent defea                      the old Recreation
                          ing budget cuts,
  proposal and the ensu                               ll close its
                             Crescent Lake Road wi
   Office Building at 2303                     closed indefinitely.
                          , 2012 and remain
 doors on December 22
                                                      the new
                               ions must be done at
      All in-person registrat                 the 3rd Floor.
                                   ip Hall on
         location, inside Townsh

                          Message to the Community
                          2013 is just around the corner and with it brings new opportunities to achieve your goals and
                          enroll in classes that will enhance your future. We welcome you to take a look at the variety of
                          classes available through Waterford School District’s Community Education Program. Learn a
                          new skill, adopt a healthier life style, or obtain a certificate. A variety of enrichment classes are
                          offered for adults and children.

                          To access information about current classes and programs, visit You can
                          browse available classes or be the first in line to register! Do you have a hobby or passion that
                          you would like to share with the community? Information on teaching community education
                          classes is also available at We maintain a solid
                          set of traditionally successful classes while continually researching and developing new offerings.
Community Education

                          As you ring in the New Year, join the thousands of individuals that have enrolled in community
                          education classes through the Waterford School District. We look forward to seeing you in our
                          classrooms, gymnasiums, and pool and fitness centers!

                          Rhonda Lessel, Associate Director
                          School and Community Services

                          John Silveri ..................................................................................................Superintendent
                          Rhonda Lessel ....................................... Associate Director, School and Community Services
                                                                     VISION STATEMENT
                                                 Inspire, educate, and empower our students for their future!
                                                               BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS
                          Heather Halls                   Robin McGregor                  Bob Piggott                     Joan Sutherland
                          John Himmelspach                Robert Petrusha, Jr.            Robert Seeterlin

                      6     WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION 248.706.4868
                                               Community Education
              Sports                                     Creative Arts
GOLF INSTRUCTION NEW!                              CARTOON WORKSHOP –
Grades 1-8                                         Grades K-5
Instructor: Richard Coatta                         Instructor: Neal Levin
Learn the basics of golf including putting, full   Students learn to draw characters and create
swing, short game, rules and etiquette from a      cartoons—even if a beginner—with simple
teaching professional and head golf coach at       instruction and games! Included in the fee are
Oakland Community College. Classes are             all materials and a booklet to take home. This
small and offer individual attention. No equip-    class is revised each year. A registration flyer
ment is needed. Soft golf balls will be used for   will be sent home with students 3 weeks prior
indoor instruction. Beginners and advanced         to the workshop.
golfers welcomed.                                  3312.100 02/05/13 Tues               1 session
3316.001 01/17/13 Thurs 4 sessions                 3:50-5:20 pm             $18       Schoolcraft
3:30-4:30pm              $99 Crary Campus          3312.200 02/06/13 Wed                1 session

                                                                                                              Community Education
3316.002 02/28/13 Thurs 4 sessions                 3:50-5:20 pm             $18            Adams
2:30-3:30pm              $99 Crary Campus          3312.300 04/15/13 Mon                1 session
                                                   3:50-5:20 pm             $18Waterford Village
ADVANCED BASKETBALL                                3312.400 04/16/13 Tues               1 session
Grades 3-12th Boys and Girls                       3:50-5:20 pm             $18          Haviland
Instructor: Dave Smith, PlayAllBasketball
PlayAllBasketball coaches teach advanced           JUST ONCE GUITAR FOR BUSY
basketball concepts during structured league       PEOPLE NEW!
and open gym sessions. Participants will           Ages 13+
improve shooting, dribbling, passing, rebound-     Instructor: Gary Ashton, IKI Inc.
ing, and techniques in offense and defense.        Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar but
PlayAllBasketball coaches emphasize team-          simply find it difficult to find the time? In just a
work, respect, discipline, and responsibility.     few hours you can learn enough about playing
                                                   the guitar to give you years of musical enjoy-
Sessions are on-going.                             ment, and you won’t have to take private les-
Visit for current        sons to do it. This crash course will teach you
times and locations                                some basic chords and get you playing along
Some sessions require jerseys.                     with your favorite songs right away. Bring your
8-week sessions $95 plus jersey                    acoustic guitar. Class limited to 15 students.
4-week sessions $45 plus jersey                    For       more        information        go       to
                                          Fee includes a work-
                                                   book and practice DVD. Topics include: how
                                                   chords work in a song, how to form the three
                                                   main types of chords, how to tune your guitar,
                                                   basic strumming patterns, how to buy a good
                                                   guitar (things to avoid), how to play along with
                                                   simple tunes.
                                                   3315.001 01/21/13 Mon                   1 session
                                                   6:30-9:00pm                  $88 Crary Campus
                                                   3315.002 04/10/13 Wed                   1 session
                                                   6:30-9:00pm                  $88 Crary Campus

   WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION 248.706.4868                                                             7
                          Community Education
                            DRAWING OUTSIDE THE LINES                        WATERCOLOR II: THE NEXT LEVEL
                            Ages 13+                                         Ages 17+
                            Instructor: Larry Phipps                         Instructor: Cecilia Proulx Phipps
                            Did you know that every time you write your      Designed to build on skills mastered in
                            name you are creating a drawing? Explore         Watercolor for Everyone, the adventure in
                            several mediums in color and black-and-          transparent watercolor continues. Work
                            white. From still-life to landscape, take an     on selected weekly challenges or choose
                            adventure with your artistic side. Supply list   to work in your own direction with the
                            provided at the first class. Bring any art       benefit of instructor feedback. Bring all
                            supplies you may have.                           your painting supplies.
                            3315.003 01/02/13 Wed 10 sessions                3315.006 04/09/13 Tues            6 sessions
                            6:30-8:30 pm             $100 Crary Campus       6:00-8:30 pm             $60 Crary Campus
                                                                             3315.007 04/10/13 Wed             6 sessions
                                                                             12:00-2:30 pm            $60 Crary Campus
Community Education

                                                                             BABYSITTER’S TRAINING –
                                                                             AMERICAN RED CROSS NEW!
                                                                             Ages 11+
                            WATERCOLOR FOR EVERYONE                          Instructor: Val Kosnik/ Samantha Wiens-Wice
                            Ages 16+                                         Designed for young people, this course pre-
                            Instructor: Cecilia Proulx Phipps                pares you to become a great babysitter – and
                            Learn to paint with purely transparent colors    shows parents that you take this responsibili-
                            to create stunning paintings of flowers,         ty seriously. You’ll gain practical skills and
                            leaves, sunsets and more! No prior experi-       confidence through video presentations,
                            ence necessary although painters on all lev-     hands-on activities and classroom discussion.
                            els are welcome to join the fun! The first       3310.001 01/26/13 Sat              3 sessions
                            class will demonstrate technique and explain     9:15-11:30am             $45 Crary Campus
                            supplies needed.                                 3310.002 03/07/13 Thurs 3 sessions
                            3315.004 01/22/13 Tues            9 sessions     2:15-4:30 pm             $45             Pierce
                            6:00-8:30 pm             $90 Crary Campus        4310.002 04/18/13 Thurs 3 sessions
                            3315.005 01/23/13 Wed             9 sessions     2:15-4:30 pm             $45            Mason
                            12:00-2:30 pm            $90 Crary Campus
                                                                             TAKE CHARGE OF
                                                                             YOUR HEALTH NEW!
                                                                             Ages 18+
                                                                             Instructor: Frank Gamez, FBG Inc.
                                                                             This program is designed to help families
                                                                             understand why it is important to take charge
                                                                             of their health. Participants will understand
                                                                             the importance of incorporating the healthy
                                                                             habits outlined in this program for a healthier
                                                                             lifestyle and the prevention of disease. No
                                                                             class 01/21/13
                                                                             3340.011 01/14/13 Mon               5 sessions
                                                                             7:30-8:30 pm              $25         Mott LGI
                                                                             3340.012 02/25/13 Mon               5 sessions
                                                                             7:30-8:30 pm              $25         Mott LGI

                      8         WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION 248.706.4868
                                                  Community Education
ABOUT FACE Adults Only                             HAPPIEST BABY ON
Age 18+                                            THE BLOCK NEW!
Instructor: Kim DeCovich                           Ages 18+
Participants will receive instruction and basic    Instructor: Kathy Bonner and Michelle
tips on healthy skin care and age-appropriate      Symons, Parent Educators
makeup applications from a professional            It is not surprising to the parents of a newborn
makeup consultant. Bring hair clips or head-       that their beautiful bundle of joy whimpers
band. A material fee of $2 per person payable      and cries. What can be so shocking is the
to instructor.                                     intensity of the screaming that may seem
3318.001 01/31/13 Thurs               1 session    never-ending! Parents wonder “how can such
6:30-8:30 pm              $25 Crary Campus         a tiny being be so difficult and why is she so
                                                   inconsolable?” Exhausted parents may spend
ABOUT FACE MOTHER &                                hours walking the floor, holding and cuddling
DAUGHTER MAKEOVER                                  their frantic baby whom they are desperately
Ages 11+                                           trying to soothe and console, only to find that
Instructor: Kim DeCovich                           nothing seems to stop the fussiness and cry-

                                                                                                           Community Education
In this class, moms and their daughters will       ing! Perhaps the first few weeks went well,
have a fun time bonding while receiving            but now the sweet baby has mysteriously
instruction and basic tips on healthy skin care    transformed in to a colicky infant. What is a
and age-appropriate makeup applications            desperate, bone-tired parent to do? The
from a professional makeup consultant. Bring       answer to this question comes from Dr.
hair clips or headband. A material fee of $2       Harvey Karp, M.D., author of the national
per person payable to instructor.                  bestseller The Happiest Baby on the Block.
3318.002 02/07/13 Thurs              1 session     Dr. Karp’s four principles for calming crying
6:30-8:30 pm              $25 Crary Campus         babies will be discussed and demonstrated
                                                   during the class session. Parents and care-
                                                   givers will learn how to turn a cranky, scream-
                                                   ing infant into a blissfully, serene baby. Any
                                                   parent or caregiver of an infant will benefit
                                                   from this class. It is recommended that you
                                                   bring your infant to class to practice Dr Karp’s
                                                   calming techniques. Each baby will receive a
                                                   blanket to take home.
                                                   3340.021 02/05/13 Tues                  1 session
                                                   6:00-7:30 pm                $30          Mott LGI
                                                   3340.022 03/05/13 Tues                  1 session
                                                   6:00-7:30 pm                $30          Mott LGI

    WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION 248.706.4868                                                         9
                       Community Education
                         TRAINING FOR PUPPIES WITH
                         TOTAL DOG NEW!                                    Garden/Landscapes
                         Dogs 6 months and under, Owners Ages 13+
                         Instructor: Julie Bennett                         MOTHER NATURE’S MIRACLE –
                         Want to be a whisperer? Your puppy needs a        NEW!
                         pack leader. Learn how to avoid problems later    Instructor: Michael Saint, Good Earth
                         by being a good leader now! Julie Bennett is      Landscape Institute
                         Michigan’s only trainer to host and work with     Native plants are part of a supportive setting –
                         Cesar Millan, National Geographic’s “The Dog      a plant collective, where various environments
                         Whisperer”. Puppies will learn basic com-         have been established over time, creating
                         mands, good socialization, and manner, all        symbiotic relationships between native plants
                         while having fun! No class Feb. 23                and the wildlife. Certain native plants exist
                         FIRST DAY ONLY! NO, DOGS, ALL MEET AT             only because certain animals or insects polli-
                         10:00AM. BRING PROOF OF RABIES VACCI-             nate or feed off them. Consequently, native
                         NATION.                                           plants are important hosts for many insects,
                         3318.003 01/19/13 Sat             7 sessions      animals etc. Plants like animals, have pre-
Community Education

                         9:30-10:20am              $100 Crary Campus       determined DNA allowing them to co-exist
                                                                           with and feed certain insects and wildlife in
                         TRAINING FOR DOGS WITH                            your region. Join Michael for an incredible
                         TOTAL DOG NEW!                                    photographic journey as he discusses the
                         Dogs 6 months and older, Owners Ages 13+          relationship between native plants and our
                         Instructor: Julie Bennett                         local environment. Create a suburban refuge
                         Teach an older young dog new tricks! Learn        and back yard habitat that will assure future
                         how to train your dog with the help of Julie      generations of all species can live in harmony
                         Bennett, Michigan’s only trainer to have hosted   and be enjoyed for years to come.
                         and worked with Cesar Millan, National            3317.001 3/28/13 Thur                 1 session
                         Geographic’s “The Dog Whisperer”. Basic obe-      7:00-8:00 pm              $12 Crary Campus
                         dience commands, good manners and social-
                         ization to create the total dog!
                         FIRST DAY ONLY! NO, DOGS, ALL MEET AT
                         10:00AM. BRING PROOF OF RABIES VACCI-
                         3318.004 01/19/13 Sat               7 sessions
                         10:30-11:20am             $100 Crary Campus

                         DIVORCE: WHAT YOU NEED
                         TO KNOW
                         Ages 18+
                         Instructor: Diane M. Twitty
                         Are you or someone you know contemplating
                         divorce? This course will provide the informa-
                         tion needed to help familiarize you with the
                         legal process of divorce. Child custody, divi-
                         sion of assets, alimony and a number of other
                         divorce related topics will also be discussed.
                         3318.005 02/06/13 Wed                 1 session
                         7:00-9:00 pm             $15 Crary Campus

                  10         WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION 248.706.4868
                                                  Community Education
                                                      HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF
 Business & Finance                                   YOUR PENSION
                                                      Ages 18+
PUTTING YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER:                          Instructor: Eric Little
UNDERSTANDING WILLS, TRUSTS                           Do you want to retire with more cash in your
AND PROBATE                                           pocket? Learn about an amazing pension
Ages 18+                                              strategy that can allow you to get thousands
Instructor: Daniel A. Gwinn, B.S., J.D.               more in pension income, safely and with more
It’s your estate plan. Something you know you         safety and tax protections.
need to do – but you keep putting it off. This        3318.012 01/22/13 Tues              1 session
year, try a new approach and put your house in        7:00-8:00 pm             $10 Crary Campus
order by learning the essentials of basic estate      3318.013 02/06/13 Wed               1 session
planning. If you plan for your future, you get the    7:00-8:00 pm             $10 Crary Campus
peace of knowing that the assets you have             3318.014 03/21/13 Thurs             1 session
worked so hard to accumulate are protected.           7:00-8:00 pm             $10 Crary Campus
You will learn about wills, trusts, power of attor-

                                                                                                          Community Education
ney, joint ownership of assets, health care direc-    ENTREPRENEURSHIP SAVVY
tives, and the probate process. Discover for          NEW!
yourself and your loved ones why putting your         Ages 18+
house in order is a good idea for adults of any       Instructor: 2 Savvy Girls
age. You are invited to bring your spouse at no       Have you always dreamed about starting your
extra charge to this important, informative, and      own business? Come and attend this seminar
interactive class. (If spouse is also attending,      to help you get started on the right foot. The
his/her name must be included on registration         class covers business start up, incorporating,
form). The instructor is an experienced attorney      filing taxes, accounting and so much more.
with a knack for making the topics easy to            This class also covers how to get your busi-
understand, as well as enjoyable. Offered at the      ness up and running virtually so you can
same low price since 2002, previous students          access it from anywhere. A $20 materials fee
have described this popular course as “fun,           for workbook and resources is payable to the
informative and a great presentation.”                instructor in class.
3318.009 02/19/13 Tues                  1 session     1318.015 2/5/13 Tues                1 session
6:00-8:30 pm               $25 Crary Campus           7:30-9:00 pm             $30 Crary Campus

INVENTION: FROM MIND                                  VIRTUAL OFFICE SAVVY NEW!
TO MARKET                                             Ages 18+
Ages 18+                                              Instructor: 2 Savvy Girls
Instructor:     Arnold Leemon, Jacksson               Have you always wanted to be able to access
Innovations, Inc.                                     your PC from anywhere? Make phone calls
A one night seminar outlining the steps neces-        around the world for free? Play a song for
sary to take inventive ideas from concepts to         someone, but the CD is at home? This class
companies – from drawing boards to depart-            teaches you to do all that and more. Welcome
ment stores! An easy to understand process to         to the virtual world where all of that and more
get your creation to the people who make the          is at your fingertips!
production decisions. Don’t let someone else          1318.016 2/5/13 Tues                   1 session
run away with your idea – do it!                      6:00-7:20 pm             $20 Crary Campus
3318.010 02/05/13 Tues               1 session
7:00 – 8:30 pm                  Crary Campus
$50 individual or $75 couple
3318.011 03/21/13 Thurs              1 session
7:00 – 8:30 pm                  Crary Campus
$50 individual or $75 couple

    WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION 248.706.4868                                                           11
                       Community Education
                         WORK AT HOME SAVVY!                                 QUICKBOOKS LEVEL I
                         Ages 18+                                            Ages 18+
                         Instructor: 2 Savvy Girls                           Instructor: Stacy Kildal, Kildal Services LLC
                         Jobs are scarce. Why not start a new career         This HANDS ON course covers basic account-
                         working at home? You’ll save money on gas           ing skills, managing/backing up QuickBooks
                         and earn money right from your house.               files, new company setup, creating
                         Opportunities are available and we will give        invoices/sales receipts, receiving payments,
                         you the tools you need to find legitimate open-     making deposits, entering/paying bills, writing
                         ings. After this class, you can go home and         checks, reconciling accounts and analyzing
                         start earning money in a position you choose.       financial data. A USB/flash drive recommend-
                         A $20 materials fee for textbook with job           ed but not required for class. $35 material fee
                         descriptions, resources, is payable to instruc-     payable to instructor.
                         tor in class.                                       3318.021 4/9/13 Tues & Thurs 4 sessions
                         1318.017 3/4/13 Mon                   1 session     6:00-8:00 pm              $199 Crary Campus
                         6:00-7:30 pm              $20 Crary Campus
                                                                             YOU’RE ON THE AIR: HOW TO
Community Education

                         COUPON & SAVING SAVVY                               REALLY MAKE IT IN VOICE-OVERS
                         Ages 18+                                            Ages 18+
                         Instructor: 2 Savvy Girls                           Instructor: Tom Force
                                                      Learn how to save      Voiceovers are hot
                                                      thousands         of   today! There are
                                                      $$$$$ on all of        more opportunities to
                                                      your household         use your voice on
                                                      items and gro-         commercials, films,
                                                      ceries? Get gift       and videos than ever
                         cards to your favorite stores for free as well as   before. If you have
                         rewards for trips, hotels and other great           thought about doing
                         items. In this class you will make your dollar      this in the past, or
                         work for you by learning just a few simple          even if you haven’t but you have a good
                         tricks to maximize every penny you bring            speaking voice, this could be a game chang-
                         home. Familiarity with the Internet and email       er! Full-time, part-time, or just sometimes,
                         is helpful. A $10 resource fee is payable to the    you can be having the time of your life, poten-
                         instructor in class.                                tially making more money than you ever imag-
                         1318.018 2/19/13 Tues                  1 session    ined possible, and record voice-overs for pay-
                         6:00-7:00 pm              $10 Crary Campus          ing clients right on your computer! But, there
                                                                             is only one way to get around the competition
                         MYSTERY SHOPPING SAVVY                              and you’ll learn how to do that from a profes-
                         Ages 18+                                            sional, working, voice-over artist. Lots of peo-
                         Instructor: 2 Savvy Girls                           ple think about getting into voice-overs. Now,
                         Do you want to earn and extra $100 or $200          finally this could be your opportunity to make
                         or even $500 a month? Why not earn some             it happen!
                         extra money by learning how to mystery              3318.020 4/17/13 Wed                  1 session
                         shop? This class will take you through the ins      7:00-9:00 p.m.            $25 Crary Campus
                         and outs of mystery shopping and show you
                         what you need to do to get started right away.
                         Familiarity with the Internet and email is help-
                         ful. A $20 materials fee for textbook and
                         resources is payable to the instructor in class.
                         1318.019 2/19/13 Tues                1 session
                         7:15-8:45 pm              $20 Crary Campus

                  12         WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION 248.706.4868
                                               Community Education
  Career Training

           Prepare for one of the fastest-growing occupations
               in the nation! These skills are in demand!

                                     Individual course certificates are awarded to students

                                                                                                       Community Education
                                     earning an A or B and who comply with attendance
                                     policy guidelines. Students who complete all of the
                                     courses in the program will have the skills necessary
                                     to be a successful medical assistant and will be
                                     awarded a program certificate. These programs will
                                     help to prepare students for employment in physi-
cians’ offices, hospitals and clinics, home health agencies, laboratories, assisted living
complexes, and insurance companies. Call 248.706.4868 for additional information.
Ages 18+
Instructor: Cheri Strachan, IBS Medical Consultants
These combination classes will focus on the principles and concepts of diet and medications to
treat the disease process. MOP-clinical introduces the student to the basics of clinical assisting-
vital signs and infection control.
3319.001 03/05/13                         Tue       8 sessions          10:00-1:00 am
$215          Crary Campus

Ages 18+
Instructor: Cheri Strachan, IBS Medical Consultants
Anatomy, physiology and medical terminology will be covered allowing the student to better
understand the body’s function and the basis for these terms. Information to order text book will
be given at the first class.
3319.002 03/05/13                         Tue       8 sessions         5:00-7:00 pm
$215          Crary Campus

Ages 18+
Instructor: Cheri Strachan, IBS Medical Consultants
These combination classes focus on the front desk position in a medical setting and insurance
coding introduces the student to the basics of insurance coding using the ICD-9 and CPT. Must
know medical terminology for coding class.
Pre-requisite: Medical Terminology I
3319.003 03/05/13                         Tue       8 sessions         1:30-4:30 pm
$230          Crary Campus

    WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION 248.706.4868                                                        13
                       Community Education
                       More Programs
                          Child Care                                  MICHIGAN WORKS!
                           Services                                   SERVICE CENTER - WATERFORD
                                                                        Located at Crary Campus
                           Available                                        501 North Cass Lake Road
                                                                              Waterford, MI 48328
                                                                      Phone 248.682.3417 • Fax 248.682.0537
                                                                      Waterford Career Center is one of 9 elec-
                                                                      tronically linked Oakland County Michigan
                                                                      Works! Service Centers. Our well-estab-
                                                                      lished employment and training resources
                                                                      have been available to area employers and
                                                                      job seekers for more than 25 years.
Community Education

                                                                                    CENTER HOURS
                                                                                    8:00 am – 5:00 pm
                                  Leggett                               CAREER CENTER RESOURCES
                                  Campus                                    Employer Services
                                                                                       Post Job Orders
                               3621 Pontiac Lake Road                                  Internet Access
                                 Waterford, MI 48328                                    View Resumes
                                   248.738.4794                                            Job Fairs
                                                                                       Interview Areas
                         Waterford Schools Child Care Services
                                                                               Job Seeker Services
                         offers scheduled child care at the Legget                 Employment Leads
                         Campus for children TWO WEEKS TO                     Statewide Talent Bank Access
                         FIVE YEARS OF AGE!                                        Resume Assistance
                                                                                  Employability Tutorials
                                                                                   Internet Orientation
                                                                                     Career Planning
                              Scheduled                                         Labor Market Information
                                                                                Fax Machine, Copier, and
                              Child Care                                            Telephone Usage
                                    Call for information.                     All Services Are Free!
                         The Waterford School District’s Child Care   Waterford Career Center is a Division
                                                                        of the Waterford School District
                         Staff is experienced and well qualified.              Funded by the Michigan Department of
                                                                                Energy, Labor and Economic Growth
                         Sites are licensed by the Family                       Equal opportunity program/employer
                         Independence Agency and adhere to strict         Aids and auxiliary services available upon request
                                                                      Michigan Relay Center-711 or (800) 649-3777, voice & TYY
                         adult-child ratio requirements. The cen-          Working in partnership with Waterford Township
                         ters are open Monday through Friday,                   EOE TDD 800.649.3777
                         6:30 am - 6:30 pm year round.                  Be sure to inquire about training funds
                                                                       that may be available for a select group
                                                                             of adult education classes!

                  14      WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION 248.706.4868
                  COMMUNITY EDUCATION and
               FOR CLASSES ON PAGES 7-32 ONLY
· Online at (see below )
· In person at the Pool & Fitness Centers or at Crary Campus.
· By mail: Send the registration form located on page 25 to 501 N. Cass Lake Road, Waterford, MI.
· By fax: 248.706.4888
We accept cash, check, money order, Visa and MasterCard. Checks should be made payable to
Waterford School District. Returned checks will be subject to a $25 administrative charge by our
office. We offer a 10% discount for adults who are age 60 or older.
Kettering 248.673.9969
Mott       248.674.6360
Beginning registration dates for participants are as follows:

                                                                                                            Community Education
Pool & Fitness Members         December 15
WSD Residents                  December 18
Non Residents                  December 26
Registration will be during normal business hours at the Pool & Fitness Centers
M-F 5:30 am-9:00 pm, Sat. 7:00 am-6:00 pm, Sun. 9:00 am-5:00 pm and
Crary Campus registration hours listed below.
Crary Campus will accept registrations
Beginning December 15 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Refunds: If requested in writing at least 7 days prior to the first day of class, the full amount can be
credited to the participant's account. This credit can be used for future classes or PFC membership.
· Less than 7 days before class and prior to 2nd class - $10.00 service fee will be deducted and
   the remainder on participant’s account.
· After 2nd class - No Refund.
· A full refund will be issued if a class or program is cancelled by the WSD.
· One day classes - if requested less than 7 days prior to class date, a $10.00 service fee will
   be charged and the remainder on participant’s account.

                         SEE MAP ON PAGES 28-31

                 Go to click on the interactive website link
         “Request Account”. Once you have your account you may browse activities and
                               “shop” like other online buying sites!
                       Follow instructions online to complete the transition.
        You may also use this website to view your family’s activity schedule once you are
         registered! To view the most current information regarding classes, click on the
                   interactive website link “View Activities” then activity name.


    WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION 248.706.4868                                                             15
                                                COMMUNITY EDUCATION and
                                               POOL & FITNESS REGISTRATION
                                             FOR CLASSES ON PAGES 7-32 ONLY

                                                  501 North Cass Lake Road · Waterford, MI 48328
                                                      Phone: 248.706.4868 · Fax: 248.706.4888
                       ________________________________________________________________________________________ I Male I Female
                        Participant’s Last Name                      First Name                 Date of Birth

                        Street Address   .                           City                        State          Zip Code

                        Day Phone                                    Cell/Night Phone                       E-mail Address

Community Education

                        If participant is a minor: Parent/Guardian Name

                        Street Address   .                           City                       State          Zip Code

                        Day Phone                                    Cell/Night Phone                       E-mail Address

                        Activity #    Course Name                       Start Date       Time         Location       Fee

                        Activity #    Course Name                       Start Date       Time         Location       Fee

                                                      EMERGENCY & HEALTH INFORMATION - REQUIRED

                       Medical conditions or special needs we should be aware of: ______________________________________________________________

                       Please list individual (other than you) to be called in case of illness/emergency:

                        Name                                  Relationship          Telephone #         Telephone #

                       If you or your child would like to participate in this event, please complete, sign and return the following statement of consent and release of liability.
                       You remain fully responsible for any legal responsibility which may result from any personal actions. You also authorize and consent to the activity
                       leader(s) securing medical services including hospitalization to aid you or your child, if in their judgment, such services are necessary. It is also under-
                       stood that the Waterford School District does not maintain accident medical insurance for injuries that may be associated with this type of activity. It
                       is your responsibility to provide medical insurance or other financial means of paying for activity related injuries.

                       Signature:______________________________________________________________Date ________________________________

                                         Completed registration form and payment may be dropped off, mailed, or faxed to the above number.
                                                            Checks should be made payable to Waterford School District.

                       Visa ____ MC ____ Charge Card #__________________________________________________________________ Exp.Date _____

                       Signature __________________________________________________________________________________________________

                       For Office Use Only

                       Paid by: Cash _______ Visa# _______________________ MC# ________________________ Check # ________ Amount $________

                       Date Received______________________                          Received by ______________________________________________________

                  16       WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION 248.706.4868
                                                                      Pool & Fitness
     WSD Pool & Fitness Centers
  Fitness & Health WITH STABILITY BALL
                   STRENGTH TRAINING

MASSAGE THERAPY                                         Ages 16+
Our qualified professional therapist will help you      Instructor: Frank Gamez
relieve stress, pain and increase your body’s own       This strength training class will increase your
natural ability to heal. Times and prices vary.         strength, endurance and muscle tone by
Please call Karen at (734) 925-0512 for more            working all your major muscles with a variety
information or to schedule an appointment!              of exercises focusing on form and quality of
                                                        movement. The stability ball provides an
PERSONAL TRAINING                                       unstable surface which will help develop core
Our professional personal training program              strength. Bring mat and water to class. FREE
involves regular one-on-one training designed to        TRIAL at Mott PFC: 01/09/13 @ 6:15pm
help you reach your fitness goals safely, with faster   3345.230 01/16/13             Wed 6:15pm
results. Our male and female trainers can help you      6 Weeks Mott PFC

                                                                                                                  Community Education
decrease body fat, increase energy, improve eat-        4345.230 03/06/13             Wed 6:15pm
ing habits, build muscle strength and manage            5 Weeks Mott PFC
injury. Pricing is also available for 2 people.         5345.230 04/17/13             Wed 6:15pm
                                    M R          NR     5 Weeks Mott PFC
9033.111 1 session/1 person $45 $50 $60                 Fees:                         M R             NR
9033.112 6 sessions/1 person $225 $250 $300             5 Weeks                       $42.50 $47.50 $52.50
CARDIO/STRENGTH BOOT CAMP                               6 Weeks                       $51 $57 $63
Ages 16 + Instructor: Frank Gamez
Burning fat and building muscle can be done             HOOP DANCE NEW!
by increasing the intensity of our exercises.           Ages 16+
Keeping our heart rates up and using an active          Instructor: Tawnya Marketti
recovery will help to accomplish our goals.             Body and mind fitness through hoola hooping.
Come join us for a fun but challenging exer-            Beginners welcome. Bring a light weight hoop
cise session! FREE TRIALS at Mott PFC:                  or hoops are available for purchase through
1/7/13 @ 6:15pm and 1/12/13 @ 9am                       instructor. Wear comfortable clothes and be
3345.110 01/14/13            Mon 6:15pm                 prepared to be barefoot!
5 Weeks Mott PFC                                        3345.440 01/17/13           Th 6:30-7:30pm
3345.160 01/19/13            Sat       9:00am           6 Weeks Mott LGI
6 Weeks Mott PFC                                        4345.440 03/07/13           Th 6:30-7:30pm
4345.110 03/04/13            Mon 6:15pm                 6 Weeks Mott LGI
5 Weeks Mott PFC                                        Fees:                       M R          NR
4345.160 03/09/13            Sat       9:00am                                       $60 $66 $72
5 Weeks Mott PFC
5345.110 04/15/13            Mon 6:15pm
5 Weeks Mott PFC
5345.160 04/20/13            Sat       9:00am
5 Weeks Mott PFC
Fees:                        M R            NR
5 Weeks                      $42.50 $47.50 $52.50
6 Weeks                      $51 $57 $63

SEASONAL SCHEDULES are available at both Pool & Fitness locations for open swim, lap swim
and track use. These schedules are subject to change without advance notice. Our goal is to pro-
vide safe and reasonable access to all patrons and program participants whenever possible,
which may include occasional rental groups. We appreciate your cooperation.

           WATERFORD MOTT POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.674.6360
                       Pool & Fitness
                         HATHA YOGA NEW!                                         BIRTHDAY PARTIES!
                         Ages 18+                                                Are you looking for a place to have a birthday
                         Instructor: Corinne Shields                             party? The new Pool and Fitness Centers offer
                         Hatha yoga releases tension while allowing you          a Multi Purpose Room just off of the Pool deck
                         to achieve balance between body & mind. Basic           for a convenient swimming party! Packages
                         yoga postures focus the mind, strengthen mus-           include 2 hours of room and swimming for up
                         cles, and increase flexibility. Wear comfortable,       to 20 kids. Call 248-674-6360 or email
                         fitted clothing. Bring a yoga mat or towel, and for more information.
                         any other yoga equipment you wish to use. Do            Reservation requests are also available at our
                         not eat more than a light snack prior to class!         web site:
                         This class is suitable for all student levels.
                         3345.811 01/14/13                Mon                    Important Pool Area Rules
                         12-1:00pm           6 Weeks                   Crary     • Youth 10 and under must be directly super-
                         3345.812 01/14/13                Mon                      vised by a responsible person at least 16
                         5:45-7:00pm 6 Weeks                       Mott LGI        years of age. Non-swimmers must have an
                         3345.831 01/16/13                Wed                      adult in the pool within arms reach at all
Community Education

                         12 -1:00pm          6 Weeks                   Crary       times.
                         3345.832 01/16/13                Wed                    • Avoid water activities if you have had diar-
                         5:45-7:00pm 6 Weeks                       Mott LGI        rhea or a contagious disease in the past two
                         3345.851 01/18/13                Fri                      weeks.
                         12 -1:00pm          6 Weeks                   Crary     • Showers are required before entering the
                         4345.811 03/04/13                Mon                      pool.
                         12 -1:00pm          6 Weeks                   Crary     • Children who are not toilet trained must
                         4345.812 03/04/13                Mon                      wear tight fitting plastic pants over a cloth or
                         5:45-7:00pm 6 Weeks                       Mott LGI        swim diaper.
                         4345.831 03/06/13                Wed                    • An appropriate bathing suit is required for
                         12 -1:00pm          6 Weeks                   Crary       swimming, no street clothes in the water.
                         4345.832 03/06/13                Wed                    • Lap Swim -You may need to share your lane
                         5:45-7:00pm 6 Weeks                       Mott LGI        with other swimmers. Remember to circle
                         4345.851 03/08/13                Fri                      swim, always staying to the right side.
                         12 -1:00pm          6 Weeks                   Crary     • Only coast guard approved lifejackets or
                         Fees:                            M R            NR        vests are allowed. The use of these items
                         60 min.                          $48 $54 $60              requires parent/guardian to be within arms
                         75 min.                          $49.50 $55.50 $61.50     reach of the youth at all times. Toys may not
                                                                                   be brought into the pools.
                                                                                 • Food/drink not permitted in the pool area.
                                    The “Wib Course
                                                                                   Plastic water bottles only. Gum is prohib-
                             Floating O      terford!
                                Lan ds in Wa

                  18             WATERFORD KETTERING POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.673.9969
                                   WATERFORD MOTT POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.674.6360
                                                                 Pool & Fitness
                                                    Lifeguard Training – review class
Specialty Aquatic Classes                           This review class will cover the basic skills of
                                                    the full Lifeguard class. Participants will be
Water Safety Instructor Course                      required to pass a pre-requisite swimming
This course is for those interested in becoming     test, various skills including backboarding, res-
certified Swimming Instructors and teaching         cues, escapes, CPR for the Professional
swimming ages 16 years or older.                    Rescuer, standard first aid skills, and a written
Prerequisites include good personal swimming        exam. You are expected to already know these
skills – front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke,     skills; this class will allow you to practice and
side stroke, elementary backstroke. Please call     then will test you out on them in order to renew
us for upcoming classes 248-674-6360!               your certification. A current Lifeguarding cer-
                                                    tificate must be presented to the instructor.
                                                    Course fee is $65.00 per person. Attendance
                                                    is required at both dates.
                                                    Activity # Day          Dates     Time Location
                                                    4340.002 Tu & Th 4/9&4/11 3:30-8pm Mott

                                                                                                         Community Education
                                                    5343.002 Fr             5/17      4-8:30pm Mott
                                                                  Sa        5/18      1-5:30pm Mott

                                                    CPR/AED for the Professional
                                                    Rescuer (LG/Healthcare Provider)
                                                    – Blended Learning NEW!
Lifeguard Training                                  • Combination of online learning and in-per-
American Red Cross Lifeguard Training pro-            son skills session
vides professional training for individuals’ ages   • Content equivalent to traditional course with
15 years or older at the end of class, who wish       less time spent in classroom
to lifeguard. Upon successful completion you        • Individuals can pre-test out of the content
receive a Lifeguard Training Certificate, which       they already know
includes first aid, and CPR for the Professional    • Self-paced training can be completed
Rescuer. Participants are required to pass a          around work responsibilities
water skills test the first class. Prerequisites    • 2-year, OSHA compliant certification
are treading water (2 min.), retrieval of a ten-    • Go to for
pound brick from the bottom of the pool and           text book.
completing a 300-yard swim (12 lengths).            • Email with on-line learning instructions will
Attendance is required at all classes. The            be sent upon registration for this class. (*AP
course fee is $165.00 per person. Go to               fee also required for on-line portion). for text book.       Course fee is $30.00 per person*
Activity # Day Date             Time                Activity # Day Dates Time Location
4340.001 Mon 4/1                1-4pm               4233.003 Sa 2/9 10am-4pm Crary
(5 dates) at Mott                                   5243.003 Sa 5/4 10am-4pm Crary
             Tu-Th 4/2-4/4 8:30am-4:30pm
             Fri     4/5        8:30am-1:00pm
5340.001 Th          4/18-5/23 2:00pm-6:30pm
(6 dates) at Mott

                       Pool & Fitness
                         Bravo! Diving Club                                    Pre-Team/ Intermediate level
                         Bravo! Diving is a year round competitive div-        This level is for divers who were successful in
                         ing club for all ages. Our clubs offers classes       advanced beginner level and demonstrate the
                         for all levels of divers, starting with beginner or   skills necessary to progress onto a more con-
                         learn to dive, continuing on through Jr. Elite        sistent and intensive program. As well as hav-
                         competitive team. Each diver will be taught           ing a good attitude towards learning, these
                         proper safety on the diving board along with          divers are those who wish to continue to pur-
                         technique and mechanics while learning                sue this sport as they train towards the com-
                         jumps, dives, flips and more! Diving is a won-        petitive diving team program.
                         derful sport that helps to build self-esteem,         The divers will have instruction on deck work
                         hand eye coordination and spatial awareness.          for core strength training, trampoline and diving
                         Please visit for more             on both the 1 meter and 3 meter diving boards.
                         information!                                          Sunday                 12:30-1:45 pm
                                                                               Monday                 5:30-6:45 pm
                         All Bravo! Lesson program members MUST                Wednesday              5:30- 6:45 pm
                         join USA Diving annual fee in order to partici-       2x week                $135
Community Education

                         pate in the class. The USA Diving fee is a year-      3x week                $165
                         ly fee of $20 which will provide insurance cov-
                         erage for the diver from September 1st, 2012-         High School
                         August 31st, 2013.                                    This class is designed for those divers who
                         (You can visit website for        wish to compete or already have a competitive
                         directions to register. Please bring a copy of your   high school list who wish to maintain their
                         registration card/number to the first practice.       skills in the off season. Divers will mainly
                         Learn to dive program classes are offered             focus on the 1 meter spring board to prepare
                         month to month basis.                                 for their diving seasons, working on improve-
                         Session 1- January                                    ment of their current dives and skills.
                         Session 2- February                                   Sunday               12:30-2:15 pm
                         Session 3- March                                      Monday-              5:30-7:15 pm
                         Session 4- April                                      Wednesday            5:30- 7:15 pm
                                                                               2x week              $170
                         Learn to dive 1 – Beginner                            3x week              $195
                         This level is for beginner level divers, anyone       No classes: 2/24, 3/31, 4/1, 4/3
                         with little or no experience in springboard div-
                         ing. Anyone who can swim to the side of the
                         pool once they have jumped off the board can
                         participate in the class. Divers will have
                         instruction on proper basics and mechanics on
                         the 1 meter diving board, including jumps, hur-
                         dles and basic dives.
                         Sunday                12:00-1:00 pm
                         Monday                5:00-6:00 pm
                         Wednesday             5:00-6:00 pm
                         1x week               $75
                         2x week               $120
                         3x week               $155

                  20             WATERFORD KETTERING POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.673.9969
                                   WATERFORD MOTT POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.674.6360
                                                                Pool & Fitness
SWIM LESSONS                                       WINTER/SPRING SESSION DATES
About the Swim Lesson Program                      NOTE: Classes meet one day per week, 6 les-
This winter our swim lesson program will fol-      sons total. Parent and child classes to
low the American Red Cross Learn to Swim           Preschool are 35 minutes and all others are 50
program. The program consists of Parent and        minutes in length. If make-up lessons are
Child levels (2), Preschool Levels (3) and Learn   necessary (cancelled by the instructor/holi-
to Swim Levels (6). Please read the course         day), they will be made up.
descriptions for placement.
                                                   Winter Session 1 Classes begin: Jan. 12
We will keep our small instructor to participant   Winter Session 1 Classes end: Feb. 22
ratios and continue to pass out progress sheets    Classes will be at Mott Sat. Jan. 19
or certificates at the end of each session.        Classes will be at Kettering Feb. 7

SWIM LESSON REGISTRATION                           Winter Session 2 Classes begin: March 2
Refer to pages 15 & 16 for convenient ways to      Winter Session 2 Classes end: April 20
register, registration form and refund policy.     No classes March 29-April 6

                                                                                                       Community Education
Members                Dec.15                      Spring Session Classes begin: April 22
Residents              Dec. 18                     Spring Session Classes end: June 8
Non Res.               Dec. 26                     No classes May 25, 27 (6 classes)

FEE CODES                                          GROUP DESCRIPTIONS
M         Discounted fee for Members               Parent & Child Level 1
R         Preferred fee for WSD Residents          Ages 6 mo.- about 3 yrs
NR        Non-Resident fee                         Parents and children learn together to increase
                                                   a child’s comfort level in the water and build a
LESSON FEES                                        foundation of basic skills, such as arm and leg
Parent & Child and Preschool Aquatics              movements and breath control. Fun-filled
Levels- 35 min.                                    classes help introduce water safety concepts,
6 LESSONS       M $39 R $45 NR $55                 encouraging a healthy recreational habit that
5 LESSONS       M $33 R $38 NR $45                 your entire family can enjoy. (35 min.)

Learn To Swim and Adult Levels – 50 min.           Parent & Child Level 2
6 LESSONS      M $46 R $52 NR $64                  Ages 6 mo.- about 3 yrs
5 LESSONS      M $38 R $43 NR $53                  Builds on the skills learned in Level 1.
                                                   (35 min.)

                   “Our daughter was very
                  excited to come to class!”
                              - A HAPPY PARENT

                       Pool & Fitness
                         Preschool Aquatics About                         LTS Level 1 Introduction to
                         3 – 5 yrs                                        Water Skills
                         Throughout the three levels, preschool-age       Helps participants feel comfortable in the
                         children are taught basic aquatic safety, sur-   water.
                         vival and swimming skills, all the while
                         increasing their comfort level in and around     LTS Level 2 Fundamental
                         the water. Skills are age-appropriate, helping   Aquatic Skills
                         children achieve success on a regular basis      Gives participants success with fundamental
                         and enjoy social interactions with other chil-   skills.
                         dren. (35 minute classes)
                         PA Level 1                                       LTS Level 3 Stroke Development
                         Orients children to the aquatic environment      Builds on the skills in Level 2 through addi-
                         and helps them gain basic aquatic skills.        tional guided practice in deeper water.

                         PA Level 2                                       LTS Level 4 Stroke Improvement
                         Helps children gain greater independence in      Develops confidence in the skills learned and
Community Education

                         their skills and develop more comfort in and     improves other aquatic skills.
                         around water.
                                                                          LTS Level 5 Stroke Refinement
                         A child who completes Preschool Aquatics         Provides further coordination and refinement
                         Levels 1 & 2 and is 6 years old may enroll in    of strokes.
                         the next level of Preschool Aquatics or move
                         on to Learn –to-Swim Level 2. A child who        LTS Level 6 Swimming and
                         completes Preschool Aquatics Level 3 may         Skill Proficiency
                         enroll in Learn-to-swim Level 3.                 Refines the strokes so participants swim them
                                                                          with ease, efficiency, power and smoothness
                         PA Level 3                                       over greater distances.
                         Helps children start to gain basic swimming
                         propulsive skills to be comfortable in and       More detailed course descriptions are avail-
                         around water.                                    able on-line or at the Pool & Fitness Center
                                                                          Front Desks.
                         (about 6 yrs and adults)
                         Designed to help participants achieve maxi-
                         mum success, Learn-to-Swim courses are
                         based on a logical, six-level progression that
                         helps swimmers about 6+ years old and adults
                         to develop their water safety, survival and
                         swimming skills. (50 min. classes)

                  22            WATERFORD KETTERING POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.673.9969
                                  WATERFORD MOTT POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.674.6360
                                               Pool & Fitness
Time           Level     Winter 1   Winter 2      Spring
                         Act. #     Act. #        Act. #
MOTT - Monday
11:15am          P&C1    3342.111   4342.111      5342.111
11:50am          P&C2    3342.211   4342.211      5342.211
4:40pm           PA 1    3333.111   4333.111      5333.111
5:00pm           LTS 1   3336.111   4336.111      5336.111
5:20pm           PA 2    3333.211   4333.211      5333.211
6:00pm           LTS 3   3336.311   4336.311      5336.311
6:00pm           LTS 2   3336.211   4336.211      5336.211
6:00pm           P&C1    3332.111   4332.111      5332.111
6:40pm           P&C2    3332.211   4332.211      5332.211
7:00pm           LTS 4   3336.411   4336.411      5336.411
5:00pm           LTS 2   3336.221   4336.221      5336.221

                                                                 Community Education
MOTT - Tuesday
5:00pm           LTS 6   3346.621   4346.621      5346.621
5:20pm           PA 1    3343.121   4343.121      5343.121
6:00pm           LTS 1   3346.121   4346.121      5346.121
6:00pm           LTS 2   3346.221   4346.221      5346.221
6:00pm           PA 3    3343.321   4343.321      5343.321
6:40pm           PA 2    3343.221   4343.221      5343.221
7:00pm           LTS 3   3346.321   4346.321      5346.321
KETTERING - Wednesday
4:40pm           PA 3    3333.331   4333.331      5333.331
5:00pm           LTS 5   3336.531   4336.531      5336.531
5:20pm           PA 2    3333.231   4333.231      5333.231
6:00pm           LTS 1   3336.131   4336.131      5336.131
6:00pm           LTS 2   3336.231   4336.231      5336.231
7:00pm           LTS 3   3336.331   4336.331      5336.331
7:00pm           LTS 4   3336.431   4336.431      5336.431
KETTERING - Thursday
5:10pm           PA 2    3333.241   4333.241      5333.241
MOTT - Thursday
4:40pm           PA 2    3343.241   4343.241      5343.241
5:00pm           LTS 2   3346.241   4346.241      5346.241
5:20pm           PA 3    3343.341   4343.341      5343.341
6:00pm           LTS 3   3346.341   4346.341      5346.341
6:00pm           LTS 4   3346.441   4346.441      5346.441
6:00pm           P&C1    3342.141   4342.141      5342.141
6:40pm           P&C2    3342.241   4342.241      5342.241
KETTERING - Saturday
9:00am           LTS 1   3336.161   4336.161      5336.161
9:15am           PA 1    3333.161   4333.161      5333.161
10:00am          LTS 2   3336.261   4336.261      5336.261
10:00am          LTS 5   3336.561   4336.561      5336.561
10:00am          P&C1    3332.161   4332.161      5332.161
10:40am          P&C2    3332.261   4332.261      5332.261
11:00am          LTS 3   3336.361   4336.361      5336.361
11:00am          LTS 4   3336.461   4336.461      5336.461
11:20am          PA 3    3333.361   4333.361      5333.361

                       Pool & Fitness
                         KINGFISH AQUATIC SWIM                                        Explorer 4
                         CLUB                                                            Swimmers who are able to swim one
                         Kingfish Aquatics is a year                                        length of the pool (25 yards) front
                         round USA Swim Club. We                                             crawl without stopping. Swimmers
                         are also a member of the                                             have knowledge of the four com-
                         United Swim League. The                                              petitive strokes and swim them
                         purpose of a swim team is to                                        legally. Swimmers will train up to
                         teach and refine techniques for                                   four times a week for an hour each
                         all four of the competitive strokes                             practice. Training spends a lot of time
                         along with setting personal and team                        working on stroke development, while
                         goals. Our coaches will also encourage sports-         introducing them to dry land to help build core
                         manship, the love of competition and teamwork.         strength. Criteria to move to "Development"
                         Our Head coach is Brad Brockway. He brings             successfully compete in a butterfly, freestyle
                         over thirty years of coaching experience to our        and backstroke events in a USA Swimming
                         team.                                                  meet and a desire to develop better skills.
Community Education

                         New Group descriptions are listed below:               Swimmers who can successfully swim all four
                         Explorer 1                                             competitive strokes legally. Training will empha-
                         6 and under swimmers who are able to swim              size proper stroke technique, including starts,
                         1/2 length of the pool who are interested in           turns and stroke finishes. Swimmers will train
                         exploring club swimming. These swimmers can            up to three days per week for 2 hours each
                         complete in meets when they are able to com-           practice. At this level the dry land continues to
                         plete one length of the pool (25 yards). The           challenge the athletes and helps them develop
                         group swims once a week (Thursdays or                  to the next level. Criteria to move to
                         Saturday) with practices 45 minutes in length.         "Endurance", successfully complete in a but-
                         This is geared to make swimming fun with               terfly, Backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle
                         games and relays at the end of the practice.           events in a USA meet. They also need to be
                         Should be in conjunction with the Learn to Swim        able to hold 2:00 or better per 100 freestyle.
                         program. Criteria to move to "Explorer 2 or 4",
                         successfully compete in a freestyle and back-
                                                                                Move from development to building endurance.
                         stroke events in a USA Swimming meet and a
                                                                                Swimmers who can successfully swim all four
                         desire to develop better skills.
                                                                                competitive strokes legally and can hold 1:45
                         Explorer 2                                             per 100 or better. Training will emphasize prop-
                         Swimmers who are able to swim one length of            er stroke technique, including starts, turns and
                         the pool (25 yards) front crawl without stopping.      stroke finishes. Swimmers will train up to five
                         Swimmers have knowledge of the four compet-            days per week for 2 hours each practice. At this
                         itive strokes and swim them legally. Swimmers          level the dry land continues to challenge the
                         will train up to twice a week for an hour each         athletes and helps them develop endurance for
                         practice. Training spends a lot of time working        the next level.
                         on stroke development, while introducing them
                         to dry land to help build core strength. Criteria to
                                                                                Swimmers who have mastered the basics from
                         move to "Explorer 4", successfully compete in a
                                                                                the Endurance level and can hold 1:30 per 100
                         freestyle and backstroke events in a USA Swimming
                                                                                or better. Continued work on proper stroke
                         meet and a desire to develop better skills.
                                                                                technique, endurance, and personal goal set-
                                                                                ting are key aspects of this level of training.
                                                                                These swimmers should have state cuts.
                                                                                Swimmers train up to five days per week, for 2
                                                                                hours each practice and an optional hour of dry
                                                                                land each day.

                  24             WATERFORD KETTERING POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.673.9969
                                   WATERFORD MOTT POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.674.6360
                                                               Pool & Fitness
Elite                                             Elite Performance
Advanced swimmers work on technique,              Monday through Friday
endurance, goal setting and racing strategies     Swim 4:00 – 6:00pm Dry-lands 6-7pm
at this level. These swimmers aspire to reach     Saturdays 8 – 11 am
Zone, Sectional and Junior National, and          Sundays 9:30 am – 11:30am
National qualifications. These are serious ath-
letes, and train up to seven days per week for    WINTER SESSION FEES:
2 hours each practice, with 6 hours a week        The $62 USA registration fee is necessary for
available for dry land. During the summer break   each swimmer, this goes toward USA
from school they can take part in an additional   Swimming membership and administration of
2 hours of practice time Monday-Friday.           the team. This is a yearly fee.
Elite Performance                                 Sign up for four months at a time, payment
Invitation only workout for swimmers who have     plans available via credit card. This option may
demonstrated the ability to perform at the        also be pro-rated as needed. Short Course reg-
National level. They are totally committed to     istration option is available in the Fall.

                                                                                                          Community Education
improving their performance at the National       Late payments will be charged 10%. Additional
level. Must maintain 90% attendance year          siblings receive 10% off the lower session reg-
round.                                            istration fee. Pool & Fitness Members receive
                                                  a $5.00 discount per session.
Week 1 – FULL REFUND                              Winter (4 Mo): Dec. 1 – March 30, 2013
Week 2 – 50% credit on account                                       Total    Approx. pmt.
Week 3 – NO REFUND                                Elite Performance $350      $103/mo
                                                  Elite              $350     $103/mo
PRACTICE SCHEDULE:                                Advanced           $320     $95.50/mo
KETTERING GROUPS                                  Endurance          $288     $87.50/mo
Explorer 1:                                       Development        $245     $76.75/mo
Thursdays, 6:15-7:00pm or Sat. 11:05am            Explorer 4         $220     $70.50/mo
@ Mott                                            Explorer 2         $190     $63/mo
Explorer 2:                                       Explorer 1         $80      $20/mo
Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:30 - 6:30pm or
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:30 - 6:30pm or            • USA Swim Meets involve meet entry fees.
Explorer 4:                                         These meet entries are due prior to the swim
Mondays -Thursdays, 6:30 - 7:30pm                   meet. A list of events will be placed in the
Development:                                        swimmer’s mailbox.
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 5:30 - 7:30pm       • Any past due swim meet fees MUST be paid
Endurance:                                          in full prior to registering for the next session.
Monday – Friday 5:30 – 7:30pm                     • You may choose to have us bill your CC for
                                                    swim meets and email the receipt.
MOTT GROUPS                                       • Register for an on-line account to view your
Advanced:                                           payments due and account activity
Monday through Friday                     
Dry-lands 5-6pm Swim 6:00 – 8:00pm
                                                    VISION: PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE AT
Elite                                                  ALL LEVELS OF COMPETITION!
Monday through Friday
Dry-lands 5-6pm, Swim 6:00 – 8:00pm
Saturdays 8 – 11 am
Sundays 9:30 am – 11:30am

                       Pool & Fitness
                         WATER AEROBIC REGISTRATION                         Water Walking Workout NEW!
                         Drop-In Water Aerobics                             Looking for something new? Buoyancy and
                         Do you prefer variety in your workouts or per-     resistance make water walking ideal for all levels
                         haps your schedule varies weekly, our “Drop-       of exercise. This class provides a fat-burning,
                         In” classes will work out perfect. Cards will be   energy-boosting workout to start your day off
                         available at the Front Desk for “daily drop-in”    right! The hydrostatic pressure of the water sup-
                         purchases.                                         ports you as you move, reducing the stress on
                                                                            your weight bearing joints. Meanwhile, the resist-
                         WA = Water Aerobics                                ance of the water gives your muscles a workout
                         AWE = Arthritis Water Exercise                     as you push your way through. You won’t believe
                                                      M R           NR      an hour has passed with great music and a fun,
                         WA         One               $5.50 $6.50 $7.50     casual atmosphere to keep you moving! All exer-
                         WA         10 Pack           $55 $65 $75           cises can be modified to suit your individual
                         AWE        One               $4 $5 $6              needs. Requires no swimming skills, water shoes
                         AWE        11 Pass           $40 $50 $60           recommended (shoes required if you have dia-
                         10% Senior Discount does not apply to Drop-Ins!    betes). Ages 18 and older.
Community Education

                                                                            55 minute/class. Instr. Pool.
                         WINTER/SPRING SESSION DATES
                         NOTE: Classes meet one day per week, 6             Water Aerobics
                         classes total. Water Walking, Water Aerobic,       Are your ready for some great low-impact
                         Aqua Zumba and Deep Water Aerobic classes          water exercise. We will stretch, strengthen
                         are 55 minutes and Arthritis Water Exercise        and cardio with a variety of exercises and
                         classes are 45 minutes in length. If make-up       equipment ranging from low to moderate
                         lessons are necessary (cancelled by the            intensity. Please wear your own water shoes
                         instructor/holiday), they will be made up.         to each class. 55 minute/class. Instr. Pool.

                         Winter Session 1 Classes begin: Jan. 12            Arthritis Water Exercise
                         Winter Session 1 Classes end: Feb. 22              Join us for a great low-impact workout. This
                         Class will be at Mott Sat. Jan. 19                 class is great for those suffering from Arthritis
                         Class will be at Kettering Feb. 7                  or recovering from surgeries. You will get a
                         Winter Session 2 Classes begin: March 2            total body workout and increase range of
                         Winter Session 2 Classes end: April 20             motion. Please wear your own water shoes to
                         (Drop-in only classes March 29-April 6)            each class. 45 minute/class. Instr. Pool.
                         Spring Session Classes begin: April 22
                         Spring Session Classes end: June 8                 Deep Water - Water Aerobics
                                                                            Do you want to try a new water exercise class?
                         FEE CODES                                          Have you been taking water exercise classes
                         M         Discounted fee for Members               and are ready for something new? Do you feel
                         R         Preferred fee for WSD Residents          your feet always drag the bottom or that you
                         NR        Non-Resident fee                         need more of a challenge? Come and work out
                                                                            in the deep pool where every part of you will
                         LESSON FEES                                        experience the full resistance of the water and
                         Water Walking, Water Aerobic, Zumba & Deep         work all major muscle groups. You must be
                         Water classes - 55 min.                            comfortable in deep water with an exercise flota-
                         6 Classes        M $26 R $30 NR $36                tion belt. We will be using belts and cuffs and
                                                                            other equipment. 55 minute/class. Comp. Pool.
                         Arthritis Water Exercise classes – 45 min.
                         6 Classes          M $20 R $26 NR $32

                  26             WATERFORD KETTERING POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.673.9969
                                   WATERFORD MOTT POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.674.6360
                                                                Pool & Fitness
Aqua Zumba gives new meaning to the idea of an invigor-
ating workout. Integrating the Zumba formula and philoso-
phy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, Aqua Zumba
blends it all together into a safe, challenging, water-based
workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief. Aqua
shoes are strongly recommended. 55 minute class Instr. Pool

Time              Group             W 1                       W 2                  Spring
                                    Act. #                    Act. #               Act. #
8:00am         WW                   3331.511                  4331.511             5331.511
9:45am         Deep                 3331.311                  4331.311             5331.311
7:30pm         Deep                 3331.312                  4331.312             5331.312
MOTT - Monday

                                                                                                      Community Education
9:30am         WA                   3341.111                  4341.111             5341.111
10:30am        AWE                  3341.211                  4341.211             5341.211
6:00pm         WA                   3341.112                  4341.112             5341.112
9:30am         Zumba                3331.421                  4331.421             5331.421
6:00pm         Zumba                3331.422                  4331.422             5331.422
MOTT - Tuesday
7:30pm         WA                   3341.121                  4341.121             5341.121
KETTERING - Wednesday
8:00am         WW                   3331.531                  4331.531             5331.531
9:45am         Deep                 3331.331                  4331.331             5331.331
7:30pm         Deep                 3331.332                  4331.332             5331.332
MOTT - Wednesday
9:30am         WA                   3341.131                  4341.131             5341.131
10:30am        AWE                  3341.231                  4341.231             5341.231
KETTERING - Thursday
6:00pm         Zumba                3331.441                  4331.441             5331.441
MOTT - Thursday
7:00pm         WA                   3341.141                  4341.141             5341.141
8:00am         WW                   3331.551                  4331.551             5331.551
9:45am         Deep                 3331.351                  4331.351             5331.351
MOTT - Friday
9:30am         WA                   3341.151                  4341.151             5341.151
10:30am        AWE                  3341.251                  4341.251             5341.251

                            WATERFORD SCHOOLS & PARKS

                                               WATERFORD SCHOOLS & PARKS

                                                               PARKS & RECREATION BUILDINGS
                            1.    CAI BUILDING, 5640 N. Williams Lake Road – Housing for the Golden Age Club & enrichment classes.
                                  Facilities: room rentals, ball field, picnic shelter and children’s play area.
                            2.    WATERFORD TOWNSHIP LIBRARY, 5168 Civic Center Drive – offers Adult, Teen & Children’s programs
                                  and classes.
                            3.    WATERFORD SENIOR CENTER, 3621 Pontiac Lake Road – Enrichment classes, health and support
                                  services offered.
                            4.    WATERFORD CIVIC CENTER (CCSF), 5200 Civic Center Drive – 52.2 acre site located off of Crescent
                                  Lake Road, between M-59 and Hatchery Road. FACILITIES: Township Hall Offices, pond for skating, and
                                  four regulation soccer fields. Also part of this complex is the Warming House: Rental facility includes
                                  meeting room (40 person), restrooms, sink, microwave and attached pavilion with outdoor fireplace.
                            5.    BAY COURT PARK, 6970 Andersonville Road – located between Airport Road and Nelsey Road. This park
                                  is a part of the Independence Township Park System, 248-625-8223.
                            6.    DRAYTON PLAINS NATURE CENTER (DPNC), 2125 Denby – 139 acres located in the Drayton Woods
                                  Subdivision off Hatchery Rd, to Edmore to Denby. FACILITIES: Interpretive nature center building, fish
                                  hatchery ponds, hiking trails & picnic pavilion.
                            7.    HESS-HATHAWAY PARK (HESS), 825 S. Williams Lake Road – 167 acres – FACILITIES: “All Kids
                                  Playground”, restored 1860’s farmhouse, animal exhibit barn, softball field, 4 horseshoe courts, picnic
                                  shelters, gazebo, restrooms, farm storage buildings, nature trails for hiking, also available group
                                  hayrides, farm animals and a community garden. No pets allowed.park is a part of the Independence
                                  Township Park System, 248-625-8223.

                            8.    CLINTON RIVER CANOE SITE, 5971 Elizabeth Lake Road – 8 acres located on the Clinton River at
                                  Elizabeth Lake Road, just east of Airport Road. FACILITIES: primarily used for public canoe landing, park-
                                  ing lot, children’s play area, picnic shelter, park grill and tables.
                            9.    ELIZABETH LAKE WOODS PARK – 340 acres located off Lochaven Road and Cooley Lake Road – Small
                                  parking area, primitive trails and nature preserve.
                            10.   FISH HATCHERY PARK, 4490 Hatchery Road – 6.3 acres located on Hatchery Road FACILITIES:
                                  Renovated historic village, office and museum of the Waterford Historical Society, restrooms, picnic shel-
                                  ters, board walk, fishing and canoe docks.
                            11.   HERRINGTON PARK, 1216 Lochaven Road – 35 acres, FACILITIES: Concessions, restrooms, two light-
                                  ed and irrigated ballfields, picnic shelter, children’s play area and nature trail.
                            12.   LIONS PARK, 4250 Fenmore – 26.5 acres located on Fenmore off Elizabeth Lake Road. FACILITIES: pic-
                                  nic shelter, restrooms, lighted-irrigated baseball field.
                            13.   MACEDAY LAKE PARK – 7 acres located on Rich Drive, undeveloped land includes 3+ acres of inac-
                                  cessible Bird Sanctuary. The parking lot is limited to 2 cars.
                            14.   MARION STREET PARK – 18 acres located at the end of Marion Street off Elizabeth Lake Road. FACIL-
                                  ITIES: paved and primitive trails with limited parking.
                            15.   OPTIMIST PARK (OPT PK), 5320 Elizabeth Lake Road – 10 acres located on Elizabeth Lake Road
                                  between Crescent Lake Road and Airport Road. FACILITIES: concessions, restrooms, three irrigated ball-
                                  fields, children’s play area, picnic shelter and basketball court.
                            16.   PONTIAC LAKE RECREATION AREA, 3800 Gale Road – located off N. Williams Lake Road. FACILITIES:
                                  offers miles of hiking/biking trails, horseback riding, beach and campground. This is run by the DNR,
                            17.   ROTARY PARK, 5485 Tubbs Road – 33 acres – FACILITIES: picnic shelter, restrooms, concessions build-
                                  ing, two softball fields, play area and home of Waterford Lacrosse, Waterford Corsairs and Waterford
                            18.   SHELL PARK, 4373 Dixie Hwy – 13 acres located off Dixie Hwy. between Hatchery Road and Williams
                                  Lake Road. FACILITIES: three lighted softball fields with benches and stands, picnic shelter, tables, grills,
                                  children’s play area, concessions and restrooms.

                     WATERFORD SCHOOLS & PARKS

                                                                                                                  WATERFORD MAP & LOCATIONS
19. WATERFORD OAKS COUNTY PARK (WAT OAK), 1702 Scott Lake Road – located on Scott Lake Road
    between Watkins Lake Road and Dixie Hwy. FACILITIES: Water Park including; wave pool, water slide, the
    “Big Bucket” (children under 43”), Ragin’ Rapids, picnic shelters, volleyball, BMX, refrigerated toboggan
    run and Lookout Lodge. This park is run by Oakland County Parks & Recreation, 248-858-0906.
20. DODGE STATE PARK NO. 4, 4250 Parkway Drive – 139 Acres located off Cass Elizabeth Lake Road.
    Boat launch, fishing, picnic shelters, playground, swimming, hiking, cross country skiing. This park is run
    by the DNR, 248-682-7323.

                                        ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS
21.   ADAMS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 3810 Clintonville
22.   BEAUMONT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 6532 Elizabeth Lake Road
23.   BURT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 581 S. Winding
24.   COOLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 2000 Highfield
26.   HAVILAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 5305 Cass Elizabeth Road
27.   HOUGHTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 8080 Elizabeth Lake Road
28.   KNUDSEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 5449 Crescent Road

                                            MIDDLE SCHOOLS
34. MASON MIDDLE SCHOOL - SOUTH CAMPUS -, 3835 W. Walton Blvd. – located 1 mile east of
    Sashabaw Road. FACILITIES: track, one baseball and two softball fields, outdoor basketball court, one
    football/soccer field, three tennis courts and gymnasium.
35. MASON MIDDLE SCHOOL – NORTH CAMPUS – 3800 w. Walton Blvd – located 1 mile east of Sashabaw
    Road. Facilities: Gymnasium
36. PIERCE MIDDLE SCHOOL (PIERCE), 5145 Hatchery Road – located on Hatchery Road near Crescent
    Lake Road. FACILITIES: Track, gymnasium, baseball and softball field, football field & soccer field.

                                              HIGH SCHOOLS
37. WATERFORD KETTERING HIGH SCHOOL (WKHS), 2800 Kettering Drive – located on Kettering Drive
    off Hatchery Road. FACILITIES: NEW FITNESS CENTER with pools, track, one baseball field, two softball
    fields and gymnasium.
38. WATERFORD MOTT HIGH SCHOOL (MOTT), 1151 Scott Lake Road – located on Scott Lake Road
    between Watkins Lake Road and Dixie Hwy. FACILITIES: NEW FITNESS CENTER with pools, track, two
    baseball fields and gymnasium.

                                          SUPPORT BUILDINGS
39. COVERT CENTER, 1150 Scott Lake Road, FACILITIES: soccer field
40. KURZMAN ADMINISTRATION OFFICE, 501 North Cass Lake Road, Waterford School District
    Administration Offices. North Cass Lake Road is located South of Pontiac Lake Road and north of M-59.
    WATERFORD COMMUNITY EDUCATION, - 501 North Cass Lake Road. Enrichment, fitness and career
    training classes. FACILITIES: baseball and softball fields, football/soccer field and gymnasium.

                                                                    Join Today!
                                                     WATERFORD SCHOOL DISTRICT

                          POOL & FITNESS CENTERS
                         MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE!                                                  NOW AVAILABLE!
                        • No initiation fees! • Member discounts on classes!
                                 • Priority registration for members!                            # Fitness Center
                                           ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP                                       Memberships
                        TYPE                 RESIDENT**          NON-RESIDENT BUSINESS
                        Family (up to 6;                                                         # Pool Only
                        2 adults+4 children) $485     $725                         $535            Memberships
                        Add’l Member $20              $30                          $25           # Competitive lap pool
Community Education

                        Adult (18-59)    $235         $345                         $255            with 8 lanes, 25 yards x
                        Youth (5-17)     $165         $245                         N/A             25 meters
                        Senior (Age 60+) $190         $290                         $215
                                      12-MONTH PAYMENT PLAN                                      # Leisure pool with jets for
                        Family           $44          $66                          $49             resistance swimming
                        Add’l Member $5               $5                           $5            # Family locker rooms
                        Adult            $22          $33                          $25.25        # Indoor walking track
                        Youth            $16.25       $24.25                       N/A
                        Senior           $18.50       $26.50                       $21.50        # Multipurpose room off
                                       3-MONTH MEMBERSHIP                                          the pool deck
                        Family           $140         $205                         $155          # Swim lessons
                        Adult            $75          $105                         $85
                                                                                                 # Age group swim teams
                        Youth            $55          $80                          N/A
                        Senior           $60          $85                          $66           # Aquatic fitness classes
                                               DAY PASS                                          # Diving classes
                        Adult            $6.00        $9.00                        $9.00
                                                                                                 # Birthday party and
                        Youth            $3.50        $3.50                        $3.50
                                                                                                   group packages
                        Senior           $3.50        $5.50                        $5.50
                        Group            $3.00        $3.00                        N/A           # Personal training
                        **Resident is defined as those individuals living within the Waterford
                        School District boundaries.

                             TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS:                                           HOURS:
                       KETTERING CAMPUS • 2800 Kettering Dr                                      M-F 5:30 AM - 9:00 PM
                                         248.673.9969                                            SAT 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
                        MOTT CAMPUS • 1151 Scott Lake Rd                                         SUN 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
                                         248.674.6360                                            Open everyday year round
                                                                                                 except for major holidays.
                                                                                                 The pools are closed Mon-Fri
                       Visit our website for complete membership                                 12:30pm - 3:00pm during the
                               information and applications                                      school year.

                                                                                                   Check out our
                                                                                                 New Year Specials!

                  32        WATERFORD KETTERING POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.673.9969
                              WATERFORD MOTT POOL & FITNESS CENTER 248.674.6360
 WATERFORD                                    5168 Civic Center Drive
 TOWNSHIP                                     Waterford, MI 48329
  PUBLIC                                      FAX: 248-674-1910

                 Joan Rogers

                Jean Hansen
                   ADULT AND

              Cynthia Walker
                   Mike Neal                  Mon. - Thurs. 9am-9pm • Fri CLOSED
          CIRCULATION SERVICES                Sat. 10am-5pm • Sun. 1pm-5pm

        Click on the Library!

Holiday Closings: The library will be closed December 24 and 25, 31, 2012 and January 1,
2013. Also, January 21 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, February 18 for Presidents Day, and
March 30-31 for Easter.
Used Book Sales: The Friends of the Library Used Book Sales will be held in
the Community Room on the following dates: Wednesday January 23 4-8pm, Thursday January
24 9am-8pm, Saturday January 26 10am-4pm and Sunday January 27 1-3pm. March 13 4-
8pm, March 14 9am-8pm March 16 10am-4pm and March 17 1-3 pm.
Used Book Donations: Used books in good condition can be dropped off in the Library's
Community Room on the second Saturday of each month between 10:00 a.m. and 1p.m.
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Our website: is where you can search our
catalog, check your account and renew your items.
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Our Friends: All library programs are sponsored with the generous
support of the Waterford Friends of the Library.
Special Needs: If you have special needs that may impact your participation in any library pro-
gram for any age, please contact the library at least 10 days in advance.
Outreach - Home Delivery Service: Waterford residents who are temporarily or permanently
confined to their homes may call the library for home delivery of audiobooks, large print books,
regular print books, or DVDs. Please call Jean Hansen at 248-618-7682 if you are interested
in this service.
Good news! Online registration for library programs is now available. You can get email reminders
for programs you’ve signed up for, and even cancel your own registration if you need to. Use our
calendar of events to register:

 WATERFORD TOWNSHIP PUBLIC LIBRARY 248.674.4831                                                     33
               Library - Adult Programs
                **Registration is required for all adult            Genealogy 101 • Saturday, February 2
                library programs. Please call 248-618-              An introduction to genealogical research
                7694, come in, or go online to register.**          including basic techniques, reference tools,
                                                                    and strategies; library research, the U.S. cen-
                COMPUTER CLASSES                                    sus as a source, the use of Ancestry and
                Classes begin with a lecture in the Conference      HeritageQuest, vital records, church records.
                Room and are followed by a hands-on period          Genealogy 102 • Saturday, February 23
                in the library’s Adult computer area. Class size    Geographic sources, brick-wall busting tech-
                is limited to 4 people. Registration is required.   niques, genealogy software evaluation and
                                                                    demonstration, GEDCOM files, creating web
                Computer Basics for the                             pages.
                Computer Shy (sign up for one date only)
                Saturday January 5, 10-11:30am                      Genealogy 103 • Saturday, March 23
                Wednesday February 6, 9-10:30am                     Newspapers, obituaries, biographical sources,
                Thursday February 21, 7-8:30pm                      probate records, probate records, immigration
                Wednesday March 6, 9-10:30am                        & ship passenger lists, and naturalization
                This class is for complete computer                 records.
                BEGINNERS!                                          Genealogy 104 • Saturday, April 20
                                                                    Military records, land records, tax records and
                Internet 101 (sign up for one date only)            source citation techniques.
                Saturday January 12, 10-11:30am                     African American Genealogy •
                Wednesday February 13, 9-10:30am                    Saturday April 6
                Thursday February 28, 7-8:30pm                      This class will stress the special sources of
                Wednesday March 13, 9-10:30am                       African-American genealogical information
                This class is for internet BEGINNERS who            and the methods necessary to trace family
                have basic computer knowledge about how to          back to the Civil War era. Special emphasis

                move a mouse.                                       will be given to the records of the 1860s.
                                                                    Techniques for identifying slave ancestors and
                Elementary Email (sign up for one date only)        their masters will also be discussed.
                Saturday January 19, 10-11:30am
                Wednesday February 20, 9:10:30am                    Tuesday Evening Book
                Thursday March 7, 7-8:30pm                          Discussion Group
                Wednesday March 20, 9-10:30am                       (moderator Karen Mitchell)
                This class will introduce the uses, functions       Discussions are every second Tuesday of each
                and features of email; by the time you leave,       month in the library Conference Room at 7:00
                we’ll have you signed up for a free email           p.m. Please register at the Adult Reference Desk
                account. This class is for people with basic        and let us know if you need a copy of the book.
                Internet and computer knowledge.                    January 8 • Go Tell it on the Mountain by
                                                                    James Baldwin
                GENEALOGY U                                         February 12 • The Buddha in the Attic by
                A series of free classes designed to prepare        Julie Otsuka
                you to trace your FAMILY HISTORY.                   March 12 • The Language of Flowers by
                • *All classes are from 9:30 to 1:00*               Vanessa Diffenbaugh
                • Registration required, online or at the Adult     April 9 • I, Claudius by Robert Graves.
                   Reference desk or by phone: 248.618.7693
                • You may attend any or all classes. It is rec-     Monday Afternoon Book
                   ommended that you attend Genealogy 101           Discussion Group
                   or have some experience before attending         Meets the third Monday of each month (except
                   other classes                                    when the third Monday is a holiday) at 1pm in
                                                                    the library Community Room. Stop by the Adult
                                                                    Reference Desk to pick up a copy of the book.

          34     WATERFORD TOWNSHIP PUBLIC LIBRARY 248.674.4831
                            Library - Children’s Programs
                               Library -Adult
January 28 • The Forgotten Garden by Kate          Ask the “Tech Guy”
Morton                                             Saturday February 2 and Saturday March 2,
February 25 • Unbroken: a World War II story       at 10:30am - noon
of survival, resilience and redemption by          Walk-in computer/technology help. One-on-
Laura Hillenbrand                                  one assistance with your own device or com-
March 18 • Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom     puter (bring it in with you). Our library comput-
April 15 • The Art of Racing in the Rain by        er technician will do his best to troubleshoot
Garth Stein                                        your problem, answer your questions, or advise
                                                   you on what to do. In the Conference Room
Dollars for College
Wednesday, January 9 • 7pm                         Phone And Mail Scams
Sheryl E. Krasnow, from College and Career         (How To Avoid)
Counseling Associates, advises parents and stu-    Wednesday, February 6 at 7pm
dents. Filling out the FAFSA form, step by step.   The State of Michigan’s Attorney General’s
                                                   Office offers this “Senior Brigade” presentation
How To Borrow Ebooks From The                      which reviews common scams initiated over
Library Drop-In Help Sessions                      the phone or through mail/email, provides tips
Saturday January 26 and                            on how to reduce incoming phone calls and
Saturday February 9, 10-11:30am                    junk mail, and provides instructions on report-
Bring your nook, kindle, ipad or other device,     ing a problem or scam. (Not just for seniors).
and your questions, even your laptop. If you’ve
tried and are having trouble, or if you’ve never   The Spirit of African American Artists
done it before, Librarians Jean and Lindsay        Tuesday, February 26 at 7 pm
will work with you to help you with checking       A speaker from the Detroit Institute of Arts will
out and downloading ebooks from the library.       give this lecture and slideshow on African
                                                   American artists from the late nineteenth cen-
In the Conference Room.
                                                   tury to the present day.                                Library
Pie Bake-off and Recipe Exchange                   Recycling tips
Thursday, January 31 at 7 pm                       Wednesday April 17 at 7pm
Make your favorite pie recipe and bring it in to   Waterford resident Mr. Dan Hosler is an avid
be shared and judged! The top three winners        and experienced recycler. He’ll share is
will take home cash prizes! Come to the ref-       knowledge about what can be recycled and
erence desk for the complete rules and to          where to take stuff, and take questions from
register.                                          you. Get in the spirit for Earth Day – you can
                                                   help reduce waste!

                           Library - Children’s Programs
                                Library -Teen
Programs are for teens ages 12-18.                 Babysitter Training
Registration is required.                          Saturday, March 2nd 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Beastly: Book or Movie?                            Ages 11-15
Monday, February 25th @ 6:30 pm                    The American Red Cross training will provide
Read the book before hand and come to the          youth with the skills every parent wants in a
library for a screening of the movie. We’ll        babysitter including safety, basic child care,
compare the two and decide which is better.        facilitating safe play, first aid and critical emer-
Beastly by Alex Flinn is a modern day retelling    gency action skills. Cost is $25 which includes a
of the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast. Ask     training manual and babysitter first aid and safe-
at the adult desk after January 15 for a copy      ty kit. Participants will also need to bring a sack
of the book to check out.                          lunch. Registration required. Space is limited.

  WATERFORD TOWNSHIP PUBLIC LIBRARY 248.674.4831                                                          35
           Library - Children Programs
             Storytimes for Little Ones                        Flower Festival - Saturday, March 9
             Our drop-in storytimes resume this winter.        10:30-11:30 am – Spring is coming! Come
             Registration is not required. Children must be    and create a variety of faux flowers to dress
             accompanied by a parent or caregiver. We          up your home. Registration begins Saturday,
             ask that parents and caregivers arrive at least   March 2.
             5 minutes before storytime begins in order to     Spring Tea • Saturday, April 13
             pick up nametags and get settled in.              10:30-11:30 am – Dress up for tea time at
             Session I (5 weeks) – Begins the week of          the library. Feel free to bring a doll or stuffed
             Jan 15-17 and ends the week of Feb 12-14          animal. We will be sampling teas and finger
             Session II (4 weeks) – Begins the week of         foods and making a fleece bed for your
             Feb 26-28 and ends the week of March 19-21        favorite bedtime companion. Registration
             Session III (3 weeks) – Begins the week of        begins Saturday, April 6.
             April 9-11 and ends the week of April 23-25
                                                               Lego Club
             BABYTIME (ages 6 mos. – 15 mos.)                  Recommended for Ages 5 and Up
             Tuesday mornings 10:00-10:30 a.m.                 Students meet the fourth Saturday of the
             TODDLERTIME (ages 16 mos. - 23 mos.)              month to create their own Lego structure. They
             Wednesday mornings 10:00-10:30 a.m.               will be displayed in the library until the next
                                                               meeting. Then students can make new struc-
             TWO-YEAR-OLD STORYTIME                            tures. We have two class times in the morning
             Tuesday mornings 11:00-11:30 a.m.                 for each day. Please sign up for one of the
             THREE-YEAR-OLD STORYTIME                          times: 10:15-11:00 am, or 11:30a-12:15 pm.
             Wednesday mornings 11:00-11:30 a.m.               Online registration available from our website.
             PRESCHOOL STORY AND CRAFT TIME                    Saturday, January 26
             (ages 4-5) – Thursday mornings from               Registration begins Saturday, January 19
                                                               Saturday, February 23

             10:00-10:45 a.m.
                                                               Registration begins Saturday, February 16
             Saturday Specials                                 Saturday, March 23
             For ages 5 and Up                                 Registration begins Saturday, March 16
             Celebrate winter and spring with a variety of     Saturday, April 27
             art and craft programs on Saturday mornings.      Registration begins Saturday, April 20
             Online registration available on our website.
                                                               Spring Break Movies
             Winter Wonderland • Saturday, January 19          We will be showing some family movies dur-
             10:30-11:30 am – Got the cold weather             ing the afternoons of spring break week.
             blues? Post-gift let down? Celebrate winter!      Popcorn will be provided. Feel free to bring
             We’ll be making snowmen, snowflakes, snow         blankets, pillows, sealed beverages, and
             angels, and icicles galore. Registration begins   snacks. We ask that you not bring peanuts or
             Saturday, January 12.                             drinks that will stain the carpet. The movies
                                                               will be shown in our community room.
             Magnifico Magneto • Saturday, February 9          Children under 9 need adult supervision. No
             10:30-11:30 am – Learn creative ways to           registration required. The title list will be
             make magnets into art, decor, locker notes,       available in the children’s department by
             fridge frames, and more. Registration begins      January. All movies start at 2:00 pm.
             Saturday, February 2.
                                                               Monday, April 1       To Be Announced
                                                               Tuesday, April 2      To Be Announced
                                                               Thursday, April 4     To Be Announced

      36      WATERFORD TOWNSHIP PUBLIC LIBRARY 248.674.4831
                                                          Senior Center
Aging Isn’t What It                          •   Arts & Crafts
    Used To Be!                              •   Book Club
                                             •   Bunco
                                             •   Cards
WATERFORD                                    •
                                                 Computer Classes/Lab
                                                 Educational Programs
 SENIOR                                      •
                                                 Exercise/Physical Fitness
 CENTER                                      •
                                                 Intergenerational Programs
                                                 Line Dancing
                                             •   Massage Therapy
3621 Pontiac Lk Rd                           •   Quilting/Needlepoint
Waterford, MI 48328                          •   Poetry Club
                                             •   Red Hat Society
248-682-9450                                 •
                                                 Recreation Room:Billiards & Darts
                                                 Reminiscing Club
                                             •   Special Lunches
                                             •   Travel-Day & Extended
                                             •   Volunteer Opportunities
                                             •   Woodcarving & Woodshop
                                             INFORMATION & REFERRAL ON:
                                             •   Health Educational Programming
                                             •   Insurance/Medicare
                                             •   Finances
                                             •   Free Professional Advice
                                             •   Housing
                                             •   Legal Issues
                                                                                      Senior Center

                                             •   Prescriptions
                                             •   Respite Care
                                             •   Retirement
                                             •   Tax Preparation

                                             HEALTH & SUPPORT SERVICES
                                             •   Adult Day Services
                                             •   Annual Health Fair/Flu Shots
                                             •   Care Givers Support Groups
                                             •   Deaf and Hearing Impaired
                                             •   Focus Hope Food Program
                                             •   Foot Care
       OUR MISSION                           •   Hearing Evaluations
  To be the focal point in the Waterford
  Community for services, programs and
                                             •   Law Day
   activities associated with vital aging.   •   T.O.P.S. - Weight Loss Support


WAT E R F O R D S E N I O R C E N T E R 2 4 8 . 6 8 2 . 9 4 5 0                      37
                     Senior Center
                       TRANSPORTATION SERVICES
                       What we offer:
                       • Wheelchair transportation
                       • Van Service from 8:30am -                     Wheels:
                         3:00pm, Monday-Friday                      A Great Program!
                       • Curb to curb service (passengers
                                                                  The Meals-On-Wheels program
                         must be mobile) to destinations          provides a tasty, hot, nutritious
                         anywhere within Waterford Twp.           noon meal to Waterford’s home-
                         or Waterford School District              bound seniors. The program is
                       • Trips to Meijer, Summit Place Mall,      based on individual nutritional
                         Wal-Mart and local medical facilities      needs not income. Optional
                       • 72-hour notice needed for van               cold evening meals, frozen
                         services                                   weekend meals and Ensure
                                                                  liquid meals are also available.
                       • Courteous, friendly, qualified drivers   The meals are provided to you
                       • Clean, reliable vehicles. $3 each              on a donation basis.
                         way within Waterford Twp.                    The amount of $3.00 per
                        Senior transportation made easy                hot meal is suggested.
                                 and affordable!                        Call for program
                                                                    eligibility 248-682-9450

                            Lunch Served
                                Monday - Friday
                                  12:00 Noon
                              $3 Donation over 60
Senior Center

                        Bistro Snack Bar
                             10:30 am - 1:00 pm
                                 Soup $1.50
                                 Salad $2.00
                           Sandwich & Chips $2.00

                                     The Waterford Senior Center
                                is committed to providing seniors with:
                                  Activities, Recreation, Dining, Travel
                                          and Support Services


                38        WAT E R F O R D S E N I O R C E N T E R 2 4 8 . 6 8 2 . 9 4 5 0
                                                          Senior Center
                          Water Aerobics Schedule
                            WINTER SESSION 1: January 12 - February 22
                               WINTER SESSION 2: March 2 - April 20
                                SPRING SESSION: April 22 - June 8
                          No classes at Mott Jan. 18; Class will be at Kettering Feb. 7
                                   Drop-in only classes March 29-April 6)

                              For more information see pages 27 and 32
                               Please use Registration Form on page 17
  SCHOOL DISTRICT         Water Walking Workout NEW!
  POOL & FITNESS          Day      Time                   M           R         NR
     CENTERS              KETTERING
                          Mon      8:00am               $26          $30        $36
                          Wed      8:00am               $26          $30        $36
 KETTERING CAMPUS         Fri      8:00am               $26          $30        $36
   2800 Kettering Dr      Water Aerobics
  248.673.9969            MOTT
                          Mon        9:30am             $26          $30        $36
                          Mon        6:00pm             $26          $30        $36
   MOTT CAMPUS            Tue        7:30pm             $26          $30        $36
 1151 Scott Lake Rd       Wed        9:30am             $26          $30        $36
  248.674.6360            Th         7:00pm             $26          $30        $36
                          Fri        9:30am             $26          $30        $36
  Visit our website for
                          Arthritis Water Exercise
 complete membership
    information and       Mon        10:30am            $20          $26        $32
       applications       Wed        10:30am            $20          $26        $32
                          Fri        10:30am            $20          $26        $32   Deep Water - Water Aerobics
                                                                                           Senior Center

                          Mon      9:45am               $26          $30        $36
                          Mon      7:30pm               $26          $30        $36
                          Wed      9:45am               $26          $30        $36
                          Wed      7:30pm               $26          $30        $36
                          Fri      9:45am               $26          $30        $36
                          Aqua Zumba
  ALSO RECEIVE A          Tue      9:30am               $26          $30        $36
 10% DISCOUNT ON          Tue      6:00pm               $26          $30        $36
     CLASSES!             Th       6:00pm               $26          $30        $36

                          Senior Pool Fitness Special!
                           Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
                          Seniors can use the pool or fitness center
                                       for only $2.50!

  WAT E R F O R D S E N I O R C E N T E R 2 4 8 . 6 8 2 . 9 4 5 0                         39
                                                    WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION

                                               WINTER-SPRING 2013 REGISTRATION INFORMATION
                                                                  Four Easy Ways to Register…
                                                          Walk-In to our office: 5200 Civic Center Drive, Waterford, MI 48329
                                                          Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM/Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-4:30PM (Memorial Day to Labor Day)
                                                         Mail-In: Checks payable to Waterford Parks & Recreation
                                                         Fax-In: 248-618-7674 Download a registration form online first. This is to be used by
                                                         customers paying with Mastercard or Discover only. (A convenience fee will be charged. See
                                                         below for more details.) If you haven’t received an emailed receipt within 24 hours, please call
                                                         to verify we have received your fax.
                                                         Phone-In: 248-674-5441 for participants paying with Mastercard or Discover. (A convenience
                                                         fee will be charged. See below for more details.)

                                                           Programs with this symbol require a program specific registration form. Most registration forms
                                                           can be found on our website. Please be aware of program registration deadlines.

                                                                   **HELP US BE GREEN AND SAVE ON POSTAGE!**
                                                           By providing an email address, we are able to email your receipt.
                                               REFUND POLICY
                                               • Refunds must be requested before the second class less a $5 service fee.
                                               • If a class is cancelled you will receive a full refund.
                                               • All classes must have the minimum registered or the class will not be offered. Full refunds will be processed.
                                               This refund policy will be strictly adhered. Participants are responsible for changing their own personal schedules that
                                               may conflict with the recreation class or session. Checks returned NSF will be subject to a $10 administrative charge.
                                               The Waterford Parks and Recreation Department will comply with the spirit and intent of the American with Disabilities Act. We will pro-
                                               vide and make reasonable accommodations to assist people with disabilities to access and participate in our recreation programs, facil-
                                               ities and services. Inquiries or complaints should be directed to 248-674-5441.

                                                Credit Card Policy Waterford Parks and Recreation will charge a convenience fee for all credit card and debit
                                                card payments. Credit cards will be charged 2.5% of the total purchase with a convenience
                                                fee minimum of $3.95. Debit card payments will be charged a flat fee of $3.95.
                                                Mastercard and Discover may only be used.

                                                                 A Special Thanks to Our Donors
                                              $1000 or more                                   $500 to $999                                     $100 to $499
                                              Waterford Community Church                      Penske Corp.                                     Golden Age Club
                                              Judge Jodi Debbrecht                            Suburban Ford of Waterford                       Greshams Cleaners
                                              Al Deeby                                        Richard Baker, DDS                               Happy Hookers
                                              Smith Disposal and Recycling                    Best Source Credit Union
                                              Genisys Credit Union                            Waterford Firefighters Union
                                              Harold Hunt

                                                           Big Wheels Keep On Rollin’
                                                    Special Thanks to Our Trucker Exhibitors!
                                              Adler Towing                                    Reefer Trucks                                    Waterford Senior Center
                                              Atlas VanLines                                  Smith Family                                     Waterford Schools Transportation
                                              Consumers Energy                                Star EMS                                         Van Horn Concrete
                                              DTE Energy                                      Suburban Ford                                    Waterford Police Dept
                                              Edward R. White Construction                    United States Postal Service                     Weingartz
                                              Magnum Helicopters                              Waterford DPW
                                              Media Network                                   Waterford Fire Fighters

40                                            248.674.5441 •

                                                                                                                                                   WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
Visit us online and register for programs at
                      **Non-residents add $5 to program fee

                              Phone                           Mail                        Fax            Walk-In
                             Waterford Parks & Recreation – Payment Information
       5200 Civic Center Drive, Waterford, MI 48329 • (248) 674-5441 • Fax: (248) 618-7674
PARENT/GUARDIAN OR PAYEE: (PLEASE PRINT) Non-Residents add $5 to fee

PAYEE LAST NAME                                                                       PAYEE FIRST NAME

ADDRESS                                                               CITY                                 ZIP

PHONE (HOME) / CELL                                                   PHONE (WORK)                         EMAIL ADDRESS

DISCOVER /MASTERCARD # (if paying by credit card a convenience fee will be charged)     EXP. DATE          3 DIGIT SECURITY CODE

                                             CLASS PARTICIPANT INFORMATION:
  LAST NAME                                                           FIRST                                BIRTHDATE           KM KF

            CLASS NAME                                 CLASS #                             DAY & TIME                  FEE (non-res add $5)

  LAST NAME                                                           FIRST                                BIRTHDATE           KM KF

            CLASS NAME                                 CLASS #                             DAY & TIME                  FEE (non-res add $5)

                                                        WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY
In consideration of acceptance of my registration in the program(s), I do hereby, take action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs,
next of kin, successors, and assigns to: (A) Waive, Release, and Discharge from any and all liability for my death, disability, personal injury,
property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may hereafter accrue to me, including as to my traveling to and from this
event, the following entities or persons: Waterford Township and Waterford Parks and Recreation Department, its elected and appointed offi-
cials, employees and volunteers, and representatives and agents, and others working or acting in behalf of Waterford Township and
Waterford Parks and Recreation Department; and to the extent permitted by law (B) Indemnify and Hold Harmless the entities or persons
mentioned in this paragraph from any and all liabilities or claims made by other individuals or entities as a result of or relating to my atten-
dance at or participation in this program(s).

SIGNATURE OF PARENT/GUARDIAN OR REGISTERING STUDENT                                                        DATE

           Parks & Recreation Offices have moved!
                  NEW LOCATION: Waterford Township Hall
               5200 Civic Center Dr, 3rd Floor, Waterford 48329
248.674.5441 •                                                                                                 41

42                                            248.674.5441 •
                                                            PRINCESS PARTY
      Parent & Child

                                                                                                                         WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
                                                            Dress up in your favorite princess gown and join us for
DIAPER DANCING                                              a Royal Celebration. Special visitors Cinderella and
Instructor: Lisa Borkowski                                  Belle, will lead us in Royal festivities including: dinner
Parents join your infant/non-walker for some baby           with our guests of honor, games and a craft. Children
exercise, music, dancing and story time.                    must be accompanied by an adult. No refunds.
110513-01 Sa 1/26-3/16                  9:15A-9:45A         130552-01 F 2/15                              6:00P-7:30P
210513-01 Sa 3/30-5/25                  9:15A-9:45A         230552-01 F 3/22                              6:00P-7:30P
Busy Bodies         8 wks                       $70         230552-02 F 5/10                              6:00P-7:30P
No class 4/20                                               CAI Building $9/person                           Ages 2-5

TUMBLING TODDLERS                                           MINI MOZARTS
Instructor Lisa Borkowski                                   A “hands” on introduction into the world of music
Packed with hands-on activities for your busy toddler to    encouraging your child’s sense of rhythm.
develop motor skills, coordination & socialization.         Ages 1 ½ -5
Children will warm-up, have "tumble" time and do            111570-01 M 1/21-3/18                 11:00A-11:45A
movement to music. Weekly themes & parent partici-          211570-01 M 3/25-5/13                 11:00A-11:45A
pation add to the fun!                                      Busy Bodies       8 wks                         $80
Ages 1-3
110511-01 Tu 1/29-3/19                   6:30P-7:15P        PAINT PLAY
110511-02 W 1/30-3/20                 10:00A-10:45A         Instructor: Busy Bodies
210511-01 Tu 4/2-5/28                    6:30P-7:15P        The perfect combination of gross motor play followed
210511-02 W 4/3-5/29                  10:00A-10:45A         by an art class that focuses on creativity and fine
Ages 2-4                                                    motor coordination.
110511-03 Tu 1/29-3/19                   7:30P-8:15P        Ages 2-5
110511-04 W 1/30-3/20                 11:00A-11:45A         110161-01 Sa 1/26-3/16              11:00A-12:15P
210511-03 Tu 4/2-5/28                    7:30P-8:15P        210161-01 Sa 3/20-5/25              11:00A-12:15P
210511-04 W 4/3-5/29                  11:00A-11:45A         Busy Bodies        8 wks                        $135
CAI Building        8 wks                         $80
No Class 4/23, 4/24                                         PRE-K ADVENTURES
Ages 1-3                                                    Pre-K Adventures returns in 2013 for more stories,
115011-05 Sa 1/26-3/16                10:00A-10:45A         crafts, walks outside, and fun! Please bundle up as we
210511-05 Sa 3/30-5/25                10:00A-10:45A         will explore outdoors, even in the snow! Each child must
Ages 2-4                                                    be accompanied by a parent. No refunds. Take all 4 -
110511-06 Sa 1/26-3/16                11:00A-11:45A         A.M. classes for $15, residents or $18, non-residents.
210511-06 Sa 3/30-5/25                11:00A-11:45A         Ages 3-5
Busy Bodies         8 wks                         $80       111331-01 Th 2/21                        10:00A-11:00A
No Class 4/20                                               111331-02 Th 3/21                        10:00A-11:00A
                                                            211331-01 Th 4/18                        10:00A-11:00A
LITTLE TYKES SPORTS                                         211331-02 Th 5/16                        10:00A-11:00A
Instructor: Lisa McCoy                                      Nature Center 1 day $4 residents / $5 non-residents
This class will give you the opportunity to work one-on-
one and spend quality time with your child. Children,       Unable to attend our Thursday morning classes
along with their participating adult, will experience the   because of school? We are now offering Pre-K
basic skills needed to play sports. Children will be        Adventures on Thursday Afternoons as well! Each
introduced to soccer, t-ball and basketball.                child must be accompanied by a parent. No refunds.
Ages 3-4                                                    Take all 4 - P.M. classes for $15, residents or $18,
130572-01 F 2/8-3/8                         6:30P-7:00P     non-residents.
130572-02 F 4/12-5/10                       6:30P-7:30P     Ages 3-5
CAI Building         5 wks                          $45     111331-03 Th 1/17                       3:30P-4:30P
                                                            111331-04 Th 2/21                       3:30P-4:30P
EARTH DAY FAMILY WALK                                       211331-03 Th 3/21                       3:30P-4:30P
Come and celebrate Earth Day at the Nature Center. A        211331-04 Th 4/18                       3:30P-4:30P
donation of clean glass jars, clean rags, craft supplies,   Nature Center 1 day $4 residents / $5 non-residents
or other useful items gets you in the door. Make a
recycled craft, take a guided walk, and enjoy our beau-
                                                               Parks & Recreation Offices
tiful Earth! Please contact the Parks & Recreation                     have moved!
Department to let us know you’re attending – so we                       NEW LOCATION:
have a count for craft project purposes.                             Waterford Township Hall
211334-01 Sa 4/21                         1:00P-3:00P             5200 Civic Center Dr, 3rd Floor,
Nature Center        1 day                     Donation                  Waterford 48329

248.674.5441 •                                                                       43
                                              CRAFTY KIDS                                                TAP

                                              Instructor: Jill Hokanson                                  Instructor: Raquel Pickett
                                              Prepare your child to be in a pre-school environment       Learn the basics of tap techniques and movements.
                                              with this class filled with activities such as: seasonal   Ages 7&8
                                              arts & crafts projects, painting & gluing, color, number   110023-01 Sa 1/19-3/9                   3:30P-4:00P
                                              & shape recognition, story time, playtime & sing-a-        210023-01 Sa 3/16-5/11                  3:30P-4:00P
                                              longs. Children must be accompanied by an adult.           Ages 9-11
                                              Ages 2-5                                                   110023-02 Sa 1/19-3/9                   4:00P-4:30P
                                              210011-01 Tu 4/9-5/14                     10:00A-11:00A    210023-02 Sa 3/16-5/11                  4:00P-4:30P
                                              CAI Building          6 wks                         $57    Ages 12 & older
                                                                                                         110023-03 Sa 1/19-3/9                   4:30P-5:00P
                                              TEA & TRILLIUMS                                            210023-03 Sa 3/16-5/11                  4:30P-5:00P
                                              Instructor: Sara Schorling                                 CAI Building       8 wks      $48      No class 3/30
                                              Bring your whole family or surprise mom with a visit to
                                              the Nature Center! We will get an up-close look at         CHEERLEADING
                                              early-blooming wildflowers. Afterward, tea and treats      Instructor: Julie Hauler, Certified USASF Coach
                                              will be served. No refunds.                                Course is designed to have
                                              31330-01 Sa 5/11                      10:30A-11:30A        fun, build confidence and self-
                                              Nature Center 1 day $4 residents / $5 non-residents        esteem, while learning the
                                                                                                         basics of cheerleading. Chants,
                                                                                                         motions, jumps and beginning
                                                                                                         skills will be taught. Last class
                                               Youth Dance & Fitness                                     will include a cheer routine
                                                                                                         performed to music and a
                                              BALLET                                                     small awards ceremony.
                                              Instructor: Raquel Pickett                                 Ages 4-6
                                              Class concentrates on the movements of classical bal-      110421-01 M 2/4-3/25                      6:00P-6:45P
                                              let and teaching techniques.                               110421-03 M 4/8-5/13                      6:00P-6:45P
                                              Ages 4&5                                                   Ages 7-10
                                              110021-01 Sa 1/19-3/9              10:15A-10:45A           110421-02 M 2/4-3/25                      7:00P-7:45P
                                              210021-01 Sa 3/16-5/11             10:15A-10:45A           110421-04 M 4/8-5/13                      7:00P-7:45P
                                              Ages 5&6                                                   Crary Aux Gym         6 wks                       $44
                                              110021-02 Sa 1/19-3/9              10:45A-11:30A           No class 2/18 & 3/11
                                              210021-02 Sa 3/16-5/11             10:45A-11:30A
                                              Ages 7&8                                                   TUMBLING & GYMNASTICS
                                              110021-03 Sa 1/19-3/9              11:30A-12:15P           Instructor: Lisa Borkowski
                                              210021-03 Sa 3/16-5/11             11:30A-12:15P           Begin to learn the fundamentals of tumbling and gym-
                                              Ages 9-11                                                  nastics using floor exercises designed to enhance coor-
                                              110021-04 Sa 1/19-3/9               12:15P-1:00P           dination and motor skills in a fun, safe, non-competitive
                                              210021-04 Sa 3/16-5/11              12:15P-1:00P           manner.
                                              Ages 12 & older                                            Ages 4-6
                                              110021-05 Sa 1/19-3/9                 1:00P-2:00P          110512-01 Tu 1/29-3/19                     4:40P-5:25P
                                              211001-05 Sa 3/16-5/11                1:00P-2:00P          210512-01 Tu 4/2-5/28                      4:40P-5:25P
                                              CAI Building        8 wks    $53     No class 3/30         Ages 7-9
                                                                                                         110512-02 Tu 1/29-3/19                     5:30P-6:15P
                                              JAZZ                                                       210512-02 Tu 4/2-5/28                      5:30P-6:15P
                                              Instructor: Raquel Pickett                                 CAI Building 8 wks         $90            No Class 4/23
                                              Beginning & Intermediate: Learn the basics of jazz
                                              techniques and movements.                                  ADVANCED TUMBLING/GYMNASTICS
                                              Ages 9-11                                                  Instructor: Busy Bodies
                                              110022-01 Sa 1/19-3/9               2:00P-2:45P            A tumbling/gymnastics class designed for the gymnast
                                              210022-01 Sa 3/16-5/11              2:00P-2:45P            who has mastered basic skills, such as somersaults,
                                              Ages 12 & older                                            handstands, bridges and cartwheels.
                                              110022-02 Sa 1/19-3/9               2:45P-3:30P            Ages 5-11
                                              210022-02 Sa 3/16-5/11              2:45P-3:30P            110512-03 M 1/28-3/25                  6:00P-6:45P
                                              CAI Building       8 wks   $53     No class 3/30           210512-03 M 4/8-6/10                   6:00P-6:45P
                                                                                                         CAI Building 8 wks                             $90
                                                                                                         No class 2/18, 4/22, 5/27

44                                             248.674.5441 •
MARTIAL ARTS                                               MOTHER DAUGHTER HIP HOP

                                                                                                                      WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
Instructor: Lakes Area Martial Arts                        Instructor: Busy Bodies
Mixed martial arts of Tang Soo Do (Karate) and Judo        A perfect class to spend some mother/daughter time
(Grappling). Learn how to defend yourself on your feet     bonding, while exercising
and on the ground with confidence. Come join this          Ages 6 & up
exciting program especially designed to provide prac-      110423-01 M 1/28-3/25                7:30P-8:15P
tical Martial Arts training and effective self defense     210422-01 M 4/8-6/3                  7:30P-8:15P
techniques. With three Masters, and five Black belts       CAI Building       8 wks               $90/couple
your student will be given one on one personal atten-      No class 2/18, 5/27
tion. Half price to each additional family member. $43
for uniform for the first time enrollees. If you have
questions please leave a message at 248 830-8125.               Youth Sports
Ages 5 & older
Beginning                                                  INSTRUCTIONAL ARCHERY
110153-01 Tu &Th           1/3-1/31        6:00P-7:00P     Instructor: Ronald Hall
110153-02 Tu & Th 2/5-2/28                 6:00P-7:00P     Learn the basics of archery, including safety, tech-
110153-03 Tu & Th 3/5-3/28                 6:00P-7:00P     niques, mental concentration and self improvement.
210150-01 Tu & Th 4/2-4/30                 6:00P-7:00P     Equipment is provided or bring your own (must be
210150-02 Tu & Th 5/2-5/30                 6:00P-7:00P     approved by instructors before use).
Intermediate/Advanced                                      110165-01 W 1/16-3/20                  6:30P-8:00P
110150-01 Tu & Th 1/3-1/31                 7:00P-8:30P     Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club      10 wks $70
110150-02 Tu & Th 2/5-2/28                 7:00P-8:30P
110150-03 Tu & Th 3/5-3/28                 7:00P-8:30P     VOLLEYBALL SKILLS CAMP
210151-01 Tu & Th 4/2-4/30                 7:00P-8:30P     In partnership with Independence Twp. Parks &
210151-02 Tu & Th 5/2 - 5/30               7:00P-8:00P     Recreation
CAI Building 1 month                               $49     Teaches players basic skills. Each week will be a
                                                           structured lesson that will build skills from week to
JUNIOR JIN JITSU                                           week. Learning focus will be on passing, serving, set-
A brilliantly designed class teaches children self-        ting and hitting with court play. Fun and games will be
defense alternatives to punching and kicking. Both fun     incorporated. No experience necessary! Starting
and effective, students learn how to respond to an         February 18, a $10 late fee will be charged, if space
attack with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness       still available. No refunds after February 18.
as they integrate pride and respect into all aspects of    Grades 4-9
their lives. Uniform needed $35 from instructor.           130575-01 M 2/25–3/25                     6:30P-8:00P
Ages 6-12                                                  5 wks                $45
112001-01 Sa 2/2-3/23                 10:00A-11:00A        Cedar Crest Academy, 8970 Dixie Hwy, Clarkston
212001-01 Sa 4/6-6/1                  10:00A-11:00A
Fight Club 8 wks          $80           No Class 5/25      LITTLE KICKERS
                                                           Instructor: Mike Eberle
KIDS HOP                                                   This class is designed for children who are not quite
Instructor: Busy Bodies                                    ready for league play. Skill development is enhanced
Grade K-2nd                                                with fun, creative games and activities. Shin guards are
An introduction to Pom’s and dance using choreogra-        recommended. Children must bring a #3 soccer ball.
phy to today’s music                                       Ages 4-6
110423-01 M 1/28-3/25                      6:00P-6:45P     130574-02 W 2/6-3/27                      6:45P–7:30P
210423-01 M 4/8-6/3                        6:00P-6:45P     230574-02 W 4/17-6/5                       6:45P-7:30P
CAI Building 8 wks                                 $80     CAI Building         8 wks                         $57
No class 2/18 or 5/27
Grades 3-5
Class teaches isolation warm-ups, walks and combi-
nations. Pom pon activities are choreographed to
today's hits. A short dance routine will be performed at
the last class.
110423-02 M 1/28-3/25                      6:45P-7:30P
210423-02 M 4/8-6/3                        6:45P-7:30P
CAI Building 8 wks                                 $80
No class 2/18 or 5/27

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248.674.5441 •                                                                    45
                                              K-2 BASKETBALL CLINIC                                         LEARN TO PLAY HOCKEY (ATOMS)

                                              Instructors: Mike Kelley                                      Teaches children the basics of learning how to skate
                                              The clinic will teach the basic fundamentals of basket-       and prepares them to play hockey. Class will be divid-
                                              ball. Skills will be developed through fun, creative games,   ed into four groups depending on skill level. All par-
                                              activities and one-on-one interaction. Boys and girls are     ticipants must have full equipment.
                                              welcome. Advanced participants should be in first or          Ages 4-12
                                              second grades or have previously attended the begin-          111577-01 Tu 3/5-4/30                   5:20P-6:10P
                                              ner’s clinic. Students receive a participation medal.         111577-02 Sa 1/12-3/2                 9:40A-10:20A
                                              Beginners                                                     111577-03 Sa 3/9-5/4                  9:40A-10:20A
                                              130571-01 M 2/4-3/4                           6:00P-6:45P     Lakeland Ice Arena 8 wks
                                              130571-02 M 3/11-4/1                          6:00P-6:45P     $85 1x/wk          $150 2x/wk       No class 4/2, 4/6
                                              130571-03 Sa 2/9-3/2                      10:00A-10:45A
                                              Advanced                                                      SUPER SATURDAY SOCCER
                                              135071-05 W 2/6-2/27                          6:00P-6:45P     Instructor: Mike Eberle
                                              130571-06 W 3/6-3/27                          6:00P-6:45P     Boys and girls ages 5 – 6 will learn skills, basic drills,
                                              130571-04 Sa 2/9-3/2                      11:00A-11:45A       and play small-sided zone games This is a parent/child
                                              CAI Building 4 wks                                     $35    interactive program. Children must be 5 years old by
                                              No class 2/18, 4/4 & 4/7                                      April 13, 2013. Each child needs to bring a #3 soccer
                                                                                                            ball & shin guards.
                                              JUNIOR GOLF LESSONS                                           240502-01 Sa 4/13-5/18                  9:30A-10:30A
                                              Instructor: After School Golf                                 Civic Center Soccer -Green Field 6 wks              $37
                                              Your child can learn about golf, form, grip, stance and
                                              swing fundamentals. Also, the basics of the long              DETROIT LIONS FOOTBALL CLINIC
                                              game (driver and irons) and the short game (pitching,         Instructor: Chris Fritzsching, Director of Detroit Lions
                                              chipping and putting). Kids will have fun while learn-        Youth Football
                                              ing skills they can enjoy throughout their lives. All         Boys and girls will be taught the fundamentals of quar-
                                              equipment is provided.                                        terback, running back, and wide receiver play during
                                              Ages 6-12                                                     this 90-minute clinic. Children will receive a Detroit
                                              140021-01 Tu 2/12-3/5                     6:00P-7:00P         Lions Clinic t-shirt, a Lions Pride program and other
                                              140021-02 Tu 3/19-4/9                     6:00P-7:00P         Lions goodies. Registration Deadline is April 8th.
                                              240021-01 Th 4/4-4/25                     6:00P-7:00P         Ages 6 - 13
                                              CAI Building        $65                          4 wks        240131-01 Sa 4/13                       11:00A-12:30P
                                                                                                            Mason M.S.           1 day                          $28
                                              JUNIOR SPORTS
                                              Instructor: Lisa McCoy                                        K-2 BASEBALL/SOFTBALL CLINIC
                                              Children will experience the basic skills needed to play      Instructor: Mike Kelley
                                              basketball, soccer, t-ball and football. Skills that are      Boys and girls will be taught the basic fundamentals of
                                              needed to play these sports will be introduced.               baseball and softball. Cost includes a medal.
                                              Ages 4 ½-6                                                    Beginners aimed toward kindergartners, first or sec-
                                              130573-01 F 2/8-3/15                       7:15P-8:00P        ond graders with few skills. Advanced aimed toward
                                              230573-01 F 4/12-5/17                      7:15P-8:00P        first or second graders with skills (or attended a clinic
                                              CAI Building 5 wks         $45 No class 3/1 & 5/3             last year).
                                              LEARN TO ICE SKATE                                            230571-01 Sa 5/4-6/1                    10:00A–11:00A
                                              Group lessons are divided by skill level which will take      Optimist Park        $35       4 wks       No class 5/25
                                              students from basic forward and backward skating              Advanced
                                              through fundamental jumps and spins. Skaters                  230571-01 Sa 5/4-6/1                    11:15A–12:15P
                                              receive a 20 minute group lesson within the hour of           Optimist Park        $35      4 wks        No class 5/25
                                              ice time.
                                              Basic 1-3                                                     FOOTBALL SKILLS CAMP
                                              111576-01 Tu 2/19-3/26                    5:20P-6:20P         Instructor: Kevin Bellant, Head Coach Holly H.S.
                                              Hockey                                                        This camp gets players ready for flag or tackle football,
                                              111576-02 Tu 2/19-3/26                    5:20P-6:20P         teaching sportsmanship and teamwork. Specific skills
                                              Lakeland Arena 6 wks                               $65        & drills are taught for these positions, quarterback,
                                              Snow Plow Sam                                                 wide receiver, running back, line backer, defensive
                                              111576-03 Tu 2/19-3/26                    6:20P-6:50P         backs & lineman.
                                              Lakeland Arena 6 wks                               $40        Ages 6 - 18
                                              Snow Plow Sam                                                 140132-01 Sa 2/16-3/23                    1:00P-3:00P
                                              111576-04 Th 4/11-6/6                     6:50P-7:20P         CAI Building       6 wks           $89/includes t-shirt
                                              Lakeland Arena 8 wks $60                 No class 5/23

46                                            248.674.5441 •
MUNCHKIN TENNIS                                                      SPRING SOCCER

                                                                                                                           WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
Instructor: Dan Madden, PTR Certified Tennis Pro                     Soccer Program for children ages 6 – 16.
A class for children who are new to tennis. Fast, fun        Practices will be scheduled by coach. Season runs for
and friendly drills and games will be utilized to devel-     7 weeks. U12 – U16 age groups may play West
op footwork and hand-eye coordination while intro-           Bloomfield and/or Clarkston with games on weekends
ducing basic technique of ground strokes and volleys.        or weeknights.
Ages 4-6                                                     REGISTRATION:          January 7– March 6
240353-01 W 4/17-5/8                      5:00P-5:45P        LATE REGISTRATION: March 7-14
CAI Building         4 wks                         $60       Child is placed on a waiting list and a $10 fee is added.
                                                             WHEN:                  Sundays, April 14 – June 9
LEARN TO PLAY TENNIS                                                                (not 5/12 or 5/26)
Instructor: Dan Madden, PTR Certified Tennis Pro             LOCATION:              Civic Center Soccer Fields
A class designed to teach and build on a player’s fun-       COST:                  U8 & U10 $52 with shirt,
damentals. Forehand, backhand, overhead smash,                                      $39 without shirt
serve and volley will be taught using a combination of                              U12, U14 & U16 $58 with shirt,
individual instruction, drills, games and point situa-                              $45 without shirt
tions. Basic rules, scoring, history and strategy will be    Age Division           Born on or Between
introduced.                                                  Under 8                August 1, 2004-July 31, 2006
Ages 7-16                                                    Under 10               August 1, 2002-July 31, 2004
240351-01 W 4/17-5/8                       5:45P-6:45P       Under 12               August 1, 2000-July 31, 2002
CAI Building         4 wks                         $80       Under 14               August 1, 1998-July 31, 2000
                                                             Under 16                August 1, 1996-July 31, 1998
                                                             If your child turns 6 by April 14, 2013, they are also
 Youth League Sports                                         eligible to play.

       The programs in this section require a program               SKIPPERS FASTPITCH PROGRAM
       specific registration form be filled out. Visit our   Register:               January 7 – May 22
website at for           Late Registration:      May 23 – 31 girls will be
registration forms.                                          placed on a waiting list and a $10 late fee is added.
                                                             Individual or team registration! This program is for girls
      GIRLS SPRING SOFTBALL                                  that have beginning to intermediate skill levels. Volunteer
      3rd-8th Grade Recreational League:                     coaches are needed. Coaches will schedule practices.
Individual & team registration accepted. Teams will be       9-10 year olds:         1 week instructional clinic
formed according to the Waterford School the child                                   (6-7:30P) and 5 wks of games
attends and their grade. If there isn’t a school team,       11-12 year olds:        6 weeks of games
Individuals will be placed onto a team based on the          13-14 year olds:        6 double header games
league’s best interest. Volunteer coaches are needed.                                played on Fridays
Practices are scheduled by the coach.                        Ages 9-10 (as of 1/1/13)
10U, 12U, & 14U Fast Pitch League:                           #340261.01 M & W 6/17-7/31 no games 7/1 & 7/3
Team registration only. Age as of 1/1/13. Existing           Ages 11-12 (as of 1/1/13)
“travel” fast pitch teams may participate in this league.    #340261.02 M & W 6/17-7/31 no games 7/1 & 7/3
Player waiver forms will be available at the Recreation      Ages 13-14 (as of 1/1/13)
Office or log onto           #340261.03 F             6/21-8/2 no games 7/5
drec for a form.                                             Waterford Fields         $42
REGISTRATION:           January 7– March 6
LATE REGISTRATION: March 7 – 14                                    NORTH OAKLAND TRAVEL
Child is placed on a waiting list and a $10 fee is added.          FAST PITCH LEAGUE
WHEN:                   Saturdays, April 27 – June 8         REGISTRATION:           February 19 – April 29
                        (not 5/25)                           Team registration only! This summer league consists
                        6 week season                        of travel softball teams from the North Oakland County
GAME TIMES:             Between 9:00AM-5:00PM                area. Teams play eight double header games on week
LOCATION:               Waterford Softball Fields            nights beginning at 5:30PM. Season runs June 17 –
COST:                   $31                                  August 1 (no games 7/1-7/4). Open to 10U,
                                                             12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U age groups. Coaching
                                                             packets will be available after January 7th at

                Non-Residents add $5 to class fees.

248.674.5441 •                                                                         47
                                                    SUMMER BALL
                                                                                                               Adult Fitness

                                                    Acquiring an elementary knowledge of the game
                                              and learning skills of throwing, hitting, and catching.
                                                                                                           FOCUS ON STRENGTH
                                              Boys & Girls play in separate leagues. Volunteer
                                                                                                           Instructor: Andrea Spiro
                                              coaches are needed, contact us for more information.
                                                                                                           Overall body strengthening, using free weights, bands
                                              Boys ages as of April 30, 2013 - Girls ages as of
                                                                                                           and fitness ball. This powerful 45 minute class will
                                              January 1, 2013. Intermediate is ½ t-ball, ½ coach
                                                                                                           improve your bone density and muscle tone.
                                              pitch - 6 yr. olds must have played 1 yr. t-ball. **July
                                                                                                           110169-01 M 2/4-3/25                    6:15P-7:00P
                                              31-August 6 will be used as a make-up week to
                                                                                                           210169-02 M 4/8-5/20                    6:15P-7:00P
                                              make-up two rained out nights should they occur.
                                                                                                           CAI Building 7 wks $44                 No class 2/18
                                              Practices will be scheduled by coach.
                                              T-Ball                  Age 5 & 6
                                              Intermediate            Age 6 & 7                            MOAN-N-GROAN AEROBICS
                                              Coach Pitch             Age 8 & 9                            Instructor: Ann Swanson
                                              REGISTRATION:           JANUARY 7 – APRIL 24                 Come join us in this low impact aerobics and body
                                              LATE REGISTRATION: APRIL 25 – MAY 2                          strengthening class. A great class for those who want to
                                              Child is put on a waiting list and a $10 late fee is added   maintain a great level of fitness and health or just release
                                              WHEN:                   June 17–Aug 6** (not 7/3-7/4)        stress with a fun group. Class will consist of stretching,
                                              GAME TIMES:             between 5:45PM – 8:00PM              cardio, and strengthening. Bring an exercise mat.
                                              LOCATION:               Waterford Schools & Parks            110261-01 Tu or Th 1/15-4/4                  6:00P-7:00P
                                              COST:                   $42                                  110261-02 Tu & Th 1/15-4/4                   6:00P-7:00P
                                              LATE REGISTRATION COST: $52                                  CAI Building 12 wks $58 1x/wk                   $99 2x/wk
                                                                                                           210261-01 Tu or Th 4/16-5/23                 6:00P-7:00P
                                                                                                           210261-02 Tu & Th 4/16-5/23                  6:00P-7:00P
                                                                                                           CAI Building 6 wks          $29 1x/wk           $50 2x/wk
                                                    NFL YOUTH FLAG FOOTBALL
                                                    Grades Pre K – 8th
                                              Presented by: Michigan Youth Flag Football                   STEP AEROBICS
                                              Michigan’s largest NFL youth flag football organization      Instructor: Terry Hodskins
                                              is now accepting registrations for the Spring 2013           Come workout to the best dance music, low impact
                                              season. There are no try-outs! Everyone participates!        step aerobics. Great for toning and losing weight.
                                              Games are played on Saturday at Mason Middle                 Super fun class. Bring mat for after workout stretch-
                                              School, beginning April 20th, 2013. Children will be         es and crunches. Great class for beginners through
                                              placed on teams on a first-come, first serve basis,          advanced.
                                              according to school and grade.                               111573-01 M, W 2/4-4/1                 7:00P-8:00P
                                                                                                           211573-02 M, W 4/8-6/3                 7:00P-8:00P
                                              This is a 5 vs. 5, non-contact, recreational, co-ed for-     8 wks $50 1x/wk $92 2x/wk               CAI Building
                                              mat. Teams are limited to 10 players to maximize play-       No class 2/18 & 5/27
                                              ing time. This is an exceptional program for first time
                                              players who want to learn the fundamentals of foot-          POWER PILATES
                                              ball. Entry fee includes a reversible NFL jersey, flag       Instructor: Julie Shada Galvin
                                              belt, and individual award.                                  Learn the basic fundamentals of pilates. You will learn
                                              NFL FLAG Entry Fee: $118 + processing fee                    how to use breath, mindfulness of muscles (core) with
                                              Registration Deadline: March 1, 2013                         movement. Begin with basic exercises showing mod-
                                              You must register on-line at:                                ifications with growth toward progressive movement.
                                                                Performed primarily on the floor.
                                              For more information call (248) 454-9700                     111103-01 Tu or Th 2/5-3/28 10:15A-11:00A
                                                                                                           111103-02 Tu & Th 2/5-3/28 10:15A-11:00A
                                                                                                           211103-01 Tu or Th 4/2-5/23 10:15A-11:00A
                                                                                                           211103-02 Tu & Th 4/2-5/23 10:15A-11:00A
                                                                                                           CAI Building 8 wks        $50 1x/wk        $96 2x/wk
                                                                                                           111103-03 W               2/6-3/6        6:15P-7:00P
                                                                                                           111103-04 W               3/13-4/10      6:15P-7:00P
                                                                                                           CAI Building 5 wks                                 $32

                                                                                                              Parks & Recreation Offices
                                                                                                                      have moved!
                                                                                                                        NEW LOCATION:
                                                                                                                    Waterford Township Hall
                                                                                                                 5200 Civic Center Dr, 3rd Floor,
                                                                                                                        Waterford 48329

48                                            248.674.5441 •
50+ FITNESS              Instructor: Julie Shada Galvin          POWER YOGA                       Instructor: Chris Weber

                                                                                                                             WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
Come join this fun friendly group! Class will improve            Invigorate, detoxify, reduce stress and relax! Warm up
your balance, coordination and strength. Class is                as you synchronize breathing with easy to follow
designed in two parts, sitting in chairs using small             movements (classic and modified sun salutations).
hand weights and bands, followed by a segment of                 Explore current stamina, strength and flexibility, notic-
movement to improve your cardio conditioning. Great              ing an increase of each by the end of your program
music and great time! Class meets Tuesdays,                      with classic and modified asanas (yoga postures).
Wednesdays and Thurdays                                          Finish with deep relaxation (sivasana) as you learn to
160210-01 1/2 – 3/28                     9:00A-10:00A            detach and melt away stress. No yoga experience
260210-02 4/2 – 6/27                     9:00A-10:00A            necessary. Ages 16 & older
CAI Building 3 months        $30          No class 5/22          111503-02 M 2/11-4/8                       7:45P-9:00P
                                                                 211503-01 M 4/22-6/17                      7:45P-9:00P
TAI CHI CHAIR               Instructor: Denise Murray            CAI Building 8 wks $79              No Class 2/18, 5/27
For individuals experiencing standing and balance
issues and are seeking a gentle exercise program to              KUNDALINI YOGA              Instructor: Mary Pritchard
improve their endurance and exercise tolerance.                  Taught by Yogi Bhajan. Uses breath, movement, pos-
Gentle coordinated stretching and range of motion                ture and sound to benefit and balance body and mind.
movements which can be practiced anywhere. Tai chi               111507-01 M 1/28-3/25                    7:00P-8:30P
is known to help reduce stress and improve balance,              CAI Building 8 wks        $58           No class 2/18
joint health and range of motion.                                211507-01 M 4/8 – 5/20                   7:00P-8:30P
160800-01 M 1/7-2/11                     1:00P-2:00P             CAI Building 7 wks                                $51
160800-03 M 3/18-4/15                    1:00P-2:00P             YOGA de la Ferriere
CAI Building 5 wks $25                  No class 1/21            Teaches control of the body and quiets the mind
260800-01 M 5/6-6/3                      1:00P-2:00P             through specific movements coordinated with the
CAI Building 4 wks $20                  No class 5/27            breath which results in stress reduction. Includes
                                                                 introduction to psychophysicals, conscious relaxation
TAI CHI FOR HEALTH Instructor: Denise Murray                     and asana practice. Beginning and continuing
Gentle flowing movements to reduce the stress of                 students welcome.
today’s busy lifestyles and improve health. Sun Style Tai        111501-01 Sa 1/26 – 3/16              9:30A-11:00A
Chi is known for its agile movements and upright stance.         211501-02 Sa 3/23 – 5/18              9:30A-11:00A
Tai Chi is proven to be beneficial for fall injury prevention.   CAI Building 8 wks        $58          No class 3/30
160800-02 M 1/7-2/11                            2:15P-3:15P
160800-04 M 3/18-4/15                           2:15P-3:15P      LATIN AND BELLY DANCE MIX
CAI Building 5 wks $25                         No class 1/21     Instructor: Tatiana Panina
260800-02 M 5/6-6/3                             2:15P-3:15P      Great mix with Latin and belly dance to lose weight,
CAI Building 4 wks $20                         No class 5/27     stretch your muscles and have a good cardio workout.
                                                                 Beautiful choreography and dynamic music provides
FITNESS FUSION Instructor: Julie Shada Galvin                    you with a fun exercising experience.
Add this class to your exercise routine. A non-impact            210361-01 Th 3/21-4/11                 7:00p-8:00P
workout using instructor direction with a variety of car-        CAI Building         4 wks                     $49
dio, weights and pilates.
111104-01 Sa 2/9-3/9                      8:30A-9:30A
211104-02 Sa 3/16-4/20                    8:30A-9:30A
CAI Building 5 wks $32                   No class 3/30

YOGA WITH EASE                    Instructor: Steve Guth
Beginning HATHA YOGA flow for all abilities in normal
health. Breathe deep and go with the flow. Yoga pos-
tures and exercises are connected providing moderate
cardiovascular stimulation, strengthening limbs and
core. Activity alternates with recovery periods of deep
breathing, developing endurance, strengthen lungs,
managing stress. For ages 16 and older.
111502-01 M 1/7-2/4                        5:45P-7:00P
111502-02 Th 1/3-1/24                      5:45P-7:00P
CAI Building 4 weeks $39                 No Class 1/21
111502-03 M 2/11-4/8                       5:45P-7:00P
111502-04 Th 2/7-3/28                      5:45P-7:00P
211502-01 M 4/22-6/17                      5:45P-7:00P
211502-02 Th 4/11-5/30                     5:45P-7:00P
CAI Building 8 wks $79 No Class 1/21, 2/18, 5/27

248.674.5441 •                                                                           49
                                                    Adult Dance                                                 Adult Sports

                                              CLOGGING                                                    MEN’S BASKETBALL LEAGUE
                                              Instructor: Shane Gruber                                    Team registration only! 4 vs. 4 basketball league for
                                              A combination of tap & line dance. Dance to a variety       men 18 years and older. Maximum of 10 players on
                                              of music including rap, pop, country & bluegrass.           each team. LIMITED TO 8 TEAMS! 6 weeks + playoffs.
                                              Beginner                                                    No games 2/14 or 3/14.
                                              This class utilizes skills learned from beginner class      REGISTRATION:Nov. 19
                                              taken this past fall and builds upon them.                              Fees taken from returning teams
                                              111565-01 W 2/6-3/27                     6:30P-7:30P        Dec. 7      Deadline for returning teams
                                              211565-01 W 4/10-5/29                    6:30P-7:30P        Dec. 10 New teams may submit fees
                                              CAI Building         8 wks                       $59        Dec. 21 Deadline for new teams
                                                                                                          WHEN: Thursday games
                                              CLOGGING CLUB                                                           January 17 – March 21
                                              This class is for the more advanced clogger. Must                       6 wks. + playoffs
                                              have taken previous clogging classes before taking          GAME TIMES: 6:30PM, 7:30PM, 8:30PM
                                              this class.                                                             & 9:30PM
                                              111565-02 W 2/6-3/27                 7:30P-9:30P            WHERE: CAI Building
                                              211565-02 W 4/10-5/29                7:30P-9:30P            COST:       $281 (includes $50 deposit)
                                              CAI Building       8 wks                      $72           Plus referee fees $25 per game
                                              LINE DANCING                                                ADULT SOFTBALL
                                              Instructor: Carol Culbert                                   Team registration only! Slow pitch leagues offered
                                              Line dancing is a fun way to exercise your mind and body!   for Men, Women & Co-ed teams. Contact the CAI
                                              Beginning: Learn basic steps and easy dances.               Building for a Team Packet after January 14th or visit
                                              Beginning Plus: For those who know the basic steps          our website for more information, www.twp.water-
                                              and are ready to learn additional steps and harder .
                                              dances.                                                     REGISTRATION:
                                              Combine Beginning & Beginning Plus for the same             Feb. 25: Fees taken from 2012 summer teams
                                              night for only $75.                                         Mar. 14: Deadline for returning summer teams
                                              Beginning                                                   Mar. 15: Fees taken from 2012 fall teams
                                              211400-01 M 4/8-5/20                        6:00P-7:00P     Mar. 28: Deadline for returning fall teams
                                              Beginning Plus                                              Apr. 2: Fees taken from new teams
                                              211400-02 M 4/8-5/20                        7:00P-8:00P     Apr. 11: Deadline for all registrations
                                              CAI Building         7 wks                          $51     WHEN: Season begins May 5 (tentatively)
                                              CLUB DANCES                                                             10 wks. + playoffs
                                              Instructor: Elegance in Motion                              COST:       Double Headers:      $480
                                              Open to all ages! Learn the faster ballroom dances                      Single Games:        $315
                                              that can be danced to both the oldies and modern hits.
                                              We will focus on Swing, Cha-Cha, Rumba and Salsa.           50+ SOFTBALL
                                              This class is a great class for anyone that wants to        Leagues for Women 50+ and Men 55+ are available.
                                              have fun and look great on the dance floor.                 Practices begin in April. Game days for men are
                                              111564-01 W 2/13-3/13                    8:15P-9:00P        Monday and Wednesday mornings. Game days for
                                              111564-02 W 4/10-5/8                     8:15P-9:00P        Women are Tuesday evenings. Contact Beth Lawson,
                                              CAI Building       5 wks                   $91/couple       248.674.4881.

                                              WEDDING BLACK TIE                                           GOLF LESSONS
                                              Instructor: Elegance in Motion                              Instructor: After School Golf, USGTF Professional
                                              Open to all ages! Learn some of the best dances that        For adults and teenagers who want to learn how to
                                              can be used for weddings, cruises and other social          play golf or to improve on skills you may already have.
                                              events. You will be introduced to Waltz, Fox Trot, Night    Learn all aspects of the game from proper fundamen-
                                              Club Slow and Rumba.                                        tals of golf swing (driving, irons, chipping, and putting)
                                              111566-01 W 2/13-3/13                     7:30P-8:15P       to rules, etiquette and course management. You will
                                              111566-02 W 4/10-5/8                      7:30P-8:15P       gain the confidence and knowledge to go out and play
                                              CAI Building        5 wks                   $91/couple      the great game of golf.
                                                                                                          Adults & Teens
                                              BELLY DANCING                                               340021-01 Th 4/4-5/2                        7:00P-8:00P
                                              For beginners and advanced, all basic movements,            CAI Building         $70                           5 wks
                                              beautiful choreography, great workout and a lot of fun!
                                              210361-01 Tu 2/5-2/26                   7:00P-8:00P
                                              CAI Building       4 wks                          $49
50                                            248.674.5441 •
      Break Camps                                           Youth Special Interest

                                                                                                                       WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
SPRING BREAK CAMP                                          BAFFLING BILL’S MAGIC CLASS
For boys and girls ages 6-11.                              Learn how to do magic from Michigan's # 1 magician!
Tentative activities: Bowling, swimming, Jeepers, and      For over 25 years Baffling Bill and Gus the Bunny have
more. Please check our web site for up to date infor-      been astounding audiences. Class will include a 1/2
mation on destinations or in the February edition of the   hour magic show and a 45 minute class to teach you
Recreation Review            how to perform magic. Each child will receive a bag of
sandrec. Child care is available at the Recreation         tricks to amaze family and friends! Deadline to regis-
Office. $23 for morning or afternoon or $35 for both       ter is 2/8 - No refunds after 2/11.
morning and afternoon child care, 7:30 AM-5:30 PM.         110291-01 Sa 2/16                      10:00A-11:15A
Deadline to register is Monday, March 25th, if space is    CAI Building $21                            Ages 6-12
available after March 25th an additional $10 late fee
will be charged. No refunds after April 1st.               CANDY MAKING
230791-01 M 4/1                          9:00A-4:00P       Create and eat, children will love this outstanding class
230791-02 Tu 4/2                         9:00A-4:00P       learning to decorate food using icing bags, sprinkles,
230791-03 W 4/3                          9:00A-4:00P       etc. Themed classes: February - Valentine's Day,
230791-04 Th 4/4                         9:00A-4:00P       March 16 – St. Patrick’s Day, March 23 – Easter, April
230791-05 F 4/5                          9:00A-4:00P       11 – Spring and May 7 - Animals. There are no
CAI Building Drop-off $30/day              $125 week       refunds for this class.
                                                           Candy Making
                                                           110331-01 Tu 2/5                            4:45P-6:15P
        Waterford Parks & Recreation                       110331-02 Sa 3/16                           1:00P-2:30P
                                                           Cookie Decorating
  Day Camps 2013                                           110332-01 Sa 3/23                           1:00P-2:30P
                  Tentative Dates                          110332-02 Tu 5/7                           4:45 P-6:15P
                                                           Cupcake Decorating
              Little Farmer - Ages 3–5                     110333-01 Th 4/11                           4:45P-6:15P
                   Morning Sessions                        Klever Kreations $14                          Ages 5-12
                     June 10 – 14
                  July 1 – 3 ( 3 days)                     LITTLE CHEFS
                     July 15 – 19                          Instructor: Busy Bodies
                    August 12 – 16                         A beginning cooking course to entice your child’s
                                                           enthusiasm through the art of cooking. There will be a
              Farm Camp - Ages 6-10                        $10 supply fee, payable to the instructor the first night
                   June 17 – 21                            of class.
                   June 24 – 28                            Ages 4-10
                    July 8 – 12                            111579-01 M 1/28-3/25                    6:30P-7:15P
                   July 22 – 26                            211579-01 M 4/8-6/3                      6:30P-7:15P
                   August 5 – 9                            CAI Building        8 wks
                                                           $90 plus an additional $10 to instructor
      Farm & Adventure Camp – Ages 9-13                    No class 2/18, 5/27
               July 29 – August 2
        An overnight camp out on Thursday                  UKULELE CLUB
                                                           Instructor: James Fiss
  Challenger British Soccer Camp – Ages 3-16               Dust off those Ukes and join us as we learn and play in
                   July 15 – 19                            a relaxed, fun, group environment. No experience
                                                           needed. Must have a ukulele, (soprano, concert, or
      TetraBrazil Soccer Camp – Ages 6-16                  tenor), music stand and tuner.
                   August 5 – 9                            111574-01 M 2/4-4/1                      6:30P-8:00P
                                                           211574-02 M 4/15-6/3                     6:30P-8:00P
                                                           CAI Building        6 wks                        $45
                                                           No class 2/18, 3/4, 3/11, 5/6 & 5/27

             Parks & Recreation Offices have moved!
                             NEW LOCATION:
                         Waterford Township Hall
             5200 Civic Center Dr, 3rd Floor, Waterford 48329
248.674.5441 •                                                                     51
                                              ORV SAFETY                                                    BOATER SAFETY

                                              Instructor: Chuck Comstock                                    Instructor: Chuck Comstock
                                              Open to persons of                                            Open to persons of all ages. This course is designed
                                              all ages, but is                                              to teach you how to be a safe and responsible boater.
                                              required for stu-                                             Covering basic fundamentals: boat maintenance, per-
                                              dents ages 8-16                                               sonal watercraft & boat operation, legal requirements
                                              who wish to oper-                                             of boating, personal preparedness & survival skills.
                                              ate an ORV (ATV,                                              After passing the required exam, those 12 years and
                                              motorcycle or relat-                                          older are given Boating Safety Certificate Cards.
                                              ed 2-wheel, 3-                                                Persons born after 12/31/78 are required by law to
                                              wheel or 4-wheel                                              have this Certificate in their possession while operat-
                                              vehicle). To earn your certificate, students must attend      ing a personal watercraft on Michigan waters. Pre-
                                              7 hours of instruction and pass a written exam and be         registration is required! No refunds!
                                              12 years of age by April 1st. Students ages 8-11 must         210040-01 Tu & Th 5/14 & 5/16 5:30P-9:00P
                                              be accompanied by an adult. Pre-registration is               CAI Building $16
                                              required. No refunds!
                                                                                                            HYPNOSIS – STOP SMOKING & LOSE WEIGHT
                                              210041-01 Tu & Th            4/23 & 4/25 5:30P-9:00P
                                                                                                            Instructor: David Rowe
                                              CAI Building 2 days                                 $16
                                                                                                            Have you wanted to quit smoking? Now is the perfect
                                                                                                            time to quit! Want to shed those extra pounds? There’s
                                              HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS
                                                                                                            no time like the present to start losing weight.
                                              Have you always wanted to try horseback riding? Basic
                                                                                                            Hypnosis is used to make behavioral changes to elim-
                                              grooming, riding, and horse care for beginners is taught.
                                                                                                            inate the stressors and triggers that cause you to use
                                              Riders will be required to wear long pants and hard-sole
                                                                                                            tobacco or overeat. Class is divided into specific sec-
                                              shoes with heels. All participants should be willing to let
                                                                                                            tions for smokers and those wanting to lose weight. All
                                              instructor know of any physical limitations or special
                                                                                                            participants are required to purchase a hypnosis CD
                                              accommodations needed prior to the beginning of class.
                                                                                                            for $10 at class to use for reinforcement at home.
                                              Register early to guarantee a fun and rewarding experi-
                                                                                                   No refunds.
                                              ence. Deadline to register is the Monday prior to each
                                                                                                            110221-01 Tu 2/5                         6:30P-8:30P
                                              session. Holiday make up classes will be discussed at
                                                                                                            CAI Building $40 + Materials
                                              the first session, opportunities will be provided to make
                                              up classes at your convenience. Classes held in an
                                              indoor arena with viewing area for parents.                   SIGN LANGUAGE
                                              111578-01 Sa 1/19-2/23                      3:00P-4:30P       Instructor: Kathryn Eyman
                                              211578-01 Sa 3/9-4/13                       3:00P-4:30P       Sign Language vocabulary and beginning communica-
                                              211578-02 Sa 4/27-6/1                       3:00P-4:30P       tion will be taught with an activity to follow each lesson.
                                              Times Square Riding Academy, 4835 Oakwood, Ortonville         110080-01 Th 2/7-2/28                         6:30P-8:00P
                                              6 wks                $150                  Ages 7 & older     110080-02 Th 3/7-3/28                         6:30P-8:00P
                                                                                                            210080-01 Th 4/4-4/25                         6:30P-8:00P
                                                                                                            210080-02 Th 5/2-5/23                         6:30P-8:00P
                                                                                                            CAI Building         4 wks                             $49

                                                    Enrichment                                              QUILTING
                                                                                                            Instructor: Anita Olson
                                              BIRDING FOR BEGINNERS                                         Class is designed for both beginner and more experi-
                                              Instructor: Scott Jennex                                      enced quilters. The first meeting will be informational
                                              Have fun learning the basics of bird identification. Lots     and a supply list will be provided. You must purchase
                                              of how-to help with topics including: field guides, bird-     your own supplies. A sewing machine will be needed
                                              ing by ear, optics & other gear, and birding locations in     after the first class. Class meets every other
                                              southeast Michigan & beyond. Two sessions in the              Thursday.
                                              classroom and two in the field. You will meet at the          110162-01 Th 1/10-4/18                   6:30P-8:30P
                                              Drayton Plains Nature Center, 2125 Denby, Waterford,          CAI Building         8 wks                        $20
                                              MI 48329, on Wednesdays, 4/17 and 4/24, from
                                              6:30-8:00PM and Saturday, 4/20, from 8:00-                    STARDUSTERS BIG BAND DANCE
                                              10:00AM. On Saturday, 4/27 you will meet at Indian            Traditional Big Band dance music featuring an 18
                                              Springs Metro Park (Tot Lot Parking Area), 5200 Indian        piece band with vocalists for your listening and danc-
                                              Trail, White Lake, 48386, from 8:00-10:00AM. There            ing pleasure. Selections include music for swing and
                                              is a $5 fee to enter Indian Springs, if you don't already     ballroom dancing.
                                              have an annual Metro Park pass.                                             F 1/25                      7:30P-9:30P
                                              211335-01            W & Sa                   4/17-4/27                     F 3/22                      7:30P-9:30P
                                              Nature Center        $32                 Ages 12 & older      CAI Building $10/person at the door

52                                            248.674.5441 •
                                                          SHEEP SHEARING
   Special Events

                                                                                                                      WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
                                                          Bring your family out to Hess-Hathaway to watch the
ST. PATRICK’S DAY MOTHER/SON DANCE                        sheep get sheared!
Join us for an evening of fun & dancing with DJ Mark      Sa           4/20 10:00A-11:00A               Free
Farnsworth. Includes refreshments and a photograph        Enjoy a pancake breakfast 9:00-11:00am in the
taken by Unique Image. Pre-registration is required       Community Building. Proceeds to benefit Hess-
and tickets are non-refundable.                           Hathaway Park. Children 10 & under $3/11 and Up $5
120542-01 Th 3/14                      6:30P-8:30P
CAI Building       $9/person                              PITCH HIT & RUN COMPETITION – FREE
                                                          Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Waterford
MARSHMALLOW DROP                                          Boys & Girls Ages 7 – 14 (Age as of 7/17/13)
SPONSORED BY Waterford Parks and Recreation and           When:                   Saturday, May 4
the Waterford Jaycees                                                             Raindate May 11
Sa           3/23     11:00A       Ages 1 - 11            Event Start Time:       1:00PM
Hess Hathaway Park $5 per car                             On site Registration: 12:30PM
                                                          Location:               Rotary Park
                                                          Girls and boys will compete and be awarded in sepa-
                                                          rate divisions. Girls compete in softball division and
Sponsored by: Cycletherapy, Children’s Hospital of
                                                          boys compete in baseball division. Competitors will
Michigan - Kohl’s Trauma Related Injury Prevention and
                                                          showcase their pitching, hitting, and running abilities.
the Golden Age Club
                                                          Participants must bring a copy of their birth certificate
This is an opportunity for your child to become a safer
                                                          for age verification. Registration forms are available at
cyclist. Children will complete the skill safety course
                                                          the recreation office or online. For more information
and receive a new helmet. Cyclethearpy will be on
                                                          contact Rick Paler at 248-623-6270 or
hand to check out the bicycles and make sure they are
safe for the upcoming season. Helmets are not for chil-
dren under 12 months. On site registration $14.
2111576-01 Su 4/21                       10:00A–1:00P
CAI Building        $10/person

                                                LOOKING FOR SUMMER
                                                  2013 SPONSORS!
                                                                        For information please
                                                                           contact Waterford
                                                                        Chamber of Commerce
                                                                           or Waterford Parks
                                                                             and Recreation

               Check us out on Facebook

248.674.5441 •                                                                    53

                                                  50+ RECREATION PROGRAM
                                                    • Winter-Spring 2013 •
                                                For more detailed program information contact the Senior Office at 248-674-4881. A bi-monthly Newsletter
                                                of detailed program information is available to you when you join the Golden Age Club. The cost for Waterford
                                              residents is $13.00, non residents pay $18.00. Memberships are active from January 1 through December 31.
                                                Membership affords you a $5 discount on all 50+ programs. SHARON HUNT – RECREATION SUPERVISOR
                                                       50+ ACTIVITY PROGRAMS                                DAY TRIPS AND SPECIAL EVENTS
                                               Crochet & Knit       Pinochle                            “Jersey Boys”                        Jan 3
                                               Mahjongg             Power Pilates                       Spaghetti Dinner                     Jan 4
                                               Chair Tai Chi        50+ Fitness                         Winter Luncheon                     Jan 16
                                               Sun Style Tai Chi    Bounce Volleyball                   “Stardusters” Big Band Dance Jan 25
                                               Poetry Club          Volleyball                          Spaghetti Dinner                     Feb 1
                                               Table Tennis         Bunco                               Valentine Luncheon                  Feb 13
                                               Pickle Ball          Open Bridge                         “Presidents Luncheon”               Feb 20
                                               Shuffleboard         Quilting                            Spaghetti Dinner                    Mar 1
                                               Walking              Duplicate Bridge                    St Pats Luncheon                    Mar 13
                                               Euchre               Line Dancing                        DSO “Mancini”                       Mar 22
                                               Busy Bees                                                “Stardusters” Big Band Dance Mar 22
                                                                                                        Meadowbrook “Constant Wife” Apr 3
                                                                                                        Spaghetti Dinner                    Apr 5
                                                                                                        Volunteer Recognition               Apr 18
                                                                                                        DSO “Dvorak”                        Apr 26
                                                                                                        Spaghetti Dinner                    May 3
                                                                                                        Meadowbrook “Life could be a Dream” May 8
                                                                                                        Card Party                          May 22
                                                                                                        DSO “Brahms”                        May 24
                                                                                                                   EXTENDED TRAVEL
                                                                                                        Arizona             Feb 21-27, 2013
                                                                                                        Williamsburg       May 11-17, 2013
                                                                                                        Pigeon Forge         Jun 9-15, 2013
                                                                                                        Mackinac Bridge Walk Sept 1-2, 2013
                                                                                                        Ireland              Oct 1-10, 2013

                                                                                           50+ ACTIVITIES
                                              PICKLE BALL – DROP IN                                      TABLE TENNIS
                                              Players of all skill levels are welcomed. No need          All levels of skill welcome. Beginner table is
                                              to have a partner. Equipment is provided. Court            always available. Equipment provided. Great
                                              shoes are required.                                        for hand-eye coordination!
                                              Tuesdays 7-9:30pm CAI Bldg $3 res/$4 non                   Mon & Wed 10-12pm CAI Bldg Punch Card
                                              CROCHET & KNIT                                             WALKING
                                              This group of “Happy Hookers” knit and crochet             Great exercise program for 50+ walkers.
                                              items for a variety of projects. Everyone is wel-          Walk to music indoors. Each month laps are
                                              come to join, beginners and advanced. Yarn, pat-           tabulated and milestones are awarded; 100
                                              terns, needles and hooks are available for use.            miles, etc. Walking shoes are required.
                                              Mondays 9-11am $1 drop in               CAI Bldg           Monday – Friday 7:50am – 8:50 am and
                                              LINE DANCING                                               3:00-4:00pm. 25¢ each visit. Contact Beth
                                              No one is a beginner in this class! Dances are             Lawson, 248 674-4881.
                                              reviewed each time and steps are called out as             BOUNCE VOLLEYBALL
                                              the dance progresses. Instructor: Dolores Farrell          Tuesday and Thursday mornings, all levels of
                                              Fridays 9-10am CAI Bldg $3 Non/$2 Mem                      play welcomed. Teams are formed by random
                                                                                                         draw each day. Punch card fee $25 for 15
                                                                                                         visits. Contact Beth Lawson, 248 674-4881.

54                                            248.674.5441 •
   Parks & Recreation Rental Facilities

                                                                                                                         WATERFORD PARKS AND RECREATION 248.674.5441
                         For more information or to reserve a date call 248-674-5441.
           The rental fee and damage deposit must be paid up front in order to secure your date.
           All of our facilities are non-smoking and do not allow alcohol unless otherwise stated.

HESS-HATHAWAY PARK is located at 825 S. Williams Lake Rd., between Elizabeth Lake Rd. & Cooley Lake
Rd. Park is open April 16 – October 14 10:00AM-8:00PM, October 15 – April 15 10:00AM-4:00PM. Non-residents
will be charged an add’l $28 for Pavilions & Community Building, $10 for Gazebo & for Birthday Parties. Electricity is
available. Charcoal grills are available at the pavilions & gazebo.
Pavilion I:                         Seats up to 160         $175/day + $50 damage deposit
Pavilion II:                        Seats up to 75          $99/day + $50 damage deposit
Gazebo:                             Seats up to 35          $65 for 2 hours, $25 each add’l hour
                                                            + $50 damage deposit
Community Building:                 Seats up to 120         $345 for 6 hours, $50 each add’l hour
                                                            + $200 damage deposit for an event without alcohol
                                                            + $350 damage deposit for an event with alcohol
Birthday Parties:                   Up to 15 children       $75 (10:30AM-1:30PM or 2:00PM-5:00PM)
                                                            Includes Gazebo, Animal Tour & Hayride
                                                            $10 each add’l child

THE WARMING HOUSE is located at 5050 Civic Center Dr., between the Recreation Building and the 51st
District Court. Rental hours are 7:00AM – 11:00PM. Non-residents will be charged an add’l $28. Seats 40. One
rental per weekend.
            Monday – Thursday                                  Friday – Sunday
            $65 for 5 hours + $150 damage deposit              $100 for 5 hours + $150 damage deposit
            $22 each add’l hour                                $22 each add’l hour

THE C.A.I. BUILDING is located at 5640 Williams Lake Rd., between Airport Rd. & Dixie Hwy. Rentals are available
Monday-Saturday, 8:00AM – 9:00PM or Midnight Saturdays for larger groups. Alcohol is only allowed in the Dining Room.
Dining Room:                   Seats up to 200        $575 for 6 hours, $50 each add’l hour
                                                      (non-residents add $28)
                                                      + $300 damage deposit for an event without alcohol
                                                      + $600 damage deposit for an event with alcohol
Gym:                                                  $58/hour (non-residents add $5/hour)
Meeting Room:                  Seats up to 30         $29/hour (non-residents add $5/hour)
Pavilion:                      Seats up to 60         $100 for 6 hours + $50 damage deposit
                                                      (non-residents add $28)

THE DRAYTON PLAINS NATURE CENTER is located at 2125 Denby Dr., in the Drayton Woods
Subdivision off Hatchery Rd. Rentals are available Monday – Sunday, 8:00AM – 9:00PM.
Meeting Room:                    Seats up to 30        $29/hour (non-residents fee $5/hour)
Rustic Pavilion:                 Seats up to 50        $99/day + $50 damage deposit (non-residents add $28)

THE FISH HATCHERY PARK is located at 4490 Hatchery Rd., between Frembes Rd. & Dixie Hwy. Non-
residents are charged an add’l $5. Electricity is available at the large pavilion.
Large Pavilion:                  Seats up to 84           $99/day + $50 damage deposit
Small Pavilion:                  Seats up to 32           $50/day + $50 damage deposit

248.674.5441 •                                                                       55

                                                  Are you interested in sponsoring a Parks and Recreation
                                                     program? We are looking for community minded
                                                 businesses or individuals that would like to invest in their
                                                community by sponsoring a Parks and Recreation Program.
                                                       For a sponsorship package please contact
                                                       Lori Soma at,
                                                  Alison Swanson at
                                                                or by calling 248-674-5441.

56                                            248.674.5441 •

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