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									The Graduate School
2011 Annual Report
“ The Fulbright grant enabled me to under take t rue collaborat ion
with my colleagues in Albanian archaeology by providing me with
time, means and resources to become a full-time
p a r t i c i p a n t i n T i r a n a ’ s a r c h a e o l o g i c a l c o m m u n i t y .”

Sarah Lima
A rc h a e o l o g y, Ph . D. ca n d i d a te

                                                                R e a d m o r e o n p a g e 15
      t a b l e                        o f        c o n t e n t S

     • Transformations: UC Graduate Students
       Teach Others to Teach Themselves.........................................01

     • Distinguished Dissertation Completion Fellows.....................05

     • Excellence in Teaching Award.................................................11

     • The Graduate Poster Forum....................................................13

     • UC’s 2011 Fulbright Scholars...................................................15

     • Research Innovation for Real-World Transformation...............17

     • UC Graduate School Growth...................................................23

     • Letter from the Dean..............................................................24

     • UC Graduate Student Satisfaction..........................................25

     • Dissertation Listing................................................................26

     * Cover photo by Dr. Lewis Owen
       Tr a n s f o r m a t i o n s :
       UC Graduate Students Teach Others to Teach Themselves

                                                      “Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention,
                                                       through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry
                                                        human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with
                                                        each other.”

                                                      —Brazilian educator Paulo Freire,
                                                      “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”

                                                              Four UC graduate students—Susan Allen in nurs-
                                                              ing, Mark Kohan in educational studies, Jason
                                                              Hodson in business administration and Lauren
                                                              Macke in art education—have each experienced
                                                              a transformation in the process of working with
                                                              others to improve their respective communities
                                                              and departments.

                                                              SUSAN ALLEN
                                                              After working 25 years in the Clinical Re-
                                                              search Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hos-
     Susan Allen, Nurse and doctoral student                  pital, Susan Allen decided to pursue a PhD
                                                              in nursing research at UC. She considered
                                                              entering the program in the late 1990s after
                                                              earning a master’s degree, but she put this
     This ide a ThaT le ar ning
                                                              goal aside to spend more time with her six-
     r equir es co ll abor aTive and dy-
                                                              year-old daughter.
     namic transformation applies strongly to success
     in graduate education. On the cusp of their profes-      Later, when this same daughter entered
     sional lives, graduate students must learn to lead by    UC’s undergraduate nursing program, Susan
     drawing not only on their own strengths but also on      seized the opportunity to resume her own
     those around them. They lead through listening to        education. Her dissertation expands on a
     and empowering others.                                   pilot study of the experiences of bedside
nurses in leadership positions. What pre-        fornia. The institute develops methods to
pares and supports nurses as leaders in          make learning, teaching and schooling more
transforming the health care system? What        hopeful, meaningful and inclusive. “Partici-
barriers prohibit their advancement as such      pating in the institute was transformative
leaders? What sorts of caring relationships      for me and other teachers, as each of us
promote advancement? These are ques-             was asked to be responsible for each others’
tions Susan seeks to answer in order to help     learning and to build stronger communities
position nurses as equal decision-making         in and beyond our schools,” Mark recalls.
partners with doctors and administrators.
                                                 When his wife accepted a faculty position
Decisions about nursing practice made clos-      at UC, Mark entered the educational studies
est to the point of care by the people caring    doctoral program and began working with
for the patients (i.e., nurses) are better       area schools. “As I listened to the concerns
decisions,” Susan explains. This seems like a    of students and area educators, I realized
no-brainer. Yet over 100,000 people per-         that the institute’s methods would be a
ish as a result of hospital errors that shared   good fit for Cincinnati.” The Teaching Hope
governance could eliminate.                      project was born.

Already Susan’s research has yielded success.    Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of
One participating nurse in the pilot study       the Civil Rights movement, Teaching Hope
remarks, “Knowledge gives you the op-            makes use of Cincinnati’s rich cultural re-
portunity to share and teach, which is huge      sources. In May, students and teachers from
for me because my knowledge doesn’t do           18 area schools gathered to hear the Free-
anybody any good unless I share it.” This at-    dom Writers story and share their ideas for
titude exemplifies the philosophy of shared      achieving social justice in their communities
governance that Susan Allen believes—with        and schools.
good reason—will transform our health care
system.                                          That was just the beginning. In the months
                                                 ahead the project will provide workshops,
                                                 a summit, online networking opportunities
MARK KOHAN                                       and a guest speaker series. “Future work,”
The idea that shared governance is best for      Mark says, “will continue to build capacity
all extends from health care to education.       for social justice teaching and learning in
Doctoral student Mark Kohan spends less          ways that utilize teacher and student voices,
time in the traditional classroom and more       knowledge, creativity, leadership and ser-
on building collaboration between UC and         vice in their schools and beyond.”
community partners.

In 2008 Mark trained at the Freedom Writ-        JASON HODSON
ers Teachers Institute in Long Beach, Cali-      While Mark helped revamp Cincinnati’s
                                                                   Mark Kohan (far right) with Teaching
                                                                   Hope participants at the Cincinnati
                                                                   Freedom Center

     educational system, a similar transforma-         new manner and not rely on the textbook for
     tion was occurring across campus at the           the answer,” Jason says. He realized intern-
     Carl H. Lindner College of Business. When         ship-bound students would need to gain soft
     MBA student Jason Hodson began teaching           skills, such as an ability to think on their feet
     undergraduates, he already had years of ex-       and vary strategies to match disparate cus-
     perience as a Marine training troops. Yet the     tomer service situations in addition to hard
     transition from military to civilian educator     skills, such as a mastery of applications like
     presented its challenges—namely, the dif-         Excel and Access.
     ference in teaching methodology.
                                                       Now working as a consultant, Jason is proof
     “Training Marines is direct, unflinching and      that the same soft skills he taught under-
      immediate,” Jason recalls. “Mistakes are         graduates yield success. “Consulting is noth-
      addressed with little concession to feelings.”   ing more than teaching,” he explains, “only
      He imported this methodology into his new
      job as a teaching assistant. Of his under-
      graduates, he expected excellence and
      tolerated no excuses.

     While no one can fault him for encouraging
     high-quality performance, Jason quickly
     learned that an uncompromising approach
     to teaching has drawbacks. To reach his
     students, he had to transform his methodol-
     ogy to better accommodate each student’s
     situation and interests.

     The lesson plans he used encouraged stu-
     dents to learn flexibility in their own prob-
     lem-solving. “Every assignment encouraged
                                                       Jason Hodson, Marine turned business
     students to utilize previous assignments in a
the ‘students’ are experienced profession-       have guaranteed AEAE’s continuation
als looking to add value to their business .”    under the facilitation of future art educa-
                                                 tion graduate students. “AEAE was a way to
LAUREN MACKE                                     better the experience of students in UC’s
Practical concerns also informed Lauren          art ed department, which is small, but it
Macke’s successful effort in transforming UC’s   has created a ripple effect and made me
art education master’s program. Lauren ex-       feel that one person can make a difference
plains that the pro gram requires a paltry six   if the support and enthusiasm are there.”
studio credits, despite the fact that art edu-
cation encompasses the full spectrum of           AEAE participants will present their pro-
arts. Practicing a wide range of art, Lauren      gram to art educators at NAEA’s annual
believes, is an important part of becoming        conference in New York City. Lauren hopes
an adaptable and resourceful art educator.        that the program will grow to include prac-
                                                  ticing teachers and artists from the Cincin-
In order to develop the practical aspects         nati community and beyond. She states,
of art education, she instituted Art Educa-      “Our program could, for instance, fill a void
tion for Art Educators, a series of classes       for students by offering free community
in which art education graduate students          classes.”
teach one another new techniques and
mediums. “AEAE was the perfect solution,”        Lauren’s collaborative success echoes that
Lauren says, “because not only were we           of her fellow UC graduate students, dem-
sharing our skills with our colleagues, but      onstrating the truth of Freire’s statement.
we were also gaining more teaching expe-         Graduate education is interdisciplinary,
rience.”                                         self-revisionary and rooted in the commu-
                                                 nity. It is transformation.
A supportive department and university

For a summer class on art activism, Lauren
Macke powers a sewing machine by pedalling

     Distinguished Dissertation
     Completion Fellows

     Disser tation completion fel lowships       The Graduate School recent ly estab-
     suppor t outsta nding students during       lished the distinguished disser tation
     the last stage of their research. Find-     completion fel lowship to ma ke t heir
     i ng a mea ns of suppor t c a n be d i f-   s e a r c h f o r f u n d i n g a l i t t l e e a s i e r. T h e
     f icu lt for doctora l students who a re    fel lowship prov ides students w it h
     close to f inishing their disser tations,   $20,0 0 0 and a ful l tuition scholarship
     especia l ly during tough economic          to help them complete their disser ta-
     times.                                      t i o n s b y t h e e n d o f t h e 2 010 -2 011
                                                 a c a d e m i c y e a r.
Immunobiol og y, PhD

                       As a master’s student in Istanbul,
                       Sema Kurtulus investigated T lym-
                       phocytes, or T cells, a type of white
                       blood cell that is vital to immunity.
                       Kurtulus has continued this research
                       as a doctoral student at UC by ex-
                       ploring how these T cells, which play
                       a key role in keeping pathogens in
                       check, are themselves regulated.

                       Research for her dissertation,
                       “Regulation of Bim in Effector and
                       Memory CD8+ T Cells,” focuses on
                       the Cytotoxic T cell, a subclass that
                       targets viral infections. Sema seeks
                       to discover why some Cytotoxic T
                       cells survive a viral infection while
                       others do not.

                       “An understanding of this pro-
                       cess,” Sema says, “can open up new
                       therapeutic strategies for a variety of
                       patients.” If immunobiologists knew
                       how the survival of these Cytotoxic
                       T cells was regulated, they might be
                       able to increase that survival rate
                       when it might be beneficial to the
                       host (e.g., to make vaccinations more
                       powerful) or decrease it when it
                       might harm the host (e.g., to man-
                       age autoimmune diseases).

                       “The implications of Sema’s work are
                       profound,” says Dr. David Hildeman,
                       the director of the UC Immunobiol-
                       ogy graduate program’s. He adds
                       that his advanced doctoral student
                       is making progress on “one of the
                       most pressing, but difficult, prob-
                       lems facing immunologists today.
     Educational Studies, PhD

     For some people, math           with a math problem and        knowing how the
     comes naturally. For            a potential solution while     brain biologically and
     others, even the simplest       being monitored by the         cognitively processes
     calculation is a struggle. In   fMRI. They were then           numbers and quantit y,
     the summer of 2011, Lori        asked to identif y if the      we will gain a bet ter
     Kroeger tried to figure out     solution is correct. Lori      understanding of how
     why.                            checked for the accurac y      the brain suppor ts
                                     and response time, as well     mathematics learning
      For her disser tation,         as analyzed the neural         and the subt ypes of
     “Neural Correlates of Error     data associated with the       math disabilit y.” Lori
      Detection in Mathematics       task. She expects that the     hopes that this under-
      Facts” Lori used functional    fMRI data gathered in her      standing will help
      magnetic resonance             study will shed light on       educators develop
      imaging (fMRI) to see          the neural mechanisms          mathematics curricule
      what happens in children’s     that suppor t math pro-        that work s with the
      brains when faced with a       cessing.                       brain’s natural learning
      math problem.                                                 process, making those
                                     Yet Lori’s research is about   simple calculations
     The 21 middle school            more than revealing the        easy for all.
     students that took par t in     inner mechanics of the
     the study were presented        brain. She explains, “By
Biol og ic al S c ie nce s , PhD

“A question that has               Toads,” Saurabh hopes           versit y in Spain, Saurabh
 intrigued us since antiq-         to demonstrate, using           is researching how the
 uit y,” Saurabh Kulkarni          spadefoot toads as a            evolution of stress hor-
 says, “is why there is such       model, how changes in           mones alters lar val grow th
 tremendous morphologi-            organisms’ development          and development among
 cal diversit y in nature and      lead to morphological           two t ypes of spadefoot
 how it is produced.”              diversit y, thereby allowing    toad. Specifically, he is
 Morphological diversit y          those organisms to sur vive     tr ying to understand how
 is the variet y of bodily         new environments. Mor-          some toad species are
 structures and forms both         phologists like Saurabh         able to accelerate tadpole
 within and between spe-           are interested, for instance,   development in dr ying
 cies, such as the various         in how humans evolved to        ponds, whereas other can-
 beak shapes and sizes of          walk on two feet, thereby       not. If morphologists like
 Dar win’s finches.                leaving their hands free to     Saurabh can explain the
                                   per form other functions.       underlying process, they
In his disser tation, “Evolu-                                      will be one step closer to
tion and Mechanisms                Along with Dr. Ivan             accounting for nature’s
of Developmental                   Gomez-Mestre, a professor       endless diversit y.
Plasticit y in Spadefoot           of biology at Oviedo Uni-

     M U K YA N W O N G
     Phil osophy, PhD

     When Hong Kong native         essential to human           By mapping the dynamic
     Muk Yan Wong was 15, his      sur vival. While emotions    relationship between
     father, who suf fered from    arouse bodily changes        emotions and moods,
     bipolar disorder, commit-     in response to ex ternal     which Wong calls the
     ted suicide. “I guess this    stimuli, moods change       “mood-emotion loop,” he
     is the reason why I am        what ex ternal stimuli       hopes to explain how
     interested in the study of    we notice. “ The output      these mechanisms af fect
     how emotions and moods        of emotion (e.g., physi-     the way humans act and
     af fect our lives,” Wong      ological and behavioral      the choices we make. He
     says.                         responses),” Wong states,    believes an increased
                                  “can be monitored by a        understanding of these
     In his interdisciplinar y     mood in regard to its        f leeting sensations will
     disser tation, “ The Mood-    inf luence on our bodily     help us regulate these
     Emotion Loop,” Wong           condition; and the output    mechanisms, when neces-
     draws on philosophy,          of mood (e.g., cognitive     sar y, to create a bet ter
     cognitive psychology and      biases) can af fect how      qualit y of life for individu-
     neuroscience to argue         emotions appraise the        als like his late father.
     that emotions and moods       environment.”
     are “adaptive mechanisms”
S A M U E L S T. J O H N
Chemical Engineering, PhD

Hydrogen fuel cells are        cell catalysts is my initial
an amazing power source:       and humble contribution        Once these fuel cells
They use no fossil fuel and    towards solving the            become an af fordable
expel only heat and water      energy crisis.”                alternative, they will
vapor. Yet because of                                         revolutionize our ever yday
their cost, these fuel cells   Hydrogen fuel cells cur-       experiences. Samuel
can’t compete against          rently use platinum as the     rat tled of f a few potential
traditional energy sources.    catalyst, so a hydrogen        uses: “You can think of
Samuel St. John work s to      fuel-cell engine that pro-     laptops that would run of f
change that.                   duces the same amount of       of fuel car tridges never
                               energy as a combustion         needing to be plugged in
“I have always had an inter-   engine is three times          [to an electrical socket].
 est in sustainable forms of   as expensive. For his          Or automobiles that only
 energy,” Samuel says. So      disser tation, “Hierarchical   emit water.”
 much so that he lef t his     Electrocatalyst Structure
 job of five years—oral care   Control to Study Cathodic      Samuel sees a bright
 research and development      Overpotential in Proton
                                                              future ahead: one pow-
 at Procter and Gamble—to      Exchange Membrane Fuel
                                                              ered by the cheap, green
 pursue a PhD in chemical      Cells,” Samuel work s on
                                                              energy of hydrogen fuel
 engineering. He now           fundamentally redesigning
 finds his work much more      platinum-based catalysts
 fulfilling: “Studying fuel    to drastically reduce cost.
     E x c e l l e n c e i n Te a c h i n g Aw a r d

     Therese Sprinkle
     Bu sine s s , PhD

     Many students you see on campus are eager      at her going-away party at work if she was
     to make the jump from academia to the          nervous about teaching, she responded that
     business world. Therese Sprinkle, now a        she was. She said she didn’t have any teach-
     third-year PhD student in management at        ing experience.
     the Carl H. Lindner College of Business, was
     excited to make the opposite move—return-      Some of her team members laughed. “They
     ing to academia after 30 years in the busi-    reminded me that I had taught all of them
     ness world                                     over the years.”

     “I interviewed and trained a lot of new        Teaching in a collegiate setting, though, was
     employees, and I decided I wanted to go to     a big transition for Therese. “It was very
     the source to help them much earlier than      scary to put together my first class,” she
     when they entered their first jobs,” Therese   says. “It was different than prepping for a
     explained.                                     client.” After teaching nine classes, Therese
                                                    has grown more comfortable preparing
     Therese worked in the marketing research       classes, but she doesn’t want to get too
     industry as an account executive servicing     comfortable. “I’m constantly changing class
     top consumer packaged goods firms such as      preparation, making sure that it gets my key
     the sister units of PepsiCo, Kimberly-Clark,   points across.” When she finds something
     Georgia-Pacific, International Paper and       that doesn’t work, she’ll change it.
     Philips Electronics. When Therese was asked
Therese draws heavily on her work experience. Examples
of real-world situations help her students better under-
stand textbook theories and principles. She also uses her
business experience to come up with engaging classroom
activities, such as role-playing and writing “mini-cases”
that demonstrate real-world applications and capture the
attention of her students. “I never wanted to miss a class
because she made each lecture innovative and creative,”
student Cara Novak insisted.

Never one to be content with giving the bare minimum,
Therese always puts her students’ needs first. “On count-
less occasions, professor Sprinkle stayed after class to
further discuss topics and cases with myself and other stu-
dents,” says former student Lane Hart. “To me, this type of
after-class interaction is an added bonus.”

Therese’s dedication to her students makes an impression
on her peers, as well. Fellow teaching assistant Michael
Urick shared an office with Therese and observed several
class sessions. “I was so impressed with Ms. Sprinkle’s ap-
proach that I hope to model much of what she does in her
classroom with what I do when I teach,” says Michael.

Therese’s impact on her students extends beyond the end
of the quarter. Her students carry with them a mastery
of business principles and an appreciation for the messy
and complicated situations they will face in the real world.
Look for Therese Sprinkle’s students in the next genera-
tion of business managers and leaders.
         T he Gr aduate Poster For um

                                                      2011 graduate Poster Forum Winners
     Every year, graduate students from across
     UC’s many disciplines converge to share their    arts and humanities
                                                      Ashley Bryan
     research and hone their presentation skills.
                                                      Emily Roush
     The Graduate Poster Forum serves as a “dress
     rehearsal” for many students, who will soon      life sciences and Medicine
     after present at regional and national confer-   Nicholas Jury
     ences.                                           Andrew Paluch

                                                      Physical science and engineering
     An initiative of the UC Graduate Student
                                                      Qingyi Ai
     Professional Development Center, the Poster      Amit Dongol
     Forum also recognizes the best posters and       Mohan Jayatilake
     presentations with a monetary award. This        Parveen Kumar
     year over one hundred students presented         Qian Li
     posters, and of those thirteen winning posters   Srikoundinya Punnamaraju
     were chosen from a wide range of disciplines.
                                                      social and behavioral science
     Topics for the 2011 award-winning posters        Christopher Carr
     range from public housing projects in Slove-     Amy Hobek
     nia to the effects of recreation on cliff veg-
     etation to drivers’ acceleration/deceleration    MFa gallery
     behavior during a yellow light.                  Shannon McPhee
Graduate Poster Forum Winner

a n d r e W Pa l u c h
C e l l an d Mol e c u l a r Biol og y, Ph D

Don’t be intimidated by the medical jargon and
magnified tissue images on Andrew Paluch’s
poster. Andrew, a doctoral student in cell and
molecular biology, won an award for the life
sciences and medicine category at the 2011
UC Graduate Poster Forum more for his pre-
sentation than for his poster’s appearance. As
Andrew explained to poster forum visitors, he
conducts complex research with a simple goal:
finding a treatment for prostate cancer, the
second most deadly cancer for American men.

 Andrew’s poster presents his research on a
 protein found at high levels in advanced pros-
 tate cancer, the Ron receptor tyrosine kinase.
“Receptor tyrosine kinases are proteins on the
 cell surface used to activate specific body func-
 tions—for example, cell growth and migration,”
 he explains. “My project focuses on the Ron
 receptor’s role in both the prostate tumor and
 the surrounding tissue and immune system.
 Prostate cancer, like many cancers, is affected
 not only by the tumor itself but also by the sur-
 rounding tissue.”

Once Andrew pinpoints the role Ron plays in
prostate cancer growth and spread, scientists
will be able to develop multiple treatment
methods. “We would able to target the pros-
tate tumor as well as the surrounding tissue,”
Andrew says. “In doing so, we would be able
to limit Ron’s ability to support prostate tumor
growth both from within and around the tu-

It’s no easy task to translate complex scientific
research into a short presentation that all stu-
dents and faculty can comprehend. Yet Andrew
has a knack for explaining clinical data and bio-
logical concepts. “When I’m presenting a poster,
I feel that I am telling a story,” says Andrew. “By
keeping the audience in mind, I can shape the
poster to allow the listener to logically follow
my thought process without being bogged
down with technical details.”
                                    U C      ’ S        2 0 1 1

                                     S C H O L            A R       S

     Fulbright grants open doors throughout the         in German and a chance to further refine the
     world for graduate student study and re-           physical language of conducting gestures that
     search. Two recent Fulbright scholars found        unite orchestral musicians all over the world.”
     that their passion for their field bridges the     Thomas also took advantage of masterclasses
     challenges of a different language and culture.    with Bruno Weil, where he discussed music
                                                        and conducting—all auf Deutsch—with his
      Doctoral student Thomas Heuser has a              professor and fellow students.
      passion for conducting. “It’s the synthesis of
      everything I love about music, from perfor-       Thomas’ time in Germany included another
      mance to analysis and from artistic adminis-      unique experience: He collaborated with other
      tration to creative spontaneity,” says Thomas.    Fulbright students to create and perform an
     “The excitement of taking the stage with other     entirely new composition for the Fulbright
      musicians is a constant source of motivation.”    Conference in Berlin. Performers for the gala
      Thanks to a Fulbright grant, Thomas followed      event included fellow UC student and Ful-
      his passion to Munich, Germany, to study at       bright awardee Jackie Arrington, a master’s
      the studio of distinguished conductor Bruno       student studying flute performance.
                                                        Thomas’s Fulbright grant has given him an ex-
     As part of his Fulbright responsibilities, Thom-   perience few others can claim: the rare privi-
     as served as a resident conductor at the Hoch-     lege of conducting a premier performance.
     schule für Musik und Theater. Throughout
     his year in Germany, Thomas led the Hoch-          Classics student, Sarah Lima, spent her time
     schule’s symphony orchestra. “It offered the       studying archaeology in southern Albania. A
     unique opportunity to rehearse an orchestra        doctoral student, Sarah examined sites from
                                                        the late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age,
                                                        roughly 1500-700 BC.

                                                         For most people, “archaeology” inspires imag-
                                                         es of Ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome, but cer-
                                                         tainly not Albania. And therein lies the appeal
                                                         for Sarah: As the area is less studied, there are
                                                         many more opportunities for a graduate stu-
                                                         dent to make an important discovery that will
                                                        “break the field wide open,” as she puts it.

                                                         During her time in Albania, Sarah hiked with a
                                                         colleague to the remote settlement site called
                                                         Shuec. “It was a perfectly intact hilltop site
                                                         that had never been excavated,” says Sarah.
                                                        “To be there with only another person who
     Thomas Heuser’s master classes with Bruno
     Weil included composers from across Europe

     as fellow students
has the same passion as I do, completely
alone in the countryside, it’s the best part of
working in Albania!”

Sarah compares her finds in Albania to
data gathered from settlements in the
better-studied northern Greece. “I examine
similarities and differences in how people
build their settlements and in the kinds of
artifacts they use in those settlements,” she
explains. By comparing these two areas,
Sarah seeks to understand how technology,
such as ceramics, metallurgy and architec-
ture, developed throughout the region.

 While in Albania, Sarah spent much of her
 time working with local archaeologists.
“Communicating in a foreign language in
 daily work and correspondence is a hum-
                                                                     While in Albania Sara Limatook full advantage of
 bling process,” she says. Yet bridging the                          the “huge coffee culture” to learn more about the
 language barrier allows her to unite re-                            Albanian people.
 search separated by current geo-political
 borders. “The Fulbright grant enabled me to
 undertake true collaboration with my col-                The Fulbright Program
 leagues in Albanian archaeology by provid-
                                                          The Fulbright program, sponsored by the U.S.
 ing me with time, means, and resources to
                                                          Department of State, provides grants that
 become a full-time participant in Tirana’s
                                                          enable students, teachers and profession-
 archaeological community.”
                                                          als to conduct research or teach in another
                                                          country. In recent years, UC students and
During their year abroad, Thomas and Sarah
                                                          faculty have received Fulbright grants to
experienced a new culture, advanced their
                                                          study post-revolution architecture in South
studies and made unforgettable memories.
                                                          Africa; work with a noted fashion designer
But beyond their personal achievements,
                                                          in Iceland; translate a medieval work on
they fulfilled the main goal of the Fulbright
                                                          Hebrew history in Israel and the UK; teach
program: creating connections across
                                                          English in Bulgaria; and more. Through
languages and cultures to bring together
                                                          the Fulbright program, these students and
scholars who might not otherwise meet.
                                                          faculty forge relationships across the globe,
                                                          enabling an exchange of culture and ideas
                                                          that benefits all.

         “My Fulbright experience reinforced the fact that a truly great education flourishes with ex-
          posure to views that are different than our own, since ideally our understanding of the world
          should not be confined to any one language, country or way of thinking.” -Thomas Heuser
       Research Innovation for Real-World

                                                             The research conducted
                                                             by graduate students and
                                                             faculty at the University of
                                                             Cincinnati is as diverse as the
                                                             institution’s 250-plus degree
                                                             programs. Whether it’s chart-
                                                             ing landscape evolution to
                                                             find potential hazards for local
                                                             populations, rethinking the
                                                             construction of a popular de-
                                                             vice, or developing a new way
                                                             to identify potential allergens,
                                                             graduate students and faculty
                                                             seek to transform the world
                                                             through research.

Geology student Kate Hendrick (right) takes a break from
studying land formations in Tibet. Photos of Kate Hendrick
courtesy of Dr. Lewis Owen
  As someone who enjoys the outdoors and traveling to new
  places, Kate found geology to be a natural fit

exploring Faulty landscapes
across the globe

Many students dream of traveling the world. Kate
Hedrick receives funding to do just that.

As a doctoral student in UC’s geology de-
partment, Kate Hedrick has traveled to India,
China, Argentina and Tibet to study landscape
evolution. “My research is a broad-focus at-
tempt to look at how landscapes evolve in
mountainous environments,” says Kate. “But
it also includes an attempt to apply relatively
new dating methods to some notoriously
difficult-to-date landforms.”

Kate recently conducted research in Tibet and
then spent the summer of 2011 conducting re-
search in China. “I am working along the large
     Karakoram Fault, and am hoping the ages I get
     [for various landforms] will shed some light on
     when the fault has been active in the past.”
     As part of her research in China, Kate analyzes
     erosion rates throughout a large valley in or-
     der to determine how the area is evolving. For
     instance, whether the valley getting deeper or
     more shallow.

     While studying the changing landscape
     may seem unconnected to current global
     concerns, Kate’s work plays a critical role in
     mitigating the dangers of geological hazards.
     “In terms of erosion rates for bedrock, hillslope
     and basin,” says Kate, “Looking at the land-
     scape’s response to events (e.g., glacial, tec-
     tonic) allows us to consider potential hazards
     in a landscape that may be applicable to the
     present-day population.”

     Kate’s study of fault lines applies directly to
     earthquake prediction and damage preven-
     tion. Her research interests include how faults
     develop, and she has studied areas where
     large populations live next to active faults.
     Her work in Argentina focused on the fault
     responsible for the devastating San Juan
     earthquake of 1944.

     “We only have one earth to live on,” Kate notes, “So
     it would do well to understand our home.”
                                                    ELEC TROWE T TING AND
                                                    PAPER E-RE ADER S
                                                   Paper e-readers work through the property of
                                                    electrowetting—using electricity to force water to
                                                   “wet” a surface.

                                                   Water is a polar molecule, which means it’s at-
                                                   tracted to other polar molecules. When water en-
                                                   counters a non-polar material such as Teflon or oil,
                                                   rather than wet the surface (in the case of solids) or
                                                   mix with another substance (in the case of liquids),
                                                   the water molecules will stick together in “beads.”
                                                   Dr. Steckl uses this principle to operate each pixel of
                                                   the paper e-reader.

                                                   When the electrode under a pixel is turned off, the
                                                   colored oil will stick to the electrode while clear
                                                   water floats on top (Fig. 1). What the reader will see
                                                   from the top is a colored pixel. When the electrode
                                                   is turned on, the current will attract the water, forc-
                                                   ing the water to wet the surface and push the oil to
                                                   the sides (Fig. 2). All the reader will see for the pixel
                                                   is the white background.

                                                   Turning electrodes on and off will create the text,
                                                   images and rudimentary animations needed for a
                                                   digital display.
         A paper e-reader prototype

Paper e-readers:                                   Fig. 1 “OFF” State
an ancient craft gets a digital upgrade
                                                                       H2O                  H2O
                                                    Water                        H2O
                                                                 H2O                              H 2O
“One of the things that people are most con-
cerned about for e-readers is how to duplicate      Pixel Wall
the experience that we’re all used to, which                                 Colored Oil
is paper,” says Dr. Andrew Steckl, an electri-      Metal
cal engineering professor in the College of
Engineering and Applied Science. In response        Paper
to this concern, Dr. Steckl hit upon a brilliant
idea—to get the experience of paper, why not
use paper? Although still in development, a        Fig. 2 “ON” State
paper e-reader would offer a digital display
that is flexible, low-cost, has the true appear-
ance of ink on paper and may one day revolu-
tionize how we read and shop.                       Pixel Wall

                                                    Metal                H2O     H2O      H2O
Dr. Steckl’s paper e-reader design features a
paper base and a plastic top layer, with cells                                Electrode
for pixels sandwiched between. Each pixel
cell is filled with water and colored oil and
                                                           Paper e-readers may one day replace the
                                                           old-fashioned printed newspaper. “It’s not
                                                           very high quality, but it’s very low cost and
                                                           very practical,” says Dr. Steckl. Paper e-read-
                                                           ers would contain a receiver, which would
                                                           download updates and new issues as they
                                                           are published. But unlike an iPad or Kindle,
                                                           paper e-readers could be rolled up to fit in a
                                                           purse, backpack or briefcase. Also, they could
                                                           be thrown away when torn or stained then
                                                           cheaply replaced.

                                                           Consumers may well see paper e-readers ap-
                                                           pear first in supermarkets. An electronic price
                                                           tag would allow stores to change prices in
                                                           an instant, display product pictures and cross
       operates on the principle of electrowetting.        advertise by showing related goods.
       (To learn more, see the sidebar on page 20.).
       Dr. Steckl got the idea to use this technology      However, don’t expect to see paper e-readers
       while serving as the committee chair for Duk        on newsstands or supermarket shelves any-
       Young Kim, who was writing his thesis on            time soon. It may take Dr. Steckl five to ten
       electrowetting-based displays.                      years to perfect the technology then commer-
                                                           cialize paper e-readers.

     Dr. Andrew Steckl is an Ohio Eminent Scholar and the Carl Gieringer Professor of Solid State Electronics
                                                     Graduate student Terri LaCount, Dr. Jerry Kasting,
                                                     and research assistant Matt Miller

allergic to animal Testing

Have you ever broken out in hives because of       with an explanation and a way to implement
something you touched? Dr. Jerry Kasting and       appropriate modifications.” Adjusting the
his pharmacuetical sciences team are work-         computer’s predictions to match real-world
ing on a computer model to help identify skin      results is an on-going process.
allergens in cosmetic products and the work
environment. While the traditional method for      Graduate student Terri LaCount conducts
identifying skin allergens involves animal test-   some of the experiments Matt uses to refine
ing, Dr. Kasting’s model—in conjunction with       the model. “There are currently no quantita-
other models—offers a method that is faster,       tive limits for dermal exposure in industry,”
cheaper and animal-friendly.                       Terri explains. As such, Terri’s experiments
                                                   provide critical data. When added to Dr. Kast-
“This project is an attractive area for com-       ing’s computer program, her research will help
panies like P&G to advertise their efforts to      estimate the risk of using certain allergenic
reduce animal testing,” says Dr. Kasting. An       compounds in tools, construction materials
animal alternative projects currently funded       and consumer products.
by Colipa, the European cosmetic, toiletry and
perfumery trade association (which counts          While the Colipa computer model is expected
P&G among its members). As a package, these        to be ready in 2013, another version of Dr.
projects are intended to provide a set of mod-     Kastings computer model will soon be avail-
els that completely replace animal testing for     able from the National Institute for Occupa-
cosmetic product development.                      tional Safety and Health. Slated for a Novem-
                                                   ber 2011 launch, NIOSH’s version will be used
As would be expected, creating such a com-         by industrial hygienists to quantify risk associ-
plex computer model is not easy. Research          ated with dermal exposures in factories and
assistant Matt Miller tests the in-progress        other working environments.
computer model against published results and
those gathered by Dr. Kasting’s team. “When        “This project is a good tie among government,
the model does not fit the experimental data       industry and academia,” say Dr. Kasting. “There
well, we scratch our heads and try to come up      are benefits for all parties involved.”
     UC Graduate School Growth

       Degrees Awarded Trend                                                           Newly Matriculated Student Trend
                                                                                      4000                            3,842
                        Doctoral          Masters           Total                     3750
           2006              276               1605            1881                   3250
           2007              262               1689            1951                   2750
           2008              328               2010            2338                   2250
           2009              255               1872            2127                   1750
           2010              273               1954            2227
           2011             275                2044         2338                      1000
                                                                                              2006    2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

       Tuition Scholarship/Stipend Support Trend

           $50,000,000          $41,274,056           $43,647,353      $43,708,781                         $41,228,239      $42,678,737


           $20,000,000         $11,226,334            $10,898,523      $11,167,466          $11,468,578    $11,304,155       $11,239,218
                                   2006                 2007             2008                 2009            2010             2011
                             Tuition Scholarship            Represents Ohio State Credit        Student Stipend

       Applications trend                                                            Ethnicity Distribution
       14000                                                                                  American Indian/Alaska Native               36
       13000                                                                                  Asian                                      260
       11000                                                                                  Black                                      682
       10000                                                                                  Hispanic                                   233
        8000                                                                                  Native Hawaiin/Pacific Islander              10
        7000                                                                                  Two or more Races                           42
        5000                                                                                  Other/Unknown                              653
        4000                                                                                  International                             1602
        2000                                                                                  White                                     5696
                                                                                             Enrolled Minority Students (US Citizens)   1221
               2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
                                                                                              TOTAL                                     9214
       Enrollment Distribution
        8000                                                                         8000
        7500                                                                         7500
        7000                                                                         7000
        6500                                                                         6500
        6000                                                                         6000
        5500                                                                         5500
        5000                                                                         5000
        4500                                                                         4500
        4000                                                                         4000
        3500                                                                         3500
        3000                                                                         3000
        2500                                                                         2500
        2000                                                                         2000
        1500                                                                         1500
        1000                                                                         1000
         500                                                                          500
               2006         2007      2008       2009          2010    2011                    2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
                      Traditional Enrollment      Distance Learning                            International Enrollment Domestic Enrollment
                  Represents Distance Education Students                                         Represents International Students
                  Represents Traditional Students                                                Represents Domestic Students
     Letter from
     the Dean
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am pleased to share with you the Grad-
u a t e S c h o o l ’s A n n u a l R e p o r t . T h e g o a l
of this report is to succinctly provide
a quantitative and qualitative pulse of
graduate education at the University of
C i n c i n n a t i d u r i n g A c a d e m i c Ye a r 2 0 1 0 -

Graduate programs at UC continue to
attract a large number of applicants,
and enrollment grew robustly in both
traditional and distance-learning pro-
grams with total enrollment topping
9,200 graduate students. The Graduate
School awarded 2,338 advanced de-
grees, matching the previous high in
2007-08. Of the degrees awarded, 275
were doctoral degrees; a listing of the
dissertations written for these degrees                                D u r i n g t h e 2 0 1 0 - 1 1 a c a d e m i c ye a r, Pre s i -
is provided in this report.                                            dent Gregory Williams presented the
                                                                       u n i v e r s i t y ’s p l a n , U C 2 0 1 9   Accelerating
U C ’s G r a d u a t e S c h o o l a t t r a c t s o u t s t a n d -   O ur Transfor mation. I t is clear that gradu-
ing graduate students to work with re-                                 ate education will play a pivotal role for
nowned faculty. Students acquire k nowl-                               t h e a t t a i n m e n t o f t h e m a n y o f t h e p l a n ’s
edge and skills, make discoveries, and                                 key goals, and the successes of this past
generate scholarship and creative works                                year are important first steps in that di-
that are vital for the betterment of our                               rection.
society. I n this repor t, we provide a few
examples of the people and work that                                   Sincerely,
underpins the high quality and reputa-
tion of advanced studies at the Univer-
sity. The ar ticles provide the reader a
sense for the breadth of the exciting,
important and transformational work
ongoing in our classrooms, laboratories,
studios, performance halls and, most,                                  Rober t Zierolf, PhD
impor tantly, in our larger community.                                 Interim Vice Provost and Dean of the
                                                                       Graduate School
     uc graduaTe                                            These graphs represent the results of the Exit Survey, which each
                                                            graduating master’s and doctoral student completes as part of the
     sTudenT saTisFacTion                                   graduation process.

     Overall Satisfaction                                        Curriculum
       100                                                          100

        90                                              88.8%       90                                                90.9%
        80                                              91.1%       80                                                93.9%
        70                                                          70

        60                                                          60

        50                                                          50

        40                                                          40

        30                                                          30

        20                                                          20

        10                                                          10

        0                                                            0

              2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   2011                      2006   2007    2008   2009   2010   2011

                Masters      Doctoral                                          Masters      Doctoral

     Career Development                                          Faculty Satisfaction
       100                                                          100

        90                                              78.1%       90                                                91.6%
        80                                              83.5%       80                                                94.2%
        70                                                          70

        60                                                          60

        50                                                          50

        40                                                          40

        30                                                          30

        20                                                          20

        10                                                          10

        0                                                            0

              2006   2007   2008   2009   2010 2011                        2006    2007   2008   2009   2010 2011

                 Masters     Doctoral                                         Masters      Doctoral

     Graduate Aid                                                Thesis/Dissertation Advising
       100                                                          100

        90                                              84.4%       90                                                88.6%
        80                                              88.9%       80                                                93%
        70                                                          70

        60                                                          60

        50                                                          50

        40                                                          40

        30                                                          30

        20                                                          20

        10                                                          10

        0                                                            0

              2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   2011                      2006    2007   2008   2009   2010   2011

                 Masters     Doctoral                                         Masters      Doctoral
        2 011 D I S S E R T A T I O N S

The Graduate School is proud of the diverse academic endeavors com-
pleted by its master’s and doctoral students during the 2010-2011 aca-
demic year. All University of Cincinnati master’s theses and doctoral
dissertations can be found online at

The following listing of doctoral dissertations represents the quality, vitality and diver-
sity of graduate research and scholarship at UC.
                                                                   Brzyski, Jessica R.
       C O L L E G E O F A L L I E D H E A LT H S C I E N C E S    PhD, Spring 2011
                                                                   Population genetics and breeding ecology of the rare clonal
                                                                   shrub, Spiraea virginiana (Rosaceae)
                                                                   Chair: Theresa Culley, PhD
     Froehlich, Lisa A.
                                                                   Callaghan, John
     PhD, Spring 2011
                                                                   PhD, Autumn 2010
     A Collaborative Procedure to Support Teacher Adherence
                                                                   Slavery and Major Power Warfare: Similar Paths to Obsoles-
     to Reading Comprehension Intervention and Its Effect on
     Student Outcomes
                                                                   Chair: Richard Harknet t, PhD
     Chair: Nanc y Creaghead, PhD

                                                                   Cassel, Adrienne M.
     Hayes, Danielle J.
                                                                   PhD, Spring 2011
     PhD, Spring 2011
                                                                   Field Guide to the Heart
     Assessing Vocabulary in Context Using Graduated Prompting
                                                                   Chair: Donald Bogen, PhD
     Chair: Jo -Anne Prendeville, EdD

                                                                   Chan, Qilin
     Mashima, Pauline A.
                                                                   PhD, Winter 2011
     PhD, Winter 2011
                                                                   Developing Innovative Metallomics Approaches to Charac-
     The Use of Video-Teleconferencing to Deliver Voice Therapy
                                                                   terize Trace Biometals
                                                                   Chair: Joseph Caruso, Phd
     Chair: Lisa Kelchner, PhD

                                                                   Cornelson, Jesseca Ann
     Pelatti, Christina Y.
                                                                   PhD, Spring 2011
     PhD, Autumn 2010
                                                                   Tiny Lives
     Miscue Analysis of Students with Down Syndrome and Typi-
                                                                   Chair: John Drur y, MFA
     cally Developing Students with Reading Difficulties
     Chair: Nanc y Creaghead, PhD
                                                                   Dawson, Erica L.
                                                                   PhD, Spring 2011
     Zacharias, Stephanie R.
                                                                   Longitudinal Prediction of Psychosocial Functioning and
     PhD, Autumn 2010
                                                                   Time to Reach Euthymia in Adults with Bipolar Disorder
     Middle and High School Teachers’ Perceptions towards
                                                                   Chair: Paula Shear, Ph.
     Adolescent Females with A Voice Disorder: A Handicap in the
                                                                   DeSantis, Michael K.
     Chair: Lisa Kelchner, PhD
                                                                   PhD, Autumn 2010
                                                                   Anatomy of Middle Devonian Faunal Turnover in Eastern
                                                                   Nor th America: Implications for Global Bioevents at the
                                                                   Eifelian- Givetian Stage Boundar y
                                                                   Chair: Carlton Bret t, PhD
       & SCIENCES
                                                                   Drake, Krystal L.
                                                                   PhD, Autumn 2010
     Andreassen, Rolf                                              Psychology Graduate Student Well-being: The Relationship
     PhD, Autumn 2010                                              between Stress, Coping, and Health Outcomes
     Study of D0-D0bar mixing parameters using a time-depen-       Chair: Ann Kathleen Hoard Burlew, PhD
     dent amplitude analysis of the decay D0 to KS0 pi+ pi-
     Chair: Brian Meadows, PhD                                     Emo, Amanda Kathleen
                                                                   PhD, Autumn 2010
     Bastas, Hara                                                  Pedestrian Impressions of Distracted, Aggressive, and Safe
     PhD, Spring 2011                                              Walking Behaviors
     Girl’s Studies: An Insight into the United Nations            Chair: Gerald Mat thews, PhD
     Chair: Steven Carlton-Ford, PhD
                                                                   Farrington, Heather
     Bertke, Stephen J.                                            PhD, Winter 2011
     PhD, Spring 2011                                              Historical Specimens Reveal a Century of Genetic Change in
     A Simulation Study of the Cox Proportional Hazards Model      Darwin’s Finches
     and the Nested Case-Control Study Design                      Chair: Kenneth Petren, PhD
     Chair: James Deddens, PhD
                                                                   Fehskens, Matthew
     Branscum, John                                                PhD, Spring 2011
     PhD, Summer 2010                                              The Tragic Authors of the Hispanic Atlantic: The Pursuit of
     One in the Head: A White Trash Memoir                         Permanence in Atemporal Modernity
     Chair: Michael Grif fith, MFA                                 Chair: Nicasio Urbina, PhD
Foster, Mary Kristin                                            Keaton, Douglas
PhD, Autumn 2010                                                PhD, Summer 2010
Perception of emotion in older adults with mild cognitive       Realization and Causal Role-Playing: an Essay on the Mind/
impairment                                                      Body Problem
Chair: Paula Shear, PhD                                         Chair: Thomas Polger, PhD

Garcia, Rafael Garcia                                           Kimosop, Peter
PhD, Summer 2010                                                PhD, Summer 2010
El horizonte de expectativas y las comunidades interpretati-    Comprehensive assessment of hydrological drought and
vas en fray, Luis de Granada: el Libro de oración y medit-      land use change in the Kerio Valley Basin, Kenya
ación, la Guía de pecadores y la Introducción al símbolo de     Chair: Tak Yung Tong, PhD
la fe.
Chair: Carlos Gutierrez, PhD                                    Kinsella, Chad J.
                                                                PhD, Spring 2011
Gordon, Shira D.                                                The Little Sort: A Spatial Analysis of the Sorting of Politically
PhD, Summer 2010                                                Like-Minded Individuals
Environmental Interference and Seismic Communication in         Chair: Stephen Mockabee, PhD
Wolf Spiders
Chair: George Uet z, PhD                                        Krivos, Kady L.
                                                                PhD, Winter 2011
Green, Charles                                                  Analysis of RNA: Peptide Heteroconjugates by Electron
PhD, Summer 2010                                                Induced Dissociation Mass Spectrometry
The Gospels of Faith and Doubt: A Novel                         Chair: Patrick Limbach, PhD
Chair: Michael Grif fith, MFA
                                                                Kroening, Karolin
Hartner, Daniel F.                                              PhD, Autumn 2010
PhD, Spring 2011                                                Small to large molecule speciation: Metallomics approaches
Toward a Geninely Natural Ethical Naturalism                    stretch the horizons
Chair: Valerie Hardcastle, PhD                                  Chair: Joseph Caruso, PhD

Hauber, David J.                                                Kruglov, Victoria
PhD, Autumn 2010                                                PhD, Summer 2010
Fitness and epistatic interactions among mutations to           Growth of the ideal generated by a quadratic multivariate
less-preferred synonymous codons in an essential gene of        function
Escherichia coli                                                Chair: Jintai Ding, PhD
Chair: Ronald Debr y, PhD
                                                                Kulkarni, Ashish
Hutchins, Michael D.                                            PhD, Winter 2011
PhD, Spring 2011                                                Tailored Glycans For the Precise Detection of Toxins and
Tikkun: W.G. Sebald’s Melancholy Messianism                     Pathogens
Chair: Sara Friedrichsmeyer, PhD                                Chair: Suri Iyer, PhD

Hollis, Geoff R.                                                LaFayette, Shannon M.
PhD, Summer 2010                                                PhD, Spring 2011
The Role of Task Constraints in Ambiguity Resolution            The Destruction and Afterlife of the Palace of Nestor at Pylos:
Chair: Guy Van Orden, PhD                                       The Making of a Forgotten Landmark
                                                                Chair: Jack Davis, PhD
Ivantcheva-Merjanska, Irene
PhD, Spring 2011                                                Lewallen, Daniel M.
Assia Djebar et Julia Kristeva: choisir le français comme       PhD, Autumn 2010
langue d’écriture                                               Development of synthetic carbohydrates for capturing toxins
Chair: Michele Vialet, PhD                                      Chair: Suri Iyer, PhD

Kabir, Amin                                                     Li, Xia
PhD, Summer 2010                                                PhD, Winter 2011
Phase coherent photorefractive effect in II-VI semiconduc-      A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Studying Inter-Occasion
tor quantum wells and its application for optical coherence     and Inter-Subject Variability in Pharmacokinetics
imaging                                                         Chair: Siva Sivaganesan, PhD
Chair: Hans Peter Wagner, PhD
                                                                Lin, Min
Kang, Zhuang                                                    PhD, Spring 2011
PhD, Summer 2010                                                Correlation of Bivariate Frailty Models and a New Marginal
Illiquid Derivative Pricing and Equity Valuation under Inter-   Weibull Distribution for Correlated Bivariate Survival Data
est Rate Risk                                                   Chair: Siva Sivaganesan, PhD
Chair: Srdjan Stojanovic, PhD
     Lockwood, Sean E.                                               Palmer, Soren G.
     PhD, Spring 2011                                                PhD, Winter 2011
     Aytas Mevkii/Islamlar in the Elmali Basin, Turkey: A Multi-     The Swimming Rabbit
     Period Sepulchral Site in Northern Lycia                        Chair: Leah Stewar t, MFA
     Chair: Kathleen Lynch, PhD
                                                                     Poissant, David James
     Lueckel, Wolfgang                                               PhD, Spring 2011
     PhD, Summer 2010                                                The Cost of Living: Stories
     Atomic Apocalypse-’Nuclear Fiction’ in German Literature        Chair: Michael Grif fith, MFA
     and Culture
     Chair: Sara Friedrichsmeyer, PhD                                Rodriguez, Oscar Bazan
                                                                     PhD, Summer 2010
     Lynch, Julianne                                                 El espacio mítico en la novela castellano-leonesa contem-
     PhD, Summer 2010                                                poránea: La lluvia amarilla de Julio Llamazares, El reino de
     Mother, Mother (a novel)                                        Celama de Luis Mateo Díez y La soñadora de Gustavo Martín
     Chair: Michael Grif fith, MFA                                   Garzo
                                                                     Chair: Enrique Giordano, PhD
     Magee, Kevin S.
     PhD, Winter 2011                                                Rutledge, Jenai M.
     Segmentation, Object-Oriented Applications for Remote           PhD, Summer 2010
     Sensing Land Cover and Land Use Classification                  Behavioral research on wolf spiders (Araneae, Lycosidae):
     Chair: Hongxing Liu, PhD                                        Assessing common assumptions and methods
                                                                     Chair: George Uet z, PhD
     Mahajan, Sujit S.
     PhD, Spring 2011                                                Sanders, Alexis Y.
     Glycans for ricin and Shiga toxins: Synthesis and biophysical   PhD, Autumn 2010
     characterization                                                The Role of Early Maltreatment, Out-of-Home Placement,
     Chair: Suri Iyer, PhD                                           and Perceived Parental Support on Adult Outcomes
                                                                     Chair: Ann Kathleen Hoard Burlew, PhD
     Maksimovic, Srdjan
     PhD, Autumn 2010                                                Sankaranarayanan, Jagadis
     Unusual eye design: The compound-lens eyes of Strepsiptera      PhD, Spring 2011
     and the scanning eyes of Sunburst Diving Beetle larvae          Mechanistic considerations in the photochemistry of Flexible
     Chair: Elke Buschbeck , PhD                                     Systems
                                                                     Chair: Anna Gudmundsdot tir, PhD
     Maxwell, Kristi
     PhD, Summer 2010                                                Shereen, Ahmed D.
     PLAN/K (poems) and “From No Body to Some Bodies: A Read-        PhD, Winter 2011
     ing of Footnotes and Endnotes as Form in Jennifer Martens-      Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications
     on’s Xq28 and Jenny Boully’s The Body and [one love affair]*”   to Neurological Disease
     Chair: Donald Bogen, PhD                                        Chair: Scot t Holland, PhD

     McNally, Kelly A.                                               Short, Kristen
     PhD, Summer 2010                                                PhD, Autumn 2010
     Iowa Gambling Task Performance in Overweight Children           Population genetic structure and species displacement dur-
     and Adolescents At-Risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea             ing range expansion of invasive geckos
     Chair: Paula Shear, PhD                                         Chair: Kenneth Petren, PhD

     Minich, Lisa                                                    Stewart, Shannan M.
     PhD, Autumn 2010                                                PhD, Summer 2010
     Quality of Diabetes Care: Linking Processes to Outcomes         Gordion After the Knot: Hellenistic Pottery and Culture
     Chair: Steven Howe, PhD                                         Chair: Kathleen Lynch, PhD

     Moskalik, Brian                                                 Sun, Yan
     PhD, Summer 2010                                                PhD, Spring 2011
     Condition dependence and sexual selection in a wolf spider      Regularization for High-dimensional Time Series Models
     Chair: George Uet z, PhD                                        Chair: James Deddens, PhD

     Osland, Daniel K.                                               Taylor, Stephen D.
     PhD, Spring 2011                                                PhD, Spring 2011
     Urban Change in Late Antique Hispania: The Case of Emerita      Solid-state Structures and Electronic Properties of Platinum
     Augusta                                                         (II) Terpyridyl Complexes: Implications for Vapor and Aque-
     Chair: Peter van Minnen, PhD                                    ous Anion Sensing.
                                                                     Chair: William Connick , PhD
     Osborne, Virginia M. Nickles
     PhD, Spring 2011
     Dark And Bloody Ground: Southern Literature After the Bomb
     Chair: Alison Rieke, PhD
Tlustos-Carter, Sarah J.
PhD, Spring 2011                                                     C O L L E G E - C O N S E R VAT O R Y O F M U S I C
Neural Substrates of Inhibitory and Socio-Emotional Process-
ing in Adolescents with Traumatic Brain Injury
Chair: Chung-Yiu Chiu, PhD
                                                                   Brooks, Colleen
Toure, Paul N.                                                     DMA, Summer 2010
PhD, Summer 2010                                                   Cabaret Songs by Classical Composers During the First Half
Trajectoires littéraires et filmiques de la migration en Afrique   of the 20th Century: Satie, Schoenberg, Weill, and Britten
francophone : de l’assimilation aux imaginaires transnation-       Chair: Jeongwon Joe, PhD
Chair: Therese Migraine - George, PhD                              Brown, Myron D.
                                                                   DMA, Spring 2011
Wagner, John G.                                                    The 19th Century Tarantella for Piano: A Pedagogical Guide
PhD, Summer 2010                                                   to Performance and Leveling
Cryptanalysis of Rational Multivariate Public Key Cryptosys-       Chair: Michelle Conda, PhD
Chair: Jintai Ding, PhD                                            Bunte, James
                                                                   DMA, Summer 2010
Wilson, Robert                                                     A Player’s Guide to the Music of Ryo Noda
PhD, Spring 2011                                                   Chair: Rick Vanmatre, MM
Spectroelectrochemical Sensing and Detection of Zinc in
Serum by Anodic Stripping Voltammetry on a Bismuth Film            Chase, Jared G.
Electrode                                                          DMA, Winter 2011
Chair: William Heineman, PhD                                       Le bal de Béatrice d’Este by Reynaldo Hahn: A Critical Edition
                                                                   Chair: Rodney Winther, MM

                                                                   Chiang, I-Chun
                                                                   DMA, Summer 2010
  COLLEGE OF BUSINESS                                              A Historical Technique from a Modern Perspective
                                                                   Chair: Catharine Carroll, DMA

                                                                   Cho, Soon Y.
                                                                   DMA, Winter 2011
Dong, Zhiyuan                                                      The Interaction Between Poetic and Musical Caesurae in Six
PhD, Summer 2010                                                   Settings of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet XLIII
Three Essays in Quantitative Analysis                              Chair: Thomas Baresel, MM
Chair: Mar tin Lev y, PhD
                                                                   Clavere, Javier
Han, Xiaoqi                                                        DMA, Winter 2011
PhD, Spring 2011                                                   A Study Guide to Franz Liszt’s Grandes etudes de Paganini
Omission Negect and the Bias Blind Spot: Effects of Self-          S.141
Other Asymmetry in Susceptibility to Bias and Responsive-          Chair: Jonathan Kregor, PhD
ness to Debiasing
Chair: Frank Kardes, PhD                                           Collins, Andrew S.
                                                                   DMA, Winter 2011
Ingram, Amy E.                                                     Poetic Structural Devices as a Consideration When Analyzing
PhD, Spring 2011                                                   and Interpreting Choral Scores
Innovation and the Family Firm: Leadership, Mindsets, Prac-        Chair: Earl Rivers, DMA
tices and Tensions
Chair: Marianne Lewis, PhD                                         Craycraft, Jeremy
                                                                   DMA, Spring 2011
Rosales, Claudia R.                                                William Russell’s Percussion Ensemble Music, 1931-1940
PhD, Winter 2011                                                   Chair: Allen Ot te, MM
Technology Enabled New Inventory Control Policies in
Hospitals                                                          Downs, Benjamin Michael
Chair: Michael Magazine, PhD                                       DMA, Summer 2010
                                                                   A Critical Narrative Interpretation of John Corigliano’s Etude
Yu, Yin                                                            Fantasy
PhD, Summer 2010                                                   Chair: Steven Cahn, PhD
Essays on the Use of Earnings Dynamics as an Earnings
Benchmark by Financial Market Participants                         Flinn, John W.
Chair: Pradyot Sen, PhD                                            PhD, Spring 2011
                                                                   Reconstructive Postmodernism, Quotation, and Musical
                                                                   Analysis: A Methodology with Reference to the Third Move-
                                                                   ment of Luciano Berio’’s Sinfonia
                                                                   Chair: Steven Cahn, PhD
     Gelbwasser, Kimberly                                         Sommerfeldt, Jerod
     DMA, Spring 2011                                             DMA, Spring 2011
     “To Be an American”: How Irving Berlin Assimilated Jewish-   kernel_panic
     ness and Blackness in his Early Songs                        Chair: Mara Helmuth, DMA
     Chair: Steven Cahn, PhD
                                                                  Song, Yoon
     Hayes, Jonathan Adam                                         DMA, Spring 2011
     DMA, Summer 2010                                             Liszt, Thalberg, Heller, and the Practice of Nineteenth-Centu-
     Approaching Elementary Music Theory Through Practical        ry Song Arrangement
     Application: A Supplemental Method for the Developing        Chair: Jonathan Kregor, PhD
     Chair: Alan Sieber t, MM                                     Thomason, Eliza E.
                                                                  DMA, Summer 2010
     Hogan, Charles                                               Marcel Tabuteau and His Art of Phrasing: Applied to Suite No.
     DMA, Autumn 2010                                             6 for Cello (Transcribed for Viola) in G Major, By J.S. Bach
     The Piano Sonatas of Allen Sapp: A Study of Style and Lan-   Chair: Catharine Carroll, DMA
     Chair: Eugene Pridonof f, MM                                 Xie, Wenhui
                                                                  DMA, Spring 2011
     Jones, Jeremy D.                                             ...After...
     DMA, Summer 2010                                             Chair: Joel Hof fman, DMA
     The Development of Collegiate Male Glee Clubs in America:
     An Historical Overview                                       Walker, Tyler B.
     Chair: Earl Rivers, DMA                                      DMA, Autumn 2010
                                                                  An Exhibition on Cheerful Privacies
     Kang, Eun Young                                              Chair: Mara Helmuth, DMA
     DMA, Summer 2010
     Late Twentieth-Century Piano Concert Etudes: A Style Study
     Chair: bruce mcclung, PhD

     Keates, Peter C.
     DMA, Spring 2011
     John Harbison’s Songs for Baritone: A Performer’s Guide
     Chair: Barbara Paver, MM

     Lane, John
     DMA, Summer 2010
     Abstracted Resonances: A Study of Performance Practices
     Reflecting the Influence of Indigenous American Percussive
     Traditions in the Music of Peter Garland
     Chair: Allen Ot te, MM

     Macura, Nebojsa S.
     DMA, Spring 2011
     Concerto for Piano and Wind Ensemble
     Chair: Joel Hof fman, DMA

     Ozaki-Graves, Margaret T.
     DMA, Spring 2011
     A Performer’s Guide to Minoru Miki’s “Sohmon III...,Piano”
     Chair: Jeongwon Joe, PhD

     Miller, Kimberly E
     DMA, Summer 2010
     Carl Baermann: His Influence on the Clarinet in the Nine-
     teenth Century as Pedagogue, Composer, and Instrument
     Chair: Jonathan Kregor, PhD

     Park, Moon-Sook
     DMA, Summer 2010
     Doubt and Belief
     Chair: Kenneth Grif fiths, MM

     Rodriguez Bermejo, Sonia Maria
     DMA, Summer 2010
     Discovering Isaac Albéniz as a song composer
     Chair: Kenneth Grif fiths, MM

                                                                              Andrew Paluch studies a protein found in

                                                                              high levels in advanced prostate cancer
                                                               Clayton, John
  COLLEGE OF DESIGN, ARCHITEC TURE,                            EdD, Spring 2011
  A R T, A N D P L A N N I N G                                 The Exchange of Power and Cultural Attitudes as Authentic
                                                               Practice in Japanese EFL Pedagogical Spaces
                                                               Chair: Virginia Gonzalez, PhD
Cheruiyot, Kenneth Koech
PhD, Spring 2011                                               Corbo, Elizabeth
The Geography of the Intra-National Digital Divide in a        EdD, Spring 2011
Developing Country: A Spatial Analysis of the Regional-Level   Learning through Language: A Study of the Appropriation of
Data from Kenya                                                Academic Language of Sixth Grade Learners across Content
Chair: Johanna Looye, PhD                                      Areas
                                                               Chair: Chester Laine, PhD
Mihaescu, Oana-Pusa
Ph.D., Autumn 2010                                             Delahunty, Geniene P.
Brownfield Sites and Their Negative Impact on Residential      EdD, Spring 2011
Property Values: A Spatial Hedonic Regression Approach         Untold Stories: Perspectives of Principals and Hispanic Par-
Chair: Rainer vom Hofe, PhD                                    ents of English Language Learners.
                                                               Chair: James Koschoreck , PhD

                                                               Denno, Dawn M.
                                                               EdD, Autumn 2010
                                                               Multiple Paths to First Grade: A Comparison of Child, Parent,
  C O L L E G E O F E D U C AT I O N , C R I M I N A L         and Early Education Variables Associated With Multiple Year
   JUSTICE, AND HUMAN SERVICES                                 Kindergarten Experiences
                                                               Chair: Lawrence Johnson, PhD

                                                               Duru, Haci
AbuAli, Mohamed                                                PhD, Autumn 2010
PhD, Summer 2010                                               Crime on Turkish Streetblocks: An Examination of the Effects
Techniques for Non-Intrusive Machine Energy and Health         of High-Schools, On-Premise Alcohol Outlets, and Coffee-
Modeling                                                       houses
Chair: Jay Lee, PhD                                            Chair: Pamela Wilcox, PhD

Aly Hassan, Ashraf                                             Egole-Oziri, Adaeze Ozor
PhD, Summer 2010                                               PhD, Spring 2011
Novel integrated scheme for destruction of hydrophobic         Effect of HIV/AIDS Awareness Training Program among Col-
hazardous air pollutants                                       lege Students in Owerri, Imo State of Nigeria
Chair: George Sorial, PhD                                      Chair: Vanessa Allen-Brown, PhD

Arndt, Angela E.                                               Farber, Susan
PhD, Spring 2011                                               EdD, Autumn 2010
Touching Mercury in Community Media: Identifying Multiple      The Effect of Guided Self-Reflection on Teachers’ Technology
Literacy Learning Through Digital Arts Production              Use
Chair: Lanthan Camblin, PhD                                    Chair: James Basham, PhD

Berry, Laura                                                   Heinonen, Justin A.
PhD, Autumn 2010                                               PhD, Autumn 2010
A Comparison of the Effects of Repeated Readings with and      Measuring how Much Criminologists Know About Crime:
without Live Model Listening Preview on Reading Fluency        Using Environmental Criminology to Assess Our Knowledge
and Comprehension for English Language Learners                of Crime Events
Chair: Renee Oliver Hawkins, PhD                               Chair: John Eck , PhD

Bolar, Eleanor A.                                              Hellmann, Sarah
PhD, Spring 2011                                               PhD, Winter 2011
African American Clergy: Fostering Supportive Relationships    Growing Up Hard: Understanding Through Creative Expres-
with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse                       sion the Resilience, Resistance, and Images of Relationships
Chair: Miriam Raider-Roth, EdD                                 in the Lives of Three African American Adolescent Girls
                                                               Chair: Mar y Br ydon-Miller, PhD
Carter, James W.
PhD, Winter 2011                                               Hollowell, Meghan Yancy
Local Law Enforcement in the Realm of Cyberspace: The Role     EdD, Summer 2010
of Local Law Enforcement Agencies in Controlling Internet      Face-to-Face and Out-of-Classroom Technology Use in
Crime                                                          Higher Education
Chair: Lawrence Travis, PhD                                    Chair: James Basham, PhD
     Hunter, William C.                                             Park, Seong min
     EdD, Spring 2011                                               PhD, Autumn 2010
     Examining the Effects of NHT on Quiz Results and On-Task       Improving Statistical Modeling of Repeat Victimization:
     Behavior with Students Identified with Emotional Behavioral    Zero-inflated Effect and Bayesian Prediction
     Disabilities                                                   Chair: John Eck , PhD
     Chair: Todd Haydon, PhD
                                                                    Payne, Troy C.
     Ickes, Melinda J.                                              PhD, Autumn 2010
     PhD, Summer 2010                                               Does Changing Ownership Change Crime? An Analysis of
     Predictors of Behaviors Related to Obesity Using the Theory    Apartment Ownership and Crime in Cincinnati
     of Planned Behavior in Seventh and Eighth Grade Students       Chair: John Eck , PhD
     Chair: Manoj Sharma, MBBS, PhD
                                                                    Reynolds, Dorothy
     Jonson, Cheryl Lero                                            EdD, Summer 2010
     PhD, Autumn 2010                                               Teachers’ Responses to Using a Small-Group Delivery Method
     The Impact of Imprisonment on Reoffending: A Meta-             during Reading Instruction: A Qualitative Approach
     Analysis                                                       Chair: Lanthan Camblin, PhD
     Chair: Francis Cullen, PhD
                                                                    Schnupp, Rebecca J.
     Kabengele, Blanche                                             PhD, Autumn 2010
     PhD, Spring 2011                                               Adolescent Deviance within Families and Neighborhoods
     An Intellectual History of Two Recent Theories of Racism       Chair: Michael Benson, PhD
     Chair: Mar vin Berlowit z, PhD
                                                                    Sheeley, Wesley J.
     Koller, Cynthia                                                PhD, Spring 2011
     PhD, Summer 2010                                               An Investigation of Two Class-Wide Interventions for Student
     Diffusion of Innovation and Fraud in the Subprime Mortgage     Desk Organization
     Market                                                         Chair: Renee Oliver Hawkins, PhD
     Chair: James Frank , PhD
                                                                    Stegeman, Cynthia A.
     McCabe, Bree A.                                                Ed.D., Spring 2011
     EdD, Autumn 2010                                               The Effect of a Multimedia Learning Environment on the
     Character Strengths and Positive Institutions: Effects on      Knowledge, Attitude, Confidence, and Skill of Dental Hygiene
     Psychological Wellness                                         Students
     Chair: Mei Tang, PhD                                           Chair: Janet Zydney, Ph.D.

     McGoron, Francis X.                                            Stewart, Megan C.
     EdD, Summer 2010                                               PhD, Spring 2011
     Efficacy of Preschool Teacher Math Talk                        The Effect of Victimization on Women’s Health:
     Chair: Sally Moomaw, EdD                                       Does the Victim-Offender Relationship Matter?
                                                                    Chair: Bonnie Sue Fisher, PhD
     Miller, M Elizabeth
     PhD, Autumn 2010                                               Thomas, Jonathan
     Photovoice as a Participatory Needs Assessment to Explore      EdD, Autumn 2010
     Stress in Teens                                                Picture This: A dissertation examining the quantitative men-
     Chair: Amy Bernard, PhD                                        tal imagery of children
                                                                    Chair: Marshalla Harkness, PhD
     Myer, Andrew James
     PhD, Summer 2010                                               Wallace, Felicia
     Hurricane Katrina, Citizen Displacement, and Social Control:   PhD, Spring 2011
     A Test of the Threat and Benign Neglect Hypotheses and an      The effects of remediation on students’ self-efficacy
     Investigation of the Crime-Arrest Relationship                 Chair: Vanessa Allen-Brown, PhD
     Chair: Mitchell Chamlin, PhD
                                                                    Winesburg, Melissa
     Navin, Laurie A.                                               Ph.D., Winter 2011
     EdD, Spring 2011                                               Perceptions Of Neighborhood Problems: Agreement Between
     The Relationship of Pain Catastrophizing to Perception of      Police And Citizens And Impact On Citizen Attitudes Toward
     Partner Response to Pain Behaviors and Relationship Satis-     Police
     faction Among Injured Workers Suffering From Chronic Pain      Chair: James Frank , PhD
     Chair: Frederick Rober t Wilson, PhD

     Ozer, M.Murat
     PhD, Autumn 2010
     Assessing the Effectiveness of the Cincinnati Police Depart-
     ment’s Automatic License Plate Reader System within the
     Framework of Intelligence-Led Policing and Crime Prevention
     Chair: Robin Engel, PhD
                                                                He, Tao
  COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING                                        PhD, Summer 2010
  & APPLIED SCIENCE                                             MCNP-Based Analysis on Simulating Small Changes in
                                                                System Responses
                                                                Chair: Bingjing Su, PhD
Alemayehu, Dawit H.
PhD, Spring 2011                                                Henkener, Kevin
Nonlinear analysis of steel frames with reinforced concrete     PhD, Summer 2010
infill walls                                                    Two-Hop f-Factors and a Fair and Trustworthy P2P Storage
Chair: Gian Rassati, PhD                                        Model
                                                                Chair: Kenneth Berman, PhD
Amoush, Ahmad A.
PhD, Spring 2011                                                Jung, Jangwook Philip
Error Analysis of non-TLD HDR Brachytherapy Dosimetric          PhD, Autumn 2010
Techniques                                                      Engineering Modular Self-Assembling Biomaterials for Mul-
Chair: Henr y Spit z, PhD                                       tifunctionality
                                                                Chair: Daria Narmoneva, PhD
Ashirgade, Akshay A.
PhD, Autumn 2010                                                Kaimal, Vivek
Mechanistic study of the rubber-brass adhesion interphase       PhD, Winter 2011
Chair: Dale Schaefer, PhD                                       Computational approaches to study microRNA networks
                                                                Chair: Bruce Aronow, PhD
Balaji, Swathi
PhD, Autumn 2010                                                Keddache, Mehdi
In situ tissue engineering using angiogenic peptide nanofi-     PhD, Winter 2011
bers to enhance diabetic wound healing                          Relationship between triplet repeat polymorphisms and
Chair: Daria Narmoneva, PhD                                     HapMap tagSNPs
                                                                Chair: Bruce Aronow, PhD
Bapat, Milind S.
PhD, Spring 2011                                                Kilaru, Murali Krishna
Low Rank Approximation based fast methods for Boundary          PhD, Summer 2010
Element Method                                                  Electrowetting Switchable Retroreflectors
Chair: Yijun Liu, PhD                                           Chair: Jason Heikenfeld, PhD

Dhindsa, Manjeet S.                                             Kim, Duk Young
PhD Winter 2011                                                 PhD, Summer 2010
Advanced Theory, Materials and Applications for Electrowet-     Electrowetting-Based Liquid Transistor and Flexible Elec-
ting on Structured Surfaces                                     trowetting on Paper
Chair: Jason Heikenfeld, PhD                                    Chair: Andrew Steckl, PhD

Fu, Weihuang                                                    Kinneberg, Kirsten R.C.
PhD, Autumn 2010                                                PhD, Spring 2011
Analytical Model for Capacity and Delay Optimization in         Tissue Engineering Strategies to Improve Tendon Healing
Wireless Mesh Networks                                          and Insertion Site Integration
Chair: Dharma Agrawal, DSc                                      Chair: Jason Shearn, PhD

Gong, Rongsheng                                                 Kopechek, Jonathan A.
PhD, Winter 2011                                                PhD, Spring 2011
A Segmentation and Re-balancing Approach for Classifica-        The Role of Acoustic Cavitation in Ultrasound-triggered Drug
tion of Imbalanced Data                                         Release from Echogenic Liposomes
Chair: Hongdao Huang, PhD                                       Chair: Christ y Holland, PhD

Han, Daewoo                                                     Kukreja, Ratandeep
PhD, Autumn 2010                                                Ph.D., Autumn 2010
Core-Sheath Polymer Fibers by Coaxial Electrospinning           Synthesis Of Thin Films In Boron-Carbon-Nitrogen Ternary
Chair: Andrew Steckl, PhD                                       System By Microwave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor
Hantouche, Elie G.                                              Chair: Raj Singh, ScD
PhD, Spring 2011
Behavior of Thick Flange Built-up T-stub Connections for Mo-    Li, Weifeng
ment Resisting Frames                                           PhD. Winter 2011
Chair: Anant Kukreti, PhD                                       Carbon Nanotube Materials Characterization and Devices
Herfat, Mohammadsafa T.                                         Chair: Mark Schulz, PhD
PhD, Spring 2011
Characterizing the Ovine Stifle Model as a Preclinical Biome-
chanical Surrogate for the Human Knee
Chair: Jason Shearn, PhD
     Li, Zhixia                                                    Rudd, Brent
     PhD, Spring 2011                                              PhD, Winter 2011
     Dynamic Dilemma Zone Modeling and Its Protection              Active Tonal and Broadband Noise Control for Magnetic
     Chair: Heng Wei, PhD                                          Resonance Imaging Systems
                                                                   Chair: Teik Lim, PhD
     Lu, Ting
     PhD, Summer 2010                                              Smith, Robert C.
     Bacterial Diversity As A Biomarker Of Soil Health             PhD, Autumn 2010
     Chair: Daniel Oer ther, PhD                                   Ecological Factors in Design of a Two-Sludge Nitrifying Acti-
                                                                   vated Sludge System Incorporating Side-Stream Treatment of
     Madhi, Elhoucine                                              Anaerobic Digester Supernatant
     PhD, Autumn 2010                                              Chair: Daniel Oer ther, PhD
     In-Situ Creep Monitoring Using Directional Potential Drop
     Sensors                                                       Salman, Baris
     Chair: Peter Nagy, PhD                                        PhD, Summer 2010
                                                                   Infrastructure Management and Deterioration Risk Assess-
     Marfil Vega, Ruth                                             ment of Wastewater Collection Systems
     PhD, Autumn 2010                                              Chair: Ossama Salem, PhD.
     Abiotic Transformation of Estrogens in Wastewater
     Chair: Makram Suidan, PhD                                     Sequeira, Reynold
                                                                   PhD, Autumn 2010
     Mo, Dengyao                                                   Sustainable Production Strategies for Environmentally Sensi-
     PhD, Winter 2011                                              tive Industries
     Robust and Efficient Feature Selection for High-Dimensional   Chair: Teik Lim, PhD
     Chair: Hongdao Huang, PhD                                     Shim, Joon Sub
                                                                   PhD, Summer 2010
     Munday, David                                                 Self-Assembled Carbon Nanotube as an Optical Immunosen-
     PhD, Autumn 2010                                              sor for Point-of-Care Clinical Diagnostics
     Flow and Acoustics of Jets from Practical Nozzles for High-   Chair: Chong Ahn, PhD
     Performance Military Aircraft
     Chair: Ephraim Gutmark , PhD, DSc                             Singh, Sandeep
                                                                   PhD, Autumn 2010
     Abdel Moteleb, Moustafa                                       Thermo-mechanical Behavior of Glass Based Seals for Solid
     PhD, Summer 2010                                              Oxide Fuel Cells
     Risk Based Decision Making Tools for Sewer Infrastructure     Chair: Raj Singh, ScD
     Chair: Ossama Salem, PhD                                      Song, Hyo-Jin
                                                                   PhD, Summer 2010
     Palsule, Aniruddha                                            Microstructural Evolution and Deformation Mechanisms in
     PhD, Summer 2010                                              Nickel-Base SuperAlloys
     Silicone and Fluorosilicone Based Materials for Biomedical    Chair: Vijay Vasudevan, PhD
     Chair: Stephen Clarson, PhD                                   Storrs, Judd M
                                                                   PhD, Summer 2010
     Peng, Tao                                                     Automatic Real-time Targeting of Single-Voxel Magnetic
     PhD, Summer 2010                                              Resonance Spectroscopy
     Coupled Multi-body Dynamic and Vibration Analysis of          Chair: Jing-Huei Lee, PhD
     Hypoid and Bevel Geared Rotor System
     Chair: Teik Lim, PhD                                          Tang, Zhong
                                                                   PhD, Summer 2010
     Ramaswami, Hemant                                             Synthesis and Modification of MFI-Type Zeolite Membranes
     PhD, Summer 2010                                              for High Temperature Hydrogen Separation and Water Gas
     An integrated framework for virtual machining and inspec-     Shift Membrane Reactions
     tion of turned parts                                          Chair: Junhang Dong, PhD
     Chair: Sundararaman Anand, PhD
                                                                   Uti, Ngozi V.
     Ramirez, Jose A.                                              PhD, Spring 2011
     PhD, Summer 2010                                              Real-Time Mobile Video Compression and Streaming:
     Optimal and Simulation-Based Approximate Dynamic              Live Video from Mobile Devices over Cell Phone Networks
     Programming Approaches for the Control of Re-Entrant Line     Chair: Yizong Cheng, PhD
     Manufacturing Models
     Chair: Emmanuel Fernandez, PhD                                Wallace, Scott
                                                                   PhD, Spring 2011
                                                                   Determinants of a Sustainable Environmentally Sensitive
                                                                   Manufacturing Enterprise
                                                                   Chair: Henr y Spit z, PhD
Wan, Junjun
PhD, Winter 2011                                                   COLLEGE OF MEDICINE
Towards the realization of an all electrically controlled Spin
Field Effect Transistor
Chair: Marc Cahay, PhD
                                                                 Aebig, Trudy J.
Wang, Junfang                                                    PhD, Spring 2011
PhD, Autumn 2010                                                 Cell cycle-dependent association of plectin 1b regulates
Efficient Positioning Technique for Multi-Interface Multi-       mitochondrial morphology and function.
Rate Wireless Mesh Networks                                      Chair: Linda Par ysek , PhD
Chair: Dharma Agrawal, DSc
                                                                 Almoamen, Nabeel
Wang, Tianyi                                                     PhD, Autumn 2010
PhD, Summer 2010                                                 Role of AE3 Cl-/HCO3- Exchanger in the Development of
Trajectory Similarity Based Prediction for Remaining Useful      Heart Disease
Life Estimation                                                  Chair: Gar y Edward Shull, PhD
Chair: Jay Lee, PhD
                                                                 Baker, Erin R.
Wu, Mau-Yi                                                       PhD, Summer 2010
PhD, Summer 2010                                                 The Impact of Adiposity on Estrone, Estradiol, Testosterone
Using Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa as             and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin in Peripubertal Females.
model bacteria to investigate the putative silver-adaptation     Chair: Susan Pinney, PhD
mechanisms of Gram-negative bacteria
Chair: Daniel Oer ther, PhD                                      Borcherding, Dana
                                                                 PhD, Autumn 2010
Xu, Hao                                                          Human Adipocytes: Dopamine Receptors and the Regulation
PhD, Autumn 2010                                                 of Prolactin
Runtime Leakage Control in Deep Sub-micron CMOS Tech-            Chair Nira Ben-Jonathan, PhD
Chair: Ranganadha Vemuri, PhD                                    Buschmann, Mary McVey
                                                                 PhD Summer 2010
Yang, Lei                                                        Laminin-332-Mediated Proliferation Control: Mechanisms
PhD, Winter 2011                                                 Regulating Formation of the Epithelium
Methodology of Prognostics Evaluation for Multiprocess           Chair: Susanne Wells, PhD
Manufacturing Systems
Chair: Jay Lee PhD                                               Choi, Derrick L.
                                                                 PhD, Spring 2011
Yu, Jiefei                                                       The role of orexin in reward-based feeding behaviors
PhD, Autumn 2010                                                 Chair: Stephen Benoit PhD.
Coupled Nitrate Reduction and Ammonium Oxidation in
Electrochemical Treatment for Nitrate Brine Wastes               Chou, Fu-Sheng
Chair: Margaret Kupferle, PhD., PE                               PhD Spring 2011
                                                                 Survival is an essential component of self-renewal induced
                                                                 by a Class II leukemia oncogene
                                                                 Chair: James Mulloy, PhD

                                                                 Combs, Michelle D.
                                                                 PhD, Winter 2011
                                                                 NFATc1 in cardiac valve development and EPDC invasion
                                                                 Chair: Katherine Yut zey, PhD

                                                                 Dickerson, Jonathan W.
                                                                 PhD, Autumn 2010
                                                                 Neuroprotective and neurorestorative effects of neuregulins
                                                                 in the injured and aged dopaminergic nigrostriatal system
                                                                 Chair: Kim Seroogy, PhD

                                                                 Doerdelmann, Thomas
                                                                 PhD, Spring 2011
                                                                 Structural and Biophysical Studies of the Pitx2 Homeodo-
                                                                 Chair: Mark Rance, PhD

                                                                 Fuller, Kevin
                                                                 PhD, Autumn 2010
                                                                 Comparative analysis of Protein Kinase A homologues in the
                                                                 growth and virulence of Aspergillus fumigatus
                                                                 Chair: Judith Rhodes, PhD

Sema Kurtulus explore why some T cells
survive viral infections while others do not
     Geh, Esmond N.                                                Loftspring, Matthew C.
     PhD, Spring 2011                                              PhD, Spring 2011
     The Molecular Regulation of MAP3K1 in Eyelid Development      Brain Injury Mechanisms In Hemorrhagic Stroke
     Chair: Ying Xia, PhD                                          Chair: Joseph Clark PhD

     Groschwitz, Katherine R.                                      Maldonado, Arturo R.
     PhD, Autumn 2010                                              PhD, Winter 2011
     Mast cell-mediated intestinal barrier function in homeosta-   Molecular Targeting and Enhancing Anticancer Efficacy of
     sis and disease                                               Oncolytic HSV-1 to Midkine Expressing Tumors
     Chair: Simon Hogan, PhD                                       Chair: Jef frey Whitset t, MD

     Heyse, Serena R.                                              Mani, Timmy
     PhD, Winter 2011                                              PhD, Winter 2011
     Functional divergence between Tetrahymena telomere pro-       The Role of Phosphoinositide Binding in Merlin Function
     teins: Potential role for POT1b in chromosome breakage and    Chair: Wallace Ip, PhD
     new telomere synthesis
     Chair: Carolyn Price, PhD                                     Martin Quigley, Christina M.
                                                                   PhD, Spring 2011
     Johnson, Erica M.                                             Characterization of Occult Hepatitis B Virus Infection in HIV-
     PhD, Spring 2011                                              Positive Individuals
     Neuroprotection and Cognitive Enhancing Training Strate-      Chair: Melanie Cushion, PhD
     gies: Environmental Enrichment and Motor Skills Training
     Chair: James Herman, PhD                                      Mead, Timothy J.
                                                                   PhD, Winter 2011
     Kavanaugh, Gina M.                                            Notch pathway regulation of skeletal development and
     PhD, Spring 2011                                              neural crest cell lineages in vivo
     The Role of the Human DEK Oncogene in the Regulation of       Chair: Katherine Yut zey, PhD
     DNA Damage Response and Repair
     Chair: Susanne Wells, PhD                                     Millen, Scott H.
                                                                   PhD, Winter 2011
     Klyza, James Philip                                           Characterization of the biophysical and cellular aspects of
     PhD, Autumn 2010                                              pertussis toxin binding.
     Ancestor and Descendant Gender-Stratified Analysis            Chair: Alison Weiss, PhD
     Concerning the Heritability of Cardiovascular Disease Risk
     Factors                                                       Murphy, Brian L.
     Chair: Charles Ralph Buncher, ScD                             PhD Summer 2010
                                                                   Aberrant hippocampal granule cell neurogenesis and inte-
     Kroetz, Danielle N.                                           gration in epilepsy
     PhD, Spring 2011                                              Chair: Steve Danzer, PhD
     The Role of CCR5 in Protection Against Histoplasma capsula-
     tum Infection                                                 Ovesen, Jerald Lee
     Chair: George Deepe, MD                                       PhD, Autumn 2010
                                                                   Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Ligands of Widely Different Toxic
     Khatri, Shikha                                                Equivalency Factors Induce Similar Histone Marks in Target
     PhD, Summer 2010                                              Gene Chromatin
     FOXO3a Regulates Glycolysis via Transcriptional Control of    Chair: Alvaro Puga, PhD
     Tumor Suppressor TSC1
     Chair: David Plas, PhD                                        Paumier, Katrina Lee
                                                                   PhD, Spring 2011
     Kindel, Tammy Lyn                                             Chronic Antidepressant Treatment in the Nigrostriatal Sys-
     PhD, Summer 2010                                              tem: the Impact of Antidepressant-Mediated Neuroplasticity
     The Effects of Duodenal-jejunal Bypass on Glucose Homeo-      Chair: T imothy Collier, PhD
     Chair: Patrick P.W. Tso, PhD                                  Pei, Zhenglei
                                                                   PhD, Winter 2011
     Kottyan, Leah Claire                                          The role of Gsx homeobox genes in the specification and dif-
     PhD, Summer 2010                                              ferentiation of mouse lateral ganglionic eminence progeni-
     Airway Acidification in Asthma                                tors
     Chair: Nives Zimmermann, MD                                   Chair: Kenneth Campbell, PhD

     Liu, Wei                                                      Puglise, Jason M.
     PhD, Spring 2011                                              PhD, Autumn 2010
     Rational targeting of Cdc42 in hematopoietic stem cell mo-    Roles of the Rac/Cdc42 effector proteins Pak and PIX in cy-
     bilization and engraftment                                    tokinesis, ciliogenesis, and cyst formation in renal epithelial
     Chair: Yi Zheng, PhD                                          cells
                                                                   Chair: Rober t Brackenbur y, PhD
Simpson, David S.
PhD, Autumn 2010                                                 COLLEGE OF NURSING
Role of Rb/p16 Pathway in Pulmonary Epithelial Regulation
Chair: Kathr yn Wikenheiser-Brokamp, MD, PhD

Smith, Loren E.                                                Beischel, Kelly
PhD, Summer 2010                                               PhD, Summer 2010
The Interplay Between Apolipoproteins and ATP-Binding Cas-     Anxiety as a Mediating Variable to Learning Outcomes in
sette Transporter A1                                           a Human Patient Simulation Experience: A Mixed Methods
Chair: Sean Davidson, PhD                                      Study
                                                               Chair: Amy Pet tigrew, DNS, RN
Spieles-Engemann, Anne L.
PhD, Spring 2011                                               Sampang, Jennifer Ann
The Neuroprotective Potential of Subthalamic Nucleus Deep      PhD , Autumn 2010
Brain Stimulation in the 6-OHDA Rodent Model of Parkin-        The Association between Depression and Adherence to the
son’s Disease                                                  Post-operative Regimen, and Subsequent Weight Loss after
Chair: James Herman, PhD                                       Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding
                                                               Chair: Bonnie Brehm, PhD
Stadler, William Andrew
PhD., Summer 2010
White-Collar Offenders and the Prison Experience: An Empiri-
cal Examination of the “Special Sensitivity” to Imprisonment
Chair: Michael Benson, PhD

Stefater, Margaret                                               JAMES L. WINKLE
PhD, Winter 2011                                                 COLLEGE OF PHARMAC Y
Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy: Mechanisms for Weight Loss
and Lessons for Obesity Therapy
Chair: Randy Seeley, PhD                                       Ebanks, Jody P.
                                                               PhD, Winter 2011
Terpstra, Brian T.                                             Differential Processing/Degradation of Melanosomes
PhD, Winter 2011                                               by Epidermal Keratinocytes
Purine Nucleoside Mediated Neuroprotection in the 6-Hy-        Chair: R . Randall Wicket t, PhD
droxydopamine Rodent Model of Parkinson’s Disease
Chair: T imothy Collier, PhD                                   Evans, Amber O.
                                                               PhD, Spring 2011
Tranter, Michael C.                                            Investigation of the Interaction between Water Hardness
PhD, Summer 2010                                               Metals and Human Hair
Investigation of NF-kappaB-Dependent Transcriptional and       Chair: R . Randall Wicket t, PhD
Post-Transcriptional Regulatory Networks in Late Ischemic
Preconditioning                                                Gajjar, Rachna M.
Chair: Walter Keith Jones, PhD                                 PhD, Summer 2010
                                                               Absorption and Evaporation of Volatile Organic Solvents
Wansapura, Arshani N.                                          from Human Skin In Vitro
PhD, Summer 2010                                               Chair: Gerald Kasting, PhD
The role of alpha Na,K-ATPase isoforms in mediating cardiac
hypertrophy in response to endogenous cardiotonic steroids     Samineni, Divya
Chair: John Lorenz, PhD                                        PhD Spring 2011
                                                               Pre-Clinical and Clinical Investigation of Pharmacokinetic
Xiao, Chang                                                    and Pharmacodynamic Interactions between Darunavir, a
PhD, Spring 2011                                               Novel Protease Inhibitor and Rosuvastatin.
The role of Sonic the Hedgehog as a regulator of adult stom-   Chair: Pankaj Desai, PhD
ach physiology
Chair: Yana Zavros, PhD                                        Smith, Kelly
                                                               PhD, Autumn 2010
Yoder, Stephanie M.                                            Characterization of the Barrier Properties of the Human Nail
PhD, Autumn 2010                                               Chair: Kevin Li, PhD.
Effects of Acute Nutrient Stimulation and Chronic High-Fat
Feeding on GIP and GLP-1 Secretion in the Lymph Fistula Rat
Chair: Patrick P.W. Tso, PhD

Zhu, Hongyan
PhD, Winter 2011
Deep Breath And Relax: A Study Of Nps/Npsr1
Chair: Marc Rothenberg, MD, PhD
     ANNUAL REPORT   Statistical Data:         Caroline Alikonis
     2 011           Photography and Layout:   Leif Fairfield
                                               Akshata Wadekar
                                               Johnathan McLemore
                     Contributing Writers:     Peter Grimes
                                               Nick Kelly
                                               Megan Tischner
                     Copy Editor:              Heather Hamilton
                     Production Coordinator:   Megan Tischner
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