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					Citrus College
                                                                          Esthetician Certificate of

                                                                          Applications accepted for fall semester

                                                                          Esthetician Program Duration
                                                                          Day Program
                                                                          Monday – Friday
                                                                          7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
                                                                          9 semester units, one semester
                                                                          and one intersession
                                                                          Minimum of 600 hours

                                                                          Additional fees required for the
                                                                          Program Kit - $2,000* plus tax.
                                                                          The Kit fee is due at the time of
                                                                          registration and can be paid online!

                                                                          Students completing the program with a
                                                                          grade of “C” or better, will receive a
                                                                          certificate of achievement and are
                                                                          eligible to take the California State Board
                                                                          of Barbering and Cosmetology Licensing
The Citrus College Esthetician Program                                    • Assessment test required for associate
exposes you to the state-of-the-art skin care                               degree, certificate of achievement and
                                                                            transfer students.
equipment that meets today’s technology                                   • Financial aid is available to qualified
standards in the esthetics industry.                                        students. Complete and submit FAFSA
                                                                            to determine your eligibility.

The Citrus College Esthetician     this professional skin care            • Non-Transferable
Program provides you with the      program include:                         Hours from other schools are not
skills and knowledge to help        • Anatomy and physiology
clients attain healthy skin and     • Diseases and disorders of the       • Passing State Board examination
an attractive appearance.             skin                                  required to become a licensed
                                    • Cosmetic chemistry and                esthetician
Administering skin care treat-
ments suited to each individual       product formulation
                                                                          *Kit fee is estimated, determined by
                                    • Electrical modalities for facials   vendor and subject to change.
allows estheticians to help
                                      and skin care
people look and feel their best.    • Professional hair removal
                                    • Reflexology on hands and feet
Career opportunities in this        • Complete makeup artistry
field include employment in           with color coordination
day spas; full-service hair and     • Estheticians working with
skin care salons; in a derma-         physicians
tologist’s or plastic surgeon’s     • Advanced topics in esthetics,
office as a paramedical               and aromatherapy
                                    • Cosmetic surgery, pre- and                Esthetician Department
esthetician; or as a consultant                                                     (626) 914-8778
for a skin care product manu-         post-care                             1000 West Foothill Boulevard,
                                    • Health and nutrition                 Glendora, California 91741-1899
facturer. Subjects covered in
Citrus College
College Admission                       For more information               Citrus Community College District
Admission to Citrus College is open     Admissions and Records             Board of Trustees
to high school graduates and any        (626) 914-8511
                                                                           Mrs. Susan M. Keith
person 18 years of age or over.         Campus Tours                       Claremont/Azusa/La Verne/Pomona
                                        (626) 857-4162                     Representative
To enroll, submit an application for    Career and Transfer Center
admission online at:                    (626) 914-8639                     Mrs. Joanne Montgomery                                         Monrovia/Bradbury/Duarte
                                        Counseling and Advisement Center   Representative
New students enrolled in five or        (626) 914-8530
                                        Financial Aid                      Dr. Edward C. Ortell
more units and planning to earn an
associate degree, a certificate of      (626) 914-8592
achievement, or a skill award must      General Information
take an English and math skills         (626) 963-0323                     Dr. Patricia Rasmussen
assessment. In addition, new stu-                                          Glendora/Azusa/San Dimas
                                        Student Activities
dents who plan to enroll in English,                                       Representative
                                        (626) 914-8601
mathematics or reading classes must
                                        Testing Center                     Dr. Gary L. Woods
participate in the skills assessment                                       Azusa/Covina/Glendora/Irwindale
                                        (626) 857-4035
process.                                                                   Representative
Associate Degree                        (626) 914-8674                     Dr. Geraldine M. Perri
For an associate degree, a student      Voice                              Superintendent/President
must complete 60 degree applica-        (626) 914-8675
ble units of work and fulfill spe-
cific general education require-
ments, including electives and
physical education. A cumulative
grade-point average of 2.0 (“C”)
or above is required.

For detailed information, refer to
the college catalog or consult a

Transfer Requirements
Transfer requirements can be inte-
grated with the associate degree
option so that you may receive a
degree at the time of transfer. See a
counselor for specific requirements                                                Esthetician Department
for your major. Course requirements                                                    (626) 914-8778
may vary among colleges.                                                      1000 West Foothill Boulevard,
                                                                             Glendora, California 91741-1899

                                                                           Citrus College is an Equal Opportunity
                                                                           Institution. Citrus College publications are
                                                                           available in an alternate format upon request
                                                                           by persons with verifiable disabilities.

                                                                           Rev. 1/12

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