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 Fitness Model and Health Specialist Designs Unique Protein
            Bar for Post-Workout Consumption
For those looking to lose weight or get fit in 2013, Aisha Price and Optimal
Nutrition Care have designed the Optimal Recovery Bar, a tasty and
nutritional protein bar made for eating after a workout.

A protein bar may not seem like a revolutionary product, however, Aisha Price and
Optimal Nutrition Care have created a one-of-a-kind nutritional snack that can help
people meet their New Year’s resolutions. As many enter into 2013 looking to get into
shape, lose excess pounds, or get back into a workout routine, health and fitness expert
Aisha Price, known also as a fitness model, wanted a health bar that satisfied many
needs. The Optimal Recovery Bar goes beyond normal health bars by providing a great
balance of nutrition and supplements to assist with a post-workout recovery.

For those looking to obtain their resolutions through exercise and dieting, Aisha Price
personally endorses the sports nutrition bar, as she believes “eating healthy is essential
for optimal health and total well-being”. Price goes on to note, “loving your body means
putting tasty but nutritional things inside,” which is why she is proudly recommending
the Optimal Recovery Bar from Optimal Nutrition Care. Sports nutrition bars should
assist the body in recovering from a workout quickly. With this notion in mind, Price
devised the Optimal Recovery Bar, which balances proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber to
provide a satisfying end result for those looking to improve their fitness, well-being, or
lose weight in 2013.

It is not a secret that in order to get fit or improve overall health, one must consider their
body’s needs first. With the help of the Optimal Recovery Bar from Optimal Nutrition
Care, Aisha Price has found that her post-workout recovery has sped up, as it is
designed to be perfect for consumption after exercise. Through the right combination of
carbohydrates to eliminate fatigue and protein to decrease soreness, Price is confident
that the Optimal Recovery Bar can assist many in achieving their New Year’s
resolutions in 2013. For more information about this revolutionary product, visit
http://www.optimalnutritioncare.com today.

Check out our video on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FBty3eXEps

About Optimal Nutrition Care

Optimal Nutrition Care was created to sell high quality nutritional food supplements and
vitamins that were created with both solid scientific knowledge and extensive
experience. Although the Optimal Recovery Bar is the business' inaugural product,
others are in development. The company has also developed a business method to
help dietitians and nutritionists achieve the best possible results utilizing cutting edge
methods. A patent for this method is currently being pursued.

Contact Details:

Contact Name: Zia Barkatullah
Company Name: Optimal Nutrition Care
Street: 135 Green Forest Dr.
City: Clinton
State: Mississippi
Country: USA
Zip Code: 39056
Phone: 601-397-5048
Website: http://www.optimalnutritioncare.com
Email: office@optimalnutritioncare.com

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