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					Press Release
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Contact: Office of University Relations
(570) 422-3532                          For Immediate Release
ESU Hosts Computer Camps
For High School Students
                                                             (Issued 6/29/2010)

       As the demand for technologically literate individuals increases, East Stroudsburg

University provides opportunities for students to learn these increasingly vital computer skills.

Following this trend, ESU is inviting high school students to attend camps featuring computer

security classes on subjects from Internet attacks to potential career opportunities. “Employers

contact me on a regular basis looking for students with expertise in computer security and

computer science,” says Dr. N. Paul Schembari, professor of computer science and program

director of computer and information security at ESU. “We really need talented high school

students to get interested and involved.”

       The 2+2+2 Computer Security Summer Camp, a camp for local high school students

funded by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), will run from July

19th through 22nd from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Monroe Career and Technical Institute

(MCTI). The name “2+2+2” signifies the last two years of high school, two years at a

community college, and two years at university as one potential educational track for a degree in

Computer Security. The camp represents a collaborative effort between ESU, MCTI, and

Northampton Community College (NCC). About 25 high school students will receive

instruction and opportunities for hands-on activities in approximately 20 areas of computer

security as taught by Dr. Schembari, Ronald Cudworth of MCTI, and Kevin Manna of NCC.

Brian Martin, ESU alumnus and president of Digital Trust, LLC., will speak on careers in the

computer security field to the 2+2+2 Computer Security Summer Camp during an ESU campus

visit. Registration for the 2+2+2 Computer Security Summer Camp is currently open for

interested high school students who have taken Algebra I. Anyone interested in registering for

the 2+2+2 Computer Security Summer Camp should call 570-422-7920 for more information.

       Prior to the 2+2+2 Computer Security Summer Camp experiences, ESU’s Dr. Schembari

and graduate student Steve Rhein worked with 40 students from 16 Philadelphia high schools

involved in the Benjamin Wiley Camp, hosted at ESU as a two-week overall college experience

and also funded through grants by PASSHE. Included in the curriculum is a computer security

course taught by Dr. Schembari, Dr. Michael Jochen, assistant professor of computer science,

and graduate student Steve Rhein from 11 a.m. until noon at East Stroudsburg’s Science and

Technology Center. For more information, contact Jennifer Castro, assistant director of

admissions, at 570-422-3922 or


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