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					Name                        Vegetarian Vegan   Allergies

Chris Abbott
Joseph Bates

Andrew Bray
Chris Chandler
Natalia Dorfman
Landy Douglas      ?
Amanda Fairley
Andy Friedman
Jessica Fuller
Kelly Furman
Zanne Garland          ?
Jonathan Gibson

Julie Griffin      ?
Brandon Jones
Marshall Jones     ?
Stephen Jones      ?
William Lynam      ?
Dan McReady
Carolina Paulsen    ?
Michal Pickett     ?

Julius Powell      ?
Michele Pugh        ?
Georgia Richter
Jeanne Rittschof       ?
Maggie Schneider        ?
Michael Smith
Meghan Valario           X

Aaron Windecker      ?
Daniel Wiley

Marg. Worthington        YES

Rachel Zurer         ?   YES   YES
Alison Constantine       YES
Jen Lopez        YES   YES
Michael Fliss    YES
Greta Schmoyer
Jenn Davis

Joel Scholtes
Doug Carlson

Bulgar is great
Powdered apple cider and hot chocolate are nice luxuries
baking was really fun, but i dont think it would work on august
Eggs . . . seem like more trouble than they are worth
I prefer kool aid to tang

I can't believe that someone actually brought millet on PWILD. We feed
that stuff to our parakeet . . .

Alphabet cookies

I love eating on PWILD. Everything tastes great. Except for one thing:
peanut butter. Yes, I am one of those weirdos who (*gasp*) hates peanut
butter. I would be so so so happy if we could find an alternative (ie -
another food that has lots of protein in it.) Maybe give us more cheese? Or
beef jerky? I don't know...

Um...I ate and loved everything that we had on March,
except for the veggie burgers. I'm sure you can't really get rid of those
because all those vegans/vegetarians love them, but you asked, so I'm
telling you. I can eat them, but...Well, no, I can't. There are few things
that I can't stomach, and a veggie burger is one. HUMMUS is fantastic, and
maybe you could give out (in addition to flour) this stuff that Andy carried
around with us. He calls it bannit (sp?), and it was basically half wheat
flour and half Bisquik. It's really useful 'cuz it rises easily, and was
the best stuff ever for making cinnamon rolls and calzones!
Some of the food on djibouti started going bad after a week. A suggestion
was made to buy from the Bi-Lo in brevard (anything perishable such as
fruits/veggies) at low cost during the trip. that would also avoid any
overpurchasing issues for those items as well as ensuring fresh food. That
could potentially save a lot of money and eliminate some unneccessary
advanced purchasing. Also, djiboutians gladly went on bi-lo runs for
specialty items for their crews using their own money as opposed to pwild
money. worked really well!

Snack stuff:

Vanilla alphabet cookies were an alltime favorite. Second only to animal
crackers, brownie shots, chocolate bars, jolly ranchers, jelly, etc on the
carbohydrate list.

Also, a possible word of caution. I think it is safe to say most ppl dont want
and should not have salty foods when hiking in hot weather, too
dehydrating. I noticed my march crew stayed away from the salted peanuts
for that reason primarily.

Also, for a little variety, you might want to consider getting some unsalted
pecans, brazil nuts, walnuts etc to add to the fat-based snack foods. I had
two lbs of these this march and my crew was more than happy to partake.
These are phenomenal, long lasting energy sources. A small one pound
sandwich bag will easily pack 3200 calories and a lot of nutrition. Great
for cooking too.

Peanut butter and olive oil are both Godsends. In short, the more fat based
and/or calorie dense foods the better in my opinion.

Also, to help keep food weight down, I really liked the idea of dried tomato
stuff/any avoidance of canned goods that just add unnecessary water

No beef or pig please. I'm cool with vegan or vegetarian.

I like that soymilk stuff that was the mystery
Sardines are just about the most disgusting food ever
Falafel is devine
Keep the cheese coming
Marshmellows too!
that is about all i feel passionately about in the way of food. Please
be vegetarian friendly! thanks

couscous, but you already knew that. silken tofu: keeps indefinitely, good
protein additive, etc.
trail mix, w/o MMs but including peanuts, maybe sesame sticks, dried fruit,
cereal, etc...or i guess just those things by themselves...
more veggies, somehow!
The oriental stuff was great but I think a
lot of people didn;t dig it, as in "What the heck is that lumpy sheet of
bean curd?!" and "Is that shoe polish in that peanut butter jar?" I think
that it's good to try new things but maybe that was too new or too much too
soon. Alright, bring back couscous! so easy and so good and so little
turns into so much, it's amazing. Bring back prunes: sweeter and plumper
than raisins (though raisins are great in their own way). Hot chocolate is
essential. Real butter as well. also, the tradeoff between quick oatmal
breakfasts or the big batch of oatmeal we used to have: it used to be in a
big bag all together, just straight up oats, and you had to season it
yourself. but maybe more rounded breakfasts, I feel like quick oatmeal and
quick grits are too easy and can take up too many breakfasts.but they are
good to have around on those days were you want to just get going. Also,
last march there was only one breakfast of granola. In my opinion there
should be more. Also, we had a huge bag of dry cereal. Fruitloops and
cornpops. These are good but they take up too much room and don;t provide
enough sustenance (air and sugar). My recommendation is nix the sugar
cereal and replace it with more granola or grits.

WAFA/CPR         1 wafaperson
                 8 people

Staff Training   35 people

Backpacking      140??
Call Quinoa Corp.
roads end organics.
call sysco, pick up catalogue
                        Nobel Sysco Food
                        Services (Southwest
                        Division)                      pricing    for ordering from sysco, know that they will like
                        601Comanche NE                 shipping   re-direct you to the charlotte location of sysco,
                        NM 87107                       durham -   at least from what I remember, that is the near
                        (505) 761 -
                        1200 Telephone                            for duke. I think that's where duke gets their s
                        (505) 761 -
                         1245 FAX                                 I’d suggest ordering through angie (have her p
                                                                  order through the branch of sysco that goes to

Call CoOp note - when calling, ask about…
                     .discounts for non credit cards
ng from sysco, know that they will likely
 ou to the charlotte location of sysco, because,

om what I remember, that is the nearest location

 I think that's where duke gets their stuff from.

st ordering through angie (have her place the
 ugh the branch of sysco that goes to duke :)
WAFA                   STAFF TRAINING        ALL PRE-TRIP TRIP

                                             Date               Breakfast

WAFA                   July 26th breakfast             26-Jul   fruity breakfast
                        - July 30th dinner             27-Jul   Cereal
                                                       28-Jul   fruity breakfast
                                                       29-Jul   Cereal
                                                       30-Jul   cereal
Staff Training         July 31 B - Aug 7 B             31-Jul   granola oatmeal + fruit
PISGAH                 camping food                    1-Aug    FAST - granola oatmeal
PISGAH                 ditto                           2-Aug    pancakes + fruit. Yum in woods.
PISGAH                 ditto                           3-Aug    granola oatmeal + fruit
                                                       4-Aug    cereal
                                                       5-Aug    fruity breakfast
IM Craziness                                           6-Aug    FAST - grits + friends
Participants Arrive!                                   7-Aug    granola oatmeal + fruit
Ropes Courses…                                         8-Aug    cereal
Backapacka                                             9-Aug    FAST - granola oatmeal
                       mixed speed meals!             10-Aug    fruit stew
                                                      11-Aug    trail mix of some kind
                                                      12-Aug    granola oatmeal
                                                      13-Aug    trail mix of some kind
                                                      14-Aug    instagrits
                                                      15-Aug    poptarts! Careful…VEGAN!
JAMBOREE                                              16-Aug    granola oatmeal
                                                      17-Aug    english muffins + apple butter
SOLO                                                  18-Aug    NONE
COVE                                                  19-Aug    pancakes + syrup
COVE                                                  20-Aug    granola oatmeal
Back to Duke…                                         21-Aug    FAST
Clean Up               Just Breakfast (Donuts…?)      22-Aug    FUN - donuts?

                       FUN FOOD:                                NOTES:
                       Tang                                     Going to be drying lots of veges + fruit for meals…
                       Apple Cider                              Almond butter?
                       dried strawberries + other fruit…        Found a REALLY good soy cheese. Cheddarish.
                       Hot Chocolate. VEGAN?
                                                                Testing on strawberries as we speak. Special K with dried strawberries is SO
              post trip


              humus + pita
              questadillas… [peppers, cheese, soy cheese/chreese, rice, beans]
              bagels + cream cheese
              animal crackers + apple butter +jelly
              humus + pita
              bagels + pb + jelly
              animal crackers + apple butter +jelly
              humus + pita
              FAST - PB&J
              bagels + humus
              FAST - PB&J on course
              MESSY IS OK - bananas + almond butter
              trailnutmix + carrots + prunes
              animal crackers + apple butter +jelly
              fig bars
              humus + pita + spices (olive oil…)
              fig bars + apples + pb
              animal crackers + almond butter +jelly
              pita + cheese / pb
              pita + olive oil + texas pete + humus
              pastry! Filling. Yum.
              NONE-food stop

s of veges + fruit for meals…

od soy cheese. Cheddarish.

es as we speak. Special K with dried strawberries is SO GOOD!

Leave a dinner or two out?
questadillas… [peppers, cheese, soy cheese/chreese, rice, beans]
fast food
stir fry
fresh corn, grilled tomatoes, Veggie burgers, regular burgers, w/ condiments
tortillas, beans, cheese, corn, peppers + rice
pasta + mashed potatos
fast food
bar-B? vege squeqers? - grilled meat/tempeh/tvp/soy w/ veggies. Yum.
CCREW - vegan lasagna?
NONE-eat out with crew
Pasta for everybody. Good idear.
rice + doh foo (hee hee!) + peppers + peanuts. Yum.
pasta + fresh veggies (onions, + tomato sauce
veggie burgers + green beans + bread
tortillas, beans, cheese, corn, peppers + rice
veggie sushi? (veggies, rice, seaweed. Fun!) SOY.
stew! Miso + carrots + veggie + potatoes +lentils + falafel
quinoa + brown sugar + something + tempeh
mac + cheese + potatos (SYSCO cake…)
Crazy Double Dinner??
pasta! Yum. Cheese sauce + spices
spiced couscous+ [graham crackers, marshmellows, gnutella + falafel =)] - frosting + something else here too
for wafa info, I rounded up on quantities that I changed, because there were some funny things like 3/4 of an onion or somethin
 If there is stuff left over from wafa, you can take it out of the list of things you need for staff training.

WAFA = 10 people

Item                                   Amt is in…                Part of meals… Num of Meals
apples                                 #                         "fruit breakfast"                  2
melon                                  #                         fruity breakfast                   2
cereal                                 box                       "cereal"                           3
bananas                                #                         "fruit breakfast", "cereal"        3
PB                                     oz                        PB&J                               2
Jelly                                  #                         PB&J                               2
Bread [ watch it! No whey please…]     loaves                    PB&J                               1
Bagels                                 #                                                            1
Cream Cheese                           oz                        bagels + cc                        1
HumMus                                 big container from Costco                                    1
Pita                                   #                                                            1
tortillas                              #                         quesdalilla                        2
cheese                                 oz                        quesdalilla                        2
soy cheese/chreese                     oz                        quesdalilla                        2
peppers [ diff colors!]                #                         quesdalilla + stir fry             3
onions                                 #                         quesdalilla + stir fry             3
milk                                   #                         cereal                             2
rice milk                              #                         cereal                             2
Randoms                                5 buckaroos? 10? Buy what you want… don't know if this will fly with the pds - but ma
rice                                   pounds                    quesadillas, stir fry              3
things to stir and fry                 ?                         ?                     ?

Staff Training = 40?

Item                                   Amt is in…                   Part of meals…     Num of Meals

onions                                 #                                                               2
granola                                lbs                                                             3
fruit - melon                          #                                                               1
fruit - cantalope                      #                                                               1
cereal                                 #                                                               1
pancake batter - oats                  lbs                                                             1
pancake batter - bisquick              oz                           [enough for 35!]                   1
dried strawberries                     lbs                                                             2
dried blueberries                      lbs                                                             2
bagels                                 #                                                               1
humMus                                                                                                 2
grits                                  lbs                                                             1
animal crackers                        #                                                               2
pb                                     oz                                                              3
j                                      oz                                                              4
pita                                   #                                                               2
apple butter                           oz                                                              2
veggie burgers - non-powder kind       #                                                               1
fresh corn                             #                                                               1
fresh tomatos               #                                                              1
beans dried                 lbs                                                            1
peppers                     #                                                              3
rice                        lbs                                                            1
chReese                     lbs                                                            2
cheese                      lbs                                                            2
pasta                       lbs                                                            1
mashed potatos              lbs                                                            1
falafel                     lbs                                                            1
grillable meat              lbs                                                            1
tempeh/tvp/silk soy         lbs                                                            1
VEGAN LASAGNA                                                                              1
bread                                                                                      1

powdered tea
powdered lemonade!

Trip = 115

Item                        Amt is in…                  Part of meals…     Num of Meals
granola                                                                                    4
vanilla soy milk powdered                                                  NA
reg. Milk powdered                                                         NA
texas pete                  #
olive oil
canola oil
vegan poptarts                                                                             1
english muffins                                                                            1
brown sugar
white sugar
honey                       bears
prunes                      bags
apple butter
fig bars
animal crackers             lbs                                                          3
pb                          #
jelly                       #
humus                       lbs                                                          2
pita                        #                                                            2
apples                      #                                                            1
cheese                      lbs                                                          6
chReese                     lbs                                                          3
baking powder               one box? Bottle? From costco should be plenty. Check spice reserve in locker first.
lemonade                    lbs
tang                        lbs
rice                        lbs                                                            2
tofu                        lbs                                                            1
peanuts                     lbs                                                            1
peppers                              #                                                                 2
onions                               #                                                                 2
garlic                               #
pasta (gluten free?)                 lbs                                                               2
veggie burger powder                 lbs                                                               1
green beans                          # cans                                                            1
bread                                # loaves                                                          1
tortillas                            # tortiallas                                                      2
bean mix                             lbs                                                               2
seaweed for sushi                    #                                                                 1
miso                                 lbs                                                               1
carrots                              #                                                                 1
lentils                              lbs                                                               1
falafel                              lbs                                                               2
quinoa                               lbs                                                               1
tempeh                               lbs                                                               2
mac&cheese                           lbs                                                               1
couscous                             lbs                                                               1
marshmellows - not vegan. Alternative?                                                                 1
gnuttella                            #                                                                 1
frosting                             #                                                                 1
mystery can                          #                                                                 1
mangos                               #                                                                 1
cucumbwer                            #                                                                 1
corn                                 #                                                                 1

cabbage                               both of these keep well, and are good in stew, esp. with things like carrots.


don’t buy tomatos!
gs like 3/4 of an onion or something.


                 Amt/Serving Total Amt (lbs, whatever)                                        P Code
                        1                            20                                       S/K
                           1/8                        3                                       S/K
                           1/8                        4                                       S/K
                        1                            30                                       S/K
                        2       40 oz or 1 large jar                                          S/K
                        1 1/2 30 oz or 1 large jar                                            S/K
                           1/6                        1 2/3                                   S/K
                        1                            10                                       S/K
                        1 1/2 15 oz                                                           S/K
                        2                             1                                       S/K
                        2                            20                                       S/K
                        2                            40                                       S/K
                        1                            20                                       S/K
                        1                            20                                       direct from Road's End. Shipped.
                           1/5                        6                                       S/K
                           1/8                        4                                       S/K
                           1/8                        3                                       S/K
                           1/8                        3
if this will fly with the pds - but maybe?
                           1/8                        4
                 ?              ?

             Amt/Serving Total Amt (lbs, whatever)            suggested amt :)                P Code

                       1/10                         7
                       1/2                         52 1/2 25lb
                       1/12                         2 11/12
                       1/12                         2 11/12
                       1/8                          4 3/8
                       1/10                         3 1/2
                       1/20                         3 1/2
                       1/20                         3 1/2
                   1                               35
                       5/74                         4 29/40
                       3/10                        10 1/2
                       1/40                         1 3/4
                   1                              105
                   1                              140
                   1                               70       1.5/person => 52.5, unless there are indeed 40 of us.
                   1                               70
                   2                               70                               50
                       1/2                         17 1/2 50 (I like corn a lot)
                      1/6                            5   5/6
                      1/5                            7
                      1/8                           13   1/8
                      1/4                            8   3/4
                      1/16                           4   3/8
                      1/16                           4   3/8
                      3/5                           21
                      1/5                            7
                      1/5                            7
                      1/5                            7
                      1/5                            7

              Amt/Serving Total Amt (lbs, whatever)                                                 P Code
                        1/5                          92         4 boxes = 100lb
                                                       1        about 10 lb (1lb/crew, adjusted for #people/crew)
                                                       1        11 med sz (2 for djibouti)
                                                       1        11L (comes in a plastic liter bottle at costco)
                                                       1        11 bottles
                    1                              115
                    1                              115
                                                       1        1 - 1.5 lb/crew (a bit more for djibouti, a bit less for c-crew)
                                                       1        1 - 1.5 lb/crew (a bit more for djibouti, a bit less for c-crew)
                        2/67                         10 7/20
                              10 BIG smooth, 20 small crunchy
                        1/12                         19 1/6
                        3/4                        172 1/2      not 3/4 pita! At least a whole one.
                    1                              115
                        1/20                         34 1/2
                        1/20                         17 1/4
eck spice reserve in locker first.                     0
                                                     10         20 lb
                                                     10         20lb
                        2/5                          92
                        1/20                           5 3/4
                        1/10                         11 1/2
                                              20                                 10
                                              10                                 20
                            2/5               92
                            3/10              34 1/2 comes in 10lb boxes
                                   1 can
                            1/12               9 7/12 see earlier note on bread
                      1                      230
                            2/5               92      that is a LOT of bean mix. See earlier notes on beans
                                   1 sheet
                            1/2               57   1/2 I only got a 4lb tub for march, and divided it among everybody.
                            1/2               57   1/2
                            1/10              11   1/2
                            2/5               92       falafel comes in 10lb boxes. No more than 2 needed!
                            7/20              40   1/4
                            1/10              23       comes in 10lb blocks. 20-30lb.
                            3/10              34   1/2
                            3/10              34   1/2
                                   10 bags
                            1/10              10        9. Djibouti has a LOT of treats.
                            1/10               9
                            1/6               10        10 MILLION mangoes :) okay, plain 10 will work :)
                                   10 cans

with things like carrots.

irect from Road's End. Shipped.

e indeed 40 of us.

i, a bit less for c-crew)
i, a bit less for c-crew)
er notes on beans

vided it among everybody.

re than 2 needed!

10 will work :)

Wafa               10
Staff Training     35
Participants       80
Crews              10
Total             115
Num Per Crew     11.5 11.5 people per crew? Really? A half-person :)
             8 crews of participants = 10 part./crew + 2 staff/crew = 8 crews of 12 = 96.
             19 people in djibouti (4 directors +15 staff)
             5 people for c-crew
             120 people

? Really? A half-person :)
specialty foods
kool aid
powdered apple cider
hot chocolate        Find vegan kinds?
quinoa               research…
alphabet cookies
marshmellow fluff

bannit - half wheat flour, half bisquick
silken tofu
better cereal / trail mix
chocolatepeanut JIF
Joel Info   $80 for 8 people for 4 days during WAFA Training give food for two dinners, people like
            to eat out then, and go light on lunches too, some people will also eat out for lunch as
            8 people doing WAFA -are you and jen both legit with WAFA and CPR? They're both
            good for two years.
                Also, did we decide that Jen, Greta, and Alison should take WAFA? They can if
            they's like but I don't think we should require them tom they won;t be dealing with
            participants and that's why we're required to take it. If they are taking WAFA then
            include them in that 8 (it doesn't include them).

            $3500 for all of the rest of August food.
            -Staff Training: 35 people for one week: Southgate food for: 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and
            4 dinners; and then Pisgah (camping food) for:2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and 2 lunches)
            Last year at Hanging Rock we had Chicken Pot Pie: Cream of Mushroom Soup, canned
            chicken (two pots made one veggie one meat) canned peas, green beans, corn, and
            crackers for teh read part: SO GOOD, oh and cheese, black bean and corn fajitas were
            great for lunch as well. Keep in mind at Southgate many people did not eat dinners
            together and went off on their own for food so you don't have to worry about supplying
            that much food for dinners at Southgate, maybe about 1/2 as much as would be needed
            to feed 35 people for the 4 dinners. We bought pizza dough from Papa John's one night
            and baked pizza--so good.
                 8 crews 6 crews with 12 and 2 crews with 13
                 On Djibouti there will be 17 people in all (13 staff and 4 of us)

            We'll try to keep the budget for food on staff night off for dinner and breakfast down to
            under a $100

            As for the WAFAMAN/ WAFAWOMAN we'll give them cash to eat out like last year.

            Everything can be mailed to me at PO BOX 95255 Duke U. Durham, NC 27708
            That address is for anything going by US Mail, for Fed Ex or UPS send it to Duke U.
            Soutgate Rm 225 Durham, NC, 27708

            Sweet, I'll keep you updated on Trent, etc. Thanks for your patience, Have fun in New

Jen Lopez
            ha. here's a reply to my daily email from mike :)
            my comments marked by --> (arrows) below!

            ---------- Original message ----------
            Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2002 11:47:25 AM
            Subject: food check.

is this legit? what am i missing...

Preliminary August 2001 Schedule
Note: this schedule will change. Drastically.

26: WAFA begins : breakfast, lunch, dinner
27: WAFA : breakfast, lunch, dinner
28: WAFA: breakfast, lunch, dinner
29: WAFA graduation : breakfast, lunch, dinner
-->check with pds & company to see if they want to supply food for all
three meals during wafa. i can't remember what i did last year; i took
wafa in march, not august. i think breakfast and lunch (if they were
there) were basic, bagels, toast, cereal, sandwich stuff. also, the wafa
instructors need food. talk to them / pds on what to do about this.

30: Day Off/ CPR : breakfast, lunch, dinner ??
-->dinner, yes.

31: Training DUKE : breakfast, lunch, dinner
-->breakfast and lunch won't be everyone yet. dinner is a cookout or some
other type of big important fun food feast.

1: training PISGAH : breakfast, lunch, dinner \
2: training PISGAH : breakfast, lunch, dinner | >
3: training PISGAH : breakfast, lunch, dinner /
-->breakfast on the 1st is a quick thing - stuff probably is happening that
morning and people are getting ready for pisgah. the rest are things that
can be cooked in the woods.

4: training DUKE : breakfast, lunch, dinner
5: training DUKE+ staff night off! : breakfast, lunch

6: training DUKE, IM Madness : breakfast, lunch, dinner
7: Participants Arrive! Dog Quad Madness! : breakfast, lunch ??
-->these two days are craziness. most of this is on the go. it will be a
good day to have c-crew in charge of cooking :) the 7th, breakfast should
be grab-and-go, lunch, a lot of people end up eating on 9th street - taking
participants to lunch - again, c-crew can be big in this - gives djibouti
staff freedom to do what they need to do, etc. dinner is with the crew,
usually out somewhere. participants are supposed to bring money for this
dinner and the one the next day. maybe have a bit of snackie-food
throughout the day, pb&j available at the ropes courses, but not really any
scheduled meals.
8: ropes courses : breakfast, lunch, dinner
-->again, this is a crazy day. breakfast is important, lunch should be
simple (a loaf of bread + pb&j? ...or something else simple), and dinner is
again with the crew, not necessarily by pwild.

9: To PISGAH!! : breakfast, lunch, dinner
-->breakfast - quick! easy! it's been a group meal, not one the crews have
to take from their rations.

10: backapacka : breakfast, lunch, dinner
11: ^ : breakfast, lunch, dinner
12: | : breakfast, lunch, dinner
13: | : breakfast, lunch, dinner
14: | : breakfast, lunch, dinner
15: | : breakfast, lunch, dinner

16: | : Jamboree - what does that mean in terms of food?
-->okay, jamboree was confusing to me last august, not having ever been to
one (jamborees didn't exist freshman year). aaron had this brilliant idea
to do double jamborees, meaning that two crews jamboree together, making
less work for djibouti (it only happens every other night, instead of every
night). what we ended up doing last august was having to borrow about
three pounds of food from each crew in the jamboree, not tell them what we
were doing, and then make our feast. the borrowing food thing didn't work
so well. my only advice would be to try to plan food, then remove a meal
from each crew and give it to djibouti. that way djibouti has all the food
for jamborees, making it easier to plan jamboree, not leaving the last
crews through with a monstrous feast of pound-o-butter-electric-blue-rice
(or worse!) this works in theory. i have no idea if it will actually
work. good luck ;)

17: | SOLO : Zip.
18: V : breakfast, lunch, dinner
19: Cove! : breakfast, lunch, dinner
20: Cove! : breakfast, lunch, dinner
21: Back to Duke! Orientation : small breakfast
22: Clean up...bye bye staff! Nothing!

1- Who Are these people? TCC training, Driver training (?)
2- In pisgah: bedouins + djiboutians
3- Split up, hard skills, soft skills, climbing training. Quads/Quints!
4- Med review. To duke! med review!
5- HRC training, route planning, tasks. mobilize gear and food?
6- Policies, procedures, evacuations. NIGHT OFF!!
7- Move to IM. Madness.

with seperate orderings/groups from...
wafa -
staff training -
trip (aug 8th on...)
--> ? i don't follow.

is that kosher?
-->two more thoughts:
  -->lentils. not my favorite food, but i find myself missing them. good
backpacker food. something to think about...
  -->refrigerator/microwave. it is useful to have these for staff
training. if we have access to a kitchen, marvellous, otherwise, might be
good to look into borrowing some. i have a fridge and microwave in storage,
but they're possibly in the back. i don't rememember.

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