OS commerce logo updating by RoniSikder


									                 Updating the osCommerce Logo Tutorial

Loading Paint.NET
Start → Image Editors → Paint.NET

Creating a new image
Once Paint.NET has load select File → New

This will load the following dialogue box:

To create a replacement logo for osCommerce you need to define the following attributes to the
new image ( as shown above ),

   1. Width 200 pixels
   2. Height 200 pixels

Now zoom into the image so you can create your logo. Using the tools provided by Paint.Net.
Saving the image
Once you've created your logo you need to save the image as a png image. As shown in the
following dialogue box. Pay particular attention to the “Save as type” this should be set to “png”.

You will then be prompted with a “Save Configuration” screen, just select OK to proceed and save
the image.
Updating the osCommerce logo
Log into the administrator backend of your website via the url:
Changing the userid for your own userid. Once the site has load select “Store Logo” from the left
hand menu. This will load the follow page:

Browse to the location of your new logo png image file, and then “Save”.
If you now open your “Online Catalog” from the bar at the top of the page you will see the new

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