; Air Ambulance Perspectives with Jennifer Vogel
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Air Ambulance Perspectives with Jennifer Vogel


Jennifer Vogel shares her experience as Director of Public Relations with Angel MedFLight. She recalls her contributions and the effect she has made in the lives of patients.

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									Air Ambulance Perspectives with Jennifer Vogel

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

In this edition of Air Ambulance Perspectives, we feature
Jennifer Vogel. Jennifer is the Director of Public Relations at
Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance. With more than
12 years of experience, Jennifer is excited to bring her TV and
entrepreneurial background to the team.

AMF Contributor: What has been your most memorable
experience at Angel MedFlight?

Jennifer Vogel: Everyday something new and exciting awaits
me, but the most memorable day was definitely the day we
got our team together and paraded our Learjet 35 down one
of the busiest streets in Scottsdale. It was one in the morning,
freezing cold and we had to walk two miles making sure the
plane and staff were safe. Once the Learjet 35 arrived at
Barrett-Jackson we were ready to have some fun! Check out
the video on our YouTube page.

The size of the jet required sign removals, pushing hedges back, and some sharp turns. Overall, it was a
great success and we appreciated all of the Scottsdale police escorts that made this transfer possible.

AMF Contributor: What do you like most about working at Angel MedFlight?

Jennifer Vogel: The staff! I have learned so much just listening to my co-workers and seeing their ideas
come to life. One example is the day we had our CEO Jeremy Freer featured on AZ Business Magazine
for the CEO Series. Each person in the department played a role to create a really great product
including a blog, a video and a photo shoot.

AMF Contributor: Do you have any personal goals to reach while at Angel MedFlight?

Jennifer Vogel: I want to make the Today Show for all of the positive work we have done at Angel
MedFlight. The air ambulance company has donated so many flights to our military and to those in
need, making life-changing differences, I think it is a story the whole world should hear.

We are happy to hear such positive comments from patients and their families. We really believe in
what we do and want the entire world to know about our air ambulance service.

AMF Contributor: Is there a particular story that has impacted you, personally?

Jennifer Vogel: The story of how our CEO started Angel MedFlight inspires me every day. Not only did
Jeremy Freer take action and build a successful company, he did it for all of the right reasons: making
the patient the most important person. I think if every business used the model of human care, the
world would be a better place.

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