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Our Lady of Guadalupe Knights of Columbus Council 12127 by pengxuebo


									     Our Lady of Guadalupe Knights of Columbus Council 12127
             Minutes for 5 January 2012 which started at 8:40 PM and ended at 9:26 PM

Opening Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance opened the meeting.
                                     Officers in Attendance

Grand Knight                       Rob Nyikos                          Present
Deputy Grand Knight                Steve Rhodes                        Present
Chaplain                           Father La Hood                      Excused
Chancellor                         Mike Donnellan                      Present
Warden                             Kwamena Cujoe                       Excused
Financial Secretary                Bob Faber                           Present
Treasurer                          Emmanuel Dayao                      Present
Recorder                           Tom Miller                          Present
Advocate                           Mike Amery                          Present
Lecturer                           Komi Agopome                        Present
Inside Guard                       Chris Campbell                      Present
Inside Guard                       Dan Cipra                           Present
Outside Guard                      John Jankowski                      Present
Outside Guard                      Vacant                              Not Applicable
Third-Year Trustee                 Ron Bauer                           Present
Second-Year Trustee                Terry Waters                        Present
First-Year Trustee                 Jim Barr                            Present

                                         Visiting Knights

District Deputy                    Jack Giacalone                      Present
Fraternal Benefits Advisor         Pat McAleer                         Did not attend
District Warden                    Tom Firestone                       Present


There were 32 Knights in attendance at the beginning of the meeting

                                  Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes for the meeting of 15 December 2012 as amended were seconded and approved.

1/19/2012                                                                                1
                                   Admissions Committee

The Chancellor, Mike Donnellan, informed the Council that he does not have any new
applications to be considered by the Counsel. There are currently eight First Degree Brothers
from out Counsel who are scheduled to attend the Second Degree ceremony on 10 January 2012.
The ceremony will be held at the Montgomery Counsel hall in Rockville, Maryland. There is a
need for a car pool since there are eight Brothers who must be transported to Rockville. The car
pool will meet in the parish parking lot at 7 PM.

                                   Grand Knight’s Report

Rob Nyikos, the Grand Knight informed the council of the following:

HAPPY NEW YEAR GREETING: The Grand Knight welcomed everyone to the meeting and
wished the Knights and their families a safe and happy New Year.

THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT: The Grand Knight thanked all those members that took the
time following masses on three weekends to help sell Christmas ornaments. The money
collected from the sale will go to support three seminarians in our Archdiocese. The seminarians
selected for this fraternal year are: James Morrison from St. John Neumann Parish, Andrew
Larsen from St. Mary of the Assumption Parish and Robert Kilner from St. Jude Parish. The
three seminarians attend the Blessed John Paul II Seminary. They will be contacted and invited
to attend our upcoming Spaghetti Dinner where they’ll each be presented with a check for $500.

SPAGHETTI DINNER: The Annual Spaghetti Dinner will be held on January 28th in the
Parish Hall. Tickets will go on sale this weekend and the Brothers were asked to volunteer a few
minutes after the Masses and assist with ticket sales. .

SECOND DEGREE CEREMONY: The Grand Knight again reminded the Council that there
will be a Second Degree Ceremony this coming Tuesday January 10, 2012 at the Montgomery
Council. We can meet here at the Saint John Neumann’s parking lot and carpool to the
Montgomery Chapter. E-mails will be sent to the Council members reminding everyone of the

THIRD DEGREE CEREMONY: The next Third Degree Ceremony is scheduled for Friday,
January 13th at the Mater Dei Council at Our Lady of Mercy Church in Potomac Maryland. The
Grand Knight could not think of a better way to start the New Year than to step up to full
Knighthood in the Order and experience the lesson of Fraternity.

FAMILY OF THE MONTH: The Grand Knight awarded the Family of the Month for
November 2011 to our Past Grand Knight and current District Warden Tom Firestone and his
family. Congratulations Tom.

KNIGHT OF THE MONTH: The Grand Knight awarded the Knight of the Month for
November 2011 to Carmine Castellano. Carmine has stepped-up every year to coordinate the

1/19/2012                                                                                     2
puppet show, the installation dinner and helped at our first annual Pumpkin Carving party.
Congratulations Carmine.

REQUIRED REPORTS: The Council’s Second Period Reports have been completed and
given to our District Deputy Jack Giacalone.

NEXT COUNCIL MEETING: The next social meeting will be on Thursday January 19th in
the Parish hall and the meeting will not include a 1st Degree Ceremony as previously scheduled.

                                       Chaplain’s Report

Father La Hood was excused from the meeting therefore a report was not rendered.

                                      Financial Secretary

Bob Faber, the Financial Secretary, informed the council that the recent receipts totaled $1231.28
and the vouchers totaled $163.70.

                                      Treasurer’s Report

Emmanuel Dayao, the Council’s Treasurer, reported the current available balance is $10,870.45.

                                 Auditors & Trustees Report

Ron Bauer informed the Financial Secretary and the Treasurer that their reports are needed for
the semi-annual audit. The reports must be given to the auditors and trustees following tonight’s
meeting, or as soon as possible.

Terry Waters then shared with the council the Trustee’s recommendations concerning two
motions that were tabled and sent to the Executive Committee at the previous meeting.

    1. Motion to donate $497 to St Vincent de Paul Society as payment for admission funds
collected at the Puppet Show over the past five years; this then would be matched by the council.
Approximate total funds requested via this motion: $994.

    Trustees Recommendation: The Trustees found no evidence of any commitment made by our
council to donate Puppet Show admission funds to SVDPS on an annual basis. In addition, there
were never any commitments made to match funds collected from this event. Recognizing that
checks had never been written to SVDPS regarding the Puppet Show proceeds and realizing that
the intent, however, may have existed to do this each year, the Trustees recommended that the
council simply donate one check in the amount of $500 to SVDPS. It also was strongly
suggested that moving forward, any council member who felt he was owed money at any time
should immediately bring that concern to the attention of the Grand Knight and Financial
Secretary so it could be addressed in a timely manner.

1/19/2012                                                                                       3
    2. Motion to make a donation to Mary Lu Hartsell $250 in appreciation for her services
performed as organist at a funeral conducted during November 2011 for a recently-deceased man
who had no funds to cover funeral and burial costs.

    Trustees Recommendation: The Trustees expressed appreciation for Mary Lu Hartsell and
agreed that like many parishioners (and Knights), she often donated her services to St. John
Neumann Catholic Church-with no expectation to be compensated for it. Furthermore, the
Trustees believed that a donation such as this was not within the scope of our council and instead
recommended that any funds for this purpose might better be collected through the “passing of
the hat” during the Good of the Order of our council meeting.


COUNCIL: Chairman: Mike May                            Co-Chairman: Richard Joseph

Mike was excused from the meeting. He coordinated with the Grand Knight to inform the
Council that he needs volunteers to assist him with Kitchen clean-up and other kitchen projects.
The volunteers are needed on Saturday, the 14th and 21st of January 2012.

FAMILY: Chairman: Carmine Castellano                  Co-Chairman: Jack Quarantillo

Carmine did not render a report.

COMMUNITY: Chairman: Ron Bauer                        Co-Chairman: Dan Bliss

Ron did not render a report.

YOUTH: Chairman: Mike Amery                            Co-Chairman: Curtis Abod

Mike did not render a report.

CHURCH: Chairman Jim Barr                     Co-Chairmen: Bill Garvey and Dan Cipra

Jim did not render a report.

PRO-LIFE: Chairman: Larry De Lorimier                       Co-Chairman: Terry Waters

    PRO-LIFE RALLIES: There is enormous support by the Pro-Life Supporters every
Monday at the Germantown Abortion Clinic. Monday, 2 January 2012, there were about 100
pro-life supporters outside the clinic praying for the closure of the clinic and the end to abortion.
The Maryland Health Department is in the process of developing new regulations that would
require anyone who operates a surgical abortion facility in the state of Maryland to obtain a state
license and be open to state inspection. It appears the new regulations may have already been
implemented. Larry informed the Brothers that recently two out of state late term abortionists
were arrested upon their arrival in Maryland for not being in compliance with various abortions
laws and regulations.

1/19/2012                                                                                          4
    NATIONAL RITE TO LIFE MARCH: This is the 20th annual march which is scheduled
for 23 January 2012 in Washington, DC. It is estimated that approximately 20,000 pro-life
supporters will attend the March. A portion of the 20,000 supporters will be a group of young
adults from Texas. Our parish will host the group and provide them room and board at the
Mother of God School. The parish cannot send a large group of supporters to the March. The
reason is that the parish will be supporting the rally at the Germantown Abortion Clinic and the
March at the same time. Larry encouraged everyone to attend one of the events.

    KEEP INFANTS WITH DOWN SYNDROME: This is another Pro-Life event that is
also scheduled for 23 January 2010. The National Right to Life Committee will host an event
that will discuss infants with Down syndrome. The guest speaker will be Congresswoman
Cathy McMorris-Rogers. It will be held at 10:30 AM at the National Right to Life Committee
office at 512 10th Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.

   MARYLAND RIGHT TO LIFE MARCH: There will be a Maryland March for Life on
Monday, 12 March 2012 in Annapolis, Maryland. The Knights of Columbus Color Corps has
been invited for the second year to lead the March.

COMMUNICATIONS: Chairman: Richard Joseph

Richard did not render a report.

                                      Unfinished Business

Based on the previously mentioned recommendation of The Trustees, a motion was made to
donate $500 (of which $250 was previously budgeted) to Saint Vincent DePaul Society. This
donation would serve to cover what was believed to be funds collected at the annual Puppet
Show over the past five (5) years. Motion was seconded and passed.

                                          New Business

There was no new business to discuss.

                                   Report of the Fourth Degree

Tom Firestone encouraged all Third Degree Brothers to advance to the Fourth Degree. All
Brothers who received their First Degree on or before 13 October 2011 are eligible to be
advanced to the Fourth Degree on 13 April 2012. Tom will send an e-mail to the Grand Knight
pertaining to the requirements to be advanced to the Fourth Degree. The Grand Knight will
subsequently dispatch the pre-requisites to the entire Council.

                                    District Deputy’s Report

    Jack Giacalone, the District Deputy, attended the meeting. He wished the Brothers and their
families a happy new year. He reminded everyone that recruitment is a continuous process and
all Brothers have the responsibility to discuss the purpose and activities of the Knights of

1/19/2012                                                                                     5
Columbus to prospected candidates. Brothers are eligible to receive incentive awards if they
meet or exceed the recruiting requirements.

   Jack also discussed the Tootsie Roll Program and that the chapters donate the net proceeds to
the state for distribution. The net proceeds are designated for the mentally challenged. Upon
receipt of the net proceeds, the state will subsequently donate the funds to the organizations that
are in need of the funds.

  The last topic Jack discussed was the Supreme Web site. He encouraged every Brother to
review it weekly. It is an excellent site for world-wide Knights of Columbus information.

                                   District Warden’s Report

Tom Firestone is the District Warden and he attended the meeting. He is also a member of our
Council and he discussed the Fourth Degree. Refer to the information in the Report of the
Fourth Degree above. He did not speak to the Council concerning his duties as District Warden.

                                       Requested Prayers

The following Brothers requested prayers for themselves their families or others

Ron Bauer requested prayers for his wife Ralene and his daughter Marla. They are both
suffering from respiratory problems.

Mike Amery requested prayers for Alex Hesse who is suffering from a respiratory illness.

                                       Good of the Order

Mike Donnellan, the Chancellor, introduced the Council’s new members who just received their
First Degree. The new Brothers subsequently gave the Council a brief biography of themselves.
The new Brothers are Dilan and Shiran Mack.

Steve Rhodes, the Deputy Grand Knight, passed the hat around to all members present asking for
a donation to be given to Mary Lu Hartsell. A total of $60.00 was collected.

The meeting adjourned at 9:26 PM

Thomas H. Miller

1/19/2012                                                                                        6

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